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Sir '
J B.8M11H, Fropriatoi. .
General News Summary.
Interestine Homo and Foreign News,
A statcmont prepared at the Treasury
Dopartmont show that there was a net in
crease of (14.711,900 In circulation during
the month of September and a net docrease
of C10,S97,353 In money and bullion in tho
Treasury during the same period.
The Comptroller of the Currency has ap-
pointed Frederick Bostwlck, of Pine Plains,
N. Y., an examiner of National banks, vice
C. H. Davis, Jr., r9ipn ed. Ho will be as
signed to New York State.
As shown by a statement prepared by
Sixth Auditor Coulter, tho tott receipts of
the Post office Department' for the first
throe quarters of the tlsoal year 1888 -Stlwero
$42,841,05(1; expenditures for same time wore
45,008,20, leaving a doficloncy of 18,821,270,
which indicates a deficiency for the entire
fiscal year 18HS-89 of about (4,500,000.
The number of certificates for original
pensions Issued frpm the Pension Office
during the months of July, August and
September, 1888, was 8,700: and during the
corresponding months of the present year,
13,000. The certificates issued during the
last three months were as follows: July,
4,303; August, 4,331, and September, 5,126.
The total indebtedness of the District of
Columbia September 80 last, as shown by a
statement prepared by the United Suites
Treasurer was 0,131,850, being a not In
crease by reduction of sinking fund and
otherwise since July 1, 1878, of $1,074,800.
The aggregate receipts from internal rev
enue for August last, which have Just been
determined at the Treasury Department,
were 11,508,007 greater than those for Au
gust, 1888. In spirits distilled from apples,
peaches and grapes the decrease amounted
- to $",314, while in spirits made from other
materials the increaso wast!W2,S!l. The to
tal Increase for all spirits was 185,321.
The President has authorized Surgoon
General Hamilton, of the Marine Hospital
Service, to keep open the following quaran
tine stations : Delaware Breakwater, Cupe
Charles, Sapelo Sound and Tortugas Koys.
The Postmaster General has appointed
David P. Llebhardt, of Indiana, superin
tendent of the Dead Letter Office, nt $2,500
per annum, vice George 1). Hall, of Minne
sota, resigned.
The Department of Stato has received a
telegram from General Franklin, United
State Ctmmlssloner General to the Paris
Exposition, stating that the United States
exhibit has been awarded 63 grand prizes,
190 gold medals, 271 silver medals, 218
bronze medals and 230 honorable mentions.
The Secretary of the Treasury has ap
pointed Sidney C. Brock, of Missouri, to be
chief of the bureau of statistics, vice Mr.
Swltxler, resigned. 1
It is understood that the Swiss govern
ment has made an apology to United States
Minister Washburne for the Indignity
offered to Charles E. Coates, of Baltimore,
who, while traveling In Switzerland last
summer, was arrested and confined in a
filthy and dark cell, and without any
charge having been preferred against him.
The three vacancies In the staff depart
ment of the army were filled on ttie 5th by
the following appointments: Lieutenant
George H. Hoyt, Eighteenth Infantry, to be
Assistant Quartormast with the rank of
captain ; Lieutenant Hoi. -y H. Osgood, Third
Artillery, and General L, W. Alexander, of
Iowa, to be commissaries in the subsistence
department, with the rank of captain.
A furnace In the Scottdala (Pa.) Iron and
Steel Company's works exploded on the 3d.
Georgo Rudder was killed by the molten
metal and Jacob Dick and Henry Ramsey
badly burned. Mrs. Rudder, on hearing the
news, fainted and fell, receiving probably
fatal injuries.
The steamship Wyoming, which arrived
at New York on the 8d, broughtUO Mormon
converts, mostly Germans, from Thuringia.
Over half of them were young girls, be
tween the ages of thirteen and eighteen
years. '
The magnificent portraits of Generals
Grant, Sherman and Sheridan, presented to
the West Point Military Academy by G. W.
Cbilds, were unveiled at that institution on
the 8d, with appropriate ccromonles. Gon
eral Horace Porter made the presentation
address. There wore present a large number
f distinguished citizens, and also the foreign
representatives to the International Con
gress. Governor H1U has issued proclamation
calling a special election in the Ninth New
York Congressional district to fill the va
cancy caused by the death of Hon. 8. 8.
Cos. It will be bold on the day of the gen
eral election. -
Don McFadden, a barber, has boon arrest
ed at Owe go, N. Y., charged with persona
' ting a United States secret service officer
And defrauding pensioners at Elmlra.
Miss Louise Theron, of Boston, was mar
ked at Lenox, Mass., on the 8d, to William
J. Cndicott, Jr., son of ex-Secretary Endl
ot. Among those present were Mrs.
