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'' ' W HIMIIIimH4
A Family Newspaper Devoted to tbe Interest . of Loraia County and Vicinity.
NO. 19.
FmMlsaedavery Wednesday, at
Bit Meatks
iioT-iT-uw d nmit roue.
boanaead Uoliecuons guae a specially
OOoeta bank building.
' end lolioltor of
-American.- and Foreign
RB. ClHnYVIN, Iranrunoe Airent and
Kotarr Public Irmuraiiou, doriB, more-
raime, wills, lenses, ooniracri. ow, iramn in
a neat and loirul manner. O.'Uoeorer Soraire'S
boot uort iriw tmre.
IUiJKII HOHINSnr. tea Barber, keep
l oh of (fa aaateat, moat convenient Bar
bar Shop Id town. Only BrsMlaM workmaa
mhImoI. A full uMirtmi.nt of hair oil, do-
Mdfla and hair reatoratlrea. fin bath-room!
fceounotioa and f urniihd at all hour with
4 and uold watr and all necnuMry oonraol.
Hnnina Honth nine UWrty nrwL
Ub.N'1'lH I 8.
J. HM.DBMK, Dantlat. Oflto orar
raa nuaca norw. nana DUiiainjr,
Vdllnftoa, Ohio. Nltrou oaide caa admlo-
a tor IM iiraauoa of imib.
Caw-Ulla'i Art OaUorr.-Ploture In a
BmsIiJ sttaatloa aald to anlarclnc laOraion
In.r Water Oolora and eapfloi from old
rtetaraa. Old aacaUraa all preaerTCd and u
ailoaMa eaa ba hatf at aaj tine. Oalierj orer
Kawiay uau'i grooerj. i
Piatoraa of all klodt. flncit work o latent
ttflaa. Ooaylaf and aalargtaj la Crajoa, lak
bad Paatal. Special attaotloa ta the bablat.
Caiar'a Blook, WaUUgtoM, O.
Baeut dlsruea and dltaaui of th aladiirand
kldaajra. PIIm. aloaratloa of tha raetam, Ittala
I m mo, aaaarw aao au prtvamof aiacaaaa 01 ua
raataai traatad bf aa lmprowd iitm( wlthoat
aia aroataouaa mm aatiaeM.
Diiimi of tha UaddM and kldarri traatad oalj
anar eararai aaa proptr aaaijraia 01 taa anaa
OarpaaMr Blook WaUlattoa.O
T5li:i:irjS::j:u and Dentist.
' Ordara racclrad at Taiephon Exchange
bad at f. u. rain aruR store. ;
radaata Toronto Veterlnarr Collaga. elaN W,
Wm Surgeon ::i Dentist.
' Orar twenty-Bra ar of praetleo. Ordn
eoetTOd at Adama' and Uouxhton'i drug
ataraa, Horaea ttl 11 taken f or treatment at mr
a uale on Oourtland Arenue. 4-23
J." H. WIGHT, Sole Agent,
fj tal) r Id Qlocki, Walchei, JeweUr, 811-arwarft.-OolJ
Pna, etc. No. S, Public
Sqnare, WelliofCton.Ohlo.
X-X. Barrett, .
Livery and Feed Stable.
South Side Mechanio Street, first
- door east of American House. ,
Itsbii.: uiWr Line.
' Oooraya Paaaengeri god Baraga to
' aad (rona traloi orreildenci. Alto col
, tweta tod , dlitrlbule EzrBKM, dolnf a
fBral expraaalng and package boalneai.
baava ordari or talephrma American
fXta, rr-lj H. S. Sun, Prop.
'r P-V.
