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- - X v
I mout as well acknowledge, 'taln't no nse o
beatlu' round,
I've done a heap o1 thlaktn', plowm' up this
faller ground, -
. An'suthln'sbeens-patnln' an' acain me iik
Ireokoned'twas dyspopsy or malaria ereepln'
At last I got my dander up, an' to myself tes Is
The biggest fool In natur't him that tell hia
tal! a lie; .
I've been lettla' on 'tit malary, an' my stum-
-. nick, when I know
It's my eonseleuce that'i a-hurtln' aa worrym
me to.
Tve been a-shlrkta' thii here thing for thirty
year or more, ,
Aa' I had orto had tbli snnltln up an letttn
down afore.
'I've been honest, fur as payln goes
tian rln I AM.
But the kind o'oheatln' that I done was the
kind that didn't show.
My mind goes baolt to Hanner when I fetohed
her here a onae
No apple bloom was sweeter, an' sho nusslea
to my side , ,.
Lllre she thought she had a rl?ht to, an' could
trust me w;thout fear.
For the love I never hinted at for mor'n thirty
There was churnln', baktn', bllln', thero was
nussla' an' the rest.
From long nfore the sun ris till he slumbered
in the West,
An' whon the test of us was done an lollln
'round on cheers,
Banner was ncuperntln' with her needle an
her shears.
Bu when tholifo was ebhiu from that faith
ful natlnnt harL
j bad to face tho muslo-I hadn't done my
An' I couldn't help a thlnkln', watchlo' out
that weary life. , . ,
That tner's other ways' o' klllln' 'xcept a pistol
n sounds like saorll glon, but I know Just what
the meant,
Ail whwpered: "ny to moet me when my
alrtbly life Is speat"
"Cm tired, John, so tired, but Tva alius done
tnjr best.
An' I may feel more like Cylu' when Tve had a
spell o' rest."
-Amy namllton, In N. Y. Mercury.
Or, Tha' Peril of tho Penroys.
A Thrilllnjf ftfid Botnantlo Story
of Love) end Adventure.
Br Jams M. KXKB11.I4 AtrrHOBor "Boons
BtLL," Tisnsa Job" aho
Oth sr STuRtca.
Copyright, b, f A. A". KtUojQ JTw
puptr I'owpent.i
'Don't put yourself out, doctor." said the;
Captain, with n assumption of coolness he
did not feel 'I care nothing for this yarn
of yours, and can not wait to hear it"
Us cams to his feet ,
"Bit down," ordered Lura, emphasizing
the order by covering him with ber cocked
revolver. Ha sank back into his chair with
muttered imprecation against the "tiger
H was in California about two years
rgo that my first soens opens," proceeded
Uie doctor, "Two men amoug the gold
hills of that Bute became bosom friends
Lawrence Brandon and Karl Vendible.
Xbey first met in Ban Francisco and went
to the mountains together. Karl Vandible
was an eccentric man past the meridian of
life, one who had seen better days, he as
rarted, and Brandon believed him. In time
Yandible made a confidant of his young
friend, Brandon, and told him strange
story of the past
"Karl had been the black sheep In the
family of four boys. Two were dead, sad
Karl, the youngest, had drifted to Call
fornla in search of adventure even at the
age of fifty-six. He assured Brandon
that It was not really necessary for him to
flgbthandto hand with the world, since
be bad a brother who was a millionaire in
one of the Slates beyond the Mississippi.
That brother," stud Karl, always sympa
thized with me, and defended me against
the assaults of others. I was proud, bow
ever, and wouldn't accept his bounty. I
haven't soon Morgan for ten years, but I
know he must be a very old man now.'
iThf. Karl Vandible took from bis
5Uet a letter which bad lately corns from
bis axed brother beyond the mountains.
.,11 raad a Dart of It."
The nonchalant expression on the Cap
Win's face changed to nervous agitation
m. Roium drew forth wrinkled en
velope, stained and frayed at the edges
from apparent rough usage.
This la nothing tome," growled the Cap
tain, again attempting to rise,
'Bit down I"
s min Htarhrlirht looked Into the muxzlt
of Lura's revolver and subsided without
more words.
ommine- the letter. Dr. Colton proceeded!
hnma. KarL I am intending to
pass the remainder of mr days at Lone
Hollow, the old stone house where you once
atii! for a dav and liked the huntlngso well.
