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J.B Smith, Proprietor.
Intend at the Pnst-offlce at WeUlaftea M
Second Qui muter. according to Statute.
OaeYaar V
UXonths TS
Thies Month ...-- 40
Aftrartialng STssenta pet llna,Mea Insertion.
Space and Column Bates mad known on appU-
ulna .
Tbkrb are seventy thousand lawyers In
tha United States.
) Tni marriage failure cranks have about
got through preaching.
A special from Pittsburg announces
that the order or the Knights of Labor is
no more and Grand Master Powderly has
returned to his law practice.
Lakeside bas been incorporated with
caDital stock of $100,000 divided into
shares of $100 each. The company ex
poet to Improve the hotel and dock facill
ties the coming season.
Thb 51st Coneeas which will meet in
December, will be rich in ex-speakers.
There will be Nathauiel P. Banks, Samu
el J. Randall and John O. Carlisle. The
speaker elect can have able counselors in
case he gets stuck on parliamentary ques
Mr. J. P. Seward, the chairman of the 1
Democratic Senatorial meeting held here
last week delivered the speech for the dsy.
Ex-President Cleveland's line of policy
towards the tariff was indorsed in full.
Be made a bitter attack on the late elec
tion law which gives the Governor suthor
ity to appoint a board of elections in cities
of certain grades; said the principle was
dangerous one to establish. lie spoke
or the Governor as being a dangerous
man to occupy the chair, as be virtually
controled the present General Assembly.
If this be true the Governor is certainly
man of influence, and should be kept in
high positions. A man who can control a
General Assembly must be possessed with
more than ordinary powers.
Thb Pxisiourr is looking around to
And some one to fill the vacancy caused
by the resignation of Commissioner Tan
ner. Mr. Tsnner wss a whole souled fel
low, but proved to be incompetent to fill
the position. ' The President should select
some one who is able to construe the stat
utory provisions handed down for him to
obey and not attempt to manufacture de
cisions adversely to law. The soldiers
fought to preserve the law, and they
would consider it as an insult U tendered a
pension that was unlawful. They want $
yn.B at the head who is competent so that
when they are granted a pension they
know it is granted under the laws and
rules provided by Congress, The country
is full of competent men, and the Presi
dent need make no mistake in appointing
a successor to Tanner.
Echoes Front the Press of Georgia.
Usees TelegraphJ
Editor Telegraph: During the recent
tour ol the Georgia farmers through Ohio,
nothing was more Instructive or Interest
Ing than the avenge Ohio home in the
the country.
The approach to the bouse was through
a lawn more or leas elaborate in size. It
was either covered with the luxuriant
had or its walks bordered with exquisite
and charming flowers. Sometime both
were combined and arranged with skill and
excellent taste. The building, if a frame,
was paln'ed white and the doorsteps were
of stone. The entire outward appearance
was attractive to the stranger, Irom the
promise of comfort within.
The door opens and everything indi
cates the perfuctieo of neatness. The very
, arrangement ot the furniture, the orna
ments on the walls, and the position of the
books Impress one with the idea of culture
and good taste. There is one object that
la an offense to Southern taste, and that
to low ceilings We are assured that
this is a necessity became of the rigorous
climate; the room 1s more easily warmed.
The next Impression to the economy
practiced In the use of space. Every loot
, la the house is utilized for some purpose.
The rooms are smaller in dimension, but
they are not over-crowded.
The kitchen is a model of convenience
and cleanliness. The stove is always
burnished and the cooking utensils bright
and kept In plane. The wood is always at
hand and the kindling always prepared for
tha match. The store boas to near at
hand and the provisions barreled and
boxed, and so complete are the arrange
ments, and so compact the space occupied.
that a mistake to Inexcusable and eonfna-
loa almost Impossible.
Some of the homes w met rose to the
pre portions of a mansion large brick
edifices of modern architecture and ar
rangements. But the average home will
compare Isvorabty with those of any state
In the anion.
