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? .B. SMITH, Froprtatoi.
i i
General Kerrs Summary.
Interestinjr Home and Foreign Sew
Harold M. Bewail. ex-Consul General to
Samoa and an attache of the Samoon Com
mission at Berlin, has arrived at Washrnr
ton direct from Europe, He assorts that
the treaty negotiated at Berlin is materially
different from any alleged synopsis which
has yet been published.
The largest warrant issued from the
Treasury Department for many years was
signed on the 17th by Secretary Wlndom.
It takes from the treasury $337,2 lfl,259.2l).
The money is to bo ivoted to the liquida
tion of the publio dobt In tho way of re
demption of Inrads and latcrost and pre
mium account-.
Becretary Noble has Issued a peremp.
tory order to tlie agent of the Quappaw In
Property to the village of Newvtlle, Her
kimer County, N. Y., was damaged by a
cloud burst a few day s ago to the extent 01
At Lynn, Mass., on the ftght of the 30th
burglars entered the Jewelry store of H. J.
Bod well, broke open the safe and got away
u, ai' mm wnrt.h af lowelrr.
A large twelve gang mlU of the Valido
Marhla tlomDanv. Fair Haven, Vt, was
burned on the 20th. Loss 30,Sto, insurance
v.uw. ... ... - . . .. ..
Thellverv stable or Moses wens, ua
Eleventh street, New York City, was
burned on the 21st, with 125 horses, fifty
vehicles, a auantivv of food and other con
tent. Loss, WO.OOO. One fireman was
injured by faUing walls and many had nar
PrDjDsllmW to lis Co.-
den, Mich., has been sold to an English cap-.
Kalis for taU0,QU0. The orewwj m -largest
tn that Vicinity and has been
opentitvVyears. K-'.' . J
At columous,' u.,,on ane ,
Aimes. aoed throe rears, put a lighted
nani (n a sVulI nil Ra.fi. AnexDlosion lot
lowed, and the children were m.""i
wnArl t.,n. thav riled In an hour...
On the 28th fifty eight tons of provisions
were distributed to the striking miners at
Braldwood, Coal City and Princeville, HI.,
by Congressman Lawlor and the Chicago
The trial of Croghan and Richardson, at
tendant at the Cook County. (IU.) tosane
asylum,' charged wita muraenug jTV ,
Burns by mistreatment and abuse, ended at
Chicago on tne autn wun s voruiu. v
row escapes.
T.i - jnfiTvnAi nanArfjiinml that aev
I ik IB HUW UVUlwiwj . ... - vuivbv ., , .
. .iMnni in the recent ..m. With mAn am dischanreo-
enteen pvreoua wem v ... -- - kuuvj - . .
flood near Parkereburg.W. Va. It l thought The missing wUl of Thomas B. Blythe, the
the death list wlU be lurger when the die- California millionaire, has been found. - - -
tricte now cut off from communication are jr0rty registered letters, said to contain
i, , i tko dnmium to DroDertv .Kn.,v iinimn was stolon from the registry
can not be estimated at present, but will department of the Milwaukee (Wis ) post
exceed imooo. J. . office on the 21st. It is supposed to have
The steamship Huwkhurst, Captain koo- been the work of a sneait tniei.
L.j...M.niTiiinM rtnrlnir hail t v fHumnla who li charred with hav
outward trip from Now York to a Brazilian fog embeled WO.OOO from a Wisconsin
port. Her cargo, consisting oi J" ir.wi mining company u ooo, m -
of oa and a quantity of tow, caught fire t 8aa Dlogo, Cel. .'t..ti- ' v,
w r.rav triad to desert. The captain, The steamer St. Nlcholaa, with 500 coiorea
fT ,8nr.,Ztivmovetom however; compelled them to remain on the excursionists on board, tan Into aclosed
dlan Territory, to , immedtutoly oJ? a'ua successfully made the run ol drawbridge over Augustine Creek, near
the reservation all cattle unlawfully herded .vessel ana J"1"" ,,, la ner "Jn. on the 21sL The forward
KX"" " - - --met tofced, two
U1U' . ... . . I ' ' ; : u ' 1 i l k ll.kJ.,waMlllll.
On the 21st Fred Tulller, ageo tweuKr- women icuieq ana iwenij-BiKui.
Neva About Town.
It Is the current resort about town that
Kemp's Balsam; for (he throat and lungs
!b making some i remarkable caret with
people who re troubled with (Cougha,
Sore Tercet, Astuoia, jsroncnuia ana con
sumption. Any drugglit will give you a
trial bottle free of cost. It is guaranteed
to relieve nnd cure. The large bottles are
nrty cents ana one dollar. - ;r
Why emblttcrllfe by dragging around
with lameback , diseased kidneys, dropsl
cal swellings, female weakness, nervous
debility ,heartdlsese andrheumaticcom
nlaintg.when Dr. Fenner'e Kidney and
Backache Cure will so ouickly cure f Rev,
A.J.Merchanl.Preeiding iEfder writes!
