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. V . '1 .
Ota, could then In this world be found
Some little spot of happy ground
Where t Uace pleuure mlnht go round
Without tua Tillage tattling;
How doubly blett that spot would be.
Where nil might dwell In liberty.
Fret from the bitter misery
Of got st pi' endless prattling.
' If such spot were really known.
Fair Peace m ght olnlm it at her own,
And in it the might fix her throne
Forever and forever;
There like a queen to reign and live,
While every one would toon forgive
The little .lights they might receive, -
And bo oOonded nvor.
'T.s mlichlef-niaUerj that romove "
Far from our taouris the wnrrat'i of love,
And loaJ us all to disapprove '
What givos another t.lcmure.
They seem totake one's part, but when
They've heard our cures unkindly then
They s wn retail tliein ull airaln,
Mixed with tholr poisonous measure.
And then they've such a cunning way
Of telling ill-meant taleti they say:
" Don' t mention what I' ve sit d, I pray ;
I would not tell another!"
Straight to your noigubor's houte they go,
Narrating every th:nr they know.
And break the eaoeo( high and low,
i Wile, husband, fr end and brother.
Oh, that the mlBch.er-moltlngerew
Were all reduced to one or two.
And they were painted rod or blue,
Thatercryono mlg.it know thorn I
Then would cur villagers lorgot
To rnge i.nd quar el, (urae and trot,
Or fall Into an wury pet
With things so miich below them.
For 'tis asa I, dejradl ( part.
To make another's bsum smart.
And plant ft dagger in some heart
We ought to love and clior'.sh.
Tben lot us evermore be found
In harmony wlih all around,
While r eiidsh p, Joy and peace abound,
And angry feellngt perish.
N. Y. Bun.
A. ChlcSkgo Heiress Weda an En
glish Arlstoorat
supporting Him to Be n " LonlH-Slie Oels
Divorce 8ullenly llroomlug Vis.
ooiiut She IXistree a Beliiteli, But
lie Cawn't, Ton Know.
From Hon. Frederick OaKomiy In his tlikr
Brother, Uim. Francl Onl ownu.
On5n pAcino Hotcl, Ciil.-ago, April 12,
18MJ, Dear J-'ntnli: It is agci siuco I beard
from you, but I supiwso every ttaiDg goes on
as usual, and that you can find nothing to
write about. When I wrote mat I told you
about my cngafroiK-ut to Miss Josie Fair
field, only daughter and heiress ot Jere
miah Fairflcld; and I think I gave you
fair description of your future sister-in-law.
Old Jeremiah is behaving very handsomely,
and is going to plank down a fair share of
his dollars in bard i-ash. I am In excellent
condition, and, to use a favorite expression
of my fiancee', "am JtiM, having lovely
Every body here mukes aa atvful fust
over me, and will Insist on calling me "Lord
Galloway." Title hero are held In the
highest veooratlon ; but the majority of the
people I have met don't teem to know the
difference between an honorable and a mar
ones. My future father-in-law took me
ever his plg-atlcklng establishment yester
day, and each tlmo be enme to a group of
butchers at work be would atop them for an
instant ami any: "This la Lord Galloway,
my future aoo-in-law."
There la one curious mistake that every
one baa made here, and that la that they
hare all taken It for granted that I am the
elder ton and heir to the title, although I
have never done or aald any thing to cause
Ihem to believe so. As old Fairfield hat al
ready told all his friends that I ahull bo Vis
count Decatur, and consequently his daugh
ter ft Viscountess, I hardly dare now to un
iooelve him In case ho should want to break
off the match. My fair floucee also has told
all bar girl friends that on tlio death of my
father she will be Viaoountoes Decatur, so
Ibat 1 really see nothing for it but to leave
litem In Ignorance of the true state of the
ease until after the wedding, which baa
Men fixed for this day week. Consequently
wben yon receive this my proverbial Ul
Mok will have deserted ma and 1 shall be
the nanny possessor of a millionaire bride.
I am sincerely attached to Miss Fairfield;
nut, as I told yon In my last letter, my
father -In'.ew-eleot. a they say over here.
Is the worst specimen of a low-bred Tanks
that I have ever set eye on. Tour affec
tionate brother, Fain,
From flow. Fredvfe QaOowav to Hon. Frsnrs
Saw York, May 12, 1888.-Dtar "route
The affair wont off splendidly and without
a hitoh. AU the Chicago paper teemea
with account of tb brilliant ceremony and
the magnificent present mad to tb bride.
