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dente of the Buokeye IStat. f
A. Woman Walk! Into the Lake at Clay
land With Hor Daughter, But la Eee-ned-A
Had Story.
Clsvklakd, June 18. Mrs. Mary Allen,
- t No. 215 Bcovill avenue, attempted to
trown herself and nine-year-old daughter
' Blanche, In the lake at noon Monday. She
nraAaA t-1 ,u t -t , .
port itroot with tho child In hor arms. The
tries of the little girl attracted the attention
. U a Lake Shore brnkeman named John
West, who plunged into the Inks and after
l hard struggle succeeded In bringing the
salt drowned pair to the shore. They were
placed in a awl too shanty and the patrol
tagon was summoned aid they were takes
to tha Central station. Tha matron took
eharge of them, and sson had them seated
It the lire wrapped In warm blankets. Mre.
illenlsthln and careworn, and although
ihaaavaeha la r.M fcfliMA VMra old ana
looks ten years more. The little girl, how
ever, is the picture of health and has an ex-
ceedlngly handsome face.
To humane agont Parmaloe the woman,
who Is temporarily deranged, told a pitiful
wrj. dub oau men aivorueu iruiu war
husband for four years, the bill being
granted for ncgloctof duty. She triad no
protest In court. It being mutually agreed
that she should have tho child and he his
a freedom. He is now at Bt Mary's, O. one
' has not seen him . for 'three years. In the
meantime she has supported herself and
child by sewing.
' A Toledo Han Imprisoned lor Months la
a Mexican Dungeon and Nnhjeoted to tha
Greatest Indignities.
Wichita. Kan., June 18. Oeorge L. An
irews, of Toledo, O., now homeward bound,
lays that lost November be went to Mexico
to recuperate his health. He stopped off at
Candelabra, fifty mlU'S south of Faso del
Norte. A fuw days uftorward he was ar
rested and taken before tho mayor pro
rlnolo. He was igjoraut of the charge
against him, but after tho formality of
few minutes' trio) he was marched out of
thennnrt mid Inf., n -linn. He made several
unsuccessful appouisto Americans to secure)
his release and at last be was advised to
tend word to the Enjrltsb consul. Before he
. oould do this he was taken down with small
oox, from which he did not recover until
About May 1 some Knglisb tourists stopped
at the )oll and he urged that they place his
oase in,; the band of the Kngusu oousui.
This was evidently done, for on the Slst of
' Mai hi was released. - All his property had
been appropriated by his Jailers and he was
compelled, to borrow money enough to reach
El Paso; where he telegraphed to Toledo an
received nwuoy with which to make the
. Journey home. Hi Imprisonment was &gsv
rinie ana nis iooa not nt tor swiuo.
A WegTO Urate i7teTnt t-Oni ;'
, Nlns-tsy-OI, Chll., ) 1 ,
Wilmisotox; 0, June IJ.-A1 pier,: eel.
ored, was arrested late Saturday- night by
marshal Stout for an attempt to commit
ran ea Minnie Lewi, a whit child, egad
about nine year. Tho little girl was oat
rather lata on an errand, and Blaolc ao
eosted her on her return home, offering her
money to go with him, end Anally grsDDinf
hold pt her. 4 HaoreautTaotsevaT
. persoua to Uo sweve, and Black wee takea
Intov eiaitoty. 13ra4i t. lynohlng Jwera
made and a rope was sent for, bat the ar-
. rival of tha marshal, and the ororant arrest
and Imprisonment of the aoousad prevented
further action In that .direction. When
Bok was arraigned hefoo mayor Dot lot
preliminary nearum. saa kwl,1
tJ tha little air made an attack udob the
prisoner, bet was prevented from doing htm
injury by the interposition oi ma conn od-
are. Black has eerved two term in the
Ohio penitentiary. . . ...
Whit Cap Arrested. , ), i ;
w- VmVni fl . Juna l.Two hrothara.
Samuel and John Bee bo as, resiling at lier
ttnsburg, this county, hive been arreeted
bv marshal Births end constable winter-
ruts for e murderous assault upon Charles
1, Deal Both assassins wore disguised
after the White Cap style with masks, bet
Deal discovered their identity by tearing off
the dlsouise, when they beat him Into In
sensibility. Tne aorusoe gave oona lor
their appearenoe. It is stated that the Bee-
boat bars are ringleaders la White
organisation recently formed, end that this
waa the Ant of a series of regulations the
. hand had In contemplation. They will he
vigorously prosecuted.
