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J.B Smith, Proprietor.
ntereaatth. Piwt-offlco at Wellington as
Bacon A Class miter, according to Statute.
OneYeir $1
Six Month! T6
Three Month! 40
Advertising Ire oenti per line, each lniertlon.
8pe end Column Bttei male known on appli
cation. Hon. John Sherman Is enjoying a trip
abroad this summer. lie will return in
time to fire the political guna In the fall
Tub Beatty bill, to allow lands sold on
execution to be paid for in three Install
menta Instead of being sold at cash sale,
Is now a law.
Ho. R. O. IIokr, of Michigan, a brother
of C. W. and R, A. Horr, of this place, has
received the appointment as Consul at Val
paraiso, South America. Mr. Ilorr has
been an active politician for yean, and
accomplished good work during the cam
paign of 1888 In New York State for Pres
ident Harrison, and .it Is but Justice that
he should be rewarded for his work. As
we view the matter be was entitled to a
position of Minister resident, Instead, We
wish Mr. Horr success. i .
Mhs. Tyler, wife of Ex-President John
Tyler, departed this life at her borne
in Richmond, Vs., July 11th, after a short
but severe illness. The deceased had
been a resident of the city a majority of
the time alnce the death of her husband,
January 17, 1802. Mrs. Hayes and Mrs.
Tyler, boh being the companions of our
ex-Presidents, departed this life within
the abort apace of thirty days oi each
other.' Mrs. Polk, Mrs. Grant, and Mrs.
Cleveland, still survive them.
The cry raised by the Democratic press
about the ring which renominated Gov,
Foraker baa about subsided. Just think
it for a moment. The Governor should
almost rant as a king if he had the power
to control the opinions of a majority of
over seven hundred delegates assembled.
As we view the matter everything was con
ducted upon honor so iar as hi nomina
tion was concerned. Ue waa not the
choice of this paper for the position, but
a majority rules In this country; hence, we
heartily endorse the nomination, and will
use all honorable means in oar power to
secure bis election.
111E DUniber 01 Sli lie! -appear b
diminishing each year. This shows that
a better state ot feeling la existing be
tween capital and labor. Both have
learned to try and adjust differences that
may arise from time to time, rather than
resort to strikes. If the laborer cannot
afford to work at the rates offered it is far
more honorable lor him to tender bis res
ignation and abandon the service than to
resort to strikes. The public have become
tired of being Interrupted by strikes; and
If agreements can be reached both capi
talist and laborer are better satisfied, and
the public feel safer at all seasons of the
year to extend them their patronage.
Tbi Cleveland Leader endorses the
plan adopted by Muldoon, . Sullivan's
trainer, to restore lost health. The piglllst
had been afflicted with typhoid fever, and
from this together with his habits of
dissipation be had become almost a phys
ical wreck, and within the short period of
sixty days be was restored to full health.
The plan of exercise waa to pass over a
distance of twenty miles dally, the route
being over hills and rough ground; and
in his return a cold bath waa taken, and
the balance ol the day waa spent in
pounding the striking bag, skipping the
-ope, etc. If all persons who are afflicted
ilther mentally or physically would resort
o moderate exercise in the open air, and
.ocrease it as strength would permit, there
would be much less continued suffering.
Physicians can only prescribe medicine to
iaslt nature in making a cure, and we
thould be willing to give our ailment a
'air trial with exercise In order to regain
he lost treasure.
Governor Lowest, ot Mississippi, has
instructed bis Attorney General to Insti
tote proceedings against the Queen and
Crescent railway company, with a view of
canceling tbelr charter in that State for
committing unlawful acta in transporting
prize fighters Into the State to break the
peace. The Governor aeema determined
to do all In bis power to bring lb law
breakers to Justice, and the good people ol
the country will do all in their power to
aid him. If the Queen and Crescent
company has violated the law, the Bee
line company Is guilty of the same of
fence. A special train of coaches waa run
over the line from Cleveland to Cincinnati
to convey Sullivan, bis trainer and a Dum
ber of aporting men, to the scene of action.
If one company Is to suffer let all con
cerned sli are alike for tbelr transgressions-
OoogreM should take bold of the matter
at the next session snd make It unlawful
to engage In prize fight, and bold trans
portation companies strictly accountable
for transporting parties over their line to
engage in such acts, when It la within
their knowledge. Great credit if due
Governor Lowery for the bold stand be
ha taken on the aide of law and order.
