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Boys' High Cut Button,
Cut Button. An
These are fowl days.
Sunday and Monday were daik. rainy
Our clubbing ratea will appear next
issue. '
Get ready to entertain your frlenda on
the 28th.
Social hop at the town hall, Thanks
giving ere.
The usual preparations are being made
for Thanksgiving.
Our dealers are receiving choice lots of
Christmas presents.
Dr. J. W. Smith has tendered hia resig
nation as health officer.
The bricklayers are having bad weather
to get in ten hours a day.
Ad unusual amount of stock will be led
In this vicinity this winter.
Very able discourses were delivered in
all the churches last Sunday.
Listen to the rumbling of the wheels
over the new stone driveways.
Our onion growers preserved their crop
In excellent condition this year.
The express companies are reaping a
harvest now in transporting poultry.
They have began to prospect for water
at the new site for the bending works. -
A still hunt fails to find the rascal who
forged the orders on the cheese firms.
, Very little money has been squandered
In Democratic jubilees in this county.
The star spangled banner waves from
the cupola of the union school building.
The mall carriers Irom the neighboring
towns earn their full salary this weather.
Attend the amusements at the opera
house. Wednesday and Thursday even
The opera house will be the center of
attraction for amusements this week and
next .
A very' few divorce cases appear on the
common pleas court docket for the present
" Day burnets would Improve the light in
some of our business rooms these dark
The death list for '89, In this place, is
the largest that It has been. for a number
of years.
The Bee Line Company have an un
usual amount of freight to handle Just at
Will Crosisr brought in 61 quail, and
19 rabbits as the result ot a two days hunt
in Ashland county.
The drugs in the sto.-e formerly oc
cupied by Dr. Emerson, show by invoice
to be worth $1,800.
The following inscription appears on
the south side of the Disciple Church,
"The Christian Church."
The water in the cistern on the south
side of the square might be used to ad
vantage providing !t was cleaned out
The third term 'principles for high
officials in the Cockeye State hss been
settled for the coming century at least,
It to said that some of our business
bouses are offering premiums to the clerks
who make the largest sales up to a cer
tain date.
Mr W. E. Whitney has decided to lo
cate in Albon Ashland county with a view
of operating a general store, be with his
family leave for that place this week.
The old time snow bird will probably
have a chance this winter to excerclse its
perogatlvet'overtbis territory as the nura
ber of English sparrows have been some
what diminished.
W. R. Stanley A Co. bad the mlsfor.
tune to have one of their portable steam
saw mills in Arkansas consumed by fire
last week. It it supposed lo be the work
oi an incendiary.
Our poultry shippers usualy patronize
the express companies instead oi the tast
freight lines, but a majority of fie oysters
that are received here from Baltimore are
transportated by fast freight
George Davdison was hauled into the
mavor'a court for being drunk. His
honor imposed a fine of $25 and com
mltted him to the workhouse in Cleve-
sod, but suspended sentence during good
At the (J. A. B-ball a New England
supper will be served next Tuesday even
Misses' High Cut Button, Youths' High Cut Button, Children's High
Elegant Line of Cll Foxed Button, Oil Grain Button, Peb. Gt
Button, Rubbers, Overshoes, etc.,
From a fine French Clf. Bal. or
ing, Nov. 28, irom 5 :30 to 7 :80 o'clock.
After which a good old fashioned camp
fire will be hold, under the auspices of
Col., W. P. Herrlck camp of the Sons of
Our local Item last week on electric
lights has caused the question to be agi
tated a little. It would do no harm for
the committee on lights to investigate the
difference in the expenses. It would
make our town appear tar more brilliant
In the evening.
The Salvation Army will give an oyster
supper at their hall, Saturday evening.
Tickets 20 cents, Tbey have bad their
hall newly papered, painted and calcl
mined, and It will be beautifully decor
ated for the occasion of lhe 3d annivers
ary of the 142d corps of the Army of
Ohio, which will beheld the 23d and
24th lnats.