T iiluT
west iS:
HE "Yes he always kept the best and
cheapest Clothing I could find. A man on
Prospect street still wears an oyercoat that
Fitch sold him 20 years ago arid they say
the new stock that he has just put in beats
anything ever seen hereabouts. Besides
Fitch never resorts to the city humbug way
of advertising, charging 49 or 59 cents for a
50 cent shirt and then make a man pay 99
cents for one that is worth only 75c. A
city humbug house advertises suits worth
$20 for $12.88 and some folks think they
must be cheap because they have done some
odd cent figuring, but Fitch sold the same
goods for $8. By the way I saw some boys
pants down there for twenty cents that will
wear like iron. It's cheaper than you can
buy the cloth. Get Tommy two pairs and
and tell Al and Nelson, the two gentlemanly
clerks, that the Cluetts Shirts and Crown
Collars beat anything I ever had at twice
the money, and those silk lined worsted
suits are very nobby and cheap, and the silk
hat for $5 sells for $6 in the city. Every
thing is new and stylish and cheap and
marked in plain figures and one price to all,
and no misrepresentation nor tricks allowed
at the New York Clothing House.
Clothier, Hatter and Furnisher.
In Wellington. JOHN EVERARD and ROSS
FAUVEK, Salesmen in
CAPITAL 8100.000.00. SURPLUS 6,500.00.
Doei b General Banking ButlneM, Recalves Deposits. Burt and sella New York
Xnhange, GorernmeDt Bond, etc. Drafts
S. S. WABNEB, President.
Special Inducements
In faot anjthing in the Grocery line that you need it will pay yon
to call and see us before yon buy.
We take a back seat for no one in quality and
' price. . ,
t . sW p.. ftOBiiapsoigj, .
West Liberty street.
New and Nobby Goods
Suits manufactured in the
all work guaranteed at
SHE "How fortunate it
is John Henry that Mr.
rai.L i. I-iji a
ilcu nas openea me oia
New York Clothing
House, next to Otter-
Oil! .t il I V
cioinintr and at
reasonable prices." ,
Issued on all European countries.
E. A. HOBB. Cashier.
Jr., Ass't Cashier.
very latest Eastern styles and
" ! '
LtMmi ty Cw hcial Corrensadestt,
All About tha Bappeninxs aad Special
Eveatsla their Imniedlte Vicfalty.
': w f.:n'k.BMCHMntU. .!'''
' !-V' V ' ; '" May J, 1889.
weather ratker Cool, ' "
i Oats about a!l la. .,1
Sereral wy Ifs tcolaU to plant potatoes.
' Wheat' lAntw . i . u
elsewhere''! i '
Peter Dagnaa, Sr' receWed s telegram
from Iowa stating that his son Charles
had died wry saddenlyj we hare sot
learned any particulars, , ',
Dr Field tax been on the sick list but Is
getting better.'' . v
Business Ib 'tl'e mercantiu tnu)
to be flourishing. .
Postofflce war is not raging rery heary,
but the outlook seems yery favorable for
"what's bis name." .
M Ons d; Ck hitve done a good business
handling feed ihfs spring. '
The section hands are busy putting
down new steel oa the nad.
H B Bearddft lg going to knock the
spots off all other flower gardens here or
Mrs R A Dyer eipects to engage in the
raising ol silk during the coming year.
Mr and Mrs Charley Conklin have gone
to keeping house la the bunding lately
vacated by Lewis Bolce.
All the people from here who went to
Oklahoma hare returned.
Lafayett Ed wards preached at the MB
church last Sunday.
Wm Blair, Sr., has purchased a part ot
Harrey Slmesoni farm.
. Miss Angle Dyer Is attending school st
the Thomas district
H Bradford Is rushing his new keuse
along as fast aa possible.
Where is our cornel band; dead or
sleeping t ; i
v. V ' Haix, Columbia.
The counctfhas paased a raauludoa to
pnrcbaM and place la position a number
or sireet Jaraps.
We hear that one of our merchants. Mr
RobUhaw, willshortly disposeof his rtre
aoastocaana retire from business. The
purchaser, vhw identity we cannot as
certain, win continue the business.
The Capita social will meet st M L
Johnson's next ThursdaT nlcht
Rev Wm Clark hu been eo sated to fill
the pulpit of the Baptist church for one
year. , :
Geo Haael, of Fostorla, is visiting
friends in the villsie.
