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New from the County Seat
.... The Court ot Common Pleas will begin
"its new term for 1889, November 8. New
busiuess haB been filed ai follows:
George Prosser v Mary Ann Frosserj
divorce, cross petition, and Injunction
allowed in favor of defendant. .
Henry Haines vs George Prosser;
William II. C. Lyon vs C. A. Ward;
money and attachment before debt due;
attachment allowed.
Catherine Ray vs the L. S. & M. 8. Ry.
Co.; Injunction and equitable relief, in
junction allowed.
Selab Chamberlain, trustee, vs John F.
Houghton ; money only.
Chauncoy Lane -vs Thomas Chapman ;
money only.
L. B. Smith vs Charles Chandler, Jr.;
money only.
Charles W. Johnston et al ys Peter Wag
ner etal; executors of Joseph Osterman,
deed., money only. .
Lottie Gregory vs William Gregory; dl-
vorce. ,1
' ZebulonB. Curtis vs James Harris et al,
accounting and foreclosure mortgage.
The First National Batik of Conncaut.
vllle.Pa, vs Vernon B. Phelps; money
, only.
Thomas B. Bennington vs Norman t .
Andrews et al ; lorcclosure ol mortgage
and equitable relief.
Wm. Varsey vs John Kelley ft al; fore
closure of mortgage aud equitable rellet
in rnouATR.
Jane Hill appointed administratrix
with will annexed, of estate or Edward
Hill deceased, laic of Euton.
Mary Bitter appointed administratrix
of estate of Cornelius P. Ritter, deceased,
late ot Lorain.
Walter Bouson appointed administrator
estate of Samuel E. Knight1deceasea, late
of Loralo.
Geo. A. ClurU appointed administrator
of estate of I. D. Lawlvr, deceased, late of
Henry Tunte appointed administrator
of estate ot John 11. Tunte, dtceasitl, lute
iif Lorain.
. The four Utt named deceased persons
were subjects ol the Ill-fated yacht J.eo.
Wm Pronril RrrHiL'ncd on a charge of
...... . . . , c -
Intoxication, plea of guilty entered, sen
tenced to pay a Hue of $3 aud cunts and
stand committed until one and costs are
A. B. ColMu arralgpeu on mme charge,
same Dlea entered uutt sentence sunie
David Wallace, executor of Wm Jonca,
deceased, filed nelition for order to soli
land, hearintr October 28, ltM.
Petition v C. L'aud Mary E. Church
filed, nMuu order of adopt lou of Currle
Oslwrnol Wellini-Moii. Order made and
name changed to Carrie Church.
Henry Etninoua appointed adminis
trator of the estate ot Marj elte Emmons,
deceased, late of Elyrta.
Ann M. 1W, Oberlin, 0., adjudged
Insane and patient ordered conveyed to
Insane asylum at Toledo.
Last will of Juslis Joyce, deceased.
' late or Wellington, filed for probate,
commission issued to Ventma county,
Oul., to take testimony ofabser.t wltuesses.
Quartus Gil more, administrator of Cyrus
Williams, deceased, late of Lorain, filed
petition for order to sell land.
II is trouble Began-A Plain State-
raeiit of the Case-A very satisrac
tory Result.
From tub Cleveland Leader
The following interesting statement was
made by Mi. Daniel Carlson who Is liv
ing at 252 Kmnard street:
My trouble began last Christmas. It
seemed to be in my chest. I took med cine
for It constantly until about the middle
of last Aug-ist. The medicine did me no
good for 1 grew worse wmii " "
io much reduced in strength that I was
about to give up work
"I cousneu nigui u uuj, ouw .. -pain
In the chest, had night sweats, no
!.it nnor digestion, was feverish, and
had sere headaches.
Gatchell's treatment by direct Inhalation
I began the treatmeni anu uiouikuvbh-
" ?j i- ....,ll,l linnrs. the COUCh
ceaseu iu iuii.-"n- . -i.
steadily disappeared, and my appetite, Hi
eeBtion, and strength Increased rapidly.
g "l believe In this way of treating
catarrh and lung diseases, for it accom
,. ..u-j i- . vL-akg what medicine
token Into the stomach fulled to accom-
pllsh in eight inontus. -
The treatment consists in the direct In
l,.ltinn ol Medicated Balsam aporand
of Strengthening Gases.