Yon shall one day own the place and every
thing that I have. In fact, I have made a
will in your favor, leaving everything to
you with the one condition that you allow
any granddaughter, Grace Penroy, an an
nuity of twenty thousand a year after she
omet of age. I make the stipulation be
cause I love the girl, and she has been most
dutiful and kind to me. You are twenty
years my Junior, and will have ample time
teeeioy my wealth after I am gone. Come,
Karl, I am becoming feeble; feeling my
man and Infirmities more and more every
day, and I wish to enjoy your company a
little while oeioro 1 paa tu i"
n in, MMtiTa this I am sure you will not
refuse to grsnt the prayer of your last of
That is the substance of the letter read
to Lawrence Brandon by Karl Vendible,"
aid Dr. Colton, "and It was that letter that
influenced Brandon to commit an awful
uwhat ( this to met" demanded Captain
starbrlahL curtly, "lean not remain"
"But you must remain," declared Lura,
-ukumhIik malicious satisfaction. And
ka Aid.
im. raadlns- of that letter set evil
..,v,t work In the brain of Lawrence
- ,,. n. "Ha
Hranoon, prij "
. suddenly conceived the idea of winning the
Vandible million for himself. Karl ex
creased determination to return to the
Htatee. and Brandoa expressed a desire to
iooompany him. The two set out from the
mlnlnfcamp together; but one of them
reached Baoramento-Uwreocw Brandon,
iotbe nighttime he stole up behind his
.i dealt htm murderous blow
from behind, then, after making sure
he hurled the body Into a
u7aud hastened on his way. I will be
, hrtef for time Is speeding, Brandon cams
for Karl, Morgan's brother, and of how be
bad boon with nira wnen ne aiou m a uuuj
jave on the gold range. Morgan was deep
ly grieved. For Karl's sane ne oemenuou
Brandon, who now bore the assumed name
of Starbright-"
"This is falser' 1 '
"Bit down!'' commanded Lura, as the
villain attempted to riso. "I won't speak
again, eilhor. A bullet win oe ran u
compliment you'll get 1"
White now, witn com sweat buiiiujub "
In great drops, the pseudo Captain was
obliged to listen to the remaindor of the
narrative, .....
"Lawrence Brandon murdorod his trust
ing friend and cmno East for the purpose of
stealing a fortune. Had his murdorous
blow succeeded, all might even now be well
with this villain. Kai l Vandible was not
killed, however. Ho lived and came East,
but the blow hod affacte-1 bit brain and he
as demented.
"Instead of coining to Lono Hollow ne
ma in rawn. ouce a counterfeiter's resort.
1- u..n'i finish. Sometimes be had
moments of sanity, but they were of short
rtinn. Ha led a hermit Ufo, and watched
tn rnnnt Lawrence uranaon. no uiu mcuu
bim finally, and recognized Dim. no ureu
with the intention of taking life. Somehow,
it nnm that Brandon, alias Starbright,
iiiT.il tn nnncoctf urther schemes of villainy,
omnnir thom the TJOisonlnK OT urace rcnru.v,
that ho might, through a forg'id will, seize
upon the million lelt by Morgan v anuiuio.
in,i . ...til Im wn, a fiterritrv "
" XUUlt mil in mwv .v.. n 1
"Keep quiet," ordered Lura.
"I have como near to the end of my
story," proceeded Dr. Colton, with the ut
most gravity. "Before you went to Cali
fornia you had sought to win the hnnd or
Miss Joyco. Blie road your character and
rfo.i.o.l vnu. Afterward, when she learned
T TTIIat niA M.
that you were ui uono jiuhuct,
olved to thwart your designs upon the
unsuspecting old man Voudiblo and upon
Grace, although at that time the knew noth
ing of the crlmo you naa comnuiiuu muus
the gold hills of California.
' Disguised as Flngal, the hunter, she has
been quito successful in thwarting your
villainy. Your attempt upon iwr u.o v
two occasions failed signally, ene uuk-ov-ered
your attempt to poison her cousin
"By heaven! this is too much," grated
the Captain, white and trembling, at the
tame time coming to hit feot "This plot
arranged between you and this shameless
girl will not succeed. In good faith I came
here. I vat tho f riond of Karl Vandible.
My nameisBtarbrlght, and-"
" Do you deny that you attempted his
life!" Interrupted tne oootor.
" I do, most emphatically."
" You did not strike him down in Cali
fornia!" "No."
Vnu dul not set hired assattinson his
track but a few weeks since, and sink bis
body in a dark pool In the woodsJ"
White, stern, grim as fate was the face
of Dr. Arthur Colton as he put these
quettlons swiftly to the iremonng una w
fore him. . ..,.,..
