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LKDYARD- 0 Friday, August tta, at his
A Physician Relate Els Experl-
reside nee in Chatham Caster, Medina eoan
tTi of diabetes, after loot and eoaUnaed laf
feilnL K. A. Lrtjard. aged rears. Hlsre
malaa vera Interred ia Hanttagtoa Bandar.
- eooa with Mlaojrynlata.
Bmtnd mt the Fair tax rroamuMad a Dis
ease AUa S la Ity-Oevtai Cam
rjlutnuiaar Tratai at Tnl
Bate and crickets.
The phospha'e trade ha begun.
Lawn tennis for morning exercise.
Read up the calls for the conventions.
Life insurance agents appear to be busy.
Trices on cheese have a tendency up
ward, J. Turley la offering a premium on gold
The town well on the square needs a lit
tie airing.
House burglars are giving us a rest lor
the present ,
Some very smooth headed young men
are in the field.
This Is a very dull month for many
branches of trade. 1 -
The spider and the fly do not appear to
be very good friends.
The Methodist divines are preparing
tor annual conference.
r A verv heavy hay crop is reported
hroughout the Btate.
ti.. woodier la all the farmer can ask
for to mature his crops.
White ctps are in town. The girls can
tell bow much they cost
Remember the Farmers plc-nic next
Wednesday. August 21.
Look out for full announcement of our
lair In next week's issue.
The merchants in Elyria have formed a
local protective association.
A very few sheriff sales have taken
place In the county this year.
There is going to be plenty of good
amusement at the fair this year.
. Remember the Wellington fair takes
place on August 2t, 28, and 8 ..
"Fresh eggs demand remarkably good
prices lor this season of the year.
The band favors us with music these
evenings, which is very acceptable.
Exhibitors are beginning to brighten
the articles to be taken to the fair.
The Democrats convene in Elyria Bat.
i . nnin,ta a Annntv tirket.
uruay w uumiunw w ,
The matrimonial market Is a little dull
Just now but may be more active soon.
Our correspondents are taking their an
nual. Please try and be with us next Issue.
The English spar-ow Is unmolested this
season. Braman must Increase the reward.
Benedict and Llndsley are meeting with
good success in disposing of their ponies.
The delivery boys at the telegraph of
flee are kept on the march delivering mes
Governor Foraker delivered a very able
address to the farmers at Linn wood Park
last week.
Quite a number of fat hogs and veal
calves were shipped East from here over
the Bee Line last week.
The Senatorial committee of the 27lh
and 29th joint district convened at the
American House Monday.
The trees on the school ground are be
ing trimmed. Let some of the property
owners go and do likewise.
Visit the fair grounds these evenings
and see the turf men try their steeds to
win the race ior the evening.
Doat forget The Ehtkrtbise office
when von want any printing done. We
Everything Indicates that we will have
a dandy fair. All come out and help us,
Arrange to come early and tpend the day.
Hon. D. L. Wadsworth is getting his
campaign matter in readiness to attend the
Democratic Convention in Columbus Aug.
Two acres of land was purchased for
the Wellington Bending Works. Exca-
vations were begun to-dsy for the reser.
Mr. and Mrs. C. McDermott were com-
polled to return home Tuesday from Lisa
wood on account of the sickness of their
. second child.
C. W. Horr is fitting up his herd ol Hoi
steins to take to the fair. His Bolsteln
bull nulls the scales down to 2,290. nis
best cow 1,555 pounds.
J. Turley received half a car load of R.
W, Bell's soap the other day, notwithstand.
lng the house at Buffalo, n. xaeennco
V recognize bis orders. ,
. - AT -
If all of the districts are represented at
the Senatorial convention, to be held here
Sept. 5th. there will be one hundred and
thirty two delegates present.
Mr. E. F. Webster, of the firm of Wean,
Horr Warner & Co., will start for Dixie In
a few days, to be absent a number of
weeks to look after the sale of onions.
Mr. Charles Gardner, one of the firemen
at the Wellington Milling Co.'s, had his
hands and face badly burned Tuesday by
the bursting of a steam pipe. He was at
tended by Dr. Hathaway.
W, R. Wean will deliver the address at
the Pioneers' picnic at Lodi to-day. The
unveiling of the lountain statue and open
ing of the water works will be celebrated
with appropriate ceremonies.
There are verv few men who were in
the civil war that would be subject to mil
Itary duty at present, on account ot age.