The Constitution Makers.
The people of the four new States hsve
undertaken the work of constitution-
making In a sturdy spirit that promises
well for the result of their efforts in the
main. The constitutions of most of the
States of the Union were made prior to
the wonderful development ol wealth and
power that has taken place in the past
quarter century, and all of them were
antecedent to the conditions that during a
more recent period have severely tested
the fundamental laws of the several com
monwealths. Much that was lacking in
the constitutions of the older States to
adapt them to new Industrial, commercial
and political conditions has been in part
supplied by constitutional amendments,
by judicial constructions keeping march,
as far as possible, with the progress of
events, and by statutory provisions. Hut
in many States, including or own, the
constitutions are In some important re
spects ill-adapted to existing conditions.
They have been outgrown.
The people of the new States have all
the advantage of the most recent experi
ence in their work of constitution-making.
It is their privilege to embody in their
fundamental laws provisions for regulat
ing the abuses and averting the dangers
whose existence is more or less of a
menace in the older Btates, and that are
of recent development. The reports of
the proceedings of .the four consti
tutional conventions now in session
show that the delegates are fully
aware of their opportunities and are
disposed to deal with them In a broad
and statesmanlike spirit. They have an
opportunity to provide for the purity of
elections, the regulation of corporations,
taxation, the restriction of child labor,
education, Sabbath observance, and other
Interests, to meet the conditions that have
arisen in recent years, and which perplex
the people of the older States to reach
through constitutional provisions adopted
before these conditions were felt or Im
agined. Cleveland Leader.
Washington Letter.
Frem oar Regular Correaponiteni.
Washington, July 18, 1889.
The President left this afternoon lor
Deer Park to join his family. For the
remainder of the warm weather he does
not expect to spend more than two days a
week in Washington, devoting the rest to
recreation and the preparation of his first
message to Congress, the extra session
making it necessary to prepare the mess
age a month earlier than usual.
Walker Blaine has returned to Wash
ington, and says he will remain during
the entire summer. He dees not say so In
so many words, but be Intimates that his
father, the Secretary will not return before
September, unless something very Import
ant shall occur to make hit presence here
-PnbHo Printer Palmer has appointed
A. A. Collins, oi the District of Columbia,
chief clerk In the government printing
office. Mr. Collins haa been an employe of
the office since his boyhood and will, it b
generally conceded, makeja firstclass chief
Sec'y Rusk wishes It distinctly under
stood that be did not accept a blooded horse
from a prominent citizen of Maryland, as
waa reported. Of course this denial was
entirely unnecessary as far as the people
of Wisconsin and the other Northwestern
States are concerned. Those who know
"Uncle Jerry" best say they would not
like to stand In the aboea of a man who
attempted to make him a present while he
wu holding an official position.
An attempt wai made this week to get
the President to change the present prac
tice of keeping, secret any charges that
may be made against an applicant for
office. It was stated to the President that
under this rule an applicant for office la
deprived of what is granted to the meanest
criminal; the right of facing his accuser
and of trying to proye himself Innocent
A man may not even know that any
charge have been filed against him, while
some secret enemy may go to the Preai
dent with every charge that malic can
suggest The President acknowledged
that the present rule doubtless bears down
pretty hard on many Innocent men, but
he did not think It advisable to change it,
because in that case many bad men would
lip through because people would object
to telling what they knew.
Mr. Howard A. Taylor, editor and
proprietor of the Hudson (Wis.) Star and
Times baa been appointed Commissioner
of railroads to succeed Gen. Joseph E.
Johnston, whose resignation hu been
accepted to take effect the 18th Inst. Mr.
Taylor was strongly backed for the place
by Senators Spooner and Lawyer and
Secretary Rusk.
A good many changes are quietly taking
place in the departments here. The
weeding U being carefully done, but it U
only qustlon oi time when it will be
thorough and complete.
Sec'y Tracy hu Issued orders to have
the famous old battle ahlp "Constitution"
brought from Portsmouth, N. H., to this
city, where she will be need aa a receiving
ship. This old vessel hu a history suffl
clent to stir the patriotic blood In the
veins of the moat phlegmatic
Among the few appointments this week
were the following: Consuls, ex-Congressman
RosweU G. Horr, of Michigan, at
Valparaiso; Emmons Clark, Colonel
of New York Seventh Regiment, at
Havre; and A J. Sampson, of Colorado,
The official announcement Is made that
no more appointments are to be made in
he census bureau nntll alter September
. uon. laoraaa v. uooper na been ap
pointed collector of customs for the port of
Philadelphia. I
-1 Notes from Other Towns. ..