Cleveland and ex-Secretaries Whitney, Eh
lloott and Falrchlld with their wive.
The Mt Mansfield Hotel at Stowe, Vt,
tarned on the 4th. Loss, $100,000.
The Citizen's Permanent Relief Commit
ee of Philadelphia, which has charge of
be flood relief fund, voted on the 4th to ap
iroprinte $10,000 to the Red Cross Society
o be used for the camp hospital at Johns
own, and $100,000 to the State Flood Relief
T. J. Bulllvan, one of the New York State
House celling conspirators, was arrested at
Albany on the 4th and admitted to ball in
the sum of $50,000.
J. Rlcker's barn at Webster, Me., burned
on the M, and while attempting to save a
hone Rlcker was caught In the flames and
perished. '
Jacob Odenwalder, recorder of deeds at
Kaston, Pa., Is short In his account to the
umoont of nearly $8,000. The shortage will
be made good by his bondsmen.
Peter Sim's morocco shop In Salem, Mass.,
oarned on the 4th, entailing a loss of $100,-
The business failuros reported throughout
the country for the week ended October 4
,iumber for the United States 173, Canada
. i, a total of 20$ against 192 the previous
week and 221 for the corresponding week
last vear.
Join Herrlck, aged eighty-six, committed
uJoidw at Easton, Pa., on the 4th by banging
to the door of his bed room.
Henry O. Hotchkiss, lata treasurer of the
il II. Botohklss Company of West Haven,
Coon., who ha been in Jail over year
awaiting trial on a charge of forgery, wa
released on the 4th without trial by order
of Btato Attorney Doollttle, Botcbklaiwa
charged with forging $8,000 worth 6." checks
ua the Tale National Bank. .-' .
At Rockvllle, Conn,, on the 4th George
Johnson and John Hanson, employed a
stag builders, were precipitated seventy
feet from a staging at the Union church.
Hanson was instantly killed and Johnson
sustained fatal Injuries.
W. F. Johnson ft Co., wholesale tea and
coffee dealers of Boston, Ma., have as
signed. It Is said that a cosh offer to settle
with creditors at forty cents on the dollar
has been made. ,
. General A. S. Blunt died at Manchester,
N. H., on the 41 h, aged sixty-two. He served
through the Rebellion, and from 177 to 188b
was in churgo of the military station at For:
Leavenworth. Ho received his commission
as Major General, U. S. A., on the 28th ult
Two more bodies were taken out of the
river at Johnstown, Pa., on the 5th by the
State forces which are at work hiking out
rubbish and opening sewers. It is believed
there are a great many dead yet in the river
who will be found when tho rubbish has
boen removed.
Mrs. Eva Hamilton was on the 5th token
to the penitentiary at Trenton, N. J., to
serve her sentence for the murderous as
sault upon Nurse Donnelly.
Ex-Congressman A. A. Hurdenborgh died
at his home In Jersey City, N. J., on tho 6th,
aged fifty-nine years. '
The Nutional Association of LUhogrnphors
adjourned nt Buffalo on the 6th after elect
lngthe following officers: Julius Bien, New
York, president.; W. J. Morgan, Cleveland,
vice president; H. T. Koorner, Buffulo,
secretary and treasurer.
The residence of Mrs. James Ross at
Elizabeth, N. J., was entered by burglars a
few nights, ago, who chloroformed the four
occupants and looted the house from top to
bottom. Artlclos of Jewelry, silvenvar,
etc., to the value of $2,000 were stolen.
The rear end of the southbound freight
on the Western Now York ft Pennsylvania
railroad broke loose as the train was climb
ing the summit four miles south or Corry,
Pa., on tho 6th. It rushed down the hill and
crashed into the passenger train, which was
following, with torriflo force. All of the
passengors were bruised, some injured
seriously, but none fatally.
The following change are noted in tho
weekly statement of the Now York associ
ated bunks, issuod on the 5th : Roserve ile
crease, (2,000,800; loans decrease, $1,905,300;
specie decrease, $2,353,300; legal tenders de
crease, $1,614,100; deposits decrease, $5,050,
400; circulation increase, $11,000. The banks
held $1,008,050 loss than the twenty-five per
cent rule.
The monument of the Flfty-sovonth New
York Regiment was dedicated on the Get
tysburg battle field on the 0th. Colonel
James W. Butt, of Now York City, delivered
the oration. Mr. James Morrow unveiled
the monument.
At a recent mooting of the Now York
Athletic Club, A. B. George, of tho Man
hattan Athletic Club, broke the American
three-mile running record, nv.'dng the dis
tance in 15 minutes and 11 1-6 seconds.
