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"l. . ... - A 4
A Family Newspaper Devoted to the Interest of Lorain County and Vioinity.
NO. 11.
Published every Wednesday, at
' Terms of Sabsorlotlom
neYear '. 1M
Six Months W
Thre. Months 0
Loans and Collections made a specialty
Office in bank building.
and solloltor of
American and. Foreign
T H. enoDWI. Insumne. Agent an
iia nuii'r noiw. inmranoe, . morv
vago. wiIIk. IN.), conum'td. etc., writuw Is
i ncai mid u.vM milliner. Uib ovr Bxnure's
tool tun whM rtlnrft.
M'CKMt IIO.i IV. the Burlier, kcopl
J one of th. iK-KKiat. m'nt oonvuiiicnt liar
Bar Bourn In tom Uiily Bmi-oIu. nrnikmiia
employ!. A full iwiiiiiimtof 4ilr oil.. p.
caadul am! hair ivHtoinlivtu. Kliie u.iCli riiit
Inominvutlmi nnt f,uiiilil at nil hmiin wild
lot and cold whut .ml nil r.coi.itry vonvtnl.
Uouma. ruiuth stile Liouriy unml.
HJ. HIM flltmiK. IVniHU OlHoe over
HusteiV. more. In Bunk Building,
Wellington, Oblo. Nltruut oxide H admin-
Mirvu ior me aiiraouou or umlu.
Ciwtollt'i Art Gallery. Pictures In er
cif.iyiv aim na". u mm, .no .linos,
Roeoial attention Diu to enluriilnx lu Craven
Ink, or Water Colore and copying from old
clotures. Old neKutlrm all orenurved and uu-
bllcntes eau lie nat' at any time, Gallery over
uowiuyjt iuii sgroitery. i
Picture of all kinds. Finest work and latest
styles. Copying and enlarging la Crayon, Ink
and Pastoi. r(nec1al attention to the liable.
Crosier Block, WalllaKtom, O.
Kaettl dl.Binet and dlieate. of the blsdderand
kidney.. I'ilea.niceratlon of the roctom, n.tuli
n ano, llMure. and all prevailing dlmaMS of the
actum treated by an improved ly.tem, without
pain oraeiemiup irom oBineaa.
DiHa.es of the bladder and kldney.treated only
aiutr a carami ano proper anaiy.i. 01 me urme.
Office In
Carpenter Block - Wellington, O
7Dt.rinar; Surgeon ::i Isnlist.
Orders received at Telephone Exchange
ana at F. u. reit sarug store.
Graduate Toronto Veterl narv Collone. class '87.
L. B. PRATT, .
'Veterinary kp, d Dentist.
Overtwenty-Ave years of practice. Orders
received at Adams' and Houghton's drug
s tores, Horses still taken for treatment at my
stable on Courtlaud Avenue. 4-22
mmmiwm ,t "H""" wi:i . f.
J. H. WIGHT, Sole Agent,
Dealer in Clocks, Watches, Jewelxy, Sil
TervTare, Oold Pens, etc. No. 8, Public
Square, Velllngton, Ohio.
Livery and Feed Stable.
South Side Meohanio Street, first
door east of American House.
Carriages tor funerals. inside corporation, $1.
Notice. - .
Th. Ci::b:s i:l Tr:::.f:r Lirs.
Conveys Passebgeri and Baggaga, to
and from train of Ycildences, ' Also col
lects and distributes ixpbbiw, doing i
eneral expressing and 'package business.
Leave orders or telephone American
House. 87-ly, H.8.6MITH, Prop.,,
Manufacturer Of And Dealer In '
Monuments I Tombstones
WarutMnfl, narf attilnm fyi pnmntarv wnrlr
will receive prompt attention at prices to
sun me times. (zo
D. L. WADS1Y0RTH ft CO.,
Manufacturers of and dealers In
Doorsj Sausila. and ' Blixids
Cheese and Butter Boxes, all kinds ol
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Battens, Mould,
lnes and Flooring.. Siding made and Bur
face Planing done to order on ehort no
Dealers In and Manufacturers of
A Full Line of Goods Always in 8tock
Arterial Embalming a Specialty.
Pictures Framed to Order. A good varl
ety of Mouldings to select from.
N E. Corner of Square. Weillnulon.O
Dr. H. E. Warren,
Office and residence In Post office build
lng. Calls answered at all hours in city
or country.
