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.;:S;V;.-:V';: '-,-,:c-:v v. :tRN-
" , ' ' J', it:' .' - ' ; ' V. ;: - , '. '. ' ' ' ':" ..'.7.. "7" - 7. '' ' ' 7 ' CLEVELAND, 0. rr
w " ; ' ' ; " -: ; V- , v jcJ4
...I X. JL'J-J-".. II 1 K j J VJLV.J; JLtXiX TV. I DESDAY.
w r- w a-ioraia wouaty ana VIolnlty.
Published every Wednesday, at
Tents fSnborlvtioi
neYear...., ilSO
6U Mouths 75
Xhret Months 40
I J. X . XIAO ITi IjIi.
m t-r . n i i.i-r
Loaniknd Collection! made ft specialty
Office in bank boildinR.
'and tolloltorof
American and Foreign
H. MDWIN, lniur.no Agobi sad
. Rotary Public. In.ur.no, li, ivorv
, will.. Ihiim. onimot. t&. vrliuta la
bnI (nd Iwu.l miuiDtir. OUfc ovm 8nw't
kua iUiom .toru.
1j 16 BN It MOUIeoN. Ik B.rbor, kap
on of tb nwitMt, null oonviinlfnt liar-
ar Bkou u town. Only ant-olu workmo
plo7d. A full uwniaut of b.lr oil. p
BMiM and kalr mtnntUvM. Fliia bnUi-rooint
mmwUiia mi J rurnihl at all hour with
otand euld w.u-r nod nil mwfxwarjr ennrmi.
aM. Boomt imiuiu lii l.liwirtj atrnct.
IT J HOI.IIIIOUK. DontUt Offloa over
III. Huated't itnr. Id Bank BulldlDn,
I W.lllnrton. Ohio. Mtrou. oxlda waa admin.
r .Niw iur w a(raouo 01 iarn.
Sawtall' Art GaLlerT.-Ptoturei In er
crrityls aud right up with the timet.
Hpeclal attention paid toenlarvlni InCraion
Iuk, or Watr Colon and oopylng from old
pictures. Ola necatlTei all preserved and ou
rllnates can be bad at any time. Gallery oyer
uowiuy a uau i grocery. 1
i Pictures at all kinds. Flnt work aad Intent
lJic Copying and snlariiinf In Crayon, IuK
-kQi Pastel, epeeial atteatloe to the babies.
Croder'a Block, WeLUastoa, O.
Kedal dlwaaes and dlMaws of tk kladdarand
kidiwys. PUea. alceratloa of th rectam, l.tnla
In .do. Iwara. and all Dmalliot dlMaaes of ths
rectaat tnaMd by an lmproTed system, without
pain oraeteution irom dqhidmi.
IIikium of the bladder and kidney.treated only
anr a careful ana proper analysis 01 me urine.
vine in
Carpenter Hloek Wellioa-ton.O
iT:',:;!::! j and I::ti:i,
k Ordere received at Telephone Exchange
lad at r. U. reu s arus itore.
I raduate Toronto Veterl nanr College, class '87,
Miny him an! Dentist.
1 Orer twenty-five years of practice. Orders
cetved at Adams' and llounhton's drug
res. Horses still tnken for treatment at my
klile on Courtlaod Avenue. 4-22
H. WIGHT, Sole Agent,
Vulcr In Cloclca, Watches, Jewehy, Sll.
arware, Gold Pons, etc No. 5, Public
hi Square, Wellington, Ohio.
ci)t-t. Earrett.
lAvc.rv and Feed Stable.
W.th Side Mechanio Street, first
pldVinr nnnt nf Amarican Ilonse.
14 Cisihswd IrwsfepLinB.
Yonn vry i, Passenger and Baggage to
'"(Trout tratns or residences. Also col
l and distributes ipbb, doing
Tu,tal expressing and packagd business.
r,Ui9 orders or telephone American
vrio R71 H.fl. Sktrrsr. Pron.
, r- " 'rf
WT7T T TXTiT-TTi'M T rkT a txt rtrkTTXTmxr
Manufacturer Of And Dealer In
Monuments 5 Tombstones
Everything' pertaining to cemeterv work
will receive prompt attention at prices to
sun me times. (in
Mannfactarers of and dealers In
Soon SavaOx, and Bllaad
Cbeeaand Butter Boxes,-all kinds of
Lumber, Lath, Bhiniles, Battens. Mould
inn and Flooring. Siding made and Sur
face Planing done to order on short no.
wee. WJiiliUWOTOK.O.