The Y.L. H. M. It. C. will give a con
cert at the M. E. Church next Friday
evening with orchestra and other Instru
mental music. Some oi the features of
the entertainment will be the singing of
Mrs. McLeod, Italian serenade with violin
obligate, the Starlight Musical Club, and
recitations by Mrs. Ida Stewart
Our fighting editor would be a very
Improper person lo attend the poet office
about fifteen minutes alter four o'clock on
the days school is in session. No one else
need apply for admission until the school
audience is served. If it is necessary
for the pupils to visit the office at all, it
would wen as though a little better order
might 1 observed.
Dr. Sheldon has returned to Wellington
to live. Be hu secured and fitted up an
office in a convenient location and lur
nlshed It with a complete outfit for his
practice. We noticed during a short call
an expensive operating chair, appliances
for the treatment of all fractures to which
humanity Is liable, and a well chosen
llbarav of late medical literature. We
welcome the doctor upon hla return.
The citizens ot this village assembled
in the court room Monday evening to con.
aider the proposal ol Allen A Sydnal, ot
Norwalk, to remove their shops, lor the
manufacture of engine governors, to this
place. Their proposition waa that the
citizens of Wellington subscribe $4,200, to
help pay for the auction of a large two
story brick bulldln;. They had already
received some very good offers from
number of other places, among them De
fiance, which city agreed to give $8,000
and building site. Bennett Bros., of this
place made them a private proposition,
whereby the manufacture ol brick
machines would be carried on in part or
the new building. Their offer was so
generous that Messrs. Allen A Sydnal de
cided that if the citizens would subscribe
the atorsald $4,200, tbey would throw the
offer from Defiance overboard and move
to Wellington. At the meeting some
$1,800 waa subscribed, S. 8. Warner bead
ing the list with $300, followed by another
$300 from Laundon, Wtndecker A Co.
The gentlemen from Norwalk thought
they ceuld not give Wellington hut that
evening to raise the money in, as Defiance
demanded a final answer Tuesday morn
ing. They finally extended the time to
eleven o'clock Tuesday, and then as the
amount was not yet raised, to Tuesday
night, when another meetiug waa held
and the necessary cash, with the exception
el about tWO. was subscribed. This
amount will probably be raised to day
Real Estate Transfers.
W. L. Fay to Henry Worst, 18 lota, Lo
rain 1000
Phillip Slppel to John Grote, pt. lot 08,
N.Amherat W
Patrick Boyle to M.J. Parrel I, lot S6.
Gawn's add.. Lorain (00
L. Helmaath to Viola Constable, lot 4,
blk. 1, 0's add. Lorain U&0
X. F. Rosecrans to Wat. Evans, 190area,
Carlisle 10,000
A. Bridge, by admx. to R. McCaakey, lot
1. blk. 9. Brownell'a add. Lorain 150
0. 0. Baooa to Almon W. Hutchlna, pt
lot US. w. of river, Elyrla WW
C. 8heldon to F. Vletten, t'i acres,
W.A.Braman, trustee, to Sarah Met-
eilf.lot 20. blk. 13. Lorain
George Hasenfflng to Wm. Peter BeU,
106aeree,Brownhelm.. 7,000
H. Falrman, by sheriff, to Wm. Patter
son, lot M.e-ot river, Elyrla... MO
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
Whaa Baby waa sick, we g her Castorta.
When she was a Chud, She orled tor Oaatork,
v aba ewmwlIM she dOTg OMtorie,
Wl she lUdChDdrsn, gar them OaetorU.
Cong, to a No. 12 Felt Boot at
Surprise!. . . . ,
Jerry Clark, who for the last three
years has been the foreman of the Allyn
cheese lactory, will leave for California
the first of December to make that State
his future home. Last Thursday evening
he was given a 1 genuine surprise by
the patrons of the factory who with
their wives and children Invaded bis
borne, spending the evening in sociability,
games, dancing, and an oyster supper.
