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a Noise and 8oare Them
t;om tho Premises.
"Various Kluilt of Devices That Alarm the
Intruder ai Well Ilia Intended Vic
tim AalotuHUo Alarm for
Bank anil Octaes.
'Burglars in the huusol Get I . -..licit I"
'Let 'eiu burble. "
''But I hear tliem rattling the illrer.
I'm sura we are being robbod. Do go down
stairs." "Well, I would rather lose your silver
than my life, no I guess I'll iUy In bed."
The oonvorsatinn tony have occurred be
tweon Jones and his tvll o at three o'clock In
the morning, after she hod been awakened
by strange sounds coming from the dining
room. Was Junes a oowurdl
That Is open to argument, for there are
?ood many people who have oonoluded,
rem recent events, that tt Is wise policy to
avoid enoountering a burglar plying his
Host persons In such a case would make
a lot of noise In the hope of frightening the
Intruder off; some nervous women might
pull the bed-clothes over their heads so they
could neither see nor bear and let things
take their course; sortfe. men might march
boldly down-stairs, and perhaps be shot or
stubbed by a desperate robber.
Obviously It Is hotter to keep burglars
out of your house. The question Is: How
can it be done! What the people want to
-know Is: How can tbey be protected
against the visits of midnight marauders!
"Every body should know," said s police
detective to a New York Journal reporter,
"that the police can not stop bu rglaries. The
best they can do is to catch the thieves after
they have done tnelr work.
"I think," continued the detective, "that
every body who can should have some kind
of burglar alarm. It doesn't matter what
it Is any thing that will make a noise.
And my advice to people is, if you think
there is a thief in the house, tramp around,
rattlo things in a lively fashion. Nine times
in ten you will scare him off. If you go to
chasing after him unprepared to make a
desperate light, you are pretty apt to have
The principle of dealing with burglars as
laid down by the detective has been recog
nized as the correct one, and devices for
giving alarm to the inmates of house of
the eutranoe of a burglar have long been in
use. Patents have buen granted In Wash
ington tor over one thousand devices. 'The
principle in all of them is substantially the
same. The difference is only in the modus
Of course electricity is brought Into p'.ay
In the most approved modern burglar
alarm. Wires run from every door and
window in the house to the alarm ap
paratus, which in a city house Is geuerally
plaood In the second floor hall, or in the
sloeping apartment of the head of the house.
There is an indicator similar to annuncia
tors used in hotels. When the house is
closed for the night, a switch Is turned, and
the arrangement is in order. If a door or
window is open, the btg alarm bell will
ring, and the indicator will show exactly
which door or window is open. Thus you
can determine whether the servants have
left things in proper order. Of course at
no time in the night can any door or window
be opened without Betting the bell going,
aid it will ring uutll you atop it The bells
commonly used re large enough to arouse
every body in the house. But the burglar
is the first to hear the sound, and be scam
pers off as lively as he can go.
This electric burglar-frlghtener some
- times goes off without sufficient provoca
tion. Mice or rats have beta known to in
terrupt the circuit by tampering with the
wires, or pushing open a door not fastened.
Under these circumstances there is spt to
be consternation upstairs, and perhaps a
' solemn procession of white-robed figures
armed with guns and pistols to the scene of
the trouble as shown by the indicator.
One of the most ingenious devices of the
kind is an idea of aa actor, known for bis
partiality to line Jewelry and diamonds. It
is a pick-pocket alarm. In bis vest pocket
he carries a French battery no larger than
a match safe, with a tiny bell attached to It
The electric circuit runs through his watch
chain. No one could steal his watch from
his pocket without breaking the circuit and
ringing the alarm bell.
The mechanical burglar alarms are de
vised principally for travelers, as electric
ity has largely supplanted them for use in
homes. It gives the traveler some feeling
of security to go to sleep in a hotel with the
knowledge that If any one opens the door
or windows bell will sound an alarm. The
appliances for doing the work he can carry
in his valise, or, may be, in bis pocket
A drummer recently displayed to some
friends a novel device which.hs uses In his
t ravels. When he goes to bed he screws it
to the door Jam. It Is simply tube with
a weight la it A fulminating cap that
goes off with a loud report is put in ths tube.