Probably the largest coal company ever
organized In West Virginia was incorpor
ated at Cbarlestownon the 4th. Among the
Incorporators are Abram 8, Howitt, of New
York, and Levi P. Morton. Tho company
have leased tho property of Hawk's Nest
Coal Company in Fayette County.
The Chicago grand jury bave returned in
dictments against James E. Moore and Will
iam Wright for selling lottery ticket.
In the United States Court for the West
ern district of Texas Judgement bave been
recovered for $1,000 each against the Rio
Grande ft Eagle Pass Railway Company
and W. L. Guidons individually, on the
charge of importing aliens from Mexico
under contract to labor in the San Tomas
coal mine.
On the 4th atrbctlnn engine and threshing
machine, while being moved across a small
stream at Janesville, Ind., broke through a
bridge and landed in the wafer some thirty
feet below. John Rparks and Honry Wright
ware pinioned beneath the boiler and before
they oould be rescued bad been scalded to
death by escaping steam.
In a freight wreck at East St Louis; III.,
on the 4th four men were injured and the
trotter, Lady Gay, valued at (15,000 was
killed. Two of the injured men were host
lers and two were trainmen. The trotter
was owned by George McFarland, of Boone,
Joseph M. Marcus and Napoleon White,
two well known New Orleans gamblers,
suicided in that city on the 4th the first
named by shooting himself and White by
poisoning. Despondency brought about by
the closing of their gambling houses by the
authorities lod them to self-destruction.
A fire in the business portion of Vinlta,
L T., on the 4th destroyed $40,000 worth of
property, on which there wa $13,000 In
surance. A rear end colli son occurred on the 4th
on the St liouls ft San Francisco railroad
near North View, Mo.,in which five persons
were Injured, one fatally. EngineerSavage
had his skull fractured and one leg broken;
he will die. Brakeman Cartrlght and En
gineer William Dyer each had leg broken.
Owing to an error made by a legislative
bill clerk, section 10 of the new high license
liquor law of Michigan Is void. This section
compelled druggist to secure permit and
to make annual statements of their sales.
This, it is considered, will not invalidate
the entire law, but it removes all restrlo
tlons from druggist.
At Charleston, W. Va., on the 5th Felix
Eampf in a drunken frenzy stabbed to death
bis two children, a son and daughter, who
bad refused him shelter. He wa arrested.
The strike of the window-light frlas
blowers, which began last June and ha
seriously Affected manufacturers and 6,000
employe in the business, was settled at
Baltimore, Md., on the 6th. The demand of
the blower was an advance of ton per cent
but a compromise of 6 per cent was agreed
upon. The scale goes into effect Immedi
ately. Rt Rev. Thomas Vail, D. D LL. :D.,
Bishop of Kansas, died at Byrn Mawr, Pa.,
an the 6th, after two weeks' illness.
On the 6th Mrs. R. C. Cook and Mrs.
Samuel Abbey were in the act of crossing
the Chicago, Burlington ft Qulncy railway
track at Sandwich, 111., when their buggy
wa (truck by an express train and thsown
a considerable distance from the track.
When picked np both ladies were alive, but
died in a short time.
Charles Davis, aged only nineteen, but
one of the boldest desperadoes in the Indian
Territory and the leader of a noted band of
horse and cattle thieves, was shot and
killed on the 6th near Fleetwood, L T.
A freight train on the Rome ft Decatur
railroad was wrecked near Rome, Ga., on
the 5th. Fireman Sproule and a negro brake,
man were killed. Bob Bill, famous for his
many miraculous escape, in various other
railway accidents, wst probably fatally
Lott's two-story restaurant at Winona,
Mis., wa destroyed by fire on the 6th.
Nine men were asleep in the upper story
and four of them perished before they could
be rescued.
Mrs. Tunstall Smith, the young, beautiful
and accomplished wife of one of the most
inbstantial business men of Baltimore, Md.,
suicided -at her home on the 6th by shooting
herself. The domestio relationship of hus
band and wife had been cordial, and no
cause can be assigned for the deed.
Latest return from the Montana election
give - a DetnooUUo majority of seven en
Joint ballot in th Legislature. Carter (Re
publican) for, Congress ha a majority of
about 1,200. .
Charles H. Blchol. of Kansas City, Mo.,
ha brought suit in the Court of Common
Plea at Toledo, O., against Brsdstrwf i
coiomerctal agency for defamation of char
aour, . asking for $50,000 damages. - He
claim thatBradstreet', in their special re
port concerning hi business standing, rep
resented him a dishonest and unworthy of
credit . . : .