Dealers In and Manafacturers ef
A Full Line of Goods Always In Stock
Arterial Embalming a Specialty.
Pictures Framed to Order. A good varl
eiy 01 Mournings to select Irom.
N B. Corner of Square. Welllnttoa
Dr. H. E. Warren,
Office and residence in Poet office build
ing. Calls answered at all hours in city
or country.
Offioa Honrs 2 to 5 p- m.
Pratt & Herrick,
Free delivery to any part oi the cornor
anon, nauroaa street. Wellington. U.
would renDeetfull
announce to the citizens
of Wellington that th
fy are now on deck, and
Prepared to take orders
now on
for all
bard and soft coal which they wilt sell
eparea so isie oraers lor all kind
kinds of
sell fn
easn at tne lowest living prices. A share of
your patronage is solloiteu.
u at. L.JJUBU ACQ,
Antbracito, Massillorj,
Jaokson and Blossburg.
Terms Cash and Prices Low.
Office on West Lilerty 8U Telephone 48
a Jit,
Meets in the .
nd 41k 11' minx
evemnir- of
ii'ji n utilb.
Post room in
. W, Lang,
J. T. Haskell,
:: us: -i c, 1 1 1, n,
omsndarterMsy 13,1980, trains will pus Wei
Ingtonat follow,:
HUnd.rd Tim
No l-N.Y A Ht.L.fn-tllof l:4Ra.m.
No. SS-Ind.and WIipcIIdi ti 8:U a. m.
No. S Cln. A Col's Ex :(nla. m.
0. B HpeclalN.Y. A ClU. fcl UMKp.m.
f.S7 Col's A Wheeling Accom.... 8:48 p.m.
o. Night Ex :ip. m.
0.81 Local Freight 8:lxa.m.
No.HS-tisllon Local F refill S:U p. m.
o.S-8t. L. A N. Y Kxpreis. ... .... tU'lS a. m.
a vi..k. v. . .h. .
o.'tt-UaHon A cieve'd Ac' .!'.'.' T:4& a! m!
No. IS-HuwIal 8t. Louis sN.T.Ii. 1 : p. m.
Nb.S4-WbeellDg.Iud. andClevs.Ex 4:Wp.m.
No. S Cincinnati A Cieve'd Ex 8:8? p.m.
0.4 Cincinnati Limited ExpKM.... 1:48a.m.
oS Local Freight 4:HSD.m.
No.DO-Ualloa Local Freight 18:15 p. m.
Nosl,S,S, 8, Sand U ran daily. '
t Trains stop on signal.
Cleveland ti Marietta B. B.
From and after June 9, IMS. trains willpass Well
lugion a. iuiiowi i
. Standard Tlma.
No. 1 S.Ma.m.
0.6 11. (Ml am.
T 4.10D.m.
o. 7 49 Dm,
No. IS I.Ha.m.
No. 4 ..IO.Ma.ia.
No. 8 8.18p.m.
No. 8 7.411 p.m.
No. 10 o.06e.m.
Nos. 1,8 and (dally: others dally ex, Sunday.
Furtherlnformatlou In regard to this Ha will
befoandoa pare.
ArrlT dally, tM. at. . Depart, t :S0 p. av
Arrlv. dally, 11 a, at. . Dtp.ru 1 ni
Arrive dallf, 1a.m.
Depart 10 a.m
uxvn, yyxviVAli A X
Look at the
VT . re,l5at? 611(1
esxs wortn 5d.ou, now vjw. Summer Coats
worth $1 and 11.25, now 75. Medium Weight Cassimere and
Chenot Smts worth 14,$15 and $161 now $11. Suits
. worth $12 and $13, now $10. 8uiU worth $9 and
$10.00, now $6.00 and $7.00.
All broken lots, two or
uo buiu regaroiess or actual value, to weed
out and make room for Fall Stock.
IM at Our Job Tft for Tly Days.
These goods have
finest Linen, are absolutely water-proof,
ao not turn yellow from ago, will wash as
easily as a pane of glass, by , immersion in
water. Each Collar is supplied with metal
eyelets and a separable stud to fit'. One
Collar will last formcni
A. M. Fitch;
Li Eatkei It Our Special Corresssndents.
All About the Hapiening and Special
Erents in their Immediate Vicinity.
