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tf, B. SMITH, rroprUtoi.
General News Summary.
Interesting Home and Foreisrn New
' The Comptroller of tho Currency has au
thorized the National Bault of California at
Los Angeles, and the First National Sank
of Gateaville, Tex., to begin business with
Capitals of $230,000 and $50,000 respectively.
Upon the recommendation of the Civil
Service Commission, the Presldont has ap
proved an amendment to the rules govern
ing the railway mail service, exempting
from examination clerks employed in that
service exclusively as porters in handling
mail matter in bulk, sacks, or pouches, and
not otherwise; and clerks employed ex
clusively on steamboat.
' Acting Secretary ChandWr on the 23d ap
pointed .iiitvcn clerks In tho Pension
Bureau at annual salaries of $1,000.
The Treasury Department has received a
contribution to the conscience fund of 25,
which was transmitted by the New York
Sun at the request of an unknown sender
who signed himself a "RcpentantCathollc"
Superintendent of the Census Porter has
tppointed Captain Joseph W. Collins and
Charles W. Smiley as special agents to col
lect tho fishery statistics, and Dr. William
C. Day, a special agent to collect the statis
Ics relating to structural materials through
jut tho United States.
The Simpson Drydock Company has notl--ied
the Navy Department that the new dry
dock built for the Government at Norfolk,
Va., will be opened and in readiness to re
ceive vessels on September 18.
The Acting Secretary of War has received
'he resignation of Surgeon Porter, U. 8. A.,
ivho is said to have resigned because he did
lot care to obey an order to leave Jackson-.-ille,
Fla., for Jackson Barracks, La.
The Treasury Department has informed a
orrespondent that the Chinese act of Sep
ember 1.1, does not take effect till the
late of the exchange of ratifications, which
late has not arrived.
The Catholic University at Washington
ecently received two. more valuable gifts.
)ne was s cash contribution of $10,000 from
he late Sylvester Johnson, of Louisville,
ty., and the other was made by Bishop
Pr'arrell, of Trenton, N. J., who sent
.ibrary of 5,000 volumes.
The annual swimming contest for the
.mateur championship . of America took
dace on Hcrlera river on the 21st The 100
ard event was won by W. C. Johnson in
ne minute and twenty-two seconds. The
ne mile match was won easily by A. Mef-ert-
AU the union shoe lasters in the shoe
actor! es of Cincinnati, to the number of
early 300, struck on the 21st because of the
tiscbarge of three anion workmen, the pro
irictors refusing to give any reason for
heir discharge. A long struggle is in proa
ect. A number of the State officials of Kansas,
Deluding Governor Hutchinson, Attorney
General Kellogg, Supreme Justice Hortoo
ad Associate Supreme Justices Valentine
did Johnson, have furnished for publication
-ifflcUl statement that woman suffrage at
nunicipal elections In Kansas has proved
och a great public benefit that they advise
rther States to adopt it, None of these
'dicers are elected by women' vote.
Marcus Maxim, who set up and started
be first nail mill in what is now New Cas
io, Pa., died recently at his home in
dochester, Mass., aged seventy-three. Be
.ra the inventor of two spike machines,
ne for making spike need on river steam
xts and the other for those extensively
ised in eastern shipbuilding,
Uand Bortel, a young lady living near
Oneida. N. Y., was shot and killed by Ed
ward Knowle of that place on the iEd. A
ore affair led to the murder.
Durham, Me., celebrated the centennial
anniversary of its Incorporation on the 22d.
Jimmy Hope, the famous bank robber,
xaa discharged from Auburn (U. T.) prison
the 2d, his time having expired. While
m his way to New York, Bope was arrested
ry detective from that city, where he is
ranted for alleged complicity In the $3,000,-
00 Manhattan bank robbery ol ism.
The Keystone Purnao Company, which
"Derates two large furnace at Reading,
a., made an assignment on the 21st The
labilities are estimated at $260,000, and as-
eu about Smooo.
Louia Scwars and Belif Cohen, resident
f Wllkeabarra, Pa., were arreated in New
t York on tha 23d, oa the arrival of the
teamer Westernlaod from Europe, for
muggllng lam quantities 01 goods.
At the meeting of the American Society
f MicroaoopisU in Buffalo, N. Y-, oa the
Id Dr. George F. KttU was elected presi
The boiler shop of to Blgelow Company
i New Haven, Conn., manufacturers of
oilers, engine and plate Iron, was totally
-stroyed by fire oa the J3d. Loss, $75,000;
trtially Insured,
Abraham Browning, one of the oldest
. id most eminent lawyer in New Jersey,
ed at Camden recently, aged elgbty-two
The Thornton Worsted Company of Prov
.. enoe, R. L, haa assigned.
