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V, Dr. Talmaora Telia How to
Construct It ''
v. Branoho for Peaoe, rin. Branches
for Health and Palm BranohM for
I VlctoryA Raral Sermon at
J , Rural Rosort.
Tho subject of Rev. T. De Witt Talmage'a
reoent lermon at The Hamptons, N. Y., was :
, "Th Bower of Tree Branches." His text
was Nehemtah vlll. 15 : "Go forth unto the
mount and fetch olive branches, and palm
branches, and myrtle branches of thick
trees, to make booths.", Folio wing Is the
sermon; '
It seems as If Mount Olivet were un
moored. The people have gone Into the
- mountain, and have cut off tree branches,
and put them on their shoulders, and they
come forth now Into the street of Jerusa
lem and on tho housetops, and they twist
those tree branches Into arbors and booths.
Then the people come forth from their com
fortable homes and dwell for seven days in
' these booths or arbors. Why do they do
thatl Well, It Is a great festival time. It la
, the feast of tabernacles; and these people
re going to celebrate the desert travel of
their fathers and their deliverance from
their troubles, the experience of their fa
thers when, traveling in the desert they
lived in booths on their way to the land of
Canaan. And so these booths also become
highly suggestive I will not say they are
necessarily typical, but highly suggestive
of our march toward Heaven, and of the
fact that we are only living temporarily
here, as it were, in booths or arbors, on onr
' way to the Canaan of eternal rest.
And what was said to the Jews literally
may to-day be said figuratively to all this
audionoe. Go forth into the monnUln and
fetch olive branches, and pine branches,
and myrtle branches, and palav branches,
and branches of thick trees to make booths.
Yea, we are only here in a temporary resi
dence. We are marchlngon. The merchant
princes who used to live in Bowling CJreen,
New York, have passed away and their res
idences are now the fields of cheap mer
chant. Where are the men who fifty years
ago owned New York I Passed on.
There is no nse in our driving our stakes
too deep into the earth; we are on the march.
The generations that have preceded ua have
gone so far on that we can not even hear the
sound of their footsteps. They have gone
over the hills, and we are to follow them.
But, blessed be God, we are not in this world
left out Of doors and unsheltered. There
are gospel booths, or gospel arbors, in which
. our souls are to be comforted. Go forth
onto the mountain, and fetch olive branches,
and pine branches, and myrtle branches,,
and palm branches, and branches of thick
trees, and build booth a.
Well, now we are to day to construct a
gospel arbor, or gospel booth, and how shall
we construct itl Well, we must get all the
tree branches and build. According to my
text we must go up Into the mount and bring
olive branches,- What does that meant
The olive tree grows in warm climate, and
It reaches the height of twenty or twenty -two
feet, a straight atom, and then an offshoot
from that stem. And then people come and
they atrip off these branches sometimes, and
when In time of war the general of one army
takes one of these olive branches and goes
oat to the general of another army, what
doe that meant Why, it mean unsaddle
the war chargers. It means hang up the war
knapsacks. It is but beautiful way of say
ing, Peace I
Now, If we are to-day going to succeed in
building the gospel arbor, we must go into
the mount of God's blessing, and fetch the
olive branches, and whatever else we must
have, we must have at least two olive
branches peaoe with God and peace with
man. - When I say peaoe with God, I do not
mean to represent God as a bloody chieftain,
bevlnge grudge against us, but I-do mean to
afflnn there Is no more antagonism between a
hound and a hare, between a hawk and s
pullet, between elephant and swine, than
there is hostility between holiness and sin.
And If God Is ail holiness, and we are all sin,
there must be a readjustment, there must be
a reconstruction, there must be a treaty,
there must be a stretching forth of olive
There Is a great lawsuitgolng-oa now, and
It U a lawsuit which man is bringing against
his Maker ; that lawsuit is now ea the calen
dar. It la the human versus thedivine; it Is
Iniquity versus the Immaculate-; it is weak
oa versus omnipotence. Man began it; God
did not begin the lawsuit We begsn it ; we
assaulted our Maker, and the sooner we end
this part of the struggle in which the Unit
attempts to overthrow the Infinite and om
nipotent, the sooner we end it the bettor.
