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'At. '."" ' " :
Boys' lEigh Cut Button, Misses' High Cut Button, Youths High Cut Button, Children's High
Cut Button. An Elegant Line of Clf Foxed Button, Oil Grain Button, Peb. Gt
1 Button, Rubbers, Overshoes, etc., etc.. ;
New Advertisements.
Bowlby ft HalU-8pecIal.' .
. J. M. Otterbacher Specials.
Lane Bros Pictures.
W. B. Scripture Reward offered.
Mrs. 0. T. Baker Reward offered.
The Century.
St Nicholas. '
. Cincinnati Gazette.
Harper's Monthly.
, Saunders Photographs.
Bellotd, Clark ft Co Books.
Robert Twells Bitching.
Our sick folks are on the gain.
, i E. E. Busted is again a full fledged
squire. '
The promised cold snaps have not
Tidied us yet.
Look out for counterfeit money and
J t .
' Our own William Scbroeder is billed to
lecture in Medina. '
A very large Increase In business Is re-
. ported on the W, 4 L. E. this season.
H. 0. Biggs reports business in a Tery
flourishing condition in the northwest.
Pay day on the Bee Line to-morrow.
Such notices make the employes smile.
Mrs. Olymphia Brown at the M. E.
church Wednesday evening November 20,
Hiram Davidson, of Penfleld, died this
morning after a long illness. Funeral
Friday. .
Tbe people of Kentucky should now
class the old dark age code oi honor with
A very few public sales have taken
place In this vlncinity, for this season of
the year.
' Messrs, Hoyt ft Peters have begun their
Dew brick block. It will be 81x71 feet;
. two story.
. Our weekly letter from Huntington was
' omitted qn account of our corsespondent
; being away.
' The land appraiser and the census
enumerator will be on duty at the same
time next year. ' t
, An Inventory is being taken oi tnestocB
of drugs belonging to the estate of tbe
1st T)r. tfmprann.
The boys had better consult the Msyor
as to their rights about tearing down and
destroying posters.
We have made arrangements lor letters
from Florida, California, Dakota and
Virginia, this winter.
. Quite a number of the Masonic brethren
went to Oberlln Tuesday, to attend the
funeral of Mr. Brown.
The Democrats of Br. sneer bad a blow-,
out Tuetdsy evening. D. LWadsworth
r tlili mul tha famrell addmm.
Those seeking employment will do
well to read the advertisement oi the
Guarantee Nursery Co. In another column,
The bleycle craze here has been quite
dormant this season, a number of wheels
we notice are offered for half their orig
inal cost.
Deputy Treasurer Cushion will now re
. ceive what you owe the State, county,
township, school district and corporation
. for tbe year 1889. ( .'
Read speclsf advertisements oi the
Cincinnati Commercial Gazette, The
Century, St ."Nicholas, and Harper's
Monthly Magazine.
' Strangers presenting orders for cash at
the ofHces of the wholesale cheese houses
In this place had better bring a friend
along to lndentlfy them.
Busluess rooms would be much better
lighted If the wooden awnings were re
moved and canvass placed upon adjust
i able rods subsltltuted In their places.
' This office is in receipt of a number of
requests to aid in tbe repeal of certain
laws, or to advocate some measure st the
next session of the General Assembly.
8. Branbacb,, Superintendent of tbe
Estcy Piano Company oi New York,
stopped over with Wm.Vlacher a couple
of days oo his way to Bt Louis, last week.
' The game laws to permit the killing ol
.uail went into effect November 10.
Gene Robinson and W. F. Crosier went
out and downed four rabbits and twenty-
two quail. ,
D. A. Brown of Oberlln, died very sud
denly of heart disease and was burled
Tuesday with Masonic honors. He was
formerly prominently connected with the
:ommcrcIal interests of this place.
From a fine French Clf. Bal. or
The dry goods and clothing houses are
enjoying an unusually good trade this tall.
That's right. Come to Wellington and
consult our business men If you want to
get good goods and at just what they are
The stone drive-ways are being apprec
iated even by the patrons of trade from a
distance. Public opinion may be mould
ed sufficiently, In time, to form a con
necting link with some of the remote
villages. - -
Who cares a flg about an election in
Ohio anyway f It is now only one forty
second part of the United States. So long as
we csn swing at the head, we are all right
The White House is the point lor solid
The people of Oberlln witnessed a fun
eral on Tuesday conducted with full
Masonic honors. The old time anti
Masonio residents there probably looked
upon such proceedings as being adverse
to public good.
