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A Budget of Nevs Oolleoted from
all Eeotione Of the State.
A Cleveland firm Nutters to the Extent
of Nearly ttH.OOO by it Vla'lt From Burg
tan, Cluvulaxd, Oct. 8. Whon Bolglor Bros,
opened tlielr factory in the Power block, In
tie roar of the Wllshlro building, Monday
morning, they found tho door of their safe
blown open and $1,800 In rings, watches, un
finished work, diamonds and olhor stones
stolen, with 155 In cash. A nolo had been
driven through the door of the safe near
the look, and the door was thus forced
open.' The door of the cash box within
was' also broken open. The factory Is situ
ated on the fourth floor of the Power block
and can be reached by a stairway from
Fraukfort street, by a door connecting with
the Blackstone building and so leading to
Beneca street, and by a bridge that spans
the space between the Wllshlro and Power
n buildings and loads down the rear stairway
of the former block. -The
thieves entered the Frankfort street
door of the shop, but whether thoy reached
the hall from the streot or by way of the
Blaokstone block Is not known. Their exit
waiby the bridge leading to tho Wllshlre
buuulng, the door leading from the bridge
to tie rear stairway of that block having
been pried open with wedges. The whole
Job Is that of professionals. How they
managed to elude the. watchmen In both the
Blackstone and Wilshire blocks Is a mys
A Colnmbu Man Wlio Threatened to Kill
II U Parent! Met From a Wound Re
ceived Several Days Agn,
Columbus, 0., Oct 8. John Miller, aged
twenty-six, living with his parents on East
Fulton street, died Sunday night from the
effects of a pistol shot flrod by John Hall on
Beptember 2li. Hall, who Is aged fifty years,
l a boarder at the Miller residence, and at
the time of tho shooting Interfered with
young Miller, who was quarreling with his
parents, and threatened to kill them with a
hatchet. Miller turned on Hall with the
batehot and the latter in self-defonse shot
him, the bullet entering near the left arm
pit The wound was not considered dan
gerous, and three or four days after the
shouting Miller was able to be about Last
Friday he became worse, and was obliged to
go to bed and died Sunday night, the result
of blood poisoning. Hall was arrested and
afterward released on hisown recognizance.
Rrakrmait ton for aVIS.ooo Damages.
Cleveland, Oct 8. An action was placed
' on trial in the United States Circuit Court
Mfinduy afternoon in which the sum of IJ5,
000 damages is domanded from tho Now
York, Lake Erie Western Railroad Com
' pany by' Honry Siegfried. Siegfried says
that he was, on February 14, ltttfl, engaged
In the employ of the defendant as a brake
man. While coupling cars his riithtarm
v was caught between the bumpers and so
badly crushed at the elbow tliut he has be
come a cripple for life. Tho suit was first
commenced in tho commou pleas court of
, Mahoning County aud tbon transferred to
the United Htutcs Court. '
' Outwitted tho liar 'tone.
Axbox, O., Oct 8. Tho collapse of the
J. W. Morrisey Opora Company, Bunday,
was complete. Although Tagliapetra, the
baritone, had a bill of sale of the wardrobe.
Morrlssey shipped most of tt to New York
on Saturday. . Hunday jnorning Morrlssey
got all of the company but Tagliapetra to
the depot and took the train for New York.
The deserted baritone heard of . the move
and rushed to the station but found nothing
attachable. Morrlssey jiwed about 11,500 in
tn-l .. A -, tk. ... . -
pay a hotel bill. Tagliapetra has gone to
New York to get satisfaction.
Strang Travels of a Piece of Glass.
Lima, O., Oct 8. Three years ago Will
lam Davis broke off a piece of glass In his
leg, near the knee. He has frequently felt
pain in his log since then, and lately It grew
so painful that ha declried to have a sur
geon examine bis limb, and a piece of glass
over a quarter of an iaoh long was found.
. The glass had worked around to the other
side of his leg, and was fully four inches
from the point where the entrance was
made. . .
A Terrible Accident.
YonxosTowM, O., Oct 8. A frightful ao
ddent happened to Harry Brown, employed
at the Enterprise rolling mill, Monday
morning. A red hot band of hoop Iron got
wrapped around his leg while bolng drawn
inrougn tne roils, uerore be could be eitrt-,
cated by his fellow workmen the Mesh was
, stripped from the bone between the kneo
a ..1,1.
Incendiaries at Work.
Lima, u., uuu o. voon Bawmiuor a large
barn, ton mllos West of hero, was fired by
Inoendlarios Hunday night Uoven cattle,
ten horses, a largo quantity of grain and a
valuable collection of funning Implement
were destroyed. The loss will reach $4,000.
