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.. . t 4V '.
mM'" nJWyo" .ww sua
A . ,'om7l !; ?Pa?0Pv?? t. tho Xatopoot of Loraia .County and Vicinity. ;.. ; V
.i , .
II Barker
.., ,,.. -a , i ' i , .f ! .
i .1 f . , ; A " ' " "'" ,11. - ,,'""' - 1-1 - f
rWu4very We4aeiujr,at
TfMoUiiM. ""'
.. n
Uuivul OoUtottoDi mtde ft tpuclklty
, v ' nd oilolt.r Ol ' )
ftmerican and1 Foreign
RN. 4HMDWIN, Ioturana Aire l)t nd
NoUrr Publle. Insuruioe, dwti. mort
must, wlll,leie oontrnotn, etc., written In
ou .nd.lfci! manner. 0:11c orr Bonwe t
boot and uio. Itor.
EUCKNK ROHIKftori. tW Barber, keep.
om ol th. autMt, bom oooveiitMit Bar
kakniiM. On I Int-alaa. irorkmaa
aoiplond. A (all aiwortmunt of hair oil. p
aaadea and hair reatorntlre. Pine bath-rooirn
ini rumiihndat all hour, wttb
hot and oold wator and all neoMaary oonrtol.
mh, Boaaaa, aoata am. uwn
Hi. mLBBMK, Dantlat. OMo oror
Hulled . itora, la Bank Bulldln.
Una-toa, Uhto. Mltroaa oiHt fa aoau
laimeUM a !
Mtl atuatl.a aia to aJarilM If OrB
laA. or Watar Oolora aad oaita lro. aid
vtetoraa. Old catlrei all proaorrec ana u
II proae
UwtM aaa he a M aor mm.
6olTHaU'frocea. , ,
Gallery arar
Reran of all kladt. f Inetl worodl4e.
Tte. 0oartniMatalarflaclft0rB7va.uk
and ru tel. Bpeotal fttteatlra to ftftMea
OrooUr'a Blook, WlHit , O.
ftMtal dlaraaaa and dUeaaM of ta hUdderand
kldaayi. PUM.alceratloa of th roctna, fl.lal
reotaaitrMtodhr an (mprarcd iiUm, without
MlaordManUoa tnm o.ibh.
rDtaeaM of the bladder aad kidneretreetel
arur a eanfal aad pioper aaaljra of the artao.
OarroaUvBtook Wnifn,0
TslLijSi:n:l Dentist.
Orders reoeivod at Telephone Exchange
and at r. D. Felt's drag store.
Offttut Toronto Veterloarv Oollete, eU"tT.
KB. PRATT, .k y
Over twenty-are years ef practice. Order
received at Adam'' and Uoaxhton' drug
tore. Horae (till taken Cor treatment at ray
stable oa Court land Areaue. -
J. H.-' WIGHT, Sole Agent,
Dealer in Clocks, Watches, Jewehy, Sil
? erwar. Gold P:ns, etc. No. 5, Public
" Square. Wellington, Ohio. ' -
y3 h:
Livery and Feed Stable.
South Side Mechanic Street, first
door east of American House.
, Conveys Passenger and Baggage' to
ana irom train or reiiuences. aiso col
lects and distributee upnaea.'dolng a
geaeral expreaalng and package business.
Leave orders or telephone) American
EIo. 37-1 H. 8. Shtrra, Prop.
: Ellington, lorain
ru.. . ii.ua. i in., . i . '' t ' Ad) -t
I 1 .1 V ; . : ' i (t l . f 1 - - -." i "M"Wi'M"MM','WWB.BWmmftBmi
. a pa. L.xil iv
party ior ouc, Deuer inan ine oc unianaer-
orl on I if li of ttah Viairn
w j '
the Monarch shirt with Patent Crown Gus-
sets for $1 is better than the $2.50 shirt you
got ol that trayeimg man. 1 mean at pitch's
oi course. And tnen
Jblannel Shirts are only 50 cents and the
- .
