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, Stock complete. Larger, Better Assorted and with more Decid-.
ed Bargains than ever before.
April Bhqwers.
Commencement week.
The town I full of visitors.
Republican caucus tonight
Enforce the dog ordinance.
The honest grasshopper is on hand.
Rochester celebrates on the fourth.
The forest abound with fox-squirrels,
Spring chickens are now ready to be
To-morrow will be the longest day in
the year.
Our merchants enjoyed a lively trade
The milliners will soon take their an
nual vacation.
Very fine costumes will be worn by
lady graduates.
Dealers in ice-cream have been en
joying a doll trade.
Qolte a number patronized the Green
wich fair from this place.
, Secretary Couch is busy arranging the
program for the coming lair.
A full report of the commencement ex
errises will be in next issue.
The Salvation Army folks parade
streets quite often nowadays.
The hotel and boarding houses appear
,, to be well patronized at present.
- if there was only a foot path across the
park it would look much better.
The older people claim there was a town
clock in running order here at one time.
The lawn mower has been busy while
the street sprinkler has been taking a rest-
The boys ere saving np their shekels to
purchase fire-crackers on the fourth.
' C. L. Pyke the Photographer carried off
1 the red ribbons on his work at tie Ureen
wlchFair. . ,
Thanks to Mrs. Mary J. Lewis and Mrs.
Huffman for nice baskets of delicious
Excursion to Cleveland over the Bee
Line to-day. Some of the boys took
their best girls, i i
Tickets can be procured ot the old time
ticket agent, . W. Adams for Com
mencement exercises.
Any disturbance In .town during the
night season should be reported Imraed
latly to the nlghi watchman.
. The council have given the band boys
the use of Mayor's court room to practice
in And store their Instruments.
Miss Mable Holbrook presented us
with a strawberry measuring in clrcunv
ference 6J4J inches. Who next
June 20th the time will expire for pay
In the last half taxes for 1888. but the
usual custom will doubtless be observed
to extend time a little. -
The whistle welter and stomach Satis-
fler comes in Quantities of one gallon now,
As hot weather is coming more is needed
' to keep the nerves steady.
The morning train west on the W. &
L. E.Ry Jeeves one hour later on the new
schedule 8 :05 Btandard time which will
accommodate the people much better.
The price of wool ranges from twenty.
five to thirty-five cents, according to
' quality. Messrs Laundon, Windecker A
' Co, have purchased a number ol small lots.
Lectures on the Johnstown, Pa., dlsas-
- ter from sn eye witness stand point Imag
inary Scenes of the flood snd actual pho
tographs In Panorama form will soon be
on hand.
Members of Wellington Council No.
O. ot C. F, will be glad to learn that np
to the present time, only two members
' are known to have lest their lives in the
Conemaugh Valley disaster.
Thirty-five cents is offered for wool, the
old Republican times are returning. Just
' as the above was placed upon paper the
sun burst from tinder cloud where it
had been hidden lor a number of days.
Ex-Postmaster Bcott of Klpton wu
among our callers Monday. Henry
Just ss happy without an office as with
one. Elyria Democrat. How will it be
when Editor Reefy Is compelled to Hep
down and out of the post-office T
Robert Blee superintendent of the
0olumbuand Cincinnati divisions of the
' old Bee Line will ' probably be.' general
superintendent of the - newly ogsnlzed
comoanv. C. J. Btedwell trainmaster
Messrs Wean, Hon Warner & Co., are
reported to have planted in swamp lands
near Lodi and Creston, 103 acres to onions,
45 acres to celery and 200 acres to pota
toes. Oui ex-mayor seems determined to
make an effort to have an abundant yield
of the products he is engaged in.
The chances for receiving the nomina
tion for State Treasurer by Mr. John C.
Sheffield of Bellevue, appear to be very
flattering. Mr. Sheffield is a very able
business man and his nomination would
be a credit to the convention; let it be
JohnC. Sheffield of Huron county, for
State Treasurer.
