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' ' 4 B.SU11H, Proprietor. ''
General Kcws Summary.
Interesting Home and rirehru New,
E. L. jordiiu nun im vii u;uiutcd assistant
uperiuti'iiilcnt ol tho Duveuu of Engraving
and 1'rlutiuK. Ho tins been in tho bureau
fur thirteen years, and was Instrumental in
persuading Congress to discontinue ttie use
of s tea ib prosios tliere.
The three Auiericis Exposition executive
committee, at a mooting In Washington on
the 20th, decided to hold a convention of
the Katiouul Board of l'mmo'lon, composed
of govern ors, mayors, arjir.i luces of boards
of trade; otleersof Btutegruiiyosand others.
at that city on October i.
Suporintoudent KiinbalL of the Ltfo
Having Hot-vice, ha mado a recommenda
tion in bis report to the BooroUiry of the
Treasury for an Increase in the life saving
crews on the Atlantio coasts. The Secre
tary approves the recommendation.
The preliminary report of Commissioner
of Patents Slltchell shows that during the
year ended June 30, 1889, there were re
ceived 3ft. 740 applications for patents. The
number of patent granted during the year,
including reissues and designs, was 31,518.
The receipts from all sources aggregated
fl,186,5OT, the expenditures P.m.m, leaving
surplus for the year of V1HA,880, which
mattes the total amount In the United Btates
treasury to the caodit of the patent fund
The Association of Amorican Physicians
closed their annual meeting at Washington
City, on tee attn. Officers wore elected
follows: Dr. S. C. Bussey, president; Henry
Ban, secretary; W. IV. Jobuson, treasurer.
Frederick Douglass, United States Mln
inter to- Huyti, received his final Instruc.
tlona at tho State Department on the 21st
and will sail lor bis post of duty Beptem
ner so.
The Department of Wto hns fixed the
price of volume 25 of the revised statute
containing the acta of the Fiftieth Congress
at per volume.
The United States steamer Pensacola has
been detailed to convey the members of the
solar eclipse expedition to, Ht Paul de
Leando. .The expedition will sail from New
York early In October.
As a result of tho order issued by Secre
tary Proctor several weeks ago, establish
ing the bureau of records and pensions In
his office, the number of pension claims
awaiting bis examination, which was then
40,000 with a daily accumulation of 100,
have all been passed upon. It Is now possl'
ble for rlaims received in the morning to be
acted upon and disposed of the same day.
The officers of the Boys' and Girls' Na
tional Home and Employment Association
have issued a call for assembling their
fourth national convention at Washington,
October 14, 15 and IS, m.
The two anthracite blast furnaces of the.
Keystone Furnace company, wmcn recently
failed, were sold oa the mh to the Reading
(Pa.) Iron Company for 1100, subject to
mortgage of 1175,00a This gives the Read
ing Iron Company control of four furnaces,
besides its numerous mills.
The John Crouse memorial college for
women, at Syracuse, N. Y., the gift of the
late John Crouse of Syracuse university,
was dedicated on the 19th. The building
coat about tv,0U0 and la considered one of
the finest college buildings In the country.
An important railroad decision was rend
ered In the Common Pleas Court at Pitts
burgh, on the 18th by Jndge Ewlng. L. D.
B. Keese waa expelled from a train of the
Pennsylvania railroad because he refused
to pay the ten cents extra for cash fare, the
money to be refunded at any office of the
company on presentation of receipt. The
judue held that the ten cents extra was
wrong and so Instructed the jury. Reese
obtained a verdict for 1250.
Hon. J. B. Barnaby died at Providence, R.
L, on the llrth, in his fifty-eighth year. He
was for a number of years a member of the
National Democratic Committee, and in
187T was Democratic candidate for Governor
of Rhode Island.
The Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite
Masons In session at New York, has decided
to hold the next meeting In Cleveland, O.,
In September, 18M.
Reports from New Jersey state that the
recent wet weather has done incalculable
damage to the peach crop. The late varie
ties, from which the highest prices are real
ized, hare been so much bruised by coming
In contact with each other owing to the
high winds, that they have rotted and fallen
from tbe trees. In Hunterdon County alone
the loss Is estimated at 1 100,000. Home
orchards have lost a thousand basket each.
Oeorge H. Daniels, of the New York Can
tral railroad, evidently understands the
value of printer's Ink as a motive power In
business, iuding by the following from
the Rochester (N. Y.) Herald: The New
York Central was formerly the moat eon-
aervallve advertiser of all the railroads
running out of New York. Latterly it ha
largely increased it space In all the New
York dailies, and 1 doing considerable ouV
side advertising. The new passenger
gent, Mr. Daniels, believe in Informing
the public through the column of the
daily press when tbe many trains on hi
road leave, what accommodation they
' have In the way of sleeping and drawing
room coach o. and where the train go to."
