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'Events of Interest Ooourrfnjr la
a Our State. i
Latest DavelopwenUfT'ie;ardlns; th Clave
land Jail Dellveryninil gabseqneat Shoot
Ing or Offlmr Uoldeoll and a Uarglar.
r' Clivelaxb, O., July 2a The interest In
r Saturday night's jail tragedy was mani
fested MondHy by the Increased throng of
Tlslton at Heftron's morgue, whore the
dead body of the supposed burglar still re
mains. A Mrs. Wilcox called at the morgue
during the day and identified the dead thief
as Michael Holland) whose, home was la
Rochester, N. V. The woman' husband
also Identified him. ' " .
V At the Huron 8treet HosoltaL where Den-
ty Sheriff Qotdaollis making .desperate' !
vgm lor uie, tne report is more favorable,
auaur. j on os, one ot the . attending sur
geons, state that aU ; danger t ronv homor-)
rhago resulting troai. perforation Of the
bowels Is now nassed.and theonlv thlnr
r ;"now feared is from peritoneal inflammation.
; Ooldsoll slept five, hour Sunday, night uu
,"' R aided by anodynes and awoty .touch re-
( freshed Moaday morning.. He is qultehope
' ful and far nioreehoerf ul than ut any time
' since be was shot. It is now believed that
-,. the ball did not penetrate the abdominal
cavity bu passed, to the; right ;and down
f. Sward, lodging afaj&tt the intorloif o tjh hip
bone. . '
Nothing Is known of the whereabouts of
Bmlth and Mansfield, who escaped from the
Jail Saturday night, but it is thought that
they are in Western Pennsylvania or West
Virginia. It seems certain that the dead
v. burglar was not connected with them.
Am Assault Which May Baault In the
-,t Jth '. lOianeMnn. . ;!
, Nemohviu-s, 0 , :Juiy 28. -r What may;
" ; prove a fatal stabbing affray occurred on a'
train on the Btraltsville branch of the (J.,
. H. V. A T. railroad the other evening near
Carbon Hill. The parties had been to Logan
to see a ball game, and all had been drink
i, lng. As -the -train 5 drew1 near thej above
. . place, soma one threw, a sup of Water In the
' face of Bert Davis. Hej thinking George
. Brooker did It, Jumped on his back and
stabbed him five times in the head, neck
' and shoulders. .....,....,.,.,....
Davis was immediately arrested, and at
a preliminary trial was bound over to oourt
- i In default sf bail. He was taken Jo Jail at
"IIMxtgan, Brooker tee young pen. nineteen
i Vears old, .while Davto is labovt Jtotfy, ant
has a large family.
ST a flmmm f Ul.fak.B Th.bIU-.
' "'Nw YonlJalf f3.-tA evening papeffl
states thatMissKltUeMcCormlck, of Cleve-'l
land, O., who was supposed to have com
- mltted suicide as "Kittle Doane" last weeM
is not connected In any war with the latter
unfortunate, notwithstanding the supposed
identification of the Doane girl as Miss 11 o
. Connick by her cousin, Tom Reynolds, of
, Yonkers, who said the description of Kittle
. n Doane talliod etecUy : with trtai ef Kittle
." McCormibk and told etaleof hec, running.
, away with w in Kioier.-a aewitie; macniae
agent. A reporter found Hiss McCormick
. yesterday. She Is the wife of Wilson L.
'.- Klbler, who keeps a small shop on Third
- "" avenue. The two were married at home
' . and came here. Mrs. Klblor denies that her
husband was ever married and aays she
knows nothing at all of Kittle Doane. . .
r Three I'rlaoners Make a llraak for Liberty,
'. ". Ciuclcviu., 0., July 83. Through the
' a tupidity of sheriff Wallace all the prison-
. ers confined In the county Jail escaped
through an unlocked door on Sunday,
-,' Luckily there were but three of them, two
of whom have been recaptured. Charles
Kaiser, charged with forgery, is tho missing
one. Sheriff Wallace passed the prisoners'
. . breakfast through the wickat In the morn
ing and did not discover that the inner door
was unlocked. Supposing it to be locked,
' he allowed the outer door to remain open,
thus giving the prisoners an unbarred pas.
sago to freedom, which they soon discovered
rand ntlllzed. The raptured onea made no
effort to elude the officers, .. . -'
Sadden' Departure of a awladUr.