Offlo Hour t to 5 p. xu.
Pratt k Herrick,
Free delivery to any part ol the corpor
ation. uaiiroaa street, Wellington, U.
Would respectfully announce to the citizens
of Wellington that they are now. on deck, and
Dreoared to take orders for all klnda of
hard and soft coal which they will sell fof
cairn at the lowest living prion. A share of
your patronage is solicited.
, . 0. E. SUTLIFF,
Anthracite, Massillon,
Jaokson and Blossburg
Terms Cash and Prices Low.
OfUoe on WeM LHerly St.r Telephone 48
MM MiiH Vi Hi Hi W ii sihj
Front and after Oct. 6, 18B9, trains will pus Wel-
' tngton at follow.:
ooixo west.
No 8 Cln. Col'. Ex...:
Mo ll-N.T, Bt.L. V.x
N'). 27 Columbus Kxprcs...
No. a-Nliiht Ex
8:4s s.m
S:4H p. m
No. 81 Local Freight
No -Nlxhl Ex ,
No. 29 -Columbus Accom
No. Cincinnati ACI.ve'd Ex....
Cats, m
9:2111. m
l:4ii p.m
NoJi-Local Freight ,
Nos. 9, 11 and 8 rnn daily.
ntmn i mi im mimi
Cleveland ft Marietta R. R.
From add after Jane (, 18M. trains wll lpax Well
ington a. luuow. ;
No. 1 f.Ma.m.
No. 5 11.00a.m.
No. 7 4.10p.m.
No. t....7.48 pm.
No. 4 , lO.Ma.m.
No. ..
No. 8 7.4Jp.ra
No. 10 5.05 a.m.
Nos. l.BandSdally: other. dally ex. Sunday.
Fnrtherinfnrmatloninregardto this line will
Arrive dally, 1 :00 a. m. Depart, 1 :80 p. at.
4rrlve dally, 11 :80 a. m beptrt. I n - -
Arrive dally, t a.m.
DcpartlO a.m
CS-Q-B c5C CO.,
For Fire, Life, Aecldent and Tornado. The
best companies In the United ritates repre
sented by us. Office north side Liberty street
seennd floor Wadawortn block. 31tf
wanas at tne Bead. Obetlln College Writing
DT't, Oberlln Hchool of Stenography and
Typeywritinir, and Oberlln Bu.lneas College,
all coaaKUd, Kxprnaea low, InMrnctioa thor
ough and course, tomplete. Circulan free.
Address MCK.KK tt HUNUUR80N, Obcrlui, &
B ) nod PM so , D(mm of K 1 d nr Blavl Aw nl other nv
nit of Krrort 1b Toaifa rpdilr m4 prsngntb,
enra. Opi.altHnn And uMtiMiawlil'frHi hr ra- U.
viwmm oanm.it. in w. lars Jtr lodw
mm. I
In additiQii to our
Stylish Rochester Tilsde Clothing
yve nave put m a line of heavy,
stoutly sewed suits of smooth,
tightly-woven materialjust the
thing for men working in the
wood, in lumber, or stone, which
we will sell at the astonishingly
low price of , ;
a suit only about fialf what you
have paid for similar suits. They
will wear like iron. We have
also received a case of fine,
Tith reinforced
linen bosoms, felled seams. . Every
shirt "warranted. These goods sell
by jobbers at from $6 to J&WO per
dozen- Wo deal directly with the
manufacturer in case lots, thus
saving the middleman's profit.
"Wo shall sell this lot by the doz
en, half dozen or single garment
at 50 cents each... It is a better
shirt than is usually, sold at Wo.
If. you want a goo(Jttin1anel'iblrt,bfly."A
but the "GOODSTOCK," inches "long. Every 'one
warranted. a. M.
Liberty street, Wellington, Ohio, : . .
ana next to
m mi .
Ai Ca'.hsred br Our Social C:rrs.:::.::ti,
All About the Iliippenlngfl and Special
Events in theirTmmediate Vicinity.
Oct) 8, 1880.
C. E. Johnson and wife, of Elyrla, are
visiting In town.
Miss Ella Chamberlain bas gone to
Oberlln to assslst E. W. t'bamberlaln In
the Insurance business.
Ed Frink, of Elyrla. Is visiting friends
In this place.