A Bomber of farmers' wives exprssed
a treat regret that tba Georgians did not
bring their wives with them. Perhaps it
' was a mistake oa our part, as economy in
tha domestic circle was the ground of
greatest prosperity in an Ohio home. Th
Ohio housewife looks well te aer aooan-
koU. 6be to tba presiding genius, the
Matrolln soirit of that domain. There
ara no drones la (hat him. - Everybody
la hnnaonr with bet rasnmanrt
aw child bas their appointed work, and
there to M murmuring whea an order to
given. The discipline of the home Is one
of Us most charming features, and one
that opened the eyes of some of oar party
that this was the secret ot the neatness and
arrangement of the Ohio home a place
for everything and everything in its place.
The lady of the home mores with the
greatest of ease from the parlor to the
kitchen, and prone herself as mnch an
adept with griddle and skillet as with the
keys of the piano; and in less tun than
it would lake a Southern Dinah to get her
meal under way the Ohio woman would
have the smoking viands on the table,
an in hair an hour alter the party had left
the table she would appear in the parlor
again, the same cherry entertainer as be
This could not be said of every home in
Ohio, but it can be truthfully said of
manv homes where the Georgia farmers
were entertained.
At home strain!
What a glorious exclamation to a rural
ditnr who believes that Georgia is the
best country in the world.
It makes no difference that cold, proht
bition, water must assume the functions of
Keller Island champagne, or that tne
Georgia hoe cake and yellow legged
chickens supplant the menu of city ho-
tnl. The warm rraso of the native
Crack a, and the nnsunpressed, flowing
vernacular ol these glorious old moun
tains touch the heart where it to warmest-
There Is no purpose of invidious dis
tinction intended. Ohio people have
their noble impulses and peculiarities
and. io so far m well-founded pmprei0os
could be developed by a fortnight's inter
mingling with a people about their homes.
the Georgia delegation have no amend,
meats to offer to their makeup. They
treated us with a touch of fraternal greet
ing that blended into spontaneous mutual,
ity. They are a people that w e can cordi
al It welcome to our homes and to our
section. They are a people that we want
to join with us in the development and
building up of a section, which, wrought
to the perfection of their own. would smile
to Heaven in its bounteous providences
Ohio towns have the prestige oi thai
success which an unbroken era of a half
century ot energy, dilligence and welth-
begetting affords, and show the beauty oi
ornamentation and preservation which a
refined taste and plethoric pocket-books
suggest to a home-loving people.
An Ohio man considers tha world his
mart, and every town to loaded to the
breach with self-importance, while their
whirring wheels of commerce lay tribute
without bounds of locality. Tba Ohio
fields and factories blend their out-pons,
ing products to a common purpose. - The
factories make the towns diversified
sgrlcnltuie a prosperous country the two
a State's exhaustleae wealth and prestige
They enjoy a communion of thrift
As Georgians we realize our condition,
and with loyal devotion it is befitting that
a rough analysis should extenuate what
ever disoaracement that a comparison of
the two States msy sugirest:
Ohio, rich in resources, settled by a
thrifty, self-reliant population, was la
prosperous condition whea tha civil war
began. This afforded an unparalleled
market for the products ol her ricb-vield-
lng farms in their virgin freshness. The
demands of war sprang factories, with big
army contracts, into existence, which
emulated immense wealth. A consider
able percentage of her dtzena are pension
Gorernmenfexpewuilnres lor public
buildings amount to millooa of dollars,
bile, in point of fact, aba baa suffered
no lack of production from loss of popula
tion ot property. Tea years of BnpamJ
leled speculation and big proffita, the
accumulations gqing into noa-taxable, in
terest-bearing government bonds.