Travelers tell ns there la no such place as
Mount Calvary, that it is only a hill, only an
Insignificant hill; but I persist in calling It
the mount of God's divine mercy and love,
far grander than any other plaoe on earth,
grander than the Alpa or Himalayas, and
there are no other hills as compared with it;
and I have noticed In every sect where the
eroas of Christ is set forth, it is planted with
olive branches. - And all we have to do is to
get rid of this war between God and our
selves, of which we are all tired. We want
to back out of this war, we want to get rid of
this hostility. All we have to do is Just to
got npon the mount of God's blessing, and
pluck these olive branches and wave them
before the throne. Peace through our Lord
Jesus Christ!
O, It don't make much difference what the
world thinks of yon what this king, that
queen, that Senator thinks of yon. But come
Into the warm, Intimate, glowing and ever
lasting relationship with the God of the
round universe; that is the Joy that makes
a hallelujah seem stupid. Ah, why do we
want to have peace through our Lord Jesus
Christl Why, if we had gone on In ten thou
sand years of war against God, we could not
have captured so much as a sword or cav
alry stirrup, or twisted off one of the wheels
of the chariot of his omnipotence. But the
moment we bring this olive branch God and
all heaven ef me to onr aide. Peace through
our Lord Jesus Christ; and no other kind of
peace is worth any thing.
But then we must have that other olive
branch, peaoe with man. How it is very easy
to get up a quarrel. There are gunpowdery
Christians all around ua, and one match of
provocation will set them off. It Is easy
enough to getupaquarrel. But, my brother,
don't you think yon had better have your
horns sawed oft I Had you not better make
an apology I Had yon not better submit to
a little humiliation 1 O, you say, until that
man takes the first step I will never be at
peace with him; nothing will be done until
he la ready to take the first step. - Yon are
a pretty Christian. When would this worlj
be saved If Christ had not taken the first
step! W were tn the wrong, Christ was
in the right all right and forever right.
And yet he took the first step. And Instead
f golug and getting a knotty scourge with
which to whip your antagonist, yourenemy,
yon had better get up on the radiant mount
where Christ suffered for his enemies, and
'list take an olive branch, not stripping off
he soft, cool, fragrant leaves, bbt leaving
hem all on, ant then try on them that gos-
4 switch. It won't hart them, and It will
ive yon. Peaoe with God ; peaoe with man,
t you can not take those two doctrines yon
on? Christian.
' Blest be the tie that binds ' - .,
Our hearts in Christian love; ' . ;
Ths fellowship of kindred minds
"':". It like to that above, - ;
Prom sorrow, toll tnd psln,
Aod sin wt shall bs free; '
And perfect love and friendship reign
Through all eternity.
But my text goes further. It says i Go
up Into the mountain and fetch olive branches
and pine branches. Now what 1 suggested
by the pine branches! The pine tree is
healthy; It is aromatlo; it Is evergreen.
How often the physician says to his Invalid
patients: "Go and have a breath of the
pines I That will invigorate you." Why do
such thousands of people go south every
yeart It Is not merely to got a warmor cli
mate, but to get to the Influence of the pine.
There Is health in it, and this pine branch of
the text suggests the healthfulness of our
holy rellgionr it is fulUf health, health for
all, health for the minis health for the soul.
I knew an aged man, V.'ho had no capital
of physical health. He had had all the dis
eases yon could imagine; he did not eat
enough to keep a child alive; he lived on a
beverage of hosannasv He.lived high, for he
dined every day with the king. He was
kept alive simply by the force of our holy
religion. It is .. healthy religion; healthy
for the eye, healthy for the hand, healthy
for the foot, healthy for the heart, healthy
for the liver, healthy for the spleen,
healthy for the whole man. It gives
a man such peaoe, auch quietness, such
Independence of circumstances, such holy
equipoise. O that we all possessed it,
that we possessed It now. ' I mean that it is
healthy If a man gets enough of It. Now,
there are some people who get Just enough
religion to bother them, Just enough re
ligion to make them sick; but if a man
takes a full, deep, round inhalation of these
pine branchea of the gospel arbor, he will
find it buoyant, exuberant, undying, Im
mortal health.