"It gave me almost instant and entirely
Crann. 1 Ho 4t roHnlVAfl hv OlK (imTH AS'
thAKtutanf Ohln. That a nroDosltlon
ihsll be submitted to the eleotors oi this Btate
.k. ...r Tn.aH.ii ofiur tha flrmt MondBV In
November, 1889, to amend Bectjoa 2 of Article
All oi the uonstltuiion oi ine oiaw ui uum
that it shall read ss follows l
.-. i t i i , ARTICLE XII.
o-n o iru flnnm Aaaamhlv nhall OrOVlde
forthe'ralBlng of revenue for the uPPOf?'
Caveti,and Trade Marks obtained, and a
Patentbmlness oonduoted tor Moderate ee
cantranssctpatentbusinessin less time an
at less cost than those remote from W ashing
t0Se'nd model, drawing, orphoto. with desorlp
tlon. We advise if patentable or not, free o
charge. Our lee not due till patent is secured
A book, "How to Obtain Patents." with ret
erences to actual cllenti In vourBtate, county
ortown, sent free. Address-
a A. SNOW & CO.,
Opposite Patent Offlae, Washington, D. C. ,
permanentrelief." Buperiorto .11 known S eiSiernn,uent.T bu7Jaie.
meaicines in tnege aiseases. i ut bbio uy shauee unllorm on ine same own "jj'
aunMuv " i . . .
rimiririRta Burying grosndt, publlcscnooi nounuuu
aruggisis. .J .rn.ii nr nnhim worshln. instltu-
n--. i .. tlons of nurelv public charity, public property
ine noniemrev uiu u ....U6vm . i.,,,sili ,or . nubiio purpose, ano
all ni tha handsomest, and Others are in-1 i n...ort to n amount natexceed'ug
vlted to call on any drugglrt and get free (n iraluo two hundred dollars lot each Individ,
a trial bottle of Kemp'. lsam for the g?!" all Vo?
lungs and thoat, a remedy that is selling tmfUa ,naii,tromtlmetotlme,beascertained
entirely upon its merits anu is guuramewi Bntt puoitsnea. as may oe mrociju u, .
. . . . si . i . . I u r . . u o i . .ii-h AiAnt inn thoaa elec
in mi imva ntiri riii i;nronic rdu acuiv i -
The President has appointed John F.
Btageam to oe enie : years, a waiter at the Hotel Geriach, lurea, some' dtwhom wiH die. -
with the relative rank of Lieutenant Com-1 four years, ri aievatoi 1 JT'iha anth the steambarm Joseph P.
mnr ...... I W ur "'f """".T 1 . 7 .ru.- .Knnt
haft from the ainth story to tne oasemBn, Farnan nurneo m u auuu''(""
... . . . i ...i. .naA I mllA. nff Hnnth Haves. Mich, ine
UO leei, ana v"i- vl with
Dodse ft Oloott s essenuu ana cnuuuwn i crew oi eievon u ""j:
,rv: ..i fit. w i was de 1 thai. itva A f tor floatinff several hours on
strayed by fire on the entalUng a loss I improvised rafts, they were rescued in an
ti mndition bv the steamer uienn
m" Va. j ... tha Hf-aainir sUUon at
i Mrs. Mary xiooina. asm uiuj j i ww - , .
m7 .Uh Pa. ABthe 81st. Bhe was South Haven. The Teasel was valued at
never inside a post-office or on a railroad
train durine her life. She had nursed Gen
eral Hanoock when be was an infant
Secretary Proctor having recommended
that the reservation of Fort McDermlt,
Ner., be restored to the publio domain, be
ing nq longer required for military pur
poses, president Harrison baa Issued
proclamation carrying into effect Secretary
Proctor's recommendation.
Captain George Dewey has been appointed
Chief of the Bureau ef Equipment and Re
cruiting In the Navy Department, with the
relative rank of Commodore.
Cblonel Barlow, of the Engineer Corps,
who has charge of the improvements te the
Coughs, Asthma, Bronchitis and Consum
ption. Large potties ou cenia auu i.
lOO. Ladies Wanted.
Ami in mn to call on anv druggist
for a free trial package of Lane's Fam
ily Medicine, the great root and herb
remdyi discovered by Dc pUs. b&e
while in me 9CKy a.puniui..i"
diseases of the blood, liver and kidneys
It is a positive cure. For constipation
and clearing up the complexion it does
wonders. Children like it. nveryouo
praises it. Large size package, M cts.
