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rS A m '-TTV.' : '1 ! 51 LOCALE.
0? Ten- Jiays paie
- , v
C D and E Wide,
Read the new advertisements this week"
The forests appear now in lull summer
drees." ' " " """ .
Our lawyers are busy at . the seat of Jus
tice." ?i O W Horr is treatlni his fine residence
to a coat ol paint.
The tax collector will soon be after the
last half 011888 taxes.
Bheddlng of winter garments was In
order a few days last week.
Change in time on the Bee Line May
12. See corrected time table.
Robinson will pitch his tent on CW
Borr's premises near the W & L B depot.
The barbers bare been busy for the past
ten days removing a winters growth of
The enclosure to the fair grounds will
ieed a few repairs before the next annnal
is held.
Quite an amount of livestock was for
warded from this place oyer the Bee Line
A May party was held at Evergreen
Hill Thursday evening last. A good time
is reported
Street Commlssoner Serage commenced
laying the stone in the streets Monday
morning. '.' . '
Remember the contest begins at 7:45;
doors open at 1 o'clock. Go early and
bear the orchestra. -
A visit to the different manufacturing
interests in town found the wheels of in'
iustry In full blast.
Some very fine stone is being, furnished
br the Clarksfield stone Quarry for the
street improvement ....
Assessor Goodwin thinks the aggregate
will exceed 1888. He reports the condition
of live stock to be good.
All quiet at the Mayor's court this week.
The law and order league are only wait
Ins lor another subject ' 1
The freight bill clerks at the transpor
tation offices are now enjoying a lively
trade in making way bills.
W B Scripture held the lucky ticket
1594 that secured the ton at E Robin
son's last Friday evening.
Bemember the Contest Friday
evtnlna. Door open at 7. com-
9enet4 at 7i45. .'.
Two hundred and fifty foreign papers
aid Periodicals were ordered from this
office during the past winter.
The divorce cases for this term In Lorain
Common Pleas Court has been reduced
somewhat from the winter term.
"We are in receipt of some very fine ssnv
pies of programmes, inyitatlons and wed
ding cards- Call and inspect them.
t Business at the flouring mills is not
quite as brisk as it was in October lest
when the price of wheat advanced to $1 .08.
Walter Williams has commenced si
action against the devisers of Daniel Wil
liams deceased to set hit fathers will aside.
We are sending out a number of ssmple
copies of the Entsrphise. Persons re
ceiving same will please accept them as It
will cost nothing.
Property In the tow as around us ta re
' ported to be very dull sslethns far. What
can oe aone io cause a Doom in rw wv
in this part of Ohio?
A case or One specimens collected on
and near the sea coast in Southern Call
- fornla, can be teen io the window at A.
Sampson's barber shop.
. The woodwork of the American Douse
it .being treated to a coat of paint both In
side and out. The traveler baa eolirely
' new quarters now. .
A number of the Methodist friends are
. la attendance at the annual meeting of the
State Oxford League In session at Cleve
land Ibis week.
One year ago the price on potatoes was
quoted at 85c. To-day they are withdrawn
from tbe market quotations as they are so
vtliflillfiil that nn nrfo vllt ti TrA Hnna
them by dealers.
Mayor Hosted sod the street committee
m tmklnv afW the itreet lmnrnvemant
Mi, The street commissioner should
provide himself with proper signals to
made, in the night season.
.. Mr FLO Wedewortb, of tbe State Uni
versify lawn Jtennls club won the prize
over Mr Pattou, tbe champion of the Co
lumbus club, in singles in two ' sets out of
three; score, 6-1," , 3-0, 5-4, 'Inn' contest
held at Columbus one day last week.;;
- . - - .V'" is' i '!' ''
... or-
It is now the season for lightning rod
agents to travel through the country. This
class of men have been thoroughly adver
tised and it is well for the farmer and all
concerned to be on the lookout lor them.
The tressel work on the W & L E Ry
near Mauley's Corners took fire from a
passing engine on Thursday. Fortunately
the flames were discovered in time and
extinguished beiore much damage was
done. .
Walter Williams began bis delivery of
Ice last week. The town of Oberllo is
mostly supplied from this place. One
wagon load is sent there dally. The re
frigerator cars on the Bee Line and the
W. 4 L E. Ry are also supplied at this
place. .