Unfortunately, they all accepted it a ft fact
ihat I am the future Lord Decatur, and I
hare not yet bad the courage to undeceive
my bride. As w sail for England
next week I (hall not aay any thing about
ih mistake, but will leave It until she meets
you and finds out that yon are the heir and
not myself. One paper In Chicago asserted
ibat I should soon be ft Vuke, as my lamer,
the Duke of Decatur, was in a very precari
ous stat of health. That was a good stretch
of Imagination for ft Chicago Journalist.
Good-bye, old fellow. Touraffecta. brother,
from Jtfrs. Frederick OoUoiwj to her Fatlur,
JmrtmfaX fair fold.
Gao Hotml, Lohdok, June 10, 1888.
Dear Par I am writing yon with broken
heart I have been the victim of most
shameful Imposture, and 1 am the mlser
nble, unhappy wife of the vilest of ooun
4Mia. II t hnsband la not Lord Galloway!
Me will never be Vlscountt He will never
nn TWlLI1F CSatlS I He Will VVtT Sit itt
tb Bouse of Lords I But be will always be
. miunhln aneakinc pauper younger son
Hnwmuld vou let me marry him without find
lag out all about him t Your carelessness
iTnoranoa I may la charity call It-has
daughter' life and wrecked
her prospect forever. 1 am coming home
Immediately, for I will never live with tb
.nm imnoator. who gained myaffec'
i rniiar false Dretenses. I dare not fao
theglrUtn Chicago so meet me In New
v- .mi adviaa me what to do. I sail on
th tTmhria next Saturday. Tour broken
hearted daughtor, , ,0SIB-
JtrtmUA FatrJUld to Mrt,
Vi-ii'fi - -
1 Rirtt. Com home. Will meet Umbrift
at dock. ; FAn" "
-- .n. Aidos, Fadot, Sludos, n
i Jruifoa. SoUeilort to Ho Tndtf
i ' ,
. fljt 11 II WIH
rl T mvrt 1 hf Fisxfia, July 80, 1888.-
Dw w have received the copy of the
Chicago paper forwarded to ns by you and
have made inquiries as to whether th ad
TertisemeottowhloB yon dlreoted our W
. ... i. ia Amnrioa legal service of
,uinf suit for divorce. We Hod ft fol-
v . . .
That In the State of IlUuol. in wbloh
situated.Mn case of non-
Ve.ldenea, unoertalaty Iff rwpondeot'i
cause all it said wuit "Hoopln Cough-
Boe Wboopln' Cough" and, uv oourse,
there warn't no Whoopiu' Cough to see,
beln'as how the W hadn't come yet I .
Oncct when Hiram wanted to droen the
honfe pasture he went to tho cyclopeedy to
find out about it, but all be disklvered wuir.
"Drain-Bee Tile." This was In 16T9 ond
the cyclopeedy bad only got down to G.
The cow wui sick with lung fever one
spell and Leander laid her dyln' to that
cussed cyclopeedy, cause when be went to
readin' 'bout cows It told him to "So
Zoology." . ' .'.-. - j
But what's tho use ur harrowin' op one's
feelin's talkin' 'nd thtnkln' about those
things) Innder got' so after awhile
that tho cyclopeedy Juln't worry him at all;
he grew to look at it es one uv the crosses
tbatbumnii critters has to boar without
complainin' through this vale uv tears.
The only thing thut bothered him wux the
fear thut mebbo ho wouldn't live to eoe the
last volyumo to tell tlio truth, this kind uv
got to be his hobby und 1're hoern him talk
'bout it many a time sottin' round the
stove at the tarvern 'ml squirtln' tobacco
Juice at the sawdust box. His wife,
Hattte, passed nwuy with the yaller jander
the winter W come, uud all that soemed to
reconcile Leunder to surviviu' her wux the
prospect uv seeiu' tho hist volyume uv that
cyclopeedy. Lemuel Higgins, the book
agent, had gone to his everlastin'. pun
ishment, but his son, Hiram, bad suc
ceeded to his father's business 'nd continued
to visit his folks his old man bad roped In.