Lee 8, Dunham, J. 8. Totten and Martin
L. Jameson, ex-oounty treasurers of War
ren Count) . O., were arrested on the 5th,
charged with having, during their terms of
office, appropriated from $13,000 to $27,000
apiece, from tho funds of that county. The
arrest was the result of recent investiga
tions Into the affairs of the late treasurer,
C. F. Coleman who is a defaulter to the ex
tent of $02,000. All the ex-treasurers are
woalthy citizens, and their arrest has caused
much excitement
William Rogers, general agent for Mis
souri ft Kansas of the Equitable Life Insur
ance Compuny of Iowa, was attacked near
his own door at Kansas City, Mo., on the
night of ttie Bth by footpads, who demanded
his money or his life. Rogers made a des
perate resistance when one of his ussallants
shot him, the bullot entering the right cheek
and passing through the left, indicting a
dangerous wound. .'-
The steamer Bessemer and consort,
Schuylkill, of Cleveland, O., wore wrecked
on the 6th near tho mouth of the Lake Su
perior ship cunal. The crew of nineteen
men were saved with difficulty. Loss on
vessel and cargoes between (80,000 and
Socret service oncers raided a gang of
counterfeiters near Indianapolis, Ind., on
the 0th and captured Isaac Reynolds, John
Lucas, and J. M. McBrlde. A search of
Lucas' house resulted in the discovery of
the mold and $140 in spurious coin.. The
gang has been making $10 "gold" coins and
a number had boen placed In circulation. .
An agreement has been signed by the Joint
committee of the locomotive engineers and
firemen for the federation of the brother
hood of Engineers, Firemen, Knight of
Labor, Switchmen, Mutual Aid Association
and brotheroood of Railway brakemen.
The articles of agreement are to be sub
mitted to the brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers at it meeting in Denver, Col.,
October 10. - - :
Prairie fires near Fort Dodge, la., have
destroyed several hundred acre of corn
fields und thousands of tons of bay.
The strike of dock employes at Rotterdam
is ended. A compromise was effected, by
which the men agree to accept by five
pence per hour on week days and seven and
one-half pence per hour for Sunday work.
The minimum of a day's work is to be four
On the 4th, by the falling of a scaffolding
about the steeplo of a church in course of
erection at Altenbruch, Hanover, seven
workmen were hurled adistanceof ono hun
dred feet to the ground. Every one of the
unfortunates wore instantly killed. , ,
A collision between a passenger and
freight train occurred at Lasswltz, Ger
many, on the 4th. Four railway officials
who were on the pass'jiger train were
killed and many of the passengers were In
jured. A naval court martial, convened for the
purpose of investigating the disaster, has
dismissed from the service Captain Russell
and First Lieutenant Hunt, of the wrecked
British war ship Lily. .
It Is estimated that the ban to be pro
posed in the German Reichstag during the
coming session will amount to 250,000,000
On the 6th reballot were taken in the
district of France in which the recent elec
tion for members of the Chamber of Dep.
title were without definite result. The
follower of Bou'anger seem to lave de
serted hi standard quit1 geaerallyv and ft
Is estimated that two-tbtrds of the 186 neat
contested for the second time have gone to
the Republican.
A terrible hurricane swept the entire
length of the island of Sardinia on th 6th,
leveling many villages and doing iucal
culable damage to property. Hundred of
people were burlod In Uin ruin of their own
homea and thirty are known to have lest
their Uvea. r
A Rome dispatch says that Right Rev.
Thomas L. Grace, of St Paul, Minn., who
wa the second bishop of the diocese, has
been appointed an archbishon.
Oi the night of the 6th there wa a frost
It Port Gibson and Jackson, Miss., and
Alexandria and Bayou, La., the earliest for
many years.
Nxws has been received at Brainard,
Minn., from Mllle Lao Lake that the Indian
have decided to accept the Government's
proposal and have signed the treaty, almost
to a man. There are more than 8,000,000
acre of land Involved In this action. ''
At Mt Vernon, Ind., on the 7th George
T. Rice, the aeronaut with Wallace's circus,
made an ascension. As he descended over
the river be became entangled in the ropes
and was dragged through the water and
drowned. Thl wa Rice' one hundredth
Jon Burks, Henry Whitman. William
Carroll and Henry Smith, who were arrested
for attempting to vote Illegally at the Re
publican primary in Brooklyn, N. Y., re
cently, pleaded guilty on the 7th and were
sent to penitentiary for nine month each
and fined $350.
Burglars entered the Jewelry manufac
tory of Bigler Bros., at Cleveland, O., on
the night of the 6th, blew open the safe and
carried off $2,000 worth of diamonds and
Tns Bate House at Indianapolis, Ind.,
was damaged by fire on the 7th to the ex
tent of $10,000.