A pamphlet explaining ununmu,
will be sent to anyone sending a stamp
. ith i,U mlnrflss to Drs. Catchall, 174 Ml-
clid ave., Cleveland, O.
t nt in a tilond often cause
lUU'UI IU" ' ,
. .rn nnA 111 tt. 1 II UOUUltl I I flOtl ' 8St-
saparilla purifies the blood, and cures all
sucb atlecuons. . ,
Tn canvass for the sale ol Mirsery biock
Steady employment guaranteed. Salary and
Ezpenaei paid to sucessful men. Apply at
once, stating age. jueuuuu im yaiei.
CEASE BED'S COmST, Roc&ester. N, Y,
Under the Auspices of the
Young People's Societies of the Methodist an
Congregational inurcnes.
$1.50 Six First-Glass Entertainments $1.50
1. James Whitcomb Riley, Opera House, Monday,
f"WnVnv 1J. TTiimnvnus.
r. T)iinu inmn a tl.. Hnnslr noot. and Is a eenius In his choseu calling.
He will render his own humorous poems,, making them breathe.
2. Mrs. Olympia Brown, M. n. utrarcu, weanesuay,
JN ovember ZU, "Hie neroes 01 jjiDeny.
As preacher and lecturer Mrs. Brown has been a great success.
"Mrs. Brown Is ono of the most Interesting speakers of the day." Palmyra ha
lerprise. . .. w , nnwi Mm Rtunton and
"ine wnier Jias uearu duhu n. aumunjivu r -
Mrs. Llvermore, and (or masterly treatment ot her subject Mrs. Brown Is fully tbelr
equal." ine aiuion ifiepuooB.
q TTrtri Irihn CI Wnnlifiv. A. Minneanolis ijawver,
Congregational Church, Friday, December l, Anotner
John li. (jrougn.
m--.! f !. l.ll.o ...A .nnot snlknalnsllp ph rikClfr TirB bflfofe US. from
m .o n t. MnnHv Tir Dopmi nt N. Y.. and l'res't Fairchild, of Oberlin.
4. Grand Popular Concert, by the uoston iaeai iian-
jo, Mandolin and Guitar Club, Opera House, Monday,
.Inmiiii'V 1 ft "
This club Is on the leading courses In Ohio, such as Akron, Canton and Cleve-
Sixty Stoves and Ranges on Wheels
Oil Heater, the marvel of the age, must be seen
do not ouy until you have seen the Largest
Stock and Best Variety of Stqes and Ranges in
J. VT. Wilbur's,
Olof Krarer, ThcXative Eeqliimau, M. E.
in February, "Life at the Frozen North."
And now we are ready
to supply the people
with all kinds ot
Fresh Vegetables,
that the season affords.
Our arrangements lor
supplies from the re
motest part of the coun
try has never been so
complete. Our line of
111 AVPT ja-w v -
ft ni- An i-.i... t.1. a airtVlnir 1il tt.H . Ana 32 veara
n. . i " . i 1 J 1.nl,la lia mAar AvnrttnfT RIKll-
oid. one BpeaKS me rnijnHn language e.eguuuy, nuu uuiuo -
tlli.i.r thorn nt tlio rpllirintm uvlul And domestic Hi 01 the KfiQUlmaUX.
6. Jahu DeWitt Miller, Congregational Church, in
Afnvf.li "Tl T Tkob of TTo-linoKS."
Ac . ntitfnrm lMnnr Mr Miliar la arnons the most bonular. He Is recalled to
the lame place again and again, and never disappoints his hearers.
SpV.nnl Tir-TrAta $1 flfl. lnnlnflititr Reserved Seats. All Seats Ee-
served. ; On sale at J. W. Houghton's-
Fall liinouncement!
The Fall Announcement
Always to be found at my store. The volume of
trade for the present year has been so nigniy
satisfactory that I feel under many obligations
to the people. Goods delivered to any point in
side the corporation.
0. Wilted
We Will Refutm to Give Up His Ordina
tion Paper Demanded by the North
Ohio Conference of the Methodist
At Sandusky lait week the North Ohio
conlerence of the Methodist church
adopted resolution calling upon Rev. Dr.