, ' ', Castoj 0., ;July 23. J. W. Fannkh, ft
v Cleveland young man, came to Canton sev
; . eral months ago representing himself as a
' f prospective employe of tho Deuber Watch
f Company. On these grounds he obtained
board at the Barnett House as well as sev
' ' . era! loans varying from five to twenty do!
' lars from difforent persons with whom be
i became acquainted. Saturday, be suddenly
. ' left town without paying any bills, and it
-'-now turns out that the Deuber company
- "never beard of him and that he has worked
'- '' J the same swindle In several towns before
' " Charged With an Atrocious trim.
". ' Yocsostows, 0 1 July 23. Edward Dar
ling, aged twenty-eight and married, wasar
: t rested Monday at the borne of his wife's
mother, Mrs. Balston, In Coltsvllle, this
- county, on the charge of 'committing an
atrocious rape on the person or bla own sis
! .- ter Blanche, aged twenty, at hi home in
' , ' Hew Bedford, Fa., a week ago. ' The sheriff
of Lawrence County, Pa., has been looking
. , for him ever since, lie was taken to ew
; Castle Jail. - ;
, . ' taddaa Death of a Waalthy Canton Cltlssa.
' if f Camtow, O., July 23. John F... Reynolds,
-. aged seveuty-two, vloe president of the City
National' Bank and one of Canton's most
I prominent otUxens, dropped dead from pa
ralysis of the heart Monday morning while
. dressing for DrealcrasL He was in usual
.- 4 . health upon retiring Sunday night and
'. showed no symptoms of illness until death
overtook him. .Deceased leaves a wife and
three children. r - 7l -
.'" , Twe Coavlota Esoape srea the pan.
' Columbus, 0., July 23. John Hill, sent up
) -, for three years for , pocket picking, and
- ; - Joseph Davis, a Overyear conviut, escaped
. from the penitentiary at an early hour yea
' ' ' terday morning. -They cut a "ho la through
the kitchen roof, climbed over the State shop
; 1 to the ground and scaled the wall with a
" rope formed of bandages taken from the
U ..prison nospiiMu.
arrant Girl Criminally Aaaaultad.
Tolido, O., July 23. Minnie Walters, s
white servant girl aged seventeen years,
was orimlnally assaulted ,by an . unknown
, negro while returning ihome from church
t Bunday evening. The brute accomplished
bis purpose and fled. One arrest has been
made, but the man docfajiot agree with the
" description given by the girl. MlssWaltera
, . parents live on a tarn near Oak Harbor. , ;
Wants i,0O0 for liraSoki of Fraaalsa, 4
r FiiiBbAT, O., JvUt U-Mellsaa Long- has
Hied a suit for breach of promise against
Erastus M. Shunk, a woll-to-do business
",' msh of this city, olaimlng damages In the
. sum of to,000. Both parties are well known
' here. ' .
, . . 1 ' I
RalaUn's DUaaae Is lanarnbln.
' Cisci54ti. July3, It Is reported here
that Murat Halntead has beod Informeitbyi
his physician that his disease Is incurable
and that death is a iuostion of only a short
Uins. Mr. Halstead is now In Europe.
Hotait Oot'DoKate Maxwell, the Notorious
Bandit Quean, and liar Aeeompllee, s
Wyoming Postmnster Traglo Ending ol
a Romantic Career. 1
Chiyennk, Wyo., July 23.-Jamei Averlll
and the notorious cattle queen, Kate Mox
woUJ wore lynched by cowboys Bunday
night The bodies of the ' "rustler" aud
range queen dangled from tho same llinb ot
a big cottonwood yesterday morning. The
scene of the deed of the midnight riders is
on the Sweetwater river, in Carbon County.
Avorill was postmaster atf HweotWater.
Stockmen of the Sweetwater region have
beeu the victims of cattle thieves for years.
On account of prejudice against the large
outfits It has boen impossible to oonviot on
this charge, and the rustlers became very
bold. Avorill and his partner have been
very active in thieving. The woman could
hold her own on the range, riding like a
demon, shooting on the slightest pretextand
dandling the lariat and branding lroij- with
the skill of the most export vnquoro. ! '
" Twenty 'mon gathered at a designated
place and galloped to tho cabin, of A vrill and
"Cattle Kate. ' 1-; The ruatlere .were at home
and a poop through a window disclosed the
thieves and a boy sitting beside a fireplace.
As half a dozen men rushed Into the room,
Winchester was poked through each
window and a command to throw up. their
hands; given, .The ' trio sprang for tholr
weapons, but were quickly overpowered.
