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Family Newspaper Devoted to the Interest cf Lor aia County and Vicinity.
oons i
toth) Published every Wednesday, at
claaA ' '
UOO. I Term of Snbsorlotlont
enof n.Vear..
.. 76
. 40
bSj i Six Month.
' 'Three Months
I , . Loans and Collections mado a specialty
I i Office in bank building.
, j J. H. DICKSON,
' i and solicitor of
American and - Foreign
m. CMMDWIK, Insurants Affeat and
. Kotary Publts. ln.ur.ao.. tA. aorv
ere, wliln, Imar. unti.o't. mi., writum fa
dwU urf Umai mnROr. Oiaoa avar Snur'S
Soot .ad tbom .tnra.
t)KMSI KtrUnaurl, ta. Brbr. kMpS
J ea. l th. uiiMt noat oonrenlfint Bar-
arahopla(oira. Onlf flntlaa. workiu.a
wplorad. A fall anortmont of ha(r oils, po
uia m4 hair ro.tar.tlTM. Flo. bath-rooms
iaanna.aMoa aad f umlttird at all hour, with
lwt and Mia watar aad all mowmit aonraot.
smoj, aouia sia. uomnt scran.
nj. HOLBHOOK, Dantlrt. Offlos ovw
Busted', .ton. In Bank Bulldlnf,
W.lllnirton, Ufalo. Nitrous oxlda (as adtnlu.
SUrad lor tba .xumUob of taatb.
Sawtalla'a Art Oallarr. Pictures In ST
err.iyla and rliiht up with tb time,
pnclal aiutntlon paid to.nlarxlng loCraron
Ink, or Water Colors and copying from old
tiii iurMt. Old negative, all nrmerrod and ud
j'!K!tna esq bo bad at any time, tiallery onr
unlby k Uall'Sgrooery.
Pictures of all kinds. Finest work and latest
styles. Copying and enlarging In Crayon. Ink
and Pastel. Special attention to the bablee.
Croelar'a Block, Walllagton, O.
KmuI d'l.e.M. .nd dl.nH. of th. kladdorand
kiior. ItlM. ulceration of lb. rectum, tula
in ano, gwara. .ad all prevailing dlneaao. of the
rectum treated by aa Improved turn, without
p. In or dHeatloo from bualneM.
DitvsM of th. bladder and kidneyn treated only
riiir a careful aad proper analjrel. of th. urine.
Office la
Carpenter Bloek Wellington, O
Wir;o. ul Dentist.
Orders recelrad at Telephone Exchange
and at F. D. Fein drug store.
Graduate Toronto Veterinary College, elaas 'IT.
L. B. t PRATT,
Veterinary Si;;::. ::1 Dc:t::t,
Overtwentr five years of Dractlce. Orders
received at Adams' and flnuithton's drug
n tores, Iloraei still taken for treatment at my
fiuiuis on uounutna avenue. r-xi
I J. H. WIGHT, Sols Agent,
V Dealer in Clocks, Watches, Jeweuy, 611.
I orware. Gold Pens, etc. o. 5, Public
bquare, Wellington, Uhlo.
Livery and Feed Stable,
mth Side Mechanio Street, first
door east of American House.
: hik M Transfsr lins,
''nriveys Pasaengeri and Baggage to
1 tram trains or residences. Also col
1 and distributes kxpbem, doing a
il expressing and package business.
4 orders or telephone American
37 ly II. 8. Surra, Prop.
M.nuf.cturer Of And Dealer In
Monuments 5 Tombstones
Everything pertaining to cemetery work
will receive prompt attention it prices to
suit the limes, (26
Manufacturer! of and dealers la
Door, Savali. su3.d. SUaa.ds
Cheese and Butter Boxes, all kinds of
Lumber, Lath, Bhingleg, Battens, Mould
ings and Flooring. Siding made and Bar
face Planing done to order on short no
tice. WELLINGTON, 0.
VlT .