Royal Shields are only
the Trench flannel shirts at 1.25 and 1.50
ara ronl nonnfioa A nrl ftion fVinca Snnairla
and $2.50 are the same you paid $3.50 anduJmii&a
4 00 tnr Anvcrn ooof locf
Silk Tourist Shirts for
gant and as good as you can get in the city
for 5.00. And then vou mav want to march
with the boys and Fitch will sell you the best
' i V. i"i
Suit for 9.00 and warrant , it all wool and
Indigo dyed. 1 You'
, a - ",
i " p a"
UOliarS IOr me Same
prices aown ana Keeps
f a ' t I. ' a J
'' ; two stokes, ; ;;
Elyria and Wellington, Ohio.
CAPITAL 100,000)0,
Does a General Banking Business, Receives Deposits, Buys and sell New York
Exchange, Government Bond, etc Draft
8. 8. WABNEB, President.
New and Nobby Goods
tAEBBaaasiiaBaaEaani .bhbkoi aaAiafli . . ' b MftK2B saacaiaBBL'N. ma sjSBSa 1
Suits manufactured in the
all work guaranteed at , '
Yes! YesI Here We Are.
.. . -
With Fresh STRAWBERRIES. ? ' ...
With Fresh VEGETABLES. 1
. ; With Fresh FBUITS. '.. ';.'.'.)"; .
i '' ' With Fresh ROASTED COFFEE. .
' ' ; ' . With Fresh CONFECTIONERY. ;
' With Fresh
or .tjXu
low as the lowest for
1 .';'!. .' '
'. . fttsnda at
in ttniMEM t miciriMi. oanuH eotu at
TYPt-WRITWa, aad OSlRIN BUllU COUHL aU Mcud. fapiii. low, uutrxtxx thorouah,
H Mna eoer'tts. Ciic'j f. M& ittZtSCi aSSOKSHV ;.M
She, Now then John
Henry you know , there
place to trade
where for twenty years
your ? confidence " has
never been . betrayed.'
There you can : get ;a
white ' shirt,1 done v up
the 1
to - wear to
" f lay.- l .it" I
Kaon nutrinrr i . A nrl 1
v " . . 1 1
tiiose nrettv uomet
. 1 ., . 1
75c and $1. And
nl of 1 Kn fi9 00
oiimmAi A nrl tnACO
3.00 are simply ele
have paid 12 and 13
a . '
f i a.'. j.--'. i
mem auwn wimoui
' . ....:
8UBPLUS 8,800.00.
issued on all European countries.
B. A. HOBB, Cashier.
Jr., Ass't Cashier.
very latest Eastern styles and
' '
same Quality of
-. 7 ft '.,
v '"West Liberty" itreei-:t
the Head
wfttTwa Dim. Outeun scHOOi at STCNOGRAPHf
22t 1889.
in m
it f hi Sxal CorroftiskU,
Ail About tt Hftppeninxi ftftd Special
BrenU la their Immediit Vkinhj-.
lck?r,fn 'CitiAtaA Snndayed
' : ! "' "
o n.iting
r ..vr! T '
w luioaft eimmons. whn li nn
1! mM"t
r.t!7te'!T3Li uat
" Mr. jenne is de.d
Bam Seflrigiarted Saturday Xor N.Y.
City with three carload of tat ihtep. '
Hiu Koule Richard started for Clere-
land Thursday to make ft protracted visit
with mends.
, A number of G. A, R. boys from thi
town fttteouvd
Thorsdar iJkht
nd -ftpfrndld rlolinlst Is itoplne in
Most of corcitltens who fttteoded the
bono tale have returned and now prepare
tor slert of hotsUlk
Mrs BoUklis and grandson Vennie
Bftyftt aroTlating friend in tows.
Messrs M. and A. Hayes hare been
palntlnr, during the pait week In Medina.
