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lndWidul..dvocte.nd attempt toen. . -- ., A V7 R
J.B Smith, Proprietor.
Entered at the Pnst-ome. at Wellington es
Bond Class mavr. according iooumuw.
. . ...i Mr Una. each Insertion
Bpac. nd Column Rates made known on appli
cation . imm
.11 M
Republican Ticket.
Vnr Governor.
of Hamilton.
t lontnnnnt Governor,
of Ashtabula.
nf Rnnreme Court,
i ot Cuyahoga.
IFor Trcasurcr of State,
ot Jefferson.
AtinrtiAv General.
, of Franklin.
t uwmrkn! Sunreme Court,
ot Hancock.
Eor Bchool Commissioner.
of Boss.
. sw Unurd of Public Works,
of Richland.
Ci.eveu.sd claims a population of 20 V
The President spent Sunday on the sea
The earnings of the Big Four show an
Increase for July over lnoa.
The Chautauqua Literary and Scientific
Circlet have already graduated
students m
A nn tvn anil Hlchland counties will
present candidate at the Senatorial Con-
The committee appointeil to secure local
aid for the proposed railroad south from
Sandusky are not oifung with the best of
success. The farmerrtre-sbecoming tired
of such farces.
Tnit Taw and Order League ol Clncln-
natl has finally come out victorious over
it.. ..innnun of that citv. Governor For-
aker'a letter to the Mayor had the desired
effect. Not one saloon has been openeo.
for two Sundays past
Individuals advocate and attempt to en-
force opinions that are adverse w u w.
ernment they must be held strictly account-
able for them. Hlne-tentns 01 mo
m0ns In Utah believe that polygamy is
right and the Government of the United
States committed a grave error in u
of God In enforcing the jsamunu. ,
but still It had to be done to protect our
t .l.MIn oltizana
free institutions, uaw """"6
should not attempt to form societies In
tt,a thnir acts W1U D6 uniaw-
U11B WU"" . . .
ful The world is wide, ana u tney iuv
upon that kind of religious freedom a
country may be witmn meir rev.u
they will be under no restraint Ever
since the Blair bill whlch.lt passed will
prevent common labor on (he Sabbatn aay,
has been under consideration the Seventh
Day Adventists have been a little uneasy.
No one has any objections how many
days any society sets apart for worship,
w h. Hbvb utt anart to perioral common
la nnita another thing. Last winter
this society sent agents into the field with
a remonstrance against the Blair nui to
obtain signatures, Thousands of Individ
uals signed it by not considering its true
inwardness. If common lauoron sunuay is
lorbldden by a general law, that would of
course Interfere very much with this soci
ety, as they respect the seventh day iai-
urday) as the Sabbath, hence leei at per-
feci liberty to perform common laoorou
Sunday. Inasmuch as this state of affairs
exists we are glad that Mr. Tarnsworth
selected this subjects It Is one tnatenusi ue
settled sooner or later. Wo love to see our
people enjoy religious liberty, but still it
is necessary to have civil laws enacted by
m.n nd enforced to secure good govern
ment; for without laws we might just as
well return to a slate of nature. The
question is one which concerns all of us
and we hope the agitation win conunuo
until it can be settled.
Senatorial Convention.
m,. HmnMlcans of the Twenty-seventh
and Twenty-ninth Joint Senatorial Dis
trict ot Ohio, comprised of the counties of
Ashland, Lorain, Medina and Richland,
wUl meet in delegate convention at. Wel
ltnortna. on Thursday, the 5th day of Bep-
! lAKihur. 1889. at U o'clock a, m., for the
purpose of nominating two Senators to the
General Assembly of the State or Ohio,
Th haata of representation will be one
delegate for each one hundred votes and
one tor each portion thereof over fifty cast
for the electors of President Harrison m
1888 and will he from the respective coun
ties of the district as follows:
Ashland 2446 ' 24
Lorain 6285 82-
Medina..., 3333 38
Richland 4188 42
Alex. McDowell, )
P. H. Btacffeb, f Ashland to.
A. R. Webber. J Lorain Co.
Willis H. Albro, )
F. B. Clabk, ( Medina Co.
Rbid Carpenter, ),,,.
M. H. Davis, J Richland Co.
J. H. Dickson, Chairman.
P. H. Stacffer, Sec.
Our Semi-Annual
Will begin this week, and will
continue for thirty days.
6 ale J
Absolutely Pure.
A marvel of purity,
trennth and wholeaomeneM. More eronomical
than the ordinary kind., anacannov u
eanS. Royal Baking Fowder Co., 10 Wall it.