Nuoi" faltered uaptain Dtarurnjui,
reeling and cringivff.
"Then, ooi hups, you will dare ocny ineao
things to another witness."
Dr. Colton turned swiftly ana nung wiao
the door. Two men crossed tne mresnoiu.
Captain Starbright glared wildly Into the
face of the f oromost man, then he uttered a
great cry of agony and terror. The dead
had indeed come back to earth to stand as a
witness against him.
' Karl Vandible alive l '
Th tho buttered SDirlt sank weakly,
tnd Captain Blurbright fell heavily Into his
nh.ir nvr-rina his fuoetosbutout the view.
nrnm thpm ateod the TOBU ww
known as Don Benito, the maniac. Now
thero was the light of reason glowing In his
The Oldest Furniture Store
ituiii nnil mental anfferlns? had done Its
work. "The plunge from the upper story of
the great house on that night jubi a lorv
alght before had given the man shock
from which he could not recover, and he
was slowly and surely dying.
"There is no help lor you, iptaiu
"Hush I Do not utter that title. It was
is false as my life has been. Where
where is Austin Wentword I He ought to
All Hope for ths Rsoovorjr of Ex-Pres-
. . idem s ni v
tp..t o . June 25,-At twelve o'clock
last night there was no material change. In
Mrs. Hayes' condition. The lamuy ro
waiting at tho bedside ana nope naa u.
been elven up. Death is nouny expouvou.
Se here." .
"He is still behind prison Dars," anBwereu
the doctor.
'And for my crime, x es, 11 mat mine. 1
meant to got rid of them both when I fired
that shot. My aim was not good. I was
nervous, I suppose, cropping me piswi
fled, and making a swift detour, came upon
Austin and Grace from the direction of the
House. I hope he may oe set tree, juiu
3race " ... -
"She is Improving."
'I4 am clad."
"And now." said Karl Vandible, "tell us
tbout the others, tho win, ana "
"Every thing said against me is true,
tn f.,ririnir the name of your brother
to that wilL Ho never would have changed
the first ono had be not supposea you aeou
The dvlns" man was breathing huskily.
Boon he opened his lips and told the story
f hi villain v. confessing every thing.
imnm-nrM. can vou ever forgive me for
the wrongs I did, Karl-Karl, you who
wore once my f riond 1" faltered tho dying
Uinu sau
Karl thought of his own sufferings, 01 inu
dead brother hastened to his grave by
poison administered by tho hand of the man
before him, aua remuineu umi.
HVnti fuin lint I" eroanod tbo dying man.
"A higher power may loon mere, nuv w
me," autwered Vandiblo, In tones of sol
emn gravity. - ' '
Then the tlnklng man gasped, ottemptca
to speak, but fulled. A couvulsive shudder
pasted through hit frame, a gasp and then
tilence tne man 01 evu 1 uww.
With his death comes tho ending of our
jtory. We have no desire to prolong the
narrative. Through tho efforts of Lura
Joyce, assisted at tho last by Dr. Colton,
. . 1 . V. n Hlin ha1
retribution naa ovenanen iuo "
staked bis soul in the struggle for a fortune.
He had meditated the destruction 01 h
last Penroy in his eager desire to gain the
wealth of Major Vandiblo. Caught, he had
fallen and died a misoraoie aeaiu.
Austin Wentword was at once roloased.
The forged will was cast aside and the gen-
nine probated, which was tauaiw;ujij
ill, Mr. Penroy having tho promise of
ample pin money as wjuum
iho lived, aud Grace tho snug sura of twenty
thousand dollars a year. This was enough
Wrnitword and Grace believed,
' .. . . i. ..j
tnd they consequently acica upon .u
were united early the following spring.
Lawyer Gripes, fearing prosecution for
his part in the transaction with Lawrence
Brandon, leil Dionenuiu aim
no more. A .
Mother Caberaand her sons were arrotiwu
)n tboir reappearance at Lone Hollow and
were sent to prison for a term of years.
what of her who had proved the
guardian angol of tho Penroyal Bhe won
Dr. Arthur Colten, cortoiuly, and became
his happy wife a year after the death of the
wicked Brandon, alias Starbright.
On the wedding morn Karl Vandible as
tonished the bride with a certificate of de
posit In the Btenofleld Bank, in her name,
for tho snug sum 01 iweuiy uuiuxuiu -I
owe every thing to you, brave little
woman," he said, gravely, "and you must
accept this in slight recompense."