reaching a specie basis, on a depressed
currency, more than doubled la purchas
ing value. After this was tea mora years
of fair profit returning buaineio before
reaching tha present low Interest pe
At the beginning of the war there was a
peculiar idea of things which suggested
negro slavery as the basis af wealth ia
Georgia. More negroes demanded mart
land, and more land more negroes. The
emancipation of one destroyed 30 per cent
of the value of the other, so as that
Georgia actually lost not less than 70 per
cent of her values. Whea tha destruction
of improvements, fencing, tha toss of all
stock, not area a barrel of corn or a side
of bscoa.no ssoney and no credit only at
a cost of thirty or forty per cent, a Urge
percentage oi our population tost la war.
a large part disheartened and looting to
the new west as a only hope, our labor
demoralized, and a people But inured to the
labor of the field as the only reaoac Hating
element, with no rewards only from the
soli, while inflicted with algtbe penalties
of war taxation and tba compariaoa of
conditions may stand as an arbiter of the
States' rwpoctivrfrnerita.
These things ara sot reckoned cap
tiously ; Bar as a amtter of discussing past
systems, or com! it Urn arisinj therefrom.
The past Is buried, only as tba
which belong to megtotTof a
country. They are pu staled to
for things not dona which would be
with a stronger population.
If Georglana, Bade
caa add 10 percent aannaiTy to their tax
able values, an opea appeal stands to tba
thrifty farmer of small seres, in Ohio,
wha stragglea with the problem of aoabt-
tul profits oa lands which hare
aaaximnm of .varan.
Loving Georgia, one neea aol love Ohio
lass, and la torn lor so mnch
hospitality, what betas
show those dear people of WtQUgtaa tba
pathway into a laad of sEk and hoary,
where cows strut their lacteal-nwivoirs
grazing npoa the wild grean afforded on
lands worth only tea dollars an acre, fat:
nine months bi the year; or to lead the
snifflnr, Em Inlanders through cores and
gorges, worth only fir dollars an acre,
where grapa vines tangle their loscioas
clusters in the branches of rnreriag trees,
and the blushing peach agonize the par
ent tree with its angary weight; or to
invite the Vontpaaerw coantv people
down into fieen vaUera fringed by erer
ripplinr streams of crystal water where
two tons of clover hay and fifty basnets
of comire gathered from an acre of bad
that can be bought for twenty dollars.
Notes from Other T
Carter A Huckina nam been awarded
the contract of alaling the root of the
gas works, ol the Oberlin Uas and Electric
Dentin Co., now ia prorates of
stroction It is announced by posters,
that "Henry Lee. of Oberlin, the greatest
orator in Ohio,'' will be the -orator ol
the day." at an emancipaiion proclama
tion celebration to be bead at Martin's
Ferry, Ohio, September, list. The
college books show an aaroOmeat ap
to Thursday noon, of 855 in tha Depart
ment of the Philosophy and the Arts, 330
ia the Conservatory of mask: sad 100 ia
the Theological Seminary. Altai deduct
ing 10O enrolled in more than one depart
ment, there remains a act anrsBaient ol
bogt 13Q0 ..L. P. Chapman, A. J.
Monroe and A.C. Glean hava beta ap
pointed mail carriers, and Fred E. Chancy
sadCC. CahUl ntacttute carriers
Messrs. Denung & Whitney, proprietors
of the Xew Era Flooring MUni of this
place, are the victims of a defalcation oa
the part of Jaaaes Stimpaoa, their ag-ai in
thectty of Cleveland, who baa been sell
ing the product el tha mill to QereUad
dealers. Stimpsoa has beietafuie borne a
good character, but for aosna i
able reason, he got behind ia bis remit
tances, and left oa Towday of tost week.
Bis family bare since beard boat him ia
that havea of defaulters, Canaoa. Bis
books correspond wrtb tba book of the
firm, but br raiting tba fast onsen bis
employera find that nnaeroaa
have been made amounting to some bmv
dreds of dollars, which hava not been re
ported, tba exact amount not baring been
ascertained. As he borrowed fifteen dol
lars just before he started, and
have no other money, and tba asa which
be baa made of tha saoney belonging to
tha firm to a mystery .Tba opening
of tba college aternsd to create store than
the nsaal stir and bottle hi town. Maay
f. ;r, lav, arriwid and ethers hava
chanjred their Vocation. Thetadewta bn.
ran to come in, a w-eek of aaoretnad
vanca, and grmiisaCy tba Praftasors ap
peared oa the streets, wilh browned faces
and bands, ind rating exnosare to tba swa
and wind on land and water, and as
natural result leaewedlparaxal war for
th work of the coming: rear. Oa Mon
day the grand rash af stadeata began.