About tbe b-st attended society we have
neard ot lot sometime was that held last
Friday at Mrs P Ostrander's.
Our citizens will probably celebrate
Decoration day this year. The band haa
volunteered its servkoe lor the uccaaion.
Wm Blair, Jr., on the sectien gang, met
'in a serious accident last Tuesdav
While loadidg steel rails onto a car his
band was caught between two rails and
sadly crushed. - It may be some months
before he can use it a'aln.
Plain History.
Swift's 6oeclflc la a limnla venntnlila
compounu, prepared from roots gathered
treely from tuu fsrast, and contaioa noth
Inu of tbe mineral kingdom, or any pi
onous substance, or anv article at all whlrh
come irom inecbemM s lanoratory
ineiormuia nr me remedy was on
Uined from the Creek India us In MiddJ
Oeorgia, by reliable white men, who ,had
witnessed tbe wonderful cures mule by
that tribe of Indians, of blood disMasea.
Mr. Hueh L. Drnuard of Ilouston couoiv.
Oa, bcuan uMng bwi.Ys Speciflc Id
and continued Its use all of his life, and
asserted that ta had never known it to fail
to cure any case ot scrofula, blood taint,
or coutagloas blood poison. This testi
mony haa been corroborated everr d tv for
years. The present company was formed
In 1870, and hare since made known to
tbe world the virtues of Swift's 8pe'inV,
and to-dny It is sold in every ciiy, town
and country store all over America, Orcul
Britain, and many other nortlons of tha
I Dave seen BwlIVs Specific used, and
known of many cases of tbe wort form ol
blood diseases which have been cured hv
it. I know tbe proprietors to be geoiltt.
men at the highest type and utmost reli
ability, I recommend it as a great blood
remedy, unequalled by anything that I
know of. . k. B.WHAHTOB-.
Pastor 1st Baptist Church,
Montgomery, Ala,
Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases
mailed free.
' Drawer I, Atlanta, 0a.
; Mayfl, '80.
Elder Hughes preached on Saturday
afternoon at the M Echurch. Rev Thomp
son, from Nora, preached oa the Sabbath
and administered the sacrament ; there be
ing no meeting in the Baptist church the
house was full. .
Mrs Vesta Enapp hu a little girl aboot
two weeks old.
MrKf1" Tnlnew has a little girl
about a week oldf her Aunt Jenny Per-
aiua u staying witb ber.
Mrs Amelia NImocks is visiting in Kly
rla. There was a surprise party at Rose De
Merry'i oa Saturday evenlns,
The saw mill boys have beea sending a
tood many thoussnd feet of hasjwood
lumber to Medina.
Old Mrs Clifford died this forenoon.
Mr and Mrs Lester Richmond spent
Sunday la town.
There seems to be no rhu.. in sr.
Albert Lang's condition from one weeks
eoa to another. The other sick are all
getting better. . . ' ,
Daisy Phelon was dr.wa tA .
day. : , i , ... i-
Mrs Asa Pratt scent flnn,i.i t i...
mothei Pratt's. . ,
Tbe roads are in nice condition aow ;
never better at this lime of year.
If you want your garden Inclosed with
a nice wire and picket fence the mill
boys will do it for you ss cheap and auick
as anyone.
""',. That Tired Feeling
Season is here again, and nearly every
onefels weaa, languid, and exhausted.
The blood, laden with impurities wbich
have been actumillntinir tnr irn.ih.
moves slugglfhly through the veins, the
iuiuu iiu io inma quickly, snd the body
is still slower to respond. Hood's Barsa
parilla is just what Is needed. It is, in a
peculiar sense, the ideal spring medicine.
It purifies, vitalizes, and enriches the
blood, makes the head clear, creates an
appetite, overcomes that thired feeling,
and Imparts new strength and vigor to
the whole body.
May 5, 1889.
There seems to be considerable sickness
In this vicinity at present.