Thnra mnwn In ta a anna ot thelves I
Dasslng through the country, breaking
' I
Into maidenee. and even ilealinir horses.
Dell Johnson ol Brighton, lost a valuable
horse last Thursday evening. Our people
should be on the alert both in town and
counlrv. and cause the arrest of anv tier-
I - O I
son or persons found about their premises
and make them give an account of them
selves, or suffer the consequences.
Union services were held at the Congre
gational church Sundny evening. Rev.
S. D. Garomell preached the baccalaure
ate sermon to the graduating class from
1st. Cor. 12th chapter and 81st verse,
which was listened to with the closest at
tention, by the large and attentive audi
ence. The music was furnished by the
class, viz: Misses Nellie Couch, Grace
Am, Bertha Howk, Agio Haskell and
Messrs Johnson, Barrett, Rust and Eglin.
The funeral of Capt. Trinter wu very
largely attended ; the line of carriages
being just one mile in length. The Cap
tain was going to make one more trip
then retire from the business and remove
with his family to a fine residence Just
completed in Cleveland, to spend the re-
mainderof his days. His last communl-1
catlon to Mrs. Trinter was written on Frl-
day June 7th., staling that he would ar-
rive home Wednesdsy morning June 12th.
His remains did arrive on the" morning I
stated. I
Thursday night the Bee Line depot' at
Rochester was entered by burglars, but
they secured nothing for their trouble.
The marshals along the line were advised
of the affair, and marshal Williams here
did haul in two or three suspicious look
lng fellows into the coolei Fridsy night,
Saturday morning two more quite respect
able looking men were around the Bee
Line depot, but about nine o'clock started
towards the W. ALE. depot About
this hour rumors were flying around town
ot a sale blowing that bad taken place In
Greenwich the night before, and the mar
shal decided to Interview the two men,
hence be called M. L. Cook to accom
psnrhlmand when on the way H. 8
Smith the transfer hack man volunteer
ed to accompany them. The two suspect
ed were overtaken near the residence of
F. Rodhouse on Prospect street when
they were placed under arrest and the
quartette with Smith In the lead started for
the cooler but alter traveling about fifteen
rods they made a break tor liberty and In
the tussle Cook was burled to the ground.
Smith gave them chase across the lots and
tne marsnal did toe snooting wbicb wu
answered by one of the runaways. One
fled towards Penfleld and the other to the
south woods. The marshal had exhausted
his ammunition and to proceed alter them
unprotected was unwise so he caused the
case to be reported up town and a com
pany wu formed in a very short time to
raid the forest Geo. Couch, Bent
Vlscher, 'Gene Robinson and about fifty
more armed to the leetb. Our fighting
Editor had a bid to accompany the vlgl
lance committee but he decided to adopt
tho safe policy in case of doubt and re
main at home and do his shooting in the
next Issue of Thi Entzrfbisb.
Later In the afternoon the scouts returned
having made a thorough search of the
margin of the forest but no tidings ol the
fugitives from Justice. About eight
o'clock a report reached town that they
had "got 'em" and all were anxious to
know where and all about it. The excite
ment ran high for a few momenta, when
the excited crowd was politely Informed
that they had got them chased into the
woods and the burgs were somewhere in
that vicinity, "give It up.1
GATES. On Fridsy June the 14, Mrs.
Mary Warner Gates, aged 44 years.
Her remains were interred in tne new
cemetery Sunday, Rev. 8. D. Gammell
, officiating.
JOHNSON.-7-Of consumption, at the res
idence of her brother, Cornelius Spring-
sted, at Olena, Huron Co.,0., June 14th
1889, Alice, wife of Wm. A. Johnson, of
' Wellington, aged 81 years. Funeral Sua
day the 16th at ten A. M. Interment at
Our Fair
Which takes place on Aug., 27, 28, 29
and 80, gives promise of being one of the
best ever held in Wellington. The man
agement desire to give three lull days oi
good entertainment, - forenoon and after
noon alike, each day as good as the other.