The hotel and billiard ball, wbsch bas
been a disgrace to Sullivan for two years,
and especially so to the young men who
vlhlied, has com. to a crisis and an end
It seems that Mrs. Woods, the proprietor's
wife, Is In the habit of getting beastly In
toxlcated. Last Wednesday Edward Hwift
one or the boarders, furnished her with a
bottle of wbltkey and she became so In
toxicated that she lay on the dining room
floor or any placeelse where she chanced
to go, exposing herself to the public.
Woods became very much enraged at her
conduct, said he bad lived In hades lor six
years and tbnt this was the end. lie
packed his traps,took bis little boy, about
six years old, and started he said for Chi
cago, while the people said "so much so
Swift left ior Ashland Thursday, so it
fell upon the next best man to act as pro
prietor and Will Ilubler accepted the situ
ation for a time, but be could not last
always; so Fridy Burt Coats, of Hunting
ton, became successor lo Ilubler and con
tinued so until Saturday night, when the
authorities took the matter In band and
were about ta arrest them, when Coats was
told by some parties that he bad Just Ave
minute to leave Iowa He sild it was a
mighty short time, but he guessed be
could make It In the meantime his horse
bad been taken from the stable and
hltcned north ol Iowa where lie could get
it By tka time be had reached bis horse
rotUn eggs were flying at him from every
direction; d when he' had ran tbe
gauntlet, which he did as fart as his horse
could run, he was completely plastered
with eggs. . The subject might feel thank
ful that ha escaped so easily, for It U
likely had he delayed longet h would
4.50 "SI
fronts and backs.
U LIUU. tne UlOthier.
savings uanJc, Elyria, O.
have received a coat of tar and feathers.
After Coats had been disposed of the
excitement seemed to die down and people
went to their homes; but tbis was not to
be the end, for when tbe moon bad bid her
face behind the western horixon a crash
was'berrd which soupded like an earth.
quake, and in the morning It was plain to
be sees what had caused the sound.
Every window in the first story of the
hotel bad been smashed In, sash and all
and the doors caved in, stones thrown
through the windows which broke dishes
and furniture. It seems to have been done
at one commanr), for only one crash was
heard. Sunday morning John Arndt took
Mrs. Woods, the last occupant, to Ashland.
The properly belongs to Hichard Uarvout,
and when he Inspected It Sunday morning
he said It was "loo bad, too bod ;" but the
public think It too good, too good, for liar,
vout would lease It to Woods with the op
position of the people, and ven his own
church, because he could get mure rent
than he could from a man who would keep
a respectable bouse.
' , Oct. 8, '89.
A good mnny froit, bere attended tue
camp Are at Wellington the 3d.
The donation at Rev. Mr. Snyder's was
well attended. They received several
nice presents.
W. D. Orr, wife and daughter, spent
Sundry at S. McCoy's, In Penllcld.
Rev. Mr. Randall, from Lake Station,
filled the pulpit at the F. B. church Sun
Married, Oct. 8d,' at the residence of A.
E, Kilburne.Mr.Elmer Firestone and Mias
Llllie Farmenter, Rev. Snyder officiating,
assisted by Rev. Smith. - All with them a
long and hnppy life. (Iladys.
. ' - ' . Oct. 7, '8fl.
Grandma Sbattuck bas returned from
Cleveland, where she has been spending a
few weeks with her daughter.
nr. ana airs, ueming, who nave oeen
away vlnltlng lor the last three weeks, are
al home again.
. Mrs. Charles Wrlghtand little daughter
are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Douglasa, ' . . ,
' Mr. D. B. Hartman, of Nova, 0 visited
hl sister, Mrs. C. L. Webber, Saturday
and Sunday. . . , , , .
i Mr. and Mrs. henry SbeJBela returned
home from their trip through the eastern
States and Canada September SRth. They
report a very pleasant trip.
The Ladles Aid Society of tbe M. E.
churchwIUglve a bisuclt and honey sup
per at the basement, Friday evening, Oct
11th. Everybody lDvited ; supper 15 ct.
Klpton G A R. boys attended there
union at Wellington Thursday.
F. B. Breckenrldge wag n Loiain
Wednesday and Thursday.
Shook & Bayless, the butcuers, have
sold their meat mnrkflt to M. Hill and J
Died," Saturday, Oct 5th, Vincent P.
Whitney,at his late residence in Klpton.
Tbe funeral services, conducted by Roy
Wens, were held In tha Disciple church
at eleven o'clock to-day. C. L.