It proved the nest-egg tor a imure wnuuo.
in Town,
Having had 36 competitors and still lives.
Furniture of all designs can be
had at our rooms at living prices.
"Mrs. Lucy Webb Hayes was born lc Chil
licotbo, O., in 1S33, but her mother later
moved to Delaware. Lucy was sent to a fe
male college at Cincinnati ana in
..ruwomnnni'aa'od to Rutherford B. Hayes,
uu , iri.ll. at
then a promising young
tchool she joined the Methodist church and
ever since has uvea an upriuv tui ..-
nr. .r. airixl In hnr reiirn at the White
House, whore she received tho praise of all
K.tian nnil temncrance people for her
. .c.ri nmiint. thn una of wlno. After
k. iimt nhft lived In auiet, engaged
In tfthnrfh anil charitable work. Bhe Is
probably tho most honored woman who
. . . . . i nrvtl. T,A..aA
ever prcsiueu at tno mm
Undertaking attended to with the usual
promptness, accompanied by a Funeral
I A. G. & G. L. COUCH.
please, and examine the
I have just purchased for the
Tn order to hold the trade, jroods must be selected for
tVifi Ko.iRon and then sell them before the season closes,
hpn nohm"- is carried over. My stock is clean and kept "
Ottawji, Ont, June 85.-II is suwq in cean prices.
mii nin-ha hero that no action will be
... l. it,;- .n.l nnln. and leaned i...ilnni Purnlnlicil br tVell-Kuowa
the arm of his companion, an ofllcer, for
"I am not dead, Lawrence Brandon,"
laid the wronged Ualirornun, in bsoiiud
voice. "A blow from your hand clouded
hMin mil unt ma forth a demented
randerer unon ino . a.
The late William Denny. Of Dumbarton,
Vntland. was a shipbuilder, and a literary
nan at well at a buslnets man. He wrote
much and delivered many addresses. Die-
jovering that his "pace" in puulto speaaing
was too rapid to bold bis audlonoe, he
rears has whelmed me, yet I did not forget trained himself m order to reduce his
nor forgive ma man woo vruw " ipsw.
the man I trusted and confided la only to be
mnrdmwd. almost, bv hit treacnerT.
"Your last attempt upon my lire provea
.. fntiu the nrsL thanks to this brave
doctor and his equally brave helper, Lura
Tn. Rnth wars on hand to rescue me
v. i. .v. wrM1.
from the watery grave mui iu-
minions had cast me. The stone broke
loose at the outset. 1 was unconscious for
some time, and these friends conveyed me
, HhnnoflAM in m. licht vehiole. The shock
to my syttem was terrible, oat it servea m
rood turn to restore my reason.
'From tha hour ol mv reranmsT consciuiw
nets I knew every thing. My head la yet
am mnA t am varr weak, ret I managed
last mgbt to astound you on the brink of
the forest poo1, wnere you naa ktoo w
lamnlate vour latest villainy. I had been to
.k. .flor anmathlnir left there br me,
,UOVPT m . - . -
and spying yon moving toward the pool I
dogged your steps aDd executed a little
tableau Wat frightened you so that you
emnloved to report his
ipeeches verbatim. By bis aide sst a lad
with a curonograpn, wuo wiu
tt the end of every minute so mai ne mwrn
mark It in bis report. Mr. Denny, being
thus Informed as to the number of words
he spoke each separate minute, was en-
in nullify, hit SDace irom a nuuurou
tnd fifty-one words por minute to a hundred
and twenty-four. To a oompany of theolog
ical students Mr. Denny sua :
'Face is a very difficult matter, especially
for young students. They almost all speak
much too fast A pace of a hundred and
nfty words to the minute Is not at all no
oommon with young speakers, but it is too
(sst to allow the speaker vo iorm ma ww
tenoes with any approach to correctness and
clearness, and it Is much too fast to permit
his audience to grasp what he Is saying to
them. The pace wbicn you wiu una a
best it one varying from a hundred to
hundred and ten words to the minute."
On the subject of " woras nis buvtoo
,,,1on at. nmsent bv the Dominion or British
povcrnmont with regard to protecting the
British sealing vessels In Uehrlng Sea. Tho
-hi, nf war on tho Facllic coast go north
. , i .. . . . i tg Vi I . Vi ni,
on tneir usual yimnj ..
significance can bo attached. The question
as to the rignioi uiw".".
i...in inriutirrtlnn in Behrins Bea will, for
the present, be held In abeyance, at on good
uihntntv it la learnea mai uto onusa
ornmcnt It seeking the co-operation of the
several maritime powers of the world with
a view to their Joining in the dispute of the
United States claim ana ine reierenco ui
it., nnnatlnn tn arbitration.