Barnum & Bailey's circus train was
racked near Potsdam. N. J., on toe Sid,
.-bile en route to Montreal, Can., on the
' ome. Water-town & Ogdonsburg railroad.
a ail broke, derailing aix car and tele
. coping two more, crushing every thing In
tern. Thirty ring horses, one of the chariot
di and two camels were killed. The
a at Is estimated at $40,000.
At a recent meeting of the creditors of
-'eorge W. Hollla, wool dealer of Boston
. ad Brighton, Mas., Holhs' statement
towed his liabilities to be $1,108,000, of
hlch $415,900 are contingent consisting of
idorscmenU on accommodation paper for
hlch Uollis received do consideration. Of
- . ie absolute liabilities f 1W,400 are secured.
je total assets are $M3.40a
A Pitubarrh dispatch say the coke oper
. on have decided to advance the price of
. .k to $1.35 par ton, and probably more on
; ' iptemlier t. Th ad ram la made to moet
t increased coat of production caused by
. recent advance in th wages of the
, .k worker.
At Wobura, Hist, on the nlsht of the
J th Fred H. Nichols, while delirious with
. phoid fever, got out of bed, procured, a
voiver from a bureau drawer, and shot
l nurse, a Miss Smith, through the heart
. afore he could be secured he also fired two
i tot st his father, but without effect Miss
. . Jkith was a trained auras from Boston who
. id Just arrived to attend the patient
The Massachusetts Democratic State con
' t'jation will be held at Worcester October 1
AngDnt Eckmaa and Frederick Sharer
tot drowned while bathing in the East
. iver at New York City on lb 25th.
Her. Father Corcoran, pastor of the Bt
Vgaes Catholie Church at Pittsburgh, In
a coarse of a recent scrrnoa on parochial
eaeola, said that be would not hereafter
Taut absolution to parent who permitted
' .Mr ehikiroa to elwo J tho public school.
The coroner's lunf.on the recent wreck of
the excursion train on the West Pen rail
road near Barver's Btatlotu Pa., rendered a
verdict on the 24th censuring the railroad
company severely. . The Jury states that
the .wreck wa due to. gross carelessness,
and that the tic were rotten and unfit to
hold the spikes in place. v
The weekly statement of the New York
assooiated banks, Issued en the 24th, shows
the following changes: ., Reserve decrease,
$l,2So,575; loans decrease, $3,401,100; specie
decrease; $3,418,400; legal tenders decrease,
tu7t,0OD; deposits decrease. $7,fc,000; clreu
ltion decrease, $2,500. : The banks held
$2,068,000 n excess of, the twenty-five per
cent rule. ..... ." .
D. C. Foelcy, the noted Irish lawyer of
Rochester, N. Y., has brought suit against
the New York Times for libel, placing the
damages at $25,000. The complaint allege
that during the campaign of 1887, when the
plaintiff was candidate on the United Labor
State ticket for Attorney General, the
Time published a dispatch referring to him
in scandalous terms.
Dr. Benry C. Fithlan, a prominent phy
sician of Port Norrls, N. J., shot himself on
the morning of the 22d, death ensuing im
mediately. Be waain bed and his young
wife was awakened from her sleep by the
report of the pistol.
General Mine Superintendent Andrew
NiooU, Jr., of the Delaware & Hudson
Canal Company, and four workmen named
Daniel Williams, Richard Mason, John
Marvin and John Jones were fatally burned
by an explosion of gas In No. shaft at
Oliphant, Pa., on the 22d. The gas had ac
cumulated after a cave-in which occurred
few hours before.
At Shawn eotown, BL, on the 22d Emanuel
Brooks shot and fatally wounded his wife
and then shot himself twice in the head,
but these wounds not killing him instantly,
he ran 100 yards and jumped Into the Ohio
river and wns drowned.
W. K. Denny, the absconding assistant
postmaster at lioonevilie, Ind., has been ar
rested at Kansas City. He confessed to
having embezzled $5,000.
An epidemic of flux has prevailed in
Charleston and Kanawha County, W. Va.,
during the past thirty day. The disease is
virulent and has proven fatal In about fifty
case. Deaths are more prevalent among
young children.
Fire at Middlebury, Ind., on the mi de
stroyed the Masonic Ball and a large por
tion of the business section of the town.
Loss, $$0,000.
Scruggs & Whaley'e three-story flouring
mill at Dallas, Tex., was wrecked on the
23d by a boiler explosion. All the employes
except the engineer had gone to dinner. The
boiler was deposited 800 feet away, wmie
the engineer was shot out with the debris
and landed against a pile of wood 200 feet
away, without sustaining serious Injury.