Avorill begged and whined, protesting his
Innocence. Kate cursed. Her execration
of the lynchers was something terrible, She
coiled far her horse to ride to tbetreo se
lected! for ascaffold and Vaulted astride the
animal's back from tho ground. Avorill did
not resist and the boy followed. 1
Either end of the rope was fastened about
the necks of the rustlers as they sat in their
saddles. The boy made a pass with a knife
atthemaaf who was preparing Kate for
banging. He was knocked insensible by
blow fom the butt of a revolver. The lad
was a nephew of the bandit queen.' When
preparations for the execution had been4
completed Averlll and the woman were
asked to.speak. The man spoke only of his
offloe, saying that he did not wish a cer
tain man to be bis successor. Kate made
qnltean address. She wished the affair
kep as quiet as possible, desiring that her
mother be kept n. ignorance ot her disgrace
Meaner. . !; '' .: ' .
'-Kate bade her nephew good-bye end com'
menched a blasphemous harangue. The
horses were led from undor the pair while
Kate was still cursing. Both kicked In
lively style for ten or fifteen minutes. A
few bullet were Bred Into AveriU's body
and the lynchers rode away. The execu
tioners have no fear of being punished.
Rasalt In tha Fatal Injury of a Lartr and
, Marlon Wnnnils to Two Other Inmntas
xMaMvlUKt Pa., July 23. The St. Cloud
Hotel waa destroyed by fire at midnight,
last nlghL The guests escaped without In
jury, but-several servants were badly In
jured by lumping from the third-story win
dows. Mrs. Maggie Ebrlck, of Youngs
town, Ol Jumped foom the third floor, strik
ing on her back. She will probably die.
RUsan Derby had both legs broken. Bar.
bar Hlllman had her bock badly burned
.before Jumping on an awning, which prob
ably saved her life.' Archie Carman, a fire
man, fell from the second story and suv
talned Injuries of the spine. He Is In acrit
ical condition. -
The hotol was surrounded by wooden
buildings and for a time the whole block
was threatened. Loss, 110,000; fully insured.
Eiaauebre Coat Dueling.
PiTTBBuaoir, July "23. Charles Robinson,
a negro employed in the barber shop at the
Hotel Anderson as a coat duster, was ar
rested last night, oharged with appropri
ating a pocketbook from the coat pocket ot
T. A. Allison which contained tTuu, Mr.
Allison Is a stranger in the city. After get
ting shaved Robinson dusted his coat and
handed it to him. Shortly after leaving th e
place he missed his wallet He informed
the police of his loss and the dusky duster
was at once taken into custody.
Mind Reader Bishop's WIIL
New York, July 28. Helen J. Mack, the
former wife of mind reader Bishop, who
obtained a divorce from him last March,
presented yesterday for probate a will made
by Bishop in Liverpool some years ago, bo-
fore be married her, by which he be
queathed her all his property and made her
his administratrix. Lettors of administra
tion were recently granted to Bishop's soo-
ond wife. The first wife asks that those be
revoked. Itwssnot hitherto known that
Bishop left a will.
Three Surveyors Drowned.
Dkxver, Col., July 23. A party of sur
veyors headed by Frank M. Brown left here
May 23 to explore the Colorado river for a
railroad company. Yesterday news was re
oolved that Brown was drowned in Marble
Canon rapids on July 10 by the upsetting of
his boat in a whirlpool. Peter Hasbrough
and Henry C. Richards were drowned by
the upsetting 01 another boat. The boats
containing the others of the party passed
the rapids satuiy.
Carpenters Strike for a Nine-Hour Day,
Kaxsas Citt, July 23. Botwoen 600 and
800 carpenters struck yesterday for a nine
hour working day, lnttead of a ten and
eleven-hour day. No advance of wages waa
demanded. About twenty of the principal
contractors compromised with their men on
nine hours at wages proportionate to their
hours and the men will go to work again to
day. t
He tradition proeaodlng stared.
PHiLiniLPHi, July 22. Judge Bterrett
waa applied to yesterday for a writ of oer
tloari in the matter of extradition of Rev.
B. F. Fie man, alias Yolldell, the colored
minister wanted in South Carolina for mur
der.: The application stays proceedings un
til the evidence In the case can be produced,
Fleman la in Jail in Allegheny County. : i
,; 'i 1, Judge Decapitated bjr a Train, r '
Cutbbirt, Ga., July 23. Judge John
Clark, Judge of the Pataula circuit and one
of the moat noted Judges in Georgia, lost
his life at SmithvlUe yesterday. He was
attempting to Jump from a moving train
when be was thrown under the whoels and
his bead almost entirely severed from bis
- Wonld-ba Lruohore Dlsnppolutsd. ',
Cuntoh, La., July 23. The project to
lynch the two negroes, Charlea and Isaiah
Dent, for the murder ot Herman Pre tortus
waa frustrated by the officials spiriting th
prisoners away to New Orleans. A mob ol
100 men called at the Jail at two o'clock
Monday morning, but were too late.