But this pine branch of my text also sug
gests the simple fact that it is evorgreen.
What does this pine branch care for the snow
on Its brow! It is only a crown of glory.
The winter can not freeze it out This ever
green tree Is as beautiful In winter as In
summer. And that is the characteristic of
our holy religion; In the sharpest coldest
winter of misfortune and disaster it is as
good a religion as it is in the bright summor
sunshine. Well, now that is a practical
truth. For if I should go up and do wn these
aisles, I would not find in this house fifty
people who had had no trouble. But there
are some of you who have especial trouble.
God only known what you go through with.
O, how many bereavements; how many
poverties, how many persecutions! How
many misrepresentations I And now, my
brother, you tiave tried every thing else, why
don't you try this evergreen religion! It is
Just as good for you now as it was in the
days of your prosperity ; it Is better for you.
Perhaps some of you feel almost like Mucklo
Backie, the fisherman, who was cblded one
day because he kept on working, although
that very day he buried his child. Tboy
came to him and said: "It Is Indecent for
you to be mending that boat when this af
ternoon you buried your child." And tho
fisherman looked up and said: "8ir, it is
easy for you gentlefolks to stay in the house
with your handkerchiefs to your eyes in
grief; but sir, ought 1 to lot the other five
children starve because .one of them is
drowned! No, air, we maun work, we
maun work, though our hearts beat like
this hammer."
You ma j have had accumulation of sor
row and misfortune. They come in flocks,
they come in herds upon your soul; and yet
I have to tell y n that this religion can con
sole you, that it can help you, that It can
deliver you if nothing else will.. Do you
toll me that the riches and the gain of thia
world can console you! How was it with
the man who had such a fondness for
money that when he was sick he ordered
a basin of gold pieces to be brought to him,
and he put his gouty hands down among the
gold pieces, cooling his hands off in them,
and the rattle and rolling of these gold
pieces were his amusement and entertain
ment Ah, the gold aad silver, the honors,
emoluments of this world are a poor solace
for a perturbed spirit You want something
better than this world oan give. A young
prince, when the children came around to
play with him, refused to play. He aaid : I
will play only with kings. And It might be
supposed that you throw away all other so
lace, before this regal satisfaction, this im
perial Joy. Ye who are sons and daughters
of the Lord Almighty ought to play only with
The hill of Zlon yields
A thousand sacred sweets.
Before we reach the heavenly fields
Or walk ths golden streets.
But my text takes a further stop and it
says, "Go Into the moantaln and fetch olive
branches, and pine branches, and palm
branches." Now, the palm tree waa very
much honored by the ancients. It had three
hundred and aixty different uses. The fruit
was conserved ; the sap was a beverage ; the
items were ground up for food for camels;
the base of the leaves wss turned Into hats,
aad mats, and baskets; and the leavea were
carried In victorious processions; and from
the root to the top of the highest leaf there
was usefulness. The tree grew eighty-five
feet in height sometimes, and it spread
broad leavea four and five yards long; it
meant usefulness and It meant victory;
usefulness for what it produced, victory be
cause It waa brought Into celebrations of
triumph. And O, how much we want the
palm branchea In the churches of Jesus
Christ at this time! A great many Chris
tians don't amount to any thing. You have
to shove them out of the way when the
Lord's chariots come along. We don't want
any more of that kind of Christians in the
The old maxim says: "Do not pat al
your eggs Into one basket;" but I have to
tell you In this matter of religion yea had
bettor give yonr all to God, and then get tn
yourself. ' "O," says tome one, "my busi
ness is to sell silks and elotha." Well, then,
my brother, sell silks aad oloths to the glory
of God. And some one says: "My business
Is to raise oorn and carrots." Then, my
brother, raise oorn and carrots to the glory
of God. And some one says, "My business
is to manufacture horse shos nails." Then
manufacture horse shoe nails to the glory of
God. There Is nothing for you to do that
yon ought to do but for the glory of God.