Dealers In and Manufacturers af ,
A Pall Line of Goods Always In Stock.
Arterial Embalming a Specialty.
Plctarei Framed to Order. A good vari
ety of Mouldings to select from.
V l-Cxa-nrat Stjoare, vTelllntton.O
Dr. H.l!. Warren,
Office and residence In Post office build
ing. OeDs answered at all hours in city
or country.
Offloa Bows 1 1 6 y. as.
Pratt & Herrick,
Free delivery to any part of the corpor
atlon. Railroad street, Wellington, 0.
M. L. BUSH ft CO
Would respectfully announce to the eltltens
of Wellington that they are now on deck, and
prepared to take ordera for all kinds of
hard and soft coal which they will atll for
eaeh at tba loweit living price.. A ahars of
your patronage Is solicited. ' -
tilt M. L. BUSH A CO.
Anthracite, Haasillon,
Jackson and Bloseburg.
Terms Cash and Prices Low.
Office on West Liberty St., Telephone 48
Moats on th. Sd
.ad4tk Wadnaa
Sar evenlrgi of
eai month.
Post roam In
If. W. Lang,
J. T. Haak.ll,
Ill 1 1 1. 5; !. Si,
oat andafUr May M, tats, tralna will puiWel
ington aa follows:
Standard Tims
No t N. T A Bt.L. fant line l:4Sa.m.
no. ss-ind.and wneellngha 8:12a. m
No. S Cln. ACol'.Ki B:(m..m
No. 5 HpeclalN.T. A Cln. Ez ISMftp.m.
r.g7 Col's A Wheeling Accom.... :4Hp.n.
no. v r.ini nx , f; v:wp.m.
No. II -Local Freight 8:la.m.
No. H OaJloo Local rrelght... S:I6 p. m.
No. s St. L.iH.T Kiprer
No. S Nlirhl El ....
.. S:iMa.ni.
.. m.
No.te-Oallon A Cleve'd Ac
No.lS-Hpeclal Ht. Lonla ANY. Ex. 1:4ft p.m.
No.S4-Wbeellns. Ind. and Clove. Ex 4M p. m.
No. (Cincinnati ACIev.'d Ex 1:89 p.m.
No. 4 Cincinnati Limited Exprw...., 1:48a.m.
No JSS Local Freight 4 : p.m.
No.SO-Oallon Local Freight 18:16 p. m.
No. 1, S, , 6, 9 and IS ran dallr.
t Train, atop on signal.
mum i an im mmi
Cleveland ft Marietta B. B.
From and after Jan. S, ism. train, wlllpaat Well
ington aa follow, t
, . StandardTha..
No. 1 S.Wa.m.
No. 5 11.00a.m.
No. T 4.10p.m.
No.f 7.4Spm.
No. II t.oSs.m.
No. 4.. 10.5Sa.rn.
No. 8.18p.m.
No. S 7.48 p.m.
No. 10..... ... a.m.
No. 1,8 and! dally: other, dallj .1. Bandar.
Forth.rlnformatlonlorexardto tbl. lia. will
b.fonndon par.8. .
Arrive Salrf, litia Depart, 140 a. as.
irrlvadaliv, 11:80a. . Depart. I ts p
Arrive dallv.(a.m. . Depart lOs.m
a&aV.. - JfcasaajaaW- . . m
. , ...... i
The following firms have been appointed Agents
for selling
In Lorain County.' f t
M. J. Alton,
Daniel Freese,
A. M. Fitch,
C. L. & F. B.
A. M. Fitch,
These goods have the appearance ' of the
finest Linen, are absolutely 'water-proof,
do not turn yellow from age, will wash as
easily as a pane of glass by immersion in
water. Each Collar is supplied with metal
eyelets and a separable ' stud to?' fit.?.'". One
Collar will last for months ;willibut; any
expense for "doing up." .
At 6.U It Osr Special CorrBscsndents.
All About the Iluppeninrs and Special
Events in their Immediate Vicinity.