Baa OUan Up AU Hop.
Jackson, Mich., July 23. Mrs. Hogan hat
heard no news from flie Professor. She has
given up all hops and believes he has met
with death.) She left Bunday night tor New
York. She states that hor husband had
with him 1,0U0 in cash and: a balloon and
outfit which he must have loft with friends '
Wall-Known Clergyman Dies, ,
NawAHK, N. J., July 23. Rev. Edward B.
Rankin, D.D., one of the best known Pros-,
bytertan ministers in the country, died yes
tnrday ef heart failure, aged aeventy year.
I He has for some (1 me past been secretary of
the Eeaex County Bible Soolety. He leaves
Six children.
1: i ! .1.. : ;j, )',.. Ji.. .') J-fj.l
Southern Republicans Said to be
After the Speakership
Of the' Nextronse'fift&pregentativee
They Propose tp Make Their 1
Power Felt liiriffresg '
And In the Matter of Appointment, and
Will Aet as a Unit In 'National Conren
tlons Hereafter. ; yf -i
Wasbin(It0! July ,iffl-The Star says:'
There is tropble brewing In the political
jamp. The Southern Repuhllcans are not'
xintent with the treatment' they have re
solved at the hands of the j Administration
In the matter of appointment. They now
propose to look out foi themsolves. When
the now AdmlnistratfonVcameln, they asked -for
three or lour rather liopjrtant'ap potnt
etitsj ftmong them those of.( Sallcitor Oon-
sral and rnD(io f rinter, Tney nave goinoue
f them and are not woU pleased. They com
plain that Northern Republicans are lnter--ferlng
with their local appointments even.,
rhere are seventoon. Southern Republicans
th next Houao, It is proponed jor all,
for a,' majority of theai),' at least, td aot to
ilheri to put up a candidate for Speaker.
md -force their Northern brethren p come
to them afitTsupport-thetr candaJato or lose'
Control ef the ijouse. I -li U i' -:
Representative o rower, or nortn Caro
lina, who is now in Washington, has come
ut as a candidate for Speaker, and his
friends assert that he has a large majority
f his Southern colleagues who will- fight
for his election. With a party majority ot
but three, the power of a little band of de
termined men is considerable. They hold
the balance of power If they aot Independ
ently of the caucus, .... '!
: They propose to go tanner , man tout,
rhev declare that they will see to It that
Die South shall Use her power in the nation
al convention in a way toaecure recognition.
rhoy do not propose to send scattering dele
rations to the convention, bat' to inaugu
rate a caucus system by which - the 808
Southern delegates shall vote solidly to
rether. ;;;;' ."' 'r;" 'i ' .
Cloaa of tha Convention Which Hna Bean
In Keasloa at Philadelphia A Prosperous
OrgaalsaHaan .- i v 1 j .-i t-n.t,.t-'PHiLADSLfHiA.
July 2 The- -leather
Workers' oenvention concluded its delibera
tions Monday. Forty delegates were pres
ent, representing over 18,000 -tanners, ou
Hera, morocco dresser and aU branches of
(he leather working trade la aU parte of the
United State. '- The organization is called
the National. Trade. Assembly ef Leather
Workers ot the United States and Canada, .
end is attaohed to the Knigbtsi -of Labor.-
The object of the convention was toendeav .
or to adopt a plan to secure an equalization
of the wages paid In different sections of 1
the country for the Same class' of work.
Ihe worst rate are paid in New York State
and in some parte of Pennsylvania, while
In' Chicago workers receive the best pay and
work the least number ot hours. v '
"Master Workman Moroland says that the
result ot the convention Is very satisfactory
to the men. The reports received from dif
ferent sections Indicate great Interest In the
organization. ' There are upwards of 110,000
in the national treasury, while local assem
blies can control 40,000or.V),000 mora. The
official organ ot the organization, the Leath
tr Workers' Journal, Is to be published
weekly hereafter Instead of monthly. Or
ganizers are to be sent to New York State
and to other sections oi tne country to or
ganize all the leather workers not yet In the
anion. , . . ,
Postal Clarke In Virginia Kefuee to Conch
a Newly Appointed Negro on Aeeount of
Mil Color.