Mrs Loveland and Mrs Garrett are oa
tbe sick list this week
, The ladies aid society of the MX ohurch
gave a supper in the basement of the
chnrch last Thursday evening, which was
quite well attended. . ,
Rev Gould will deliver bis lecture at
the Union church In Elntoa on Fridsv
evening, Msy 17 j subject, "What Is sauce
ior the goose is sauce for the gander." .
Miss Xxna Baylass has been sick with a
severe cold for a tew dare.
Mia Grace Wlldman speat a few days
visiting friends In Wakeman last week.
We have a new barbershop In (own and
ramor says we sre to have a livery stable
William Is building a new house north
of town. He has it od and nearlr inclosed.
Our school opened April 29 witb Mbs
Bird McMillan, of Ober'.In, as teachr.
The value of a remedy should be esti-
.... j i , . . ... .
cording to this standard, Ayer's Sarsapar.
ilia is the best and most economical blood
blood medidine in the market, because
the most Dure and concentrated. Prica
It. Worth 3 a bottle.
S 171. LIT AM,
May , '99.
Mr. K. Swift, of this place, sa ei soldier
has just received f 2300 from the govern
ment. Mrs. M. B. Piirme'y, of Dayton, is ia
Mrs. DunUp bai ju.it returned from
Savannah where she has been spending; he
winter with her daughter.
Mrs. Nora Crowe II, of Ashland, spent
Sunday in town.
Mr. Anderson is Improving.
Tull Hornberger hu taken tha school
oa Close street, a the teacher they had
secured, failed at Ashland.
Mother Arndt starts for Michigan to day
to visit her children and speed tha sum
mer. Her son, Andrew, accompanies her.
Quite a party assembled Msy 4th at
George French's to congratulate Mr.
O-iodyear on his 83d birthday.
Everything which belongs to Dure.
healthy blood Is impurted by Hood's 8ar
saparilla, A 'rial bottle will convince
you of its merit.
' May ,'89. j
Warmer. j
Winds southerly.
Signs of spring shower.
Hope thitt it will be realized.'
Trees are potting forth their leaves and
their blossoms. , ,
County Commissioners In. town one day
last week on business.
Our efficient sireet commissioner, Chas
Knowles, has been putting the roads in
goodoonditloa. - '
QuwWly meeting at Belde. luetSatur-
day and Sunday. .
Considerable serious sickness la town.
We are glad to hear that at the present
writlnsoar young teachers are meeting
with decided success.
Miss Lou Myndnse was qulusuocessfal
in her first term ot school last winter, so
murk so that wa are pleased to aaaonact
thetattherasldeoee of IF Loomla.br
Rev W F Painter, April SO, Mr Frank Ful-
ton and Miss Los Myndnse ware tro-
nounced husband and wife. Kay happi.
nesa and prosperity be theirs ia the fullest
W Jrrench,of Columbia, visited atDr
IngaUs one day last week.
Geo McKisson. who haa IlMK tm .1.. .
ployoftheCCC4Ifor Um. i 1 '
will go into a Chicago bsnk neit week at
Service of SODh? kt the! Rmitfta iknut
last evening. During the services a dls-'
turbance was heard outside. MrKw
went out to And cause ot mm rti.,-.
IwO Bra mr. frti,.ii - k.h . .
. j 7. " ,u" 01 ar cider,
and a dislocated wagon wheel . After ser
. a. iieoies went to the shed to get
his horse and sugar. Th i..ij
Uemea had gone to tha shed, had found a
wrench, and had taken off the hind wheel,
ofMrN's buggy and hsdgeoe, no one
n nacre. . i
' ' Yormj Dun,?,. !t
To turn nv fi; i.n . . . ,
HniMty" uie HJ; vTgbirsicin .
??.e.?!r!r!thrt"5 most reliab";
'"i'""""u .ience nas given up. ?
," May 6, 183D.
flew iron fence on the west side of the '
cemetery east of the center, consisting of
iron posts pierced for startle and '
wire, maalng a very neat, substantial and '
safe fence.