At aiiaruggtsis.
at5,000 and was owned' by Pat Smith, of
Cleveland. 0. .4 U t I . ' 1' iv
i It is said that a constitution ior norm
Dakota has been prepared by able lawyers.
! There Is mucn inaignauon m Dniuwn., i lbhui una ran --
N. J., over the pardon oi ugUDy, wuo h jb maae up o . um u.v -
. , ....m u i. nnnv hvatwl An.litiitiana nf tha various States, ana
lis annual re- wircaea w ; "-- --,- ' ,r."T". .tinn it an earlv del
port to the Chief of Engineers tbatL80u,j ta "ine aeponwr. v-v - ZSmOM,
can be wofitably expended on the river sixty per cert. ; ; f ?fS???H0 .JL
below Chattanooga during the fiscal year
ending June 30, lbDl. The distance is 4M
miles. , ''
George K. Holmes, of Great Barrington.
Mass., will collect Indebtedness statistics
for the census. He Is a newspaper writer
and student of social and economic ques
tions. The total bond purchases from August S,
1887, to date amouut to H55,T6e,100, costing
i V. Nolle and his wife, Blanche, who were
arrested a short time ago at Far Reckaway,
N.Y., on Information received that the
husband bad embezzled 150,000 francs from
a Paris banking house, sailed for Havre on
the 80th in charge of a French omcer. iney
had agreed to return to Paris without a
requisition. ' '
I In the License Court at Pittsburgh on the
SoUi Judge Ewlng refused to gram a re-
! At Chicago on the 30th James W. Sykes
the once wealthy "warehoe.se man, wai
found .guilty M J sButnB trauauienv wun?
nAi'J raoctnti and' the iury fixed his pun
lshment at two years in the penitentiary
This is the third trial oi Mr.,BJxes.
As the Emperor of Brazil was leaving
thaatar at Rio de Jeneiro on the night of th
23031622,074, The saving to the Government hearing in the. cases of 138 retail liquor K7th rtuguese drew revolver and flreo
amounts to 130,883,004.
The Virginia Btate Prohibition oonvention
met at Lynchburg on the 18th and nomina
ted a full State ticket, at the head of which
for Governor is Hon. Thomas E. Taylor, of
Loudon County.
More than 800 operators In silk mills at
Peterson, N. J., are on a strike because,
owing to hard times, the employers are
forced to elose or reduce wages ten per
cent " " "
At Old Orchard, Me., the rooms at the
Old Orchard House occupied by Mr. and
Aaalnra whose aDDlication for licenses were 1 vlrtl - The shot, however, missed the Em-
recently rejected by Judge White. ' peror'and did no harm. . Th would-be as-
Tha arnnrta of soecle from the port of I .a..i .u immediatelv arrested. 1
New York for the week ended July ; On tte 17th an earthquake Shock was fell
amounted to (3,623,033. Of this amount 0Q laUnd of Arras and on the mainland
2,M2,M3 went to Parle. The imports of ofgootland. Hon see were' shaken but nt
nania far tha same neriod amounted to .t HamairA raaulted. 1 r
The steamer irouiw jauior, touj
specie for the same period amounted
i Tha waaklv statement of the New York
aaaoclated banks. Issued on the 20th, shows
fhanires as follows: Reserve Increase,
; 1804,725; loans decrease, 11,583,500; specie
Increase, U0,wuu; legal wnuen "i
'from Heytlan porte,f report , that all was
quiet at the island. The story that Legit
ime has found It necessary to enlist female
tannna la flenind.! t ' i : " ' ' " ' ' " '
r- . .1..,
The Egyptian government naa uouuou
aimann. Hnnlta itnrrfiaM. I1.828.W0; dr-1 4,m vrannh government that the letter's re-
enlation decrease, (8,300. The banks held I ra aocept tha conversion scheme wUl
Mrs. Thomas B. Winchester, were entered (7,287,835 In excess of the twenty-five per Egypt yearly 200,000.
durins their absence on the 18th by un
known persons, and robbed of Jewelry
valued at (4,000 end a small amount of
Business failures occurring throughout
the country for the week ended July 19 num
ber 208, aa compared with total of 20 for
the previous week. For the corresponding
week of last year tne ngures were wo.
cent. rule. r an Ottawa (OnU dispatch on the 18tb re-
1 urrrv a ai'n am itu porta the drowning of aix men while at
. . WEST AND SOUTH. . L,i - .hnnt Roche'a RaDlds with a
, The United Grain Elevator Company was 1 n were returning from shanties
organised at 81 LouU en the 18th by the (n inn,bor dUtricta, where they had
election oi yveoo ax. dmiuwi prowu. v-, during toeJeav au montns.
general manager, and B. L. tsiaok aecreiary i En(riiin paper mantif Jturers' eyndl-
onrf traaaurar. Tha OomDSnT la capitalised I ... ... kX and a oanlV
at (3,475,000 witn a oonueu v. uj o 500,000 about guaranteea. ine
nominated George Lamont, of Bound Brook,
for Governor.