When the door opens it strikes a trigger
which releases tie weight and the cap Is
discharged, the drummer awakens and the.
Intruder thinks he Is shot
Mechanical alarms can be purchased
which are wedge shaped. They are simply
put on the floor la front of the door. Open
ingot the door dopresses a spring and clock
work rings aloud alarm. Booresof other
devices do the same work In as msny differ
ent ways.
' The general public; does not know how
many of the banks, jewelry houses and
. other places ot business where valuable
goods are kept are protected against
burglary. Watchmen sometimes fall asleep,
or wander off, or are not trustworthy. 80
aa ingenious electrician established a cen
tral protection office, with wires running
from it to various places of business.
, Safes were provided with eleotrlo-lloed
cabinets, snd-doors and windows were con
neoted with the circuit Any disturbance
of them whatever rings an alarm in the
central office, and men are hurried over to
ea what the trouble is. If the business
boose is entered by an employe after being
closed for the nlgnt, the alarm goes in jusl
the same, and t record is made of the fact
Battens la Her Mom,
According to a Cincinnati Enquirer cor
respondent Miss Clara BolL the twenty-
two-year-old daughter of Mrs. John Boll, of
Canton, U., is tne tuoieci 01 an oaa ex
perience, for years she has been troubled
with what she supposed was catarrh. This
affliction has bothered ber slnoe she was
two years old, and a few dsys ago Miss Boll
consulted a physician, who mode an exami
nation, and came to the conclusion that
pome foreign substance was lodged in one
o( the nostrils. lie probed lor it and,
alter removing a few small pieces of bona,
' 'came upon a substance which, upon olose
examination, proved to be a small ololh-
coTered button. A second search brought
forth another button Now Miss Boll is
breathing better than she has since in
fancy. When a babe she forced the but
tons no ber nostrils, and tbey have re
malned Imbedded there ever siuoe, and
gave rise to ths symptoms of chronlo ca
tarrh with tvhict she tnougni sne was sui
We have thawed out.
H. A. Barnes has been visiting bis
children In Michigan and Lucas County,
Scott Anderson is in Lans ing, Michigan (
visiting relatives.
O. B. Johnston baa the nicest bouse In
P. L. Kessler went to Cleveland las'
week to purchase goods.
Geo. Wella rejoices in the possession ot
new son.
A. W. Mltctel has again located his
shop in the village.
Hon. J. P. Green will speak on the po-
lltlcal issues of the day next Friday even-
Ing In the town hall.
II. B. Beardsley feels to be congratu
lated as having the nicest office on the
road. It has long been known as a fact that
be had the nicest flower garden and now
he steps Into an office that would be a
credit to any town on any railroad. Well
Rasba bos been a faithful employe for
many years, it is but meet that he should
be furnished with a nice office wherein to
do all his work and draw solace from a
royal bavana.
Where, oh where, are all the prohib-
tlon speakers gone? It looks as though a
town under local option laws does not
need any prohibition speeches, or Is such
places given up as being past redemption f
Farmers report the wheat as looking
Corn husking is the order of the day,
but the yield is not as good as that of
former years.
8. Ransford, oi Cleveland is represent
ing the Cleveland Granite Co. in this
vicinity and is soliciting orders for mon
uments etc.
Ray Leach is home having had to leave
the employ of the Whitney Family on ac
count of sickness.
G. M. Garrison has bought the Miller
property on N. W. Avenue, and Mrs.
Motter who has lately been in possession,
will take np her residence on South St.
The new postmaster has got tho run
ot business ana is master ot the position.
The R. R. Co. have been putting in
new ties, thus adding much to the appear
ance of the road.
It is reported that Dora U-itcs Is ou the
sick list
We notice Dr. Smith U passing Hi rough
the village quite often in attendance on
Dr. Weed man of Troy. ,
The turmers say that milking cow has
not paid well during the present season
and they are turning their attention to the
sheep Industry. Hail Coi.imhia.
Oct. 29, I08H.
There will be protracted meetings ai the
Baptist church this week.