There is no clue to the firebugs.
Cuf Her Throut .With a Kasor.
Plais Citt, O., Oct. R. Reason Lewis'
wife attempted suicido Sunday by cutting
her throat with a razor, bnt cut too low the
first tri and friends kept hor from repeat
ing the attempt, Mho gives no reason for
the rash act She Is young and in good
hAulth . "
' Sentence of a Canton Burglar.
I Cantos, O., Oct. 8. Charles Parterfleld,
who was arrested Friday while entering the
bouse of L. Wise, Was arraigned In the
mayor's court, Monday morning, pleaded
I guilty and was sentenced to sixty days In
1 the county Jail and fined tlOil and costs.
. Bays It Was Suicide. ...
Ax box, O., Oct 8. Coroner Sargent yes
, terdar rendered a verdiot In the case of
; George Krause, who was found dead In the
' street 'lost Friday, with revolver by his .
side. Th coroner finds that deceased
came to blsdeath by suicide. '
, , unnren veaioaiea. , ;
.' Tirjfiic, O., Oct 8. St Andrew's Cathollo
f- church, la Liberty township, was dedicated,
Bunday, Rt Rev. Boff, of Cleveland, offloi
'. ating, assisted by seven of the Tiffin, Fos
; , toria and New Riegel clergy. ,. Th church
cost S,000. .' ' .
; Yard an Run Over by an Engine.
' 1 Lima, O., Oct 8. George McDonald, em
: ployed in the yard of the Cincinnati, Hamll
t; ton & Dayton railroad in this city, was run
over by an engine yesterday morning and
', both legs were crushed. He may possibly
;.' recover. . , ,
,'' ' Strike of Tima Olaa Workers,
TtrriH, O., 0t 8. All th presier. sm, j
ployed at the. Beatty glass factory have
truck against
si a return v
I return to the pleoe-Drloa
plan, with rrean boys, as assistants, i To)-
with green boys a
will prebab'yoe
i settled sooi.t .. ,
Family Anni-el Ends In MlrdV.'" j f
tils brother) VllUam Ui.l th in ieq I
. Sunday night during kfaluiil lusmLUv
I dieting faUd Inlurlna. L V '
Disasters to Life and Shipping on th
Great Lakna. ,
Cm .ago, Oct. 8. The heavy northwest
frle that blow ovor lower Lake Huron Bun-
ubjt was uisuau-ous vo mo ana snipping.
Two seamen were killed on Lake Huron oft
San J Beach and a woman on the schooner
"Tond the Wave was drowned near the
mouth of the Dotroit river.
The boats uahore or sunk on Lako Huron
and Lake Erjo near the mouth of the Do
troit rivor are; Rhoda Emily, ashore a
White Rock; C. H. Weeks, ashore and a
total loss; Lady Franklin, ashore on Lake
Huron; Magrudor, axhore at Sand Beach;
Glasgow, ashore at Poloo Island ; Wend the
Wave, sunk by collision.
Rochester, N. Y., Oct 8. The gale has
been very sevore on Lake Ontario. Boveral
steamors which at tempted to reach Char
lotte wore forcod buolcbn Recount of iho tor
rlblo storm and many bu's on tin lake
sought shelter In the harbor. It is reported
that four men woio lost from a bargo, but
the story can not bo substantiated., Tho
storm is a severe ono, and it is feared that
much damage has been dono. Tho tug Proc
tor and a tow of burgos left Charlotte Bun
day night but wore ooinpollel to return
yesterday for shelter.
Toiiekmohat, Out, Oct 8. The schooner
Phllo Buovllle, bound from Coilingwood to
Little Lako, Mich., light went ashore Sun
day morning on Russell Islund, iibout a
mile from here. In a heavy northoust gale.
Her captain, John O. Grady, was killed by
being crushed between the vosseland rocks
while attempting to roach shore. The bal
ance of the crow were all taken off b;' a life
saving crew. '
Great influx o( Latter lay Hslnte lutotli
Canadian North west.
Ottawa, Ont, Oct 8-Advlcos from the
Canadian Northwost near Lee's creek, re
port a great Influx of Mormons from Utah.
They are bringing In thoir plural wives as
sisters, cousins and aunts, and are watched
by the Dominion authorltlas, who will pros
ecute them to the full extent of the law If
thoy can get proof of polygamy. Mr. Bten
house, the British Columbia membor who
resigned his seat in tho Legislature to en
lint in tho Mormon ranks, Is actively can
vassing Alberta with a view to securing a
scat iu the next Dominion Parliament,
whoro, he says, he will endeavor to effoct
marriuge reform and tho legalization of
Aeronaut Drowned.