. Marder at ralrpert.
Paikmvii.l, 0., June 18. A murder vt
committed at Falrport Harbor, three mttas
from here, Sunday. Jacob Klvlgahue and
Mat W I tola, Russian Fins employed on the
docks, became enirmrod In a quarroL when
the former drew a knife and slashed his
oomnanion. aevorlng the Jugular vein and
afterward atabblng him In the back. Wltole
ran a few yards and dropped deed. . Klvtf a-
' hue wa arrested and lodged ' In Jail , here.
B l a Singio lusu, out, win uunion iuwi
, It said to hava a wlfo and children In Tin-
. land. A woman Is said to have been the
eause of tho murder.
Verdlet for Heavy tta mages.
Bsuatao, O., June 1. The Circuit Court
' has rendered verdict for $4,500 against the
' Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad Company
In favor of Mary Roderer, of this dlty, for
the death of her husband, uinrr-not aedsrar,
- vm,ut whlla in thn aersld of tha
' company. This was tho fourth trial of the
case, end each time the verdict has been In
creased, the flrst one wing lor auwsi. ami
Finn was alto glvoA a verdict for 18,100 for
injuries received from that company wnue
h iffMM .arlt.-hTne- a aat. wlilith atrnck
. RmI Batata. Agent Mleelag.
Brsmorisxri, O., June 18 T. M. Offutt,
' real estate and loan agent, bae been missing
from the city for several days. It Is thought
- that flnauclal rowplUiatUms will account lor
his absence. Oltult was prominent In church
work, law student and about thirty-three
years old. He leaves a wife end children,
Wanted for reohet-Plohlny.
McArthuo, O., June 18. Detective Ship-
' ley, of MoArthur Junction, ha arrested
man here on a dlspatuh from the marshal of
Logan, O., who gives his name as Culver A.
. Baker, and who Is wanted at Logan for
MnM.hlnk nd 1.(1 tnUUI ItlSWntf .
MiBTiKasiino, T .ys., )iln 1S.--A very
heavy storm pes over tlie southwest part
oi nerseiuyi u iiBty nnnany vnin , n.
tnrrinr rain ef -wind that d).l grant daatge
waa folio vi by a torrible thunder storm.
This Waa followed by a.heary hail fitnnn
that added irreaMV to, Wis diMtrnaMvennaa.
The hnll atonoajaj u some places three or
four Inchon deep. Crops and trees are
ruined. Live-stock wss bedly bruised and
, la some kos'-auces killed. Mevernl house
and barns war wracked by the wind. No
toss of life has yet benn rxporteit.
Residents of Johnstown Flea from
"v Their Homes, :
Fearing; That the Houses Remaining
Would be Wrecked by the
Powerful Explosive.
LlttUi Judgment Shown by tha Contrac
tors la Their. Dae or Dynamite Whil
Blowta; tp the Debris at tha Bridge
Th General Situation.
Johshtowx, June 13. Tho zeal of the eon-
traotors In broaiiing up the gorge of drift
by the use of dynamite yesterday morning
ran awey wtth their better Judgment. The
Quantity of the explosive was largely in
oreasad with each successive shot until the
eftUens ran, , terror-stricken, from their
homes, fearing that the low houses remain
ing would be ruzod to the ground by the
tremendous Jar and ooncusslon. Manager
Fulton, of th Cambria Iron Company, who,
en aooount of the explosion, was some lied
to sieve hi family and effects to th OMren
tala aide for safoty, sent s note to Qeoaral
Hasting demanding that the dynamiting
eease. General Hastings replied that the
dynamiting would cense at once, since which
time no shots have been fired.
Up to noon ten bodies had been recovered
and removed to the morgue.