Business failures occurring throughout
the count rv during the week ended Beptenv
ber21 numberfor the United State 177, and
for Canada 31. or total of 194, as compared
with a total of 13 the previous week. For
the corresponding week of last year tb
flrares were 29J.
Andrew Carnegie ha agreed to rebuild
the library at Johnstown, Pa. The library
was a fine one and originally cost 130.000.
It can not be reconstructed abort of that
A bridge near Dsnbury, Conn., collapsed
on the'iuth carrying down wagon, horses
aod ten men distance of twenty feet Two
of th men were fatally and lour oaaiy in
Hugh Roberta Bud Anthony Ifarcbely,
miner employed st Alaska colliery at Ml
Camel, fa., wer instantly , killed on the
aoth bv a fall of rock.
Th national miners' district convention
at Wllkesbarre, Pa., on the 30th authorized
th District Assembly to call a convention
of the coal and coke workers of the United
Bute, to be held In January next, to fix
anlform rate of wages and take definite ac
tion on th eight-hour question.
Jehu O. Cavllle, prominent labor leader,
rfUJ at New York City on tbe ana. tie
gonera auditor of th Knight of Labor 1
in and later wa secretary of D. A. No.
so. EL of L. In New York. He led several
. Boaeful street ear Strike In New York
aaJ moki vn inV' '
Ta kff ftrlk at the Columbia f Pa.)
Mif mills was' formally declared off at
aerUug f tb Amalgamated Association
en th tlst HV of the strikers' placet
km been filled with non-union men ans
General r.ellof In I'aris That Frand Was
Committal! la tha Itecent Kl-ctloo aatf
That tha General wm Katrlr Kt rteil.
London , Sept. 84. The general belief in
Paris Is that General Boulnnger was elected
In the Montmarte' district Sunday and
(Mi.u'.edout. The fact that his election by
a Ifood nwjiinty was at first conceded by th
government's representatives and that there
was cons'ldcrablo delay in changing tbe an
nouncement to one of defeat, gives color to
ehargesthat are being freely made to th
effect that tbe ballot were manipulated by
the government' agent. Tho general re
sult of the elections shown that there was
no need for the government to resort to
such desperate measures as are aliened, for
Boulanger &1& not develop enouirh strength
throughout the country to seriously en
danger the continued existence of the pres
ent government
Those who believe fraud was committed,
however, point out that at the time the
votes for Montmarte were counted the ro
t -! had not been received from the prov
inces in sufficient number to show how mat-u-r,
were going. Tbe government was
alarmed at the strength shown by Boulan
gor In this particular district and, fearing
tbat It Indicated tbe genonS feeling of tbe
country, they determined to at least deprive
the Boulanglst of the personal leadership
of their idol.
It is worth noting tbat those who make
this serious charge include not' only Bou
langlst, but men of all shade of political
onlnion. The result of the election is con
sidered as satisfactory for the government
as there was any reasoa to hope lor. Hew
ballots nro rmiulred in more than one-third
of tho districts, and the Republicans expect
to win a majority of these. From present
IwHoHttmi hv the ."Overnmont will dome
out finally with a small but safe majority.
Faiiis, Supt. .Returns from MkI divis
ions show the election of 234 Republican
and 159 Opposition member. In 177 dlvuv
Ion supplementary ballot will be neces
sary. Tbe new Chamber of Deputies will
probably comprise 3f Republicans and 201
members of the Opposition.
Collrcttnn ol gtatlstlos Has Already Bgaa
Apportionment of tha Work and Or.
gsnlxatlon ol th Dnreta.
WtsiitttGTOX, Sept 24. The work of the
Census Bureau is now about organized. Al
though tho actual enumeration of the peo
ple does not bogtn until next June, yet that
has become the smallest part of the work
performed at tb decennial census of the
United State. The statistics oi manuiao
tur, commerce, etc, covering period of
ten year, require the labor of a large num
ber Of special agents and an organization of
the work that must be complete and exact
in order to produc th peat result. In
order that the system of carrying on the
business of the office may be as perfect as
possible. Superintendent Porter baa appor
tioned the entire work among eighteen
chiefs of as many division and their subor
dinates. The organization of the office I far In ad
vance of what It was on the 23d of Septem
ber ton year ago. It is Mr. Porter's pur
pot to complete the work of the census a
soon a possible after tbe actual enumera
tion of the population ha been completed.
He has for this reason finished the prelimi
nary work, completed the organization of
the office, and Is now prepared for the col
lection and compilation of statistics. In
fact, the collection of statistics has already
been begun.
Arrester a PrmalaaaS altera? at Tc
tows, IX, Wba CallavU rtoa m
by ImpataoaaUeg a Dsa4 Btaa.