Lt8turdy oar boy, the tew that
were at hme, were snrprued to see two
or three wagon loads of stalwart young
men irom La Grange, drora into town and
announced that they had came to paralyze
our town it hue ball. As this waa the
f m h ut
towa wu mostly In Cleveland w
and the
town was aiosuy id uiereiaua we cooiu
not ftomodaUthem and they were left
,mmpneui"ioi,, m
I with- both pedal appeniances. We are
sorr that the beys were disappointed,
although, wo were in no way to blame.
Next tlme you come for your own good
name leave a certain part of your load at
home. ','
Mr, Clark auctioneer of hardware wu
in town two days last week. He says he
never before Struck a poor ft town to sell
goods in. No one seemed anxious to buy
good good way down below market
Last Monday night this town was visit
ed by deluge the Ilka ot which has not
been known before In th memory of the
oldest Inhabitant, something marvelous
to be sure. The day had been quiet and
peaceful), about 6:90 o'clock th storm
bust upon up in all it rampant fury, the
very flood gaits of Heaven seemed open,
the whole bottom knocked out as it were
and the rain came down whole water.
Our cellar wu soon full and so wu our
neighbors, and u the storm cou tinned to
progress the whole center seemed likely
to find ft water grave in the bottom of
Hall's carp pond or like a rudderless
ship at sea without sail or pinion boon
tossed about at the mercy ot the remorse
less torrent, but in about an hour the
storm ceased and now having rid oorselve
of the surplus water we are at home once
more on terraferma.
Why cannot we have a Fourth of July
of our own. It bu been proposed that
we have an old fuhoned time, foot racing,
wrestling, Jumping, etc, with pjro
tecbics display In the evening. It suiue
one who knows all about it will take
hold and manage the thing, the rut
ought to contribute each ana every one
hie mite to pay the expense. Call on u
for our share and go a bead.
- Below Is given a parial list of the
boses from this town sold In Faslg's sale
with owoers nam and price. E Widoian
b g, t 0, siime, b g, 175, P O Shnnk, s g,
300, H E Leach, oh g, 283, same b m, l."5,
same, br m, 230, 0 Nlckerson, gr g, TA,
Fred Barlow, b m, S53, same, gr g, 23,
Vince Sbank, b g, ISO, N Morehouse, gr g,
13o, same, b m, 15, H Canflcld, br g, l'-'S.
C M Turner, blk g, 130, Allison Crow, b g
103, DP Simmon, cb m, 133, Lou Rice,
r g, 173, A 8tnrT, er g, 103, same, b g, 145,
L Battles, b g, 193, 0 Sears, blk m, 875,
E Sears, sr m, 183, TJ Crow, blk g, 100.
H Cuwell sold a span of grays for (330
and cheap at that, but owing to some dis
satisfaction of the purchaser he took them
back. ' Other sold but we did not get
the prices. . :: , .
. : Cam. .
,; , . HIINTINOTO. ,
:.U '., , May 20. W.
i'Nezt Sunday morning the M. E. church
observes the Centennial of the book cony
corn. In the evening Pastor Lang preached
a memorial sermon for the soldiers, u
is now the custom In every church. .' ,
rip.!-' TH"? WolHwto ; aad
BantlBftoa th eod board of waco.
ft bf of oaU and Urge browa ng. Mr.
Truman Baker found theM, oa day lut
i .. .
ln( it hit bouse and proving their owner.
O.H. Chapman spent Buaday at hi
father's Nathan Chapman's and Clifton
Chapman spent Sunday at bis father's
Elbert Chapman. . They both hail from
Clerelaftd. ; . 1
! Madge LiUy from Elyrla has been tWV
lag at Edgar Kemock's ,.-., , - e
Mr. Oibotn, formetir Demi Dewer
Is vUiUng old oelghbors and Mend here.
Mr. Albert Lang failed Tory fast from
the time he was taken worse till he. died
on Thursday about three p. m. His son
David from Iowa, reached here en
Wednesday night, his lather kaew him
and talked with him. Nelson another son
from Nebraska, reached here the evening
after be died. Mr. Lang attended the
luneral on Sunday forenoon, he preached
from Hathew 17-8. The church was full.