Hoag's flouring mill at Manchester, la.,
burned on the 23d, together with the elec
tric light plant Loss, $39,000; no Insurance.
J. R. Cunningham, the postmaster at Col-
fevsburg. Mo., who absconded with $8,000
on June 1 last, has been arrested at Benton-
ville. Ark., after a long pursuit by detect
ives. Jim McCoy, the noted desperado of South
western Texas, wa banged at San Antonio,
Tex., on the 23d, for the murder of Sheriff
McKlnnev on December 26, 18S6.
The report of the committee appointed by
the county commissioners of Buchanan
County, Mo., to Investigate the accounts of
ex -Collector Tandy H. Trice, shows his ac
counts to be $38,090 short Trice claim
credit of $34,000 which the committee would
not allow.
Conductor Frank Parker of the Chicago,
Milwaukee ft St Paul railway had an en
counter with crook at Wads worth, 11L, oa
the 23d and shot one of them dead. The
victim, whose name is unknown, attacked
the conductor with a pistol.
On the 23d an accommodation train and a
special east-bound train carrying Baltimore
A Ohio officials, collided on a curve of the
Baltimore ft Ohio railroad between Pe
troleum and Silver Run, W. Va, while go
ing at a speed of thirty-five miles an hour,
wrecking both engines and a baggage car.
Both engineer and firemen were killed, an
official of the road named Hunter was
fatally wounded, and several other person
badly hurt The accident was caused by
wrong orders being given to the engineer.
The final report of Banker W. G. Desbler,
of Columbus, la relation to funds collected
in the smaller towns of Ohio for the Johns
town sufferers forwarded to the Governor
f Pennsylvania, show the total collections
to have been $78,121.75.
The committee recently appointed by the
Baa Francisco Chamber of Commerce to
Investigate the feaslbllty of laying an ocean
telegraph cable from that point to Australia
has reported In favor of the project and es
timate the coat of a cable line from San
Francisco to New Zealand by way of Bono
lulu and Tutuil at $10,000,000. It Is urged
that the line would be a paging Investment
At Loutovllle, Ky., on the 23d a young
man named W. C Barrlman voluntarily
surrendered to the authorities and con
fessed to having embezzled $300 la Boston,
Mas. He wa en route to Colorado, had
sprat ail his money aad got sick.
Ball's hotel and livery stable, five bust
oess blocks and several residences at Fair
mount, I1L, were burned on th JSd. Loss
$20,000. ' '
The flouring mill of McClura ft Ryaa, at
Louisville, Ky., burned on the 24th, entail
ing a loss of $40,000.
Alphonse Phillip, prominent young
lawyer of New Orleans, has absconded, tax
lng with him fsads left la hi custody by
client amounting, It la said, to between
$, and $100,000. Phillips was an official
of the Mexican Lottery Company, a mem
ber of the Legislator, and had the confi
dence of the community.
Moscow, O., a village of 600 Inhabitant
on the Ohio river, ha aa epidemic of diph
theria. There have already been seventy
six case reported, mostly children, and
twelve deaths. The horrible sanitary con
ditio of the village is said to have caused
the epidemic
Samuel Rosen baum, one of the best
known dry goods salesmen In the West,
suicided st bis horn In Chicago oa the
24th by shooting himself, Itosenbaum wss
a. phenomenal salesman his sale fre
quently aggregating $1,000,000 a year. Grief
at the reoeut death of hi wife and daughter
Is said to have uabalanced his mind.
David Oliver's oatmeal mill at Jollet, 111,
wa destroyed by fir on the 'J4th, Involving
loss of rc.OOO. Insurance $12,000.
Perry Thrall, who died recently at Macon,
Mo., confessed before his death to having in
lrJtVl murdered William Vanderrentor and.
wlf In their house near Mexico, Mo. Pot
this crime Bill Duly, a colored man,
was arrested, charged, tried, convicted, and
hanged a few month after the tragedy.
Th J. H. Mahler Company of Ht Paul,
carriage manufacturers, mad aa assign
ment on the MUl Liabilities ar la th
neighborhood of half a million dollars,
white its asset are not known. The com
pany ha bcea la business is Bt Paul for
twenty years and was supposed to b one of
eolideat enterprises In th city. .... .
Mis Mamie L. Burlaw, a music teacher,
was ran over aad killed by a cable ear at
rsnsas City, Mo., oa to 4Ut Hooa after
wards R. T. Hinds, county recorder, fen
wail alighting from oc car directly ta
front of one approaouing from in opposite '
direction. Be wa so badly bruised and cut
about the head that his recovery 1 tin--,
probable. , v L ' '
At Brunswick, Mo., oa the 24th James
and Henry Miles, brothers, shot and killed
William Miller. A year ago Miller killed
Joseph Miles during a quarrel resulting
from Miles' attention to Mrs. Miller, and
was acquitted of the crimes The Miles
brothers swore revenge, and have executed
the threat They have escaped
. The Baltimore ft Ohio railroad has coa
Oluded Its tests with coke as a fuel for
engines. It ts 'Understood that the test
proved satisfactory and the company Is
now considering the detail necessary for
substituting it for ooal on all trains between
Philadelphia and Washington. .