IYoo.iostowk, O., Sept 24. A sensation
was caused here last night by th arrest of
George B. Swanston, s leading and well
known attorney. Tbe arrest w,a made t
tbe Instance of United State Detectiv F.
H. Pipes of Washington, who charges
Swanston with fraudulently collecting pen
sion money by Impersonating s dead man.
It appears Swanston secured a pension or
thirty dollars per quarter for Henry Pope
In December, 1886. One year later Pope
died. Swanston continued to get bis mail
at country post-office and by forging tb
name of witnesses sod Pope', and ss no
tarr acknowledging the same, continued to
draw th money for on year after Pope s
death. .
The Pension omce learn ea oi uie trans
actions through a former friend of Swana
ton. who swore vengeance for a certain la-
gal transactlon.and an officer wa sent her '
with the above result Bwsnston wa iaen
to Cleveland.
Die la JalL
Euiirs,N. Y.,Sept 24. A ye mg man
named Maxwell Straub, of Reading, Pa.
who wa arrested here on Friday last
charged with Intoxication, died in Jail yes
terday afternoon. Physicians have decided
that Straub died from an overdose oi a rug
of some kind, and It is now believed thatth
young man wa drugged and robbed. Tbe
coroner is investigating the caaa.
It Is Oaaeastltatloaal,
St. Pact. Sept 24. In th caaa of Henry
B. Barber, arrested for selling for meat in
this county soma cattle not Inspected on the
hoof, and brought before tbe united hum
Court on writ of habeas corpus, Judg
Nalson yesterday decided that tbe law Is un
constitutional a It interfere with coin-
between the State. Tbe prisoner
was ordered discharged.
Disappoint by Mallivaa.
BaooaxT. N. Y., Bept 24. A large crowd
gathered last night at th Clermont avenue
rink, where John I sumvan was expected
to gives sparring exblqltion. Tb doors
were not opened, however, a Sullivan did
not appear. Charley Johnston, who bad ar
ranged tbe affair, could not explain Sulli
van's absence. There was much disappoint
ment manifested.
Brlags aa Importaat I altar.
Nsw You, Sept 24. The Catholic New
received th following cablegram from it
correspondent at Rome yesterday. "Tb
Right Rev. Mgr. O'ConnelL rector of the
American College, left yesterday for Ameri
ca. He brings an Important papal letter re
garding the centennial of tbe establishment
of tbe Catholic hierarchy In tb United
Mardmr Hophlas' t.'ritlml Veaaltlea.
BxtLrroxr, Pa., Hept 24. W. S. Hop
kins, who killed bis wife and mother-in-law
Bunday at Philllpsburg, baa not been
brought here. He la in a very critical con
dition, four doctors being now in attendance
and they say he may not live over night
4,40 Short la HI Aeeeaate.
, Missiixox, O., Bept 24. An examination
yesterday f th books of E. E. Zlntemaator,
treasurer of Bethlehem township, showed
him to be abort $4,410. His dry roods store
at Navarre, five miles south, wa promptly
closed by tbe trustees, but th father of th
treasurer, wealthy farmer, went security
lot the shortage sod bnelnea wa resumed.
h ..' Klisteai lassias ef aw.
FsstsI Hoiks, N. H., Kept 94. Hoow
ha fallen on Mount Washington for th
aut fir days and Monday It wa eighteen
lachaa deep. .No tral a was run toh sum
mit Sunday night owing to the depth of
! saew nod th track had to be shoveled en t
yesterday before th train coold,maa th
AtJermyn, "a.,ontB20th Kra. Patrick
Farreu ooaraing nouse Keeper, we
stabbed to death while trying to separate
two of her boarder who were fighting.
Two of the most notorious shoplifter In
tha country, named Sam King and Mary
Wei ner, both over fifty year old, were ar
rested ln.New York City on the 20th. They
have been known to the police as criminal
for twenty yean, considerable of wtucn
time they have spent In prison.
A report comes from Pittsburgh to tn
effect thai the entire exeeuti ve board of th
Knight of Labor have been suspended be
cause of there being no money In the trees.
Dry to pay their salaries; also that all th
general lecturers with the possible excep
tion of Mr. Wright have been called in foi
the same reason. Mr. Fowderly Is said to
be preparing bis resignation, which will b
presented to the general assembly In At
lanta next November, for tb reason that
be is not getting his salary.
Oeorge H. Cook, LL. D., Ph. D., Etat
geologist of New Jersey, died st his resi
dence in New Brunswick, N. J., on the 21st,
of heart failure. Hewas born at Hanover,
N. J., in 1817.
A portion of the extensive oil refiner)
works of Leonard A Ellis, at Sbadyside,
Hudson County, N. J., wer destroyed by
fire on tbe 21st Three brick filter nouses
containing l,un barrels each of refined oil
were consumed, entailing a loss of f&OO.OUO.