Oct. 7, -80.
Drs. Merrlom and Cobb have returned
from a Michigan trip of two weeks
L. B. Sweet and wife are visiting their
son and wile at Ithaca Mich.
Cbailes Wight of Hartoburgb, has been
visiting friends iu town. We are glad
that Charles is enjoying life.
Miss Flora A. Butler Is prospering in
her musical work; She bos over fifty
pupils In LaGrange, Berea and Cleveland
Arthur Wilcox has taken the place ol
Clyde Wilcox In the depot
8. G Humphrey and Mrs. B. T. Cragln
are seriously 111.
School is prospering. Amount of tuition
money for fall term $98,25. Supt Ryan
has given Miss Derrick the entire charge
of tbe senior class in elocution. The class
numbers tweaty-two.
D.Clurk of Nebrasks, is visiting old
time friends in town.
Mr. Pease, a young man ol Vermont la
enjoying himself wiih friends in Plttsfleld
and LaGrange.
Republican meeting at town hall Thiirs.
day evening, Nell and Ryan are the
New sewer sixty rods in length on south
side of West Main street.
Now Is tbe time to repair sidewalks,
many of the walks lo town aro in abso
lutely dangerous condition. Notice for re.
pairs will be served this week and It is
hopd our citizens will respond wilhoul
further delay,
Alfred Butler and wife and Mrs. Wm. C.
Butler attended the funeral of Mr. Coburn
in fclyria bandar. Mr. Coburn waa nulla
well known among maoyf oorfteople a
a traveling tea dealer. Voitm Dbtlt.
Oct. 7, '80.
Surprise party at Charles Greene's Oct.
1st, Mr. Greene was presented with an
easy cbair,
On Friday evening a surprise party
was given Mrs. Ella Hardy.
On Tuesday our post ofllce was moyed
to the store of D. M. Hall.
Oa Thuisday evening a bright light
waa seen by many of our pedple in tbe
west, It was ctused by the burning of the
born of H. Hayes, in Clarksfleld.
Mrs. Ella Hardy started Oct. 7th, for
Tabor, Iowa, to visit her sister. .
Mooting of the Y. P. C. E. 8. on Sunday
evening at Congregational church.
Base ball game between Brighton and
East Cliirksfleld on Saturday. Brighton
Mr. James Jonet,ol Foatorla, la spend
ing a few days in town.
.Mr. Ed. Danforth, of Springfield, is
visiting In town.
Mrs. Minnie Abliy, of Puineville: is
visiting her parents, ,
Rev. G.M. Knann, who has been with
us for four years leaves thia week for
bis new field at Milan.
Rev. Rut ledge occuolede tbe oulDitof
IbeM.E. church Suaday.
The young people of the Congrega
tional society will give a church lair at
tbe town bull on Tuesday evening Oct
15th. News.
Oct 7, '89,
Tbo lust pastor Rev, Joseph Lang,
preached la the M. E. church Sunday
morning. The church is still about
seventy dollars back on last year's salary
caused by bis making political speeches
lust lull. Rev. John McNah a superannu
a'ed minister fiom Ashland County, will
preach here till the h'e.iiliug Eliltr
thinks best to seud noino iir.
The Ice-cream pirty at Mr. FcnwickV
on last Tuesday evening wm a very pleus
ant affair, though I lie evening wnk lrk
and rainy mid so cold that h"t colli-e inul
oysters would have ben pleasant to tuke.
Tbe box social at tbe Baptist mruu
age was a great sue rss. The house was
crowded and everynody had a good time.
One young lady's box sold for over ninety
cents, though most of them sold lot a
quarter. They wore sold t auction.
Mrs. Geo. Sumner and her llttl; girl
are vUitiog her parent. '
Mrs, Mabel Chapman visited in Uwn
last week. . .. ; i
Judson Starr, wife'snj haby, apnti 8uh.
day at M. R. 8mlthV j, .
Moat, if not all, of our G. A. and
their families spent last Thursday, also a
good many who were not G. A. R.'i in
Wellington. The camp-flre in the even
lng was a very enjoyable entcrtuinment.
Mr. L. A. Walker went to Portage
County last week to attend a re-union of
his wife's family friends, the Eltons. ;
Mrs. Anna Richard en! Sunday at
her father's.
Mr. Ed. Fi.her is having a good deal of
trouble with bis eyes. He is obliged tp '
wear a bandage over his right one.