The third charge of dynamite fired
knocked out the front of Henry Frits'
house on Clinton street. The house was of
brlok, but had been badly shattered by the
flood. A gang of workmen cleaning the
street in front narrowly escaped being
crushed. Several of them were slightly in
jured.' A crowd of citizens oollected at the gen
eral offloe of the State Board of Health Mon
day morning, hoping to ascertain the sani
tary oonditlon of the town. Thoy were dis
appointed, however, as tho physicians In
charge refused to answer any questions or
give reason for not Usulii;; tho health bulletin-
There 1 much liiilhtintlon and un
easiness in consequence It is stated that
arrangements have bnea perfected whereby
the Children's Aid Society will send about
two hundred persona to Atlantlo City for a
few weeks. . ....
Fifty business men have applied for lum
ber with whioh to construct temporary
structures. Some plan of apportionment
and distribution will be determined upon at
a meeting of the business men's oommKtee
to-day. One proposition under considera
tion contemplates the construction of an
arcade around the four aide of the publio
square, whioh shall contain about sixty
tor room, to be given rent free to such
basinet mee e desire to re establish them
elvae In business, i .
' .Yesterday morning the workmen remov
ing the debris from Wood, Morrell At Co.'
store found the body of a woman In en ad
vanced state of decomposition. - Her cloth
lag bore trace of elegance, . It wae at tint
stated that the remains were those of Mis
Paulson, ef Pittsburgh. Ono hundred dol
lars were found In th dress pocket, beside
an elegant gold watch, a solitaire and three
ooatlj gold. rings. A ritul comparison
With, tho dosorlptlOB left kjr ' the friead of
Mist flulapn wat made,. hut they, do not
talli in any particular, aad the corpse lie
at the morgue marked "unknown.", The
face was enareur gone, only the lower law
aad one tooth remaining. It 1 almost cer
tain that the dead woman wae one of the
panen gars on the dajr express. Bundey
night th remain of s woman were, recov
ered la C amort a- city - The remain were
j Monday wae the hottest day experienced
nee the catastrophe end it effect was ap
parent on all ol asses of people. The heat
wee extremely oppressive and brought out
all the pad smell t concealed In the numer
ous pllssof rubbish, k The, smpkejroa the
burnlnij drift bimg low over the valley and,
mingling) with th deonytng vegetation end
pntrilylng matlUr, combined to make en
odor Indescribable.
Governor Bearer will Join th relief com
mittee at Lock Haven thle morning and
aome, with It to thle city In the afternoon.
johntown people are highly indignant be
eauee Qovemor, Beaver .has not yet taken
action relative to their suggestion concern.
hag th appointment of s tucoesser to John
Fulton on the oemmlssloa.
"We've got ehannel In both etreama now
but enough for e steamboat to go through."
aid Major Phillips last night "Wlta the
drnemite aad oil we will here .the river
clear by the end of the week. We have pat
MO barrels of oil on toe ortttwooa end wyi
bam eat su in woes aaorts." xaere is new
S bluing m ef rubbish that lights np the
valUv for mils'.
' There was an Incipient riot among the
Italian laborer last night, but It waa toon
o celled bv th police.
It has been decided to ooasolldate all the
morgues to-day, and hereafter there will be
only one dead house. The consolidation I
made feasible by the fact that the number
of bsdlee recovered now is growing smaller
each day, and their advanoea tate oi a
composition compels Immediate Interment
How tha President Spent a Brief Vacation
; . . .. rteca th Cares of OfTloe.
WisBirtTCK. Jane 18. The yacht Rest
less,, with th,. fresldent and Becretarle
Blaine and Wind 411 on board, returned to
Washington yetrday morning. Th Pres
ident drove Immediately to the Executive
Mansion. During Bunday the yacht an
chored off BL Mary's, Md., and the fTesi
denttal party attended service at the Epis
copal church there, end saw Bishop Paret,
ef Baltimore, oonflrb a olea. Later In the
day the party viaitoTthe 8U Mary's Female
Seminary, and luft fur Washington in- the
evening. - - - '
Jl number of persona from Leonard town,
hearing of the President's presence at Bt
Mary'a, ceme over to that place to seo the
distinguished visitor. ' t- t
; 3 Tf Children Ktn by Wolves, i)
; jUSAi CiM, June ,18. Two children,
aged tea and. twelve yean, of farmer Ed.
ward Bach, went fishing last Thursday.
They failed to return and searching parties
were organised to look for them. Their
bobee were found Nunday evening near 1
ledge of rock thet had long been known a
Wolfs Deh. A band of timber wolves have
sod this section for years and It I thought
(he boy were killed and eaten by the anl
mal. -
Moth and Two Chlliiran Drowned.