T. F. Hildrrth to give up his paichments,
or ordination papers. Publicity was not
given to this action but the friends ot Rev.
Dr. Hlldreth on the West Side got hold of
H and are again rehearsing the stories sur
rounding the investigation brought on by
Rev. Dr. Russel B. Pope while Dr. Hil
drcth was pastor of the Lorain street M.
E. church. Dr. Hileretb says he will not
give op Lis parchments and more Interest
In? proceedings are looked for. It will
be remembered that the charges were not
sustained before the special committee to
which they were referred and the conler
ence failed to take action on them after
ward. Dr. nildreth said last evening that the
action of the conference In asking for his
parchments had do connection with, as he
expressed It, "that old affair which, they
bad about me some time ago." Continu
ing, the doctor said : "I voluntarily with
drew trom the conferouce wken It met in
Ashland last year to that I could take
charge of the congregation at Music Hall.
At that time Prof. Whltlock, one of my
Mends, asked Bishop Warren, who was
presiding at the conference, whether It
would be necessary for roe to surrender
my parchments, The bishop replied that
tt onnld not unless I should become a
nsstor la a church ot some other dcnoml
nation. Since my withdrawal I have not
claimed to be a Methodist preacher, but
have not Joined any other denomination.
I am the pastor of an Independent, uncle
uomlnatlonal church. I have not received
an official request, to return my psrch
ments. and if I do I shall limply decline
to surrender them, on the ground that the
conference has no rlsbt to demand tnem.'
' 1
Vigor and Vitality
Are quickly given to every part of the
ipejj by Hood's SarsaparlJa. That tired
feeling If entirely overcome; the blood if
purified, enriched and vitalized, and
carries health Instead of disease to every
... Tka atnmu-h tl tniwd and
....nni,snarf ilia annntltii restored! the
kidneys and liver are roused and invlgor-
atwl) the Drain is roireaueu awi mo iuuju
is immense. Do not for
get that we make it a
specialty or roasting our
own selected uonee,
which a in the past,
Droved to be the Coffee
of the town.
Very Truly,
Has had an excellent trade during the past
week. He has shipped two sets of
Fine Harness!
Roofing and Siding.
1 am prepared to do Slating of the best grades of Slate,
Iron and Siding, also roofs repaired. ' All work warranted.
Orders can be left at the Enterprise office.
J. B. CLIFFORD, Lodi, Ohio.
Shipments fob Wekb Ehdiho Oct. 8.
Cheese. 51140 pkes., weighing 158,740 lbs
Butter, 090 " . " 85,400"
OhloStandard 10
Young America H
Family Favorite lOJi"
General Produce. '
Butter, dairy, per B....0. 0 Q 0.10
Creamery batter ft.... 19
Chlckens.dresscd.perlb. 0.07 CM
Efrgs.pcrdoe 0.18
Ham, smoked, per D... 0.08 0.10
Tallow, per n. O.OStf ....
nides.per ft 0.03 0.04
Round Btealc 13
Burloin 14
Bhouldor BteA 10
New Potatoes, per bn 45
Apples, driod, In quart-
era and cored, per ft 0.03 ....
Annlo. .llrAd 02 0.00
Wool 25 83
Grain Flour and Feed.
Flour,persack(4Bfts)..1.80 1.80
Uraliam Hour, per cwi.. o.uu
Corn meal, per cwU... 8.00
Cliop, perewt 1.00
Middlings, per cwt 0.00
Bran, per cwt 0.70
Oil Meal, per cwt 1.60
Corn, shelled, per bush. 0.00
Corn, In ear, per bush.. 0.00
New Wheat 0.00
Oats per bus 0.80
0 20
To Cleveland. The same harness was on ex
hibition at the fair in this place, in Mer
chants' Hall. Also one set to Kansas, one
to Minnesota, one to Oregon. He has been
enjoying an unprecedented tiade during the
A. in mj-iott in rAf prtDcinn gt a
present year, auu is uuv iu puaocooiwx w. c
Full Line of Fall and Winter Lap,
All to be sold, as in the past, at living prices,
which his customers are entitled to every
time. A Full Lino of
i ...
