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J. B, Smith, Proprietor.
Catered kt the Pnet-offloe t Wellington M
Second UImi matter, aoeordinf to SUtnte.
OBeTetr $1 SO
lxXonthi r
Three Month! 4D
AdTMtlilng flTeeenti per line, etch lneertloa.
Spue tod Column Rates male knows on eppll
Tna Prohibition . vote reached twenty'
six thousand.
Tub nutural gas wells in the vicinity of
Findlay are aaid to be weakening.
Lorain county has no casei of promt
neuce at the present term of court.
Tbb prisoners at the penitentiary will
bare new bosses on or about Feb. 1st
President Harbison Is to receive his
Thanksgiving turkey from the State of
Rhode Island.
Ex-President Hayes delivered an ad.
dress at Nashville. Tenn., Saturday on
prison reform.
Our Southern exchanges take a great
deal of interest in the elections in the
Buckeye Bute.
J. B. Foraeer ot slashed in every
direction, and Lieutenant Governor-elect
Lampson got terribly wounded.
Mrs. Goodloe, widow of the late CoL
Goodloe of Lexington, Ky., bas applied to
President Harrison for the collectorshlpot
internal revenue.
The city of Cleveland has been com
pelled to bring an action against the bonds
men of absconding Treasurer Axworthy
to enforce payment.
When the official count is declared by
the Secretary of State something will be
said about the Constitutional Amendments
that have been adopted.
Mb. (Iaux, the member-elect of the
Board of Public Works, received the high.
eel number of votes of any State official
oo the Republican ticket. His plurality
is 4,400.
E 8. Barrett, piano dealer of Cleve
land, skipped out and left his creditor
about ((10,000 out of pocket. Instead of
playing on a harp of one thousand string
It i Increased to sixty thousand till time.
Cahdioatb Marqnl will contest the
eat tor the Presidency of the Senate
Lieutenant Governor Lampson vat counted
in by a plurality ol twenty-two vote. The
Democrats claim that illegal vote were
cast at the soldiers' home.
Ex-President Hates bas turned hi at
tention to prison reform, and Ex-Presi-dent
Cleveland I practicing law. One
seek to get a person into the penitentiary
and the other to bring about a reform
while there and after he gets out.
At the centenary held In Baltimore
last week by the Roman Catholics
a resolution was unanimously adopted
to abrogate objections to all socle
ie of secret except the Muonlc frater
nity, and everything Indicates a speedy
lifting of the veil of prejudice against
The election' matter is Montana I still
undecided. One District Judge attempted
to decide the whole case by refusing to
give the defendants an appeal ; but the
rppeal ho been taken, just the same, and
It is expected that decision will be
reached at an early date by the Supreme
The people of Baltimore are taking
steps to reduce the number of saloons in
their city by placing a high license upon
a permit to sell. An Individual can get
Just as drunk and do just a much mis
chief on whiskey procured in a saloon
where a high license la Imposed as they
can where it 1 free to all.
Our exchange in local option towns
apeak of Individual getting leady to open
np saloon Just as soon a the Democratic
General Assembly convenes snd bas time
to repeal the Dow law. The parties claim
they hod this promise If (he Democrats
got in. If this be true It Is an excellent
advertisement for any political party. -
Tor Mormons have begun to show their
hands again in the Northwest. Tbe rule
or ruin plan seems Jo be their manner of
procedure. The anarchists had to suffer
for their transgressions, and other will
have to receive the same treatment If they
continue 'o defy the law. This is a re
public, and a great deal of leniency is In
dulged In on the part of the people, but
, when they become once aroused on ac
count of continued bad conduct, tbe trans
gressors get badly handled.'
A araciAi. from Rio Janero of Novem
ber 19 state that Dom Pedro ha been de
posed of hi (eat of Emperor, ' and ha
good to Lisbon ; and thai the old monarch
ical governments tumble down as tbe peo
ple become more enlightened. Dom will
get very little consolation from this gov
ernment The people well recollect when
hi landeJ in New York harbor la April
.-, : t ..,;.. .
1876, and declined to stop and be Intro
duced to the special delegation of our
officials who went out to meet him. Dom
has been relieved of his title oi Emperor
and we are glad of it
The Vote in Detail.
The following is the total Republican
and Democratic vote in Lorain county,
and the majorities, at the late election :
For Governor, Foraker, 4086; Camp
bell, 2608. Maj. 2078. For Lieutenant
Governor, Lampson, 4717; Marquis, 2587.