Notes from Other Towns.
fni deleeales to the Constitutional Con
vention of North Dakota discussed the
nronriett of recoenizlng God In their Con
stitutlon for a number of days, and finally
the followine preamble was adopted:
"We. the people of North Dakota, grate
ful to Almighty God for civil and religious
liberty de establish and ordain wis jb
The order of the Knights ot Labor Is
tut nuWInir In numbers. Two years ago
it numbered nearly two million members,
to-day It can scarcely rally one hundred
thousand In good standing. The originat
ors ol the. scheme and the officers have
made a nice fortune out of the pockets of
the poor deluded laborer; but what has he
got to show for the money he has advanced
from time to time to keep it opt Such
fraudulent organizations should be a
warning to the laborer to learn to live up
on the fruits ot bis own Ideas and not suf
fer hiniselftobemadeatoolof.
Port-master General Wakamakeb
:s trying to compel the Western Union
elegraph company to transmit messages
it the rate of one mill per word. How
ould Mr. Wanamaker like lor some offi
cial nf th Government to dictate what
trice he should sell his pants and coaU at t
The Government la abundantly able to
av a rmannable compensation for their
ork and do not authorize any official to
.itemrt to enforce his penurioua Ideas up.
n any corporate bouy. It Uncle Sam if
ntltled to such cheap rates why not give
be business men a little advantage In
-ateaf The Western Union company has
Im-IIomI to acceDt of anv such a weak
nlnded offer and will continue to transact
.mslnesa aa usual and rely upon the good
udgment of our representatlvea for their
. :iay. A sensible move.
Tim National Monument to the Pil
grims was dedicited at Plymouth, Thurs
day of last week. The cost of the monu
ment has been about f ,w,wu. ii i ui
solid granite. The pedestal is forty-five
feet high, on the center oi wnicn surous
.i,flnir or Faitb. thirty-six feet high,
resting one foot on Plymouth Rock and
holding in her left hand an open uioie,
and with the uplifted right arm pointing
to heaven. On each of the four project-
ing buttresses of the pedestal are scaiea
figures of heroic size representing Moral
ity, Education, Freedom and Law; and
nn th face, of the pedestal under the feet
of the figures are tablets representing the
embarkation at Delfhaven, tne signing oi
tha comnact In the cabin of the May
flower, the landing at Plymouth and he
first treaty with the Indiaua. The figure
of Faith, which cost $32,000, waa the gift
of the late Oliver Ames; that of Educa
tion waa presented by Roland Mathor, ot
Hartford, Conn.; and that of Freedom
was given by xhe United States Govern
ment. The corner stone was laid Just
thirty years ago. That the dedication of
the monument should have been penorm
ed with Masonic rites and ceremonies will
strike many people aa particularly Inap-
proprlale and out or keeping wiw ine
nlrlt of the event to be celebrated. Hon.
JohnD. Long, President of the Pilgrim
Society, presided. The orator or the day
was Hon. Wm. C. P. Breckenridge of
Kentucky, and the poet J. o O'lteiliey, oi
the Boston Pilot. The only clergyman.lt
is stated, Invited to a seat ol honor was a
Unitarian. What principle or ntness
raided in the arrancement lor ine ceie
bration la not clear. The oration was ap
propriate and excellent, though in no re
anect remarkable. This, at least, is true,
the spirit of the Pilgrlms,ln one iorm and
another, haa vitally penetrated ail our
American Institutions. The real monn.
ment of the Pilgrim Fathera Is America
ltaelf . Advance.
Thr Seventh Day Adventlsts of Ohio
jeld their annual camp meeting at Mt
ernon last week, Elder Farnsworth of
lows reviewed the question ol religious
eciilaUon. The speaker aaid "that the
elation existing between a man and his
if tker was a personal one. wherein no hu
man authority had a rliht to intervene.
od that the sphere of civil government
v aa whollv confined to those Questions
.vbich arise through the social relations of
nan In a cm' capacity alone. God only
,n deal with sin aealntt Himself; man
.aay protect himself and society against
, nm for the preservation of the civil
. IghU of the Individual and malntalnance
A social order." To adopt Mr. rams
. nrth'i Ideas would hardly be In keeping
-vith the forms of a -civil government,
. a lie
ree speech is recognizee nui sum wnen
Senatorial Convention.
The Republican electora of Lorain Co.
rill mart at their usual places of holding
elections in each township and ward in
aa!d eountv on Monday evening, Septem
ber 9, 1889, at 7 o'clock p. m. and then
and there proceed to elect delegates to a
Senatorial Convention to be held at Wel
lington, O., on Thursday, September 5,
1889, at 11 o'clock a. m. of said day.