Uncle Sam wants men to perform that
lino of duty between the ages of 18 and 45.
S. S. Hall is now disposing of the third
car load of horses in this place which he
has shipped from Kansas. Our farmers
should aim to supply their own local
market with horses that the trade de
mands, and keep the money at home.
The fair at New London will be held
Aug. 21-23. The directors of the Asso
ciation have spared no pains or money in
placing the grounds in first class condi
tion, and by the number of foreign entries
made the exhibition promises to be one of
interest. Thanks to Secretary Starbird
for favors.
September the Oth a company of twenty-
five farmers lrom Georgia will arrive here
and remain a couple ol days to Inspect the
dairy interests. These gentlemen are In
charge of an agent connected with the
leading railroad lines and will visit many
points ot interest In the North belore they
return. An unusual effort should be made
on the part ot the dairymen to make their
Lajsit a pleasant fne. -; . .
Some of the manufacturing firms keep
the wsges of one week of their employes
In their possession until they quit their
service. A person Is compelled to work
two weeks before pay Is drawn. By this
plan an employe has the earnings of one
week laid np. If laborers could arrange
their matters to draw their salaries
monthly many a dollar would be tared
where It is now unnecessarily expended.
Uncle John Long went to Lodi one day
last week to visit the onion fields, and
through the courtesy of W. R. Wean he
was conducted over the plantation. The
onion and celery crops are booming and
everything bids fair for an excellent yield.
Mr. Long says that he was on the same
premises fifty-nine years ago picking cran
berries and there hat been a decided
change in the vicinity in that length of
time. a
The wholesale merchants In Chicago,
111., have Introduced quite a scheme to
grapple the trade which patronizes the
eastern cities. Their plan u to send re
turn tickets to the leading merchants In a
town or city as an Inducement to call
them to examine their stock of goods.
The Queen city of the West can produce
the corn and pork, but as a center for cot
ton goods it will require many years yet
to establish if at all
Mrs. Hull.who Is spending the summer
with her aunt, Mrs. Hiram Couch, taught
school here some thirty years ago, when
our townsman. Horace Wadsworth, was
principal ol the school. Since that time
she has spent severs! years In BantaFe,
New Mexico. She says that she finds
Wellington much changed for the better.
Mrs. Hull is an enthusiast on the subject
of educating the Indians, having been
among them a great deal.
Pomeroy's Western world show was
fairly patronized here Saturday afternoon
and evening. The performances of lady
contortionist and trapeze performers were
exceedingly fine, from which it Is evident
that the young women are tar mere adapt.
ed to such work than young men. The
performances of the trained horses ex
ceeded anything of the kind we have ever
witnessed. The company was a very civil
one not a drunken rowdy was observed
In the crowd, which speaks remarkably
well for a traveling company of the kind.
The amount of subscription required to
keep the bending works at this place Is
about completed. The company made
the following proposition to the town: It
$1,500 was donated to them they would
agree to erect works valued at $9,000, em
ploy at least thirty men and perhaps more,
and remain here five yean. The commit
tee have secured the option of Mr. A. M.
Fitch for land tor a site for the works Just
across the trick from the W. 4 L. E. de
pot. Mr. S. K. Laundon, who has charge
of the subscription list, Informs us that
the amount will be raised In a very few
days and the site purchased. The build
ing will be erected ready for occupancy
on or before July 1st, 1890.
Next year the real estate will be ap
praised again. With our present State
debt hanging over us and the constant In
crease in county, township and corpora
tion expenses it would seem that real
estate should be appraised at a higher
rate than ten years ago. But farming
lands, city and village property having
greatly decreased in values the people will
naturally expect the valuation placed at
least 33 per cent, lower, and perhaps it
will be done. But what benefit will It be
to us In the end ? The levies must be In
creased or bonds must be issued t create
the necessary revenues to meet our inci
dental expenses. The debts we have
already contracted must be paid and all
subsequent expenses must be paid. The
present valuation had better remain undis
turbed. The business houses in the cities are
employing lady clerks whenever the place
can be tilled by one. The merchants claim
that goods are sold on close margins, and
iu order to compete they must redace ex
penses in the way of salaries. This will
be cold comfort to the? gentlemen clerks
to be compelled to leave their counters to
permit cheaper help to come in. There is
a cause tor this. Young men of the pres
ent day sneer at young women who take
the domestic field and class them as
"kitchen mechanics," "mop sllngers," &c.