A good many friends from Wellington
also Sullivan and Rochester were present.
The casket was literaly covered with
Rev. Gammelljfrom Wellington, la to
speak here on Decoration day. Mrs.
Hattie Pratt Is to read th memarisl
eisayana ine JUUMcial Association are
to furnish the music, both band and vocal,
Th exercises will be at 1 p. m. at the
Town Hall, lust u they have been for
Elmer Richmond spent Sunday In town.
' . May 11, 1389.
Owlnlg to the storm of the 130i the
meeting to have been held at th Town
Hall to arrange for Decoration Da, tailed
to convene.
During th atorm three head of blooded
cattle of F. Parson' war klUed by light.
ning being Inusred In th Pittafleld Mutu
aL The loss wu adjusted on th following
day satisfactory. ' . . , u
Work was commenced lut week on the
new bore sheds at the M. S. church,
which will, make mora acocmodatioa
there. . . " .,"' ' -v . .
Mr. Buff Ward adjudged insane aad
removed to uiylum.
Jas. Baldwin bad a runaway, lut week,
butsucceded In stopping th team without
Injury, but bad to lead it bom.
Rev. Olds gave a very interesting and
instructive lecture Sunday evening on
"God Among th Stars" a (air audience-
Meeting at the town ball to make ar
rangements for JDecoration on the 80th
decided to hav Memorial services 30, m
well u attending to the duties of the 80th'
Mrs. Sarah Mill of La Orange, who
am been visiting in town hu returned
Bev. D. blneaie ot Avon, a former
minister here made a few call on hi
old friend lut week, looking well u
Farmers are busy finishing corn plant
ing, a !arge(acresge is being put in.
Sheep washing 1 just began. M
May 30, W
Geo Bond is painting
going to look grand.
his bouse, It
M las Emma Scott has started ft m Ullnery
and dree making shop on th comer of
Peuley block.
J S Ureggs hu moved to hi new borne
near the station and O M Qiilett hu
moved on Mr. Griggs' farm about a mile
from town.
D M Ball spent Saturday in Cleveland.
Mr urunay nu gon to Cagland on a
visit.' .
Ronk dt Fox formerly owner of the
Early Dawn Creamer . have dissolved
partnership. The creamery U now owned
by C P Bonk.
Chu Flan who went to Oregon lust
fall returned home a few days ago.
. Walter Mother hu arrived bom from
Mrs. Jaton Olllett Is visiting her daugh
ter at North Eaton, O.
. I wonder If any of the boy went to
Troy yesterday. " .."
( 1 .' ..' '. NoxoBr
Rev Mr Hlllyard close bit labor with
the Cong'l church In this place m Sunday
May 19th. . ,
. jar, uunoar nous nu received a
coat of paint greatly improving it look
At the meeting held at town ball, May
I5th to make arrangement for Decoration
Day, th following committee were ap
pointed : On speaker-Rev O M EnapP'
Martial music H Moeher and C Qreei.f,
Vocal music C Greene, Mr J 0 Whip
pi and Mies Ella Hardy; oa arrange
menta-D M Hall, O M Pealey, L W Hart,
Geo Bond and 8 Day; on Flowers MU
tfci uinningnem, atlsa fiva Uall, Mm
Pearl Johnson, Mia Alio Hut, Miu
Effle Bulllnson,. Mis Bust Fsnwick,
Stephen Cowl, Miss Abbl Stocking, Miss
NlaaBatUe,Mie Victoria Scovllle, Mr
Geo Prosser and Mrs P B Draper. Kier-
clse commence at 10 o'clock ft. m.
, Lroet.
i a .
KoCHurrcK. ' I"1
Mrs Byron Htwkes. of New York Rtt.
is vial ting frlead here. , , )
O B Johnson has moved kls saw mill
back into town. ,-'
Rochester may have a haraes store) bew
fore long. John Beardsley who form err!
na one la New London, propose locaw'
ingher., , 4 .. ;',,,-t u:l
At gathering of citUens at the town haH'
last Wedneftdtjr eveoing it was determined '
to appropriate! ' CAlebraU DeoorattoaVi
Day. . A series of resolution were) adopV'.
d and a number of committees appointed
by the meeting to take charge, oi the ac-,
tive work of the cWebratioa. , . , a
1 Rochester turned out forty to Robinson
Bros, show in Wellington last Tuesday. ' ,
W E Squires leaves for England week
after next. . IL i
( KIPTON. , ,1
May 20, 1889.