A heavy fall of rnin visited us Monday
evening, accompanied by heavy thunder
and lightning. The Chinese laundry
room was drenched with one foot of water
n the loor and a number of cellars were
reported to have from one to two feet of
A married couple over in Penfield have
resorted to the law to settle the ownership
of certain property that was presented to
the wife by the husband at the marriaae
about one year ago. Love was lying
dreaming at that time, but since then has
Our correspondents will please see that
the EHTEitrhisE Is lurnlelied with com
munication each week. This is very im
portant as our subscribers who were former
residents of the towns in this vicinity, but
now reside in distant lsnds, are pleased to
hear a word from ' their old borne each
On Wednesday evening last while Mr
E W Adama was making shellac the mix
ture took fire and for a few ; minutes It
looked as though a conflagration would
occur, but it was sverted by the timely ar
rival of an old overcoat without the fire
department being notified. Mr. Adams
had his fingers burned somewhat
Superintendent Kinnison's slat of
health is improving very rapidly. The
directors have decided to grant him a v
cation anyway until tbe beginning of. the
next school year and tbe probabilities are
that he will be fully prepared vo begin the
next year la a good state of health.
Miss Martin, of Oberlin, baa been em
ployed to take charge of Miss Sprague's
Col Couch is sparing no pains to mske
the coming orstoricsl contest a success,
He has been laboring for the psst three
weeks and now bss all arrangementa com
plete. Secure your tickets at Adama' drug
store in order to avoid the nub. It prom
iaes to be one of tbe best entertainments
ever held In Wellington. The badges to
be presented to those winning in tbe con
test are on exhibition in the show win
dowsof Meesrt Laundon, Windecker Co.
snd J. 8. Mallory A Co. Tbey are beau
ties. Mr J H Dickson made application to
the patent office at Washington, D.C., on
March S3 for a patent upon a woodrack
for H N Wadsworth and tbe aame was
granted on the 1st dsy of tbe present
month. It aenerslly requires ninety to
one hundred snd twenty days to gets
patent granted even If there are no In
fringements interfering, hence the above
case U an exceptional one for the short
period of time taken to procure it. Mr
Dickson Is now aasocisted with Mr Beotly
ef Wsshlngton in procuring patents.
In the month of August, I860, Mr. J
Turly told and delivered goods to tbe
amount of $1,200 to a dealer residing near
this place and took bis note for tame due
In one year to draw interest at 10 per cent
The maker of the sots soon went to Eng
land and Mr Turly supposed the note was
valneleea as be could find out nothing of
bis whereabouts. A few months ago he
returned to Anferica and last week called
upon Mr Tnrly for bis note. The Interest
wss compounded and the total amount of
principal aid Interest amounted to the
enormous sum of 119,000. Mr. Turly
wears a very happy smile this week.
The employes of the Bee Line at this
station claim that they can see no differ
ence es yet la the number of trains ma on
the Sabbath day. On Sunday, May 5th,
General Manager Brache'a order was
supposed to go Into effect, that nothing
would be transported over the line except
perishable freight and live stock. When
a notice Is given by tbe manager of a cor
poration the public has a right to expect
that it means Just whst It says and not
have a repetition ef the same thing that
we had supposed bed been done away
with. ' Anything that Is necessary to be
done on Sunday tbe people will recognise
but to perform common labor on the
Sunday for gain la both against tbe divine
and autute laws and the transgressors
should not go onpniUbed, .' " .
Dongola Button
- Only Two
Tbe 17th Annual fair of the Greenwich
Union Fair Association will be held on
tbelr grounds at Greenwich Ohio, June,
13, 13 and 14, 1880. This Is one of the
most sucee&tful June fairs in the State.