Martin Dlrlara an old and much respeci
ed resident of this place died lust Tuesday
nigUof typhoid fever, and was buried
Friday. He leaves a a Ife and six children,
four boys who have families, and younger
girls at borne to mourn their loss. The
funeral services were conducted by Rev.
Mr. Baker of the Congregational church,
Carl Coats has rented the old hotel
known as the JSagle House, and will keep
a temperance house, something Sullivan
basnt been blessed with for some time.
It is reported that Israel Fair has rent
ed the Sullivan house with all its wounds
which It received from that little band who
bad seen things conducted in the manner
they had been as long as tbey could.
Mrs. Will Hubler took poison, carbolic
acid, one morning last week by mistake.
Dr. Gregg was immediately called, ad
ministered an antidote and all danger was
soon over. It Is likely that Mrs. Hubler
will look more closely next time, when
she wants to take dose of medicine. This
should be a warning to all to be careful.
Mrs. Charlotte Adams of South Wethers-
field, Ct, who has been visiting friends
berefor some time, has returned home.
Ouehlin, 0., Oct. 22nd, 1889.
C. H, Rcst, Esq.,
Wellinoton, 0.
G. W. Cable Is a Southerner
by birth, who In his youth fought in the
Confederate army. Alter the war he came
to a perception of the tremendous un
righteousness and attendant evils of
slavery, and has since devoted himself
quite largely to the effort to iree the
South Irom some of Its prejudices by con
vincing It ot these evils.
His recent stories in the "Century," "Sa
lome Mullcr" and the "Haunted House In
Royal StreeV are examples of this. Ills
articles on "The Silent South" were an
effort to show bow the South might dis
criminate between "Civil" and "Social"
rights lor the Negro, and while declining
to grant the latter, might give the former,
the right to an honestly counted ballot,
to the use of public conveyances, hotels,
x He Is one of the principal workers In
this sort of agitation, the only kind likely
ever to bring the South Into accord with
the North. Yours truly,
F. H. Foster,
The following would indicate that tbre
Is s'ill hope for the psralyzed. Frank Cor
nelius, Purcell, Indian Ter, says: "I In
duced Mr Fioson, whose wlte bad paraly
sis In the face, to try a bottle of Chamber,
lin's Pain Balm.. To their great surprise
before the bottle bad been used she wss
a greet deal better. Her face had been
drawn to one side; but the Pain Balm re.
llered all pain and soreness, and the
mouth assumed Its natural shape." It is
also unequalled for rheumatism, lame
back, sprains, swellings and lameness. 50
cent bottles for sale by Fred D. Felt,
IMJgglst, .
The Chief Beasaa for the great sue.,
eass of Hood's Ssrsaparilla Is found in the
article Itself. It is merit that wins, and the
fact that Hood's Sarsaparllla actually as
eompllshes what Is claimed for It, is what
bu given to this medicine a popularity and
sale greater than that of any other sarsapa-
Kit a via Alre rU1 or bloo1 P
lYlClll Vfino ner before the publlo.
flood's Barsapirllla cures Scrofula, Salt
Rheum and all Humors, Dyspepsia, Blck
Headache, Biliousness, overcomes That
Tired Feeling, creates an Appetite, strength
ens the Nerves, builds up the Whole Systaaa.
Uee4'i Bares parllla is sold by all drag
gists, si; ill for IS. Prepared byO. I. Hoee
k Ce.. Apothecaries, Lowell, Hats.
Clieone. '
Shipments fob Week Ending Oct 2ft.
Cheese, 1238 pkjrs., weighing 82,822lbs
Butter, 4i)3 " " 27,680"
OhloStandard 10
Young America 8
Family Favorite 10
General Produce.
Butter,dairy,pcrlb....$0. 0 f 0.17
Creamery bitter lb.... 19
Chickens,dresed,pcrB. 0.07 ( 0.06
Eggs, per uoz 0.19
Ham, smoked, per S.... 0.08 0.10
Tallow, per lb 0.03'
Hides, per It. 0.03 0.04
Round Steak 13
Surloin 14
Shoulder Steuk . . 10
New Potatoes, per bu 41
Apples, dried, in quart
ers and cored, per 11.0.03
Apples, sliced 03 0.00
Wool 25 115
Grain, Flour aud Feed.
