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J.B. Smith, rrvpriator.
Intend kl the Pnet-offlee t Wellington M
Beoond Olsn muter, tocordlnc to Sutote.
on.T. .: i
lzKonthl H
Thres Months
Adwrtlslng areeenti pet Ue,esch Intutlon.
Space end Column Btei mtie knows on sppll.
Moktaka hu been admitted u the forty
first Slate In the Union. ,
Tee President ii busy preparing hit
annual message to Congress.
Gov-elect Campbeu- will receive nu-
merous applications for positions.
The General Assembly of Georgia can
not agree on a day for adjournment.
Gov. Jobaker has Issued his proclama
tion lor Thanksgiving, Thnrsday, Nov. 28.
The election matters in Montana have
not yet been settled. This is rather of a
poor showing in starting out.
There appears to be no lack ot timber
for candidates for 'the United States
Senate amotig the Democrats.
Ex-Treasurer Spinner predicts a
financial panic if the United States con
tinue! the use of silver dollars ascurrency.
We have received no statement of the
Fiohibition vote cast, bot it was large
enough to assist in defeating Governor
.Tns Commercial travelers are making
a desperate effort to bring about the two
cent mileage system over the railroads in
all the Btatea.
Tee Western Reserve turned out her
old time Republican majorities, but the
southern part of the State played the
school-boy act. '
z-Peehide!IT Cleveland was not
eligible to cant a ballot this year, as be had
not gained a residence in the ward where
he now reside.
The reports from Cincinnati on Sunday
last, must have been highly gratifying to
the luke-warm Republicans, The saloon
were thrown open and unmolested during
the day.
Goverkor Foraker will return to Cin
cinnati in Januaiy next and reume the
practice of lawi He will doubtless find ii
more lucrative than the present salary
The Republicans elected a Lieutenant
Governor in J878 when the Democrat
elected Governor Allen, and the symptom
are favorable to electing one tbi year.
History repeal itself,
Ir the State I rerilstricjed this winter
we may expect that Holme County
will be made the tall of the Fourteenth
Congressional district, which will' Insure
aDemociatlc member.
Tee Roman Catholics are enjoying a
spiritual feast at their centenary, now In
session in .Baltimore, aid. They claim
wonderful progress has been made
through the Instrumentality of their
Ashland county 1 determined to have
a Republican custodian ot their funds. T.
C Harvey has been elected treasurer to a
second term, against a Democratic major
ity of six hundred. Harvey must be a
"poplar tree."
Quite a number of predictions are
being made aa to the course the next
General Assembly will pursue In regard
te the Dow liw. Some think that It will
be repealed forthwith, while others claim
that additional props will be added in' the
way of temperance reform.
Bbo. Hildebrand, ot the Ashland
Times baa been elected State 8enator.
The Knights of the Quill will get there If
an opportunity is offered. If the brother's
aspirations still continue in that direction
at the close of his Senatorial term, we
hope be may reach the top of the political
President Harrisoh hu issued a proa
IamatIon for the admission of Washington
Territory as a State. The forty-second
sr can now be placed upon the Ameri
can flag. The elector of foriy-flve years
can well remember the admission of Kan
sas in the wlntir of 18.01. as the thirty-
fourth 6tatej then comes Nevada, W. Va.
Nebraska, Colorado, th Dakotas, Montana
Washington. Whattenltory next f
The Weeblt Gazette of Cincinnati
fth weekly edition of the Commercial
Gaxette) stands in the front rank of
waekly newspapers of the Nation. For
general new at home and abroad, correct
arket report, sketch of travel, short
stories, adventure, for boy and girls, it Is
ot surpassed East or West It Is, strictly
speaking, a Family paper, and worth
several time the subscription price. A
large number of attractive premium are
helng offered with ibe Weekly Gazette
rr appear that Ohio, although a Re
publicaa State, cannot have two Republl.
can Senators. This Is a strange state of
affaire, aa the majority should be repre
sented by a representative of their own
party. Benjamin F. Wade and John
Sherman were the last to represent na at
the same time, the former was succeeded
by Hon. A. G. Thurman, March 4th, 1869.
He served two terms, Geo. H. Pendleton
one, and Henry B. Payne' time will ex
expire March 4th, lbfll, to be filled by a
Death of Col. Goodloe.