Wabash, Ind., July 18. John Maple,
farmer living near this city, attempted Bun
day night to ford a small stream which wae
greatly swollen by hard rlllus. . He was ao
eomiauiled by hie wife and three children
and a. servant rirL . In the middle. of the
stream the wagon upset and Mrs. Maple and
two ef the children ware qrownea.
.". Torn ad a In Florida,
Jaoksomvilli, Flo., June 18. - Heavy
mine have done, considerable damage
throughout tne Blaes, -A tornw at iu
dHr nut a in Lh 1111 fent wide, dostrovtnr
muoh property. The Houth Florida railroad
tracks ar submorgod la several place. It I
rumored that tho itoamer H. B. Plant was
Mtrtlally wrecked at Blue Hprlngs.
Chicago Polloe 'Authorities at
Their Witty End
Now, That the'WBIlatin Clue Has
Failed to Produce Results In
the Cronln Case.
Weotlratr Still at Work Grinding Oat Con- i
ieeelona Generally . Tboaght That Sis
RtorUe are Unworthy ot tJellaf. . ..'
NiW Tote, Jane I8.r-Tb,e three men who
oame on from Chicago for the. purpose of
Identifying Maroney and McDonald as prln
tipals or accomplices lh the murder of Dr.
Cronln, visited the Tombj yesterday with
authority jo see tho prisoners. The, sus
peote wei-o placed, in line with I score of
ether prisoners. . William p. Ilatfield, whe
told the furniture artor yard. found Jn the
sottage where Cronln was murdered, was
the first to pass aloug the lino, but he failed
to Identify either of the men. He was fol
lowed by Martensen, the expressman, Mr.
Throckmorton and deputy sheriff William,
all of whom failed to identify the auspecta.
maroney and McDonald were then taken
back to their cells and the Chicagoaus left
the prison.
Winnipko, Man.. June 18. Martin Burke.
alias Delaney, was arrested her; Sunday for
complicity In the Cronln case. He was
boarding the Atlantic express and had a
ticket for Liverpool, Englnnd. Ho gave bis
name as Martin Burke. O. W. Hubbard,
general superintendent of the Chicago po
lice, was immediately communicated with,
and replied as follows : "Hold Burko, si la
Delaney, who Is concerned in the Cronln
murder, by all moans. Will send officer im
mediately." The man arrested answers the descrlstion
ot Delaney in every respect He is about
twenty-five years old and is slight in stat
ure. He was fairly well dressed and had
the appearance of a well-to do laborer. Thle
Is undoubtedly the man wanted.
Burke does not look like an innocent man
who was outraged over arrest, but takes his
arrest as a matter of course. He arrived
here on BaturJay night and put up at a sec
ond class hotel. Ho did not rj'ter. Ia his
valise was found a folt hat supposed to have
belonged to Dri Cronin. Tho unmo Inside of
the hat appeared to bn blot Us 1 out with the
aid of. . chumlcala. Tho chiof of police
sought to restore tbo lettors, and characters
to correspond with Croniu's name were
clearly dlstlnulnhcd. Tho prisoner ad
mitted that he has a brother in Chicago, so
that there is now HUlo doubt that he is one
of tho famom Williams brothers. Burke'
solicitor said Uie intention was to resist to
tho bitter ond auy effort to oxtrudito the
prisoner. . , ,
i Cuiuaoo, June 18. Interest In the Cronln
murder is now centotva upon Winnipeg,
where the susnect Burko U under arrest
Up to tan o'clock - Monday morning the
Bute's Attorney end police departments
were confldcut that in Moloney and Mov
Donald they had two of tho principals to the
crime., Mo-sooner, however, hod dlspqtohe
front New York ohronlded the fact that the
Chicago witnesses had failed to Identify the
euspect ana that the court had ordered
their an conditions! release, than the tyre of
the department began upon- aneUior tune.