Joe Belf us, one of the most noted and dar
ing horse thieves in Kansas, was lodged in
jail at Nevada, Mo., on the 24th. He nar
rowly escaped lynching by the. poese which
captured him.
At Somerset, Ky., on the 24th D. B. Bharp
was testifying in court when a Miss Good
man who was interested in the case cried
out upon some answer of Sharp's, "That's a
lie." Sharp sprang up and strucll her.
Henry Goodman, the girl' brother, there
upon grappled with Sharp and after a short
struggle stabbed him to death. Goodman
The machinery department of Eaynes,
Bpencer ft Co.'s church and school furni
ture factory at Richmond, Ind., was de
stroyed bv fir on the 24th, causing a loss
of $35,000; half Insured.
W. A. Gamble, recently appointed United
Btatos Deputy Marshal at Birmingham,
Ala., has been arrested upon a charge of
accepting bribes and agreeing 'to have
quashed certain indictments against illicit
liquor mon. Gamble asserts his innocence.
During the progress of a game of base
ball between the Cincinnati and Brooklyns
on the 25th, eighteen policemen marched on
the field and arrested th players of both
teams for violation of the Sunday law. The
mayor of Hamilton at once opened court
and each of the men were fined $8.35.
About 5,000 people were present at the
game. ' I '
During the month of August at least
twelve persons have lost their lives in Den
ver, Col., and vicinity by using kerosene In
starting fires. On the 24th two mors vic
tims were added to the list: Mrs. Dul
madge, mother of the assistant fire chief of
Denver, and a Mrs. Jeff Orr, wife of a
prominent business man of Durango. '
The Empire and Phoenix flour, mills at
8t Catherines, Ont, owned by Sylvester
Nelson, were totally destroyed by fire on
the 28d. Loss, $35,000.
The distillery of Gooderham ft Worts at
Toronto, Can., haa been sold to an English
syndicate for $1,000,000. This distillery is
the largest In Canada.
The Bulgarian authorities have purchased
10,000,000 cartridges la Vienna and are ne
gotiating with a Belgian manufacturer for
50,000 rifles.
The report that Miss Huntington, the
daughter of 'the California millionaire, is
betrothed to Prince HaUfeldt, the nephew
of the German ambassador to the United
States is confirmed.
A Ghent (Belgium) dispatch states that
epileptic in a hospital for Incurables st that
place on the 23d made an attack witn a
razor upon the other patient in the institu
tion who were in bed at the Ume. He badly
gashed the throat of twenty-four of them.
Two patients and the head nurse have died.
Recent dlspatche irom JSgypt say wai a
famine prevails at Khartoum, Kassola, To
kar and other town. The survivors are
said to be feeding upon the bodies of dead.
About twenty deaths from starvation dally
are reported at Tokar. . '
The Mexican Congress has been sum
moned to meet to consider the subject of
sbsndoning the international exposition,
which had been proposed for I'M, and to
substitute therefor a national exposition
next year. i
The spread of scarlet fever in London,
England, is becoming very alarming. Dur
ing August 631 patients stricken with the
disease have been received at the hospitals,
which now contain 1,000 cases, notwith
standing the large number which have been
discharged as cured.
Ts bursting of a sewer in Philadelphia
on the 27th caused damage In the Fifteenth
and Twenty-ninth wards estimated at $HM,
000. Streets were torn np and waahed out.
cellars flooded, foundations and walls
weakened and shattered and stocks of goods
ruined. Many persons narrowly escaped
Hairt Disit, a gambler, was arreated
at Kansas City, Mo., on the 2Rth charged
with the theft of $1,500 worth of diamond
from the jewelry store of F. Altaian recently.
The theft will be remembered as a bold one;
having occurred in broad daylight, on the
most crowded street of the city. Mr. Alt-
man identified the prisoner as the thief. -
Tas schedule showing liabilities of the
Insolvent wool firm of Brown, S trass ft
Clark, of Boston, show liabilities of $1,180,
Tbi First National Bank of Brottdale,
Pa., capital $50,000 the First National
Bank ot Whatcom, W. T.. capital $50,000,
and the First National Bank of Somerset,
Pa., capital $50,000, have been authorized to
commence business.
