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Let qi all give thsnks.
Visit your friends to-morrow. ;
The barbers' day of rett Is ou Monday,
now days. ' :
Bead oar clubbing rates and then givo
ns a call. t
The telephone business her la gradu
ally Increasing.
A letter from Old Virginia will appear
In our next Issue.
Only one pleasant day last week, and
that was Saturday. 1
The political fishing tackle can now be
laid ap In the loft
The public schools will take a vacation
until Monday next
The quality of the products brought to
market is excellent
Our sporting traternlly are making war
on the birds and forest animals. -
The attention of the Nation will be
centered on the turkey tomorrow. .
Correspondents will please mail their
letters Monday morning each weex.
Some of the places of business hare
advertised to close doors to-morrow.
The rush to pay taxes la not likely to
take piece until on or about Dec. 15 to 20.
The cheese sales lor the past ten days
hare been very satisfactory to our dealers.
Tbe Norway rats are becoming quite
troublesome in the central part of the
The Innocent bona fly has departed and
.will not be with us until the June sun
Barrett Wslta had one of, (heir
buggies smashed up while on the road
last week. Tbe lessee appeared and paid
damages, ' t -
' On account ot so many young tnrks
being destroyed by the early spring
ralw, the aecoedfrop ar scarcely fit for
Thanksgiving dinner.
Fsrmers, when you have anything to
ell just st p in and tell the people about
it by inserting a card In The Entehpejsi.
it will pay you every time.
The street loafers should chip In and
purchase a coal-oil store and place it at
some point on the sidewalk where it will
accommodate the greatest number.
Borne petty sneak thief confiscated a
core, or more, of fine cabbages from 7.
B. Manley's gulden, not having the polite
ness to leave enough for a Thsnksgiving
relish In the shape of cold-slaw.
The W. L. E. By- Co. will sell ticket
at on far and a third for the round trip
to'allW..L.B.UllNov.t7 and 88.
Good to return until Nov. 80, f, on ac
count of Thanksgiving day.
N .1 - - I t V I lli. 1si.t
vne euu ui ucjbui vu -
train on me i. m u. .
Jumped the track near the crossing Tues
day morning and the passenger trains
were compelled to cross th Be Una on
The ynung people indulged in a trip of
the light fantastic to at the new Bending
Works building Saturday evening. As the
results of the instructions given last
winter, the Cheese City supports a num
ber of very graceful dancers.
The business in the common pleas
court is grinding away slowly. One case
waa tried before a Jury last week that
occupied lour days. Hon; C. P. Wickham
and E.O.Johnson were for the plaintiff,
and Strong and Rtewart, of Norwalk, for
the defendant '
' The letter D stands for delinquent In
tbe country newspaper business. There
now appears probably the least number
of delinquents on onr list of any paper In
the State, and it ) hoped that our loyal
patrdna will still continue to aid ua in
keeping It Just where It is.
Tuesday evening, November Sflth. was
the third anniversary of the Salvation
Army of this place. Their hall baa been
painted and kalaomlned and presents a
beautiful and attractive appearance. The
Army have bad some hard battle to light
during their sojuni Mr, nut tney nave
managed to reach their third anniversary
with victory written npon their banner.
A number of ur young ma hav left
town within thPt two ysr with a
view of seeking a locality to make nor
money. Bom hav accomplished their
expectation othr hav sot. Look
tiu ik. t Ma alxnencc bora, and It
will soon ir "tr tat dollar. It la sot
ih. m(,v, . of money '' Individual
makes, but It is the amount that is saved
after It is earned. ' ' , ' "
' I
A traveling man registered at the
American House'last week by the name
of R. M. Clark, of Cincinnati. He pre
tended to be a traveling salesman for a
cloak house, but that he had advice from
his house to discontinue sales for a few
days on account of the weather: lie
stated that his sample trunks wore in
Norwalk and would bo here in a day or
two. Ue put in five days in first-class
shape, smoking cigars, ordering hi boots
blacked twice a day, ordering special
meals, playing billiards, etc., and at the
end of the time Landlord Wilcox began
to mistrust that all waa not right and he
compelled the stranger to pay up or leave.
He finally put up bis valise and overcoat,
probably worth five dollars, and left for
part unknown, Saturday. Everyone he
hsd any deal with, was out just so much.
Tbe lew worshipers of the Muse who
braved the inclement weather of Friday
evening last and attended the musical
and literary entertainment given under
the auspices of the Y. L. H. M. R. C. of
the Methodist church, felt themselves
amply repaid. Tbe singing of Mrs
McLeod, of Norwalk, was very greatly
appreciated, as evidenced by repeated en
cores. Her rich, mellow and most musi
cal voice gave to selections, beautiful in
themselves, an unuaal charm. "Letting
the Old Cat Die," a recitation by Mrs. Ida
Stewart, of Canton, was most effectively
and pleasingly rendered, and tbe audience
were dlatapointed by Mrs. Steward's
failure to respond to encores. , Th mere
mention of their name is sufficient tes
timonial that the song by Mrs. Elnnlson
and Mrs. Dimock, and the piano solo by
Miss Warren, were among tbe most d.
llgbtful numbers on the programme. The
Instrumental piece by the Starlight
Musical Club met with special favor, the
combination of the guitar and autoharp
muslo being something of a novelty. To
givt those of our reader who were absent
a taint idea of tbe treat they missed we
append programme: Orchestra: Mrs.