The centennial of Washington's first In-"
auguration was duly observed. A devo
tional meeting was held in the ME church '
at 3 a m couducted by Rev U Richards,
consisting of prayer and song.-after which
short addresses were made by 8 DWhit-
aey, Rettle E Rogers, R Gibbon, J Severy,
and Mrs E Whitney. In the evening a
meeting In tbe Congregational church ,
was addressed by J Severy, Rev U Rich
ards and Rev Olds; recitations by the '
chairman. Frank Root, Bert Norrisand '
Arthur West, Interspersed with music
prominent amongst which were America,
two anthems, and the Star Spangled Ban
ner; the solo by Miss Rosa Pitts, tha
chorus by Miss Pitts, Mrs Chamberlain,
MrDixoaandMrRMills. The exercises .
of the dsy were all very appropriate. Both -shurches
were very handsomely decorated
with flags, portreiu ui flowers. . r .
Rer Olds concluded hii Win,. n. .v . t
t vw.v vu MiV
Existence otOod last evening in the Con- '
gregatlonal church. , , ,, "
Meeting, this week at the M Echurch
preparatory to the Quarterly heating 8a '
urday and Sunday, lift end Kta it
There is more Catarrh in this section of "
the counrrv than n mi,.. JT1 .
gather, and untU the last few years was
r re iKunua or a great
nd. TrH 10041 remedies,
-j nau i.iimg w cure with local
treatment hmHnniu-j i- .
Bi3..k. r--""-- ii incureaoie.
Science has proven catarrh to be oonsti
tuuooal disease, and therefore requires '
constitutional treatment . Hell's Catarrh
Cure manufactured by F J Cheney A Co,
Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional :
?.U?ont!ma,ke taken internally
in doses frosa 10 drops to a teaspoontuL
It acts directly upon tbe blood and mucus
surtace of th van, ti.
hundred dollars for any case It lails to
Send for circulars and testimonials-.
a Sold by Druggists, 73c.
Fr the Keaders ef the Eimsraivi:
. Obkida, N. T, April 37. 1889.
R. N. GoODwnr, Ej.,WeUlngton, 0.
Dear Sir: Tour favor nf () itr. I...
lain several weeks awaiting my return
mm an enenaea absence. Please par
doame. That we do make
spite of the most persistant misrepresents-
uonsoi ue stone rraternlty is arguing
well for the good sense of the public. I
have replaced many marble monuments
with White Bronre sad have a contract
now to replace a gray granite less than
five years exposed to the weather, mnttw
In lu place No. 508 White Bronze. This
Is to go In Brookslde Cemeterv at W.t.r.
town, N. Y perhap, the finest cemetery
la northern N. Y. It Is to stand near tbe
Henry Keef mausoleum thai cost b19kov
of granite, and which Is Itself going" to
Decay and ruin being covered with thnn..
ands of patches of moss though less thin
twenty-flve years old. Close by stands
the "Mundy'' Sarcophsgus ol , imported
granite which though but eighteen years
old, costing $3000 has seventeen crs k In
one side ot it, two ot which are over twen
ty inches long. " These and several other .
jobs in as bad condition were the clinch-
ing arguments that decided the exchange
of the -Fuller" eight-foot granite mono.,
nent lor While Bronze. I have another '
prospective customer lu tbe same ceme
lery who has a fine gray Scotch granite
monument which cost him 1100 In Decem
ber last (bran new) which he offers to
atll very cleap, being thoroughly dis
gusted with stone and purposes to put a
White Bronze in its place. I have just
erected No. 519 "McMlun" at Watertown,
the purchaser ot which had contracted for ,
a $1000 graaite monument but bought off
and canceled the contract to put up a more
artistic and durable monument In Its place.
It Is needless to say that perfect satlsfao-.
ties is the result ot the exchange. The
great diffilcultr is to get people to fairly
Investigate. But the world does move ;
notwithstanding there still live some wa .
do not believe it
Yours Truly,
B. W. Uahkm. .
- ;.,t
.- i

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