Therefore many new features of an inter
esting character will be added this year.
The Floral Ball will be converted into a
n exniomon, unaer me auspices or we
laies ueilel Uorps,
Two running races will be added to the
orse aepartment. me following pro-
Pm wil1 given during the three last
f TIT S 3 a L J ' . .
vu uueauy, mescconu uay oi.ue
Falr - st 10 m- b K"e between Ju
TBU,HJ C1UUB "om uoerun nu Wellington;
8H P,BTer to 08 actual residents of the
townships of Russia or Wellington, and
all players to be under 16 yean of age.
, I M If TTT
Prize to winning club, $10.00. Immedi
ately following this game will be a ball
game between the senior clubs of Wel
lington and Russia; each club to be allow
ed one player who la not a resident of
either of said townships, and he may be
either an amateur or a professional player.
Prize to winning clb, $30.00.
unmursdsy, at 10 a.m., a ball game
between the winning senior club and
club from some other village in Northern
Ohio, in all probability from either New
London, Seville, or Norwalk. Prize to
successful club, $20.00.
On Friday, at 10 a. ra., the following
athletio entertainment will be given In
front of the Grand Stand. The program
to be participated in by four teams of not
oyer twelve members each ; one from the
townships of Wellington, Huntington,
Rochester and Penfleld, to be chosen by
8. K. Warner and C. W. Horr, Jr.; one
irom the townships of LaGrange, Lltch-
field, Grafton and Carlisle, to be chosen
by 8. Hastings and another; one from the
townships . of Plttsfleld, Russia, Cam-
den and Brighton, to be chosen by F. C
Williams and another; and a fourth from
lh tiwnshlps of Harrlsvllle, Spencer and
Homerruie in Medina Co., and Canaan in
Wayne Co, to be chosen by Will Clifford
of Creston and Al. Need of Lodl. Ite
members of these four teams must be act
ual residents of their respective towuhlps,
and none of them can be professionals.
Four members ot each club shall be under
16 years of age, and two ol these shall be
under 12 years of age. The club scoring
the highest number of points In the vari
ous contests shall have a sweepstake prize
valued at $30.; the second highest number
of points teceived by any club sball enti
tle It to the second prize valued at $10.
Senior Rope Pull Four contestants
from each club, aggregate! weight not to
exceed 700 lbs.; 1st prize valued at $12.,
2d. prize valued at $6.; winners ot 1st.
prize 20 points, second 10 point. ,
junior Hope Pull Four contestants
Irom each club; aggregate weight not to
exceed 420 lbs.; not more than one con
testant In each club to be over 16 years of
sge, and he not to participate In Settlor
Rope Pull ; 1st prize valued at $8 00, 2nd
prize at $4.00; winners of 1st prize 12
points, second 6 points.
Senior 100 yds. Foot Rice Open to two
representatives Irom each club of any age;
1st. prize vslued at $6.00., 2d. at $3.00;
winner 8 points, second best 4 points.
Junior 100 yds. Foot Race Open to two
boys from each club under 16 years of
age; 1st prize vslued at $4.00, 2d. prise
at $2.00; winner 6 points, second best
Juvenile 100 yds. Foot Race Open to
two boys from each team under 12 years
of age; 1st. prize valued at $3.00, 2d. prize
at $2.00; winner 6 points, second 8 points.
Handicap 100 yds. Race Open to win
ners In three foregoing races; positions to
be fixed by time made la .previous races
winners of second money In three above
races to be placed three ft ahead of win
ners ot first money; 1st prize valued at
$6.00, 8d at $3.00; points 6 and 8.
Note All race lo be from pistol start
and professional sprinters to be deoarred
Irom all races. .' , .' '
Standing Jamp Open to tuo members
from each club; 1st prize valued at $4,00,
2d prize at $3.00; winner 6 2d 8 points.