July 13, '80.
We'come bock, Yours Dryly. Glad to
hear such a good report of your eastern
The Malone family, of Cleveland, are at
C. Bryant's for a few weeks.
E. C. Dursnd and Mrs.' II. Robinson, of
Wellington, were guests at J. B. Durand's
last week. .
Hiss Anna Fuller is visiting Elyrla
friends. Bhe will return this week.
Dr. and Hiss Mary Bryant, of Chicago,
are spending a (ew weeks with friends In
Mls Aggie Clark, of Cleveland, Is tnak-
ing her annual visit among us again.
Will, Grace and Sadie Prince, oi Uber-
lin, were In town on Frldsy. Tucy were
formerly Amherstonians.
July 1.1, 18B.
The weather has been yery favorable
for haying during the past week.
Mrs. Kosht, ol New London, paid her
sister a visit on the 7th Inst.
Hiss Mollle Gibson has returned home
from Cincinnati.
Hiss Laura Killer has gone to stay with
her sister, Hrs. Rosctta Beard, who is
suffering with consumption.
Mrs. R. B. Campbell has been 111 since
Friday. .
Mr. Baker and his little daughter intend
visiting in Missouri soon. Tbey will be
gone about three weeks.
Hrs. W. B. Streator visited ber sister In
Chatham Thursday and Friday.
Mr. C. J. Tannar and fatally, of Mf
Healthy, On are visiting relatives here.
Mrs. M. J. Rogers and her children,
from Cleveland, came Saturday to spend a
couple ol weeks with her mother, Mrs.
R. M. P. Mann.
J. E. Mann, of Kenton, preached at the
Disciple Church Sunday.
Miss Tee. pie, of Edward, Miss., lec
! .
. .-
the celebrated
' ."IT.
- . Lorain,
North Amherst,
. - , ; JSIyria,
Gott. LaGrange,
- Wellineton.
.VI!!.. J
it' .' '' ; tr : .
'1 2 ) .. ..- )
tured Friday evening at, the Disciple
Church.-subject, "The Negro; His Need
of, and Means for Education." 6he Is a
teacher of the Southern Christian Insti
tute, and is traveling In Its interest. Miss
Teeple is an able and pleasant speaker,
holding tbe sttentlon of her audience.
She gave a graphic description of the
Negro of today, his characteristics, mode
of living, religions training, and mental
and moral capacities. Tbe entire race Is
superstition, and Ignorant, and, unless
educated, will prove a curse to our coun
try. "What shall we do wllh the Negro V
is a question agitating tbe minds of all
thoughtful people. '.'Educate him" is the
one answer, At tbe close of the address,
pledges and a collection were taken,
amounting to $ 10.2V Notwithstanding
the busy season wllh farmers, titers was a
goodly number of attentive listeners.
' : 1 ' RE. 8.
1 July 1.1, 1881).
Aaron Root, of Toledo, 8ent several
days In town with relatives last week.
Mrs. Porter, of Michigan, is visiting her
parents, Mr. 11. Morehouse and wire.
Hiss Anna Church went to Elyrla Fri
day last to visit friends.
Rev. II. U. Hlnman, who formerly re
sided her will preach In the Congrega
tlonal cburch next Sunday morning.
Prosecuting Attorney Seymour snd
Sheriff Nichols, of Medina, were In town
Friday evening.
Mrs. . Morgan is calling on Iriends
here.' ; , , . .
U. E.Norton and wire visited friends In
Akron over Sunday. . ,
Mrs. Lang, who has been sick a long
time, does not Improve very fast.
Mrs. F. 8. Turner, ol North Baltimore,
who is visiting her mother, Mrs. A. Csr
freld, has quite poor health. .
S. Sears went East with stock last week.
N. Morehouse has repaired and painted
bis house, which adds much to Its appear
The lawn tennis club are preparing for
I tournament. : . '
Rev. Barton gave an Illustrated lecture
on ralastlne Bunduy evening.