Usefulness is typified by the palm tree
Ah, we don't want in the church any morr
people that are merely weeping' willows,
sighing Into the water, standing and admir
ing their long lashes in the grassy spring.
No wild cherry, dropping bitter fruit W
want palm trees, holding something for God,
something for angels, something for man,
I am tired and sick of this flat, insipid, satis
slippered, namby-pamby, hlghty-tighty re
ligion I It Is worth nothing fur this world,
and it Is destruction for eternity.
Give me five hundred men and women
fully consecrated to Christ and we will
take any city for God in three years. Girt
me ten thousand men and women fully ui
to the Christian standard; In ton years tea
thousand of them would take the whole
earth for God. ' But when are we going u
Ledyard, the great traveler, waa brough'
before the Geographical Hociety of Great
Britain, and they wanted him to make soma
explorations in Africa, and they ahowed
aim all the perils, and all the hard work
and all the exposure, and after they had
told him what the? wanted hint to do in
Africa, they said to him: "Now,- Ledyard,
when are yon ready to startl" He said:
"To-morrow morning," The learned men'
were astonished; they thought be would
take weeks or months to get ready. Well,
now, you toll me you want to be earnest for
Christ; you want to be earnest In Christian
service. Whon are you going to begin. 0,
that you have the decision to say, "To-day I
now I" Go now into the mount and gather
the palm branches. But the palm branch
also meant victory. In all. ages, in all
lands, the palm branch means victory. We
are by nature the servants of Batan. He
stole us, he has his eye on us, he wants to
keep us. The words come from our Father
that if we will try to break loose from this
doing of wrong, our Father will help us;
and some day we rouse up, and we look the
black tyrant In the face, and we fly at him,
and we wrestle him down, and we put our
heel on his neck, and we grind him In the
dust, and we say, Victory, victory, through
our Lord Jesus Christl 0, what a grand
thing it Is to have sin Under foot and a
wasted life behind our backs. "Blessed is
be whose transgression is forgiven, and
whose sin la oovored." "But," says the
man, "I feel so sick and worn out with the
ailments of life." You are going to be more
than a conqueror. ' "But," says the man, "I
am so tempted, I am to pursued in life.'.1
You are going to be more than conqueror.
"L, who have so many ailments and heart
aches, going to be more than oonquorort"
Yes, unless you are so self-oonoelted that
you want to manage all ths affairs of your
Ufa yourself Instead of letting God manage
them.' Do you want to drive and have God
take a good aeatt O, no, you say ; I want
God to be my leader. Well, then; you Will
be more than conqueror. Your last slokness
will oome, and' the physicians in the next
room will betalklngabout what they will do
for you. What difference will it make what
they do for yout You are going to be well,
everlastingly well. And when the spirit
has fled the body your friends will be
talking as to where ' they shall bury
you. What difference does It make to you
where they bury yout The angel of resur
rection can pick you out of the dust any
where, and all the cemeteries of the earth
are in God's care. (J, you are going to be
more than conqueror. ' Don't you think we
had better begin now to celebrate the com
ing victory! In the old meeting house at
Bummervllle my father used to lead the
singing, and he hadtheold-fasbioned tuning
fork, and he would strike It upon his knee,
and then putting the tuning fork to his ear
catch the right pitch and start the hymn:
But, friend, don't you think we had better
be catching the pitch of the. everlasting
song, the song of victory when we shall be
more than conquerors! Had we not better
begin the rehearsal on earth! "They shall
hunger no more, neither thirst any more;
neither shall the sun light on them, nor any
heat For the Lamb which Is in the midst
of the throne shall feed them, and shall load
them to living fountains of water; and God
shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.',
City of Eternity, to thy bridal halls
From this prison would I flee ; .
Ah, glory I that's for yon snd me.
