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V . ! , I
F. .... . - - I
Srioua A oetuattoas . preferred Afiltrt
, tb OCSelals of ths Racamler Maaafa.
taring Company by Hn, Harriet Heb
bard Ayar. w , v ? f
; Wtw Y9,I Kay ML-Mrs. Harriet Hah
. bard Ajrer ku brought suit against the Be
V eamier Manufacturing Company and iU
ffidala, Including the banker, James 1L
Seymour, who ii treasurer; also her daugn
Ver, Harriet, who li the wife of Seymour1!
ton, alleging that they conspired to defraud
her of her majority Interest In the stock Of
the oompany for which she had grlreu value
In the shape of reoelpts. Bbe charges that
Beymonr falsified his aooonnta; that he led
her daughter to believe bar insane ; that he
sensed dangerous drags to be giren her by
physicians Id order to ruin her bodily and
Mentally; that he broke into her rooms in
her absence and stole letters and reoeipta;
that he forged her name to dooumeuta and
and otherwise defrauded her. -
The defendants claim that the stock t
asailsa aerer belonged to Mrs. Ayers; and
thatahe U saflerlBg from theeSeoUof al
eokflt and (he atorphlne habit. J udge Daly
yesterday reserved bis decision on a motion
to restrain Seymour from voting the die-
pa ted stock at the oomlng election of the
oompeny. ) - ' . .
A Fine Boat Destroyed ia the Harbor of
Baltimore, Md., Hay 31. The steamship
Johns Hopkins was burned last night Fire
was discovered In the hold of the vessel
shortly before midnight, while she was
lying at pier No. . She was immediately
towed out Into and down the stream to Fort
Mellenry. The city fire department re.
ponded promptly to the alarm, but were
prevented from going to the steamship by
the military authorities at the fort. The
only route by which thetship could be
reached from the south shore lay through
the grounds of the fort, but the soldiers
barred the war and would not allow the fire
men to proceed.
During the parley between the firemen
and troops the names wore spreading rapid
' ' lr. their only opposition coming from the
tng Convoy, which threw a stream on her,
but In fifteen minutes she was burnodto the
water's edge. The Johns Hopkins was the
property of the Merchants and Miners'
Transportation Line. Ktae was 1,470 tons
gross register and 343 feet long.
Mrs. FoUom, Mother of Mr. Orovsr
Cleveland, WU a Wsll-Knowa Cltltea
of Baffalo. ,
Jackson, Mi h , May 31. The wedding of
Mr. H. K. Pcrrine and Mr. Emma C. Toh
mm, mother of Mrs. Orover Cleveland, was
solemnised at nine o'clock last evening,
Rev. L B. Baloom. of St. Paul's Episcopal
Church, officiating. The bride was attired
in her traveling costume. The guests
present Included Mrs. Cleveland and the
family of Mrs. Cadman, aunt of the bride.
Mr. and Mrs. Perrino left on the night
train for Chicago and the west, for a trip
befoee returning to Buffalo to reside. Mrs.
Cleveland will remain for a few days as the
guest of Mrs. Cadman before leaving for
home. Mr. Henry E. Perrine la a well
known citizen of Buffalo. He Is about siity
years of age.
Kmlxsilad lfl.OOO.
Bostor, May 21. William D. Derby,
cashier of the Mutual District Messenger
Company, la now under arrest at police head
quarters oaths chaiyeof embesslingtla,
000 from the Western Union Telegraph Com
pany. The District Messenger Company
dees for the Western Union a great deal of
, messenger service, for which the bills are
rendered monthly. It was discovered some
time ago that there was something wrong
with the accounts and suspicion fastened
upon Derby. An expert was plaoed upon
hi books sad It was discovered that he had
aude it practice to raise the amount ot
bis company's bills against the Westers
Union and pocket the diffarenoe. The bills
have Increased fully one-third in amount.
Derby Is about thirty live years of age and
Take Tnm Jail mm Lraehe.
Caiao, Hi., May ft. Joe Thortoa, uisys
prisoner in the Wickllffe, Ky., )eU was
lynched yesterday morning. TbonssM had
seaa-sad a little gtrt. and attempt to siring
htm np were made lust Wednesday and
Thursday. At two o'olock a aaaaked snob
overpowered the taller and dragged the
negro to a slaughter house on the outskirts
ef the town, whore a noose wss fixed
around nls neck and the end ot the rope
thrown over the snatch block. Thornton
was left to strangle and waa found dead by
the butcher atdayfeghl
, Ho Caase lor -Una.