The exhibition of horses, cattle, sheep
and hogs is at fine as can be found any
where, and the display of farming im
plements and machinery is not excelled
by any county fair in tbe state. It always
pays to spend a day or two at the Green
wich Fair. For premium lint, or any In
formation desired, address the secretary,
L. E. Barker, Greenwich, Ohio.
During the storm Monday evening light
ning struck a barn belonging to Thomas
Roche, residing two miles northeast from
town and in an Instant it wks in flames,
which soon spread to the grain house near
by and within thirty minutes they were
both a moss of ruins. All of the property
was rescued from the barn but four hun
dred bushels of oatt and scyenty-five
bushels of wheat were entirely consumed
in tbe grain house. The barn was in
sured for $000 in the Ohie Farmers; grain
house for $300, and contents $300 in the
Dwelling House of Boston, making $1,000
procured through the agency of RN
Goodwin. Mr Roche it reported to be an
honest, hard working man and will suffer
quite a loss over and above Insurance, for
which tbe community deeply sympathize
with him.
In our visits to the neighboring towns
during the past two months we found that
a very friendly feeling existed between
tbe people there and the business men of
Wellington. Certain clasj of goods cannot
always be obtained in the smaller towns
as it will not warrant the merchant carry
ing them, hence the people (but out of no
disrespect for tbelr own town) are com
pelled to seek the larger places occasion
ally to trade. Upon inquiring of the sta
tion agents at Rochester, Brighton and
Speneer we ascertained that what people
did go away to trade came to Wellington
as a large number of tickets are sold daily.
These added to the number that come in
private conveyance it quite an auxiliary to
the business interests here. At La Grange
we found that the surplus trade gradually
drilled towards Elyria ss it is tbe county
seat, and being just as nearby as Welling
ton we cannot usually expect as large a
run as from tbe former named places.
Church Notes add Announcements
M. E. Chubch.
Come one, come all, and hear Dr. J. O.
Peck on Wednesday evening. It is with
out money and without price.
The pastor of tbe M. E. church It now
preaching a series of sermons on Sunday
evenings, en "Christianity and Civiliza
tion." All are invited.
Next Sunday will be "Book Concern
Day" at the M. E. church.
Bum new Xotes and Changes.
0 McDermott has purchased an Interest
In the firm of Bennett Bros. & Co. The
following gentlemen compose the firm
Thomas Kirk, P W Bennett, H S Bennett
and C McDermott
G W Crosier A Co. have partitioned off
a room In tbe west end of their cheese
warehouse and have converted it Into
cold storage room.
Tbe Jogging carts manufactured at this
place must be a little superior to a number
of other deaigot as the orders received
here from abroad last week cannot be
filled within the next ten dayt.
C B Llodsley is contemplating increas
ing tbe capacity of his works July 1.
Will Exhibit at Wellington on Tnet
day, May tl. '
John Robinson's 10 big shows are com
ing and will arrive on the advertised time.
Tbe circus Is given la 4 rings with per
formances In each ring at tbe tame time.
Around tbe four rings, at an enormous
racing track, there will be given 4 pony
chariot races, pony Jockey bardie flat
races glyen by W beautiful children, be
sides daring races by SO thoroughbreds,
racing Bhettllngs ridden and driven by
noted men and lady Jockeys, ponderous
elephant, camel, elk and buffalo races, the
funny sack, wheelbarrow races, the Iodic
root Donney Brook fair, the street parade
with lis 100 Shetland ponies harnessed to
the 10 miniature chariots representing tha
nursery rhymes of Clnderilla, Jack tbe
giant killer, old woman who lived In
shoe, Hlnbad the tailor, etc., 60 cages and
dent jt wild animals, 81 tun-bright cbail
ota, 13 kinds of, music, jubilee lingers. 8
separate bands, I steam or ana, steam cal
Hopes female brass band, pony cars, bog
gles, carriages and tally-bo coaches, 800
horses, 100 mounted people, a whole me-
nagerle of open, dens, herds of elephants,
camels, buffaloe, elks, etc Be hi town
early. Secure goed seats, as the parade
starts at 10 am each day.
Shoes ! ,
Dollars Per Pair,
For the information of the public we
wish to state that there it every reason to j
mnect a vsro-fnll attpndmiPA a.t tha nnera. '
house next Frldsy evening. In Justice to
the audience as well as to the contestants,
the committee has decided rigidly to en-
force the following rules:
1. No infants will be admitted snd no
children without tickets. '
' 1 . Dnring a recitation or declamation
the doors will be kept absolutely closed.