Flour, per sack (49 fts)..fl. 29 1.20
Graham flour, per cwt. . 8.00 ....
Corn meal, per cwt.... 0.4)0 1.00
Chop, per cwt 1.00 1.00
Middlings, per cwt...,. 0.00 0.70
Bran, per cwt 0.00 0.70
Oil Meal, per cwt 0.00 1.50
Corn, sliclli'd, per buh. 0.00 0.45
Corn, in cur. per bush . 0.00 0.45
New Wli-t 0.00 0.78
Oats per U' 0.20 0 23
Every investment of
Five Cents
Entitles the holder to a Numbered Ticket
which will have an equal chance
to draw a fine moroco case
containing an Assyrian
Set of Silverware
Which consists of Knife, Fork, Bpoon
ana napwn King, can and see
them in the show window.
J. B. Vermilya.
Two doors north of the Nickel Plato.
On of the extensive Fertilizer ontnntnles nf
the East, will have tbelr trsvellui salesman
for Ohio lo this count la about a couple of
weens 10 appoint new active agents. J hone
wishing to handle a reliable fertilizer should
write to the company at Philadelphia.
Children Cry for Pitcher't Castoria.
When Bab? was sick, wa fare ber Castoria.
Wbca she wss a Child, she orted for Castoria,
When she bsoatua alias, she elunc to Castoria,
Wbsa she had Children, sh anthem Castoria.
Only flenaiaa Pvateas TMraiorr Tralalac,
laar ! Learaed la sue reading. ,
(Iliad wmlcrla fared.
ErY elilld aA adn't rrfni'r heaefltked.
brtat iDdoeMMSM lo UorTpjadmaeUIWMe.
ProDMtM, irltb opInfoM M nr. Wm. A. Hnia-
rtonfl. tit w.h-,.Uiii- 1 bp-ti'A.t'4 III Uiun Dllwwi
ual't, J.M. llirLlrr. I U..M'.ln.-ei the Cr(f(o
A tvorat.JI, ) , TCrker t I'r' -lnr, tli HlnUi,
il.n. M. W A-tor, JiiiIrk JIIwi, Jadaa B.
1tilitmlila an f lhrv s0 1 w-bf
. Vnt. A. lOlstTm till K ink Are., K. T. '
Always on Hand
With goods to meet the wants of
the people. We now have
In can, balk or shell,
Buckwheat Flour,
And a fall line of
For the season.
Oar facilities for delivering are
complete. Goods can be de
livered to oar patrons free
from exposure to in
clement weather
and in first
class con --
Do not foreret that we
make it a specialty of
roasting our own select
ed Coffee- which, as in
thepast, proved to be the
Conee or tne town.
Very Truly,
New Arrivals!!
The fall Beasou finda. as with a f ul
line of beautiful and substantial
Hand Bags
Dorso Blankets
Wool and Pur
Farmers, Take Notice
VL Horse Elate
A Specialty.
Trade ia excellent, but still we are
under untold obligations for
the many special favors
, bestowed upon us by
' our patrons.
Please call early and make your
selections from our fresh,
clean stock. .
' Very Truly,
' No trouble, In tcelbinc time If yon use
IUnehesrt's Syrup Blackberry; no opium,
Loose's Red Clovv Pills Care .
Kick Headache, Dyspepsia, Indigestion
Constipation ; 25c tier box; 9 boxes (1
For sale by Fred Felt.
One of the best testimonials to the value of the Estey
Organs is the fact that, notwithstanding the very" many
Organ enterprises that have been started by ambitious em-,
ployes of the Esteys, the business of this original maker
continues to grow. It is the largest reed Organ Factory
in the world arid turns out a
minutes each day,
CAPITAL $100,000.00, . .SUBFLUS 17,000.00.
Does a General Banking Business, Receives Deposits, Buys and sells New ' York
Exchange, Government Bonds, etc'. Drafts
8. 8. WARNER, President.
Fresh Oysters direct from Baltimore.
. The very best Crackers made. ' The very
best Fresh Roasted Coffee. The very' best
Groceries and Provisions of all kinds always
on hand, at lowest living prices.
All Goods are Guaranteed as Represented
or Money Refunded.