Two young men named K. O. Hartwell ud
Arthur Taft wer drowned In Boston har
bor on the 22d bv the upsetting of s dory.
John H. Moore, of Hartford, Conn., while
lumping a few day ago, fell upon a knife
which he bad point uppermost in bis pocket,
and died soon afterward from leas of blood.
He waa sixty three years old, and had been
an engineer on the New York A New Haven
railroad for thirty-four year.
A collision occurred on the 21st between
two freight trains on the Boston Main
railroad near Lancaster, Mas, rireman
Warren was killed and Peter Tspro fatally
Injured. Thirteen car wer wrecked sod
both engines ruined.
The New York assocUted banks weekly
statement, Issued on the 21st, show the
following changes: Reserve decrease, 3,
155, ST5: loans decrease, 1100,930; specie de
crease, t3,XM,W0; legal tender decrease,
U51,0U0; deposit decrease, 4,140,IU; cir
culation decrease, 941.KU. Tbe banks held
l.0T9,4O0 In excess of th twenty-fir per
cent rule. r
Tha report of the committee on strikes,
msde at th session of tha International
Clear-makers' Union on tbe Slat, abowed
tbat during the past two year lnv strike
have occurred in th trad and M,SB7 wa
expended In aid of th striker.
At a meeting on tbe 19th of th Chicago
world's fair finance committee, report
were received showing tbat the amount
already subscribed a guarantee fund ex
Tom Rowe. of the Chicago Bicycle Club,
started from Ban Francisco for Chicago on
the 21st In an attempt to best Stevens' rec
ord across the continent
William T. Tobias, who is wanted In Har-
risburg. Pa., for forging a check for $3,500-
waa arrested in Kalama, W. T., on Van lVtn.
The Kansas City (Kan.) desslcating and
refining works were burned on tit 19th,
entailing loss of $75,000; Insurance $44,000.
Two employes, who attempted to ascap by
lumping, sustained fatal Injuries.
At Pasadena, CaL, on th una a mm
dwelling occupied by Mrs. Beacon, widow,
and her four children, wa destroyed by
fire. Tbre children, aged ten, eight and
all respectively, wer burned to daat.
Alfred Pratt of Wilmington. J1CL. who
took yonag girl to rtUadelpnia early In
tha summer for Immoral purpose, wa on
the 19th found guilty ef abduction and
traced to jail for three year and fined $500.
Thn I th first conviction under th new
E. H. Pratt and John Allen, who left Sew
York City the 14th of last May on horse
back with the intention of crossing th
continent, arrived at Sacramento, Cai.,
September 19, having ridden horseback the
entire distance.
Mr. Hiram Hoc 11, resident of Malad,
Idaho, recently gave birth to sixteta, three
boy and three girl. 'They weighed eight
pound altogether, era bright sod hearty
and promise to live.
The house of C Morris, ol Cleveland, u..
waa entered by burglar on the 19th. who
carried off tin box con talcing between
$15,000 and $20,000 worth of stock certificate
In virions companies, Jewelry and many
valuable papers.
Jess K. Mines, Insurance Commissioner
of Maryland for years and one of the Demo
cratic political managers of tha Stat, died
In Baltimore on the 20th.
David H. Plaster wa driving loaded
wagon with party of Jive over Beaver
dam near Porcell villa, Vs., on the 20th, when
th borse became unmanageable. Bust
Carter, of Georgetown, D. C, and Mis
Ell Atwell, of Alexandria, Va., became
frightened and Jumped Into tb stream.
Both were drowned. Tb others reached
th bank in safety.
At the reunion of the Society of the Army
ef tb Cumberland at Chattanooga, TennM
on the 19th, General Rosecrnn wa re
flected president Toledo, O., wa chose)
as th next place meeting, and September
17 and 18, 1890, th time. Th question of
monument to Garfield, Thorns sad Sheri
dan wss considered. The Coo federate vet
ran wer thanked for courtesies.
Five mora bodies of tb victims of th
wrecked yacht Leo were found near the
breakwater at Cleveland, O., on the 20th.
All the bodies of th sin person lost bar
now been recovered. They bear unmistak
able mark of fir which leave no doubt
that th disaster wa caused by an explo
Black man B roe. mill and lumber yard
were burned In Bnohomash, W. T., on tha
20th. Loss, $130,000; no Insurance.
Kingston st Buxton' fivery bar wa
burned in Sioux City, la, on the auk and
sixty-flv horse perished.
Marshall Field, head of the firm of Mar
shall Field et Co., on of th largest whole
sale dry goods bonee in th West ha sub
scribed $100,000 to th Chicago world' fair
guarantee fund.