A number of towns in the State with less
population than the Cheese City are en
Joying electric lights. Let some expert
Inform us the difference between the ex
pense of the present system of lighting
and tbe electric.
The members of the f re department
have been called out but veiy lew times
this year for actual service. This is one
kind oi service that the people are willing
to pay for to be In readiness only and no
actual service to be rendered.
J. M. Otterbacher and Win. Ylscher
have caused to be erected some new de
signs ot hitching posts in front ol their
places of business. The hitching post
pattonizer will have to procure a stool if
he 'gets that old time rest for his weary
G. W. Csble, the novelist of New Or
leans, appeared at the opera house Thurs
day evening. A fair audience was pres
ent, and his recitation was considered Tery
good. About two hundred tickets have
been sold, which is ah excellent financial
showing for the opening. '
The Bee Line made the long expected
change in time Sunday, November 10th,
Better accommodations are furnished now
then ior some years past It Is now
understood that passengers csa leave
town over tbe Bee Line at almost any
hour of the day. Many thanks. See cor.
rected time table on 1st page.
The witnesses In tbe clover seed case,
went to Ashland last Friday, but the
accused waived examination, and were
bound over to Common Pleas court.
Messrs. Lsundon, Windecker 4 Co., still
hold the seed purchased from the
strangers, but whether the complaining
witness csn Mentify it, Is tbe question.
It is rumored that Geo. Prosser of
Brighton is negotiating for a settlement
with his wife, with a view of living; to
gether again. Prosser reported her to be
a bad woman, and unworthy of his atten
tlon, but a very short time since. If the
compromise Is effected, Henry Halnei
should be adopted. Henry Is a whale.
Complaints are being made daily by the
fi lends of the deed interred In south
cemetery about the vsses being stolen
from the graves. It is to be hoped that
some plan, will be devised to catch the
rascals and bring tbem to justice. It must
be that someone is contemplating starting
a factory or wbolsale house as no conceiv
able idea can be entertained of what
value such srticles could be to anyone. .
Tbe town clock has been put in order
again and now serves ss a time piece for
the first time In two years. For the good
work the town Is indebted to Mr. Wm.
Cushion, it. Tbe city fathers were Inter
viewed about appropriating a little money
to aid in making tbe necessary repairs,
but they declined, as they claimed that the
clock was not tbe property ol the corpor
ation. Mr. Cushion then secured private
subscriptions sufficient to wsrrsnt hkn to
proceed. Many thanks.
Quite an audience convened In Grange
Hall Baturdsyjafternoon lo beat the dis
cussion on farm topics. Hon. Lucius
Herrlck, I. L. Comstock, J. W. Bearrup,
and others, Imparted some very valuable
Ides on the care of stock, how to prepare
thV'fQOd, ,etc, ' .They, expect, ,to hold
another meeting aa tarly date, as there
was a little mistake' la making the an
nouncement of the one held November, 0.
PHtsfleld Grange convenes in this place,
Instead ol Pittsfield, owing to Its organi
sation under that charter. '
We have received some very handsome
samples of dried fruit from the Shaw
place, now occupied by A. H. Palmer.
The lot includes prunes, nectarines, figs.
Cong, to a No. 12 Felt Boot at
peaches, peers and apricots, aud In color
ana superior flavor is the best collection
have seen. The nectarines and nman
are really remarkable. The drying was
aone by Mrs. Painter, , who, though a
novice at the. business, haa avl.
dently solved the problem of "what a
woman can do," Ontario (Cal.) Record.
dox or the lucious fruit was received at
this place. The editor sampled them and
pronounced them excellent
The flouring mill at this Disc Is now
operated day and night and msndfacture
two hundred and forty barrels of flour
daily. Three leading brands are manu
factured aside Irom various other brands
These are the VsnCleef patented flour,
the Famous, or Straight Grade, and the
Monarch Clear or Baker's flour. The Van
Cleef is considered tbe best A large
amount of chop and mlddlinira
also manufactured to supply the
local trade and towns surrounding.