Mocnt Veiison, Ind., Oct 8. Prof. G. T.
Rico, an aeronaut of Lexington, Mich., em
ployed by Wallace & Co.'s circus, while
giving a publlo exhibition Monday after
uoou mot with an accident which resulted
iu his death. He mado a balloon ascension
about two o'clock, descending iu his para
cnute, which alighted with him in the Ohio
river Just below the city. He bocume en
tangled In the ropos of his parachute and
before he could extricate ntmsolf or aid
could reach him he was drowned.
Frightfully alaugled.
Kassox, Minn., Oct 8. James Johnson,
an employe In McDonough & Goss' stone
quarries, Watervillo, was amusing himself
yeste.-iay by playing with a coil of rope
which was attached to somo machinery in
tne mill where they saw stones. He became
tangled In some manner and was whirled
around violently, tearing his shoes off,
breaking his legs and tearing one arm so
badly It was amputated. He survived the
operation only a short time, dying In great
Its Object Is Economy.
Pittsburgh, Oct 8. The window glass
manufacturers of Pittsburgh yesterday ap
plied for a churter for the "Pittsburgh Con
solidated Window Glass Company." One of
the applicants said the object of the consol
idation was economy. The mon In business
can not compote with the proprietors of
factories who receive free gas. The busi
ness of all the offices will be done In one
office, and there will be but one manager for
three or four factories.
All Quiet at Navassa.
Halifax, N. 8., Oct 8. The stoamor Al
pha, Just arrived from the West Indios, re
ports having called off Navassa on her way
to this port at the request of the American
oonsul at Kingston to take off any Ameri
cans who might wish to leave the Island on
account of the disturbances there. Captain
Crowell laid off the Island for some time,
but as no signals were displayed from the
shore and every thing appeared quiet pro
ceeded on his course.
Keleaaed on Ball. .
CnicAoo, Oct 8. Master Mnchanlo
Twombley and conductor Charlos Huford,
held by the coroner's Jury for the kllllngof
Michael O'Connor, the seventh victim of
the Washington Heights disaster, were ad
mitted to ball by Judge Baker yesterday In
the sunt Of 110,000. Fireman Honry Leo
loche, who had already furnished ball in
the sum of 1150,000 for tho six charges on
which he is held, was released on his own
Indians "gn th Treaty.
Brainikd, Minn., Oct 8. Now Is re
ceived here from Mille Lao Lako that the
Indians have doclded to accept tho Govern
ment's proposal and have signed the treaty,
almost to a man. There are more than 8,
000,000 acres of land Involved In this action.
The signing began Saturday afternoon and
lasted until long in the night Bunday
morning early it was resumod and by one
O'clock the last adult presont had "touched
the pen." .
Barag of a Gala.
Londox, Oct SV -A terrlflo gale prevails
throughout Great Britain and Ireland. It
Is particularly severe along the river Mer
sey. Much damag ha ben done In Lan
cashire and Ireland A large number of
shipwrecks have been reported. The tele
graph wires In many places have boon
blown down by the gale. The British ship
Prince Lewis, from (Juobeo, has been driven
ashore in the Mersey.
Stay Granted la th Faulkaar Case.
Stracusi, N. Y.j Oct a An application
was made before Jndf Wallace yesterday
afternoon for s writ of error In the case of
Grnoral Faulkner, who was convicted In
Buffalo last week of making a false entry In
a report as to the condition of the Dansville
National Bank. Judge Wallace directed
the entry of an order by which a stay will
begin to operate on the giving of bail, which
was fixed at H0,000. '
AB Exumpl In Pistol Practice.
Poiitlamd. Ore., Oc 8. John Silvers,
aged twenty-five years, committed suicide
near Minnevllle Bunday night He asked a
friend how he would holaa pistol If he were
going to use It : Th friend raised the pis
tol In the usual war. "I would not hold it
that way," said BUvers. 'I would hold It
this way," and taking the pistol he held It
to his breast and fired, dying Instantly.
till Pegging Away.
Cuioaoo, Oot 1 The effort to secure a
Jury In the Cronln case was renewed Mon
day; i Sixteen veniremen were examined,
fourteen exoused for caus, ono ohallsnged
peremptorily by the State and ono aoorpted
by thej defensO, but hot examined by tho
froeeuutloa when oeart adjourned.
Reports on tha Subject by Episco
pal BlshopB.
Needs of Sparsely Settled Yw'Btorn
States Eloquently Described.