My text brings up one stop further.' It
ays, go forth into the mount and fetch olive
branches, and pine branches, and myrtle
branches, and palm branches, and branches
of thick trees. Now, you know very
well that a booth or arbor made of
slight branches would not stand. The
first blast of the tempest would pros
trate it Bo then the booth or arbor
must have four stout poles to hold up the
arbor or booth; and hence for the building
of the arbor for this "world we mast have-
stout branchea of thick trees. And so It Is
in the gospel arbor. Blessed be God that we
have a brawny Christianity, not one easily
upset The storms of life will oome upon us,
and we want strong doctrine; not only love,
but Justloe; not only invitation by warning.
It Is a mighty gospel; it is an omnipotent
gospel. There are the stout branches of thick
trees. I remember what Mr. Finney said In
a school house In this Btate. The village
was so bad It was called Sodom and it
was said to bave only one good man In all
the village, and he waa called Lot; and Mr.
Finney, preaching, described the destruc
tion of Bodom, and the preacher declared
that God would rain, destruction npon his
hearers unless they, too, repented. And the
people In the school house sat and ground
their teeth In anger, and clenched their fists
In indignation; but before be was through
with his sermon they got dowa on their
knees and cried for mercy while mercy oould
be found. O, It Is a mighty gospel; not only
an invitation, but a warning; an omnipotent
truth, stout branches of thick trees. Well,
my friends, I have shown you here it the
olive branch of peaoe, here Is the pine branch
of evergreen gospel consolation, here the
palm tree branch of usefulness snd victory,
and here are the stout branches of thick
trees. The gospel arbor is done. The air is aro
matlo of Heaven. The leaves rustle with
the gladness of God. Come Into the arbor.
I went out at different times with a fowler
to the mountains to catch pigeons; and we
made our booth, and we sat in that booth,
and watched for the pigeons to oome. And
we found flocks hi the sky, and after a
while they dropped into the net and we
were successful. Bo I come now to the door
of this gospel booth snd I lookout I see
flocks of souls flying hither and flying
thither, O, that they might come like clouds
and as doves to the window. Come into the
booth. Come Into the booth. .
CooMwIoas That Are Absolutely Neoas.
eary to Social Harsaony.
In arranging their methods of living and
social Intercourse men are striving to so re
press and regulate their baser lives ss to
make them of as little prominence as possi
ble, snd offend in the least degree the finer
sensibilities. It Is desirable to make the
servtos and eating of meals not a mere
feeding to which we shall go with dread
and from which we shall come with dis
gust aad, If possible, not only Inoffensive,
but a positive source of refined pleasure.
Henos have grown np these little laws and
customs which have excited the contempt
of our thoughtless friends. If It offends my
neighbors to see me shovel my food Into my
mouth with a knife, I will learn to use my
fork, even if I do not at first feel that
there is sufficient ground for his feeling.
He will doubtless reciprocate by refraining
from dipping his fingers Into certain arti
cles of food which It distresses me to see
eaten that way. And so we shall establish
little oode of forbearance, desiring to give
the least possible offense to each other, and
this will grow, as others oome Into onr dr
ele. Into an elaborate oode of etiquette. It
is much easier and better for us to subscribe
to and observe these little things, even
when they appear to ns unnecessary and
even silly, than to go on la a oourse that we
can not help seeing 1s offensive to our
friends and gives them pain without giving
ua any corresponding satisfaction, and final
ly makes ns disliked or pitied. Good House
keeping. ....
ia s m
There are glimpses of Heaven granted to
us by every act, or thought or word, which
raises us above ourselves. Btaoloy.
Exactness In little duties Is a wonderful
source of cheerfulness. fabcr.
, TIMS f'ABLtVU Effect June , J8B. -
-" '' oRTatLsrnnaaDTiM. '
Oak Harbor....
Premont. .....
Norwalk .......
... .Lv
Youngs town..,
Orrvllle. .......
Valley Junction. ....Lv
Cans! Dover.,,
Marietta. ...... ,...Ar
Valley junction,.,,
Boweraton, ........
a. m. p m. p, m.
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1153 B03 8 80
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18 40 6 00 6 80
1 80 6 40 7 00
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8 58 8 15 1 10
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a. m.
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7 14
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8 40
8 10
tX "We :
WESTWARD. No 4 No 6 No 6 No 10
Bow.taton , .....