Liberty St. WELLINGTON, O.
The Cheapest Illustrated Monthly in the World.
25 cents a Number. $2.40 per Year.
Tna Cosmoi-olitas is literally what the
Cheapest IlluHtreted Magazine" in the world. '
Tbe Cosmopolitan per year. . ' '. .'. . $3.40
The Enterprise 1.60
The price of the two publications 8.00
We will furnish Loth for only 2.45
THE COSMOPOLITAN furnishes, fr the first lime lnIagay,lnu Literature,
A Splendidly Illustrated Periodical at a price hitherto deemed Impossible '
It will be a liberal eJucillon toerery member ot Hie honsehold. It will makefile nlulits pass
pleasantly. It will glye yon more (or the money than you can obtain In sny other form.
Do you want a fl tst-class Slagailne, giving annually 1,580 pages by ths alileat writers ,
and cleverest artists as readable a Magulne as money can make a Maguiln
that makes a specialty of live su10ct.
o wnisAen wu,f hoxtO t H 'sojj 'tnt im jo nmpms
IT.t I jo uuiva uUiuoo anSoiMM md OH as patiu.piuf
st! )6 i4uso)id 1ujno( Jt(inoul T hoiimuuoi 0 nvuiiq
lujuiimduiB .iuaoaj.nvn uui noaiiuq oui in uwipoi1
1 tHmi4 poos suipioq nnl JO rio.ipnj. not n won vonenrf
m anTnA ccvuiiria Mja DatlWXJCT 0111 II 'SatMJI IV0luva3.ni
navuiiiinwix JIiiiiijm.kXi IHH1""4S Joooqns puvnoiSuiiiYI
Attention, Everybody!
As this vicinity is being can
vassed for cabinet photo's at $2.75
for 13 pictures and a cheap frame,
we have decided to give our friends
the whole benefit of a reduction
without asking you to buy a frame
or paya canvasser 25c. '.therefore
beginningThursday, Oct. 31st , and
continuing bo long as the above
scheme is in operation, be it April
1st next or loncer or shorter time,
to any person presenting atnour
gallery in Crosier s block any
orders taken as above we will make
one dozen first-class cabinet photo's
equal in style and finish to anv of
tne M work sent out irom mis
place by other parties, at $2.00 per
dozen: and this offer holds cood
for everybody else. .Those who do
not "buy the orders will save 25c.
We have arranged for such expert
assistance as we may need. Our
expenses are low, and we think we
can serve you as well in pictures,
both as to price and quality, as is
possible to be done here. Frames
will bo furnished those wishing
them at cost. Place your orders
early, as it is uncertain how long
this thing lasts'. " Remember the
place, at SAUNDERS'.
completed organ every eight
' . -'t ,
. 1889.
Issued on all European countries. . -
E. A. HORR, Cashier-
Jr., Ass't Cashier.
preu universally calls It, "The Best and
Served In cveryslyle at the
Nickel Plate Restaurant
Also In bulk to suit customers, delivered In all
parts o( the city. All orders promptly Oiled.
Also lee Cream for parties and banquets fur
nished on short notice. I bare the finest
oyster parlor In town, and will be Rind to have
your pntmnaite. A. HAKPKK, Prop.
And pay their traveling expenses (unless they
prefer a commission), snd give them employ.
initnt twelve months In the year. We now
want a Iniye number for the winter carapalRU
to solicit orders fur a full line of nursery stock
which wa OUAKANTKIt true to name and
first-class In every particular. No experience
needed. Full Instructions furnished. Oood
references required. Addreis, (ststluit sge).
The Guaranteo Nursery Co.,
Geneva, N.Y;
To canvass for the sale of Nursery Stock
Steady employment guaranteed. Salary and
Expanse paid to succsiful men. Apply at
once, stating age. Mention this paper.
CHASE .HQ'S COmillMcster, 11
Ml, Wrron UbUiti. Lost Mukood, n.
vulof Krrort la Youth sifNMdUr and l-maiiftnthr
'tor1. Uonn'tMllnn nttmtlM(olMlfrMbrniilt,
DA, OBXDCUt, 171 W. UfkSt., Xrv lack.
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