What Should be Don by th Church at
th Soutli Tor the Heneflt and Advance
ment of the Nexro,
New Yojik, Oot. S.Tho genornl conven
tion of the Episcopal church resumed Its
session Monday. Knv. Hiinekol, of Viriiln
lo, chairman of tho committee on admission
of now dlocoses, reported that the State of
Oregon desired to be admitted under the
title of tho dl'X'OJe of Oregon, that It had
cliosiiu a Dish op (Morris) and acceded to
thecunons. After somo debate the ques
tion wus finally put: "Hliall Oregon bo ad
mitted us a diocese or not," tho vote being
overwholmlnirly in the affirmative. A mo
tion was then mudo that the house approve
of the election of Bishop Morris as Bishop
of Oregon, which was unanimously carried.
A petition was read from Missouri asking
for tho erection of a new diocese within the
present boundaries. It was stated that the
new diocese would embrace at least six par
ishes and somo sixty counties In Western
Missouri qunliDod to vote for a Bishop with
out interfering with the prosent diocese. A
motion to this effoct was put and carried.
The house then suspended business In order
to receive the Board of Missions In oonjuno
tlon with the House of Bishops, who wore
In waiting. At 11:80 the Board of Missions
convened with Bishop Tuttle, of Missouri,
In the chair. After the singing of a hymn
and the reading of the minutes the chair an
nounced the hearing of addresses of twenty
minutes' duration from the missionary
Bishops of . the country. Bishop Harris, of
South Dakota, was the first to make an ad
dress and report upon the condition of his
diocese. The report showod an encouraging
condition of affairs, notwithstanding the
povorty of the inhabitants and ruggedness
of tho existing civilization.
The great need of the church in Dakota,
Bishop Harris said, was full blooded Chris-'
tian ministers and adequate funds. In his
report of the committee appointed to ex
amine the state of the colored man, he said
that in no quarter was there a greater field
or greater responsibility. He asked for
moiins to carry on the work, and that one
man be appointed from each Southern dio
cese as an itenerant evangelist to win the
colored man Into the bosom of the church.
Bishop Paddock, of Washington, reported
on the work accomplished in his diocese.
Bishop Walker, of North Dakota, attributed
the shriveling up of the State partly to the
blizzard and partly to the fllllngup by a for
eign population. The church, however, was
growing slowly, but perceptibly. Bishop
Walkor suggested a plan he had to have
constructed a species of movable chapel in
which ho could prosecute the work of the
ohurch throughout the unsettled portlonsof
the State.
Rev. Paulus Moort, the colored delegate
from Cape Palmaa, Liberia, urged closer
union of Interests between the United
States and Liberia. He thought this coun
try should subsidize a line of steamers to
take advantage of tbe great commercial re
sources of that country. It would sot a a
safety valve to let off some of tbe race
troubles In the South. Bishop Talbot, of
Wyoming, spoke of some of bis experi
ences in the West The Board of Missions
here adjourned to allow the House of Dep
uties to take action on tho death of Bishop
Vail, of Kansas. Appropriate resolutions
were then adopted and a ' committee was
appointed to attend tbe funeral at Bryn
Mawr to-morrow.
Prompts a Weatarm Mao to gelid Rom
Mm,. to the TreunrT Deoertinenl
Ketereoo Med to m Former Contrlbn. ,'
Wasiiinotox, Oct 8. Secretary Wlndom :
yesterday received a conscience contribu- '
tloa of f MS In bills, enclosed in an envelop
postmarked Bt Joseph, Mo. The sender
had folded tbe notes and then clipped pieces
from them. This mutilation was done it is
presumed to prevent the money from being
of use or value to anybody but the Govern- I
ment !
Tho note accompanying the contribution,
which Is not signed, concludes as follows:
"About February, 1HS7, Hocretary Manning
received $5,000 conscience money by New
York draft Written on the Tack of the,
draft was a request that it be put Into the '
United Htates treasury, but as that never
appeared in print It Is believed by the writer
that Manning appropriated It to bis own
A Notorious Ei-Majror's Libel Rait.
NbwYork, Oct . Ex-Mayor Oakoy
Hall has sued James Brice, author of the
''American Commonwealth," for libel,,
placing his damages at (50,000. The libelous
mutter Is contained in an article in that
book written by Prof. Frank Goodonough,
of the school of political sclonce in Colura
bia Colloge, entitled "The Tweed Ilogime,"
In tho course of which Mr. Hull Is rolcrrcd
to as having boon a membor of the Tweed
Picture Frame Ollrier Strike,
Nkw YoKK,.Oct 8. -The gilding branch
of tho Picture Framo Makers' Union went
out on a strike yesterday. Their domand
was for thirty-five cents an hour and nine
hours' work to oonstitute the regular day's
work for five days and eight hours' workon
Saturday. Many of the shops have ao
cHod to the strikers' demands. The only
onu holding out are those with good finan
cial backing.