Valley Junction.
Cans I Dover
Valley Junction.,
Navarre ..,
Masslllon .
Ores ton.-.
Oak Harbor
s. m. p. m. a
6 15 10 50 i 50
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6 65 11 88 ,4 30 .
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6 87 8 88 ,
10 65 57 .
7 05 1 8 16 4 8 .
7 66 18 60 6 18 .
8 80 1 18 8
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' 18 68 1 88
0 so I 66 6 86
10 10 8 80 708
10 55 8 1 8 7 48
1140 405 880
1150 4 18 8 40
18 04 4 85
1816 4 5 8
13 85 6 0 56
1 00 6 8
1 55 6 80 '10 66
p.m. p. .nt P' n-
8 80
8 48
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7 86
7 85
7 61
8 06
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8 46
T No. 87. No. 85Lv. Aa. No, 88 NoJt
8 00m I MonroevUk 1168 8 67
. 8 60 " 0 I Norwalk lo 80 6 80
, 4 80 780aml Milan 8 48 08
' 4 60 " 8 00 " I Huron t 8 15 5 80
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t ts for and colleue, east or w.st.Qreen Spring,
0. Academy.
21-1 it Uibam C- Hatdw, D. D.. LLD.j Pres.
I J'laU'la", 1 iiialTf h's'iiW-OlL
Salvation Oil ZX'Z
I I B t. Tr.atoi.nt for Pllss, and
I saw laiO Irdts.aKaoftti.R.ctani
lttlHiBliVHOT 4 Anils, wltho.t th
us. knu.gr llfataM. KaVsIvlaMif.rlns
with th. patient oralkary datl.s snd
practically pahil.sa. t A. Ml. to 1:38 P. a.
I- I. HI OKOTf, Si'. !'
m ATWATr.Rpi.rvtar.H.tvttAJfB.o.
tovl rnii wn Tt.-i "
1 1 k a! IW nrtT fill im. kib. 1 1 -JIOttlMlM.
Hrt, UvwOrefUl.l, fv-lt .
, faM Asm latlMta, -tack, u. all
fUt.ari.iMi TImt KTr 11
fPalt, SoU kv n 4ncr mi eantn tun VI
, ' Kalian, aad Ohms '
Itching and brttsvttona of tbs Skin
i and Bostlp, '
ptt.es;;: '
JBther Itohto or Blaadlnf,
TJUSmATioas, Oota. Wotrsros, B amass. Pot
so xs, Bins of brsBOrsXATAsaa. Irruurao
ona iTss.CHTUtLAros. Chaps and Csutss.
B imtanUyrtlifa V pain of Bum and
mail boxes Mo, Large boxes loo. .
Cole'f Corbollftoap prevmUphnplea,
TMaokbeeda, ohaprwd sod oily skin, and pr
BRrves. rnwhenaand butinr thaoomplex
fcm. It Is nnmiuaiod for tue In hard water,
and Its alMuiut. purity and dMioate per
fume snake. It a positive luxury fur the
taut and nursery.
(Dawtlont- Tne lahela on the genuine ar
JVaeh nnd (As kun Omtn. Prepared only
br 1. W. Cuts Do, Blauk River Tails. Wis.
Manufacturer and Dealer in
Creamery anfl Ctoe Factory im
Headquarters for
Have six different kinds, all of which are of the latest and taost im-
provea patterns. Call and see them before buying. Every
; Stove is guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Special attention given to Eave Spouting and general jobbing.
For the Next 60 Days.
Tho Champion Binders and Mowers, Sterling and
Tiffin Hay Tedders, Tiger one and two-horse
Sulky Rakes, Buckeye and Maltia Sulky
Cultivators, Little Giant steel frame 5
shovel Cultivator, with Hilling At
tachments, $5, Steel and Wood Revers
ible Hay Forks and Pulleys, Milburn and
Turnbul Farm Wagons, Manila and HemD
Twine, Binder, and. Stack Covers. Repairs lor
CiiaiBiWififlers anilMowers. '
G. E. TO WNSBND, - Wellington, O
iMard s
' CSCFtlU undoubted!