CnAin.xs E. Akdihson, retired broker,
who was secretary of the United State
Legation at Paris, under Minister Lewis
Cass, died suddenly at New York City on
tbe 7th of heart disease.
A TnRKKiimo engine oa the farm of W.
W. McAndrews, near St Thomas, N.D., ex
ploded on the 7th. Ed McCaffrey, owner of
the machine, Billy Paul, engineer, and
Charlie Frailer were killed outright R. P.
Daily, another employe, Is supposed to be
fatally hurt
Tub fourth national convention of the
Boys' and Girls' National Home and Em
ployment Association will meet In Washing
ton City on October 14, and continue three
At New York City on the 7th John Fits
Patrick, better known as "Liverpool Jack,"
was sentenoed to nine year in State prison
by Judge Cowing In the. Court of General
Hessian for abducting me to work in
Yuoatan. ,
Th President has appointed Edward O.
Leech, of the District of Columbia, Director
of the Hint
The seoona xteamont exposition - was
formally opened at Atlanta, Ga., on the 7th
with appropriate exerolses.
Train No. 10 on the Michigan Centra) rail
way wa run into by the westbound PacIPe
expres near MatUwau, Mich., on th 7th,
wrecking three sleepers and disabling th
engine of the latter train. Ttie Wagner
sleeping bar Tolonla took Ore, but the slx
teen inmate escaped serious injury.
Govbbbob MiixsTTi, of North Dakota.
ha forwarded all election document of the
State to Presldont Harrlsoa. The first Lee.
lslature will be summoned to convene about
November T. f
He Tolls a Yarn the Like of Whloh Bas
Never Iteiiire ueen llfmrtl.
Among the recently invigorated liar of
the town is one who has just returned from
a session with o'tone In Colorado, say the
Omaha World Herald. It was his first trip
through tho mountains and he was much
affected by the feats of engineering skill
there manifested, as witness the following:
"I hod heard of the curve on the Pennsyl
vania, where according to tho time-card
schedule, the engineer is obliged to lean out
of his cab und excliuuge tobacco with the
brakeman on tho rear end, so as to give the
passengers something to talk about, and
now I believe il. There was an old, honest,
horny-handed miner rodo over the roud out
of D"nvcr with mo und he told me several
things. Once while we were being jorked
around the edgo of the mountains and could
look out from under tho roots of our hair at
the track opposite in the valley he told me
a tolo. Said he :
" 'That yero track down yua Is the one
we're onto, but we won't tech It tot an
hour. We run up tho ravine an' down the
sido of tho mountain an' double back.
Down thar Is wlior' Jim Lylo saved the pay
master o' tlio roud.' ,
"Howl' 1 inquired.
" 'It were this way: Tho paymaster's car
was bitchtd onto tho hind end o' the freight
train, bis own engine bavin' had a little
trouble with her runnin' gear an' beln'
abandoned fee awhile up the road. Well,
the train was snorllu' and crawlln' aroun'
tho mountain, when all of a suddon the
back brakeman comos a runnin up an' yell
'""Pull out! Full out! Thoy's a gang o'
rustlers hus caught the engine an' are
humpin'afterusl Pull!-1
" 'Well, Jim Lylo noticed that He seen
at wunxt that the engine hud been fixed up
an' that to rustlers had took ber to ketch,
bim an' git the dust iu tbo paymaster's car,
so lie pulkd out right pcurt an' tried to
outraco 'em, but it wan't no go. They kop
gittin'upon him.
"JTreity soon be struck the beginnln' o'
this ycre curve. He didn't slack a breath
an' the conductor come rushin'up an'bel
Icred: " "Fer God's sko, what kin we dot If
we run this we'll climb a rail."
" ' "Sullright," said Jim Lyle.. "If I cal
clato riglitiy that car's saved," an' he gave
her another pull out an' just as we reached
right hero lie jerked her wide open. Then
we see what was what Lookln' back 1,
bcin' on the train, seen the la.it coach go up
in the air, there was a Jerk, an' away over
Into the canyon she went.'
"'Well, whore docs the salvution of the
coach come in I' I asked. 'I don't see any
particular advantage in being spilled over
a mountain-side. and being shot by train
robbers.' "Now, don't git frisky,' said the old
man. .'I'm tellin' this yera an' I an't done.
That there coach, as I say, sailed over
ofttn the track just liko the hind boy did
when you used to play "crack the whip" at
school. It floated down as nice as yoa
please an' lit on the track below In the val
ley, an' with tbe force it was slung rolled
ten miles to the next station. When ws
got thero it was in on the sldln' an' we
pulled by, an' when the light engine load
o' rustlers come bullin' along the towns
people was waitin' fer 'em an' the new
cemetery wa started in good shape.' "
Every Great Aefalenrant Is the Record
of Corresponding Pallance.