Khlpwrecked Mariner Keceued.
Ht. Purrs, Mlquelon, Oct 8. The schoon
er Ray has arrived here with the second
mate and eighteen of the crew and seven
cattlomen from the wrecked stoamor Goo
graphique. The men had been thirty-six
hours afloat In a boat without food or water,
In a rough sea, before being picked up.
Four men are still missing and are supposed
to have been drowned whon the steamer
went down.
llrok HI Neck, .
' Massii.lon, O., Oot. 8. John Bpindler, an
eccentrlo bachelor living near Burton City,
a mining village a few miles from here,
was thrown from his horse while driving
cattle Monday and had his neck broken. He
leaves 175,000;
Admiral Porter Serious Illlnesa. '
Niwpokt, It L, Oct. 8. Admiral Porter
has been dangerously 111 at Jamestown for
two weeks, but his family tried to conceal
the fact which finally leaked out yet they
are still Inclined to keep quiet His health
has been very delicate all summer and tt Is
without doubt his last Illness, th end of
which 1 near at hand
lfbmr Ail tat lea la Mew Knglaad.
Boston, Oot 8. Th union carpenter of
Massachusetts have decided to enter Into a
vigorous eight-hour agitation throughout
New England. Carpeqtera' union In all
other parts of America are arranging for the
eight-hour agitation and tho poulbl tab
llshment of tho eight-hour day on May L,
m. '
An Army of .Knlsrhte Templar In
vades Washlnitun.
Mafiilflccut Spectacle Promised by To-
- day's Prosri'umiue, - .
' '- .'
VT linn the (treat l'rnciloii Will March
Thronch the Wide Avnimt of the rpl-
. tl anil In ;t..vieiv.-l by . rrslilent lUrrt
snn. , , ,
Waniiivotov, Oci. 8 Up to a into hour
taatnLtht t'n- wu do ewV-ttra In tu in:
flux Of Sir Knight? nn:l tli !r friends. Ttwh
urrlving tr.iln hi- t tht H'i ,i is. All Is in
readlunss uirl . nir -:i ; !s waiting to view
thema'-Mi.l'.yi-. vii.- irl ' pro.al nod by to
day's li'"' ' "ii "'I Mm ; in In when twen
ty t'.ious::ul i-'.Ir iCiiisrh.s ore expected to
mutch in '.Inc t :r r.i-u the hroad streets and
nvcnijos mid Mui In rivimv boforo P.-.-mI-dwt.
Hni'rt .n ut, the "'wi'lvo Mnnilon.
The dopartm fit ind tho pablic school will
all close at nn n. 'i.nl bu.n! .n will be en
tirely susien l in tho a' . rnoou.
The main body of tho groat Tomplar pro
cession will be formed on the streets a'mut
the Capitol at eleven a. m,, and soon after
that hour move ovor the usual Inaugural
parade route. Grand Master General
Chillies Roomo, who came horo last Satur
day, has. owing to his feeblo condition,
kept in doors since bis arrival. The exer
uUos tu which ho will take part personally
to-day will be made very brief, and It Is
probable that he will not ride at the head
of the procession. There Is considerable
speculation here about the next place of
meeting of the Grand Encampment Cin
cinnati and Denver are mentioned, and one
or the other la likely to secure the honor.
Cincinnati and Hanselmancommanderies,
.from the Queen Cltv, are both- well repre
sented at the gathering here and feel confi
dent that Cincinnati will be selected as the
place of meeting in 1892. They will go be
fore the Grand Encampment with satisfac
tory assurances that all the money noeded
to entertain the 'W triennial will be forth
coming In fact more than 30,000 of the
tfid.OOO is already pledged by business men
of that city. .
The parade to-day, It Is thought, will post
pone tho opening of tbe conclave at the Ma
sonic Temple until late in the afternoon.
Grand Master' Roome's annual address be
ing the first thing in order, will probably
consume tbe remainder of the day.