11 wmi lilt luul its origin
ash HiiW is , among the
i OyUtlUI IT. , poorer classes
in ix'w coimJik litre water
v.-n liacl, ii.us;n.u prevalent,
IikkI with little variety, cloth
ing insullk'irnt, and exposure
to cold and wet common and
We believe it to be the cause
of nearly all chronic diseases.
Rheumatic Syrup.
f 1 'TREATPrttNT-in this, the
1 diet is ot importance, snd
the hvgirne not to be neglect
ed, rrcih air, exercise and
abundant clothing are all Im
portant. . Hibbnrd's Rheu
matic Svrup is the only rem
ra;i.':litfi44 ' Contalnlnfc the medicinal
.Virtues of certain PlanU and
-'T vU- l,ooU 01 tnown alterative
-.vNJlaW nd Dc.purant Katurei, to
gether with such remedies as Poke, Burdock, Winter
grten, diuretic, healing and Invigorating, it becorntv
tne "remedy ot nil remedies' for this most common and
Insidious eiicity of mankind. (
ftrnuM it contain no pnlsnn or nplatm. Cliildn n, Irvs'l.l- and oVll.i t pcrtons k 1 1 find it th bur
mcairtn and toaie Umj can um, No home Shouid Ix wlihu..l iu Always In kukjo, f-fruu-, Summt
II you cannot procure It ot your droiflst, srad direct to us. Pries $1.00; 6 bottles ).n Plulers 150
Post Bvaow, N. Y. I hsva been doctnrint; for
Hum ar foar ymrt, with diftersnt physicians, for
scrofula, but fcuad no relief onli! I ooounsaord utk
ing your Syrup. Conlluuinf lo use it a irv months,
1 lound myself cured. I bclisvt it to b tbs bast
anaiciM ia In wockl. '
.; ( . . Mas, William Btiumo..'
Vo remedy known se hijrnty endorsed by Its bams
passla, la the traatnani at Hbeomatiini aad all
Blend Disss. Our Medical Pamphlet. traaUne
an MaruntiMji and all Blood aad FsmsJa Oissas,
teat frs on application.
Khcumatk) 8vnu Co., Jackson, Mioh.
Col. K. h. Wiuui, Wm Ilunm, Irul.
llibtwnl's' hliutn.ilic yrup ami ru.,ters hn
done num Un ant then ny other ntrnti mm thrt I
bave ever takes. It la (he gmUst miinly for im
pure blood, and lor a dvYurpt'c or a conatinaUd per
son II seems to bavt no iquji I'lmm Mnd UM hulf
a doses bullies, O. B. llAawN. -
, Liberty, Tax,
Genti I received lb show Inter Ibis morning
lie thinks it is the greatest medktn in th world.
It kas given cnUr salislwuro to ait my trade. .1
Vl, t. S. Wilts.
m f 1 & t 1 saw
v am
Stands at the Head
tad TYPI-WRITMO, and 0BE8IN BUSINESS COLLEGE, all connected. Esptnees lew. hMrnctioa thorouih,
ud eoants complete. Circulars fro. Addrass Me KB at UBHliKBSOr, Ww, 4At
'Stm Onrin i nM (Wvn.nl
seller" In North
room, and !.?
vxacs) tw taawt to ret a rood Ttaatnens Kdnc.
tlnn, learn Hiiencorlan Penmsnnhlp nr hbrlhn4
nnrt Tvpewniln, Is a! the krilM I SUA) Itl hi
kSJuf t-OLUisSt, ll.rv.UM, . r,lo
ll.iieoiniMS. 1 knaTHrrauiAmrati4otMirr.
now tu oldbmt. la an kht and awer eommer?iMj
school. superior Seaeners. SS.IM1 former pupils,
lor student annuollv than all nthwr " bualnaaa
lW4-Mory bullillns. M c.llete tialla.omi'M and h.nl
"tl." m"T''"'"r: l"r llitrtj)M.r and fl-tmi vt-pw ralilielll In.
. AMJSIV faorsuKToaa.

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