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4 17;
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. 1 V V
Haying and haryest
New wheat will soon be in market.
Oar base ball clubs are in fighting con
dition. The ice wagon was a welcome visitor
last week.
Music in the air, produced by traveling
musicians, "
The newly organized band begins to
play nicely. ' . '
Figure up the profits for the first half
of the year,"
The village blacksmiths are having
rush of trade.
... ,
A number of coal bins are being filled
for the winter.
Five o'clock a. m. is the appointed time
for lawm tennis games,
Carl Rust is taking the enumeration foi
the Uilon school district.
A number of signs had ought to be
treated to a coat of paint
The ladles should read our special com
municatlon from Oberlin.
The lawyers aro preparing their cases
for the fall term of court.
The turfmen are busy trailing their
steeds on the fair ground.
The Sons of Veterans hold a watermelon
festival in the park this evening.
We were lavored with a fine showerfof
rain Sunday afternoon and evening.
The bicycle boys are visiting the neigh
boring towns on their wheels these days.
Ella Taylor, of livery rig notoriety, has
been released from Jail at Norwalk on balL
New hitching rails have been erected
around the store building of J. S. Mallory
Q. D. Foote has laid very fine, smooth-
-surfaced stone walk in front of his resU
Let there be a call issued early In -the
campaign for the organization of aFora-
Our correspond euts apeak Welly -of
passing events in their Immediate vicinity
this week.
The Bee Line depot and Western Union
-telegraph offloe have been treated to a
'coatof paint.
Wm. Vlscher & Son received a large
shipment of pianos and organs from the
-East Monday.
Chapters No, 3 ol 4 of the story appear
-this week. They should have -appeared
In our last issue.
A social bop was indulged In t the
-town hall Friday evening. Twenty-lour
-couples were present
The automatic switch at the crossing
3ms been in order for use very little of the
time for the pent year.
& A. Williams, District Deputy of the
10. O. F, Installed the offloers ot Lorain
lodge Tuesday evening.
C. L. Pyk is placing the finishing
touches upon tb photographs of the jrrad-
uates ready for distribution.
Street Conunletoner6erage should not
omit to sleek op a little when leaving ens
etrect to labor upon anether.
The authorities do not enforce the dog
ordinance this season. Guess all of the
worthies curs most be dead.
The corn crop is recovering from its
long spell of sickness, and from appear
ances it will get there on tune.
The Lorain County Teachers' Institute
wilt be ibeld at Elyria, onunencing Au
gust zc Ui aoa continuing one weet .
The potato bug fraternity has slighted
this part rf (be country this season. Too
bad that as for Paris green dealers.
The onion fields east of town are kept
as cleana garden. The boys in town
can all find -employment out there if tbej
desire It
The mayor W a town has very little bus
iness to attend to in the way of criminal
and misdemeanor cases when the cause Is
C. V. Bemeaway expects to place one
million brick -on the market this season.
Wellington is becoming headquarters for
good brick. 4 '
Subscribers leaving tovyi temporarily
can have The Eutebpbisb forwarded to
them, free oi charge, during their sojourn
by notifying this office.
Our own Jasper West, of Iluntington,
wm nominated for Commissioner at the
Prohibition convention held in Elyria Sat
nrday. If he gets elected we will then
A $1.50 Oxford, only $1.25.
A 3.00 shoe, only 2 50.
have two Commissioners from one town
ship. Frank 0. Carpenter's letters to the
Leader give a fine account of the foreign
countries. He has visited Japan, the
provinces in China, farther India, and is
now in Egypt,
The delinquent tax list is at the bank.
Only one hundred receipts have been re
turned lor collection, which 1b a good
showing. One thousand receipts were
collected up to June 20.
Persons leaving town for a vacation will
pleas leave their names In the box at the
foot of the stairway. The whereabouts of
our people is eagerly read by a majority
of the readers of Tub Enterprise,
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bcntly Vischcr,
a daughter, Monday, July 13th.
At the hour of going to press Grandpa
and grandma Vlscher. were reported to be
standing the pressure remarkably well.