WASBiuoToif, May 21. The statement
bavins- been telegraphed over the country
that the pension appropriation has become
. exhausted. Comm taaioaer Tanner expresses
' the hop that toe pensioners will not be
. eoa e unduly alarmed thereby. The fact Is
that he has simply made the usual reqmsi
Hon which sends the money from the treas
ury Into the various United titates deposi
tories, wbere W WW oe suDject to toe onsets
Of the pension agent lor tne J nno payment.
Moaaeseot Dodleated.
Qamsuae, Pa, May SL Battery I, First
New York Artillery, yesterday dedicated
massive granite monument on east tese
tory Hill, whore during the battle they had
a hand to hand straggle with the Louisiana
Tigers. The veteran and friend from
Buffalo. M. Y.. numbered fifty. Hon. John
M. Fa luhar, member of Congress from
Buffalo, was orator of the day, Cyrus
Remington giving the battery's history.
. Thar WUI ArMirale.
Auiir, V. V.. May 81. Rathbone, Sard
. ft Co. have agreed to submit the difficulty
exlsUnx between taem ana weir motasrs to
ooavnlttoe o! arbitration to be seleoted by
. the mayor of the city. Pending the action
of the arbitrators the oompany agreed to re
sume operations to-day in shops i ana ft ana
In the others as soon a they can be made
ready. By the opening ef these shops about
40U men wui oe set to worn a on.
KdUwWastlaf hooM Com foatpoaaa.
Pitts e io, May 81. Owing to the non
arrival of Justice Bradley, of the United
State Supreme Court, the hearing of argu
ment is the case of the uonsouoiuea juec
trio Light Company vs. the McKeeeport
LUrht Comosnr or Westlnghouse vs. Edi
sonhas been postponed until to-day.
Jnds i McKenne and Acheeon announced
yesterday that Justice Bradley would be la
court wus morn in;.
-Mai Davoaoov Ma led Agala.
Hi Tom. Mav 81. Mia Fannie Davea-
nort. the actrese, and Mr. Melbourne Mo-
Do all, leading man in her drematie com
pany, were married privately by Rev.
Claris H. Eaton, pastor ef the Church of
the Dirine Paternity, at Dr. Eatoa' rest
donee, Boitdsy avsmooa. Mr. Eaton and
a le relaUvs of Miss Davenport acted a
the wiaaesae reqmrea ay taw.
Shot BIb sM la Uio Bond,
Kb Toad, May tt-John Carr, aged
twenty, employed a m night watohmao aad
. aasiatoat onglnoar n iaana r a d.
i Clintaa Flaee. oom arittsd suieWU
yastaaday snoraing by Shootiaar himself 1
the head, ii was taw oa-i o
Wimlilnzton Letter.
; (From out Beg-arCorresponnent. .
s WaSHmcTos, May 17, 1889.
.The Postoffloe Depftrtment has held lop
lot of atar route mau -
rerentwKUonsorthe country n
thought they will be dwlared void I ind
new bids adverUaed lor. i
.i.. .ontrsrtors Interested: W M
Smith, C W Underwood aad JW Pl, of
' .. v
Missouri, and 88 Clapper oi r,ew i a.
The trouble arose from the iact w.t c
names of the contractors, the sureties ana
..Mall slimed In onehand
vaiwj .
writing. , A Investigation soon P-tu
that aU the name were algned by one oi
the witnesses, a woman, who claimed she
bel-.gularandill.gal. If notirauauienv
" - . . . m ... I
The Attorney Ge-eral has receiveu . -
expiation from U. B. M.rrtal W
. ti.,.i . l1. flva nr six I
who went to .-.
hundred depuUes, a large number oi
which took advantage of their Being in
the country before settlers to stake claims.
The report ..not at all satisfactory and
k... .r. that before this letter is
vuo vuuws 1
printed Jones will be dismissed, ino
a a ( 1 1 1 .tin find I
deputies that stakea claims wm
It pretty difficult to noia inem.