It la reported that the entire plant of the
Albany (N. Y.) Brewing Company has been
transferred to an English syndicate. Tho
company is one of the largest in the city.
The terms of the transfer have not yot been
made public.
. At the semi-annual meeting of the East
ern Association of glass bottle manufact
urere, held at New York on the 18th, It was
resolved to strenuously resist the demands
of the workmen In regard to wages, and the
limitation of apprentices. It waa also re
salved to insist that American boys be al
lowed to learn the trade, Instead of Import
ing foreigners when there is a scarcity of
workmen in this country.
James Copeland, aged forty-three, shot
himself fatally in his burial plot in Green
wood cemetery, Brooklyn, N. Y., on the
18th. Business reverses, family bereave
ments and failing mind led to the deed.
.iamm la lo.000.000 bushels.
The Denver ft South Park railroad has
been sold under foreclosure for (3,000,000
to a committee of the old stockholders. It
Is understood that the railroad will be man
aged ij the Union Pacific.
E. A. Carlton baa been arrested In Minne
apolis charged with being the leader in the
extensive real estate frauds recently un
earthed in Ht PauL
George W. Norton, Br., a retired million
aire bunker and capitalist of Louisville,
Ky., died on the 18th. He was the richest
man in Kentucky, possessing large real
estate Interests in Chlcagpjuuiutn, Cincin
nati, Louisville and elseFuere. He was
aavmitv-f our vcars of age.
The explosion of a boiler in the planing
mill of the R. V. Stone Lumber Company
at Chicago on the 18th, shattered the mill to
atoms and Instantly killed three men. The
other employee had miraculous escapes.
Anita and Miriam Boggs, maiaon siswra,
I- 1
those eleotors
desiring to vote for such amendment may have
placed upon their oaunis m i .-..
m..Va. ' and thnaa AODOSed to SUCH
amendment may have plnced upon their bal-
. .. .l . T....H..H A mimiuI m mi t No.
Bsotion 8. This amendment ;hll take effect
on the first da, of Jamjarv,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
TUBO. r . UAVlo,
Prenldent pro tem of the Senate.
Adopted April S.1B8B. ,
, TJxiTKn BtATxsor Amsbioa. Ohio, 1
1 l. ; !0rnCB0THB6B0BSTBTOBtATM.
I, Daniel i. Kyan, Secretary of State of the
Q , .. , a .f tllil, Aa IiapmIiv nartifv that the inre-
iliu la tma nun. nf a inlnt resolution
adopted by the General Assembly of the Btnte
taken from the original rolls Bled ih this office
In teetimony whereof, I have hereunto sub
scrioea ray name, anu iur,i
A Grateful Clergyman
Rev Thoa. Rlchey, formerly presiding I B1A1, Clal seal, at Columbus, the 16th day of
der of the Northern N. Y, Confer- Ap A;,U;TaNIKL J.'eyan.
ence.glvds this opinion of a PPulr
remedy : "I have found Van Wert's
Balsam to De a wonuenuicucwu-.o m
iclne for the lunf?s.: I have recommend
ed it to several of my friends who ar
suffering from consumption and almost
miraculous Denenis n niu .
' j , Secretary of State.
S. F. BLACK, i
Contractor and Bnilder,-
P1.ni on1 oati'mntitft miulA." Job
use. I am of the opinion that .if taken I k of -U Orders -by
,u time it would anopia cer.n . cure - ,
cent, as a result of the formatioa of the
In the English House of Commons the
government accepted a proposal by Mr.
John Morlcy that an Increased allowance to
the Prince of Wales, enabling him v pro
vide marriage portions for his children, be
substituted for the proposed special grants.
Paks, Hungary, waa visited by a confla
gration recently which destroyed four hun
dred houses and publio buildings. Many
children are reported to be. missing. Hun
dreds of people are rendered homeless by
the fire.
Tni whnllnir schoonor Sarah W. Hunt,
while off East Greenland recently, lost a
boat and crow In command of mate John
Sharp, of New London, Conn. The boat
was fast to a whale which "sounded," car
rying down tho boat and its occupants.