The grsln consumed Is purchased from
points along the Bee Line, eastern Indi
ana ana southern Michigan. Quite an
amount of flour has been exported to Scot,
land, and one car load was forwarded to
Havana, Cuba, last week, but the princi
pal trade Is in Pennsylvania. It requires
thirteen employes at the mill aside from
the geneial manager, secretary snd tree.
urer ana traveling salesman. The com
pany spare no pains in procuring all the
lstest patents, which only serves tolm-
prove the grades of flour and reduce the
operative force.
More Crookedness.
About ten days seo. Mr. Willi.
Chamberlain, a patron of a milk factory
in nuiuvsn, called upon G. W. Crosier ft
Co , or this place, for some money in ad,
vance of annual settlement on his milk
The clerk turned to his account, and told
mm wbat was due, which Mr. Chamber.
lain thought must be a mistake. He was
then 'shown aa erder with bis name
signed to It, which read as follows:
"Please pay this men $30.00 ol my
milk money, and oblige
Mr. Cbsmberlsln looked it over carefully
ana uecidea at once that it ss a forserv
About the same time, Willard Hart, a
patron of the milk factory In Penfleld, ap
peared at the office of Laundon, Win
decker ft Co., and wanted an advance,
when be wm shown sn order that read as
"Baldwin ft Lackdoh Pis, psy
this man thirty-five dollars of a, milk
money, and oblige'
Willard Hart."
Mr. Hart looked it over and he. too. de
cided that It wss a forgery, The next
thing to do was to look op the rascals.
After looking up the case careful! v. It was
decided to place Frank' Wannamaker.ot
West Balem, under arrest, as suspicions
pointed toward him very strong. Con
stable Williams was armed with a war
rant, which was sworn out by Laundon,
Windecker Co.. before Esquire Husted,
snd went to West Salem and placed blm
under arrest Tha hearing waa set for
Thursday, Nov. 7th. Dickson repre
seated Lsundon, Windecker ft Co., and
Nye of Elyria, represented the accused.
W. B. Follansbee, and C. W. Arner
were Inclined to think that the accused
was the men, while W. F. Crosier testified
that he did ont think he was, but be swore
that he was at work bailing bay In
Spencer on the dates named, the books of
Crosier ft Co., and Laundon, Windecker
4 Co,, showed tbst the monev was drawn
Sept 21 snd 80. The entire dsy was con
sumed to try tbe case, but under the test!
mony, tbe court could do nothing but ac
quit the prisloner. The monev waa
drawn by some one snd from the descrip
tion, tbe same person presented both
orders, but the next thine is to capture the
guilty person. This will work to a grest
Inconvenience to patrons of tbe factories,
as it has been the custom for vears lor the
wholesale firms here to recognize orders
for money from the patrons, presented to
tbem by a bearer, but the. rule will nbw
doubtless be changed, and every patron
will be compelled to present hlmseli in
person, and sign an order in presence of
the flrra. The fraudulent ordets that
were , presented were written with a
pencil, on plain whit paper. '
Children Cry for Pitcher Castorla.
WbMSUbr VMok, v(arWOMtorta. '
Wat aba was a Child, She Srlad foe Castorla,
WtesMbessseiaas,s1keelssaOastoria, .
, Obituary.
Roy C. Paull, the subject of this sketch,
was born in Wellington, Ohio, September
14, 1874, and died at his home in Weill.
ton at 2 o'clock a m., November 5, 1889-
His funeral was held in tha Christian
church on Wednesday, tbe 6th, at 2 o'clock
y. un wuuuciea Dy nev. o. u. uammeii,
a large and sympathizing: concourse of
friends snd relstlves attending. His
school teachers and class-mates, number
Ing near sixty, sttended In a body, bring
ing with them many flowers, besides those
that had been strewn in and ahont tha
grave, the ground all about being literally
coverea witn cbolce flowers snd vines.
, un or srjout July 1st last, Roy met with
an accident to the eye, and soon after a
cataract beiran to form. A skillful nhval.
clan waa called, and he advised that he
put himself under treatment of an expert
for such difficulties In Cleveland. On the
8d day of October this little hero suffered
an operation to be performed on the eye
without the use of auy anesthetics to desden
pain that must natunllv follow such treat,
ment, after which a fair prospect wss had
or restoring the sight of the Injured eye
The pain snd stress upon the svstem wars
such that during the operation he sweat so
profusely that his clothes were wet On
the 10th dsy of October Roy came home
feeling quite encouraged that the Injured
eye would be good again after a time; but
aias, now soon to be discouraged, though
no murmuring was heard during all his
sickness, A few dsys after his return
nome a sitgbt fever wss noticed, which
wm termed malarial, but finally took on a
typnoia - nature, and continued on until it
urminaiea ibis poor boy's lire.