Mr. snd Mrs. Clark have won the friend
ship of all the peeplo of that community,
and their good wishes go with them to
their home in the Golden State.
The home ol Mr. and Mrs. Walter War
ren was Invaded on Saturday evening by
a party of self invited guests, numbering
over lorty persons, snd Its Inmates re
minded of the fact It waa the fourteenth
anniversary of their wedding day, and
that it should be celebrated In a proper
manner. The party were most courtloualy
received and joyously welcomed by the
surprised family, who immediately put
their home into the bands of the Invaders,
for the time being, to do as tbey pleased.
The house wss found to be in holiday
attire, lights and fires included. Well
laden baskets filled with all the requisites
necessary for a first-close oyster supper
were brought in, and unladen and busy
bands won spread a feast fit lor the well,
fit for the celebrating of this wedding an
niversary, or hi fact, for the celebrating
ol any important event that might be
named. The supper was a complete suc
cess, and the social pleasures were very
enjoyable, lasting until near the midnight
hour. As the guests departed for their
homes, tbey were each and all warmly
thanked tor thus contributing to the
pleasures and entertainment of the even.
Ing and received the assurance that their
coming naa surely Drought Happiness
long to be remembered.
Mia Flora Young accompanied Mrs. 8.
S. Hall on ber return to Kansas.
W. R. Saotley and R. G. Geoploger are
Js Arkansas looking after business matters.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Roeer are visiting
in Chicago, 111.
Mrs. J. H. Breck, of Cleveland, spent a
portion of last week visiting her slater,
Mrs. C.F. West
Mr. and Mrs. Mllo Avery, of Nebraska,
will spend the winter with relatlvea In
this place.
Mr. C. M. Sturtevant, of Cleveland, and
daughter Ida, were gusts of J. 8. Mallory
over Sunday.
Mrs. Walter Sage will leave for
Thomasvllle, Georgia in a few days to re
main the winter In search of health.
W. H. Comstock, of Elyrla, spent Sun
day In town.
E. 8. Hackett, of Scio, O., la visiting In
town. He Is engsged as a civil engineer by
the W. A L. E. company on the southern
Charles Tripp, of Chicago, Ills., was In
town over Sunday.
Mrs. G. A. Angel has returned from an
extended eastern trip.
Miss Wealthy fritz, of Canal Dover, Is
visiting her sister, Mrs. Aoanlas Harper.
Mr. and Mrs. J, W. Houghton are visit
ing in Fremont
- i
Literary Notes.
A "Shakespeare Keviyel" Is a new
thing off the stage. ''Merry wives of
Windsor" will be the first of Shakespear's
comedies illustrated by Edwin A. Abbey,
and commented upon by Andrew Lang
for Harper's Magazine. This double In
terpellation of lhe play will be enacted In
the December number. One of the
eleven Illustrations will form the fron
tispiece, and represent the moment In
Scene 8. Act 1., when FalstaS transfers
Bardolph to the service of the host of the
Garter Inn, saying: "Bardolph follow
blm : a tapster la a good trade." Mr. Ab
bey hu, it Is said, accomplished some
thing which no player, even the greates',
has attempted: the adequate interpre
tation of all the leading roles in a Shake-
sperlao drama. '
. My boy met with a serious accident by
pulling a can of boiling water over on him
self and scalding his face, arms and bands
dreadfully. Having a bottle of 8alvatlon
Oil In the house I applied it immediately
to the parts scalded, (as per directions)
and am glad to rate that he is now well,
and the wonnda bealeq nicely, without
leaving soar. MRS. A. CA Mr HELL,
Roberta Bt.Balto,
Fpr cheap hats go to Miss A. G. Swa.
STARK la Cleveland, 0., Thursday eveninc,
Nov. lh, Mrs. Jennie 8. Starr, aged 63 years.