Job Koe, one oi tne most pruimuem
th Is dread dUease" T would u rge all mail promptly attended to,
who are suflering wun iudk auu
..n..M.atnr.rTlt. Trial slr.e free. E.
W. Adams the iieaainji urusin.
.... jntere8te(j pe0pio.
a jn..iiainir a natant niedlclns th pe
culiar way In which Kemp's Balsam, for
Coughs and colas aoes, n i nu
derlul. Be authorizes ' diagglsts te
give those who call tor it, a aauipio .
free, that they may try It before Pa.
Inc. The large bottles are 60 cents and
. t ., a aartalnlv WOUld advise S
trial. It may save you from consumption,
. . a
i BlmDlv nuniving and cleaosiPf the
blood is not sufflclenf. .It aeeds enriching
also.the nervous system neeu.
all of which Is accomplished by Dr.'ftw
ner'i Blood ana Liver wjj it.
Tonic. Use his Cough Honey in ss
conghs; hlsuoiaen i'-'V"
d stomach and bowel disorders f hip
iridnAv and Backache Cure In lame back,
j J.a aiikidnAV disorders; bis tier
and piles: nisjapiwii
ind strength. For sale by draggliu.. .;
Dyspepsia or Indigestion always yield
to the curative properties of Hibbard's
Rheumatic Syrup, containing, as it does
nature's sneclflc for the 'mcb. For
sale at E. W. Adams' and F I? Felt
j, .......
City .Markot,
Is the best place in the .frity . r
""togetstrictlyNo.lMealfl, 1
and Sausage Fresh' ' --
and Salted. ; ' '.
: Meat always clean. Altention slws)
iven. Pncesalwaysfalr. .
' u gnceeMorta ' 1
..nmTtTT aa. A flflAflHlT
nHHISTIS & BKNNiiT,i,ICarpenterBlotWx Wellincton, O
or virt DKecKirTioM. .5
.i h i SS.-
2f. ;
Savkd tiik Valob of a FABM-Sellers
Cough Syrop has attained a reputation al
most equal to Sellers' Pills, and more could
hardly be said of any other medicine. The
syrup should be kept in every family
when there are children, and grown up
people find It a most valuable medicine
for coughs, colds, hoarseness, and throat
snd long diseases. The pills are such a
V .a .
!.,,, thAm Ha ii aii o a cenuemin id
Eastern Maryland,"Why I haveralsed my
family on Sellers' Pills, and I consider
ti.am almost as essential to a family ss
ST SW AS 1 J sle, Jjt en. of Powell County, Ky,
was assas-
rZZ ail rded at Boston on the Sid. He was leader of a
the "boodle aldorman," ended at Baiisten, .iaH lolntlv savins- that ; "V, a . k ,hnri
in a verdict of acquittal. ,7,' Vm .iflaand l011 .... ..
N. T., on the 19th
McQuade was convicted In New York City
nf briberv in connection with the Broadway
railroad franchise while serving as alder
man, and waa for months confined In Bing
Sing. His counsel secured a new trial by
due processes of law and the case was re
manded to Saratoga County for trial, with
the above result. -
A boiler explosion in the grinding depart
ment of the Eagle Valley tannery at Ridge
way, Pa., on the lUth set fire to the building.
A young man named Striker was cremated
in the flames and six other employes were
badly burned, some of them fatally. The
damage to the building amounted to 110,000.
The suit trust was incorporated at Albany,
X. Y., on the 19th under the name of the
North Amorlcan Bait Company, capital
stock, $11,000,000. President, W. R. Burt;
Vie Prosldnnt, Franklin Woodruff; Treas
urer, H. K. Thurber.
The National Association of Baddleand
Harness Makers have decided to become a
hnri nf the Federation of Trades and Labor.
Wilson H. Hherman, the absent member
of the firm of Bherman Bros. Co., in
volved in the grain shortage case, has re
turned to Buffalo.
The crew of the Red Btar line steamer
Mara formerly the Beetle which waa
wrecked near Los Koques early this month,
have arrived at New York on the steamer
Philadelphia. The Mars' survivors number
twenty-soven. Bhe waa valued at 1200,000
and Insured for 1178,000.
The store of C. B. Lawshe, at Trenton,
N. J., waa entered by burglars on the night
of the lHth and 13,000 worth of silk stolen.
A mixed train on the Moriden, Waterbury
r. rnnnnctlcut railroad lumped a bridge
near Merlden, Conn., on the 19th, wrecking
the engine and four freight cars. Three
trainmen wore injured, James Lynn fatally.
Ore containing thirty passengers narrowly
escaped going down. .