"Patient wailing no loss," ha been mads
the subject of an instructive volume; and
"let patience bave ber perfect work,' waa
one of the many admirable suggestion of
ancient wisdom, says tbe New York Ledger.
Tbe history of every great achievement,
and the realization of every grand idea, 1
the record of a corresponding patience on
the part of the hero and tbe thinker. But
for the large possession of this sublime
quality, humanity must bave succumbed to
vthmtsand obstacle which have been glo-
rlously overcome, and man, instead of dem
onstraling Progress to be tbe providential
law of his being, would have sunk in the
embrace of fatalism, more helpless and
wretched than the beasts of the field. The
discoverer, tbe reformer thetoenefactot of
whatever class ha each in turn, since the
world began, learned through his own i x
penenoe the truth of the poet's line :
"They nobly win who wstch sod wait,"
and the story of any one of tbem is zp jnly
the story of all.
Kepler, gazing into tbe "upprr deep,"
and discerning for the first tiro clearly the
unity and harmony of the planetary uni
verse, could only from the depths of his pa
tience bave cried, a be closed tbe narra
tive of hi mighty discovery: "The die Is
cast) Tbe book la written; to be read now
or by posterity, I care not which. I may
well afford to wait a century for a reader,
as Ood ha waited" these six thousand year
for an observer." And Columbus, seeking
vainly from city to city, and from court to
court, for some sympathizer with bis vision
of the New World or when treading the
deck of his caravel, beset by mutiny that
would have daunted any other man what
doe tbe world owe to his patience, which
doubled tbe earthly domain, and tenfold
quickened every civilizing element of the
human race.
Patience I a lofty attribute. Wisdom
alone beget it in man, for wisdom per
ceives how trivial are most things over
which men are most Impatient What If
they be unaccomplished will the sun for
get to rise, or tbe rain to fall I Will the
seasons lose their order, and seed-time and
harvest fault Nay I Our Impatience I
begotten of nothing, and our patience Is
born of tbe nobler and more enduring
thought and deed.
Let us but be patient i well-doing, or
even in seeking to do well, and we shall, in
the sight of conscience and of God, be no
torious whether we win or lose!
Editors Are Born, Hot Hade,
Every body knows how newspapers should
be edited, but It so happen that th number
who succeed in editing Is very small indeed.
Robert Chambers, one of the most success
ful of editors, who for so many years conduct
ed the renowned Journal which bears bis
name, very Justly remarked that tbe editor,
like the poet, must be born, not mad. And
that the chief duty of an able editor 1 not
so much in putting thing into hi paper a
In keeping things out. There lie tbe grand
secret .
A Girl's Composition, oa Boys.
Boys are men that have got as big a
their papas, and girls Is young women that
will be young ladies by and by. Man waa
made before woman. When God looked at
Adam He said to Hlmaelf i "Well, I guess I
can do hotter if I try again," and then H
mad Eve. Ood liked Eve so much better
than Adam that there have been more
women than men ever alnoe, Boy are a
trouble. They are wearing on every thing
oat eoap. . ' v i ,'
'' flow reople la Mala,
There have been settlement on the Ken-'
oebeo river In Maine alnoe 1634, and it wa
uly tbe other day that th discovery was
mad that ther Uooal in th batiks of th
stream. A local geologist says that oonslder
sble quantities of it ar washed ashore oa
tbe beacn at the mouth or the river.
. Why embitter life by dragging around
with lameback, diseased kidneys, drops!
calswollings, female weakness, nervo'i
debility .heart disease and rheumaticcom
plaints, when Or ' Fenner's Kidney and
Backache Cure will so quickly cure f Rev,
A. J. Merchant, Presiding Elder writes:
"It gave me almost instant and entirely
permanent relief." Buperlorto all known
mediclnesiD thesedlseases. For sale by
100 Ladles Wanted,
And 100 men to call on any druggist
for afree trial paekageof Lune'sFam
lly Medicine, the great root Hnd herb
remedy, discovered by Dr. Siliifl Lane
while in the Rocky MountHlns. For
diseases of the blood, liver and kidneys
It U a positive cure. For cnstlputlon
and cle&rlnn up the complexion It does
wonders. Children like it. Everyone
praises It, .Largo sl.o packHgo, SO cts.
At all drtifjgtsts.
Don't Experiment.