Tanner denies most em
phatica'ly the published report that he
nrODOses USiDB a lot OI ji-vuiumi..uu.
ni.i k' nrlvate letters of a political na-
ture tb.it had been placed In his hands by
ture tun u i
an employe oi ,"
h js none of Gen. Black's private letters
and would not use them if be had, but he
has a batch of official letters to various
oflicials of the Pension office that will
show the manner in which the office was
made to serve the democratic party during
the last administration.' Thcso he pro-
...s to make use ot when the proper
tlino rfiniPS.
a HoWatlon ol miners and smelters.
from the west have been heard by Becre
Arr AVindom and Assistant Secretary
Tichcnor this week.' They want the ml-
mg of the treasury, which admits lead ore
from Mexico free ol duty as a precious
metal It the silver contained therein ex
ceeds the lead In value, changed. They
claim that this rlulng is yers Injurious te
the large smelling interests of the west
am States and Terrltorltlt. There wei
another delegation, principally from the
Eaat that claimed the present ruling to
ho nruner.
K.rt.t-v Prof tor returned from hi
hurried trip of Inspection to the Western
Millitary posts thi week and expresses
himself as much pleased with ' what he
. .. nr ... oli Mtllit.r
saw. tie goes to toe n .
Academy in a few days.-
Tr-.;.ur annointmMts have oeen
few this week, but the number of impor
tant offices which have passed under ac
tual republican control In the last lew
days is veiy rerrehlng. Among tueoi
may be men'loned the oovernment mat
ing office, with its 2500 employes, of
hich Public Printer Palmer teoa cnarge
Vnnd.v. Th e vil service or wnicuora
ml? iloner Lvman hu been elected prel-
dent, and which I now composed of two
republicans and One democrat ana me
First Comtrollership ot the treasury
which Is now ably filled by Judge Asa 8.
Matthews, of Illinois,
HO body Kn owi
ww T anttarad with those terrible rack
i.. -ir. v h.rtrhaa. Llf was only a tor
ment 19 meilf yo ? J,)1' 1
would adrls von to use ouipnur ouhbs,
for theycuredme Clara Belle.
Notes from Other Towns
Oberlln Lodge. F. A. M. has an Invi-
Utien to participate in the laying of the
corner stone of a new Masonic Temple, at
Sandusky City, June 84th. . . .The patrons
of the post office will be pleased to learn
that W. P. M. Gilbert, who hu servea so
ffleUntlv as denatv postmaster under
Postmaster Phillips and as ciera. unaer
Postmaster Allen, In all about eleven and
nn..hair vears. will be retained in the
same position by Judge Steele, who ex
pects to tske chsrge or the omce soon.
meetiat of the Lorain and Medina County
Funeral Dlrector'l Association was held
In Oberlln on Tuesday of this week.
Messrs. Wlckens and Bates ol Lorain,
Horn ot North Amherst, Benschoten ot
Wellington, Hamilton or fciyna, uutier
of LaOrange and Ransom and Dart of
Oberlin, were preient. Mr. Wlckens
presided. Medina county was not repre-
aented. Various matters of Interest to the
business wss discussed, especially with
reference to scarlet fever and other
contagious diseases. Arteral embalming
was preferred t cavity emoaimtng. ine
T..vt matln will be held In Elyrla on
Vm second Tuesday In August News.
h. nmralenea of acrofulois taint in
the blood Is much more universal man
many are aware. Indeed, but lew persons
from it. Fortunately, however,
.,. In Avar's Harsapaniia. tne mua.
nniant ramadv aver discovered lor this
terrible affliction.
Tha hearing of the motion In the
Garrett case before the Supreme Court,
which had been assigned for Thursday.
May 16, has been continued for aa la.
definite time. . . ... .The City of Stenben-
vllle hu granted the Wheeling A Lake
Erie road the right of way throagh their
city. The condemnation of the property
will cost the city $15,00, which expenses
will be added to the general tax dupli
cate. Front the present outlook th
Wheeling ft Lake Erie road will be run
ning cart Into that City within eighteen
nnth.J... .The somber of applicants
at the teachers examination last Saturday
was 97, about one-fourth being from
' . '' - !..,
8haroa, TheBoara meet iuesuay
ning t the house of the clerk to patt on
the merits of the applicant. ....... v. iu
Uack of the Wheeling & Lake Eria rail
road has been laid to a point about two
mile east of Belo. Here the work man
reat a lew daye for the grading of a abort
itretch of road bed, after which the track-
layers will have clear selllog tatojewen-
. , . . A. colony of nobie onions,
and friends of Mr. Charles Bailey, arrived
to Medltt4
- Mf Mieri
men or
oneoi "" w . ..,,
mlt.,1 ir. ha Deen taaen into k"'r
- , p MUlM ,nd
- Bfter U kn0WIl as J.