0. A. Stranahsn, who is a student at
Cornell, Is spending his vacation at home.
Sherry Comsteck, who has been work
ing In Akron, Is home again.
T, Hall and wife, of Wellington, visited
their son, A. D. Hall, last week.
After several mouths of severe suffering
Mrs. Valentine Shank passed away Bun
day morning, July 14, aged 63 years. Mrs.
Shank was a member of the Baptist
Church here, an active, sincere, devoted
Christian woman, kind and charitable to
all, and. the lose occasioned by ber death
will be deeply felt by both Cburch and
community. She leaves a husband and a
large number of relatives to mourn her
demise. The funeral services will be
held at the Baptist church to-day, Monday.
Your worthy oorresrjondent. . "Cam.."
haa gone to Chamberlain, Dakota, to rusti
cate awmie. Probably the length of his
sojourn there will depend somewhat upon
the "Injuns."
JulvlS. 1889.
Died, 'July Oth, Mrs. William Fenn,
aged 70 years. Funeral service! on the
10th, conducted by Rev. G. M. Knapp.
Miss Minnie Me8e, of Bolivia, la visit
ing In town.
Farmers very busy with hay and wheat.
ueorge renn, of Kansas, Is spending s
few days In town. Naws.
1 July 15. "SO.
We Lad a nice rain bete Sunday after
noon and evening.
A ball game last Thursday between iha
Wellington and Spencer boys resulted In
a score of S to 17, in favor ot Wellington.
Boys, you must practice more.
Mrs. Wox, who has been vlsi'lng her
sister, the Kev. Mrs. Snyder, has returned
to ber home In Mansfield, 0.
Miss Grace Hart is visiting In Lorain.
Rev. Mr. Daymon, of Pedma, was In
town Thursday.
Mt. and Mrs. A. T. Vsn spent Sunday In
Asniaod with her sister, Mrs. Boffenmyer.
Miss Millie French, of Wellington, vis
ited at A . T. Van's last week.
' Rev. Mr. Smith, of Pennsylvania, flllad
the pulpit "orthe K.'B! .cliurch-Simda
and Sunday evening.' "'
Miss Bessie franks, of .Wellington, vis.
Ited ber grandparents, J. C. Murray's.
Bonwa son to Mr. and Mrs. Alf. Fogell.
There was quite an excitement here
Sunday morning about S o'clock. They
discovered tbe billiard room to b on
Are, but got the start of It and put it out
It was supposed to have caught from a
cigar stub. .
A lawn fete for tbe benefit of the F. B
society at Mrs. Ambrose's Thursday even
ing. All are cordially invited.
An Important Element
Of the success of Hood's Sarsaparllla Is
mo im i mai every purcnaser receives a
fllf MltlVflll.nl f.l. hi. mn.u.i TU - f.
. -j......". .... .i it. ul.... . . iun tutu
lliar headline "100 doses $1" stolen by
Imitators Is original snd true only ol
Hood's Sarsaparllla. This can easily be
proven by any one who desires to test the
matter. For real economy buy Hood's
Sarsuparilla. Sold by all druggists,
To My Friends.
As you are well aware thnt I would not
recoinuiei.il thai which I did not believe
to be good I desire to say to all who need
a good reliable family medicine that 1
believe one bottle of Sulnlmr Ulnar, aiin
do you more good than any other remedy
1 ever saw. Rev. Oplias Soule.
If You Wish
To enloT irood haalth nA nmnnt !..
seeds of disease from ripening In your
Bvaieui, jou snouiu use me Best medicine
In the world Hiilnlmr Milium aklnh m
prevent your system Irom being all run
down by making it strong and vigorous.
Rev. W. R. Snow.
Are you weak and weary, overworked
and tired T Hood's Sarsaparllla Is Just the
medicine to purify your blood and give
you strength.
That Hacehto Codor can be
quickly cured by Shlloh's Care. We
goarantee It.
Sold bv F. D. Felt.