Ltkoudcro, Va., July 23. W.' H. Davis,
colored, of Pittsylvania County, Va., was
recently appointed by superintendent Viek
ery a postal clerk to run between this city
and Pocahontas. He was given a letter to
postal clerk Dennis, a Democrat, containing
the request that be (uenvis) would "ooacn
Davis on the route. Dennis, who expeoted
to bo removed, nfused to oomplr with the
request and bis action in the premises waa
reported to headquarter.
The refusal of Dennis to coach him was
followed by a like refusal on the part of
postnl clerks Payne and Deavers (white Ro-
publicans), both of whom declared that
they would lose their positions before they
would consent to "run with a nigger." At
lust reports the colored appointee was still
waiting to be Instructed In the line of his
dutiee and the Indications are that be will
continue to wait for some time to corao.
The matter I in the hands of superintend
ent Vlckory and Payne and Deavers are an
ticipating their removal.
Beinoved tha Obstruction to Navigation.
PiTTSHTtton, July 23. The Pan-Handle
Railroad Company Is repairing their bridge
across the Ohio river at Bteubonville, O.,
which obstruct the river for ooal shippers
of this city. Yestorday the towboat Ad
vance, bound for Cincinnati, headed straight
for the main channol and when within 200
j yards of the bridgo put on a double pressure
of steam and crashed through twenty piles
as If they had boon pipe stems. The Pitts
burgh ooal shippers heard the news with
great satisfaction.
Johnstown Saws.
Johxstowx, Fa., July 23. The body of a
woman, supposed to bo a passenger on the
day express, was recovered at Cooperedale
Sunday. She had black nair and wore a
a lady's hunting case gold watch with a
charm in the shape or a bucket. The com
missaries have all been closed but one and
It will also be closed la a few days. The
very needy will be given orders en store.
An affiliation has been mads with the Red
Cross Society by which all clothing will be
distributed by that society.
I . . Needs a Beoelrer,
Baltimokb, July23. President Oambrill,
of the Chesapeake ft Ohio Canal Company,
will In a few day lay before the directors
the true condition of the canal's affair. He
believe that a receiver must be appointed.
His effort to put the canal in working order
have been futile. The UOO,000 oi repair
bonds find no taker and not a single bid bias
been made in response to the advertisement
for proposals to repair sections of the eaqai.
Impaaslbln to Gonvlet Boodlers." -
Nsw York, July 28. District Attorney
Fellows said yesterday that he will bring
no more "boodlers" to trial unless some new
evidence, not available on the trials already
had, can be procured. The result of the
trial thus far, be says, 1 to show that con
viction I Impossible and to prosecute under
such circifmstaaces is to waste public money.
War Declare hy the Bait Trust.' 'V
Pittsbuhob, - July' 23. The Pittsburgh
Salt Company ha positively refused to sell
Out or enter Into an agreement with the salt
trust, known, a the North 'American Salt
Company, and a a eon sequence the latter la
determined to oruan the Pittsburgh arm If
possible The Pittsburgh Salt Company;'!
the lerceat firm opnoaed to the trust.
,11 ,...
t 'four jpcouse on J'ire, !
Not the house of wood, brick or stone
In which you live, but your bodily tene
ment mar be 'la terrible danm-r from
smouldering, fire which., you , make no
effort lo quench..,. The great danger from
Impure Diooa w, that 11 debilitates the
system, and the 'digestive organs grow
weak and Inactive - Hood's HarwiDarllln
combine the best kidney and liver invig-
prators,; win, tne est , alterative and
tonics, all from the vegetable kingdom,
carefully and understandingly prepared in
concentrated form. It purifies, vitalizes
and enricherthe blood and tones up, the
syslnm, giving the .whole body vitality,
and. effectually guarding It against the
attack of disease.""-1 . . i
tv rho Verdict TJnanunoua. '
W. O. Sultj druggist. Bimius. Ind..
testifies can reooinme.u.l Electric
Bitter as the very best remedy. Every
bottle sold , ha given relief li) eyery
case, one man cook mx- bott'eg and
as eared of rhenmatlsm of 10 years
standing." : Abraham Hare, druggist,
Bi'llvllle. O., afflrmn "The best fell.