, Charlie Mitoholl, the English pugilist,
with Mike Donovan, Kllraln's second In the
recent fight at Rlchburg, Mies., have fled to
tf anada to avoid arrest
Captain James Beggs, a member of the
firm of James Bcggs & Co., Mew York City,
committed suicide at his home in Trenton,
5. J., on the 19th by shooting himself
through the hoart He was at one time
considered one of the best mechanical en
gineers In the country, and conducted a
prosperous business. Drink had unbalanced
his mind. .
At Bouth Harrlsburg, Pa., on the 21st,
two men wore struck and killed by the
western express. One was about thirty
' and the othor twenty years old. The ad
dress "John Kolser, Jersey City," wee
found In the pocket of one of the men.
"there was nothing In life for old maids and
they were tired of It" They were In good
circumstances, out naa bo reiauvos living.
Arsenic was placed In the food of the four
children of Joseph Hunter, a planter living
near Btar City, Ark., a few days ago, and
three ef them have died. The criminal and
his motive are unknown.
Referee Fltzpe trick, Bud Renaud, C. B.
Rich and others connected with the Sullivan
Kllraln fight were arraigned in court at
Purvis, Miss., on the 18th, pleaded not guilty
and were admitted to ball to appear at the
next term of court.
William Bolle, oldest son of uenry none,
one of the leading winemakers of the Btate,
and ' Martin Pipher, were suffocated In a
fermenting tank at Santa Rosa, Cel., on the
18th. -
Pes roe ft Ryan, wholesale whisky dealers
of Nashville, Tenn., made an assignment on
the 19th. The liabilities are stated at 1102,-
for killimr his father-in-law,
EiwRo D. Raskis, D. D., one of the
best known Presbyterians of the country,
died at bis home in Newark, N. J., on the
22d, aged forty years.
Willum G. Baltosstaij, of Boston, died
recently In Italy, aged fifty-eight years.
During the Rebellion he commanded in
succession two gunboats In the Federal
navy and rendered distinguished service.
At Providence, R, I., on the 22d James
Mahoney and Robert Fisher were run down
and killed by a train. They were pushing
an empty car upon the track at tne time. .
Da. TnxoDOBi Dim ox, ex-army surgeon,
prison physician and ex-superintondent of
the Btate Insane Asylum at Auburn, n.
died in that city on the ffld, aged seventy,
two years. 1 1
On the 22d the goods and chattels of Dis
trict Assembly 49, in Pythagoras Hall, New
York, were sold at auction. It was the last
...a Tn the last thirty yeais they have
'"" 7 ... j" Lin. ... I ThliMn
saved me enougn, in anciur uiii, w pjr K,;eamim. santi,
(or a farm. Uincinnati i imes-oiar.
A Q 3at Surprise
Tain store tct all who use Kemp's Bal
sam for the throat and lungs, the great
guaranteed remedy. Would you believe
that it Is sold on Its merits and that any
druggist is authorized by the proprietor of
Ibis wonaenut renieay in iio j"u a .am
ple bottle free? It never fails to cure acute
m chrooic coughs. All druggists sell
Kemp's Babam. Large bottles 60 cents
and $1.
a- -aa -a-
William Laird.
William Laird, a well known drug
t.nf HnrlnuHald. Oregon, writes as
follows: "My stock ot Van Wert's
Cough Balsam ordered from you a Bhort
time ago Is tlmoit exhausted and I am
pleated to note the fact that it bss giv
en universal satisfaction, lliave never
had a single bottle returnef . The
medicine Is a boon to mankind." Irlal
size free. kE W. Adams the Lesdln
Foroed to Leave Home.
Over 60 people were forced t o eave
Great Medical Dis-
Thlt Mf (T.rlDii will enr Chronic and lnflimmtttiry
HkX Headache an-l all dlaraan of ine l.iyer an;
KMnfja Alw will cure calarrn. arroiuia, au
lihouni. nd all diaraaet that rr cauard from Impure
blood. It It one of tho bi Wood tnd Liver trine
ai.m ..nn ii m,rani.a tlie hlood. crt'tlet a nalur
action of the I' irr and klducya. Hence, It eradicate!