, Cheese.
Srtrr-k-ENTS fob Weee Endiso July l(j
Cheese, 6045 pkgs., weighing 82,505 lis.
Butter 418 pkgs., weighing 10,600 lbs.
OhloStandard , u
Young America , 7
Family Favorite 7
General Produce.
Butter, dairy, per Bj....$0. 8 O0.12
Creamery batter R.... ig
Chlckens,dressed,perD. i.07 0.09
Eggs, per dog n.12
Ham, smoked, per ... 0.08 0.10
Tallow, per B 0.03 ....
Hides, per D 0.0a 0.04
Round Steak ia
Surloin....; 14
Shoulder Steak... m
New Potatoes, per bo , . .15
. Apples, dried, in quart-
era and cored, per Id 0.08 . , .
Apples, siloed....;... .08 0.00
Wool 25 85
Grain. Floor and. Feed.'
Flour,penack(49Ba)..tl.80 8 1.80
Graham flour, per cwt. . 8.00 ....
Corn meal, per cwt.... t.00 0.86 '
Chop, per cwt 1.00 1.00
Middlings, per cwt 0.00 0.67 '
, Bran, per cwt 0.70 0.80
Oil Meal, per cwt 1.60 1.45
Com, shelled, per baah. O.OO 0.45
Corn, in ear, per bush. ,0.00 ' 0.65
. Wheat , 0 00 0.83
, Oats per bu.. 0.25 0 85
NO. 29.
Stxpart. Say that tha ElMtrtoal Maehlaa
. Which It U fropoMd to Uea In Kucatlng
Mard.rrr. In N.w York la an Inurnment
of Craeltr.
New Tobk, July Id At the Eemmler
realdenoe yesterday David L. Gibbons, one
of tbe electrical commissioners, was the
first witness callod. His testimony was .
against tbe use of electricity for capital
punishment John W. Noble, an electrician ;
who for some years bss been connected with
the Westinghouse company, testified to the
experiment oonducted by a former wit
ness, Brown, upon dogs at Edison's works.
Be described their sufferings as something .
terrible to look at and emphatically said
that the aulmala ware not killed outright,
but suffered a lingering death. ...
Alex HcAddle, who deaerikmd himself as
so expert on atmospherical electricity,
stated that he doubted If the machine pro
posed to bs uaed by th. Bute would kill a "
man. Hcienoe had not as yet demonstrated
the fact that a current can, with any ear-
talnty, be driven through the vital part of a
ataa'a aaatomy. Continuing a said that,
assuming the man was not killed, tbe effect
would be a slow carbonlilwg of the violin.
Mo Addle had known oases where people had
been struck by lightning aad thought dead,
but recovered, la all eases where death had
not ooonrred the suffering was intense.
Wavh af tha SUaa Goaaatiaalaa Ukelr S
aa Sa.e.aafal-Oaly a row Him til. Baa.
Hold OuU : ,
Foat Bxsaarr, Dak., July Id. General
Oreok, apaaktatT of the outlook of the Bloux
Cotsnla.Ua, expressed hie batter that the
raaalatt number of namei would be .ecu red.
the onaaisalOB, he said, had bee oa tbe
iseervaUea thirty-eight dara, and had as
surad aaarly ,8U0ilgTtjre aad only about
1,500 more are needed. Of the 3,100 Indiana
who have aot yet signed only a few hundred
are report hoe tils, and Information from
Reeobud, Pine Ridge, Lower Brule and Crow
Creek ia to the effect that additional signs- -tures
are being secured every day.
The ajrent at each place are rounding up
tbe Mattering ones and they only lack a few
hundred of having the necessary three
fourths, and they will more than get these
at Crow Creek. The commission fully ex
pects to suooeed, and Is determined to push
the work thoroughly to the end and go over
the ground again If necessary. It expeota
to have the required three-fourth. In sixty
daya from the time it had its first council,
unless it Strike, an unexpected anag.