" Jto more that votes we loved to bear
, Shall Bll the mother's Ustenlnt ears
Mo more Its tones shall loin to swell
The Songi that ot a Savior tell.
A awurntnk slass, a vacant seat
Tell as that one we loved to meet
; WIU jolaoor youthful throne no more
: rflltri tBese shantlng scenes are e'er.
Mr. snd Mrs, J. C. Psnll and family de
sire to express their heartfelt thanks to all
who remembered them so kindly during
the sickness, death and curial of their boy
RoyCPsull. , G.
- -sss n '
H. 0. Biggs Is in town.
G. W. Ransom, of New London, wss In
town Monday.
Dr. J. W. Houghton Is able to be at his
store sgsln.
Kent Warner entertained his sporting
friends from Cleveland, Monday and
Mr. and Mrs. 8. 8. Warner spent Sun
day (n Ithaca, N. Y..
Latest and Best, Illustrated by True
Williams. A Grand Attractive Record of
thrilling incidents. Tbe Boy Spy, by Maj.
J. 0. Kerbey. Something entirely new in
"Wsr Books" and "War Literature." No
"Big I and Lilte.You,"butaclean.nn.
balsed and succinct account of the many
thrilling Incidents of tbe civil war, by tbe
Boy Spy Grandly embellished, with lull
page illustration. . Correct In every sense,
snd one of the most attractive books of
the sge, AH "Sons of Veterans' and the
"Old-Boys," will follow with Interest tbe
the fortunes ot GENO, of whom all the
boys have heard. A substantially true
historical record of events, which are cor
roborated by prominent ofllclsJs of the
Army snd Navy. Criticised by both sides
but admitted by all. True and unexcelled
in every particular. Tbe greatest sub
scription ; book of tbe century. Tbe
sgent will canvass the place on or before
the Holidays to solicit your orders.
! ; . . Belford, Clark ft Co.
- Philadelphia, Pa.
, i' m
A SnrpruM).
A genuine birthday surprise wss given
Mia L. 0. WlncheL last Frldav evening.
She was visiting her daughter in Penfleldi
while those at home were making every
needed preparation for a rood time. FW
return was delayed until just the right
moment to make all comnlnt. Bnr.ia.
bllity and games Interspersed with sonirs
ana music, gave a pleasing feature for
every, taste. Not tha least interesting
wa the, partaking of an oyster supper
which was served to chlldien, grand-chll-dren
and neighbors to the number of fifty.
As the company dispersed at tbe hour pf
midnight, each looked as U ready to asy,
we have had a very pleasant time.
Hlbbard's Rheumatic Svrunand Plasters
P"? by the leading physicians
ot Mich nn. it. hnm Ri.i. .A
, , - ' , r "'"it rem
edies of uoequaled merits for rheumatism.
uiuvu uuviu.il wu urer ana Sidney com.
plaints. It comes with the highest en
dorsements and mCAtnttlM-ilaflnoa u tn lf
curative virtues.
Church Notes and Announcements
The Baptist people wish it understood
that their regular appointments will be
maintained each week as usual. .Their
pulpit will be supplied next Sabbath
morning and evening by Rev. G. E.
Leonard, of Norwalk.
The congregation next Sundav will
have the pleasure of listening to the Rev.
A. p. BueU assistant pastor of Euclid
Ave. church ot Cleveland.
There will be preaching at tbe Church
oi Christ next Sundsy. Rev. 8. D. Gam
mell in the morning at 10:90, and Albert
S. Dabney In the evening at 7. All wel
The theme of the discourse at the M. E
Church next Sunday evening will be a
continuance of the discourse on "Common
Sense and Religion."
Rev. WTO. Dawson was out of his pul
pit last Sabbath. He went to Berea to de
liver a sermon to the students ol Baldwin
University and German Wallace college-
He also gave an address to tbe Y. M. C. A,
In the evening.