The nor doss of said Convention Is to
nominate two candidates for State Sena-
tnra and to transact such other and further
business aa may properly come before the
Convention. The basis ot representation
la one delerato for every 100 votes and
fraction over 60 cast for Harrison. Each
township and ward nnder this call Is enti
tled to the following repreaentatioo.to-wit:
Avon - - - - 8
Black River- - - - 5
Brighton 1
' tirownhelm - - - - 1
Camden - - -' - 2
Carlisle - - - " ,' 1
Colombia - - " ." '
ElyrlalatW - - 1
Snd W - - -
8dW - - - 2
4th W - - 8
" Township - - - 1
Grafton - - '
Henrietta - - " 1
Huntington - '
LaG range - - . - - 2
Penfield .-' - "
. Pittafleld - - -' 2
Rldgevllle - - - - 2
Rochester - - - - 1
Russia - - "''?
Sheffield - ' ' I
Wellington .
A pioneer and old folks picnic will be
held at Lodi, this county, on Wednesday,
August 14, '89. This will be made me oc
casion of opening and formally dedicating
h. motor works that have lust been com
pleted in that village, and also the unveil
ing of the beautiful statue and fountain
erected there An unsuccestuui w
tempt to break into the post office at Chip
pewa Lake was made on Thursday night
Mr. Koppes, the postmaster, was a muu
too wide awake and scared tbem away.
Showman Robinson was called
home from Medina by a telegram an
nouncing the death of his wife. The
early quiet of last Sunday morning was
considerably disturbed at Brunswick by
the visit of a gang of burglars and safe
robbers. About 8 CclocK ounaay morn
ing Dr. Hawkins, at Brunswick Center,
and his son were awakened by a loud re
port, as of a gun, in front of their resi
dence. They Immediately arose to learn
th pauaa and found that burglars bad en
tered the hotel of Otto Elster, and had
dragged a safe that weighed about six
hundred pounds out Into the road and had
blown it open. One of the burglars was
seen by young Hawkins, who' gave
chase for a short distance, ine m. weni
Into the hotel to awaken Elster's family,
and discovered the smell of cblorolorm In
the room In which they were sleeping.
After much racket he succeeded in awak
ening them, and on going out where the
..r hmt hmm rolled they found it badly
demolished and $321 in cash, lis contents,
missing. Medina Oatette. V'. 1' "
Laat evening for the first time since his
Installment in office His Hon6r, Mayor
Dade, was unable to preside at the regular
session of the council. His absence from
meeting was rendered necessary by Illness.
Last Tuesday, we will venture the
aaArilon. was one of the quietest days
Oberlin baa seen since way back In the
40a. The farmera' picnic at Llnnwood.with
Governor Foraker, Gen."Blll" Gibson and
the Great Western Band as drawing cards,
was so far attractive as to pretty nearly de
populate the town, and the country rr
milek around ine citizens oi ver-
million township, outside of the viUage,
am taklna- atoM to have a voteonder the
local option law. There Is one saloon. ; .'
The meetings of the Christian alliance a;
T.lnnwnndr.loaine on Monday .were largely
attended. The Faith Cure doctrine was
prominently : presented. Twwry-mne
persons were taptlaed by immeielon in
the lake last Sunday For five morn.
Inn in succession Deacon E. W. Andrews.
of North Professor street, found that his
growing corn had been visited during the
night and the corn on a number of ears
bad been partially or wholly eaten off the
cob. To solve the mystery a careful watch
was kept and the pilferer was loana w oe
a large thomas cat, which would stand on
It hind let, pull down the ear, tear open
the husks and eat the corn. In the five
nights forty ears had been destroyed.
Thla is a true cat story, and is believed to be
entirely new as the fact that a cat will do
this has not been geneially known.
The bathing facilities are first class. Mr.
E. M. Chase is in charge and, at reasona
ble prices, will furnish anything In the
van nf snlta or boats to those who wish to
develop their muscle by pulling the oars.
A large hotel on the grounds furnishes
ample accommodations to those who do
not come prepared to "camp out" or "take
. nttntri. The restaurant is lairiy gouu
and the charges moderate. I am Informed
there are about 75 cottages already occu
pied and more are being constructed.
These are owned and mostly occupied by
private parties. It is seldom that one of
these can not be rented at reasonaoie price,
and the whole cost of Hying here would
be but a trifle more than It would be at
We left Wellington bright and early
Tuesday morning, the JOtb, and arnveu
here shortly after 10, In ample time w
h.ar the arieeches of Gov. Foraker and W,
H. Gibson and to look over the crowd of
10,000 people who turned out to the Erie
fin. Fanners' DiC-nic. We found our cot-
t.m Ktill occupied, but belore night we
were comfortably settled and ready to en
joy our surroundings. Ten persons in a
small cottage would seem to be a "little
thick," but we eat and sleep and enjoy
ourselves wilhout let or mnarance. e
.r hardlv awake in tht morning before
the dailyjpapers are hawked around. Our
mail Is here just as promptly as it arrives
at Wellington, The grocery man, the
milk man, the meat man and the Ice man,
are promptly on hand to deliver at our
door, anything we may need in tbelr
line, and at prices as low as tney can
ha had in Wellington.