Aug. 5, m
Rev. Twirls from Troy, preached an ex
cellent sermon in tlie M. E. church Sun
day morning from the text "And there
shall be no night there." - Mr. Fenwlck
was sick so there was no service there In
the evening, and thu house will be closed
on next Sunday.
There will be meetings for Ordination
Thursday morning, afternoon and probab
ly in the evening In the Baptist church.
Mr. 'Augustus Ledyard was brought
here on Sunday afternoon from his home
in Chatham, where be died last Friday.
A good many of his old neighbors and
friends went out to the funeral. There
were no services here, only at the burial.
Frank Smith spent last week at Lake
side with his old class mute, Earl Perkins,
who is still there with his mother and
Mr. and Mrs. Al McCabe and Jennie,
have been spending a few days at Elwood
Mrs. Earnest Tanner and her children,
from OrryUle are visiting her sister Mrs.
Will Smith.
Mrs. Flecher Ward and two oldest boys
ave been having tonsilitls quite hard
since they returned to their borne In Le
Mrs. Evllyne Bardor from Akron, is
visiting her Uncle Dr. Thomas.
Mr. Elwood Russell has a little daugh
ter boro last Tuesday.
Mr. Chat Chapman is making arrang-
ments to move to Wellington very toon.
Mrs, Jlmmle Roice and Jennie spent
few days at Mllo June's last week.
The Rev. Mr. Danforth will preach In
the L'nlversallst church at Huntington on
Sunday .August 18,at 11 a.m.and 7:80 p. m.
. . lA OBANOK. -
' . Aug. 18, -89.
At home to stay another year. .
rkTTT'A TiT-r .
. UfllV, W iJJJN JiSDA
Following Cuts.
VeBta worth W, now $450. French
three suits of a kind will
. - A. a
the appearance of the
Mr. JUcUonald, of Detroit, Mich., is at
work for C. Curtice in his harness shop.
Miss Flora Butler left Saturday on a
trip to Lake Superior.
Dr. Painter is enjoying a well earned
vacation of two weeks.
Mrs. Lysander Butler and children, of
Wellington, spent Sunday in town.
Mr. Brinsmode, of Litchfield, was in
town on business Saturday.
Wm Dixon has sold his place to Mr.
Woodmansee; consideration, $1,500.
Geo. Elliott and family are visiting
friends at II. Elliott's.
C. Manville and family are visiting
friends in Akron.
Miss Lucy Undorhill has returned home
from Cleveland, where she has been
spending several weeks stndylng short
hand .
The village schools will open Beptem
2dwith a new set of teachers, except
Yours Dryly, Miss Mary Herrick "89, 0.
C, of Wellington will teach the grammar
school, W. F. Hastings Intermediate,
and Miss Carrie White the primary.
The primary and Intermediate schools
will meet in their respective rooms at 9
o'clock Saturday morning, Angust 81, and
remain in session about two hours. The
grammar and high schools the same day
at 1 p. m. It is hoped that every pupil
will be present so that work may begin
Monday 8 :30 a. m. Only two weeks will
be allowed non-resident pupils in which
to pay their tuition. This rule will be
strictly enforced. Yours Dbylt.
Lewis Jones, of Penfleld, and his sister,
Mrs. Whelock, oi Amherst, Muss., were in
town last week.
Mr. and Mrs. George Clark, who have
been visiting In Sylvanta for a few
months, have returned to his father's.
A sister and children of Mr. G. M. Peas
ley, irom Indiana, are visiting her brother.
Miss Bessie Klnneys spent a few days
with her sister, Mrs. G. M. Knapp,
R. L. Gilson, ol Toledo, spent a day In
. Mrs. Foster, of Norwalk, visited her sls
Quite a number of our town people
spent a few days at the lake.
Mr. J .C. Whipple hu made an improve
ment In his store front ' News,
. :
Y . AUGUST 14, 1889
, Aug. 13, W.
Concert at the River Corners last Sun,
day night
Mr. and Mrs. J. Firestone, Mr. and Mrs.
Ingerham and Mr. aud Mrs.
urowana and children attended the
Rice reunion In Wayne Co. last Thursday
at me residence of Mr. John Miller.
Mrs. Dyer and daughter, of Wellington,
are visiting a few days with friends here.
Miss Sadie McCoy ,of Penfleld, and Miss
JtoM Allison, of Mount Hope, Ashland
county, Bundayed at W. D. Orr's.