The British government nas requrauiu
Dominion government to taite no acuon un
til ttinment hat been arrived at In thii
wv it la stated that the several maritime
powers which have been Invited to take
rt. in t.n aniiiemenL auiruurt wtu
1 ... ... . . v. n
Hon or tne unusn governmcui,
n.virinir sna is not a close sea. It is also
stated that the claims for damages through
the seizure of the British sealers oy uniieo.
Ri-to. rniivra will also be submitted to ar
bitration when tho question of Jurisdiction
Is taken up. "
Tha Asaawln of Editor Dawso ApBSars
. In Court and a Jury Is S eared.
Pnari.kstox. B. C. Jone Si When the
criminaVeourt oponed Monday morning the
whole sidewalk and lobby of the court house
nrowded with a donse throng of people
anxious to obtain admisalon to witness ui
trial of Dr. L. B. McDow for the murdor of
editor Dawson. Both sides announced their
readiness to begin the trial ana tne oiate t
Attorney then called out tho namot of wit
nesses, thirty-live In number, about half of
whom answered.
The Btato exhausted Its two peremptory
challenges on two colored mon. Defendant
challenged only nine and succeeded In get
ting a Jury composed of sovon negroet and
five white men. After excluding the wit-
nctses from the court house the case was
opened. In the meantime the prisoner wat
Ukeu from the dock and allowed to sit by
hi. nminaeL The Btato opened Its oaso by
calling John F. Flcken, who wstinea tnsi am
rode home in a itreei car who iawtuu va
, Aar af the murder. Dawson seemed In
bis usual pleasant frame of mind and wit
ness saw no traces of Irritation about him.
Tha tircsence of neirroes on the Juny Is taken
. . 1 - 1. - V. .
as an Indication oy many peopie no vu
the prisoner will get on. mere are up
ward! off orty witnesses yev u oe eaanimcu.
Wild Eiclt.m.ot ea the PltUborh Ex-
Chans Cauad r a noil ajovamani.
r,TT.,nan Pa.. June 35. At no time on
record since November, 1883, has the oil
0B WIIs4R8
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gallon will cover 250 square feet two coats.
It is made of Lead and Zinc, consequently
it is the best. It forms a good hard
glossy surface, which rain docs
' not affect before drying, and
will not crack or peel oil.
If you Want a Pure Mixed Paint, a paint guaranteed to
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"Wall Paper, which is the largest and best assortment ever
St St. aiiMOiff AT wnrni lilts IJ111UD I Trtmni ! IIIH .1UIDU iki. auwa w I
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nnt. fnr TOU.1
' V L.I J . Ui at
Aa fh man nauftea lAireufiu itiuji,
aA dnimAnL
MTh lut will ana lesumeni oi Aw-giui
Vwdiblo. which Ic3avei all bit property to
. .. s.t...j ukaii Tli i si ttrlll no
been concealed, and is the only srenuln. yond these limits you f all Learn well the
um?nt7r! existence from the hand of limits of publio speakin MUttf
iwninnaviifl. An audience do not want w
har a d cuonarv. nor ao iubt wiu i u in
to a eatotteer. Yon can only speak about
oneortwothlnRt weU and clearly, and the
moment you try to extend your powers be-
lolsoara Arraiteit.
... i. lima 05. trlamrd
Morgan Vandiblo. I congratulate you, Mr. yon have stimulated one fine lnP"fe, ana d w,f of PittaU)n Wore arretted
Unnvaved the sharolv-deflnedblu of truth." I i,,, Wuh hivhi adm nlt-
vsnmuio. . " .. . writ, mi a - - " , ... .
air. umuuj -
nlv a saueeie of shorts, othors that boom
was lnsugurawo oj mioijuu.iiu
for th. OU Kxhange havInK decided to deal
In futures, a proceeding which the Standard
vigorously opposed.
slip of paper three or four principal head
in rs. each with four or five subsidiary ones.
"To the extempore speaaur, ua aam, )
lia arraniromeiil of but matter la one-
half his work. It Is hla road tbrooRh a
country which would otherwise be to him
either trackless . expanse or a place of
vonsusa uniuu.
fitarbriirbt dropped h s hands and glared
at the paper In a nopeicts, aospuinu, .