'Her remains were brought to the residence
of - her brother. James Qrtfflth, on Barker
street and were Interred In the south eem
etry, Bunday afternoon, Rev. 8. D. Oammell
DYER On Nov. 14th., at the residence ot
Justice Joyce, Mrs. Eliza Dyer, aged SO years.
Her remains were Interred In Brighton. Sat
urday, Rev.8. D. Oammell, officiating.
BATTLE In Genera, Nov. 10, 1889. ot heart
disease, Mrs. Electa Battle, wife ot S. T. Bat
tle, aged 71 years and so daya.
Mr. and Mrs. Battle were formerly residents
of this town and will be rembered by a good
many ot the older residents.
Is coming on, and with it Coughs, Colds,
Catarrh, Asthma, Bronchitis and Con;
Drs. Uatchell of 174 Euclid Avenue,
Cleveladd, publish a little book on the
prevention and cure of such troubles by
home treatment; this tbey will mail for
one two-cent stamp. 40
. Cbeese.
S&ipmehts fob Webb Ending Nov. IS.
Cheese, 2417 pkgs., weighing 61810 lbs
Butter, 410 " ,T . 23110
OhioStandard..... 10
YOung America. 8 .
Family Favorite 10
General Produce.
Butter, dairy, per &.... $0.10 3 0.18
' Creamery batter $ lb.... 19
Chlckens,dressed,perH. 9.07 0.09
Torkeys.dressed'per u. o.uo O.H
Eggs, per doz 0.23
Ham, smoked, per fl... 0.08 0.10
Tallow, per B 0.03W ....
Hides, per ft.... 0.00 0.08
Hound Steak ia
Burloin 14
Shoulder Steak 10
Potatoes, per bn 40
Apples, dried, in quart
ers and cored, per ft 0.03 ....
Apples, sliced.- 02 0.00
Clover Seed 2.73 8.00
. Oralo. Floor and Feed.
Flour, per sack (49 fts). . $1 .20 1 . 20
Graham flour, per cwt.. 8.00
Corn neal, per cwt.... 9.90
Ohopfporcwt......... 1.00
Middlings, per cwt 0.00
Bran, per cwt 0.00
Oil Meal, per cwt...... 0.00
Corn, shelled, per bush. 0.00
Cora, In ear, per bush. 0.00
New Wheat ... 0.00
, Oats per bna.. 0.90
Hood's Sarsaparilla is a purl v vegetable
preparation, being free from Injurious In
gredients. It Is peculiar In its curative
power. ,
Dont fall to send twenty cents to bots
amd oirijb, Springfield, unio, lor the
Grand Cbrlstmaa and New Years num
bars of that beautiful illustrated
home ' magazine. Each number con
tains tales of sdveuture, scientific
snd historical articles, puzzles, fun,
games and other interesting matter. A
year's subscription would make a splen
did Christmas present inr a young mend.
neguiar price one uuimr. niw luuscn-
bers, until December 20th, only rim
I J 1 1 4- I I
cents. This will Include Christmas and
New Years numbers. Do not delay ; send
Beffinninr with January 1st next, the
Rev.T. De Witt Taltnage,b. D., will be
come one of ibu editors of The Ladies'
Home Journal, . of Philadelphia. The
famous preacher will have a regular de
partment ech month, written by himself,
with ue title "Under My Study Lamp."
His first contribution will appear in the
January number of the Journal. Dr.
Tal mage's salary is said to be one of the
largest ever paid for editorial work
Kotloe Is hereby given that a special meeting
U. i, .... I I .. , . - ,1 I il.. .. .1
ui .lie n.wvnuuiuvrB ui mo iinnviiui aim
Lake Erie kallwi UnmtiiDY. will he held at
the office of the company, In Toledo, Lucas
County, Ohio, on the Isth day of December,
A, D. im, at 2 o'clook r. ... for the following
lit. To consider and determine the question
of a change ot the termini of said Company's
Hue of rokd.and the exteoalon of said road be
yond Its present terminus at the limits of the
City of Wheeling. In Pease Township, County
of Belmont, Htate of Ohio, to Hellaire, In aald
County of Belmont. State of Ohio; or the con
struction of a branch, from a point on said
Company's main line, either In the County of
Jefferson, or In the County of Belmont, and
State of Ohio, to Bellalre, Id the County of
Belmont and tttate of Ohio.