Ih.-ac dincaat'l from the .ytUrn. Thoee tuBerlns
with three dlK-tnee, try a bns of thlt icrttt
dlaoovrrt', suit he convinced of Ha menu, Every
busniaianterd lo alve tailafacuon, "'SE'.'JJ
ser hoi. or ill lioict lot S Be eure jroa gel the
Soldonlv la Wellington, ty "Dr. eT
W. Hnnffhton.
Should any one delre. they can order direct from
diiuum. .. Th a Ii the cele
brated medicine dHlvered to tnecltlieniof Welling
ton lait Kebrutry and betetofor only bea sols by
the Doctor eiooerllo
flinin ' IKMAN'B FKRrECl
A thneraivhlv laalail and wholeaomfl DreDaratk
for arreatliic fermentation, enabling one to have
A thoroughly tested and wholesome preparation
or arreatiiic fenneotatlon, enabling one to have
rich, parkllng older the year around. Has bean on
tha market six year, and Is indorsed bv tboua.
anriawhiihavauaedit. It thorourhlr clarinet, and
Imparts no forehen taata. lit up In boxes deign
ed for St and Ml-xalL packages, ratalUntfe Wand
60 Ota. gold by dealers, or sent by mail on receipt
. i lUll.U DUn'l 1 . . u . rrm IIm. A
US JHWa. maaa anu ,.--l.iw.i.
Sold by F. D. Felt.
We are now making easy terms and ex
ceedlngly low prices; also show. the fine
of Pianna and Orrans In the Btate
wva v o t...
W are the Northern Ohio AgenU for I
. Deoker Bro'a
'B-Dreher'! ' .
Newby St Evani
Worooster and Loring & Blake Vw
New Organs $8.00 per month.
Writeforfree catalogue and information "
J47 Buptrior 8t CLEVELAND. OHIO
Try the Cure
Ely's Cream Balm
mnfljnana the Nasal PajwaKes. Al-
lays Tnflp.mran.rinn. Heal the Sore.
Koetorea the Bensea of Taste, Smell
and Hearing. . .
A (.article Is applied lawauhsiaMtrll aid
It aareeablr. Prla. Wc at lralala ar ky
.all. ELY BHOTHKH&iBS Warren ot.,Ntw Tota.
ts--n. ra, saa nrrm FPe
0ea8i,withi33,i4.e8bMu. , ltSrtlSf.weit tLZX::Z'twtrVl Hill h VPtLnupO
rJXLEX LvnT aiWeX known and once powerful Knighu of Labor of L.nV. F.rnlly Medl. laHUI I DYES
five, members ot leading families in Ke
nosha, Wis., were drowned in Lake Michi
gan off the harbor piers in that city, by the
opsettlnt of a skiff.
The board of directors of the Pullman
Palace Car Company have declared the
nsnal quarterly dividend of V per share
from net earnlnirs.
The Missouri Bute Board ot Railroad
Commissioners has decided that all the
railroads in tho Btate must reduce their
rates on grain ten per cent., oa live stock
wenty-flve per cent, and on coal twenty-
live per cent
The large lumber mill ot W. L. & L. D.
ChurohiU, at Alpena, Mich., was struck by
lightning during a storm on the 19th and
totally destroyed. Loss, 140,000 to 175,000.
Rev. Denis Spurrier, pastor of the M. E.
church at Owensboro, Ky., died suddenly
without a moment's warning while about a
mile and a quarter from Mammoth cave
entrance in one of the narrow passages.
Mrs. Spurrier, a bride of thirty-six hours,
was near him.
- The Executive Board of the KnlghU of
Labor on the 10th granted a charter to the
Bhlp Caulkers and Carpenters' National
Trade Assembly. This moans an accession
ot about 3,000 members for the Knlgnta 01
The National Educational Association ad
loomed at Nashville, Tenn., on the 10th,
Among the resolutions adopted Was one
condemning the delay of Congress In pass,
ing pending bills in aid of education and
urging the necessity of increased appropri
ations. The Joseph Basch brewery at Lake Lin-
Om the 23d Will Murphy, a deaf and dumb
boy, perished in the flames of a burning
house at Btoneham, Mass., and his father
was seriously burned while trying to save
Jon Wbkteruhb, John Fisher and An
drew Btrcleher, three of the men who were
Injured in the Rldgeway, Pa., tannery ex
plosion on July 19, have since died, and
John Hargesson is expected to die at any
At North Andovor, Mass., on the 22d Al
bert F. Whitman, agod nine, and Uoury E.
Humlln, agod ten, were drowned while
bathing in the Merritiao river. Whitman
was seized with cramps and Hamlin wont
to his assistance and both wore drowned.
It Is reported that the brewers of the
country who have not sold out to the En
glish syndicate are forming a trust to pro
tect themselves against the operations of
the syndicate brewers.