Mrs. M. Eunz will receive twenty-seven
hundred dollars life insurance money on
her husband seventeen hundred from the
Northwestern, of Milwaukee, and one
thousand from Penn Mutual, of Philadel
phia. John Chinaman had a little misunder
standing with an umbrella repairer one
day last week, and a row was the result
The latter named quietly laid John In the
cellar way, and ordered him to stop his
The council should arrange with the
enumerator for the Union school district
to take the enumeration of the town,
Then we can give a more intelligent an
swer when strangers inquire about the
Mr. J. W. Wilbur telephoned to Akron
at eleven o'clock the other day for some
castings for one ot his customers, and at
four o'clock on the same day they were
delivered by the express company at his
place of business.
A number ot our good, loyal people
called at our sanctum within the past two
weeks, and dropped one dollar and fifty
cent into our cash box. Flowers will con
tinue to bloom on the premises of such
people, notwithstanding the change in the
seasons. '
Editor Washburn, of the Republican, is
traveling in Dixie. It was observed that
a number ot the sporting editors bad oc
casion to visit the Gulf States about ten
days ago. Bro. Washburn is the only po
litical editor from these parts that any
note is made of. '
It will take a number of months before
the property of the old CCC.tl. Rail
way can be re-lettered to conform to the
initials of the new company. In 1803 the
initials of the road were changed from 0.
C. & C. to C. C. C. & I. Now It will be
changed to C. C. C. A St L.
The street Improvement Is extended to
rrospect street Tee property owners
along Liberty are making an effort to ac
cept the proposition made to them by the
council, to pay one dollar per running
foot for the extra track. When the fall
rains visit ns the Improvement can be
At the Prohibition convention, held In
Elyria Saturday, the following ticket was
nominated: Representative, D, C. Hansle
man, Elyria; Commissioner, Jasper West
Huntington; Ioflrmary Director, Henry
Falrohlld, Browohelm; Surveyor, E. W.
Cbamberlln, Oberlin; Auditor, H. H
Houghton, Elyria.
The officials at Washington, D. C have
now established headquarters for MaJ. W.
H. Williams at Cleveland instead of Cin
cinnati The district over which he pie
sides entends from Erie, Pa, to Denver,
Colorado. The Major feels highly elated
ever thehange, as be can have more time
to devote to his family and friends.
A little irl was run over Monday after-
neon while playing In the s'reet near G.
D. Foote's livery stable. The wheels of
the buggy passed over her chest causing
bad bruises. She narrowly escaped being
trampled open by the horses. This should
be a warning for parents to try and keep
tbelr children out of the street The little
girl was up and around Tuesday morning.
Miss Nora Buafa, who for the past two
years has been a very faithful and accom
modating deputy In the Post Office, was
married Monday evening to Mr. Charles
C. Btevlck. None but the immediate rel
atives were present to witness the cere
mony. The happy couple will be at home
en North Mala street after August 1st.
Ton Exterfrisb extends congratulations.
Commercial travelers will be compelled
to carry their pocket companions along
the Bee Line, lor the whiskey has been
voted out ot Grafton, LaGrange, Welling
ton, Rochester, New London, Greenwich,
and Shfloh. There is probably not an
other line of railroad in the State where
A $2.50 shoe, only $2.00.
A 3.50 shoe, only 3.00.
so many towns have abandoned the sale
of intoxicating liquors, in a distance of
thirty-three miles.
A number of Invited guests surprised
Mr. P. 8. Brink Monday evening by enter
ing bis premises about half past nine
o'clock snd presenting him with a fine up
holstered chair in honor of his birth-day.
Mr. Brink appeared somewhat nervous,
but thanked the donors for the fine pres
ent. Mrs. Brink bad carefully arranged
the program of the evening, which was
enjoyed by all present until the hour when
the hands ot the clock both pointed up
ward, when the party departed for home.
The fire department has been called out
twice within a few months, to the prem
ises of D. L. Wadsworth, but the flames
were extinguished in both cases before it
arrived. No definite cause had been re.
ported how the flames originated ; hence,
our reporter conceived the idea that per
haps the annual accumulations of polit
ical documents, speeches, etc., that were
filed away, might have produced sponta
neous combustion ; but a visit to the prem
ises proved that they were all Intac
ready to be fired at the opening of tlie
coming campaign.
The Bee Line railway company doesnot
appear to be willing to increase its accom
modations here to keep up with the needs
of its patrons. The present passenger
station house was erected to accommodate
the people of a hamlet Now the popula
tion has increased to about five times the
number, together with the patronage re
ceived from a cross railroad, and still the
very same identical building is kept in
use. The amount of patronage the com
pany receives from us we are inclined to
think it fails to appreciate; and to insist
upon continuing such limited accommo
dations will not pass by unnoticed.