Om the 28th a serious accident occurred to
the vestibule train on the Santa Fe road,
running between Kansas City and Chicago,
near Burster, 111. The train wa heavily
loaded with Grand Army veterans and their
friends bound for the Milwaukee encamp
ment, and consisted of several extraooaches.
By the spreading of the rails three coaches
two Pullman sleepers and the dining ca
were thrown from the track aad down a
steep eiiibsnkment, a distance of probsUy
forty feet About fifty persons were In
jured mors or less seriously, semral of
wnom can aot recover.
J t; dob La vt M. Vilus, of Bt Pant, aged
rorty-llve, brother of Colonel William F.
Vila, dlsd at Madison, Wis., on the 26th.
A rrnuc sale of tramps arrested for
vacrrancy took place at Moberly, Mo., on
the 27th. Two were sold to farmers for two
dollars a head and another was bid In for
seventy-live cents. A fourth could find no
purchaser and was returned to jaiL The
three who were sold must serve their
purchasers for four months. -
At New York on the 27lh the eorouer'a
Jury In the case of the victims of the recent
tenement house fire at $05 Seventh avenue,
rendered a verdict that the cause of thf
nre was unicnown. They exonerated res
taurant keeper Border, who hsd been under
strong suspicion, and he was released from
custody. , f i .
Tbi prison authorities at Jack son, Mich.,
claim to have detected Irving Latimer, the
matncioe, in a piot to blow np the peniten
tiary, which, had It been carried to auocess.
would have let 800 convicts loose, A package
of Hercules powder throws ever the prison
wail a few nighto ago was traced to 1 ti
mers cell and th warden st once locked
urn in zne solitary dungeon. "
Jim Dirrau n, of Cantos, O., has re
seived word from a Baltimore firm of law
years that he Is on-i oT thru heirs to a
fortune of $500.0)0 loft by a brother. JowMh
nietrich, who died ipontlv m Texas.-' - -'
zrr: ah: m probable: .yabm,:-:
a. Chicago Han Toe Blifal to Talk to a
..,.4 I'rotly Widow. s ,
"I kno w it's tho goucral supposition and
the rock-bound belisl on the part of the
most womon that really bashful men don't
exist anywhere off the farm," said a South
tide man to a Chicago Herald reporter,
'hut I know one woman who is convinced
that bashf uIbcbs can flourish and become
confirmed rich there in tho city, with the
board of trade as a stamping ground.
. "The lady I speak of is a charming young
widow who live with her parents in an ele
gant residence away put south. ; The bash
ful gentleman has boeu acquainted with
this pretty little widow for a good while,
and a short tlmo ago asked her to go to the
theater. I don't know bow ho ever nerved
himself up enougu to make the request, but
he did, and the young woman's father, who
is quite friendly with the bashful man, sug
gested that they use the family carriage.
So he rode down to the mansion on the Illi
nois Central, and the elegant carriage ol
the widow' father rolled np to the front
door to take them to the play-bouse. The
widow was handed in and settled herself in
the back seat Then the bushful man, to
her surprise, took a seat directly opposite
her, and the carriage rolled out on the
boulevard and toward tho city.
"The pretty little widow exhausted all
the arts of which she was possessed and,
being a widow, you may believe they were
numerous to apprise the bashful man of
the fact that It woulu be proper for him to
take a seat by her side, but he was more
afraid of her than he ever was ot a panicky
wheat market The widow wanted to laugh,
and yet ahe folt silly, sitting over there
alone, with carriages passing, whose occu
pant could see her Isolation. All ber hints,
however, were ot no avail, and she finally
" 'Mr., If you are quite convinced that
I will not bite, please sit over here. It looks
much better. Yon con snuggle into your
own corner if you want to and go to sleep.
I will not bother yon,'
He complled,stammerlngly,and crouched
Into his corner all the way to the theater, re
sponding with hesitating monosyllables to
her efforts at conversation. The home trip
was just aa bad.
"And this man Is one of the brassiest bro
kers on tho floor of the Board ot Trade."
Insurance Man Bald t Royeott Poopiv
wills ScarUt Topknots.
"I should like to Insure my life, but I
would be considered a bad risk. I doubt if
any of the first-class companies would ac
cept me."
These, says the Philadelphia Record,
were the words of a big, freckle-faced, red
haired individual whose usually merry
countenance and abundant avoirdupois
made him the very picture of health.
"What in the worid should make you a
bad risk!" chorused the group of bystand
ers. The first speaker blushed till his cheeks
were as hory a red as bis matted locks, and
then answered softly t "My scarlet topknot
Is my bone. It Is quite bad enough to in
vite the sobriquets 'brlcktop,' plnky,snd
the like, but when the insurance companies '
take a hand in the persecution it is enough'
to make a strong man weep."