Hri.ik J. Mack, the former wife of Mind
Reader Bishop, who obtained a divorce from
him last March, has proton ted for probate a
will made by Bishop in Liverpool some
years ago, before he married her, by which
he bequeathed her all his property and
made her his administratrix. Letters of ad
ministration were recently granted to
Bishop's second wife, and the first wife asks
that these be revoked. "
A PABTT of surveyors, headed' by Frank
M. Brown, left Denver, Col., May 28 to ex
plore the Colorado river for a railroad com
pany. On the 23d news was received that
Brown, Peter Hasbropgb and Henry C
Rlobards were drowned on July 10 by the
upsetting of their boat in a whirlpool
cine. If vour blood is Dsa, jour uvsr
aud kidneys out of order. If you are
constipated and have neaaacne aim a..
naihiiv nnmnlaxion. don't fall to
call on any druggist to-day for a free
mnanf this ff-rftnii remeuy in.
l' . .. - liU.a It
ladies praise it. Jj.veryuu
Large size packane tO cents. '
Da Toar Owst Dye In-, at noma.
Th-yatUdytevary thing. 1'hey aratoldevare.
where. Prim loo. a packes. Tb.y have noequal
i Btrenif t ilnihfneae, Amount la Paekarea
oNfor Fwtii 1 Color, or non-faOInf; Qualities,
Ther-doiinte-irkaramntiiOenlora, Toreelebf
E, W AdnmsalsoF.D.Felt
r Lf.Lu a Tvala twnnlex1on. If a
rSnlenilid Tonle. and cures Iloilt, Plm.P-j
. . . i 1 1 mi.., i .
I'l, berorula, niercnnat au' a.,
lUlteaaei. Bold br Tour DruggUt. C
Seller. Medicine Co., Pirtsburgh.Pal
Pennsylvania fire Ins; Co.
statu of onto, ) .
Dolumliiu. January al, liwa, 1
I, SAMFFt K. KKMP, Soperlntendani af In
tnranre ol tha Utile ol Ohio, do hereby certify thai
the Penniylvsnls Klre Inanrance Vm., lorateu at
VhllaOelnbla, In the Btate of I'enniylvania, hat
cooiDllwlin all reepw-U with the law. of tin. elate,
.. una i. , ...itr.na cnm naniaa. ulnar man uiifi
tncuajNirmted by other eta tea of the United Stalm,
Only OeeaJii. Krfm fMasnary
t j.,ks Learned 1st readl.a. .
- " " . , A
Great Indueaniaeta to C r.poDdoe
tV. JJ -V "Jl mi- fthtt saniftnLla'.
" ..r,i.rr1r tJlhion,
I.tlnf te I iiiurance tonipanlea, other than Life.
and Ii aulliorlted to Ir.n.acl Itl appropriate bu. .
neat of yiaalaHUHAritJaiin tnnniaie, iDnccuru
ance wllh law, during the current yar. The con
dition and bn.lneaa of laid Uonpany on tha tlilriy
Itr.t day of Darember, of the ynar neat preoadiur
the date hereof. Ii hown by the italement, umli r
oath, reoulred lr Bectlon SM. atevnwdSutttli.of
Ohio, to be at followt: .-,,.,
AiithiU amonnl of available Aaula, ,07,l'.l H
Assrwate amount of llalillillee (except
capital), Including ra-luiurauce,...,.. , JiJ'M;' '
Au-f.. l.rOl.i .11 1 .1
Amount of actual eaid-uncaplul,. .' . .
eurplnl 1,2M,7I6IU
A mount'of Income for the year In caih, l,14i,5 41
Amount of Dipaudlturee tot the yeat .
tnoaah, 1,0M,S774
n hi Is WrTKiea WBStsnr, I h hereunto
t .... 1 OTbectlliea
I SSAL.,t i,m,.l aeal
' Bupt. of luturane.
J. H. B0TNT0N, Agent at Elyria, 0. .
I w naaaiir, j na.. .... ........
my name, aud cauard my
il to be alined, the lby Sud
Almost aa Palatable as Milk.
a eHiBntied (hat It can be taken.
dlgeaied, cad aaatrallateel by the vivaat
aenalUva slomaoh, whan tha Plala oil , ,
raunnt ba tolerated! and bjr lb eons
blnatloat it th. all with tha hrpopUst-
phltas Is mswai mar mcawtoti..
- BemarkiDie u lesa pradaesr. . , ;
Pcjasai (tla rapidly while taUnc it ; i ; j
E(XynrSEMTJL8I0NkacknowleaRedby I
rhysioiaDS to be the Finest and Best prepa,
ration in the world for the relief and care of I j
Th jreel rtmtdy for Gavrni)f(ai, and z
Wasiing in Chlldrm. Sold by all Drwjjiili. ,
rrmaiioM by ene trntilH. Th.j ) I
qua) lbrerlMltaelnM1llMach.,( f
aa. Malaria, liver Oomplelal, rrr. i I
I have no equal f
fand AaTjeTlwlliartloa, Baelie, end tUl
1 llver and Blemacl, treadlea. They never 1
'Kali. a,is all dteim and rorotrv or I

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