Constantly on hand. He extends thanks
for the liberal patronage received during
the past year, and solicits a continuance of
the same.
One of the best testimonials to the value of the Estey.
Organs is the fact that, notwithstanding the very many
Organ enterprises that have been started by ambitious enf- ,
ployes of the Esteys, the business of this original maker
continues to grow. "It is the largest reed Organ Factory
in the world and turns out a completed organ every eight,
minutes each day.
To th Editor-Please Inform your read.
ars that I natea poMinerenieujiur aniwi
named dltease. Iljr It timely use thousands o
umimi AftM. h&v. huB trniaaently cured
I shall be ulad to send two bottles of my reme
j n nw a. tiM.MtiiMt who h.v. oon-
ur wmmm v ' 1 w. . - ,
sumption It they will send m their eipreM
and DOM omes anarets. nnapecuuui,
r ATsLOCUM.M.Clflll V t.WwVork
Ideal Beat Start
Vans. STnirA
nif. liftortof. lid
BrMd.nof Piscamaii
nd rinn Vaua
Bonn w. Mf.r I
Trj UrMMad of bwtm
U w!m4 from, gaftrmtt
M ur horM. brM4rt
nil oa mtf Uml
1834. ' . lM9-
OAPITAL'$100,O00.00. SURPLUS 87,000.00.
D,.s a Oeneral BmiklnK Business, Uecelves Deposits, Buys and sells No ork
Exchange, Government Bonils, etc. Drafts Issued on all European countries
S. 3. WARNER, President. " E. A. HOKH., cosnier
WM. CU3IIION, Jr., Aus't Cashier.
Thft followlns would Indicate that there
Is still hope for the paralyzed. Frank Cor
nelins, Purcell, Indian Ter.,'says: I In
duced Mr. Pinson. whose wile had tmrnlv-
sis In the face, to try a bottle of Cbamber-
lln's Pain Balm. To their great surprise
before the bottle had been used she was
mAt float hattAr. Her fnrjt hurl hAAii
drawn to one side ; but the Pain Balm re
lieved' all pain ana soreness, ana ine
mouth assumed Us natural shspe." ' It is
alai iirtArm.llaji' for rhAiimAfUrti.. lamA
back, sprains, swellings and lameness. 50
cent bottles lor sale dy t rea u. t en,
Drugglat, ,
At ihi. Aiunn nf ilia vear neoola i'.n not
be too caret ul about keeping their bowels
regular, uilious ana maiariai aiscasea
are olten brought on by allowing the bow.
Is to become torpid. Ad occasional dose
ot 8t Patrick's Pills is all that would be
Read thla Slowly.
Lives there a man with soul so dead,
Who never to himself hath said.
I'll take St Patrick's P Us before 1 go to
When a mild cathartlo Is desired, one
ihA whole srstem and
mm ... - - , " .
.,.! ato (ha Hvaf and hnwAI. VOU Can not
do better than take St. Patrick's Pills Just
iu.fnra irri nor to Dea. iney uo uuv
nauseate nor grip, and leave the system in
lUition. roi
No trouble In teething ume If tc-u use
.nienuia com
Felt, druggist.
lion. For sale by K. D.
aAvvitfAi mnft mtflrTii nrmtant QArtAliai atpV
I nes. ,wor sale by Fred D. Felt, Druggist. I
Rlneheart'i Syrup Black
25c. '
no opium,
T.ooio'a Red Clover Pilla Cure
Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Indigestion
finnstlnatlon : 25o per boi; 0 boxes $1
For sale by Fred ifetu , ..
8. 9. WANNER.
Call and. See That
That I nm going
W 14! '
To advertise my favorite brand of Cigars.
Also Special Drives on Japan Tea and Fresh
vrna bf tn. bunnw. mem. "T T,V. iV,
yyjurww in eooanUijo, A mimthir Journ.l. phoUwraph or t
Praildcnt ind n 80 pur. uulogu. conulnlin nmr. or 1,0
, SWdiaif Ml"" w!lfMrfi.ll)ATOM, ifw, UI.T.IM4,
AOdraM M.u
sum. !Mnll,M
made clear ana reaay iot war, i ij iu
; '.) t ..-.:.' ... '

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