By this treatment the young women make
a desperate effort to educate themselves to
reach some place of business where they
can earn a living. They can and will
work cheaper, and the result Is the young
dudes are turned put to pasture for their
sne?rs. which serves them right. It is
but natural for the gentler sex to follow
the domestic circle, and they will continue
In that line if properly, treated..
Mrs. Alice Billings. of Lorainpent Sun
day In town. . .
Auditor Herrick, of Elyria, spent Sun
day in town.
Dr. J. W. Houghton Is able to be about
his premises.
Mrs. Waite and Mrs. Dr. Hathaway are
visiting in Bucyrus.
Msstei Leon Adams entertained his
friends Friday afternoon.
A. G, Fishur has been on the tick list
tor a number of weeks.
Mrs, J,S. Case has beenvery sick, but Is
gradually recovering.
S. 8. Hail, of Burllngame, Kan., spent a
few days In town.
Mrs.R. L. French left Monday for an ex
tended visit in the East :
Miss Delia Pelrce bat gone to Michigan
to visit relatives.
James Osborn, of Cleveland, is visiting
at P. 8. Brink's. '
Miss Effle Brindle, of Ashland, is visit.
lng Miss Nancy Tracy.
Mrs. Mary E. Hill hat returned from
Cincinnati to remain a few days.
Miss Ella Sled man, of Oberlin, Is visit
ing ber aunt Mrs. G. G. Pelrce.
Mr. and Mrs. Caboon, of Elyria, were
the guests of Col. Couch over Sunday,
Mrs. Gamble and Miss ' Hade Vischer
spent Sunday at Vermillion.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Roser and W. W,
Harvey and ton are at Lakeside.
Miss Hattie Mason started for a pleas
ure trip through several eastern Slates on
Mrs. L. Butler and daughters returned
Monday, the 13, from a two weeks visit in
Elyria and LaGrange.
Mrs. Paul it spending a few days with
ber daughter. Mrs. C. Fox, In Brighton,
Mrs. 8. A. Williams and Mrs. Elliott
visited friends in Brownhslm last week
George Crawford and family, of North
Fairfield, spent several days last week at
Shubael Smith's.
W.V. Rood, principal ot the public
schools at Akron, O., Is visiting bit father-
In-law, W. W. Wells, South Main street
J. W. Wilbur tpent a couple of days at
Midland, O, last week at the reunion of
hit old regiment the 47th O. V. I. Mr
Wilbur reports a very pleasant time.
, Capt WJ. Morrow, of Cincinnati, spent
Sunday in town. - The Captain it a strong
, aupporter of women's rights.
Mrs. W. F. Herrick and daughter Fan
nie leave the latter part of this week for
an extended visit East
Mr. and Mrs. T. R. HerricK have (rone
to Lake Breeze to remain several days.
Mr. Herrick is in a poor state of health
and seeks a vacation from his business.
rresiuing nauer noyt of Ueveland.was
the guest of Rev. W. C. Dawson yesterday,
Dr. T. M. McClaren and W. L. Cook
will leave for Springfield, Mo- In a few
Charles P. Horr leaves to-morrow for
Olympia, Washington Territory, to enter
into partnership with his uncle, J.C.Horr,
who has been a resident of the city for
many years. Charlie has been a very ac
commodating employe at the First Nation
al Bank here and be will be greatly missed.
All wish him success.
Mr. Clarence VanDeusan, of PassalcN,
J., spent several days in town last week.
Clarence was a Wellington boy and it is
twenty-three yean since he visited his na
tive town.
Mr. Pomeroy, proprietor of the Wild
West show, is a Grafton boy. His parents
came to town on Saturday to greet their
son, whom they had not seen for four
Mr, E,F. Webster recelyed notice to-day
that Mr. W. F, Sawtelie (his ward) had
been granted back pension to the amoant
ot $5,293, and placed upon the pension
roll at $50 per month. The friends of Mr,
Sawtelie will be glad to hear this, as he is
In every way worthy of it.
Do you suffler from sciofula, salt rheum,
or other humon? Take Hood's Sarsapa
rilla. tbe great blood purifier. 100 doses
one aoiiar.
Church Notes and Announcements.
Regular services were field in tbe M. E.
Uiurcn lost aunday. me church, was
beautifully decorated for "the occasion.
This psrt was done by the enterprising
young ladies.
The service wsa an impressive one, the
administration ot baptism forming an In
teresting part
In tbe evening Dr. F. S. Hoyt preached
an interesting sermon, which was grestly
enjoyed by all.