Between the exercises a brief but lufB
dent opportunity will be afforded for
passing in and eut
All are recommended to secure seats
early, as there is every indication that by
Friday noon all the best seats will be
Doors will open at 7 o'clock, entertain,
ment begins at 7:45.
Rememoer this entertainment is for the
benefit of the Union Agricultural Society
and deserving of your patronage.
AdrertlMd Letters.
The following la a Hat of unclaimed letter! re
maining la the poitofflce at Wellington, Ohio
Mai 13, '89.
Mrs. Nancy Walters, Mrs. Emma Jonas on
BlrtNorrli, D. W. Martin,
Joha Iloar, W. R, Ehreves,
Wm. Deneson.
' Persons calling for the akove pleats lay
Oio. C. Bikh. P. M.
nOOPER-Of pneumonia, at tbe residence ol
Mrs. Daniel Williams on Courtland Avenue,
May sth, Mrs. Mary Hooper, aced M years.
rnneral Saturday atl p. m., Rev. 8. D-, Gam-
mell. officiating. Her remains were later-
red In the south cemetery.
Dyspepslscsuses depraved bleed, which
intl ime, affecurevery organ and function
oi tbe Dotiy. as a remeay for tbese troub
les, noibtnc can approach Aver s barsa
parilla. It vitalises tbe blood, strengthens
the stomach, and corrects all disorders of
the liver and kidneys.
Mrs B G Carpenter, of Englewood, Ill.,is
visiting relatives snd friends in town.
Mrs M B Thomas and daughter, of
Huron, O., (visited friends la town over
Sunday. .
M W Shepherd, of Rochester, called
The pleasant countenance of Wm Com
s'ock, of the Beebe House, Elyria, was
noticed on our streets Tueeday.
Recorder Caboon, passed Sunday in
the Cheese city.
B H Lang spent Sunday with friends in
the Forest City.
Miss A. E.8tarr. sister of A. F. Starr,
spent part of last week viaiting with
friends and relatives In this vicinity.
Mr. C R. Avery Is now In the employ
of A. J. Wlnbsm's Sons, wholesale gro
cers In Cleveland, as traveling salesman;
Rev. R. J. 8mlth, of Norwalk, exe't - ng-
ed pulpits with S. D. Gammell Sunday,
Harry 8. Bennett leaves this reek Fri
day for California to be absent about one
W. F. Stuart and
family remove to
Cleveland this week.
G. W. Stutsfleld returned from the West
to Wellington Monday evening.
Mrs. Wm. Vlscher has been confined to
her room by sickness for a number ol
weeks but it now reported to be gaining
R. T. Bplcer Is in attendance at tbe
encampment of Sons of Veterans in ses
sion at Cincinnati this week, as a delegate
from tnis camp.
Mr T Doladd It tpendlng a little time in
Montreal, Can. He it at liberty te return
at pleasure, however. Business purely le
Mr and Mrs J A Hlsey, of Ashland
spent Sunday with bit brother Dr CE
Hiaey and.famlly.
Mrs F M Shelden, of Hornolltville, is
visiting her mother Mrs II Wondwortb
and sisters Mrs D L 'Wadsworth and Mrt
8 X Wilcox of the American House. ,
Frank Copper, of Detroit, a former resl
dent here baa returned and is In tbe em
ploy of E Robinson. -
James Bearnp left for Furlock, CaL,
Monday to enter into business.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Wbea Baby waa sick, we gave her Caatoris.
Wbw sfce was a CUM, she cried for Caatorta,
WYea she beceaae Was, she elaac Oaatorla,
When afce kad Chfldrva, she gv them Castorta,
rel horse, star in ' face, branded on lett
sboulder won letter r, weight about about
1800. Any person knowing tbe where
abouts of said horse will confer a favor by
calling on or addressing C. W. PRATT,
Medina, O.
FOR RENT A Dwelllne house. In
quire of II Wadsworlb. 20-23
FOR SALE Child 'a bed. Inouireof
Mrs J P Eidt, Courtland ave. 20tf
WANTED A youne man to take orders
for tbe Daisy Buggy Wrench. New sod
practicable. Bens readily, write lor
terms. A. J. Thikman,
20-21 Elyria, Ohio.