Mrs. E. A Van CI set Is visiting friends
in Toledo, 0.
Mrs. L, Cook and daughter have returned
home from a visit to South Bend and
Michigan City.
Robert Davidson has gone to Washing
ington Territory.
Miss Ida Bowers Is assisting In the
telephone exchange.
Bro. Pearce of the Oberlin News is
visiting in the far West.
Mr. A. R. Warner is spending a few
weeks with his parents.
Miss Maud Donovan, of Sterling, 0., is
the guest of Miss Edith Siemmons.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Roscr are spending
a week at Lakeside.
Miss Lillian Vlscher left Monday even
ing for an extended visit with friends In
the East.
Mrs. I. N. Linder spent a Jew days In
Greenwich last week, (
Dr. T. M. McClaran and daughter, Mrs.
Rosenow, leave for Springfield, Mo., this
Dr. J. W. Houghton is able to be at
place of business sgaln.
air. ana airs, rrana mcuiellan are
flatting friends In Bucyrus.
Mrs. H. 8. Smith and daughter Nora
left Monday tor Cleveland, to spend a few
weeks with Fred C. Smith, 818 Bolton Av.
C M. Sage, of Kansas, visited relatives
here and in Huntington the past week.
He returned Monday evening.
Deacon West and wife leave to-day to
visit old friends near Springfield, Masa.
Mrs. A F. Starr, of Penfleld, was In
town yesterday.
Miss Kittle Ordway, of Hornellsyille,
N. Y., is spending a few weeks with her
brother, D. B. Ordway, North Main street
Mrs. A. K. Hand has returned from the
Mr. Win. Miller visited his father-in-
law, Wna. Rlninger, last week.
Mrs. Geo. Brooker leaves for Rochester,
N. Y., Monday, to be absent a number of
Real Estate Transfers.
Daniel Bason t George 0. Sharp. Elvria. St.
lot tte.of r ,$MO.
Tbos. H. Jones to. Clayton Btanden, Lorain,
lot a, bla.M, H i ith addition, 1138.
A. Henry to 8. S. Ault, Lorain, lot 1 blk. ,
Braman's addition, 11.000.
I. and M. Krlier to Maggie Erlter, Lorain,
lot 7, Clark's addition, 1300.
II, L. Mason to 0. R. Fisher, Brighton and
Wellington, SO seres, 13,700.
0. W. Glllett to O.K. fisher, Wellington,
aores, $1,000.
L. A. Talley to Alfred Glllett, Oberlin. ptlot
183. S7W.
Mary I. Davis to IT. P. Robinson, Wslllnr
ton, lot 11, big. 111,400. , -
F. Btone to J. H. Mull, Plttsleld, U acres
J, Stang et al. to W. H. Warden, et al., Lo
rain, pt- lot 3, tract 1. $2,400.
X, Glllmore to Henry Bade, Lorain, e- H lot
197, $260. -
E. Glllmore to Henry Zabe, Lorain, w. M lot
197, $260.
W, A, Braman, trustee, to A. and B. B'uni,
lota 18 and IB, blk. , 1450. .
Church Notes and Announcements.
Last Sunday morning at tne Methodist
Church the pastor held a Service for the
Freed man's Aid and 8ou,'Qjern Education
al Society. ' By the air? of some colored
charts and leaflets distributed through the
eongregatlon he shewed clearly the im
perative need for educational Work in the
South in addition to what cane done by
public schools, supported by the States. ,;
The evening service at tpe Methodist
Church wu conducted by jibe Woman's
Home Missionary Society J according to
the program published lan week, with a
'low slight changes. Mrs. T. G. Yale,
president of the society, presided. Music
was furnished by the choir. A quartet
composed of Mlses Dell Peirce and
Eramjk Tissot and Messrs! Eidt and Mcln.
tyre, gave a selection, and Mr. Dlmock
and Miss Clegon sang tile duet "I Have
Told I the Story of Jesus," Mrs. O.M.