On Menduy eyening tbe session of the
Quarterly conference was called by the
Presiding Elder for the transaction of the
business of the church.
William H. Elgin, one of our bright and
Intelligent young men, was given license
to preach the Gospel of Christ in the
Methodist Episcopal Church.
I By a unanimous vote the Conference
astea tor the return of Kev. W.C. Dawson
to the charge for the fourth year.
A successor to Rev. 8. D. .Gammell at
the Congregational Church has not yet
been decided upon.
Bill Moooey was hauled into the po
lice lustloe'e eourt by Manhall Williams
on show day for enjoying a snooze in
one of the besinett houses as the result
of swallowing too much tangle foot He
wsa charged with a common drunk and
hit Honor imposed a fine ot $5 and costs
snd to stand committed until paid.
John Neff, of Spencer, was arrested for
carrying concealed weapons. He plead
guilty and wu fined $1 and costs. After
John wu released be placed bis shooter
in vest pocket in order that everybody
could see it and said he guessed folks
could all tee bis gun now.
Public Sale,
air. Walter Smith will sell at public
sale on his piemises, situated 1
miles east and three-fourths mile north of
the center of Penfleld, Saturday, Aug. 17,
1889, at 12 m. cows, yearlings, 10 spring
pigs, 5 full blooded poland-chlna pigs
brood sow, Fairbanks' scales, farming lm
plements, 80 sheep, horses, 3 Indian pon
ies well broken, wagons, harrows, drags,
sulky pluw, top buggy .double harness and
other articles. Terms: six months with
use. i Ed East, Auctioneer.
W. J. Kbbbs, Clerk.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
Whan Baby was atck,wa gave bar Castorla. ,
Whan she was a Child, aha trial f or Castorla,
When she beotate Was, She alone to Oastorle,
Whan the had GhiMran, she rev lb am Oeatorla.
For various reasons it it thought best to
change the time of the meeting of the
Morray Association, at Sharon, to Aug. 90,
31, and Sept 1-
Mrs, E, S. Blssell, Sec.
To the Ladies.
I have a fine stock of switches and banes
that I will sell cheap. I also manufacture
both to order in the latest styles. A fine
line of ornaments for head wear can be
found in my stock. Please favor me with
your patronage. Miss Ixa Abnold.
jmuj Atuougntons urugtrtore.
Take Notice.
Seven ban of soap for 23cts. canal to
Bell's Buffalo. Bell's soap, 4 cts a cake.
N. P. Robiksok.
WANTED Gold Dollars. I will pay
premium of ten cents, and probably
more, lor a reasonable number or cold
dollars. 33341 J.Tcblbt.
Florence Starr will open a studio at Mn.
Williams' house on Courtland Ave. In
structions will be given in q rawing, both
pencil and crayon, commencing Thurs
day, August 15th. Any desiring instruc
tions are requested to call early. (ill
The W.4LE. R. R. will sell excur
sion tickets as follows during the summer
months: f rom Wellington to the follow
ing stations ana return
.$ 2.70. Limit 1 dsy
. 1.40. " .....2 days
Huron, O
Toledo $ 1.50. Limit ldsy
Pnsquelsle... 1.60. " ldsy
Ana any time until uci sj as ioiiows:
Buffalo, N. Y. .$10.25. Limit. .Oct SISO
Chautauqua Lake 7.25. " " "
Niagra Falls .. .10.75. " "
Tbe evening train, due at 7:42, makes
close connections ior New York and all
points east at Creston via N.Y. L.E.4 W
R. It
I am still in town, canvassing for the
sale of Prof. Hopkins' Special Remedies,
notwithstanding tbe reports to tbe contra
ry. o2j JlRa. Li. W. LT.
A Card.
Free Hand Crayon Portrait work
specialty, by
Mrs. M. L. Marshall,
Wellington, Ohio
Residence on N. Main St
W. & L. E. Special.
Round trip tickets to Lakeside and
Put-tn-bsy at reduced rates via Sandusky
and boat. For sale by W. & L. E. Ry.
To Farmers.
Remember that Laundon, Wlndecker
& Co. have a full stock ot all kinds of
barb wire lencing.
Try Pratt's Horse Liniment Sure cuie
for all blemishes. Sold by druggists.
Go to S. V. Carpenter's for sewing l
chine supplies.
Tbe nicest Ice-cream parlors in town are
au.iJ. vermuya's
Hosiery at reduced price.