The aggrieved individual resembled a con
sumptive as little as possible, but his sup
positious tendency to pulmonary affections
was the only ground for the Insurance
men's boycott The medical examiner of a
leading life insurance company, who wss
questioned as to the alleged disparagement
of red heads, said it was largely imaginary
and exaggerated. "It la a fact, however,"
be continued, that red-headed persons
hsve generally very thin skins, and are as
a rule of a delicate constitution. A pale,
thin face aad a cowering, consumptive
form are often allied to a reddish complex
ion. Light balr, and especially red hair,
often seems to betoken scrofulous disor
ders, and its presence msyprcjudlce super
ficial examiners against the subject It is
a fact that red-headed persons who show
not the smallest trace of pulmonary trouble
wHll sometimes develop consumption In an
almost incredible time."
The TUe Compounds That Are Used la th
Boasolass Praetlea.
According to Medical Classics recent
analyse have shown that the preparations
for bleaching the hair "to the delicate
goklea shad so much admired by the court
circles of Europe and the best society of the
United States," to quote from a label on on
of the bottles, all depend upon the discolor
ing and corrosive influence of nascent oxy
gen or nascent chlorine. The basis used in
the various nostrums for this purpose are
peroxide ot hydrogen, aqua regis and
bronze r' acid. Peroxide of hydrogen I
the mildest and most innocuous of the trio
named. It is a colorless liquid which de
stroys the natural color of the hair, and
which, If used long enough, turns It an un
natural grayish white. It is rather expen
sive, and It Is therefor) nsed much less
than the two other adds. It produces sore
upon the scalp and give rise to skin com
plaints that resemble tetter, salt-rheum and
scald-head. The two sods are squally vile.
They attack and eat the hair and skin
alike. The former they partly bleach and
partly burn to a handsome gold color; the
latter they stain to about the same hue as
doss a light application ot Iodine. Besides
the dermatologlo troubles named, they
cause maladies hardly distinguishable from
eczema and erythema. One ourloua disease
that they eausa Is aa Inflammation of th
ceils of the hair follicles. The cellular walls
break down, and lymph, and often blood, la
extravasstoii in appreciable quantities. All
three bases produce falling ont ot tha hair
aad premature baldness.
Bow Bon Mm Oct Rich,
That' wasn't a bad Investment which
Ersrln Davis made a con pis of years ago,
says the New York Wold. Erwla Davis I
tbs capitalist who so successfully tried to
sell his gallery of paintings some months
ago at fancy upset prices, lie is a smarter
financier thaa picture seller. About two
year ago n happened to learn that th
second mortgage bonds of the Richmond ft
Alleghsay Railroad Company could be pur
chased at very low figure. Dsvis hss a
yearning for .a low pnc4 railroad bond.
Us looked Into the matter and found
that tha company had defaulted on the In
teres t, and was apparently going to wreck
and ruin. Ho bought the entire issue.
10,000,000, from the disgusted holders at 10
cents on the dollar. That wss aa Invest
ment of 900,000. Being Interested In tha
road he now insinuated himself into the
man sure man t and very aoon he controlled
the board of director. He so worked
tbiae that an entire reconstruction of the
road seemed Imperatively necessary. He
then Invited the attention of sir. Hunting
ton to tha fact that hia Chesapaok ft Ohio
system would not be complete without th
Richmond ft Alleghany. Huntington and
Davis put their hwade together aid the re
sult was a nuiety-nlne-year lease of th
DsVi Jtoatl to the Hunttagten system, th
ecotrd aiortgage bond being guarsatsed 4
percent., i h tcrcst, which makes Utetr aiar
Let value 80 cents on tha dollar; Front to
t shrc w4 Krvls) Davis in Doe year. M.400,000.
Si 'in' '. .'J . J f-J V ;. '
''Cholera"lnfnntum has lost ita terror
since the Introduction ot Chamberlain's
Colic Cholera and Diarrhea - Remedy.
When that remedy Is uBed and the treat
ment as directed with etch bottle is fol-
towea, a cure is certain. Mrs. Fanny
Lauderdale, of Tlnelt Pnru. n -Til ... i,
cored her baby of cholera infantum
ouu duo Luiuri envru us me. A W Wal
ter, ft nrrtmirifJFtt rnArMiatnt HTsHA.a,
" i .v.viut sw Tf a ike i ry
burg, 111 gays it cured his baby boy of
kuuicm lummuui aiier several other
remedies bid failed. The child was en
low that "he teemed film rVdf f,a,mni tho
aid of hnman bands or reach of any med
icine,- out unamDeniP's colic Cholera
and Diarrhea Remedy cured him. 25 and
60 cent bottle for sale oy Fred D. Felt
Druggist. 33t36.