Stronp made the openiog prayer. The
recitation of the lltflh Psalm by the
"Mission Helpers" was a beautiful exer
cise The papers rel by Misses Clegon,
TUsjot and McDermolt and Mrs. Hough
ton I on the different phases of the socle
ty'a work had been aretully prepared and
received close atte ition throughout At
the close Mrs. H McDermott pesented
white badges to a c ass of over forty ladies
wto have finished the second year's
coarse of reading. This society has won
the1 cash prize of $25 offered to the local
society which should have the greatest
number of members read the course, The
books read this year were "Alaska," by
Sheldon Jackson, and "Modern Cities,"
byH.8. Loomls, and the paper, "Home
Hev. W. C. Dawson will be at Lake
side part of July and August, and there
will be no preaching In the M. E. church
July 28 and August 4. Other services as
The Congregational Church will have
no preaching during August but the Hun.
day-school Mid prayer meetings wffl be
held at the n mal time and place. Rev. S.
D. Gammell will preach July 81 and 28,
and then go ' ast for a long vacation. His
plans for the Future are still uncertain.
At a meet! lg of the Sunday-school and
Bible classes last Sundsy, when It was
proposed to raise forty dollars for the in
crease of the library, Dee. Ed, West offered
to give half that sum if the rest should be
raised. His proposition was promptly
and thankf nlly accepted, and more than
ten dollars were pledged at once.
These Churches will bold their regular
serylces, Sunday and week-day, through
the summer. The pastors, Rev. Messrs
Erwln and Dabney, will Uke tbelr T&ca.
tion later In the season, if at all
Brigadier Brltton will be here to-
row evening.
ThdSalvation Army hold an Icecream
festival in the park Saturday evening,
t-verrnxxiy come.
Athletes, Take Notice.
Tbi attention of the athletes of Welling-
ton, Iluntington, Penfleld and Rochester
is called to the fact that a preliminary
conies; wm oe field on the Public Square
in Wellington, Saturday evening, July
is, 11 1 o oiocK, ror the purpose of se
leclng a team to .contest In the athletic
spfts to be held at the Wellington Fair
wecoming tall. Runners, Jumpers, stick
pulers, rope pullers, not only men.
boys under 18 years of age and
under 12 years of aire, are
ired to particbate. rWM null
Frank Smith are requested to
that the athletes of Huntington town-
sfp are present; Bob Lowe and Bert
tings mat fenfleld townsblo Is renre.
led ; and P. L. Kessler and Dell Bolce
t Rochester township Is renresented.
r toe inrormatlon ef all we reproduce
ainieuo program,
Senior Rope Pull-Fonp
m each club, aggregate weight not tn
coed 700 lbs. i lit prize valued at ill
icond prize valued at 10: winners of 1st
ize 20 points, second 10 points.
junior nope Full-Four contestants
om each club, aggregate weight not to
'ctceed 430 lbs.: not mora than Ann sV.n-
stant In each club to be oyer 18 years of
ge, ana ne not to partlclDate in Senior
tope run; ia. prize valued at 8, 2nd
nze at ; winners of first nrlze 18
olnts, second 8 points. ' '
J , - 1 .
representative each club of any age
. fa. I -.mJ I
1st prize TiWnd awl9 04 at 3? wlaner g
points, seen inu uw i& 4 points.
an'or iu k ywj. Foot Race Onen to two
. - .
noys irora 1 .oawu CU0 un(jer 18 .
age; 1st pri tKo valued at $4, 2d prize at f2j
winner o p nnts, second best 8 Dolnta,
juvenile 1 100 yds. Foot Race-Ooento
. s ...
two boys fp om each team under 12 years
01 age; isi prize valued at $3. 2d Drlze at
t, winner 1 0 points, second 8 Mints.
Handicaj b 100 yds. Race-Onen 10 win,
ners in thr he foregoing races; positions to
ne nxea Dy time made In previous races;
winners of ; second money In three above
races to be placed three ft. ahead of win
ners of fit St monev: 1st nr!w voIiiaH
$6, 2a at 3; points 6 and 8.
Note-a-A .11 races to bo from Distal start
and profe ssional sprinters to be debarred
from all n ices.
Btandln g Jump Open to two members
from each' club; 1st Drlze valued at ti OA
prize at f 2; winner 6, second 8,poInta.
Broad I Running Jump Open to two
members j from each club ; 1st prize valued
at4,2d j prize at 3; winner 6 points,
second bt st8 points.