Broad Running Jump Open to two
members from each club; 1st prize valued
at $4.00, 9d prize at $3.00; winner 6 points,
second best I points.
Pulling Sticks Two contestants from
each club ; 1st prize valued at $4.00, 2d
prize at $2.00; point 8 and 4 respectively.
Contestant will be required to pull with
their feet braced against a board 9 In. high
firmly staked la the ground, and no "mon
keying" will be allowed.
SweeDstake Rone Pull-Winners of
Senior Hope Pull and winner! of second
prize in Junior Rope Pull on on side,
winners of second prize In Senior Rope
Pull on the other side. This contest not
to count any points for sweepstake prize.
First prize valued at $8.00; no second
The object of offering prizes instead of
money to victors in the athletic contents is
to prevent the contestants from being de
barred from future amateur contests, u
under the rules of the National Amateur
Athletic Association of America anyone
who contests for a money prize becomes a
professional athlete.
For lurther Information address C. W.
Horr, Supt of Athletio Sports.
B. H. Fisher has returned from Califor
nia to remain about a month to visit
Rev, Father Deneny went to Rochester
to attend to ministerial duties Tuesdsy.
Mrs. Eva Caldwell nee Lang, of Cleve
land will attend commencement exercises.
Miss Clara M. Smith hu returned frera
Canfleld, O.
Miss Nettie Santley has returned from
Mrs. C. E. Palmer from Bedford, O., is
visiting her friends In Wellington and
Miss Mame Jenne of New London and
Miss Mame Brown of Columbus are guests
ol Mrs. E. D. Roser of Forest Avenue.
A number of the Masonlo Bretheren
contemplate visiting Spencer next Mon
u. n. uau or Brighton was in town
vr ocnosi loias wm soon be wltn us
f is. a ...
again to spend vacation.
Mrs. J, B. Osbom and Eugene Brink
of Cleveland spent last Sabbath with their
jars. u. .Nichols of Norwalk Is In town
calling on old tnends.
8. P. Hastings bu purchased ten acres
ol land within the corporation limits of
Norwalk and hu now settled down to
Mr. and Mrs. R, F. Jones hare returned
from their trip to Pennsylvania. Thev
were within one hundred miles ol the
disaster. s
Mrs. N. & Smilh and Mrs. E. S. Uane-
well of Olena, 0M were the guests of Mrs.
Shubael Smith thi week.
June 12th Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Wlllard
were the recipients of sevearl fine pieces
of silver ware ; It being the 25th annlver.
sary of their marriage.
Miss Edith Slemmons and Jennie Cllf-
iora vwieu witn Mrs. H. Converse at
Rochester, O., Tuesday.
Dr. L. M. Brooks of Cleveland visited
his slBter, Mr. C. F. West few day'
Ust week.
Mrs. Locke of California is spending the
summer with her dsughter, Mrs. William
Mrs. E. W. Houghton visited friends In
Spencer last week.
Mr. B. B. Herrlck and family started for
Columbus Tuesday to attend the gradual
log exercises of the Ohio State University.
Mrs. E. M. P. Wadswerth returned
oomeon jrridaylast, having spent ten
weeks with relations and friends "residing
in Cleveland and Richfield,
Miss Nona Laundon, Mamie 8ade.Marv
Herrlck, Grace Wright and Fannie Bene
dict will graduate from the Oberlln col
at the coming commencement next week.
Washington Letter. .
(Frtm oar Regular Corrwponilent.
Washington, June 14, 1880,
The President hu positively and finally
refused to take any part In the factional
quarrel of the republican party of Virgin
ia. He hu been visited this week by
strong delegation from both sides as well
as by t number of prominent Individual.
To all he bu given the same answef ; "A
President of the United States, I do not
leel authorized to interfere In political
quarrels In any State. Wherever there I
divided party my only feeling is Indiffer
ence tinged with disgust, and I most de
cline to accept any responsibility for the
suffering caused by lack of harmony."