Maj . 2130. For Treasurer of State, Brown
4725; Boden, 2584. Maj. 2141. For At
torney General, Watson, 4723; Lewis, 2585.
Maj. 2188. For Judge of Supreme Court,
Dickman, 472S; Follett, 2584. Maj. 2141,
For Board of Pubho Work, Hahn, 4728 :
Reynolds, 2585. Maj. 2187. For School
Commissioner, Hancock, 4723; Miller,
2587. Maj. 2136. For Clerk Supreme
Court, Hester, 4721 ; filmmaker, 2587.
Maj. 2134. For State Ben iters, Kerr.
4711 ; Dill, 2597. Maj. 2114. Hildebrand,
4787; Noggle, 2590. Maj. 2197. For
Representative, Braman, 4699; Folger,
2589. Maj. 2110. For Auditor, Herrlck,
4729; Babcock, 2555. Maj. 2174. For
Surveyor, 8now, 4705, Ferguson, 2587,
Msj. 2118. For Commissioner, Fauver,
4684; Jenne, 2584. Maj. 2100. For In
flrmary Director, Foster, 4705; Powell,
2580. Maj 2125.
Taxation Amendment YES, 4788; Tax
ation Amend oient-NO, 1417. Maj. 8371.
Legislative Single Districts YES, SOU;
Legislative Single Districts No, 1169,
M . 8842 Biennial Electioos-YES, 5072 ;
Biennial Elections-NO, 1080. Maj. 3992.
The vote on constitutional amendments
is given as tbey were cast, but many votes
were cast without erasing either yes or no.
on tbe Democratic ticket, and by erasing
the ye on the Republican ticket. All
such votes will be counted against tbe
amendments, because to be adopted tbey
must receive a majority of all the votes
cast at the election. There were 7,855
votes csst in the county, and a majority of
those will be 8,928. The three amend
ments are therefore carried in thia county
by the following majorities; Taxation
amendment, 860; Legislative aingle dis
trict, 1083; Biennial election, 1144.
Campbell, 879,424; Foraker, 308,551 ; Hel-
wlg, 26,504; Campbell over Foraker, 10-
878. For Lieutenant Governor, Lampson,
375,110; Marquis, 875,069; Sharp, 26,587.
Lampson over Marquis, 41. State Treas
urer, Brown, 877,107; Boden, 873,405.
Brown over Boden, 8,632. Attorney Geo-
oral. Watson, 377,137; Lewis, 873,836.
Watson over Lewis, 8.801. Judge of
Supreme Court, Dickman, 879,657 ; Follett,
873,894; Dickman over Follett, 2,763.
Board of Public Works, Hahn, 877.058;
Reynolds, 872,653. Hahn over Reynolds,
4,400. School Commissioner, Hancock,
877,107 Miller, 373,891. Hancock over
Aimer. '8,710. Ulerk of Supreme Court,
Hester, 877,023; Sen u maker, 873,447.
Hester over Rchumaker, 8,579.
Yes-257.663; No-254,215. Maj. for
amodment 8,448.
Yes-245,438; No-278,379. Msj. against
amendment 27,838.
Ye-2t5.345 ; No-259,420. Maj. against
amendment 14,075.
Mm Nn Mitk If h.
made np your mind to buy Hood' Baraa
parilla do not be iodnced to take any
other. Hood's Sarsaparilla is a peculiar
meuii;ine,poTOes!iing,ny virtueor Its pecul
iar Combination, nrnnnrflnn mwA n..n.
ation. curative power superior to any
iiiuer HniciHfir in I nn n. iwaih. num .
For all affections arising from Impure
. ...- .wwi iur rvbmmu ll ie UQ.
eaqua'Jed. Be sure to get Hood's
Lecture Course.
Mrs. Olympla Brown, the noted preach
er and lecturer, who is said to surpass any
lady in the lecture field for mastery of her
subject, will give her historical lecture,
"The Heroes of Liberty" at M. E. church
on Wednesday evening, Nov. 20. Mrs.
Brown goe&Yrom here to Cleveland where
she Is tengaged by Mrs. N. Ooe Steward
for the same lecture.
Lane Bros.' Portraits,
Some of which are on exhibition in differ
ent store windows, speak for themselves,
Tbey are meeting with great success here,
and everyone should avail themselves ot
the opportunity to procure their work
done while it Is within their reach. They
guarantee satisfaction and One portraits in
all sizes and different styles of work. Call
or address Lane Bros., American House,
Wellington, U.