.-wV Ch'ura QujutiU BattlVir; ".t,
Raw York, July 16. The Catholle News
has received the following from Rome: The
Propaganda has rendered a decision In the
controversy between Bishop McQuald, of
Rochester, and Father Lambert It Is de
cided that Father Lambert Is still connected
with tbe diocese of Roche. tor. This Is a
point agalnat the Bishop. It is further de
cided that Father Lambert, by his acta,
Justly deserved suspension. As to tbe fu
ture oourse of priest and prelate, It recom
monds that Father Lambert seek reconcili
ation with his superior, who In turn must
provide a place for him In his diocese.
Thieving Klopara Amatad.
Philadelphia, July 16. Robert Bmuth
walte, aged twenty-two years, and Anna
Stevens, aged fifteen, of Htoubenvtlie, O.,
were arreeiea nere jnonaay on a telegram
from tbe mayor of that place. The couple
stole 1500 from the girl's father Haturday
night and came to Philadelphia. When
searched over stOO of tbe money was found
on them. The girl confessed taking tbe
money from her father and said tbey wen
on their way to Trenton, N. J., where Bmuth
walte proposed to work In the pottery. They
will be held to await the arrival of the
Bteubenvllle officers.
4.000,000 at tak.
Bak Fhascisco, July 16. Thn contest
ever the property of the late Thomas H.
Blytbe was commenced In oourt yoaterday.
It promlaee to be one of the moat celebrated
caeca ever brought to the attention of the
court, on the Pacific coaat as the property
invoivea is vaiuea at H.uuu.uuu and tbe
claimants number over WO persona. The
moat prominent or these is Florence Blytbe,
who avers that she is the Illegitimate child
of the deceased millionaire, and Alice F.
Diokerson, who claims that Blythe recog
nised her aa his wife.
Srrvsd Hltn Itlght.
Nsw Brunswick, N. J., July 16. John
Bennett son of a wealthy farmer of Jamee-
burg, and a married man, recently became
Infatuated with an Irish girl named Hullflah,
and Is alleged to have paid hla wife to leave
him. He continued hla Improper relations
with the girl and gave her doeds of proo-
erty worth 12,000. Tbe girl then left him
snd married hor ooualn, a man named Jobba.
Bonnett is said to be loalng his mind.
Aa Emphatic DsnlaL
Bab Harbor, Mo., July 16. The reported
resignation of Hecreury Blaine is positive
ly aad emphatically donled by Walker
uuune, wnois nere to consult tbe Secre
tary upon matters pertaining to the Btate
Department Mr. Blaine's health la said to
be good by friends who see htm daily.
RiMd Reported a. Ca.afa.
CoLDMBt-s, O., July 2. Speaking of th
wreck on the Ohio & Northwestern railroad
near Cincinnati luat Friday, when a passen
ger train went through a tree tie, s gentle
man who seems to kuuw says the road has
boon reported several times to the Railroad
Commissioner by Btate Inspector Lariaen
as being in an uusVe condition. The report
can not be vorltlcd as Railroad Commission
er Cappellcr Is out of tho olty.
Will rr One Y-af li.r Forgsry,
Clevklaxo, July 2. Charles Albright a
United Htaios prisoner, who was brought
from Toledo Humluy night and lodged In
jail by Unl'od Unites Marshal Wade, was
taken to the workhouse Monday morning,
where he will serve nue year for forgery.
Albright was recent! r convicted at Toledo
of forging a nonsiou vouchor and Judge
Hammond aenumnxl him to a year ru th
Clevoland workhouse.
Iath Cams Had Isnly.
Bidhkt. O.. July 2. Louis Machlett a
young man twenty-six year, of age, worked
until noon putting up a picket fence, ue
started home to dinner with hla brother,
but they separated. After going a short dis
tance Louis was selied with a hemorrhage
Of the lung. He called for help and hla
father ran to blm. The yoong man was sot
able to speak and died In the road In hla
father's arms.

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