ing medicine I have eAer handled In
my 20 yeart experience, Is Elsctrle Blt-
ters.Y Thousands of otlirrs have added
their testimony, so thst the verdict Is
unanimous, that - Electric Bitters do
ure all dlneascs of the liver, kidneys
oc blood. Only half a dollar a bottle
at AdsmV drugstore. ' a -.
l-u , ,
: ' iThe Population of Wellington
I about 8,000, and we would say at least
one-half are troubled with some affection
of the throat and lungs, a those com-
nlainU are, according to statistics, more
numerous than others.' We would advise
all our reader not to neglect the otioor-
tualty to call on their druggbrt and get . a
bottle oi mp s tiaisam tor the tnroat anq
lung. Trial size tree. Large pottle 60c
and tww oy an qruiiglbta. -
-..rfj-rr-r1 ;.
. 896 in Six Months. j :,
VanWett Oeemlcal Co, Watcrtoo ,N. Y.
Gentlemen . I takr pleasure In In
forming yon of the wonderful euieff
we have had with your Lung Balsam'.
We have sold Id-the last six months
8V6 bottle. ' We hsve guaranteed near
ly every bottle but as yet have bad only
four, returned. 1 rm tn receipt of scores'
of testimonial trom the most promin
ent resident ef our cliy which I should
Ilk. to soinl you.i Trial else free. E.
Wi Adams the L ading Drugglcte ' ;
. , JYour Respectfully, . " I .
' ","J) ' 8. Felt,Jr,Druggliu:
Vi:.iiU .l!.'l.. .','''- !,,'
Tu klv'i Oxo. H.TBate, of Boar
bon, Ind.,i.nys," Both mysell and wife
pweour uvetto SHiLOH'evJOKSiiMPTion
CCBB.",,.-. ',-.. . - . I .
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tion. constipation, dlzxlnes, los of F-
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tive cure for catarrh, dlptheria aud
canker mouth
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Ueve croup, whooping cough and bron
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bottle ot 8hlloh' Catarrh Remedy
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The Handsomest Lady
In Wellington remarked, to a friend the
other day thai she knew Kemp' Balsam
for the throat and Lungs w a supeiinr
remedy as It stopped her cougn rnsianuy
when otbercougb remedies had no effect
whatever. So to prove this and convice
ynu of It merit, any druggist will give you
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J. It. Grlnstead, Senora, Ky., says- iMy
children have sometimes had boils and
other signs of blood impurities, with lore
of appetite, etc, at which times I have
found Swift's Specific a most successful
remedy, In no Instance falling to effect a
speedy and permanent cure. , ,
Swift's 8leclfic is a grent blessing o
humanity, ssvs P. E. Gordon, of 723
Broad street, Nashville, Tenn., for it cured
me of rheumatism ot a very bad type,
with which I had been afllicted for three
or four yeais, S 8 8 cured m after I
had exhausted everything else.
- Russell Myrlck, of the firm of Myrlck &
Henderson, Fort Smith, Ark., says he
wishes to add bl testimony to the thou
sands which have already been given as
to Swift' Specific' Ho say he derived
the most signal benefit from its use to cure
painful boils and sore resulting from
impure blood.' . ,
When taken for a' few day, potr.sh
mixtures impair the digrstlnn, take away
the appetite, and dry up th gastrio Juices
which should assist in digesting and,
assimilating tbe food. Swift' Bpeciflc
has Just the opposite effect; It Improve
digestion, brloes appetite and build up
tbe cenera) health.
th Gnat Skin Rtmidy
Relieves aa Cnree
Itching- and Irritation of th Skin
land Scalp, . -, , .
Xlthar Itehtaf or Blsedlnff, ' -
UuaaATios,OOTS,WooXD, BaimuU, Pot-'
omkBinaof lasnoraXAVAaaa, Umjurao :
Soaa rae.Cani.nuAiKs, Ciun and Cum.
JtlnatanUyreifaDM (h pain of Burnt and '
' BtaUU,andt!urmlMwortleamwiOtouttear,
, Small bazas Mo, larf boles Wo, . j,
: Col'e's GarbollMiappreventapunpla,
blaokhiiana, ehappsd and Oily skin, and pre.
swrves, freehenaand toautinn the onmplnJC
n. HlutieualodforMln hard wntarv
:vad ,11 abeultite purllr nd delloatn ppr
fum mak It a poeluv luxury to tbe
' batb and nuraeryi - ..i . ; i
t -Caatlani- Tha labeli on the fenuln are
Mark ana OuieUtnUnm. Frepared only '
by J. W. Onls ft Cth. Blaok Hirer Fail. Wla.