It waa boldly atatod that the authorities
had been playing t bluff game witn the New
Yorker; that th picture identified by the
real estate agent, expressman and other
was not that of either of the New York:
prisoner, but of Burke, the Winnipeg sus
pect; that, lu short, the extradition of Ma
roney and McDonald had been demanded
and the witnesses tent to Identify them all
a a part of a bluff game, a detective being
all the tlmo on the try of Burke, aad the
fact that he was the mysterious William
being all the time patent to those in oharg
01 tne case, in to effort to lustify this km
sltion It waa dated win equal gravity that
in iep rerarrea to naa been taken (Imply
to satisfy Luke Dillon and the Plnkorton
both of whom, according to this ingsalou
theory, were )t ss well astlafled that Ma
roney and McBonald were the men, wanted
ae the regular polire.oflL lsJs aooording to
their presep t position- were tat it fled that
tnoy were ov - - u - .
Outside of those now In New York, every
witness that positively ldontlflod Maronay'
picture a that of Frank William ha now
recognised th photograph ef Burke as that
of the "only original." But in one of the
cells of the Central station a man . named
Muloahey Is usdof look and key. and It la
reported that this man, too, Is th one sought
lor. as to tne ground upon which hit ar
rest 1 based no information I forthcoming-.
Appearance Indicate, however, that the
authorities ar utterly at sea, ud that, a
in the Tsscott case, they are willing to send
detectives to the farthest ends of the conti
nent upon th mere suggestion that a possi
ble elne may be developed. .-: . .
Woodruff, alias Black. Is said to have
made two more confession yesterday and
to be herd at work upon a third. The State's
Attorney's office Is inclined to pin tot faith
to every thing he says. Tho police, on the
contrary, regard mm as an unmitigated
liar. He has full access to in newspapers
and is allowed to talk witn whoa ever he
may please. Henoe in every, new confes
sion he brings in name that, he has never
mentioned before. Bxporiouaed detective
say that hod New York methods been
adopted with him tho t.ruo story of hi con
nection with the tragndy would long since
have been known. - - , ' '
The bulk of the evidence given before the
grand jnry yesterday was ef a routine char
actcr... The most Important witnaase were
desk sergeant Montgomery, of th Chicago
avenue station, and James W. Tuohey, the
latter one of Alexander sulllvnu's sureties.
Montgomery testified that the numerous tel.
ephone call for detective Couphlln which
he answorcd lu the lutter'e absence at the
station came, not from Ire man Bulllvau,
had boon tea tilled at the coroner's Imiueat,
but from telephone 070. This is the number
of the Instrument In the law office of W Indue
& Hullivan, Indicating that the latter was In
frequent communication with the detective.
Tuohey, who ws a fellow passenger wtth
LeCamn en the steamer that carried the In-
former to Liverpool nndor tha name of
Beach, was tummouod to testify regarding
the 'Conversation he baa with the spy dur
ing th passage. After his examination was
eondlnded he -refused to state m hat hud
transpired, and the grand Jurors were non
commnnlcstlve. - ' ; 'f- ;
Antliariid t SfukM-Mi. mim.
Ottawa, Ont ,: June 18. Tb' Dominion
government hss Instructed commanders of
Canadian crutaera not to overlook any In
fraction of the ilahory regulations, but to
saiie any vessels found guilty of violating
th law when the evidence will warrant
such a step. Tha instructions are said to
be more stringent than those Issued last
Swept Into a Swer and DroWnad.
Baltimohs, June 18 The body of little
Raphael Firrandlnl, who ww tweyt into
the I.x!atdori street aewer on Fflrisv test
during tho hey rain, wns reov.H1 lit lite
rlvor yesterday morning. It was badly dis
figured by fish-bites and deeotn position sd
It Consumption Incurable t '
Reed the following: ;i C H. Morris.
Hewark, Ark says: "Was down with
Abeoeas of lungs and frsends and pby
slclan pronounced me an Incurable
consumptive. Began taking Dr. King's
New. Discovery lor consumption,' - am
now on my third bottle and am able to
oversee the work on my farm., It is
tne nneai memcine maue.v. .Jesse Mid
dleware, Decatur, 0., says: "Had it
ot been for Dr. King's New Discovery
for consumption 1 would have died of
lung trouble. Was given up by doctors.
ad. now in ucic oi neaitu." Iry it.