Rev. W. C. Dawson was in attendance
at the Ministerial Association of the
Cleveland District, which was held in
Brooklyn Village, last Monday and Tues
Don't forget the ladles' prsyer meetings
the third Tuesday in every month, which
meets in the Methodist church. Mothers
be sure and come and all of our sisters,
whether Christians or not, are cordially
invited. These gatherings are undenom
inational, let us be social and united, and
God will bless us snd that right early.
He has said he will be enquired of so
please come and tbe more effort we mske
the greater will be the blessing. Always
bring yonr bible. Come wives, mothers
and sisters on Tuesday at halt past two p.
m. Nov. 19. .
editor of Ths Emaraiss :
Permit me through the columns of your
paper to express my sincere thanks to the
people of Wellington for their courtesy to
and confidence in me as a minister of the
Lord Jesus Christ, and although in
another field ol labor, I shall never torget
Wellington, and my earnest prayer is that
God will bless the inhabitants of this
beautiful village. C. C Erwin.
Real Estate Transfers.
Robt 0 A Mutlian tn John Weltzel I7U
acres Columhia ,. f UttO
W A Brsmmn tru.tee to J 8 Bullosa pt
lotttnotltonilB 2M
Ditto ditto V
W m Jones br ex to U 0 KIdi3S acres
Lomlo 223
Morgan blk Oberllni liSOO
B r Kohl Dion loN AMoCord lot H DUt
1 Wellington 00
LuHui Whatjp ftn Alfvwjl IWvf. vll lot
SI Obtrlln MOO
i 0 Hill to WmNasoa lot 1 Mtrriao , ,
addUersoM 125
Anna IMboro to Mar? Chambers 1
acres Columbia ., 195
J H Neacla to Jacob Henhart lot 240 N
Amherit MO
Common Sense
Should be used In attempting to cure tbst
very dlsagreeauie aisease, catann. A ca
tarrh originates in impurities in the Dlood,
local applications can do no permanent
good. The common sense method ot
treatment is lo purity tbe blood, snd for
this purpose there Is no prepsration suv
perlor to Hood's Bsrsspsnlla. That this
peculiar medicine does cure cstarrh is
shown by the many testimonials irom
nple who have louud rriiei upon using
rhen sit others bad tailed. A book
containing ststemeots of fines sent on
receipt ol two-cent stamp, ny V. I. UO'JU
aw., LiOweii,Msss.
For yK horse blankets, go to J. M. Otter,
LOST The second violin pan belonr-
lug to H nil's Orchestra. ' Anyone returnlnc
the same to-W. B. Scripture, will receive
a tewara or one collar. 40
For new styles of elegant trunks right
from tne lactory go to Ulterbacber'a
LOST On tbe evening of Out 80 be
tween the bank building and O. T. Baker's
residence, a pair ar gold nose glasses with
gold chsin attached. Tbe Under will be
rewarded by leaving them at Wicbt'sZJew-
elry!store. , At
Otterliaclier keeps a full Hoe ol sbswl
straps, valises and telescopes.
Our stock of decorated and plain table
fare, glassware, china, etc.. is larger and
handsomer than ever before. Don't buy
until you see our goods. Bowlby & Hall.
A full line of wolt and lap robes si
In Its treatment of rheumatism snd all
rheumatic troubles Hlbbard's Rbeuinntic
Hyrup stands first and foremost above all
others. Resd their medical pamphlet, and
learn of tbe mediclunl value of the rume
edles which enter into Its composition.
Go to OtterbScher's forlA hot so bliinkets
If you desire the services of a practical
ditcher, call' on Hodkrt Tweliji,
, West end of Magyar At , Wellington. O.
Lane Bros.' Portraits,
Some of which sre on exhibition in differ
ent store windows ipeak for themselves.
They aro meeting with great success here,
snd everyone should avail themselves ot
tbe opportunity to procure their work
dona while it Is within their resch. They
guarantee satisfaction snd fine portraits in
sll sizes and different styles of work. Call
or address Lane Bros , American House,
Wellington, O. . . -
OUerbacher'S stock of harness Is com
Ton should see our ten-dollar
Overcoats. One on exhibition in
our window. ,
. . W.W.iURVET. .
One-Price Clothier.
. ' '
'Absolutely Pur
TblsDOwdern.r vines. A mural of Doritv.
strength and wholMomraMS . Mora economical
than tha ordinary kinds, and cannot b. sold In
competition with the multitude of low Lit, ibort
woiKui.aium orpnopnaie powa.ra. Bold onir la
can.. Bojal Baking Powder Co., 10S Wallet.