' Opens next week with a Full Line of
Holiday Goods.
Stroup Block. Mrs. W. H. TOWNSEND.
Attachment Notlrn.
Jefferson Wood, Pt'I
Before W. 8. Eastman,
.r. oi imaen ip
w uutn Tuckflr, iwti Lorain Co.. O.
I In h Ut.t h it mm a nat.lu.. A T tlkv, -l
- .. .Uv us A.iuurr, a. If. inns, BAK1
"""w, mu umei vi BiuMjniiirni in i no
abore action for the turn of Sixty -Ave dollar
i;amaeo.U3t.20.B69. Jeffcraon Wood.
AND MAT FOR $2.38.
Tb.ankin.or onr natrons for tW
prompt and kindly response to our
ad. of last week, we will fnrlliAr
say we have arranged direct with
.1 . . ...
me mauuiacturere so mat we can
supply to all who wish 13 cabinets
their choice of four frames, includ
ing mats, all excellent in design
ana quality, lor tlie low price of
$2.33. We are enabled to do this and
cet as much for our Work ns tiinnn
who charge $2.75, as by booking
our own oraers we save zd cents,
also the agent's commission on
the sale of the frames. We pre
fer to give our patrons, rather than
strangers, tne wnoie benefit; and
you can have frames or not, as
you prefer. We believe this is
the best offer in this line ever
made in this vicinity. It in no
shoddy work, but for $2 we will
make as trood cabinets as have
been or can be sent out by other
parties here for $4. in order in
serve our customers as promptly
as possible a large part of the
work will be done outside of the
gallery. How long this offer may
last we do not know. All orders
booked will be filled according to
agreement . Let everybody get all
the pictures they want' Place
your orders early. Remember the
place, t..-, .. SAUNDERS'.
Do You Want a
Coat, Pair Pants, "Vest?
Will sell you 25 per cent less than regu
lar prices.
Ladies' Cloaks and Newmarkets,
At cut prices. Don't wait until after the hol
idays. Now is the time to buy them.
Are awful cheap. Call and be convinced,
at the store of
Wm, Rininger.
Holiday- Portraits.
. i .. ,. .
Leave orders early for photographs, all sizes.
Enlarging in Water Colors, Pas
tels, Crayon, Ink, etc.
Fletop Frames
All Work Guaranteed.
Having purchased the entire stock and business of G. E. Town
send, I am now prepared to furnish any of the following articles at
living prices: '
Sterling and Tiffin Hay Tedders, Tiger one and two-horse Sulky
Rakes, Buckeye and Maltia Sulky Cultivators, Little Giant
Steel Frame 5-shovel Cultivator, with Hilling At
tachments, $5, Steel and Wood Reversible
Hay Forks and Pulleys, Milburn
and Turnbul
Manila and Hemp Twine, Binder and Stack Covers, Feed Cutters,
Oliver Chilled. Gale and Imperial Plows.
Repairs lor Champion Binders and Mowers.
Wellington, Ohio.
Roofing and Siding.
1 am prepared to do Slating of the best grades of Slate
Iron and Siding, also roofs repaired." .'AH work wnrranted
Order can be left at the Enterprise of&cc:)'Z'lX.-
J. B. CLIFFORD, Lodi, Ohio.
We never saw Over
coats travel as livelv as
they have done with us
i 1 km 11.
tne past two weeks, but we
shall keen our stock full.
no matter how manv we
have to buy.
We have also bought for the children
a nice line of suits that have an extra pair
oi pants and cap to match. These are es
pecially nobby and attractive.
. E. E. GOODRICH, Clothier.
Next door to P. O, Wellington, Ohio.
The Day of Jubilee I
When we came to Elyria, four years ago, those who
had grown fat on high prices and large profits predicted
that we would be driven out in two years. Since the limit
has expired we feel so happy that we are here that we have
given our patrons a benefit day each year. Our third an
nual Jubilee will be
November 23d,
This week. All who buy goods on that day, either at our
Wellington or Elyria store, will receive a discount of .
The two stores joining in this celebration will give
people in all parts of this and adjoining counties, a chance
to congratulate us for still living, and at the same time
receive a discount of ten per cent, from our always low
prices. , ...
Next door to Savings Bank, I j..; . Liberty Street,
Li-Jltf-.. 1 I. .'CO.-..' . u.l '

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