The President I generally commended
for the position be hu taken In thi mat
ter, although of course the Virginia peo
ple think ft wrong. The President hu
also denounced u false the report that he
hu Instructed Assistant Postmaster Clark.
son to appoint no Virginia postmaster
without the endorsement of Gen. Mahone.
Secretary Rusk uys he la very doubt
tul of hi being able to accept any of the
many recent Invitations to Agricultural
fair which he hu received, owing to the
fact that he 1 devoting every moment of
of reorganization of the Department of
Agriculture which he hopes to submit to
the President with bis annual report this
fall, lie will, however, endeavor to have
the department represented at most of the
largest exhibitions.
Among the Presidential appointments
this week were the following : Archie E.
Baxter to be U. S. Marshal of the north,
era district of New York ; Charles H. Col
burn to be coiner, E. B. Zabrikle to be
meiter and refiner at the U. S. mint at
Carson, Nevada ; Thomas J. Morgan, of R.
to be Commissioner of Indian affairs; H.
Sherman, Jr., to be receiver of publio
moneys at Salt Lake, Utah; Frank O.
Hobbs of N. H. to be register of the land
office at Salt Lake, Utah; Edward C.
Gathy to be register of the land office at
Pine City, Minn. ; W. C. Wills to be regis. '
ter of the land office at Huntsvllle, Ala.;
L. Chapman to be receiver of public
moneys atLarned, Kansas; and Charles
D. Ford to be register of the land office
at Lamar, Colorado.
Secretary Tracy has received a cable
gram In cypher Irom Commander Kellogg
who wu sent to Hayti to report upon the
condition of affairs there. What it oon
tajned is not known, but it created more
or less commotion at both the Navy and
State departments, and It is known that
one war vessel has been ordered to go
there at once, and that others will be sent
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When Baby was sick,, we gare bar Castoria.
When she was a Child, she orltd (or Castoria,
When she became Was, she dun tn Castoria,
When ah bad Children, ahe gae them Ceat oris.
AdvertlMd Letter!.
The following Is a Hit ot unclaimed letters re
mainlng ia the poatofflca at Wellington, Ohio
June 17, '89.
II. L. Zuber,
Persons calling for the above letters please
ito. C. Bean. P. M.
Treatise on blood and skin diseases mail-
el tree The Swift Specific Co., Drawer 3,
Atlanta, Ga.
Toledo, O.
J. M. Loose Red Clover Co.. Detroit.
Gent: I commenced taking your Extract
Ked Ulover two year ago, tor Erysipelas
and have not been iron bled since. It is
hereditary with me. Think ynu have the
best blood medicine known. Yours truly,
Rockwood, Mich., Feb. 6,1882.
J. M. Loose Red Clover Co. -I have
used your Fluid Ext Red Clover Blos
soms, prescribed by A. L Sawyer, Monroe,
Mich., and hav received great benefit
from the same, after having suffered a
great deal for years. Respectfully,
When you feel "bad with headahce, take
Rhlneharts Liver Pills; one a dose.
The popular blood purlfyer. Hood'
Sarsaparilla, Is having a tremendous ule
this season. Nearly everybody takes it.
Try it yourself.
Whst you need Is a medicine that Is
pure, elucleut, reliable, ouch is Hoods
Sarsaparilla. It possesses
peculiar cur-
auve power.
You can get two Celluloid Collars any
style you desire for 25 cents, at Fltche's
New York Clothing home, next to Oiter
bachers. Great Drop.