Pulling- Stlcks-jTwo contestants from
each clutf ; 1st prlie valued at (4, 2d prize
at $2 ; points 8 a M 4 respectively. Con
testants will be required to pull with their
feet braied agaLfasl a board 6 inches high
firmly staked Id the ground, and no "mon
keying will tte allowed.
Sweepstak Rope Pull Winners of
Senior Rop Pull and winnera of second
prize in Junior Rope Pull on one side, and
Winners of Junior Rope Pull and winners
of second prize in Senior Rope Pull on
the other side. This contest not to count
any points for sweepstake prize. First
prize valued at $8; no second prize.
Wellington youths and men desiring to
participate In this preliminary contest will
please apply to George Couch or C.W.
Horr for any information they may wish
8TEVICK-BU8H-At the residence ot the
bride s parents on Prospect lit., Wellington,
Ohio, Monday evening, July is, 1889, by the
Rev.W. C.Dawson. Mr. Charles C, Sterlck
and Miss Leuora 8. Bush, all ot Wellington.
An Unhappy Home.
"I wish my wife would get well or
something," said a husband who had been
sorely tried with an invalid wile. It seems
a heartless speech, but who can tell the
discomforts of a home where the wife ia
always sick I Poor food, crying children I
No wonder the man grows desperate. But
If be would get Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription for his wile, he would find that
the sunshine would return to bis home.
Favorite Prescription Is a positive cure
for the most complicated and obstinate
cases of leucorrhea, excessive flowing,
painful menstruation, unnatural suppres
sions, prolapsus or falling ot the womb,
weak back, female weakness, anteverslttn,
retroversion, bearing down sensations,
enronio congestion, Inflammation and
ulceration ot the womb, Inflammation,
fain and tenderness in ovaries accompao
ed with "internal heat"
FOR SALE Fine Saddle Pony; Good
Driver. Will be sold very cheap U sold at
once. Call on or address F. D. Phelps.
Glngbsms at reduced price.
Laundoa, Wlndecker ft Co.
Go to S. V. Carpenter's for sewing ma
chine supplies.
Potato Bugs, Currant Worms, Cabbage
Worms, 4c, aie quickly destroyed by
using "Hammond's Slug Shot." It Is thr
cheapest aod most effectual articUJknor
usea wun surety 10 man ana beast tor
years. Sold by
20-tf Laundon, Windeckf f &
The nicest Ice-cream parlor ' .
atJ.B.Vermilya's In town are
WATCH ITI-A gol-' .... . . .
for five cents at Gibe" f atcb nd c'?
tal Telegraph Ca' '. .V." '.""'ST 01 V l ot
Co.'s block. oaraer
Uo8lerj. el . Wj.i-J brio,
Laundon. Wlndecker & Co.
" V") Mji'e me juoss Kose
tyST" " 1 Uw?a BHtton't Cigar and
ju oion, i,very cigar warranted
V" me ot money refunded.
Wellington, O., April 26. 1889,
JS'!'- ?!. Baby Carriage.
vAticeuinKiy cneap at
Horr & Bbnschotkn's.
ucn, aunge. and Scratches on human
ur mmmais curea in 80 minutes by Wool
ford's Sanitary Lotion. Thl tlPVAP tail I
Sold by E. W. Adams, Druggist, Wlllng.
ton, Ohio. at
,,Prl,',,,RDeumalic Liniment beats them
uj. doiu oy aruggists.
We have a nice lot of Baby Carriages at
,v,j iww jimi-ob. vnu ana axe tnem.
A. Q.4G.L Coccii.
Bummer Dress Goods at reduced price,
tiauuuon, winuecaer & (Jo
t. M. urabtrea will nav th mi,,
maraei prices lor live and dressed h..g
vb,t, uij uu green Diues ana pelts
iryouwsnt sunei or nmi-Mno nil ),.
m oih gum, go to o. v. t'arpenter.
UO W B. V. Larnenter fur n,11. u
ouu gouerai sewing machine supplies.
- ' ' - V- l , XI 1 ,
Goto J. B. Vermllva. far tha k..t -
i man oi ice-cream in town.
... , - , j .... ...w w... uSTlfl.
t n v II... ....
ftlaan I -a hum I n 11 . . . r . .
r f ui lugrcuiems, io make his
Baby Carriages! Baby Carriage:.
A full line of Child's Carrlami ran
seen at A. G. fc O. L. Coucn'a.