2nd. To consider and determine the ques
tion of constructing a branch from aald Com
pany's main line, at Portland Button, In the
County of Jefferson, State of Ohio, to Steuben
vllle, In the said County of Jefferson, Stale ot
3rd. To consider the question of Increasing
the capital slock of aald Company to nine
million ill hundred thousand dollars. (S,800,
Olio,) by Issuing additional common stock to
the amount of two million Sve hundred thous
and dollars, 6U0,0UO for the purpose of ex
tending Ita lliie, constructing branches therof,
lncreas!2 Ita machinery, rolling stock,
depot and other fixtures, or for either of the
purposes aforesaid.
sin. iur eonsiaenng aaia increase oi
capital stock, to conalder the question of I
sulna bonds of said Company and securing tb
same by nortgnire rn the property of aald
Company, or otherwise. In auoh form aa the
stockholder may direct or approve, for one or
more ot the following urpoeest Completing
Ita roadi extending tfie aamei constructing
branch roadsi Increasing Ita machinery and
rolling stock i building depots and shopsi mak
ing improvement, and paying tne bonds ot
The Toledo Belt Hallway Company, assumed
ana agreea 10 ne pain By rne wneeung ana
IjMU9 brie jintiw
discharging thla
Compear, or otherwise
rglng thla C
oapany's obligation with
respect lo asld bonds.
And for the transaction of snch other boil.
seal a may be brought before the meeting.
By order of the Board of I)lrctoni. .
. ... - , at. 6. WOODFORD. '
''" jammm.iumT
Dated this Ttb day f November, IS8,
0 22
Advertised Letters.
The following la a Hit of unclaimed letters re
maiulni In the Doitofflca t Wellington. Ohio
nor. is, w.
Mill Bertha fuller. Mr. C. O. Call
Nellie James, Mrs.ElUt Afinard.
Persons calling for the above letters please 1
IMV "AflVArtlBHil I
Do you suffer with catarrh 1 Ton can
be cured if you take Hood's Sarsaparilla.
tne great Diooa pariner. soia by an drug
Latest and Best, illustrated by True
Williams. A Grand Attractive Record of
thrilling incidents. The Boy Spy, by MaJ.
J. O. Kerbey. Something entirely new in
"War Booka" and "War Literature." No
"Big I and Little You," but a clean un
biased and succinct account Of the many
thrilling Incidents of the civil war, by the
Boy Spy. Grandly embellished with full
page illustrations, Correct In every sense,
and one of the most attractive books of
the age. All "Sons of Veterans" and the
"Old Boys," will follow with interest the
fortunes of GENO, of whom all the boys
have heard. A subsantlally true histori
cal rcord of events, which are corroborated
by prominent officials of the Army and
Navy. Ciitlclsedby both sides but ad
mitted by all, true and unexcelled in every
particular. The grentest subscription
book of the century. The agent will can
vass this place on or before the Holidays
to solicit your orders.
Belford, Clark A Co.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
A Card to the Public.
Miss Nellie Free, the charming singing
and dancing soubrette, will appear at the
opera house for one nleht only. Tuesday.
November 20th, and will present Scott
Marble's beautilul comedy, "Silver Bpur,"
introducing songs, dances, trio and minuet
dances. Miss Nellie Free is supported
by her own powerful company, playing all
the largest cities In the country having a
date open. The business manager has
contracted for one night at Wellington
Miss Free's business for the entire
season haa been one continued round of
success. At Qulncy, 111., several weeks
ago, she received not less than seven beau
tiful floral rift from her many lady ad-
mlrera In the audience. One lady, in her
excitement, threw her glove as well. Re
member the date for one of the bright
lights of the profession, Tuesday evening,
Nov. 20th. Malbt A Co..