At Chattanooga on th 20th s car on tb
electric railroad wa ascending Missionary
Ridga when it slipped on th aid of
hill, owing to tb track being covered with
heavy dew. The car waa heavily loaded
and th passengers, at th bidding of th
conductor. Jumped off, resulting in thirteen
person being mar or less Injured. All
were visitor In attendance at tb reunion
of Wilder brigade, several being residents
of Casey. 111.
Julius Meyers wa horned to death In hi
restaurant st Decomb, la., few dag ago.
Mayer bad been depressed sine hi saloon
wa closed by prohibition, and getting fog
of alcohol h drove hi wlf oat of tb
building, locked himself up and set fire to
the premise.
General von Pocket cousin Of tb Duk
of Fife, died (a Waver!, Is., few dsrs
ago. He earn to- America ia 18&A as mar
ried farmer's daughter in Wsverly, where
be ha sine lived.
John ADen nndCH. Piatt, who left New
York City May 14 for trtp across tb
tlnent on horseback, arrive at Baa Fran
eteco oa the 21 st having mad th trip In
130 day, th actual riding Urn being; 117
A Denver (Col.) dUpatrn of lh22d state
that J. F. William, receiving teller of th
First National Bank of that city, lea de
faulter to an extent of $S,0OO, aod ha goaa
to Mexico.
Healdsbnrg. CaL. experienced severe
shock of earthqnakoth21t No damage
Twenty-two persons were rresua
Guthrie, L T., on the 21st by depaty
United Ststes collector for selling liquor tn
Ttolstion of law. They weresrnt to Wichita,
Kan., for trial.
Atmeetlngto beheld 5ovemor 3, m
stockholders of tbe Oregon Traaa-eoatt-nental
Company wilt consider s proposition
to redeem tbe capital stock, which l now
$t0,000,0na, or go into liquidation.
M. Matthews, a wealthy railroad eoa-
tractor of Ht Paul, Minn., and well known
throughout the Northwest died in Chutes
opium Jointat Butte, Hoot, on tbe 21st after
smoking ten pipes. AI Lung, the proprietor.
has been arrested. .
The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Odd Fel
lows adjourned sin die t Columbus, O., on
tbe2lst The actio of lb Grand Mir ia
interJi-ting the promiscuous publishing of
degree floor wort, etc., whkh is deemed
dangerous to the ritualistic work of tha va
rious degrees, was approved.
On tho !d burglar CHiered the ticket
office of the Chesapeake at Ohio railroad,
located In the central and beat policed por
tion of Cincinnati, cracked tb safe and se
cured $1,000.
C. G. Sayle, of ' Fresno, CaL, has been
warded the administratorship of tbe estate
of tbe late David a Terry. Th order ap
pointing him declare tbat the) estate do
not exceed $l00,nj In value and the personal
property not more than $10,0001
Thomas R. Hoe, the Chicago -bicyclist,
left Son Fronciaeo on tbe 2!d on his Journey
by wheel to Chicago, where he expect to
arrive In lxty day.
The United Stale Glass Company of New
York has consummated the purchase of sll
the window glass factorie In llliaoi Tb
purchase include tbe Rock Iaiaad Glass
Company's works, tbe Ottawa Glass Com
pany' work and the piaat of (ha Htrestor
Gloss Company.
Eight cotton mill In Preston and four
teen In Blackburn, England, hare shot
down and aa a result 30,000 loom and mil
lion spindle are idle. Tb depression is
spreadia; in aU the cotton- center of Lan
cashire, - r -
Six of hibre custom houses sre to be es
tablished on the Canadian aid af tb inter
national boundary between th western
boundary of Manitoba and the Rocy Moun
tains. Emperor William, of Germany, ha sub
scribed 10,000 franc to the fuad for the re
lief of the sufferers by the Antwerp explo
sloa and fire. '
Th steamer Florence foundered In the
Irish sea on th 20th, while aa roots front
Gars ton to Belfast Nln persons wer
Archbishop BstollL th celebrated theo
logian, will represent Pope beo XIII. st th
celebration of th centenary of tb Catbotte
cbnrch in America In Baltimore next Ho
T ember.
Th British war ship Lily ha bea
wrecked on tba Labrador coast Seven men
were lost The sarvtvor wer brought to
Halifax, N. S., by tb war ship Emerald.
rhe Lily waa s steel vessel of 7J0 tons regis
ter and 830 hora power.
Lswson Tait, tha eminent gynecologist,
ncpi eaae the opinion that th Whltechapel,
Chelsea and Battene orders wer eoav
nluad by tha sum criminal, probably
rauatie woman employed la slaughter
son and eoblee t fit of epttoptie fary.