Why embitter life by dragging around
WltbUmeback.dlaaaapil klrl
cnlsweillngs, female weakness, nervons
uouiuijr.iieariaisease anarheumaticcom.
plaints, when Dr. Fenner'i Kidney and
Backache Cure will so quickly cure? Rev.
A.J.Merchant.Presiding Elder writes:
'Itgave mo almost instant and entirely
pcrmanfintrelief." Superiorto ill known
medicines in these diseases. For sale bv
100 Ladies Wanted,
And 100 men to call on any drngglat
for afree trial package of Lane's Fam
ily Medicine, the great root and herb
remedy, discovered by Dr, 611ns Lane
while in the Rocky Mountains. For
diseases of the blood, liver and kidneys
it is a positive cure. For constipation
and cli'&i'injf up the complexion Itdoca
wonders. Children like it. Everyone
praises it. Large size package, SO etc.
At alldruggtsts.
William Laird.
William Laird, a well known drug
gist of Springfield, Oregon, writes as
follows: "My stock ot Van Wert's
Cough Balsam ordered from you a short
time ago is almost exhausted and I am
pleased to note the fact that It has giv
en universal satisfaction. I have never
had a single bottle returnee. Thn
medicine is a boon to mankind." Trial
size free. E W. Adams the Leading
The Population of Wellington
Is about 3,000, and we would say at least
one-naii are trouuiea witn some incction
of the throat and lungs, as tbose com
plaints ire, according to statistics, more
numerous than others. We would sdvise
11 our readers not to neglect the oppor
tunity to call on their druggists and get
bottle ot Kemp's Balsam for the throat ind
lung. Trial size tree. Large bottles 50c
end $1. Sold by all druggists.
Bimply pumving and cleansing the
blood is not sufficient. It needs enriching
aiso.tne nervous system neeas toning un
ill of which is accomplished by Dr. Feve
ncr's Blood and Liver Remedy and Nerll
tonic. - use nis lougn uoncy in as
congns; nisuolden ltelief in ill piins
v sxomacn ma nowei disorders: bin
Kidney Ind Backache Cure in lame back.
dropsy and ill kidney disorders; his Ger
man iye-salve in sore eyes, cracked skin
and piles; his Capitol Bitters for appetite
ana strengm. r or saio oy aruggists.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion always yield
to the curative properties of Uibbard'a
Rheumatic Syrup, containing, as it does
nature's specific forth stomach. For
sale it E. W. Adams' and F D Felt.
Saved tub Valu of a Fabm Sellers
Couch Syrup his attained a reputation al
moet equal to Hellers' Pills, and more could
hardly be said of my other medicine. The
dnjfs should be kept in every family
here there are children, ind grown ud
people find lti meat valuable medicine
for coughs, colds, hoarseness, and throat
and lung diseases. The pills are such s
standard remedy in some parts of ihecoun
trytbata family never thinks of doing
without them. Said an old gentleman in
Eastern Maryland, "Why I haveraised mv
family on Sellers' Pills, and I consider
them almost as essential toa family as
bread. In the last thirty yens they have
saveu me enongn, in aoctor bills, to pay
a . . i! . . i m. rt. -
loraiarm. iincinnau iimes-otar.
Forced to Leave Home.
Over fO people were forced t o eive
tholr homes yesterday to call for a free
trial package of Line's f amily 3ledl
cine. If vour blood li bad, your liver
ud kldneti out of order. If you are
constipated and bava headache and an
unsightly complexion, don't fall to
call on any druggist to-day for a free
sample or this grand remedy The
Indie praise it. Everyone likes it.
Large size package CO cents. .
Indianapolis, Ind.
I have been Improving rapidly since I com
menced taking the Red Clover Cure and
cheerfully recommend your remedies to
all afflicted with Dvspepaia or indigestion.
WP Smith, Ind. Ave.
Almost as Palatable as Milk'.
a Us(Im4 Ska tt a taken,
AIrsmmI, sad swslMlIatasl ky as i
sobsIUt mwh, skn th plftiss all
tvapat SM tUrasst Ba4 Sty lb mmmm i
blsntloa uf Iks all wills th hyyphes
pUitos ts snsw sn s amass js.
r.mrUile tt leta frUm.
Vaim pin njUtt wklle taUaf K.
E0OTT8 EMUL8I0N ia aoknovlsclged by
V ir sioiaos to be tbs Finaet and Bast prepay
Mtk.it in the world for tha relief and ears el
cr:j.r.RAL debility, wastimq
' ' wit mudf for CbntmsriUs", ana
. Usajsn4 axanfirtoaTldwIswaibaflnvJalwil
by yomr Ttok.t Xfm, aillml
; tt, WMITCOMB, 0.'l Psss. tst.