Dr. A; E. Elliott's
Method of RECTAL Treatment
Piles, Fistula in Ano; Fissure in
Ano, JPruritis.or itching piles
and Rectal Ulcer without
the Knife, Ligature
or Cautery,
Rectal Ulceration is the most,
dangerous of all rectal maladies;
owing to its undermining the ey9-'
tern before its victims realize thejr
danger, the absence of pain being
due to the scarcity of nerves in
that portion of the rectum mostly
amictea. "fi- -
Symptoms of Rectal Ulcer.;
Pain or weakness across lower
Dortioh of back, often referred ; tb
kidney troubles) burning in rectumi
artAi afnril , tithing Annd -
tended with a moisture caused bpr
uiDwain iruiu uicci , uuuetipnuoii
sometimes attended with spells of
diarrhoea, finally - resultinaf in
chronic diarrhcca,when the disease-
is almost beyond cure, but if not
too long neglected may yet 1 be
cured ; mucous and bloody dis
charge from rectum, , soreneeB
through bowels ' extending '
stomach cansmor dvBnernia -:
females frVquentlT yaciual and!
terine inflammation resulting (
leucorrhcea and ulceration. Bend
to Low, Q., for descriptive pam-
nnipr. u
Examination andConsulta
'.. tioa FKEE.: ,:
American louse , Wellington,
' Fromlls.ro. toSp.m.,
Third Thursday in each month
i - ".. '.-.it.
I Milt I
' .;':U J-l-I
mm .
ii je'filne Excnnioiu.
5 ' (
At the urgent request of quite a number
of regular patrens, tiie Dee Line and Big
Four will arrange fur one i.t their populur
personally conducted Excursions to Kan
sas, Colorado, Salt Lake, Itockj Inuntlos
aud Pacific Coast, unili-r the iminsgement
of the experieuced excursion sgeat, Mr.
D. Jay Collyer. In order to accommodate
nil and give ample tim' to prepare lor
vlHit'l" the tar west, Tuesday,' July fclrd,
l:u been selected as tho date leaving
Clevelimd, ( lucinnuti, Oilumbus, Duyton,
SpriuglleUl aud Indianapolis. Bee Line
agent at each point named, will be pro
vided with Instructions and can giye lull
Information fegarding rates, routes, etc.
Address them or !
; : Bee Line Pas. Ag't,
178 Superior 8t., . . Cleveland, O.
Notb. Aik any ot our former patrons,
bow tbe Bee Line take care of their ex
cursionists. For Dlseaes of Horses I '
There I nothing that compare with Cole'
veterinary Carbolisalve. It cares cats,
wounds, bruises, collar and saddle galls,
ores, mange, cratches, tbrush, Inflamma
tion and all skin and hoot disease
qnlckor than any other remedy. It I the
only' preparation that will Invariably
renew the balr its natural color. Edwin
D. Blther, driver of Jay Eye See, says:
"Having Rivet) Veterinary Curbollsalte a
thoroQjch trial,' I can fully endorse It, and
take pleasure In recommebdlag it to all
owner of hone a tbe best remedy thst
I ever saw for general (table use." Largo
can f i; (tnaii cans ouc. .
A Woman's Discovery.
"Another wonderful dlscovory
been made and that too by a lady In tJis
ounty. ' Disease lastonen it ulntche
poo her and for seven year (he with
stood It severest lesia. but her vital
organs were undermined and death
oemed Immlneur. Him bought of us s
bottle of Dr. King's New Dl.coyery for
onsumdtlon ami wa so tnuon relieved
on taking first dose that (he slept, all
light and with on botile ha been mi
raculously cured. Her name Is Mrs.
Luther Lutx." Thu write W.'C.
Hamrlclc k Co., of Shelby. N. C. Get a
free trial bottle at Adam' drug store. 3
English Spavin Llrlmentremovesall
Hard, Soft, or Ca'loucd Lump and
BlemtRhe from horse Blood Spavin,
Curb, Splint,'' Sweeney-' King-bone,
8lfles, Sprain, all Swollen Throat
Cough, Etc; Save fi0 by use of one
bottle. , Warranted. . Bold bv W. E.
Adams, Drugglst.Welllngton,0.44-lBt
H. ... .
n " i : i
ii in
avTrtf BoSTnffa PowstMedicineH
whlrtrtWtfie rfnrnarfrofevilui
syuonti anu pu your saw
pie ana tuotcnae
itch mar your eaiur
are caused by impure
blood, m can be
removtxl inaanort
if you srv
leand nw-.
tbe grist
A' l A wV "V Ya "a
The Dose is
mnall -oulvaK
nwonf ul. It Is
tiaet and cheai
medldne. Vrt
yon will be Mtlnfled.