Discussion of the breach of discipline on
the part of the Iowa Grand Commandery
will undoubtedly take up considerable
space In his address sod lead to the only
controversy In the conclave business meet
ings. One of the officers of the Grand En
campment In speaking of the Iowa case last
night said that It would not create a ripple
at tho present session. Tho Grand Com
mandery of Iowa, be said, had raised the
question of the legal right of the encamp
ment to -adopt the ritual. This question
would be brought before the encampment
and decided. There was no doubt, he
thought that a solution satisfactory to all
parties would be reached
Th Prohibitory Amendment In Connecti
cut Snowed Under by an Immenae Ma
jority. Haktford, Conn., Oct 8. Returns up to a
late hour last night indicate that the vote
on the prohibitory amendment is about
three to one against it Only ten towns so
far reported give it majority. The new
secret ballot law received its first trial
TtM was no nxcUemant at the-polls and in
a general way th plan worked exceedingly
well. Hartford County oomplote gives s,5M
for the amendment and 10,2)1 against
Nw Haver, Conn., Oct 8. The vote n
Die constitutional amendment (Prohibition)
yesterday was as follows: Total vote.fl.tMl;
No, 5,0B8; Yes, 1,013. Majority against
amondment, 8,135. Of the fifteen wards
the Prohibl-ionlsU secured a majority In
only one, the Thirteenth, where they ob
tained a majority of 48.
MU Carrier Held Vp by Itobben.
Mobile, Ala., Oct 8. Monday afternoon
between' Leukesvllle and Palestine, Miss,
Willie Lott the elghtoon year-old mull car
rior, was held up by two masked mon,
heavily armed. They possessed thomselves
of the mall pouch and blindfolded the boy,
leading him Into the woods, where the sack
was cut open and Its contents secured.
There wore but two registered packages in
the bag. Their contents are unknown The
boy was then released and the empty bag
was given him.
Shot by Jilted Lover, Who Suicided.
Bt. Clairsvim,e, 0.,Oct8. John Duvall,
of Burton, this county, yesterdny afternoon
shot and soriously wounded Lulu William
son; a handsome youn lady of this place,
and then killed hinjsolf on the publicstreot
Duvall is a son of one of the owners of the
Barton mines. He had been regarded as
Miss Williamson's accepted suitor, but was
recently jilted, honoe his action. Th
wounded lady will recover.
Kir ting Keds HI Kltnr.
WAV,E!i!.r, la., Oct 8. A largo barn be
longing to John Cox, a farmer near this
rlty, was burned Uto Bunday evening.
Shortly after the fire was discovered two
pistol sliot wore beard In tbe bam, and
yesterday (turning the charred bones of a
human being were found in tho ruins. They
sre supposed to bo' those of a tramp who
had entered the barn and, after sotting It on
fire, committed suicide.
Shot Himself In tbe Head,
BHooatH, N. Y., Oct 8. A. J. Camp
bell, aged forty-five years, a carpenter, shot
himself in tbe head with a revolver In Pros
peot Park yesterday. The act Is supposed
to have been committed while be was labor
ing under an attack of temporary aberra
tion of mind. '
Most Bremk Stone for Nine Tears.
Nbw Yonit, Oot 8,-John FiUpatrlck,
better known as "Liverpool Jack," was
yesterday morning sentenced to nine years
In flute prison by Judge Cowing in the
Court of General Sessions for abducting
men to work In Yucatan. ;
Th lelegtee' Tone.
Bostox, Oct 8. Monday morning thedol
egates to the International Congress went
to Lawrence and Lowell. They spent the
day In those towns, returning here last evon
ing. They then continued their JdUrnoy.
Railroad Ruperlntendents' Convention.
' New Yohk, Oot 8. The Association of
North Amorloan Railroad BuperiotendenU
met here Monday, many of tbe leading roads
of the country being represented. The name
was changed to tht American Society of
Railroad Superintendent and a new con
stitution was adopted. A number of inter
esting papers and speeches on railroad
topic wer llstondd to. - .
Hotel Euffers Los by Fire. ' ,
IsDiAHAroi.is, Uct 8. The Bate Hons,
one of the best known hotels In the country,
caught Are In th engine room at one o'clock
yesterday afternoon. Almost Immediately
the entire building was enveloped In smokf
and the gnrsU escaped with great dlflloUley.
Los estimated from fire amd water, f 10,000.
. ., ' ' . ' .' . i
or learn Sliortlisnd. ! at the NPKt'KBIAM
BI Hl.KVt cttl.LKttK, Ulereland, O. Jtitsb-
Eonows Her Youth.
Pboebu Cluwlcy, Pen-ruin, Clay CV.