McLeod. Italian serenade violin obligate;
Starlight Musical Club, Detroit Light In
fantry; Mrs. Kinnlson, Primrose Flower;
Mrs. Stewart, Piano Solo; Mra Dimock
Margaiita; Starlight Musical Club, Bou
linger March; Mra. Ida Stewart. Recita
tion; Mrs. McLeod, Daily Question.
Mrs. 8. Nichols ot N.rwlk I In town
on business.
Charles Bplcer of Pittsburgh, Pa., Is
visiting hi parent. '
JUtis Blanche Johnson of Cleveland at
tended th funeral of her grandmother.
Mr. A. W. Hayes, of Rochester New
York, ia visiting her father Mr. Geo.
Brooker on Taylor Street.
Mis Eat Car? of Ionia, Mich.; is
visiting friends In town. ,
Mr. Ellsh Allis of Lodl u visiting her
son' family, residing on Cortland are.
Mrs. Eltea Ely, of Akron, I visiting
friend and relative In town.
Mr. and Mra. Frank Coat will spend
Thanksgiving week with her parenta In
Mra. J. B. Vermllya is visiting In Sa
vannah, 0.
Charles Paul, of Cleveland, tpont Sun
day in town.
Mr. and Mr. L. H. Wsdsworth of
Greenwich pent Sunday in 'own.
W J ir m
mr, muu airs, tr. w. wen cava gone
to Akron to spend several week with
their daughter, Mr. W. V. Rood.
Dr. E. V. Sheldon I now on speaking
terms witn the telephone exchange. His
number 1 48.
W. C. Dawson is engaged to lecture at
Seville, Friday night of this week.
Mis Lou Frost, of Plymouth, spent th
past week with her cousin, Edith Brink.
Dr. C. K. Hlsey received telegram on
Saturday morning stating that hi father
bad died at th old bomstead In Colura
blsna, Ohio, at fir o'clock that morning.
Th doctor left on th noon train th
am day tor Columbiana, expecting to b
Children Cry for PtoWi Cutor!a
inwaskwnebrOorta. ' ,
When she wa . CUU, She arte lor Oastart.
I I.-
- manufacturing interest
number two. ;
Forty-two Hundred Dollars Raised t
Induce Allen & Sydnal, of Nor
'.; ( walk to Locate Here.: '
The time having been extended to Sat
urday morning, meetings were held In the
town hall Tuesday and Wednesday even
ings to solicit additional funds to siakeup
tbe amount required to induce Messrs.
Allen & Sydnal of Norwalk, to locate
their work in tbl place. The committee
appointed by the meeting to continue to
solicit funds and turn the money over and
make such contract with the gentlemen
aa would be for the Interests of th town,
were, D. L. Wadsworth, 8. 8. Warner, R.
A. dorr, 8. K. Lauodon and G. A Van
Clcef; and by Saturday morning th full
amount of funds, $4,200, wa raised. Tbl
will make 85,700 donated by the town for
manufacturing interests to locate here
within the past six months, which Is re
markable for a town of this population
and taking into consideration the dullness
of tbe times; but anything our business
men undertake is generally accomplished.
Tbe gentlemen on tbe committee, and all
donor, are entitled to untold credit tor
their prompt and business move in this
W are Informed that tbia firm has
been located In Norwalk forth past eight
year, and on account ot their large annual
increase of trade it became necessary to
erect additional buildings and increase
their facilities to accommodate their ens
tomers. Tbe people of Norwalk were
given an opportunity to give them flnan
clal aid and declined, but offered to loan
them money on long time to make their
improvements. Th bcslnes men ot De-
flanc learned of th company' intention
to locate elsewhere, and immediately
offered them a large advanc if they would
locate in their city; but they appeared to
Ilk Wellington, and through Bennett
Bros, ft Co. offeied to locate bare for the
amount previously named. Bennett Brd.
Co. wer contemplating erecting mor
commodious structures for their works
the coming sesson, snd if the firm from
Norwslk decide to locate here, a brick
building 135x48 feet, two stories high,
with the necessary additions, will be
erected and the two firm will consolidate
and be operated under the name of The
Wellington Machine Work. Mr. Allen,
ot the Arm, met the committee Monday
evening and everything waa arranged that
could be op to date. Mr.Bvdnal Ua
practical machinist, having learned bis
trade In Birmingham, England, who will
be tn excellent auxiliary In assisting in
th practical part of the Work. Th time
for beginning th work upon th building
Das not been been decided upon, but the
probabilities ar that nothing will be
ooe but to get In readiness to begin It in
th spring it will require forty to
seventy.fWe men to operate th work suc
cessfully, and Increase in number as
tbe business advance. This is tbe first
tim sino January, 1888, that there has
been any proeptlbl bualne boom. Dur
ing the ;esrs there ha been continued
lull la demand for real estate, and not
even th brightest financial mind could
assign any apparent reason for it, but
during tbe same period, It Vas ascertained
that the same depression existed la our
neighboring towns; consequently we felt
in better spirit, but since September 18
thing have been brightening up very
materially. 'Real estate ha begun to
move, busloesa la better In every way.