Warm with plenty ol rain the lMt tea
d ay. Farmers in thia vicinity have their
spring crops nearly all In. .
Funk & Tyson, hardware men of this
place report a good trade In farming im-. '
plcments this spring.
Mr W H Widman, of Wakeman, wu in
town lost Monday.
Mr and Mrs Charles Irish, of Lorain.
spent lut Sunday in town.
Mrs Charles Baylos hu been quite
sick the last weekbut isjeeported con
valescing. Mrs C L Ferguson and daughter Nellie,
visited friend In town Friday and Sat
urday. '
, Elpton people were pleased to sea Or
Pomerey return Saturday morning. .
Died, May 11 at her late residence in
Henrietta, Mrs Mar Sploer Caven, wifa
of J S Caven. She wu born in Xngtaad
in 1818, came to tbi country whea Sr1
nine years of age, wu married la 1841. ,
Her husband died Fab, 8, 1887. Of their
family of ten children, seven are luH to
moora th lots of a kind and loviac
mother. ' O.L. .
Rineharta Worm Louore ar the oaJv
kind that remove the worm nest; F D
May SO, -89. '
Frequent rain. i
LaOranjre 1 growing A. Foster i
building a barn. , ,
Memorial aervice at Baptist church
next Sunday. 8ermon by Elder Oray.
' Vic Richmond bu taken charge of X
J. Teaman' barber shop.
Opening ot Bobbin and Teaman, aew
torn May 15th, Everything I arrange)
In neat order and the boys will be pleased
to wait upon customers. . ,
All th rage among th young, hunting
tour-leaf clover.
A. E. Lawrence steps high five yean
Will Hastings bu reason to feel goad
oatured. He I not 31 until July. Ha bai
maris for five years except la grammai
and that i an alght He ha had the re
quired experience except two month. .
Stone crossion od town.
Photagraph gallery uptown. It i t
I branch of an Elyria gallery, and I open
Our boys went to Litchfield to play ball
Saturday. They had a good tim among
Mrs. B. F. Adams, Mrs. Crowner aad
Mrs Spicer, all of whom have been dang
erously sick, are improving '
We do feel really sorry for some of oui
church going friend. Yesterday wu t
delightful spring day but jn account ot I
slight shower of rain Just before church.
it was quite out of the question lor many
of the people living in towa to leave thai)
New bicycle In town. Bert Wllkint'
and Charles White. Charles Curtice bai
traded his old bicycle for a new safty.
Mrs. Andrews is moving her milliner?
goods to her establishment on Eut Mali.
Yours Dbtxt
' $1000 Beward. '
One thousand dollar reward will br
ptild to any chemist who will find oa an
alysis ot S. S. S. (SwilU Specific) on
particle of mercury, Iodide of potash, oi
any poUoaou substance. . . .
In 1371 I contracted blood pols
which soon developed into it sever
secondary form, with blotches and art)
sore all over my body, which totally
disabled m for more than year. Th
dise.se steadily growing aorsa, I was
unable to work for more, than a year;
flusllv waa persuaded to take Swift's
Specitia.- After taking seven bottle I
wu sound and well, and have not felt a
symptom of the disease line. Thi we
sixteen years ago.
o vaugnn.
Forsyth, Oft, Jan. 83, 1889.
I have taken Swift Specific (or asoood
try blood poison, ana aerivea great ken
edl. It acts much belter than potash, av
any other remedy that 1 hav ever csed. '
, aF.Wlngfleld.M.D.. .
Treatise on Blood sad Skin DW
mailed free.
Drawer I. Atlanta, Qa.

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