Iowa, tells the t'llloirliift, renmrkKbte
story tho u-utli of which Is vouched for
by the resident of the fwn i "I am 73
years uM, have been troubled lth
kiiiney iMimpliliit mill Iniiieiipm for
many v ins; coiiM nut ilrei-s myiulf
without belp. Now I hiii free from U
p;il ii and forenei" hihI nui a to do (ill
my own hoiisuuu'k, I nw my thanks
to El"i?lric lli tiers fur having renewed
my ynui h mill removed completely all
disease iiinl pulii." Try hollle, 00c
anil fl at AUm-' d ruif stole. 4
Friends are scitici, but II yon are suffer
ing with that horrible disease scrofula,
you will H n I Sulphur Biilers will cure
you hs itdid Die, after suffering eight
yenrri, nnrl pHvingnut hundreds of dollurs
to doctors nml druggists Jvannetle 11 an
scom, Troy, N. Y,
'WGaffi "jMood Pniifler.
xt conns
Jencer, Humors, Bore, Ulcer, Swelling.
Tumor, Abscesses, Blood Poisoning, 8alt
Rheum, Catarrh. Erysipelas, Rheumatism,
and all Blood snot Skin Disease.
Pnica, tl per Pint Bottle, or Bottle for &.
1 lb. can Solid Es tract 160-
Detroit Mich.
Do Tour Own Irjrclna;, at Home.
Th j ill dye everything. They era cold every
where. Price 100. a package. Tlieybevenoequsl
for Strenir Unlitneea, Amount in Paekara
or for P iiiiiH ..f I'oliir. or nori-lmtiuif Qualities.
TbeydoTi if '' .-."-.til: 44ii'm. foraeiebf
E, W AdaniMlao F.D.Frlt
Only flenelae System of Maaaory Trmlala
fear Jleoks Learaea la ese reeeun
Mind wenderlner eured.
Every child and adelt areeily Benefitted
Ureal intlqnoroanl to (Jarreapondflooe U
bilirJd, PRESRT!VL
A thomiiKlilv lesUil and wbolrsomepreusratlni
for arrestiiig fennanUlinn, enabling one to hat
rich, sparkling elder the year around, lias beun m
the marlcnt six yars, nml Is Indnrsrd by llioti
ands who lmo uwd It. It thoroughly clsrlllmi. an.
Imports no run-lvn laxte. lut up In hoxi dnli,
ed for U'J and 50 ksII. psckagm. relAlhniTat aisu
rj . QaI.11,.,11..-. r.m 1.- ...... 1
wwtu ii J i . l I ' . a, v, ira.i. II J 1 111.11 wi niVCIlll
of price. INMAN BRO'S, Pammchm, Akron, 0.
Sold by F.D.Felt.
I I ffl Scientific, Common Senaa
II la k Treatment for Piles, and
I I E0 all diseasesofth Rectum
BJSTSJBkTH nd Anus, Without the
uae ol knile or ligature. Rarely interfering
with the patient's ordinary duties and
practically painless. 9 A. M. to 3:30 P. M.
I ll. Ill IttiOS, 91. ,
To refriiinyour lienltli if ytt tin- all ImiUen
down anil suffi't'li'tr frmn iimivoiis pros
iratioiif T I will t-ll yu wlmi curcil me
alter sunVrli.g fur ninmlis I uteri two
bottles of NuipliKr ltiitirs, mihI row I utn
a well IHU0--C' Stii.kk, Uookkerpvr,
Mr. X. H. Krolillck.icln, of Molillo,
Ala., writes: I lake git pli-H?u e In
rccoinnii'n'linc Dr. King's Nev Dis
covery for consumption, luivlnz nseii It
for a sevl-rt-HtticK d Iirouliitls anil
(,'atsrrli. It give mo instant relief and
milirely ciiipiI nip nml I have not been
alllluted 'Inun, I also beg tu state tlist
I hail trlnd other reinHiMcs w ltli tin zooil
result. Iluvenl-n uel Klectrio Bittors
ami Dr. King's New Life Pills, Imtli ol
hlcli I csi- rcC'ininicMil. Dr. Kind's
New Dl'CnVery for c -iihiiiiii' lmi.uiii(i
and Oiilds, Is sold mi pnsiilve gimr in
te, 'I'llnl liottles fri-e in ,ilH'iis' drug
store. I
disease, from a common Pimple to the worst
case of Scrofula, can be cured by the use of
Bludbllder, the new vegetable Blood Puri
fier, Internally, and Cole's CarboUeal,
the Great Vkln Bemedy, externally.
,1 a ooncentrated vegetable extract and
poa erases wonderful tonlo, alterstlv and
blood pnrlylng qualltl. Xt renews and :
enriches th blood and through It reaohes ,
very part of tbo body, Impart llf and .
vigor to ail Its function and strengthens ''
and build p tbo system. It I th beat '
knownrmed)'foraH8cvwfutnCofitpbi(fiU,. .