Mrs. Mary Hartley and friend, of Medl
najpent Saturday and Sunday at A.Burt's.
A good many from here expect to attend
the Pioneer Picnic at Lodl, Wednesday,
August 14.
Miss Jennie Orr is visiting a couple of
weeks with her many friends at Mount
Hope, Ashland county. Gladys.
WaBhlnjcton Letter.
From oar Regular Correspondent.
Washington, Aug. 9, 1889.
Becretary Noble Is Just now holding the
fort all alone, he being the only member
of the Cabiaet In the city. The rest ef
them are scattered around about at fol-
lows i Secretaries Blaine and Tracy are
with the President at Bar Harbor: Secre
tary Window it in Boston looking after
some complicated custom matters; Secre
tary Proctor Is at bis Vermont home j Sec-
reiary Rusk Is In New York city endervor-
ing to make arrangements with the rail.
road managers that will facilitate the Gov-
erument Inspection of all shipmenU of
live cattle; Postmaster General Wana-
makor La at bis country residence In Penn
Bylvania, and Attorney General Miller ii
in Indianapolis, where he will meet the
President on the 22d Inst and return with
him to Washington after the laying ot the
corner-stone ot the. soldiers' monument In
that city.
All payments of bills against theGovern.
ment for work done by the telegraph com-
pouic iiave oeen suspended until some
agreement shall be reached at to the price
to do paw. Jfty. Waamaker still sticks
f, hI an
insist that they lose money at the present
ate of one cent per word.
A very interesting story has been float
ing around Waahinvton for a day or two,
which belongs to the 'important if true"
class. It states, on semingly good author
Ity, tLattbe President hat decided to.'ap.
point Secretary Noble to the vacan
cy on the bench ot the Su
preme Court, and that the vacancy
In the Cabinet will be filled by either mak
ing Assistant Postmaster Clarkson Secre
tary of the Interior or by transferring Mr.
Wanamaker to that position and making
Mr. Clarkson Postmaster General. Secre
tary Noble says be beard this news first
from a newspaper man. That gives it a
very bad black eye to start with. The
President, like, sll other sensible public
men, is very friendly to newspaper men,
but he Is hardly friendly enough towards
them to have told one of them of such an
important appointment before informing
the man appointed. So much for the first
part of the story. As neither Mr. Wana
maker nor Mr. Clarkson are lawyers, it is
certain that neither of them will ever be
made Secretary of the Interior by Presi
dent Harrison, for he long, ago put himself
on record as believing that only a lawyer
should be st the head of that department.
That disposes off the last part of the yarn.
becretary Noble on Wednesday received
the following telegram from ex-Gov. Fos
ter, chairman of the commission which
has been negotiating for the purchase ot
portion of the great Sioux Indian reserva
tion In Southern Dukota: " We have won
the fight. We leave to morrow for Cbl
cago. ill write you fully from Chicago."
The dispatch was forwarded to tbe Presi
aent at Bar Harbor. Ex Gov. Foster's col
leagues on the commission are Maj. Gen.
Crook, U. S. A., and Hon. William War
ner, ot Missouri. When the agreement
just arranged by this commission is ap
proved by Congress, which it h certain to
be, about 11,000,000 acres of land will be
open to settlement. The Government It
to pay the Indians $1.23 per acre for all
lands sold to homestead settlers lor the
first three years after the act goes Into ef
fect, 29 cents per acre for all disposed of
In the next two years following and 60
cents per acre lor what remains undis
posed of at the end of that time.
A Good Appetite.
Is essential to good health; but at this
season It is often lost, owing to the pov
erty or impurity of the blood, dertnire
ment or the digestive organs, and tbe
weakening effect oi the changing season.
Hood's Barsapariiit it a wonderful
medicine fur creating an appetite, toning
the digestion, and giving strength to tbe
whole system, now is toe time to take
It. Be sure to get Hood's Baraaparllla.
To thb Boitok 1'lrase inform your read
firs Hint I uav a positive remedy for tb abov
naiued disease. By lit timely use thousands o
hopelM eases have ka parniaaently cured
I abaU be (lad to send two bottle of my ram,
dy raaa to any of yoarreadars who hav eoa
sumptloa It tbey will send ma th.lr express
ansl post office address. Respectfully,
I. A. bLOCL'K. M.C UUf "V York.
NO. 33.