Tkursdav evening. October 81st. Col. W.
C. Goodloe, of Lexington, Ky., appeared
at the opera house in this place ana aeilv
ered the last Republican speech of the
campaign. OnFrlday be spent a portion of
the day at the American House with his
political Menda in social conversation aa
he bad to wait until the atternoon train
before, he could leave town. Saturday
morning's papers contained the announce
ment that Col. Goodloe and Col. Swope.
two leading Republican ot Kentucky, ana
residing In Lexington, had met In the
nost office on the previous day and en
gaged In a deadly encounter over an old
grudge that had been In existence' since
May, 1888. Swope shot Goodloe in the
bowels, and Goodloe in turn slashed him
with his knife fourteen times, causing In
stant death, Goodloe walked to a physi
cian's office and immediately commenced
preparing for death. He died at 1 o'clock
Sunday. Col. Swope was a bachelor, and
Col. Goodloe was married and had eight
It is too bad for his wife and children.
but for the two men we have no sympathy.
This thing of keeping up that old-time,
ruinous "code of honor" should become a
thing of the past It is something that
belongs to the dark ages and not to an en
lightened community. Now that these
two noted men nave carried out the full
text of the code it will probably be the
means oi arousing the good people ot Ken
tucky to a sense ol abetter understanding.
The shotgun, revolver, pistol and bowie
knife ahould be done away with so far
as using them as a means of so-called self
protection is concerned. Let them learn
to love God and keep His commandments,
and all will be well with them.
The Election.
The election Is over and, contrary to the
expectations of the most sanguine Repub
licans, we have been completely routed.
Tbeie may be some chance lor Lieutenant
Gov. Lampson and some ot the State
officers being elected, but thst will proba
bly not be determined yet for a number of
days. Governor Foraker had his faults,
like all other men In public places. He
occasloaally manifested strong point and
occasionally weak ones, but in main be
was an executive who was not airald to
use his prerogative to preserve law and
order. The people ot Ohio have felt per
fectly safe under his administration.
When he took his seat the moral of the
Queen City of the State were in a despei
ate condition. The law were disregarded
in every way, the Sabbath was a day . set
apart for all kinds ot rowdyism and vice,
and the result was it was actually depopu
lating the city; but the gallant Governor
came to the rescue of the mayor and the
Sabbath was respected and the once good
name of the city reinstated. The reasons
for his defeat msy be summed np In a few
words. The determined stand taken by
the Governor In behalf of the Sunday law
during the flglt between the law and order
people and the saloon, caused a revolt
among the saloon element in Cincinnati,
abd that city, which Foraker carried Dy
over 6,000 plurality two year ago, gave
Campbell a plurality of 7,000 vote. Tbi
revolt was general among the aaloonists
throughout the State. The third term cry
also had tome effect and lost the head ot
the ticket many votes. All In all, the fight
was made desperate against Governor For
aker by the opponent of the Sunday law,
and this wu the chief reason for his de
feat Now the Democrats will have all
their own way, and we will see how mat
ters stand two years hence. The follow
ing is a letter received from the Governor
by Col. Couch, which shows how manly
be accepts of the situation, and that he is
still ready to do all he can lor his party:
Columbus, Nov. 8th, '80,
Col. Geo. L Couch, Wellington, Ohio:
Dear Colonel Msoy thanks lor your
very kind letter. Do not harbor any leal
lng of revenge against anybody; that docs
not help the matter, but only has a ten
dency to make matters worse, particularly
for the party. Defeat Is hard to bear; of
course, and particularly when one falls
alone and tbe rest ol the ticket goes
through, and the causes are so . exasperat
ing, but, nevertheless, it must be borne
manfully and without complaint. I aball
find consolation in my law practice, where
I can do much better for myself and my
family than I have been doing here or
could have done, bad I been re-elected. I
shall be always ready to help my party
and my friends, who have been so loyal
and so devoted to my interests. All that I
ask of them is that they bear manfully
the reverse that has come and support the
party only the more loyally in the future;
thereby they will show tbe quality of Re
publicanism that I have tried to represent
1 Very truly your, etc
J. B. Foraker.
I undoubtedly caused by lactic acid In the
blood. This acid attack the fiber ju tis
sues, aud cause the pain and ache in
the back, (holders, knee, ankle, hip,
and wrists. Thousands ot people have
In Hood's Barsaperllla a positive cure for
rheumatism. Tbi medicine by Its puri
fying action, neutralize the acidity of the
blood, aad also build up and atrengthen
the whole body.