' ' MEDINA. ' ".
Mr. Franklin Sylvester, of Granger, has
purchased the Bowman place east of town.
It is reported that he will erect one of the
handsomest residences in the county on it
In the near future, and then take up his
abode in town. Of course we say wel
come A large force of men are now
at work In the northern part of the county
laying the Standard Oil pipe line, whose
western terminus Is at Cygnet, Wood
county, and the eastern at Mantua, Port
age county. A good many people have
been out to see the operation, aad the
rapid progress which the work is making
is the cause of universal remark. The
pipe, which is of wrought iron, is eight
inches in diameter, a half an inch thick,
and in sections varying from eighteen to
twenty ieet in length, and has threads cut
in itheends. A traction engine supplies
the forco necessary to screw one Joint into
another. This is quickly done, and the
connected pipe is left lying on the ground
in advance of the machine which digs the
ditch. The line crosses close to the county
line. A pumping station is now in the
course of construction on the Weatherby
farm north-west of Brunswick Center. To
assist in making the excavations, a power
ful steam machine la used Mr. Her
man L. Loomia on Thursday morning re
ceived a check for $2,250, the proceeds of
a twenty-year endowment policy in the
Union Central Insurance Co. A Cor
respondent desires the Gazette to say
"whether a couaty treasurer must be an
elector or whether a woman can hold the
office." The statutes are silent upon this
point, and the Supreme Court has never
been called upon lo construe its full mean
ing in this regard. We think the best
way to find out Is to try it on and see.
The Young Men' Republican club sent
congratulations this morning to Governor
Foraksr over hi nomination for Governor
for the third term ...... All who have ever
heard that grand old orator, Wm. H. Gib
son, will be pleased to learn from a notice
elsewhere in this paper that be hu been
secured to deliver the address at the sol
diers' and sailors' reunion to be held In
this place in September. ..... At a meet
ing of the directors of the Oberlln Bank
Co., held at their office on Saturday,
It wu voted to still further popu
larize the bank by issuing certifi
cates bearing 4 per cent interest on
sums of f 50 and upwards deposited for
a period of six months or more Mr.
G. E. Ryan, superintendent of the public
schools of LaGrange, who spent lut sum
mer vacation reading law in C. A. Met
calf's office, hu returned to resume his
work Professor and Mrs. White left
on Thursday for New York, and sail for
the other side'of the Atlantic on Saturday.
They leave their home and family in the
care of Sirs. Plumb, feeling confident that
all will be well under such supervision.
Dress Reform.
Since Mrs. Jenesse Miller's lecture,
Dress Reform" hu received careful and
thoughtful attention by the ladles of
Oberlln. Why? Is it because the art of
cutting and putting together piece of
cloth Is In Itself important, or because
methods of dree directly affect health
and character? Clearly the latter la the
Oberlln sentiment We are convinced
that health 1 necessary for success. No
woman can render1 u efficient service in
whatever capacity ' she may be acting,
when in feeble health u when stronc and
vigorous. Clearly, therefore, dress u
affecting health and happiness, is worthy
of careful attention.
The multitudinous ache and pains
which claim so large a share of the nine
teenth century woman's time, do not
originate from arbitrary principles, but
from careless neglect of the laws of health
America boasts ot her intelligent women,
that they can compete intellectually with
men; but bow unequal the race I Man's
strength is free for action. Woman', alaa,
must b partially expended In overcoming
Again, God intended that the beauty
and simplicity of the human form should
be preserved. Clothing should bring out
the unity of the whole figure Instead of
magnifying details, u our present fuhlons
do. Look at the ancient Greek costume
so graceful and simple. How strikingly
It contrast with our' "cut and dried
clothing! A drea which is comfortable,
simple and graceful, which pays due
regard to proportions, which does not tire
the eye, will remain beautiful u long u
the material lasts. No one tire of it more
than he doea of a beautiful flower. We
would not think of changing the form of
a beautllul flower every six months
simply for a change. Were our costumes
beautiful and graceful, there would be no
frequent change. Art alone con bring
fashion to her senses, ' make her feet
ashamed of her own hldeoutness, and lead
her U devise something worthy of popn
lar example. Real beauty and perfection
of form alone are Immortalized in poetry
and sculpture. No one sins of artificial
beauty; no one sculpture deformity.