A j,.- mw of
Honor firm or distillery has been through
I .a ..Ikasil tan il awilil I1UUUI ajsv
Itlll NII1DIT. MJUkalOHlt aMiw vg
- - - -
- - - - - .
Z Z answer
w " - -
- rri.Tj.tte
- h"" v :
entring wedge of a complaint that
a,y proTe false Is often alight t cold.
wh$ .ta or two or -J" 5J
o---- -z j . .u.r.
onramanL. II WOUia w
kwpthls nmtij ,n reach at all limes.
BmtoT CoUoaa Worked His Way
Into a Convention Hell.
Senator Cullom met
here to-day, writea Washington conre-
spondent, who recalled to hia minaaou'
rious Incident of the National convention oi
188a in which both took parV CuUom
then Governor of lllinoia, and the news
paper man was a keeper of one of the inner
doors at the convention. vnon ineymoi
the neu-ner man remarked :
"Senator, you rnuy not rememuer a,
you owe me a debt."
Hnw is tnuti asKea iuo oonator.
"Do vou remcmbor tlia young man that
rat vou into tbo convention one day lnlKSUI
"Whv. of course I do; you are not the
youug man, are youl If you are I do owe
you a debt, sure enough. '.
- ., i , . & i i
ine oouwrsuuon orouxut ouv vuo iuui'
dent. Governor Cullom forirot his ticket
one dav. aud. v. lien ho told the outer door
keeper that hi was Uovernor ol tne Biaie
the man would not believe him. Governor
Cullom affected the hayseed In his manners
and dress in those days. He insisted on
being let In, and, finally, tho iruard consent
ed to taka him aa far as the inner door.
Ther he presented bim to the young door
keeper, saying:
Here's a fellow who says ne a Barney
Cullom: I don't take any atock in him, Ml
if you're a mind to let him in you can d
The Gove ra or took the matlor gooa
naluredly, and assured the door-keeper that
he really was Shol by Cullom.
"There's a lot of fellows that come here
with lust such stories as that every day,
said the door-keeper, "it you re uovernor
Cullom you ought to have a ticket."
After aome artulns. however, the door
keeper said : "I'll tell you what r 11 do : You
oome inside and ruteu you migniyquws
whether you're a fraud or not" ,. .
The Govern ir said all rtfrht, and followed
the young man to the platform, w bra they
,were where they could get a good look al
thd people dttlnc there the door-keepei
aid: "WOW 00 you aee any way you
Before the Governor bad time to pick oat
any one Bob IngersoU saw bim and called
out; .'
"Hey, Shelby, come over here."
"It's all right. Governor," said the door
keeper, "and Tm sorry I made you any
trouble, but you'll admit tint I did the
square thing."
"Tea, young man, you aia, ana i owe you
debt," said the Governor, and the inci
dent ended until Uxlay. A
Bow to Increase the Happlaoia aad Ploao-
n a of tha Homo CI to. .
Those accomplishments are the most ex
oeUent and moat worthy of oulUvaUo
which contribute most largely to the bappt
ness of others, saya the Now York Ledger.
I place that of reading well before every
one of th art which usually are so desig.
sated; and, certainly, had I the fairy
power to bestow on those I loved the gift
which should moat endear them to others
not, of course, including good principle, good
sense and good temper I would give them
the power of delighting their own family
circle br reading and talking well. Th
former art et pay ally is cultivated iar toe
little for the health as well as tne neppv
pes of young women; so much is it neg
lected that probably twenty can aing pu
tngly lor every one that can read agreeably.
Yet we can not doubt that a voice for sing
ing Is comparatively rare, and that almost
any on who chooses to ao so oaa
read so as to give pleasure, rer-
bap there are two reasons for th
general neglect of this charming accom-
pllsbment. in tne nrai place, we are iar too
apt to cultivate most carefully that .tucs
ia to pleaae in society, and to neglect tooae
arts which can contribute to domestic hap
piness. We sing for our acquaintance to
excite the admiration, or, it may be, tits
envr of people who see us but seldom, and
would not greatly car if they never saw Ul
again. But in being able to read weu
good book or paper, we are only likely te
give pleasure to an invalid lather oi
brother, or perhaps a group ot younger
brothers and sisters out to increase tas
happiness of but one of our home droit
ought to be a source of far more satisfac
tion to us tha a the applause of any etrangai
whatever. To while away the dreary
boura of pain and aiokneaa to charm
group of young listeners into forgetfulnea
of th rain or enow mat is preventing mem
from enjoying their usual sport these are
object we can easily attain, and from
which we shall derive such real bappinoas
that they mm well worth a little effort
To TBI Roiroa-Please inform war read.
ara thai I hava a DotUlve reiaedv for the abov
named disease. By Its timely ase ttiouaauils ol
hopeless eases have keea permsaenUy -cured.