Tba pas at iiji I accoauacdatioen ot tike
railrord were fully tealed and the bagxage
men were full of business. Twabaadrad
pieces of barrare were taken from the
sr. o'clock train on Monday
Some of the King's Daughters af Me
dina arc making ap box at rsanH traits
and jellies to be sent In n wiettia bospic
a tor winter nse. Any person who mxmid
like to contribute a can of treat for tba
pwrpose, may do so try tearing it at Mr.
Dnmson'f receiving in retara tba thanks
of tha hospital managers and of the aTiag"
Daughters .Tba K. P. a and L O.O.
f.a played a game of tall at tba taw
groaada last Friday afternoon, umiriiag
in a score af IS to 40 la favor af tba ior
mec The HP. expect to go to Wads
worth ioi a short tima and pUr a ansae
with tha Knights of thatptaca The
contract lor the baJUing oi the new Jail
bara was tot to Lavet 4k Waters em last
Tasaday. The sdrnctara to to be canmntat-
ed br tba first of Xoreaabnr. wfll be 30x40
feet- in dlnwnsirmt. and btoheafaub
staatial hUL Gaxethv
TW Chtmt naaaatonsinatn
nam araanvtasa na fanrssnar awraaaa.
Merit Wire gVIgVJg
TwT a a si i i law liwaa.saaaaia
i i wm awaawnaihiaaassnaian
Oar Xew Goods, just re
ceived from X. Y., make our
stock complete in all depart
ments, and in Dress .Goods
especially we can show every
ranetv, Irom the cheapest to
me uei-u iue uew iaii miuuls
are more choice than ever be-
fore, and in bordered goods
we .have reds, browns, blues
and greens in all tneir varied
hues, while in plain goods
the selections are equally
jrood and much larger.
Serges and Cashmeres, al
: vt .n.i ,ri;ci,
vtaa ecitiLfuic iuiu oij uou,
we have in all colors, as well
as the new Suitings in differ
ent weaves. There are no
more popular goods at pres
ent than Briliantines; these
we have in blacks and col
ored and in all black goods,
Silk 'Warn Henriettas and
others in endless variety.
Black Silk, now so indis
pensable, we have in the best
makes and can give you new
and stvlish trimming for
"We wish to call special at
tention to our Trimming bilk
in 1 ersiaii colors, which- are
really exquisite and just the
thing to give the finishing
touch to a dark dress. Be
sides these we have a fine
line of striped Surahs in all
colors. "We have never be
fore been able to oner such
an elegant assortment of Silk
Plushes as at the present
time, and can furnish them
in any and all shades.
it p nave in iaaiefl mil
Children's Underwear a fine
siock, ana our uubierjr
the best. .
This week we shall open a
full line of Fall and Winter
Cloaks, varying in price from
$3.00 to IM.OO.
Has got a
He has recently
of the same shirt that he has
. been selling at 60c. each
at such a price as will
. enable him to set
them afloat
AT 35
i -
. .
WinQOW. We
sizes now, but they will
not last long, sis the
price is only about
half their value. .
E. E. G00DEI0H. ClotMer.
Next door to P. Q.
Stock b Clothing
To be
Cents On The Dollar
For the
On account of
compelled to retire
reason assigned for
precedented offer. The stock consists of
Selected .Winter Goods, with no shoddy to
mislead the purchaser.
Liberty St, Wellington,.
coruer on
bought 30 dozen
1 1 l '
HaVe all Ot tlie
Sold at
Entire Stock.
failing in health I am
from business, is the
maVing the above un

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