By tills time lender's children had growed
up; all on 'omwui umrr'd, and there wux
numeris grandchildren to amuse the ol'
gentleman. But Leander wuzu't to be sat
isfied with tho common things uv alrth; be
didn't seem totuke no ploasure In bis grand
children like most men do; his mind wux
allers sot on somotuin' else for hours 'nd
hours, yes, all day long, he'd set out on the
front stoop looklu' wistfully up the rood for
that book agent to come along with a cyclo
peedy. He didn't want to die till he'd got
all the cyclopeedlcs his contract called for1;
be wanted to have every thing straightened
out before he passed awny.
v hen oh, how well I recollect it whon
come along ho win so overcome that be
fell over in a fit uv paralysis, 'nd the old
gentleman never got over it. For the next
three year be drooped 'nd pined, and
seemed like he couldn't hold out much
longer. Finally he bad to tuko to his bed-
be wui so old 'nd feeble but be made 'em
move the bed up against the winder so he
could watch for that lost volyume of the
The end come ono balmy day In the spring
ur '37. His Ufa wui a-ebbin' powerful fast;
the minister wui there, 'nd me, 'nd Dock
Wilson, 'nd Jedge Baker, 'nd most uv the
tam'ly. Lovln' hands smoothed the wrinkled
forehead 'nd breshed back the long, scant,
white hair, but the eyes of the dyln' man
wui sot upon that piece uv road down which
the cyclopeedy man alius come.
All at oncct ft bright 'nd joyful look come
into thorn eves 'nd ol' Leander rix up in bed
ndsex: " It's como."
" What is it, fnther?" asked his daughter
Sarey, aobbin' like.
" Hush," aei the minister, solemnly; "he
see the shiuin' gates uv the Noo Jerusalem."
" No, no," cried the need man, "it I th
cyclopeedy the letter Z if comln'l"
And cure siiougai me aoor opened ana
in walked Hlggms-he tottored rather than
walked, fr he bad growed old 'nd feeble in
his wicked perfession.
Here's tho L cyclopeedy. Ur. Hobart,"
asys Higgins.
Leander clutched It; be hugged It to his
nantin' bosom; then stealln' one pal hand
under the piller ha drew out a faded bank
note Tid gavo It to Higgins,
"I thank Thee for this boon," sex Leander,
rollin his eyes up devoutly ; then be gav I
deep sigh.
"Hold on," cried Higgins, excitedly.
You've made mistake it isn't the last "
But Leander didn't bear him his soil
bed fled from It mortal tenement 'nd be
soared rejolcin' to realm uv everlastin'
"He I no more," set Dock Wilson, meta
"Then who are hi neirsi" asked thai
mean critter Higgins.
"W be," es the family.
"Do you conjointly and severally so
knowledge and assume tb obligation of de
ceased to met" be asked 'em.
"What obligation I" asked reasley Ho
bart, stem like.
"Deceased died owln' ma rr ft cyck
peedyt" sex Higgins.
"That's ft lie rseireaaiey. "rveaua
urn pay you for th 1 1"
"But there's another one to come,"
"Another!" they all askea.
"Yes, the Index I" set he.
Bo there wux, and I'll be eternally gel
dumed If be ain't a-suln' th estate In ths
probate court now fr the price ur It I Chi
. to tne laieness Lfxs j 4-jw-.
Sitting on Tne Safety Valve
Many are they who have laughed at the
story of the green steamboat fireman who
nn the safetv valve to orevent its "leak
ing." Yet thousands are repeating n
folly every aay.;iney . re yleu.v"."u L. n fcvxr horfrnlna
blolcnea, pimpiesi orul'"u"Di Btuv I oeutu vu t wv nniji"."
boils, carbuncles, nicer anq oiu sores,
nl are contenting themselves with sup
pressing the symptoms without removing
the cause. They Bit on these safety valves
by which Nature is driving out blood im
nutlties. InBtead of using Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery, which cures
hv amoving the cause, which is in the
blood. It is a wonderful uioou puriners
and invigorating tonic,
Do vou think the proprietor ol Dr.
ratnrrh Heniedv would offer, as
they have done for many years, a standing
reward of 9 3UU lor a case 01 uaiurm
which thev cannot core, if they did not
nnntivniv know that the Remedy will
abolutelv and permantly cure catarrh?
Sold by druggists, at only 50 cents.
of the season, we have
at :
Closing Prices,
imlirinff from what I b&ve seen. I re-
. r P . n . - v. i . ' . .i
gard Bwllt S opecinc ue aiug patent mou
ld ne of the dity. I know several persons
who have been permanently cured of seri
ous cases of blood poison by . Its use sifter
prolonged and unsucessful remedies.
,1 nines j ruiiuu.
Attordey at Law, Dallas, Texas.
BSE LIKE -C. C. C. 8s I. ET.,
on and after May Is, 1889, trains will patsWel
ington as follows:
Standard Tim
No 1-N.Y ABt.L.fentllne l:4Ss. m. 1
No. X3-Ind. and Wheeling x 8:1 e.m.
No, S Cln. A Col's Kl (:0!i.m. I
No. 5 Speeisl n.X. Via. l:iop.ra.