You cannot aflord to wasto time In
experimenting when your lungs are In
danger, CoiiRiimptlun nlwiiyhseems.iit
dm only k cold. Do not permit Hiiy
dealer to Impose upon you with any
cheap Imitation of Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
and Colds, but be sine you get the gen
uine. Because . eon it make more prof
it he mav toll yon he bus something
Just as good, or Just the same. Don't
he d celvej, but in-Ist upon gelling Dr.
King's New DUenvery, which Is guar
anteed to glvo relief In all Thrift,
Lung and Chest aflVclions. Trial bottle
tree at Adnm's drug More, Iirgo hut
tics $1.
News About Town.
It is the current report about town that
Kemp's Biilsam for the throat and lungs
Is muktng some remarkable cures with
people who are troubled with Coughs,
8ore Throat, Asthma, Bronchitis and Con
sumption. Any druggist will give yoa a
trial bottle tree of cost. It is guaranteed
to relieve mid cure. The I urge buttles are
fifty cents and one dollar.
Biuiply purnving and cleansing tbe
blood is not suflicienl. It needs enriching
also, the nervous system needs toning un
all of which la accomplished by Dr.' Feve
ner'a lilood and Liver Remedy and Nerll
Tonic. Use bis Couch Honey In as
coughs; bis 3olden Relief in all pnins
and stomach and bowel disorders, bip
Kidney and Backache Cure in lame back.
dropsy and all kidney disorders; bis Ocr
man Lye-salve in sore eyeu, cracked skin
and piles; his Capitol Bitters for appetite
and strength. For sale by druggists.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion always yield
to the curative properties of IJibbard'i
Rheumatic Syrup, containing, as It does
nature's specific for the stomacb. For
sale at E. W. Adams' and V a Felt
Saved toe Value of a Faiim Sellers
Cough Syrup has attained a reputation a)
most equal to Sellers' Fills, and more conld
hardly be said of any other medicine. The
dnjAi should be kept in every family
where there are children, and grownup
people find it a most valuable medicine
forcougos, coius, noArseness, ana throat
and lung diseases. The pills are such a
standard remedy in some part of thecoun
try that a family never thinks of doing
ithoutthem. Said an old gentleman In
Eastern Maryland ."WutI bave raised mv
family on Sellers' Pills, and I consider
them almost as essential to family as
bread. In the last thirty years they bare
saved me enough, In doctor bills, to pay
lor a farm. Cincinnati Times-Star.
Forced to Leave Home.
Over 60 people were forced to eavee
their homes yeatprday to call for a fre
trial package of Lane's Family Jledl.
cine. If your blood U bad, your liver
and kidneys out of order, if you are
constipated and have headache and an
unsightly complexion, don't rail to
call on any druggist to-day for a free
ample of this grand remedy The
ladles praise It. Everyone likes It.
Large size package (0 cents.
Almost as Palatable as Mil!..
So rtlsgalscd that it eaa b tl "
'.IgMtcd, nd assimilated by th mo
unaitlva atomaeh. when tba Main
lannnt ba tolerated and ay the oo
.ration of tua oil with th bjrpopL; .
lhils is math mora Ocstlni,
Renarkakle u lob. rMtutr.
Porievi gala rapidly niBt Uktag It.
SCOTT'S EMULSION is acknowledged by
;V"siciati to be the Finest and Best prepi.
. f . . . , ,1. j ,
' 'i'i:i in wo worm lor uie nun man sun u
,7V preat rtmtdy or Cmtvntptian, and
Yot'.nn in ChUdrt. Sold by all DrvggisU
Loobo'i Red Clover File Remedy.
Is t positive specific for 1I form of
the dlsesse. Blind. Blcedinr . Itching. 11
wrnated, and Protruding Piles. Price 60
For sale by Fred Pelt.
TheTPopalatlon of Wellington
Is about 8,000, and we would say at least
one-half are troubled with tome allectlon
of the throat and Iudrs, ss those, com'
plaints are, according to statistics, more
numerous than others. We would advjn
all our readers not to neglect the ojipor.
tunlty to cull on thai druggist and get a
bottle ot Kemp's Balsam for the throat nd
lungs. Trial slr.e Iree. Large bottles 60o
and f 1. Bold by all druggists.