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Indian Pill, manufactured by the eminent
Dr,R. MscFarlnnd ol Genus, 0. This Is
the pill that cure headache, sick ot ner
vous, also conttlpatlnn, nnd for one (allure
we offer $100 It directions ar carried out
We can tell you more, they cure rheuma
tism, sciatic, or chittolc, Inflammatory. All
stomach discuses yield every time to this
great discovery. They will positively
cure all dispone ol.be urinary organs (r
curable from any medicine. f lie secret I
they cur the liver and will not fall. Do
not tall to try this medicine; $1 a box, 50
pills in each box. Call at Full's drug More
for them. Fell only keeps them, Wi ll,
lngton. Ask for the little book giviuif
symptoms. This Is the great blood search
er of the world.
N.B. Felt's onlv. Remember Dr. H
MocFarland's pill "is the only genuine
MncFsrland pill on earth. ' .- t . -
Wiiat B. tt'Coopcr, eays.
' J. E. Jackson War slr:,'l M Rrlghfs
dlsesa w til omt turm. I used two
bollk'iof our medicine, Burdlck's Kid
osy Cure, and It has done woudera for tue.
The swelling Iim left mjr body and liinlw
end I m so well I can walk ont ain.
This is the "tity remedy ihat wanld riach
my c88. 1 Price 15 cents. ' ""
What John L. Hsdes, of WoHltury, N-.
8 ): 1 J-B- Jackson, Dear Slit "I
bad kt!ney trouble for years very bd
my pnlnt at times were so great I would
roll the floor.. I thought my case a holp.
less one, I nand two bottles ol yoor med
icine, (Burdlck's Kidney Cure) end now I
can do any kind of work. I recommend
this to hll sufferers. Trice 75 cents and
$1.25. For isle hy Fred D. Felt.
Loose's Bed Clover Til Eemedy.
Is a positive specific lor all forms of
the dlaease. ' Illlnd, Illcedlng, Itching, LI.
r--at, ani tVmrtlng pile. Price 50
' , . . a, 1 ill,
Ikm Eonse, Wellington, I
. . .. . Fromlla.m.teSp.m.. . -
The third Thursday of
each month, for the
purpose of treating
.Rectal Diseases
Brinfrerhoff System
Examination andConsulta
tion FREE.
A Cure Guaranteed for every Case or
'it. , 1.
The Greatest Blood Purifier I
Thla Grant German Medicine la
,jin-j,iivn, 1,111, uc.h ijri,'k;b'i T " AT 7
l . .1 ....... lu QI '
ClIUK HllTKliaforSI.OU.Ieawanr el
one ceni a aoae. 11 win cure wvm
. -i. t u .11 ..... .... ar
a common pimple on the fac
to that awful diseaas Scrofuls.
sui.I'iiub lirtitua is
beat medicine to uae In
cam of such stnblwr a andryonr Kid
lecu seatea uiaeoae. iwsn....n,nni
not evur take f,.r,i, i-u.
f. rinceyour mini mr,.M., .iu
uLI'HUB B1TTE US. " ."hat alia
the purest and bet'oa B.
nwucwe ever maae. Xn nhnr KilUrs
IiyoarToiigaCoatcl '
wunayeilowstlekyf uontwaimnni yon
auiiManccr la jour am unaiieiowaia,or
breath foal andara Sat on yeur back,
offenatve? Yourbitt Ret torn at onon, It
atomaeh Is oulwlll cure job. Bulnliur
ofonler. TjelUtUirtl
bfLl'lllTt TI,af..ltWe V-I.it.
nil Ir. KH 7 . ftiiviH.
lminetlale)yTheynnC,thesindsa4 tot
la your trr-terin( sre aoon mail well by
uia7tlsUBB. nememiier wnai you
Fread here. It may say your
fllfe, it has saved hundred.
ut wait uotu to-morrow.
Try a Bottle To-day I
a 1 a-rJ-4saw$ sa.jt M.b
v Any yu guvwmyti ivkk si wma,
rOT flllllGriDK inno ura wrrs--rsi vi
... ai;i.piii:r. itrrrrnu
f WlU or ywu
(taod -rmrA tump to A. P. Ordws
bOwtoD,MMt. for Its medkai work yxblhw
Wbra I ssy Co) i do not ansae merely to
top term lor a (Mil, and the hay taera r
turn again. I VtW A RAlliUal, (X&&. .
i hav mad th disease el .