Mr. Garver, the teacher of the south
ichool, teaches a wiitln school every
Tuesday and Friday evening in bis school
Mr. and Mrs. Cozen have a lltte girl.
Loi. Hazel tand his wife start for their
aew home at Lake Helen, Florida, on
Tuedsuy evening of this week.
Frank J3mlth goes to Terre naute, Ind.,
to atlend commercial school this week.
Last week was a time of visiting among
the Smith family here. Mondav the all
spent with Henry Raskins; Friday with
Airs. ffl. v. Smith, Wellington ; Saturday
with Will Smith"- twentv-two being at th.
latter place.
David Cantrell, of North Royalton. 0.
is visiting at Mr. Wm. Breyleys. '
Washington Letter.
From onr Regular Corre.ponrtent.J
Washington. Oct 4, 1889. ,
The President bas not yet anDolnted a
successor to Commissioner Tanner. Early
this week It was thought that Mr. Camn..
bell, of Kansas would get tbe place, but
some one, suggested to the President the
name or Ex-Gov. Hartrnnft, ol Pennsyl
vania, and it is now believed that Gon.
Hartranlt can. have the position if he
wishes it, but bis friends here sny it Is not
likely that he will accept it and be has
forbidden the use of his name as a candl.
date. Secretary Noble Is understood to be
aoing bis best to get the appointment lor
Mr. Campbell.
Republicans here are great ly pleased
wiih the result of the elections in the four
new Stales, altbcc&h It is nothing more
than was generally expected.
The members of tbe Three America's
Congress left here yesterday on a special
vestibule traiu for a lour of our Drincloal
cities as the guest of the United Btttes.
Tbe congress met Wednesday and organ-
ixea oy electing Secretary Blaine President
snd Ex-Senator Henderson, Mj Missouri,
President pro tempore. Mr. Blaine's
speech of welcome was In his best vim.
It is commended on ail sidos. A Demo
cratic Sen itor said to your correspondent,
"If Blaine had always spoken like that
he would have been President long ago.
Every American should feel proud to know
we have a man at the head, or tbe State
department capable of delivering such an
address." Mr. Blaine la very doeulv la-
terested In this Congress, and he hopes it
win De followed by grand results in a
business way. ,
A long list of Presidential postmaster
were appointed this week.
The public debt was reduced $1.1,085,094
during September. Lucky nubile. It la
doubtful It our (your correspondents) pri
vate Uebts will get reduced that much In a
Democrats are trying to make a sens.
Hon out of the fact that the U. S. S. Hear
sage, which carried Minister Fred Doug
lass to Haytl from New York, was In
charge ot a new commander. Secretary
Tracy sees-nothing sensational tn the mat
ter at all. One naval officer waa relieved
and another put In command, as la con
stantly being done with other vessels.
Senator Hampton Is an outspoken advo
cate of Washington as tbe only fit place
for holding the greit American exposition
in 1892.
The nearer the assembling ot Congress
gets tbe harder it is to get a representative
to say who he will support for Breaker.
They all seem to be waiting for a chance
to make combinations, and after all its
only natural, tor the supporters of the win
ning candidate always getsth.. best places
on the committees. The members and tbe
bumble gatherer of Washington news are
just now in tbe same boat, trying to find
out who la to be the winning candidate.
It's a question that will not be decided
until 'he Republican House caucus meet.
Tbe President will hold a special recen.
tlon next Wednesday night lo the Knlgbt
Templaraattcnding th conclave here and
their ladles. Later in the week Mrs. Gen.
Logan baa tendered them a reception at
her residence here.
The Cabinet resumed It regular semU
weealy meetings to-day with all the mem
bers present for tbe first time since July.
The meeting was mostly given opto a dis
cussion of matters relating to the Presf.
dent's mesaage lo CongTese, although some,
thing was also said about pension matter.
Children Cry for Pitcher CtstorW
" " ' ''' ! -1 . -
' V'.i! ' .: '. '; ' f
Whsa. Bel7 waa sick, w. gave bar Cast aria
Waaa aba was a Child, arka for Okatorlft, .
Wha ah. tMoaaa Was, aba ohyif n Oaatorkv -Whs
ah had Oiifdraa, aha jvt thorn Oaatorla, '
; . . .. -: . . . U "i-l-ii W :
1 i .... w t.i-u-.

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