.7 Col's A Wheeling Accom.... 5:48p.m.
Nn. S Nlirht Ex 9:in.m
No. 81 Locairreieht 8:111 a.m. I
No. 8S-tialion Local Freight.. S:li p. m.
OOINO BA8T., ' r
No.S Bt.L. SN.Y Express tl:1Ss.m.
Na. 8-Niohl Ex :88a.m.
No.se-tisllon A Clove'd Ac 7:45 s. m.
No.lS-Hpeclal St. Lonia A N. T. Ex. 1:40 p.m.
No. x4 Wheeling, ind. end Clcve. Ex 4:58 p.m.
No. x Cincinnati ACIeve'd Ex 8:ssp.m.
No.4 ClnclnuRtl Limited fiipreM.... i:i. m.
No isLocal Freight 4 :2ft p.m.
No.HO-Oslion Local Freight 1X:1S p. m.
Nos t, 5, , 8, 9 snd 12 ran dsllr.
t Trains stop on slrnsl.
WEEELIN. i an im mim,
Cleveland & Marietta B. B.
From and afterjnnet, 1889. tralnswlllpass Well
ingioa ss follows :
oorao East.
No. 1..
No. T...
No. 9...,
No. 13..
Standard Tun. I
. f.e&a.ss.
, U.soa.m.
,. 4.10p.m.
...7.4 pm.
..l.ftsa.m. . .
All Wool
No Riping.
Has. 1 .8 and f dallv : others dsllr ex. Bandar.
Farther! nformstion in recsrd to this Use will
bsfoandonpsrex. -
Arrive sslr.l.-OS ass. SfH, 1 . as.
irrln dally, 11 : a. n. Depart. I"- '
Arrive dsllv.la.M.
Depart lOa.m
Judge Simpson
Of the Superior Court writes: From
men'al exhaustion, tnv nervous system be
came shattered, and I was utterly unable
to sleep nights.- Sulphur Bitters cured
me, and my sleep It now souna, tweet sna
efreshln g .
If the liver and kidnev are tlujr&lsh
and Inactive. Hoods SartaDtrllla wUl
arouse them to prompt and regular action
take it now.
If your child I fretful, it doubtless ha
worms; give Rhlncharts worm Lozenzes.
oasa of the Card PartlM That Wet,
Wont to Assemble la WasMoaioau
In the old, old times, says th Hinaeapolll
Tribune, every body prominent In publli
life was fond of cards, wasnington
flooded in those days with gamblers of ths
nrof easional sort. There wer a dosen fan
bank on the avenue within sight oi
Gadsby's, on th corner of Sixth street
Members of Congress unhesitatingly en
tered these places. Sergeant Smith Pren
tiss was said to have lost 130,000 in his first
term In Congress.
It was in one of these places that Henry
Clay won from Count Brodisoo th corner
lot up near Lafayette square, which h
afterward traded for an Anaaiusian lacx-
. Fox, the British Minister; General
Boott, Secretary Marcy and ft score of
famous men played poker in those times.
President Trier waa fond of "loo," and
often made up a game el the White Hons
and Dlared ail day. The stakes war never
lanre. but nr. Tyler waa lust as nappy as
he won bis thousands. At on e time General
Scott, Henry Clay, Mr. Fox and Count
Brodisoo entered Into compact to play whist
once a week all winter and the stake every
night was 1100.
They played a matched game, boou and
the old Russian against Clay and the En
glishman. They were evenly matched, but
Clay and Fox came out ten game ahead.
Boott' loss was said to be as much as 81,200
In this little social amusement OldThad.
Stevens In biter day wo a famous man ftt
cards. He didn't hesitate to go Into th
worst rambling resorts to got his sport
H played with frigid quiet and coolness,
snd in the course of bis play kept up ft con
stant fir ol brilliant conversation. Proba
bly there are not twenty-five men now in
Congress who are at all given to card -play
Labor la impma.
In Japan th wage of carpenter are
from SO to 46 cent ft day; wood carvers, 85
to 63 cents: paper hangers, 18 to 4ft cent
stone otters, 46 to 68 cents; blacksmiths,
88 to 38 cents; gardeners, 19 to 88 cents;
day laborers, 16 to 83 oente. The working
men pay 40 cant per month rent for a
bouse of on room, 13.26 per month for food
nd 83.75 per year for clothe. This sched
ule of wages and living will hardly prov
complacent reading to the average AmerV
can worklng-mcn.
Blood P4m,IMM ! KMmti, Bldar.n4 kUmtoii.