Tbe results of th recent trials .of tn
nnokeleas powder have been ao satisfactory
feat the German goventmant ks poshing to
sompletion with all poastbt speed an un
Beas factory for Its manafnetnr at Bpaa-
Foroffenaee under tha Crimea act. Will-
am H. R. Redmond, member ef th English
Sous of Common for North Fermaugh,
Ireland, has been sentenced to three months'
mprisonment without hard labor.
Simon Baranch, a merchant of Herajovo,
Bosnia, has absconded with KO.OOO horin
wlonging to hi creditor. Th money van
ibtained by frand, sad It la believed Bar-
Mich h ned to America, .
Wax II Coixjs,th famous English aov-
elist died st London on the 23d, after pro
trarted Ulneaa.
Tn wUl of the late Hon. 8. S. Cox
filed for probate at New York City oath
23d. Tb Instrument give u the estate,
real and personal, to his widow.
Gtono Lavas, leading cat tie ma of
Kansas, waa found dead twenty-Bve nulea
northwest of Wichita enth Od. The body
was ctoae to a hedge, welt covered nrit
we. H wa known to hav arnsiderabl
money and a magnificent watch, both of
which are miming.
Ros est P. FosTEB.Superintendentof Cen
sus, haa appointed Ktrnard P. RotbsreU, ef
New York, editor of the Engineering
Mining Journal, chief special agent to take
charge of tbe collection of the statistics of
gold and silver production for th eleventh
Won has reached Kt John, N. of the
drowning of Captai Ihjrant and wife, who
were washed off th deck of tb arbnooer
Cotter, while on her way from th Bay of
Fundy to New Torn. Tbe vcaet capaiaM,
but the rent of the crew wer saved.
Tas official report on th tr al trip of th
cruiser Charleston has bean received st th
Nvy Department Th penalties ef
Union Iron Works ol Haa rrsnrtarn, wniea
built th vessel, will be sboat tJO.OOO for
borse pawar undeveloped.
Ta failur waa announced oa th 23d of
tha extensive publishing house of Bmord,
Clark A Cot, of Chicago, with branches at
Saa Francisco Bad New York, Th asset
ar estimated at between fJOO.OOO and IKaV
ma and th liabilities at teas fWO.ono. A
receiver una been appointed a wui cob
Una to publish BH lord's magazine.
I th case of Henry hv Barber, arrested
for selling for meat hi St Paul, Min-,
cattle not msperted on tn hoof, and brought
before the Vailed Mute Court oa writ of
habeas cortras. Judge Nelson oa tbe 23d de
cided that the law ks uooootiUiUosl as a
'.aterferee with commerce between th
Mtates. . The prtsoaer waa ordered dia-
charred. '
Tn neat stallion trotting no) for th
Bairb stake of tlO.000 waa trotted oa Us
jld at Boatoa, before U.000 person. Th
race was won by Nelson. Tim, :18.
Rgrrhx from the French election held
m the Z'jA show that th Rrpnbiicaaa hav
-.ectrd their candulates ia 217 sad theaaU-
ajpubllcan in V dlviaton. A g
ncnt asujottty la couaiderad aasaraa.
' A Tnomro lavastigatioa of th books af
iaaioa P. Williama, ta abansnillng racatr
lnv teller of th First National Baak, of
Dearer, Col., shows that bale short WCA.
fbe bank ia folly protected by aa
ia tb American Surety Camaany. wb wiO
mka aa effort to esear hi s
' hrTkSAL werk ago ohn Hallera, af WIU
jimsbune. N. Y, waa WUea a th thumb
by WltlkamPapiirmana la svghlrndarlar
n amputation aeiesasry. 'tm tb XM ttas-
lersdiedaf bloo masoning.
Wby embitter lit br dragrinr aroaosd
with lante back. diseased kkinevs.dropa
eal swellings, fenval weasatae, nenon
debility. heart dlasas andrheqaaaticCT-
plainls.wbea Or. raat Kidaef and
EsckacheCwUIsqBicxlycaiBt Rev.
A .J. Merchant, Presiding Elder write:
I t gave m lmcat instant sad entirety
penBsnrntreliei. Bepenorto all known
nMtdicine In these disease. For tale by
100 Latdie Wasted,
And 100 men to call oa aay drnrrisl
for a free trial package of Lane's Fam
ily Medicine, tb treat root and herb
remedy, disceverrd tj Dr. Silas Laae
while In the Koeky xonnisia. rer
diseases of th blood, liver ad kidneys
It U a positive ear. For eonrtipation
and clearing tip tbe eoaaplrxfoa It doe
wonder. Children like it. iveryooe
praise it. " Lerre size psekfe, 0) et.
At nlldroggtsts.
396 in Six Month.
Van Wert Ceesnteal Co, Waierton.X. Y.
Gentlemen . I take pleasure tn is.
forming yo of the wonderful wwi
we bare had with yoar Lung; BaJsaai.