Managers Nellie Free Co.
Common Sense
Should be used In attempting to cure that
very dlaarreeabie disease, catann. A ca
tarrh originates In impurities in the blood.
local applications can do no permanent
good, lbe common sense method of
treatment is to purify the blood, and for
this purpose there is no preparation su
perior to Hood's barsaparilla. That this
peculiar medicine .does cure catarrh is
shown by the many testimonial from
people who have louud relief upon using
It when all others had tailed. A book
containing statement of cures sent on
receipt ol two-cent stamp, by C. I. HOOD
4 CO, Lowell. Mass.
For the next two weeks I will sell mv
large stock of felt hats at reduced rates.
Made hata a specialty. Ladies please call
Dunbar's Shrimps at Laundon. Win
aecier uo.
A number ot our friends have asked 'us
why we do not advertise. Others have
told us they have called on our neighbor
who naa a sensation lor us about every
new moon becsnse they did not know
there waa any other dentist In Wellington.
We are not surprised; but we are hen ,
and hope to stay. Are doing good work
and a satisfactory business, thank you.
Dr. Bolbrook was one of the Hoi brook
Bro's who first came to Wellington 12
years ago. Be has had 13 years experience.
We do all sort of plate work known, gold
crown wora, artistic goiu nuing. -
Successors to Dr. H. J. Holbrook.
An express wagon with one S. of bak
ing powder at Laundon, Windecker A Go's
For Yk horse blankets, go to J. M. Otter
bacber's. .
Laundon, Windecker A Co. have re
ceived a fresh stock of mixed and Brazil
For new styles of elegsnt trunks right
irom tne iactory go to utterDacner's.
Thanksgiving figs, raisins and Malaga
grapea at xtunuon, w inuecaer a uo's
Otterbacher keeps a full line ol shswl
straps, valises and telescopes.
Red sugar sand at Laundon, Windecker
a uos.
Laundon, Windecker & Co. have all
klnda ol potted meat.
Our stock of decorated and plain table
ware, glassware, china, etc., la larger and
handsomer than ever before, Don't buy
until you see our goods. Bowlby A Hall
Laundon, Windecker A Co. have con.
densed mincemeat for Thanksgiving pies
A full line of wolt and lap ro'jes at
LOST A large, black Gordon Setter
dog, lame in left fore leg. Waa seen In
Huntington Monday. Anyone returning
same to E. T. Robinson, will be rewaMeif.
Go to Otterbacher's for? A horse blankets
Furniture 1 Furniture! '
Any one in need of first-clans
furniture of any design will please
call on us. We will make it an
object, aa we want to close out our
present stock.
UtterDacner's ixocx ot Harness Is com.
plete. .
Itch, Mange, and Scratches on human
or animals cured in 80 minutes by Wool-
lord's Sanitary Lotion. This never tall.
Sold by E. W. Adams, Druggist, Welling.
fon,vcio. is
Notice. .
J. M. Crabtree will pay the highest
market prices tor live and dressed niys
veal caives, ary ana green hides and pells
For 1 sixteen pounds of white sugar
can be purchased at my store. The bottom
. bss ten out oi tne trust. J. tohlkt.
'. Irvi . '
Absolutely Pure. "
Thlspowaernevervane. A marvel of Dnrltr.
strength and wholesomeoeee More economic!
than the ordinary kinds, and eaoaot be sold la
competition with the multitude of low tent, short
weight j llura orphoaphsle powdere. Hold only Id
cans. Royal Baking fowder Co., lot Walls!.
I wish to say to mv natrons and the nub.
He generally that after repeated efforts 1
have been able at last to secure E. E. Hal-
low ay, U. U. ., as a partner In my dental
office, my large and Increasing business
demanding another competent man. We
are now prepared to do all kinds of dental
work on the shortest possible notice. Dr.