, M , Nmt- Uulllli. Loat Mtiikood. ra-
oluof Kmitli loath .racpMdllr ..4 p.rmMM)fitlff
rand. VQH"ltatloa n4lrtlMjl.lMMrhrTOli.
voanss US, U1UJI.U1, ill W, U S, Srv Iks,
Wonderful Cures.
W. D. Hoyt 4 Co., wholesale and re-
tall dragglst of Borne, G., ays : Wo
hare been selling Dr. King' New Dis
covery, Electrlo Bitter" and Bucklen't
Arnica Halve for two years. Have
never handled remedies that sell as
well, or kI ve such onlvcul satisfaction
Ther has been soma wonderlul cures
effected by these medicines in this city.
Several case or proneuocea consump
tion have been entirely cured by use of
a few bottles of Dr. King'i Nw Ul.
covery, taken in connection with El'o
trie Bitters. We guarantee them al
ways. Sold by E.W.Adam. 1
Stylish at
Another shigment received.
1 am prepared to do Slatingof the best grades of Slate,
Iron and Siding, als6 roofs repaired. 'All work warranted.,
Ord ers can be left at the Enterprise office. .
J. B. CLIFFOKD, Lodi, Ohio.
Suits in
Men's, Boys
One of the best testimonials to the value of the Estey
Organs is the fact that, notwithstanding the very many
Organ enterprises that have been started by ambitious era--ployes
of the Esteys, the business of this original maker
continues to grow. It is the largest reed Organ Factory
in the world; turns out a completed organ every eight min-.
utes each day. Because of their peculiar sweetness and
volume of tone, thoroughness in manufacture and popular
styles, these Organs hold the wide world for a market with
increasing vigor. Uur opponents claim
"just as good as the estey"
but no man wishes to say "he is prepared to furnish
better." Great numbers have been wise in their choice
an Organ, and we hope many more will make the same
selection, 'THE ESTEY."
I will now offer my entire stock of Clothing:
for fifty cents on the dollar. No better opportun
ity to make money in the United States than to
purchase my stock at that enormous reduction.
Wellington, O., May 8, 1889. . :' '.
And Nothing Daunting.
You should see our All Wool
Perfect Fitting Pants, and war
ranted never to rip for 83.00
All wool pants made tt your own Kkine ana
WA A P v t- - a j-V
your own measure ior i.ou. a irsx uiass
Cassimers and Shevotts,
Pants made to Order $4.50. Worsted Pants
made to order, $5.00.
W. W. Harvey,
The One Price Clothier.
New and Nobby Goods
mBT ABKIV11D. .;;
Suits manufactured in th& very latest Eastewi styles, and
, Eenow Ear Youth,
Phoebe CbPiley.PeterioD, Clay Co.,
Iowa, tout tne following remarkable
itorv the trutb of which It vouched for
by the resident of the town : "I are 73
yean oia.naYe oeea trouDiea wun
kidney complaint and lameneu for
many years ; could not dreu myaelf
without noip. now i am iree from all
pain and aoreneet aud am able to do all
my awn nouMwora. a owe my toankt
to El'ctrlo Bitten for hiving renewed
mr youth and removed comploU-ly all
dl-eaie and pain." ' Try a bottle, ROo
and ft at Adamf drug tore. 4
all work guaranteed at
Can be had at
Worth Knowing.
Mr. W. H. Morgan, merchant, Lake
City, Fla., wm taken with a tevere
cold, attendod with a distressing cough
and running Into Consumption In Tu
0rtt stage. He trlen many lo-cslled
popular cough remedUl and steadily
rrew worse. Wu reduced la flesh, hud
difficulty In brenthlngand was unable
to niece Finally tried Dr. Jtlng's New
Discovery for coneumDtlon and found
Immedlste relief, and after using half a
aojien bottles tound hlmieil ' well and
has bad Do return of the disease. No
other remedy csn show so grand a reo
ord of onres a Dr. King's New Dlacov
err fof consumption. Guaranteed to
1o lust what Is claimed for It. Trial
bodies free st Adams' "rug store. . 4
Ths One Price
anon Biers
For the Next 60 Days.
1910 Champion Binders and Mowers, Sterling and
Tiffin Hay Tedders, Tiger one and two-horse
Sulky Bakes, Buckeye and Maltia Sulky: ,;
Cultivators, Little Giant steel frame 5
shovel Cultivator, with Hilling At
tachments, $5, Steel and Wood Revers
ible Hay Forks and Pulleys, Milburn and
Turnbul Farm Wagons, Manila and Hemp;
Twine, Binder and Stack Covers. Ropairs for
Wellington, O

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