Baby Carriages at AG. 4 G. L. Couch's
If you have neuralila. noM. am th,.,
tCn Use Pratt's Family Hnlnw.nt biJ
bydruggisla. ' ",u
WANTED. One Or twn nnn. l.l.
from 10 to 14 yearsof age to educate by two
German and American Udli-a. vn
of musio and Languages taught Terms
reasonable. Best Cleveland and Boston
references. Address for particulars. P O
box No. 58, Cleveland, O. : 24 81
A fine Gold Hunting
watch ind 5ct cigar for a nickel at E. T.
aviAoanitvne ,
For pure Ice-cream that will recommend
itself call on J. B, Vermllya.
Senior 1W W- Race-ODen to two
WBLUHOTOir, 0., July 10, lgSO.
H. N. GooDwiir. Agent N. W. M. Life
Insurance Company; :
Dear Sir-I desire toexpress my thanks to
uie a ortn-western Mutual Life Insurance
Company, of Milwaukee, for tbelr prompt
payment of the policies for f 1,700 on the
life of my late husband. I am mrruipiallv
grateful to the com nan far th naemunt
of this lose immediately upon receipt pt
other insurance, the North-Western waa
the first company to make payment
w viuvvi uiuuia. rwiiiift mr. tv ii n 7. ntti .
i ours very respectrally,
Mrs. M. L. Kcrnt
A Card.
Free Hand Cravon Portrait nrV
specialty, by
MBS. M. L. MRnr r
t m ,r , Wellington, Ohio
Residence on N. Main St
W.&L.E. Special.
Round trip tickets to Lakeside and
Put-ln-bsy at reduced rates via Sandusky
and boat. For sale bv W. L. V. i?
- . --j .
Try Pratt's Uorse Llnlmant
for all blemishes. Sold bvdrnira-iata
y DO " "
Important to Union Soldiers.
We understand that tlmm U mnrn a. a .
tivity in the Pension Bureau at Washing,
ton than ever before. Corporal Tanner Is
surely demonstrating the interest be leets
in having all Just claims promptly allowed.
" n"! i us wivisauie mat soldiers hav
ing claims should hasten their nrmaratinn
at once, and that, If an attorney is desired.
Mllo B. Stevens & Co,, of Washington
should be applied to. These gentlemen
have branch offices at Cleveland and at
other points, and are energetically endav
oring to afford the Corporal all possible
opportunity to execute the pension Isws.
To Farmers.
Remember that Unnitnn Tvin,i.b..
& Co. have a full stock ot all. kinds of
barb wire fencing.
Great Drop.
Ladle's Fine Doneola Shoes ai.flfi wnrth
t--75. Ladies Kid slippers SO cents,
worth 60 cents. Men's Congress shoes
2.00, worth 13.00. Good Fine Rmwn
Muslin cents worth 1 rant, at th
cheap store of Wm. Rlninger. 25 3
Legal Notice.
The Btate of Ohio In the Court of Com,
Lorain County, 8. 8. inon Pleas.
Clartnda Lummls, Plaintiff.)
avalnst y
Flletus A. Lummls, Deft J
The defendant Is hereby notified that the
plaintiff above named, has filed In the office
of the Clerk of tbe Court, her Petition for Dl- -force.
8b charges the defendant with grosa
neglect of duty snd being wlllfullyabsent from
her for more than three years last past. 8;ild
charge will be for hearing at the next term oi
said Court which will be holden at the Court
House in EljTia on the 3d day of November
ByJ T I Haskell,
-3ll Atty. for Petitioner.
Notice of Appointment.
The nnderslsnrd has been appolnte--. .Ja
lift IflAri al A .l.ninl-, ,t. -. -1
amea E. Daaa. lata or wiii..i.. Ut ol
County. Ohio. deoeiMedV utim
Aiatea this uth day ot July, A. D. lm
, stAT1 jtA CASK.
Kotieo of Appvlatar mt
sstavi or Dsaoaia ceaodo
The underpinned baa beer
K, sacaisKD.
i appointed ana
nexed of the estate ot rradd,ik
ale of Walllniuin. Lr DeDormri Crd(licl.
liuaiiueu aa AuuiiniBLrmLur
deceased. -..rain -onjy. "nio,
Dated this th da, o , Jnl. A-fa"-,5"-
For FuU Particulars
Call on

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