Al !-ns alndy. I WRAt myremedy to
.: thc.wer.1 l aac,. Ut athere baav
..... ,.i m.y .u.ui.ir ,ia w m. .atviaa a oara.
han-lHtn ire ttmmm-' mnat r aaa iKrrTa
ol my iari.i.isut hi-nnut. m Kxprek)
and l'o-t Oitliie, It cor' yoo aouunf lor t)
WKl 19.1 imiB, It GO' JVU euuu
lnL cud it M ill ear von. - Address
H.C 8CPT.M.C IHrlT.Mwyaa
tatmaaMWi'iHTT1" 'jsa
! J-:.':.' Li t.
THE great BloodPnrifler.
Tuns sunn
1 . it crrxmns
? sneers. Rumors, torn, Ulcrt, iwtlllnc,
emors, Abecaeeas, blood foleaniac, 8e.t
thtum. Catarrh. Kryilpelas, Khsunutisoi,
and all Blood an &ki biaaaees.
turn, tl pee Hint Koule, nr lUHtiti tor
Jlb.Can8olid rrtract$?M
, . iXttroic, atlou.
Summer Tourg.
P&lavoe) SteMtmeTav Low Bate.
Vow Trips par Weak lima ,
t. CUlr, 0ki-M Howe, auna OUf.
Bnrp Weak Day Bwa - -
tpaalaiaeadayTrlpa earm Inly am -
etea ead axe-r-bw TtakMa win be nmlihad
ar roar lieaet Aaeat. ar a anas -
'.CO. WMITCOma, O.a'1 saaa. Asaat, .
Detroit Clsvelsnd 8tm Nav. Co.
ii-ARK,s;a oiwoc toho
S mn iir.l..lnl M,uiKKiii,r lift ,11.- V alll
iiaivitl'H, lrwwil l-niu. BiUnu.tun. lnlull tyr
ru,nili, rvitulW KmIu ftn all DRVM4 "!
. , I .U I. . I t, - u lMUi
a-,. .. iir-t r,i I-. ir-, f.fViwva naalnttsi tk
f 1 -retw
Nk. '
P nn.m mi A l , , . . .
1 T 1 'I,n nIneax men leal
and chemical aiitliortiliaj wuo teetuTv te lls
nliwilute ptirltv, wli,.te1,leuert Vnd,
V2???P "n"h very ,,,, gunran
trd to do the work of any other Imkla '
powder oohHuv twice aa much. fcvery -cun
suarunteiid to Klve sutlntucUon. or
purcSuae money refiindedT ' -
I ! fan, aoe.t X lb., loe.i ih stti '
l.lh,!?J!'"",."'" Bn '"P f. do not
1,1?'.,.'".'''"' ',0,, .bnJ' "' or he - .
jo; jiiTiiir " Buod' but hio.towi.;
o.tia, .
ELUN6T0fi, ,
Meets on th Id
and 4tk Wednea
ay evanlnra of
tmr) month.
Poit roam In
St. W. Lanf,
Comma oder
J. T. Haakell,
' AdjaUnt
Learn hort band. WAHchool. .Every fradni
ate employnL. Bl salaries. Low Tuition.
Oulck work, Thoront:n tnitmctlon. Type
wrlttnf and PenmaoahTu. t'nder the penioual
naawement of P. W. WIIIlM, lata Prtval
rfbort-baad aeporterel Hon. J. Warrea Keller.
ex-Hpeelcer Ixiwer Houm of Conrrma.
: Catlneaeino mudenui tree. Andraea.
Wiai&aVCOOEaS $H0f -HAND, trlasnM, 0.
The trade is gradually
location on
I . . t
can be found
Fiie Dairy
constantly on hand.
Come and be convinced
that good
Can be purchased at ex
tremely low prices and
delivered freo of charge
within the corporation
' 'West End , Y
We have now on hand a fresb
stock of ' -: -
G-rocoribs and
and we intend to Bell the same
1 at Uie lowest Cash Tribe. ;
- We also pay the highest - :
1 . market price for
Butter and Eggs. .
Choice Tea&and CoffeeB a specialty
Corner Liberty aad Mill streets, sear
Iri Main Street,
fresh Groceries
x rz: -
lAiCtt . umiMiniinrt sLx XAk lm. a. X.

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