Ladle's Fine Dnngola Shoes $1.99 worth
f!9 7o. Ladle's Kid slippers SO cents.
worth e0 cents. Men's Congress shoes
f'4.uu, worth 3.UO. Uood t ine Brown
Muslin 5W cents worth 7 cents, at the
cheap store of Wm. Kininger. 25 8
WANTED Boy a or 16 years old to
work on a farm. Enquire of J. Gannett,
Wellington, Ohio. 2Ht
For pure ice-cream go to J. B. Vermilya
A fine Gold Hunting case American
watch and Set cigar for a nickel at E. T,
For Dure Ice-cream thai will recommend
ttseir call on J. IS, Vermilya.
Wbvdo thev all like J. B. Vermilva'a
ice-cream f because he uses nothing but
pure cream.
On snd alter thi date the public can
be supplied with bread from the Cleve
land Baking Company at our store. It
will be recleved daily by express snd the
people csn be assured of getting Just m hut
they cull tor and that Is fresh bread manu
facturrd from the best brand of flour and
pure yesst. Bowlbt Hall.
Potato Bugs, Currant Worms. Cabbage
Worms, fcc-,aie quickly destroyed tv
using "Hammond's (Slug Shot." ft m the
cheapest and most effectual nlcl;known
usea wits saieiy to man ana Deast lor ten
years, bold by
HU-tr Laundon, Windecker Ss Co.
The nicest Ice-cream parlors In town nre
at i. a. vermilya
DrKlNU A Kltl V A Lo. A full airt
ment of New Styles always on hand, and
all kinds of Straw Work neatly done ut
tne Mlllloerv rooms of Mrs. S. Cadv
South Msln street, Wellington, O.
R N Goodwin Is still wrltlnguncvcl on
Insurance policies daily. Now if you want
your property paid for wheo It Is damaged
oy cyciones piease can ana see him.
WATCH IT I A gold watch and clcrar
lor fly cent at Gibson's office of the pos
tal Telegraph Cable Co. In Horr, Warner
w M. S OlOCK.
ii vou warn a unr man nr nma an.
lected leal tobacco smoke the Moss Rose
Cigar, sold at Owen BriUon's Cigar and
luuorcu mors, every cigar warranted
penect or money refunded.
Wellington, O., April 20, 1889.
The latest design of Baby Carriages
iku eum vraceuingiy cneap at
Horr & Benbchotkn's.
WANTED All person seeking tb
best and cheapest plan of straight life
Pratt's Rheumatic Liniment beat them
all. Sold by druggists.
We have a nice lot of Baby Carriages at
very low prices. Call and see tbera. .
A. G. & 0. L. C'otJcn.
J. M. Crabtree will dsv the highest
market prices tor live and dressed bug
veal calyes, dry and green hide and pelt
The nickel Plate Restaurant
Hu been refitted and cleaned np and 1
now ready for the reception of boarder
and lodgers. Candles. ConfectfonArv
Tobacco, Cigar and Ice Cream a specialty.
u uuurs. J uur patronage 10
solicited. Asasias HiRP.ProDr.
Truly Said
"That the Northwestern Mutual Life Ic
surance company is the best company ia,
exigence." R. N.Goodwin. A sent.
Buby Carriages! Baby Carriages.
A full line of Child's Carriages can be
seen at A. G. & i. L. Couch'.
Call and see the luster arjrav diih-.
crate lust in. W.E.Pelrce.
Baby Carriages at A. G. & G. L. Couch's,
If you have neuralgia, cold, sore thioat,
etc., use Pratt's Family Liniment. Sold
by druggists. .
WANTED. One or two young girls,
irom 10 to 14 years of age to educate by two
German and American ladies. Full course
ol music and Languages taught Terms
reasonable. Best Cleveland and Boston
references.' Address for particular, P. O
box No. 53, Cleveland, O. 24 81
Protect Home Industries.
On and after this date I have decided to
give my customers the benefit ot tte change
in the price of flour. I will sell you a 2
loaf for 8c. at the Star Bakery, 8 for 22c, 7
for 50c, or 14 for $1,00. Small loaves 5 cts.
lo Dane Ircen bread every day.
mrricK Uo.