Slowly the world la coming to recog'
nize the fact that beauty and health go
band In band. Soon may we hope to see
our women enjoying a beautiful and
graceful costume, and above all enjoying
good htalth. - Annib Mead,
. Class DO, Oberlln College
Distress after eating, heartburn, sick
hnadache and indigestion are cured by
Hoods bareapartlla. It 8119 creates
good appetite.
Absolutely Pure.
Thlipowflernever Tanei. A merrel of purity,
itrength and wholesomeneai . Mora economical
. I . I. . II l.L, ,1 .. I ..nnn L. M -
competition with the multitude of low teet, ihort
weigni, amm or pnoepnaie powaera, ooia onir in
cane. Royal Baking Powder Co., 10 Wall it.
And now we are ready
to supply tne people
with all Kinds or -
Crooh Voorptahlpo
llUdll lUUlUUIUU)
that the season affords.
Our arrangements tor
supplies from the re
motest part of the coun
try has never been so
complete. Our line of
is immense. Do not for
get that we make it a
specialty or roasting our
own selected Coffee,
which as in the past,
proved to be the Coffee
or tne town.
Very Truly,
Lincoln'! Religion.
The forthcoming (August) number of
the "Century" will contain a chapter on
"Lincoln and the Churches" the Lincoln
History, by Messrs. nay and Nlcolay, from
which the following 1 an extract from
advance sheets:
"He wu a man of profound and Intense
religious feeling. We have no purpose of
attempting to toimulate hia creed; we
question if he himself ever did so. There
have been swift witnesses who, Judging
from expressions uttered In his callow
youth, baye called him an Atheist,
and others who, with the most laud
able Intentions have remembered im
probable conversations which they bring
forward to prove at once his orthodoxy
and their own intimacy with him. But
leaving ulde these apocryphal evidences,
we have only to look at hia authentic
public and private utterances to see bow
deep and strong In all the latter part of
his life wu the current of his religious
thought and emotion. He continually
invited and appreciated at their highest
value, the prayera of good people."
Stat or ohio, Citt op Toledo, )
Lucas County. 8. 8. i
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
the senior partner of the firm of F.
Cheney a Co., doing business in the city
of Toledo, County and 6tate aforesaid, and
that said firm will pay the sum of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and
every case of Catarrh that can not be cured
by the use oi uaii s uatarrn uure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed In
my preaence, this 6th day ol December,
A. D., b0.
. . A. W. OLEASON,
J Beat r
- Notary Public
P. S. flail's Catarrh Cure Is taken In
ternally and acta directly upon the blood
and mucas surfaces of tne system. Send
for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, 0
t7TJoia ny muggisu, la cent.
Will You SurrR wltbdyspepslaand
liver complaint? Shlloh'a Vltallzer it
guaranteed to cure you.
Sold by F.D. Felt.
Irnihort-hanil. OMfV-hooi.
Brerr tnA
i Amniovad. Itlf ealarlM.
UK ealarlM. i.ow -i union.
Unlrk worn, Thoronih Inetraetlon. Type
mritknm and PenmuHhlD. Under the pereonel
rn.nu.ni.nl of T. W, Willi-. Imi J'rt'M
Hhort-bend lUporwrof Hop. J. Warrao Keller,
MpMtM I-owet HMe of Oonre.
tiuione0 KtnilMite free. A1dee,
wiLuarcouue short-hand, sriHMi. o.
Our Semi
Will begin this
continue for
In order to
Stock we shall make
Very Low Pric6
on a great many goods.
It will pay
see what can be bought
at the
fOur reduction will not
be confined to one de
partment. LAUNDON, VINDEGKER & C0. '
For the Heated
An elegant line of Summer
Alpaca Coats and Vests,
Elastic Jersey
which has become so pop
ular, and a lot of
L1V WH, mf-ey A.V
4 T 4-
Which can't be equaled in. the
city. Please Remember this, aj
it may be to your advantage when
Most truly yours,
Clothier and Furnisher.
- Annual
mm i
week, and will
thirty days.
reduce our
to come and
Knit UnderwearJ

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