I shall be glsd to send two bottles of my reme
dv rasa to any of rear readers who have oon -
stiinpitoa l( Ur will send bm thsir express
and pontoflle address. Hpectfuiiy.
I A.SLOCUM.M.C. if H..NwsorK
kn Imperativs ZTmsss?.
What pure alt U to aa unhealthy local
lty, what spring cleaning is to the neat
housekeeper, so I Hood's Barssnarilla to
arm-hod v. at this season. The body
need to be thoroughly renovated, the
Mood purified and vitalized, the germ of
disease aeslroyeo. ocroiuia, oau noouiu,
nd all ether blood disorders are cured by
Hood's Oarsaparllla, the most popular ana
saacesra spring medicine. ,
'it- y j
i Tha Chief Beaas lot the great SUO
oeu ol Hood's Sarsaparilla is found In tha
article ItselL It U merit that wins, and the
last that Hood's BarsaparUls actually ac
eomplishes what U claimed lor It, Is what
bas give a to this medicine a popularity and
al greater than that of any other sarsapa
. aai-j, H1U or blood purl.
Merit YYIirS eer before tne public
Hood's Barsapartlla euros Borotula, Salt
Rheum and all Humors, Dyspepsia, Btok
Headache, Biliousness, overcome That
Tired Feeling, creates sn Appetite, strength
en the Nerves, builds up the Whole System.
Hood's "aa partita Is sold by all drug
gists, ft; six tor $5. Prepared by 0. 1. Hood
fe Co., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass.
From and after My U, 1689, trains wUI pss Well
lngtoass follows:
Standard Time
Ko.l-N.Y8t.t.fstllne l:a.m.
No. SS-Ind.snd Wheeling Kx , 8:1S a. m.
Mo. S-Cln. 4s Col's Kx :Ms.m.
No. B-BpeclalN.Y. 4 Cln. Ki. ...... l:inp.m
No. (T-Col's ft Wheeling Accom.... 6:48 p.m.
No. S-Nlght Ex :p.m.
n Bi.-iv.i irr.ii7ht 8:12a.m.
No. SM-Callon Local Freight P- m.
001M0 CAST.
No. t-8t. L. If . Y express .1S:1B a. m
.s nt.L. a n. x express Ti;.d-.
:itS!&ltoXe":v.::r.: ?:::S
.ttpsclal St. teals M.T.Bs. !:..
.s-Whii,ind. sadcie-.x !.
No. S ClBelanatl Jk O ava'd KX BIBS P
No. 4 Cincinnati Limitad Kxanas.... 1 :' a. m
No St-toesl Fraight p .m
no.ev-usuoa liocai rnignt m-m p-
Hos t, 5. t, S, I sad It ran dslly.
t Trains stop oa sis al.
w mm i an mi mm.,
. . AID
Cleveland & Marietta B.B.
From ssd sfterMty IS, iSSS. trstaiwlllpas Well
isgtoa si follows :
' " . ' StsndsrdTim.
W. I ., I HIB.
No.t I ll.00a.ni.
No. T 4.tS.a. ,
No.t Sltpm.
Mo. IT Local I. ..
We. 4 l(Sa.si.
NO. .....S.Wp.BL,.
No. I . T.SSp.m.
H.t Local J. 10p.m.
Nos. 1 . snd S daily I others daily St. Sands;
Fsrtertsfor-sttoo.tarega.dte this lie wl
bsfoaadea psret.
ArrlTi Sillr, SKa s. Dtpsrl, I :SS p. B.
iirlvs dsll;, U : a. s Dspan. I tan - -
Depart 1 OaJn
Notlee of Appointment.
EsUU ef Hannah If. Clifford, tseeaaed.
The nnderslsned has been appointed and
uallSadsseiseutorof the estste of Hannaa
(.Clifford, late of WslUniiton, Lorain county,
Ohio, deceased. J- T. oAba KU,
listed thisiem oayoi may, a. v
Notice ol Appointment.
Estate ef Mllo Wadsworth, deceased.
The undersigned ha been appointed and
uallfled as administrator of the estate of
lllo Wadsworth. late of Lerala sounty. Ohio,
deceased. .