Halloway graduated at the Ohio Dental
College in 1884. and has been in astive
practice ever since. He makes a soecialtv
of gold filling and regulating teeth, which
is one of the greatest feaU in modern
dentistry. ' Below is given a statement ol
the Demonstrator of Operative Dentlttry
of the Ohio Deotal College the time of
his graduation.
"To whom it may concern :
This is to certify that I was Dcmonstra-
?r ' Operative Dentistry in the Ohio
Dental College, at Cinclonati, while Dr. E.
E. Uulloway was a student in said collece.
He graduated with honors. Iial
eredthe best operator In his class. I cam
recommend him ss being a competent and
skillful dentist A. E. McConkev. D. D. S.
I roans, O , Oct. 21, 1880."
Thanking the onblic lnr riant nntrnnaffA
I still solicit a continuance ot the same.
ltespectfully, . Dr. C. K. Hiset.
You can buy oysters sllve In the shell
at Bowlby & Hall's
Look at our Cloaks before purchasing
. . Ladndom, Windecker A Co.
Buy the Celebrated Wirt d Ovkteni alive.
Kill and dress them to suit yourself. You
will find them at Bowlby A Hall's.
State Buckwheat Flour can be found at
N. P. Roiiisson's.
Look at that Geneva ware, those oat
meal and Ice cream sets, rose jars, enam
eled goods snd maize glassware. .
Uowlbt & Halu
E. Benedict has lust received some fine
single and double barrel shot-guns at low .
prices. He Is headquarters foramuntloti
of all kinds. - 43-bO .
Florida oranges from tbla time on. at
Bowlby A Hall's.
Call and see our stock of Cloaks before
purchasing. Lacxdok. Wikdeceer A Co.
Our stock of Cloaks is now complete.
. Honse and Lot for Hale.
My house and lot can be bought on very
reasonable terras or cheap for cath. For
particulars inquire of C. Ssge or J. W.
Wilbur Wellington, O.
Flush Cloaks (n all stylos and prices.
Lauhdon, Wimdecxeb A Co.
FOR SALE Five thorough bred, short
horn bull calves. Hiram Leovaed,
43-7 3 miles east Rochester. O.
Our stock of C.osks la now larger than
ever. Laujdoh, Wuoecker A to.
FOR SALE. An Argand Base Burnet
In use one season. Enquire ol H. Wad
worth A Son.
I keep al supply of choice dsiry butter
in quantities to suit purchasers on hand at
all times, C. Willard.
Lamps! Lam pel Lam pel
We have lust received a large line of
vase and banging lamps.
Look at those center draught vase lamps.
at Laoxdoh, Wudeceer A Co'a,
Farm For Sale or Rent
A choice farm containing 75 acres, situ
ated miles east of Center of PennVld..
Good house, barn and out buildings, all ln
excellent repuir; 50 acres river bottom;
beigUDoruood unexcelled; title perlect:
terms etu-y. For further Inlnrmation in
quire of W. J. Krebbs, Penfleld, or Lyman
bcuvtiie, on township line road between
fenneldand Wellington.
Library lamps with Bisoue bowls and
shades at Laundon. W ikdkckeh & Co'a. .
If you have neuralgia, cold, sore thioat.
ttc, use Pratt's Family Liniment. Sold
by druggl&t.
A Card.
Free Hand Crayon Portrait woik a
specialty, by
mbs. Al. ii. Mark h ix,
Wellington, Ohio
Residence on N. Main St.
Try Pratt's Horsn Liniment Sure rum
for all hlemlMies. Sold by druggists.
Opera House
1 . lufISS
m fif En
Will appear, supported by her own com- i
Ssny of comedian, and will present Scott .
larble's beautiful comedy, . ,
Silver Spur
Introducing songs, and dances. Mis Nel
lie will, during the evening, sing tome of
the most popular tonga ot the day.
y. fattCXSi t5i 3ft aua4 M eta.

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