-3 tet u oi your uruggm.
b3DoTWAit. gnnATOKCB-nv
If tea are snmmnr vmm a-i
Mt filmaM. and wlnh to lire U
elA gfl. M SUU'UUB, BITTKlt
'i ney nerer tau hi wn.
anii a aaat staawa Sa :At?t0Baia ft Oo
DuiVeo,MaM.tuf beat iimllcnlwrt4ltsteM
i ' -as e.-r"1"!!
When I my Cfma; I do lot mean morarr to
stop ta. ii fur a ue, aai'Ae hMt tham re
turn aooin. 1 MKVt A HAUHJM. CLJUL
1 have made the diaeu of '
A llfe-loa study, ' 1 WAtnurr my remedy
CUKM the rirm lit- .- v. other hari
fallw t" 1 ' r t l-w ri' V-ft :;' IT . l'f a enae.
iwe inrncaas
ox Lit ata v.-.mij iitr: ri tiwe
anrl Ih-t Jifi -' ti flu
trial,1! ml H uilt 'nio Too
a B)-t WW-!. .
i you nothing1 Ittt ft
rtCf.ROOT.M.C., IS3?lJUn.6T..taytt
iMPAPIKte' OINOI TONIO. wahoMoftar.
a ar UMfUMriMl ouiuiMMind teal ou rtw wara eSeJie falia
jfidamUu. InmrS ralna, Eiheumaa. Ie4taable fur
f-amaiaaf Uw Stoaiaok and Beaeuv tea. asbnisxlela.
Tr rxifftaTt, nM ufl bvat jnr torOorna, tanteiia,(x
lttaaUipaln. Etumrtjai comfort t ib f rl Hittm iaUitf
Tort vHll have RICK HEAD-VcnK3, PAntS
T1X. feel Untleaa and unallo to pal throuzh
yoar daily work oraooial enjoyments, lite
Will be burden Ut Jo a.
Witt ear too. drire th POISOIT ent of
vour yetrm, and make 70a strati-aiid well.
They coet only SS eentaat box and mayeava
your Ufa. Can be had at any Drug Store.
9-BeTnieof CoOTmarxn made In St. Loals."U.
ivo ry!1 0 lTsh Siit
Perfumes the Breath. Ask for rr.
FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa.
ssaiiaiaTi s s 1 in 1 iisBjytitnmitaf
mciEii JL,BiooJpimiitr.
TnAcanja 1
.1 : IT OUiiT2a c
Cancers, Humors, 8orrs, Ulcere, Swelllnra,
Tumors, Abaceaaea, Blood Potnonln. Salt
Stbeom, Catarrh. Eryaipelaa, Rhaumatlaai-
and all Blood and Skin Diataeea.
Puob, 1 per Pint botile. or Bottles for tX
. Detroit, Mich.
To TH Editob Please Inform your read,
ers that I bare a positive remedy tor tbe above
earned disease. By Its timely use thousands of
boneless eases hav been permanently cured.
1 shall be glad to send two bottle of my reme
dy to any of your reader who bar eon
sumption if ihey will send m their xpres
and post effle addresa. Basneetfully.
X, ASXOOUU.U.Ciair f k,liewYorle
,Cols's Carbollstlve
Il a truly wonderful remedy, suited alike
to the skin of the child and the adult and
ii aoothlnir. eleanalnar and haallns nmv.
tie render its application universal. As
an external remedy it baa no equal a a
cure for Plica, Fever Sore, Ulcer, Tetter,
L u..Sr'SM;li:
rontons, inni'iaina, map and all rich lug
and irritating disease oi the skin and
,clp. i It Immediately rellevea the paid
t Scald and Burns and cures the worst
ase without a carv Get only the genuine
blcBf ha a black ' wrapper with green
1 ten. Bmall box 25 cent ; large boxes
00 cents.! Sold by Fred Felt.
i f ' Bsclles Aralca Safrs.
Ths bed salr lnth world fbr cmt.
nwlses, sores, ulcer, alt rheum, tever
' happed hand, chilblain,
con 1 and nil kln roptions, and positive.
tj euro pile, or no pay required. It t
guaranteed to give perfect aatlsfacllnn, or
mosey reloaded. prtc, n
Foe Bal bv VYoosur di Adam. u,j

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