Laundon, Wlndecker ds Co.
Tbe latest designs of Baby Carriages
and sold exceedingly cheap at
Itch, Mange, and Scratches on hnman
or animals cured in 80 minutes by Wool-
lord's banitary Lotion, litis never tail-
Sold bv E. W.Adams, Droggist, Welling
ton.Ctlii. if
Pratt's Rheumatic Liniment beats tbem
all. Sold by druggists.
We have a nice lot of Baby Carriages at
very low prices. Call and see tbem.
A. U. iS U. L. UlL'CB.
J. M. Crabtree will pay tbe highest
market prices tor live and dressed 'bugs
veal calves, dry snd green hides and pelts
Go to J. B. Vermllya for the best flavor.
ed dish of tce-eream in town.
J. B. Vermllya uses pure cresm. Dure
clean ice, pure Ingredients, to make- bis
Baby Carriages! Baby Carriage.
A full line of Child's Carriages can be
seen at A. G. 4 O. L. Couch's.
Baby Carriaget at A.G.&G.L. Couch's
If you bsve neuralgia, cold, sore thioat.
etc- use Pratt's Family Liniment. Sold
by druggists.
For pure ice-cream that will recommend
Itself caU on J. B, Vermllya.
To prevent cholera infantum use hine-
hart's Syrup Blackberry; no opium. 25c,
Dressmaking and Fitting. I am nr..
pared to do Cutting, Fitting and Dree.,
making by the late Taylor System. Fit.
ting a Specialty, at my home on Kelle;
St, west ot C. C. C A I. depot
Dlrtt Dlrit Dirt!
Dirt for sale. Enquire ot Wellington
Bending Works or of C. E. Sutliff
An Imperative Necetsiy
itWhat pure air Is to an unhealthy local
y, wbat spring cleaning is to the neat
housekeeper, to is Hood's SarsapsrilU to
to everybody, at this season. Tbe lnvty
needs to be thoroughly renovated, ike
blood purified and vitalized, the germs of
disease destroyed. Scrofula, Salt Rheum,
sud all ether blood disorders are cored by
Hood's Sarsaparilla, tbe most popular and
succesiui spring meowine.
Don't Get Caught
This spring with your blood full of Impur
ities, your o i reel ion impaired, your appe
tita poor, kidneyt and liver torpid, and
wnoie system uaoie to De pr si rated by
disease but get yourself into good con
dition, and ready for the changing to
warmer weather, by taking Hood's Sarsa
parilla. It stands unequalled tor purfy
lng the blood, giving an appetite, and for
general spring medicine. , .
The many remarkable curat flood's
ar taparllla accomplishes sre sufficient
proof that It does possess peculiar cura
live powen .
"Woaten-hateraf Plenty of them t"
A reporter tor the Hew York World had
sset a well-known physician ia a popular
oala aod interrupted acoarexaaUon that Uia
doctor waa holding with a friend ever a
cigar and a bottle of elaret Ee tpolra
emaily and wiUi confidence that he knew bia
To hata a woman, especially aneol tna
dainty, loving kind, upon whose glaaoes
men hang enthralled, or for whose kindly
glances aiea would sacrifice their aouia.
teemed incredible, rerisu. the tnoagui
And yet the visitor's mind brought into re
membrance cases in which men had sworn
they bated women, only to be captured and
put in bondage by a pair of bright eyes.
The physician struck a fresl matcnana
watched the amoke from bia cigar roll laxily -upward
aa be related a few strange inci
denta that had come under bis observation
"One case that I recall" said the doctor.
"was that of a German, a member of all the
musical aocietiea, who late In life acquired
and betrayed an intense hatred of all
women. Ha bad been happily married, aod
no one auspected turn of this new feeling
that began to creep over bim and destroy
the love be had for bia wile and the respect
for his mother.
"He struggles sgainat it and fought it
but it was no use, aod the disease, if sack
ft may be called, bfgsn to a bow itself to bia
family and frienda, and an instant
estrangement from hit wife waa the re
sult. He ran away from hit home and was
finally returned hopelessly intone.