Potato Bugs, Currant Worms, Cabbage
Worms, &c, aie quickly destroyed by
using "Hammond's Slug 6hot." It Is the
cheapest and most effectual artlclcjknown ;
used with safety to man and beast tor ten
years. Sold by
ii in uooawm is siiii writing up cyclone
insurance policies daily. Now if you want
your property paid for when it is dsmaged
oy cyclones piease can and see mm.
WATCH IT! A sold watch and clear
ior five cents at Gibson's office of the Pos
tal Telegraph Cable Co. In Horr, Warner
& Co.'t block.
Ensi.'age Corn at $1 per butbel at
Laundon, Windctker & Co.'s.
It Is a startling tact that this very hot
weather Is very trying to the patience and
genera) nervous system of the ladies who
work at their dally housework and busi
ness men especially. Now one of tbe
very best remedies to use for a tonic this
weather is to be found at R J Robinson's
at his new store in tbe poat-olfice and at
bis old ttaad on Liberty street wbere all
the cooling drinks are found and icecream
by the dish, quart or gallon.
08 cents burs a 14 foot hammock and 1
cent buys a folding fan at the Bazar Store.
Our new Challesfiom 8c to 35c. Ex
cellent good value.
Munuon, wwciocker & to.
wishing to purchase good instruments
cheap should call on or address Harry
Bennett, Wellington, U.
A lane stock of Parasols and Silk
Umbrellas at popular prices never were so
cheap. Lanndon, Windecker s to.
Tbe best time to buy is now, the best
assortment end lowest prices will be found
at tbe Bazar more.
Breeder's Attention.
A younz father of speed. Nuicet Jr.
record 2 :40, has two colts that can trot
better than a three minute clip, snd be is
not six years old yet, 1 think this is as
good a record as any horse In Ohio can
show. Send for 1889 catalogue
Address, A, M. Bassett,
20-21 Wellington, O
For pure appetizer milk shake eo to
- Body Brussells Carpets $1, $1.10 and
$1 25 per yard. Tbe best in the market
for the price.
Laundon, Windecker & Co.
- R J Robinson's Ice cream it manatac
tured by a man of thirty years actual ex
perience in the butlnesa.
Go to the Bazar Store to buy a Ham
mock, Splendid Line, Imported Mexican
Cotton, Arrowanoa and Hemp Hammocks,
Stretchers snd llooks.
W. H. Towhsesd,
Next door to Foote's Livery Stable.
R J Robinson manufactures his ice
cream from pure Uolstein cream and
clean Ice,
New Carpets received this dsy. Best
quality Harlfnrdt snd Lowells at 85c.
Laundon, WimUcker A Co.
Ice cream in bulk at H J Robinson's.
For ice cool lemonade call on J B Ver-
J B Vermilya keent on band fresh can
dlea ard chesinuts. Utbecca and clears,
also home-made taffy; paper and envel
opes and shelving: paper in all colors,
oranges, lemons snd bananas.
Patronize the old and rellab'e firm of R
J Robinson for ice cream.
Come sod see our stock of 8nteoos.
Pattern in a piece. No two pieces alike.
Laundon, Windecker A Co.
Pure milk shake at R J Robinson's.
We bave now la stock a very large line
oi saieens oi ail quautira from ac to aac.
Laundon, Windecker A Co.
Parsons wishing to Improve their mem
moiies or strengthen their power of at
tntion should send to Prof. Loisette. 237
Fifth ave., N. Y., for his prospec'ii free
For a nice clean dlnh of Ice cream al
ways go to K J Robinson's.
For a good drink of Iron Phosphate call
on it o vermilya in Ms new room.
FOR 8ALE A choice short born year-
line: nun. inquire of A. a. Hatcs, Pen
neid, U.
II you want a tlirar made of puie se-
lected lest tobacco smoke tbe Moss Rose
Cigar, sold st Owen Britton's Clgsrand
tobacco More. Every cigar warranted
perfect or money refunded
Wellington, O., April 20, 1889.
Look out for the II & 8 meat wagon
from Litchfield. It coms Tuesdays snd
BMiurusys rain or mine.