News From tne County Seat.
In the court of common pleas.new busl.
Amelia NBuirr vs The Incorporated
Village of Oberlin. Injunction and equit
able relief; Injunction allowed.
Geo. W. Probert vs William F Ward et
al.to tubject lands. Injunction and equit
able relief.
The Grafton Stone Company vt the
Tippecanoe Stone Company. Money and
Tbe above Is the amount of new busi
ness In the common pleas court since' the
28dofJuly. Unless court business ac.
cumulates much faster, tbe October term
will be much shorter than the April term.
Last will of Alex. H. Perry, deceased,
lateofBrownhelm, deposited for probate.
Commlssloa Issued by H. B. Lladsley to
take testimony of absent witness.
Elizabeth McClory adjudged insane and
ordered conveyed to asylum for Insane at
Last will of John O'Hare. deceased I.t
of Lorain, deposited lor probate. Com.
mlasioa Issued to Joseph E.King to tat
testimony of L.L. Crane. '
Notice It hereby given that the Board
of County Commissioners at their June
session AD. 1889, divided tbe county of
Lorain Jnto twenty-one assessment dis
tricts at provided by law. Said districts
are constituted as follows;
District No. 1 Auihirst Township.
" i ' Avon
" : 8 Black River "
" ' 4 Brighton "
" 3 Brownbelm "
" Camden
" , 7 . Carlisle "
- " , 8 Columbia "
9 Eaton
' " 10 Elyria
11 Grafton
. " . 12 Henrietta "
13 Huntington "
" ' U LaGrange "
". : -15 Penfleld
, 16 Pitiafleld "
' " ,.'( IS "Rochester ' ,n
" 19 : Russia "
" tO Sheffield
" 21 Wellington "
The law requires that the qualified elect.
on of such c'istrict sballjtt the November
election, A D. 1889, elect some citizen of
such district, having the qualifications of
an elector, as assessor of the real prop
erty within each of said districts respect,
ively that the Judces of Elections shall
keep a separate poll book for the elections
of said assessors and certify the returns
thereof to the County Auditor.
By Order ot the Commissioners,
O. HERRICK, Auditor.
Elyria, 0., Aug. 6, W.
The work of decorating Floral Hall tor
the coming fair will be done by the ladies
of Hamlin Relief Corps and, as already
stated in these col'imus, will be conducted
upon the plan of a loan exhibition. All
are cordially Invited to contribute to the
Interest of this work by tbe loan of such
articles as will make tbe hall attractive
and pleasing to the public. Articles, an
cient and modern, are earnestly solicited
needle work, knitting and chrochet,
quilts, spresds, afghans, table scarfs, stand
covers, sofa pillows, tidies, mats cushions
and other fancy work, all kinds of brie.
a-brac, pottery, puintings, pieces of silver,
china and glass, vases, shells, stones, etc.
etc. Tbe work ot arranging articles solic
ited will be in the hands of a committee
of competent ladles, and no pains will be
spared by them to render everything satis
factory to eyery one concerned. Glass
cases will be provided tor the reception of
such articles as wouid be injured by dust
or breakage, and nothing will be allowed
to be bandied or otherwise Injured. It
any one desiring to assist in this work and
being unable to attend to It will commu
nicate tbe tact to the chairman or secre
tary some member ot the committee will
call and take charge of tbe article named.
Each article loaned will be classed and
numbered, and entered with the name of
the owner upon the books of the secretary,
and at the close of the fair will be returned
to ltt owner with many thanks. For fuN .'
ther information enquire ot Mrs. L.Wil-7
ard, See. ot Com. . .
I litvent the courage to die, sir,
Hardly the courage to live ;
Can't drink enough to forget, sir,
Alnt Christian enough to forgive.
This wu tbe wail of a man who had ni
dured the tortures of "liver complaint"
and dyspepsia for years; and ha might '
have endured them for life had te not
heard that Dr. Pelrce't Golden Medical
Discovery would make him a well man.
tie cave it a trial and waa cured. Once
he wu hallow-eyed, emaciated and slow,
ly tottering toward the tomb ; but now he
It vlgeroua, robust and healthy. There la
nothing that can compare with the "Dis
covery" as a curative agent for sour atom
ach, constipation, impure blood and blU
The worst cases of chronic Natal Ca. '
tarrh positively and permanently cured
by Dr. Sage't Catarrh Remedy .

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