It would seem that there is little to be
tnalrad in a vacation that can not be had
at Linnwood. It Is easy or access; prices
are moderate ; there ere all the facilities
necessary for enjoyment and recreation;
the moral Influences are all good snd
wholesome. Wellington people are noted
for appreciating a good thing when they
find it, and aa 00 pel sons or 3 per cent of
the population of our town were camping
on the grounds of Linnwood yesterday, we
refer to any of them for corroberation of
our statement. . F. W. Bennett, U. mcuer
mott, W. Cushion, Jr.. J. B. Vermllya.E.
O. Bush, ,T, Benschoten, Cbas West, U
u.i.r v. a Williams. N. Hucklns, E.
W. Adams, J. W. Bunce, and E. E. Husted,
with their families, are among the num.
In order to reduce our
Stock we shall make
Very Low Price
on a great many goods.
It will pay to come and
see what can be bought
at the
?Our reduction will not
be confined to one de-
A. yUL tlllCULlJe
ur Specialties
For just now are
At about
Three-Fourths Value !
Bathing Suits and Swim-
ing tlouts.
Total . . - 62
A. R. Webbm Senatorial Com
J. H, Dicksou f tot Lorain C.
Lisnwood Park, Aug. 10, 1889.
I Editor of Taa EirriBrana:
The custom of taking a few days from
the busy cares of life and, with the little
onea and a good big Saratoga trans;, re
moving bag and baggage to some pretty
spot on the shore of old Lake Erie, Is be
coming more In vogue each year." The
aharn. brae nir air. the cool, invigorating
waters of the lake, the (orgetrulness of
the cares and worries of Hie, are all con.
ducive to health, and one can hardly in
vest a few days or weeks of time to better
ailuntaire. The writer, havlns tried many
of the localill and resorts on the lake
shore, Is prepared to say a word for beau
tiful Linnwood. It Is reached by a pleas
ant carriage drive of about four hours
from Wellington, or in much leas time by
tall via Elvrla and Vermillion. The park
contains about 60 acres, 20 acres or more
of which is a arove of magnificent oaks(
furnishing ample accommodation ter pleas.
nre and plc-nlc parties. The wnoie
grounds are nnder the management oi nr.
O. F. Naegle who seems to be the right
man for the place. Nothing within his
Nvnr la too mod for his meats and visit
ors; a pleasant word for all and careful
attention for all the small details oi com
fort and convenience leave little to be de
sired in the way of oversight ,
An Immense Line of
The Chief Bcaaea tor the great sue
u ot Hood's Bamparllla Is found In the
article Itself. It Is merit that wins, and the
fact that Hood's BanapartHa actually a
eompllahes what Is claimed for It, Is what
bis flrea to this medicine a popularity and
sal. ereater than that of any other sarsapa.
.:;i. xaImk rllla or blood purl
Merit WlnS nM before the public
Hood's Baraaparllla cures Scrofula, Bait
Rheum and all Humors, Dyspepsia, Blck
Headache, Biliousness, overcomes Tha
Tl rod Keeling, create, an Appetite, strength
ens th. Nere. builds up tb. Whole System.
Hda Slanaparllla li sold by all drus
gists. mslxforSS. Prepared by O. I. Hood
k 0o Apotneeariat, noweu, waa.
Adv.rtlHd bttan.
Tb. following is s Hit of unclaimed letters ra
ni lining la th. poitoDc at Wellington, Ohio,
Mm. G. V. Bavlev. Mr.Q. V. Bayley,
Miss Emma Luding, Mrs.Ottle A.Linvllle
Mr J.H.McCartney, Mr. NJS.O'Uell,
W. O. Fayson, . M las Adora Porter,
Mrs. Alise Shaffer. Mr Jrank B.Taseett
Persona calling for th. above letters please
say "advertised."
(Ito. C. Busa, P. M.
Loose's Kod Clover Fills Cure
air RaaHaohe. DvsDeDsla, Indigestion
Constipation; Mcper box; 5 boxes $1
Summer Flannel Shirts and Lith-
oid Collars and Cuffs, which
stand when linen goods
wilt from perspiration.
For sale by Fred Felt.
E.-- E. Goodrich

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