: mm a mm
To regain your health II you are all broken
down and aufferlnz from nervous nrostra.
tlonf I will tell yon ht cured dm after
suffering for months. I used two bottles
of Sulphur Bitters, and now I am a well
mn.0. Utile, brokkeeper,.CuPton.1. tj (
f Haks Loralf TrojZrfnnT I a
1 1
.nplamiia Toen, and tuna Holla, I'lmp
aV l4, Horofuia. Marounal anil an iuwki
i f yueai. tola by your tfrunUU
f X Sellers Medicine Co., Pittsburgh
111 wr
Froposed Axnjsndmant to t h-
Suction 1. Be It resolved bv the flnnernl As
seniblyof thetituteof Ohio, Thut a proposition
hall be submitted to the electors of this Bute
on the first Tuesday alter the first Monday In
November, 1B09, to amend Section 2 of Article
XII o( the Constitution of the State of Ohio, so
that tt ahull read ss follows:
SlC.2. The Qeneral Asnemhlv nhntl nrnvlrin
for the raining of revenue for the support of
the state and local 'governments; nut taxes
snail oe uniiorin on tne same class ot subjects.
llurylhK vrnundi, public school houses, houses
used exclusively fsr public worship, Instltu-,
Hons ot purely public charity, public property
used exclusively for any putillo purpose, and
fiersonal property to an amount notexoeedinfr
n value two hundred dollars for each Individ
ual, may, by general laws.be exempted from
taxation; ami the value of all property so ex
empted shall, front tlnietotlme.benscertalned
and published, as may be directed by law. ,
Miction 2. At such election those electors
desiring to vote for such amendment may have
piaoea upon ineir minors tlie words "Taxation
Amendment Yes " and thoso onnosed to such
amendment may have placed upon their bal
lots me worus iHxsiion Amendment flo."'
Bkhtion 8. This amendment, shall take effect
on the first day of Janmirv, lKiw.
Speaker of the House of Uepresentatlves.
President pro tern o( the Senate.
Adopted April g, 18.
ITnitkp Statkr or Ahrriga. Onto,
Orrics or Tin Skckktaky or Stats, j
T. Daniel J. Ryan, Secretary ot State of the
Flute ot Ohio, do hereby certify that the fore
Kolnxls a true copy of s joint resolution
adopted by the (leneriil Assembly of (he State
of Ohio, on the HI h day of April, A- D. Ihnu
taken from the orliilnul rolls filed In this office
lu testimony whereof. 1 have hereunto sub
scribed my num, and altlxeil my ofll
hkal clul seal, nt Columbus, the lUthduy ot
April, A.U. IHnu.
Secretary of State.
Contractor and Builder, '
Plans and estimates made. Job
work of all kinds. Orders by
mail promptly attended to. 46-ly
manopactuhers or
Dr. O. H. MacFarland's
Great Medical Dis
covery.. Till. Miri'rtn will rtirv Climnle Mid Inflammatory
Rhdumtlt.m, Neuralglo,!t'hrmilc UalBrit, lly.pep.la.
Blrk Hiwlachs and all dlaesMi of the Llv.r and
KldaAfl. Alw will curs Cturrtl, Scrofula, Ball
Ithe lira, ana all dlaraaea that are eautrd frutn Impura
blood. III. ok ot tin boat Blood and Llrar rnma.
Ii-a known. It pur.flea tbe blood, creates a neaittir
tuon of the I'ver and kldnera. lleocu. It indicates
thn dlaeaaet from the aratem. Ttiixe luffcrlnf
with tfacac dlaraaea, try a box of thli irreat medical
dlaeotary, and lw eonrlncrd of lu merit. Kverr
box rnarantrcd to give aail.factlon, or mony re
funded. Fifty dare treatment In each box. Price SI
per box, or six boxas for S3,
nm aula jun sv tu.
Soldonlv lu Wellington, It Dr. J-
W. Honghtoa.
Bbonld anr one dealra, they can order direct rrom
Dr. C. II MacFarland. Akroo, O. Thill. th oela
brated medicine delivered to thecltltenaof Welling
ton laat February and beietofors only been sold of
Caveats, and Trade Harks obtained, and s
rstentbualuessoonnucteafor Moderate ("
Ourontce Is opposite U.S. Patent Office. W
bavenosub-airencles.sll buslnessdlrect, heno-
csntrsnsct patent bualnnaln less time so
at less cost than tuose remote trom wasning
ton.- r
Bend model, drawing. orpnoto. witn aesonp
tlon. We advise If Datvntable or not. free o
obarge. Our fee not due till pstont Is secured
A book, "How to Obtain Patents," with ref
erenees to actual ellents In veur State, oountv
ortown, sent tree. Address..
C A. SNOW & CO.,
Opposite Pateit Otnoe.WaMh.QKtoiisI). 0.
(SeftnrtNaaoJPaiwtrea.' Al
va Inflammation. Heft) s the Sores.
Boatoree the Bormea of Taste, Smoll
, .., II ii.i-.ih 'I " '! ''1
A particle Is ppllrd lata) aauoxsiaatril aael
Is aramiblit. Pri.a 60s. at Draaalau ar by
saail. ELY BKOTHKIUMM Warren St .New Tork.
Y'V - jS
' ' ti . J p

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