We bare sold In the last six months
396 bottle. We have gnaruteed near
ly every bottle bat as yet hav bad only
four returned. I mi ia receipt of score
of testimonials Irons th moat prosnin
e'nt residents of oar dry which 1 shea Id
like to send yoa. Trial six free. JE.
W. Adam the L adlng Dragglst)
Yours KespectfaUy.
Hew About Town
It is tbe current rerwrt about town that
Kemp' Balsam for the throat and lugs
ht making some remarkable core with
people who are troubled with Cough,
Sore Throat, Asthma, Brooch ills aad Con
sumption. Any drngxia- will giro yon
trial botU Ire of cast. Il ia ruaraataad
to relieve and cure. Th large bottle ar
fifty cent sod one dollar.
Simply parnnng and eieaanag; The
blood I ot sufficienl. It needs enriching
also, the nervous system needs trming un-
Bll of which U accompliaaed by nr. rer
ner's Blood and Liver Remedy aod Kerll
Tonic. Use hi Cough Honey ia u
coughs; his Golden Relief tn aU pain
and stomata ana Dowei oiaoroer; nip
Kidner and Backache Core in lame back.
dropsy and all kidney disorder .hi Ger
man Kve-balve ia or eye, cracatea ski
and pile; hi Capitol Bitter to appetite
and strrngta, ror sal dj arasie-
Dyipepsi or Indigrstloa always yield
to the curative properrje ef lliboara s
Rheumatic Byron, eon tunic r, a It doe
nature's specific for tbe stomach. For
sale at . W. Adams' and F B FelL
fiivrn m Tun or A FaAJt SeOa
Coogh Hyrop ha attained rapvtotioa al
moat equal to Sellers' 1111a, and mora eoald
hardly M tM ot any onermtaxam. in
dnjXs should be kept la every family
where there are children, and grows ap
people and it meat valuable medicine
for coughs, cold, hoarsenraa, and throat
and long disease. The mil are sac
standard remedy ia ome part of thecoanv
try that a family never think doiag
without them. Said a old rvmaa la
Eastern Mary land," Why I havernmed my
familv Seller' tills, ana unnauu
them sJntost a ssntlil to a family as
bread. In th last thirty years they have
saved tn enough, ia onrtor bill, to pay
lor a ianav viocinnau i lnaca-cnar.
rorcod to Leave Home.
Over M people were forced to eav
their home yesterday to call for a free
trial Mckare of Lane' ramuy meat.
cine. If yoar blood is bad, yoar liver
ad kidney oat of order, if yoa ar
constipated sad hav headache and aa
ansigblly eomplexio, don't fail to
call oa any drojrjrist to-day for a free
sample of this grand remedy l ne
Indie r raise lb Everyone like it.
Larjra six package tv ceota.
lndUnapolia, InJ.
I have been improving rapidly since 1
meneed taking the Bed Clover Car
cheerfully recommend yoar laaedie to
all afflicted with Uvepsu orismigeaoon.
W r bmita, lna. Ave
Almost as Palatable as If Ilk
whaw thw Maaat a
i am my ah
'.aaa mt tmm Wlta ism
Kcmtrtsha) a aeA
Ftrmn gabi oakBy taaha; E
; jyaMmns to he th Flaaat smd Beat psapa.
; iUn ia tb world for th tanas' ad cam oi
consumptkjs, acaoruLA.
oisiAsea, CMACiATioa.
30Ua ami CMHOfllO COUCKS.
TVs erasf reassm far flisnmssiiffna, sal
VastiavU CUdrra. SoU ha fl brmrimm
Loom' Bed Clover Pi Eem3y.
I a positive Tcifie tw all forms of
tbedisessr. Wind. Bleed'm. Itchlirg, 11.
errnaled. sod Pnrtroding PL. Pnr 50
For sale by Fred Fen.
The Popnlatlonof Weniagton
Is shoot S.n00. sad ae would aay at
one-half are trotililed with soma affection
of th tlartat and longs.
plaint ar. according In stalmtsca, mor
anmerocs fhaa others. ' Wa wtrnld adrias
a saall saaas St am aw akc
Umh. mm a SailBiSid BW ah as
aUv nmih.
mmrnrn mm IS
all oar rrlrs ant to avglert fho aopnsH
Unity to rll ir4r dr r ris and gat I
boruerX Kemp's RaWa for the rftroat rod
Inngv Tf1' ttr- Larire b(All 0e
and fl- Bottt ay uorurria.
do ' YdU wail : : ; :: ,
To rrslB'rnwr health M yon or all broki
itawa s MI aacerial uom aarvooa prwsrav
tioa? I will leO yxt ht cored m after
pnffeTlng for mnntb. I asea two doom
of SnlDbar Brtlers. and now I am well
. DTI Laa, DOOBEerpsr, vrnmum.
mm m
I ft ilve4 sr tie General A
mMrl ltei!0i.Tkrtr
aa be jantu la e rs 4 eJ
Im Twv alwr t
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last II aaailaes as faatew:
Pac.z. TeCenl AssrssMv shall "ravia
lr ia rainac mt ima iartfce irf
tautea Ural iwdianw bat taxes
kali a awiiarm a the saw rUasst aerta.