Tbe latest designs nf Baby Can-laces
and told exceedingly cheap m
Horr A Bmschotkm's.
WANTED All person seeking tbe
best and cheapest plan of strs iiht Ufa
Insurance to call on K. N. Good in, agt
'Pratt's Rheumatic Liniment tx-nt them
all. Bold by druggists.
We have a nice lot of Baby Carriages at
very low prices, full and see them.
A. 0.4U.L. Ousrci.
Baby Carriages at A.G. & G. L. Couch's,
If you have neuralgia, cold, sore throat
etc- use Pratt's Family Liniment. Sold
by druggists
Try Pratt's Horse Liniment. Sure curs
for all blemishes, bold by druggist.
A few more heating stoves very cheap to
cioeeoin. w. &. reirce.
Baby Carriages! Baby Carriages,
A full line of Child's Carriages can t
seen at A. G. A G. L. Coven's. .
Call and tee the luster spray dlsbci;
crate lust in. W. E. Pelroe. ,
FOR SALE CHEAP Double seated
family carriage, or will exchange for
young horse il sound and gentle. Inquire;
of E. Benedict r , 19-23
Our second Spring Stock of Carpets
just coming in and price 65c best Ingrains.
Laundon, W'ndecker & Co.
J. M. Crabtreo will pay the highest
market prices lor live and dressed hgs
veal calyes, dry and green hides and pelt
Just received, something new in crock
ery. W. E. Peibce.
The Nickel Plate Restaurant
Has been refitted and cleaned up and it
now ready for the reception of boarders
and lodgers. Candies, Confectionery
Tobacco, Cigars and Ice Cream a specialty.
Meals at all" hours. Your patronage is
solicited. Ananias HAKP.Propr.
Mrs. Simkins Did you Mrs Smithers
know that Hall & Stranaban.of Litchfield
were furnishing the best meat that was
ever brought lothis place. I lust purchased
some of their choice round steak am? it
beats Chicago beef all to pieces.
Mm Smithers No, indeed, I was not
aware that anvona waa furniahinir beef
town except our regular dealers. I will
look out lot tnem.
Mrs Simkins Yes do, they will be hero
every Tuesday and Saturday rain or shine.
1 bave bsd charge or tbe culinary depart
ment in my house ever since I waa mar
ried and I find the Litshfleld beet is equal
to anything I ever bad, even in tbe days
when cattle were fatted from purs com
meal -
Truly Said
That tbe Northwestern Mutual Life In
surance company is the best company in
existence." R. N. Goodwin, Agent
Contractor and Builder,
Plana and estimates made. Job
work of all kinds. Orders by
mail promptly attended to. 46-ly
Pratt & Herrick,
Free delivery to any part of the corpor
ation. Railroad street, Wellington,
The trade is gradually
location on
Fresh Groceries
can be found
Fine Dairy Bntter
constantly on hand.
Come and be convinced
that good
Can be purchased at -id
tremely low prices and
delivered free oi charge
within the corporation
Shipments roa Win Exsnia May 14
Cheese 1124 pags., weighing 83,720 lbs
Butler 8W " " 21,00
OhioStaodard 8
Young America 9
Family Favorite 9
General Produce.
Butter, dairy, per n. . .
Crexiuery bitter V .
Chickens, dre seed, per &.
-07 9 0.00
Ee:gs,perdox 0.11
Ham, amoked, per ... 0.08 0.10
Tallow, per lb O.0SU
Rides, per ft 0.09
, Round Steak ,
Hurloln .,
Bhoulder Steak
Apples, dried, In quart
er and cored, per ft 0.08
Apples, sliced 02
. W
. 14
.. 10
QralQ.Kloar and Feed.
Flour, per sack (49 lbs).. 81. 85 s) 1.89
uranam nour.per cwt.. 1 .00
Corn meal, per cwt .... 0.00
Chop, per cwt... 1.00
Middllnga.per cwt.. . . . 0.00
Bran, per cwt.... ...... 0.70
Oil Meal, per cwt...... l.M
Corn, shelled, per bosh.'0. 00
Corn, in ear, per bosh., 0.09
Wheat 0.W
Oatt per but... .5
' t.W
' Of'
a f i

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