Cryslpelas, omd. Boil, rumor, Aferctt
rtal PbUonino and ConaCUutlonat Dtiorders'
BbsteAti, Pimplsa and ErupMoM 0 ths SM,
Rhavnatitm, and all die osused by a.
Iropoverlibed or corrupted oondltlaa of th ,
' blood. Bmail doe and pleaasat to take. r
Prloe lis tlx for Ii. Prepared oaly by J.
W. Col Co., Black Rlvr rails, W
ii.iii-.i inn. . un. iij.ii, m dimwii imiwi, w
biilldlog, licst T'-sniif-ra and nenfc conrao of atody.
Khnrthiifid rp.ufEM tiy mill. Klna-ant catalogue free.
Nri-fccr.it, I'iXiO.X c A.OUMUI.A'relir'e.
Qa '
PriMpeef os, with opfnlona of Dr. tt m. A. Han.
Mtenif, the wnrlt.fnj"4 Hpeelallat In Mian Dlaaaatia,
Ueniel lremlpefThoinpsen, thaersat Hutch. ,(.
oeiat, J. AI. lluckley, I.il.,eilitororitieCAnOaa)
Atnml', A, ) ., Kirhard Procter, Uia Hdantiar,
tlnne. V. W. Aalor, Jadere Ullmon, Jadnh If.
It-nlfinilD. anilitliin. aant iMNit friM, br
. trot. A. LOISKTt K. 23? fink Av.t N. T.
Engllgh Spavin Llrlruenl removes al '
Hard, Hoft, or CuMnus-d Lumps and
Bleinislie from horacs Blood Spavin,
Curb, Splluts, 8wooiify Kiiif-bone,
Slflee. Born In s. all SwuIIimi - riimau
Coniflis, Kic. tiavef.Objr use of one
uu'ue. iiuirintcu. nij oy VV. 12,
Adorns, Drug,lst.WelIliiji;ton,O.44-20t
Chamberlaln'o Eye and Skin
, Ointment. ' ,
A certain cure for Chronic finr
F.yes. Tetrer. Salt Rlie s,.l,l n.o,l
Old Chronic Hoi eg, K-vr Sores Ecze,
ma, null, rrulrlt- Kcratehes, Sore Nip
ples and piles, rt is . onllng Hnl sooth
ine. Hiindrcil-J of -it-es Iiuvm l.pon
ctirwl by it iil'n-r nil Kitir liv;tliuent
nan lalli'il. a.) nml 60 cr-,,5 boxes for
stile by Froil I). Frit Drngjjmt. Iy33t33.
Dr. A. E. Elliott's
Method of RECTAL Treatmunt'
Piles, Fistula in Ano, Fissure in
Ano, rruntis,or itching piles
and Rectal Ulcer without
the Knife, Ligature
or Cautery. .
Rsctll TIlfinraM
- w UUU 41 V O
daneeroua of all r&c.t mnlorliaai
. ' eaewtwuiUO
owing to its nnderminialize flie
tem beiore its victims realize their
danger, the absence of pain being
due to the scarcity of nerves in
that portion of the rectum mostly
Symptoms of Rectal Ulcer.
Fain or weaknnRa
portion of back, often referred to
Kiciney troubles, burning in rectum
after stool, itching about anus, at-
tended with a moisture caused by
uieuiiargo irom nicer, constipation
sometimes attended with spells of
diarrhoea, firmllv rAonlfinrv in
chronic diarrha?a,when the disease
is almost beyond cure, but if not
too loner neclectprl mow YrXtf ha
O jf
cured ; mucous and bloody dis
charge from rectum, soreness
through bowels extending to
stomach causing dyspepsia; in
females frequently vaginal and u
terine inflammation resulting in
leucorrhoea and ulceration. Bend
to Lodi, O., for descriptive pam
phlet. Examination andConsulta
tion FHEE.
Third Thursday in each month
City Market,
Is the best place in the city
and Sausage Fresh
and Salted.
Meat always clean. Attention alwa)
given. Pncesal way sfalr.
Successor to
Carpenter Block. Wellington, O
The Handsomest Lady ,
In Wellington remarked to a friend tbe
other day that she knew Kemp's Balsam
fur Ihelbroatand Lungs was a aupotior
remedy as It stopped ber cough instantly '
wlien pther cough remedies bad no effect
whatever. Bo lo prove this .and convlce
you of it merit, any druggistwlll give you
rsample bottle free. Large lire SO cents
and one dollar.
,. ,. ' , i ;, . .
lr,V'".',' -'.'V
i '

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