Detroit t Cleveland 8(aant Nav, Co.
ltQt.6 U-
Sitrrins 1. Rc It resolved bv the General As
sembly of the State o! Ohio, That a proposi tion
enali oe submitted to tne electors oi mis outtn v
on the first Tuesday after the first Monday In
November, 1689, to amend Section tof Article
XII of the Constitution of the b'tate of Ohio, so '
thatitsliallread as follows:
Sue. 2. The General Assembly shall provide
for the raising of revenue forthe support ol
the state and local governments; but taxes
shall be uniform on tne same class of subjects. '
Hurling grounds, public school bouses, bouses
used delusively for publlo worship, institu
tions of purely public charity, public property
used exclusively for any public purpose, sua .
rfcrsonal property tosn amount not exceeding
n value two hundred dollars for each Individ
ual, may, by general laws, be exempted from
taxation; and the value of nil property so ex
empted shall, from time to time, be ascertained
and published, as may be directed by law.
bccTioiri. At such election those electors
desiring to vote for such amendment may have .
placed upon their ballots the words'Taxatlon
Amendment Yes " and those opposed to such
amendment may have placed upon their bal
lots the words "Taxstlon Amendment No."
Suctions. This amendment shall take effect
on the first day of January, 1BU0.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President pro tern of the Senate. '
Adopted April 9, im.
nstTSB Statu or Ahsiica. Ohio,
Oi'nt'K of Tin 8tcuiiTsr or Stats. -
I. Daniel J. Ryan, Secretary of State of the '
Shite of Ohio, do hereby certify that the fore
K"l"gls a true copy of a Joint resolution
adopted by the (leueral Assembly of theState
of Ohio, on the 9th day of April, A. D. IHtW -taken
from the ntk-hml rolls tiled in this office -In
testimony whereof. I have hereunto sub ,
scribed my name, and affixed my otH
sial clal seal, at Columbus, the 16th day of
April, A. D.1HS9.
Secretary of 6tate.
Contractor and Builder,
Flans and estimates made. Job
work of all kinds. , Orders by
mail promptly attended to. 46-ly
MAMurACTUMins or '
Dr. O. H. MacFarland's
Great Medical Dis-
covery. ; .'
Th( MVfTrin will cure Chrvml) and Inflammatory
achromatism. Neuralgluj.Chrtmlc Malaria, Dyspepsia!
dick nrauarna ann mi mara-wi or m l.itot ana
Kldays, Also will nre Csurrti, fcVmfola. Salt
ft beau, and nil tflaaaara Uat are caused from Impure
blood. It la oo? rf tlw bol Hlood and Llvef rrms-
dlt's know. npanantlieblijud.erMta a hralthy
anion or mi r er ana iiancys, tieora, u Tawiiri
thrsa dlaeasa from tht sjrslrm. Those affrrinc
with Utrsa dlswasvs, try a bus of this Ta lardlcs
dlaroTpry, and be convlnvd of Ita BietitAV. Krerf
bifi naruitord to alra aatlrfaaHtoo, or mmj rs
faodra, lttf days treat ni rat in cb box. prlca tt
par bui, or ail Uixea tot 44 B wra yo gsi Um
BoldmlT U Wwlllactim, hf Dr. J
W. Homchtoa.
Should any dalr. thf yean ordT 6rtri fmm
Dr. C. U Uarrartand, Akron, O. This la tlx tsla
b rated mrdtrtne dVliTMrd to the cfrlien of Wslllni
toa last Kabraary and heisUrfora only baet aotf by
Um DocUat atObsrUa ....
Carests.snd Trade Harks obtained, and a
Pateiitnustness conducted lor Mudrrate fee
Our office Is opposite II. 8. Patent 0 files. W
have aosub-aiieii-s,all husl oessdl rect, hsne
esn transact patent bu.inrssln less time an
at I ess oust thaa those remote from Washing,
Head msdel, drawing, ar photo, with dssrrlp
tlnn. We advise If paltutahle or not. Ires o
Shar. Oar lee not due till patent is sesursd
A book, "How to Ohiiiin Patents," with ret
arsness to actual clients In yonrbtata.sounlr
ortown, sent free. Addrras - ,
' Opposite Patent 0(ee, Washlnjton.D. C-
t u Js "L-Tt m m
TT. Vcf3 I
CloftDitai th Nasal Paraa poa.1 ' Al
laya Inflammntion. Ucala tho Boron.
Hastorea tha Bousoa at Tasto, ByaaU
and Iloaring. , . -:
A aankta la Hc huaaaeh aaatrfl aa4
BsaarvrablA. FrlaAfle. ac llnlaiivh
, asalL HBHJTUK1IV4 WarsaM.sw lock.
Medicine intliB World

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