Earn; gv aa. a iir i i si Bai.
sat esaity lc paMSe vena!. iaaus
im ml rrrtr rUtc rtnnty. paBUe pfputy
a iHtr Uc aay awMi pais Mr. aa
pmaal pili ta rrrr4i
iavaiavtwa hatv Uar r ear laSivl
aL aaay. By zatal tsar, he rxeatpte luas
Uulm: aa lac rslar!' all prvswtty sex-
t4 kalLfnajftaBetani
aa swSlMBt. m pv a ifetr ay law.
BcrTwaz. Al sata rinUas Uwse eMcur
nnc ta vair lr sac sj-4aral way aava
paste aswa latr Bal la wws "TasauM
IxMMMI-tx " aa tkwar jprl t aarh
snaissial any nave ptane aao Iferir aas
kxs taw Taalu Aaa4mrat ."
esriMPS. Thisaaraaral shall lake (Sect
en to first aay t Jsrar. l.
KLfcfcfcT L. LAP.
Speaker af Ihe Hc fjrfm-muH.
TUEO. V. tiAl'Ia.
finllni pro teas i lb Senate.
Aeapn.t April. t. , ,
T"rrt TT n A lUKi- Ovf. 1
Omn a raa eacansv ar irvsva. J
I.DaaMl.Rraa. etary( Rate W th
Male M Onw. hnvhy eerufv that la tra
Cgt a Ira epv a a riat resoiatlaa
a4vt by th Cntrral A MOT My f the t-ute
lOksa-an tbrtia ayf aptILA. D. tv
Bits trmm Uuwitlnl rllslflalls atn
la Ic'tiss ibt aBms. I ha herraata aah
atns arr a, aa aalif my el
nut ml wal. at Cmbsis. the MtAdai af
April. A. I. ia.
toAXILL J. Ti.
eomttry f otat.
Contractor and Builder,
Flans and estimates made. Job
work of all kinds. Orders . by
mail promptly attended to. 45-ly
Ka.'surAcruBza of
Dr. C. H. MacFarland's
Great Medical Dis
covery. TBH MHCttm i hi Oi it ta IslimsliiT
IVaMM. nranMLXrarMr ItUwU. 1 i pi
swe iliaatrsi m ll ! is U
Klh IS. Aa wiO rwrw (MJflt. BrtnTU. S1S
Vmrmmx mmi all n mis taE aty cwS trmm br
Um4. ha(af kt IMallMrat
m s. It nnn ia Kinl him i SMfcy
tromm ml is r jyrS llliii Htarc. a radxu
II i H mmtmw Saa ta alrsm. TM aBSma
naBmSMa, try s Box ml this Rt m'Vrtl
Mmiif. aa k lw af a irtln. Kry
aas s i li i s lr aataacSML ar awv re
Imtf S. r lfif ar mm as aar an. rnc SI
r . mi sast Sar SX Sa ear jmm pas ta
SaUamlv U Wellictm, by Dr. J
W.HawKhtaw. ay aa.Mai ffcer ca aa trar friam
Dr. C. H Marrartaaa. Akia. O. TkW k) ta eraa-
rarmaxa ta tar !. af WUag-
! ta tarcaiM,
BamsUar aaJf
iisa d Ea
aara aaaS ay ,
ta I'M stUkcra
Cavts.aa4 Trad Marts abtaiae. as .
PsU-at iaeasea4Brt far aladrrato Fee
OarVclappasl(;.8.ratratOBtea. W
haeasah-axrace.all bsataessairavrt. Bene.
eaatraassrlpateat haslaa la leas time aa
at leas cast taaa Ihcae lemot Irom wasuag
ead anH.raw1ac.rptiat. with eserlp
tta. Veaysll pairaUM r ast-trr a
charge- r sr mm a fill patrat la seeare
A baa. "tin ta XoJ Fair a Is." sriih rrf
r ass a to aelaal elleau la yewbtate. canary
t-tawB.scatlre. Ares
a A. SNOW & CO., '
OppamUateat OaW. Vsshlngtaa.D. C.
ail IlL J
" C3wrwjaCiaKmajraaBB AV
XUatorea th HeotfM of Xante, Smell
. SLI KatTllaitJWS Wa
am.H Tr.
tease wUl b retained.
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