Literary Notes. V
Scribher's Maqazibe tor November
contains a third African article a valua
ble addition to the notable papers of pro
fessor Henry Drummond and Joseph
Thomson; a discussion of some startling
problems In International Law affecting
the United State la the event of another
European war; the dlscriptlon of an old
Spanish university by a well-known
novelist; an explanation of the relation of
electricity to health by a high medical
authority; an army surgeon's account of
the modern Sanitary Corp which relieves
the sick and wounded; and interesting
essays, fiction, and poems. Most of the
article are richly Illustrated.
Is coming on, and with it Coughs. Colds,
Catarrh, Asthma, Bronchitis ana Con
sumption. Drs. Gatcheli of 174 Euclid Avenue,
Cleveland, publish a little book on the
nrAVPntlnn And mirA nf ftnph twtnMa. he
home treatment: this thev will mail for
one two-cent stamp. 46
The Ctatury Maculae" In tSgo Joseph
Jtfftrion'i Aato-blofrmphy Novels by
Frank R. Stockton, Amolia B. Barr,
end other A Capital Programme.
Dcsix law Tk Cmn Magaslne (whoie re
cent successes have included tbe famous "War
Papers," tbe Lincoln Ulstory and George Ken
nan's series on "titbera and tbe Exile System")
will publish the longiooked-for Autobiogra
phy ot Joseph Jefferson, whose "Kip van
Winkle" has made his name a household
word, No snore Interesting record ota life
upon the stage eonld be laid before the public
Mr. Jefferson is tbe fourth In a generation of
actors, and, with his children and grand
children, there are six generations of actors
among the Jefferson. Bis storj of tbe earl?
days of tbe American stage, when, as a boy,
traveling In his father's company, thev wonld
settle down tor a season In a Western town,
playing In their own extemporised theater,
the particular of the creation of his famous
"Rip van Winkle," how he aeted Ticket-of-Leave
Man" before an audience of that class
la Australia, ete., all this, enriched with
illustrations and portrait of contemporary
actors and actresses, and with anecdotes, wilt
form one of, the most delightful serial TJU
peatery has ever printed. - . - ) r
Amelia K. Barr, Frank K. BtocktoL Mark
Twain, H. H. Boyesen, and' many other well
known writers will furnish tb etlohjortb
new rolnme,wblch Is to be unusually strong,
Including several novels, illustrated 'novel
ettes, and short stories. "The Women of the
French Salons" are to be described In a brill
iant series of Illustrated papers. The Import
ant discoveries made with the great Lick
Telescope at San Francisco (the largest tele
scope In the world) and tbe latest explor
ations relating to prehistoric America (In
cluding tbe famous Serpent Mound, of Ohio)
are to be chronicled In Tin Cmwry.
Prof. George P. Fisher of Tale University Is
to write a series on "The Nature and Method
oflRevelatlon," which will attract every Bible
student Bishop Potter of New York wID be
one of several prominent writers who are to
oontrtbute a series of "Present-day Papers"
on living topics, aad there will be art papers,
timely articles, ete., etc., and the eholoest pict
ures thst the greatest artist and engraver
can produce.
Every bookseller, postmaster, and subscrip
tion scent takes subscriptions to Tlu tVntary
(4.00 year), or remittance may be made di
rectly to the publishers. Til CnroBY Co., of
Sew York. Bectn new subscriptions with
orembertthe Drat Issue of the volume) and
get Mark Twain's story, "A Connecticut Yan
kee in King Arthur's Court," In that number.
Attachment Motlm. ,
Jefferson Wood, Pt'f) Before W. 8. Eastman,
vs X. P. of Camden Tp.
Willlan Tucker, Deft j Loral n Co., O. '
On the ith day of October, A. D. 1889, said
Justice Issued an order of attachment In the
above action for the sum of SIxty-flve dollars
and sixteen cents. 46-48
Camden, 0:t. 26. 1889. Jefferson Wood.
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m m
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