"Now," concluded the ooctor, 'there waa
a man who was a woman-hater, only be did
not know it, because he waa insane." The
physicians had diagnosed hia case aright
The conversation turned then on a ease
that had been mentioned by Oliver Wendell
Holmes in bia book. A very young boy had
been left in charge of a nurse, and she had
suddenly gone insane. In her maniacal
frenzy she tried to strangle her innocent
charge, and only delisted when sbe thought
she bsd succeeded in her object. Then she
killed herself with a raaor, which left her a
moat shocking sight. The boy revived, and
tbe first thing his eyes fell upon waa the
From that day throughout hit childhood
and up to the hour of his death the sight of
a woman was enough to throw him into
convulsion a. His nurses were men, and
his family decided it beat to seclude him.
No woman ever entered his apartments,
but all the work of taking care of him de
volved upon men. He died in those rooms.
"Tea, that is very strange," said the
physician, meditatively. -But I think I
know of one nearly as remarkable," and he
went on to relate the following:
"In the spring of '81 1 was called in by a
prominent banker to attend hia son, who
had suddenly bccoiae afflicted with estrange
state of mind, which proved to be a hatred
of women. This bis fam il j couU not under
stand, as be bad always been a leader in
social events and foad of ladies' society.
"1 found the young fellow's constitution
very much run dowa, and made him admit
that he waa a victim ot the opium habit.
He also confessed to me an adventure that
had happened to him, but which I will not
repeat aa it Is too long, In which he had
been scared nearly out ot hit wits by a
'It was easy enough for me to see that
unless the impression eauffht acd retained
by hia mind in its enfeebled state could be
removed, be would remain a woman-hater
all bia life."
"Was it ever remove J, doctor 1" asked
one of the batenera.
"Never," waa the anawer, and the party
relapsed into alienee for a moment
A diversion was caused by the waiter's re
moval ot an empty bottle and the substitu
tion of a fresh one, and the conversation
was resumed.
"Tell us another, doctor," insinuated the
newspaper man.
"I could tell yon loveral more, but would
have to do so briefly, aa a patient is waiting
for me," be responded. I recollect a gen
tleman who stood very high In all affairs
connected with education ia 5ew York.
He, too, was a woman-hater. Aa hit opin
ion on school affairs was considered valu
able, many teachers, especially ladles, used
to run to him for advice, but, aa he waa
deeply engaged in study, their calls were a
source of annoyanoa to him and Irritated
him into the state ot mind that I cart men
tioned. "He waa a bachelor, but ha finally dis
charged all bis women servants, substitut
ing men. And orders war given that no
woman waa to be allowed to set foot within
his doora. He has often told ma that women
had prevented fcls reaching the highest
rounds ot a elence snd that ha could never
regain the tista lost.
. "I know another ease whera a man in
trusted hit entire fortune to a woman, and
the made away with It t-d cado a woman
hater out of bim. Ho c?al never address
"But" concluded tha doctor, tapresatva
ly, "I think that designing mothers are re
sponsible tor masy of tha woaan-hatera, at
they frequently prevent their daughters
from marryicg t'nt men of their choice, and
when a girl deserts tbe man she love and
marries trotter it la very ;. ta C9 mcsta!
injury to the first."
The Spider aa a Trcvaler.
A f.oc'.or desired to send a fine specimen
of the spider tribe to a medical friend who
was exceedingly curious in the study of
such matters. As the reediest means of
transit ha inclosed It in a common wooden
box, tad dispatched the tiny traveler by ex
press. Tne box, turnover, xras too roomy
for the spider's wants, and as hs seemed to
have disliked tto Jolting tccident to travel
ing, ho hsA recourse to a very ingenious
remedy. Bees eicee eitrsordircry sagaci
ty in overoomiBg C12;cltlea of form and
situation, and spiders, It rrould appear,
shore to a great extent tha same delicate
and useful uot. ttccaa leant it tha In
ference v?e feel Incited t) draw from the
following fact: TV he a tha spider reached
hia destination tsl th consignes opectd
tbe box, he was equally surprised atl de
lighted to find that bit insect charge had
spun for himself a superb hammock,
securely bung from the four corners of bit
prlson-bouaa, in which he had oouonea, in
I -av(ftn r uMl. . ,a fnft In tils
tailor fashion, ts sofJy at ha (oca ia his
native lair.
Tka Churchman, speaking ot the death of
Damieu, the leper priest, saa that outside
af tha walla of Jerusalem is a leper hos
pital tended by deaconess from tha Oar
ssaa religtoue aooaea. "Tear after year
ibaat karoio women, without pretentiooe
eaaa, without any trumpeting of their work,
almost unknown to tha world, have waited
npon lepers, while them selves literally
dying by In oh as. Their courage has only
noma to light by the chaaoe notice of trav-alen."

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