Star Bakery.
Bread, Bread in Larger Size.
To my customers and the public at large
as the price of flour has changed I am now
selling 2 lb-loaves, the same as Cleveland
bread at 8c, or 14 loaves for $1.W, 7 for
50c or 3 for 23c, Small loaves So. Fresh
breed every day. Cream breed the same
Price. R. J. Robinson.
A Card.
Free Hand Crsyort Portrait work a
specialty, by
Mrs. M. L Marshall,
' Wellington, Ohio.
Residence on N. Main St '
I have Just received a quantity of Hard
coal and am ready to receive and All
orders at lowest possible summer prices.
Secure your coal while prices are low and
save money. 24tf C. E. Suixrrr.
Read this carefully and
be governed ac
cordingly. I have on hand a fall line of
Hand-Made Harness. Saddles.
Collars, Whips, Nets, Blankets,
Dusters, Lap Robes, 'Brushes,
Curry Combs, Turf Goods. Also
he largest and beet stock, to select
from in Lorain, Huron oi Ashland
counties, at figures that defy com
petition for the Bame quality of '
work. Tine work and track . har-,
ness a specialty. Repairing neat-
yand promptly done. Charteft
moderate. Trunks and Valine
over than the lowest.
J. M. Otterbacher. ;
Would reiUMtrull &miAnnMi tA fth j.ltlMa ,
ol WelllUKloa that they are now on deck, and,
girpared to take ordera lor ail kinds ot
ard and aort coal whlrh th win an
eaabat tha lowest living nrices. A snare at
your patronage la aollolted.
Dr. H.E. Warren,
Office and residence In Post office build
ing. Calls answered at all hours in city
or country.
Offio Homra S t 5 y an.
Noticoof Appointment.
Eatate ot Norman B. Rook wood, deceased.
The undersigned lial been appointed and
qualified as Executor ot the estate ot Norma
II. Rockwood late ot Ptttafield, Lorain County,
Ohio, deceased.
Dated this Ath day ot June, A. O., W.
Estate ot Frank E. Miner, deceased.
The underlined has been appointed an4
qualified as Executor ot the will of Frank K.
Miner late ot YY Jlllnuton. Lorain County, 0.,
deceased. . ' .
Dated this fflth Day ot May, A. D., IS.
SiurjiKNTS fob Week Ehdibo Jaue 18
Cheese 5,M1 pkgs., weighing 164,713 Ih
iiirtlcr 215 tubs, weighing 12,370 lbs '
OuloStsndard ;
Young America 71
Family Fatorite 7
Genera) Produce.
Butter, dairy, per B....f0. 8 (id.U
Creamery batter TH lb. . . . on
. Cblckens,dres8ed,perBi. 1.07 0.08
r.ggn, per aoz
Ham, smoked, per .,
Tallow, per B
Hides, per t
.. Vi
. 14
lt-'Uiiil bteak
Surlnln ,
Buoulder Bteak
Apples, dried, In quart.
. , era snd cored, per B 0.03
Apples, sliced .03
0.00 r
3 oh
Wl 25 a ga
Grain. Plonr and Feed.
Flour, por sack (49 Iks). . f 1 . 30 1 . 80
Graham flour, ner ewt. . 8 00
Corn meal, per cwt..., t.OQ .
Chop, per cwt v 1.00.,
Middlings, per cwt 0.00 '
Bran, per cwt. n.:, ft.70
Oil Meal, per cwt...... l.eo
Corn, shelled, per bURh. 0.00
Corn, In ear, per bush.. 0.00
Wheat ,0.00 .
Oat per bus.. ..,.. 0.88
0.HT '
0 .!5
will nrobably get a boost : i
i Norwalk cemetery. ..' ' V V ;
rf f I k. ..... j ...... t vi ... r
and winners of Junior Rope Pull and
his spare time to the perfection of a plan
insurance to call on rt a. Goodwin, agt,
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