Hit face was like death Itself.
"Anrt bow "said Karl Vendible, "lbave
the saUtfaction of turning you over to the
cuttody of an officer, Lawrence Brandon.'
"Walt," cried the culprit, huskily, as
. ni.1.1 i HlKnlavlnff
a pair of handtjuffs. Then be came to his pitfalls and quagmires.
fact and snranK oacx acroaa vua uuv.
tniirarH tha window.
fuiia him l" cried Lura. "There's
ladder at the window. He will escape."
"Hall, air I"
will not be taken Bhvel" hoarsely
uttered the haggard villain. On the Instant
be presented a revolver, which he always
MOTlmt In MMAnf flmeraoncv.
Tki. mnvamnnt ditrred his seizure,' and
then, crouching quickly, beglHed through
the open window. Both the officer and Dr.
Colton dashed forward and peered out. The
aananliur villain made a misstep, stippeu
and, with a wild cry, plunged headlong to
the ground below.
Ma Deserved lilt Fata,.
"Old wine and old friends are the best,
every time. I want no new pcnPl, "or
new way i my outm..- - ; .
Ha refused to aavertise. um oiu i rwuua
fliad. No new ones came. Mis ou wines
were used. He had no money to ouy mens.
His business went to pieces.
tered polton to Mrs. Mary Cralghan, of
Bcranton, who aioa a tew ay axu.
eharpid that the prlsonert polsonod her in
mdn. in aarnra an Inturance of VM which
the carried upon her life. Homo ttartllng
developments are expectoa 11 connocuun
ih ihi.raaa as It It ttatod that Olynn't
father and mothor and Mr.. Olynn's flrtt
husband all died suddonly after having
tbelr lives Insured.
Embessler Arraigned.
PiTTSBt'ROB, June 85.-Harry Flonn, ar
rirZlrtTfori reint of My carU haye already boon introduced into, nearly half tha State
;!5,oun from tho Marino bank, was yesterday h TjDion, are riving moBt eicellent satiefaotion. I manufacture BH
wtheStMiW '.Diny w simtdl Captain Btarbripht.
' "I If eel that ! am not long for this
.ia Carl
The' voice was faltering and low, and tho
lips that ottered the word bioo anu
shrunken. Besiae me coucn vn"r m""i
r ciinn and Karl Vandible. Outaide the
first tnow of the teasoa was sifting softly
down npoo the gray roni at lme tionow.
One would acarcely re-ognlte In thocmaol-
ated man on the bod our old acquaintance
' ' Milk funchaa.
"Milk Is good for dyspnpais, George,
dear. Let me pour you a glatt of pure A
dorney." '
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miia in ma i" - k -- J.,
i .Krr,arlna Da Bsun. nnnn.a Vwlw in niwA I if BlatS. !SO U IB ft tWO DttSBellKer Vftn WIU
the dflfftuitinir cashier oX tUe Ntionai Park (?nre u- wu jj dosed up back and with box our inouefl deep mux
amttf rt Pnnivila with tOn.OOO I D1W4V . J J- . t, t I . ..a. m "Ht t vr,
f.":"V.;Mfnd7. but "WS extradiiod. an opening on top. o.o is a ra,wr. x. ..
t.w. Oodolohln. Is a profession whose oh-
ia tn dauionttrate that there are as
wauy different ways of escaping punish
ment a tbore areoi acserving iuuuiuuoh
V vmcMoa seemt to show that age aSecta
tho intensity of eep fe th th
ijuency ef rn!
fa. an Julian In Katow CL an ST W
fcitute prison for five years and seven months.
will ba Bold to the Kntilsu Sjrndleata,
, RKWBi Hon, N. June S5.-rf ogotlatlons
have boen pending lor some raonuis painur
... ...i nf n.n Vaaaar breworv at rough
keopsle. and It is now ST -11.
for lu transfer to an English tvndlcoU to &Z?vTl 1! t4J"'
about to be coinploted. TOO orowery nas
mado for its owners half a doion fortune.
tt aw tret naif hoars nprim M
a itona Bwli lo bit torrow thai II I,
hartlr a fcrtW pro-rtloa Shan -
. ISr tha man who w.nl. Mrl
ftottlrW a ianait IM wiu law .. . ..
i aaiM TjwK'a ritu .KBAK - .
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IXn.-D.nf au arar hi. w " - .
. ' . . flA .ni WilMnim
onnr IMirwc. iiim . " 1
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and uka no otlwr. Iff"" IWP"
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