4 tX$ A- I ' I. CT V 13
Dated this 1st day of May, AD). UW.
SairMKNTS fob Weei Endino May U
Cheese 2310 pkgs., weighing 705,10 lbs
Butter 483 " " 84,300
ObloStandard 8
Toung America 8
Family Favorite 8g
General Produce.
Butter, dairy, per B..... $0.11 , 0.12
Creamery bitter V B.... 85
Chickens,dreeed,perO. .07 0.09
Eggs.perdoz 0.11
Ham! smoked, per ft. . . 0.08 0. 10
Tallow, per tb 0.08 ....
Hides. per fc. 0.08 0.04
Rnnnd Btesk t. 12
Surlola 14
Shoulder Steak 10
Apples, dried, In quart.
era and cored, per ft 0.03 ....
Apples, sliced .08 0.00
Oraln, Flour And Feed.
Flour, per sack (48 lbs).. 11.85 1.85
Graham flour. per cwt.. s. 00
0 89
Corn meal, per cwt. . .
0 00
Chop, per cwt.
' Mlddllngs.percwt
Bran, per cwt,
Oil Meal, per cwt
Corn, shelled, per bush
! Corn, In esr, per bush.
Oats per bus.
If yon have a discharge from the nose,
offensive or otherwise, partial low of tb
sense of smell, taste or hearing, eye wat
ering or weak, feel dull or debllliled, pain
or pressure In the head, take cold easily,
von may rest assured that yon have the
Catarrh. Thousands of case annually,
without msmfMting hall of the above
symptoms, terminate In Consumption
and end In the grave. No disease is so
common, more deceptive, less understood
or more unsuccessfully treated by pbysl
dsns. The mannlactnrers ot Dr.Bsge's
Catarrh Remedy have, for many years,
ottered a standing reward of $500 for a
case of Nasal Catarrh, ao matter how bad
or bow long standing, which they cannot
cure. Remedy sold by druggists, st 60c
;t -.li-'H'
All new, of everv etvlpi frnm tha
" E iA' on the cob. of paper? . .
mg, furniflhed on application. Wall Mouldings. s
: t lour nstmn.M isi.j
p mrm mm mi rrv"fS
am prepared todo Slatingof thejberffrade ,of Slate, V
iron ana &iding, also roofs repaired.
Orders can be left at the Enterprise office. '
; J. B. CLIFFORD, Lodi, 6hia
One of the best testimonials to the value of the Estey '
Organs is the fact that, notwithstanding the very" many
Organ enterprises that have been started by ambitious cm-'
ployes of the Estey s, the business of this original maker
continues to grow. Itls the largest reed Organ Factory '
in the world; turns out a completed organ every eight mii
utes each day. Because of their peculiar ' 'sweetness and
, . . ' i : ' i
volume of tone, thoroughness in manufacture and popular
, , ., , . " ,T. , r
stvles.these Orrans hold the whIa wnrl,. fXi. n '
styles, these Organs hold the
increasing vigor. Our opponents claim
but no man wishes to say "he
better." Great numbers hare
an Organ, and we hope many
selection, "THE ESTEY,"
Alder Brothers A COe's
Princw Albert Coats and Vests, Three and Four :
Button Cutaways, Sack Coat Suits, also a line
of their celebrated Pants and without ifear"
of contradiction, we say wejare solo f
agents for the best Clothing Factory in the ; '
U. S. of America and will be sold at one price
and no deviations. Alter this date, if you want;
style and value combined, we have it and the
prices are right
. . Tha One Price Clothier. ,
' . i
I will now offer my entire stock of Clothing
for fifty cents on the dollar. No better opportun
ity to make money in the United States than to
purchase my stocK at that enormous reduction.'
Wellington, O., May 8, 1889. V ; : '
and all latest drinks at . ;; .
, Liberty Street.
l flTlli!) kl
: sris ,.'
v i
. A.,
'I Ihj
i V,
n .'.M I da m Jin :
Wall Pftflfm. i
a.., . f-T 't JT f
"JKOUUV OUllOltea. ' ' .
-;. 'i .I u..w !; :..: : .is m-f-no
I'l1 1
It (ll
. v I n'
All wprkwarrahtijd.
wide world for a market with
is prepared to furnish ,
been wise in tlif-iV ohnin a?
..v,,w ,
, more will mate the . saoifi '
Vtry of fl-U (2wartlMJl CaW.

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