Ma 1 e
I wish to say to my patrons and the pub
lic generally that after repeated efforts I
have been able at last to secure E. E. II al
low ay, D. D. 8., ss a partner in my dental
Office, my large and increaaing business
demanding another competent man. We
are now prepared to do all kinds of denial
work on the shortest possible notice. Dr.
Uallowav graduated at the Ohio Dentiil
College in 1884. snd hss been In active
practice ever since. He makes a specialty
of gold filling and regulating teeth, which
is one of the irreatest feats in modem
dentistry. Below is given a statement ot
the Demonstrator ol Operative UentlEtrv
of the Ohio Dental College tbe time of
nis graduation.
"To whom It may concern : '
This is to certify that 1 was Demonstra
tor ot Operative Dentistry in the Ohio
Dental (.'.ollege, at Cincinnati, while Dr. a.
E. Ualloway was a student in said college.
He graduated with honors, being consid
ered tbe best operator In his class. ' I can)
recommend blm as being a competent ant
skllltul dentist A. E. McConkkt, D. D. 8.
Urbane, 0, Oct. 21, 1B89."
Thanking the public ior psst patronage
I still solicit s continuance ot I be same. ,
Respectfully, Da. U. K. Hibxt.
Ton can buy oysters alive in the shell
at Bowlby & Hall's
Look at our Cloaks before purchasing
Laukdoh, Wihdbckkb ft Co.
Buy the Celebrated Wired Oysters alive;
Kill and dress them to suit yourself. Yot
will find them at Bowlby A Hall's.
State Buckwheat Flour can be found at
K . P. RoBraeoH's.
Look at that Geneva ware, those oat.
meal and ice cream sets, rose jars, enanV
eled goods snd maize gjassware.
E. Benedict hss lust received some fine
single and double barrel shot-guas at low
prices. He is headquarters for smontlony
of all kinds. . 4S-60
Florida orsnges from this lime on, st
Bowlby & Hsll's.
Call and see our stock of Closks before,
purchasing. Latodos, Wihdscskh A Co
Our stock of Cloaks Is now complete..
LAroooii, Wimdbckis A Co
House and Lot for Rale.
My house snd lot can be bought on very
reasonable terras or cheap for each, ' For '
particulars inquire ot C. gage or J. W.
Wilbur Wellington, 0.
Plush Cloaks In all styles snd prices.
Lacndoh, Wimdicckkr fc Co.
FOR SALE Five thorough bred, short
horn bull cslves. Hiram Lkdtako,
48-7 2 miles east Rochester, 0
Our stock of C.oaks Is now larger thsrs
ever. Lacrpor, Wirdbobi & Co.
FOR. S ALL An Argand Base Bnrnes
In use one season. Enquire ol H. Wads
worth A Son.
I keep a supply of choice diary butter
in Quantities to suit Purchaser on hand ai.
all times. C. Willaxd.
' Lamps 1 Lamps! Lamps!
We hsve lust received a larre Una nf
vase and hanging lamps.
IjAundok, Win deck xb ft Co.
Look at those center draught vase lamp
Farm For Sale or Rent
A choice farm containing 75 acres, sit li
sted miles east of Center of Penfleld.
Good house, barn and nut hnilHimr. .11 Itv
eicellent repair; 50 acres river bottom;
neighborhood unexcelled; title perfect;
terms easy. For further inlormation in
quire or W. . Krehbs, Penfleld, or Lyman
Scoville, on townxhlp line road between
Penfleld and Wellington 30if 1
Llhrarv lamna with Rlnn. twwl. n,l
shades at Laundon, tVikokckbr ft Co s.
" Ju " neuralgia, coia, sore till oat,
etc, use IVatt's Family Liniment Soli
T I .,...
uj urugKin. ,
A Card.
Free Hand Or.vnn ' Portrait .b -
specialty, by
ilHs. SI. L. Marshall,
t i -i Wellington, Ohio
Residence on N. Main St
Trv Pratt 'a H
of - -a. awsussssvusa. UU1VJ
for all blemishes. Sold by druggists. -
Itfh. Mans, anil RxratoVa . 1
or animals cured in 80 minutes by Wool
lord's biltry Lotion. 1 1.1a never ia .1.
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