Mr. C. V. Hemenway Inform u that he
has sold more brick to becousumed In
this place within tbe poM three months
than he ha within tbe past four years;
therefore we feel like congratulating our.
elve in securing two important buainea
interests ' to locate her permanently
within so short a time.
At the Opera House.
The troupe nnder management ot Matey
&J Co., sppeared at tbe opera house Tues
day evening aud rendered Scott Marble's
beautiful comedy "Silver Spur." Every
eye waa centered upon Mis Nellie Free
the ttar ot the evening and It can be truly
aid that no one went away disappointed.
Th company Is t powerful one, hence are
able to present a plsy as th author inten
ded that it should be. A lare audience
was present snd stand ready to return
should th company ever favor n with
their preaeoc.
On Nov. SO and 21 Prof. Qorlbart ap
peared with his trained horse aod dog
and rendered aa excellent ntertalnmrjL It
seem almost Incredible that th dumb
animal can b trained to do so many tricks.
They could do almost varythlnf bat talk.
Th entertainment gav entire satisfaction.
' "It's only question of tim," tod
short tim, too, a to whe your rheuma
tism wiu yieia to iiooa i Bsxsaparuis.
. .
Of th W. CI T. U. of Lorain County,
' hi m. B. unnrcn, LAurange,
Wednesday and Tnnnday,
Dee. 4 and 5, 1889. , .
10:00 Devotional exercises, led by Mrs
P. Htroup, LaGrsnge. ' '
10:80 Business: Secretary' and Treas
urer' report; appointment of committee;
report of Union. :
11:15 Address of Welcome. Mrs. Lu.
clnd Cragin, LaGrange.
11 :85 Response to Addreasof Welcome,
Mr. Mary Haye Houghton, Wellington.
. Adjournment '
1 :80 Devotions, conducted by Mrs. E.
A. Brush, Elyna.
8;00-Paper: How to Work and Not
Wear Out by Dr. Harriet E. Warren,
2:80 Paper: Th Father and His
Daughters, by Mrs. a L. King, Oberlln.
Music: "I'm Dreaming of Homo," trio;
Miss Grac Artz, Nellie Couch, Bertha
8.00-Paper: Th White Cros and
Shield, by Mrs. C. Rose, Oberlln.
. Mode: "Holy Mother Guide My Foot
steps," duet; Berths Howk, Grace Arte.
8 :30-Juvenlle Work, Mrs. H. B. Wis
ner, Beres.
7 :00-Demorest Prix Medsl Contest.
.. .SO Devotional exercise. led by Mr.
E.B. Squire, Brighton.
10.00-Pper: Sweet Cider, by Mrs H.
D. Root, Lorain.
10:80-Paper: Th Mother andfJOer
itoyt, oy Mrs. 11. UarUaer, Wellington.
11 .-00 Paper: Narcotic, by Mr. E. A
Bruah, Elyria.
-. Parsers will be followed hv dlnrnailiin
f Our poung people will favor ns with good
imuMe, ' A cordial Invitation ia extended
k a 1 ' ' "
talL All member ar requested to wear
the white ribbon.
Clubbing Rates for 188 and '90.
The ENTxnrnisg snd
Cleveland Leader $3 OS
Cleveland Plain Dealer 8 08
Oblo Farme , . 8 18
Cincinnati Commercial Gaxette. ... 8 08
Cjnolnnatl Enquirer 8 18
Toledo Blade... 9 0S
New York Tribune 8 0S
New York World.... 9 08
Harper' Magazine. 4 80
Harper' Weekly . . . . , 4 60
Harper' Bazar 4 60
Hsrper'a Young People 9 It
Tbe Cosmopolitan 9 80
Peterson's Magazine 8 78
The Century ; 4 75
Scrlbner. .. ,. 490
American Agriculturist 9 78
Golden Days 8 75
Our Little One 9 75
The above rates ar for nw subscriber
nd old subscribers Daring on arrearages
snd dating ahead one year from th tim
of ordering th new paper or rjerlodlcal.
N. B. Order can be left with us for
any periodical or paper in the United
State. -
Business Notes.
Mr. N. P. Robinson ha leased the
business room formerly occupied by Dr,
Emerson end purchased the stock of
drugs from th estate. Mr. Robinson
will now conduct s grocery, provision snd
drugstore. Wesley Brlnsmide, s prscti
cal pbarmaclat, will take charge of the
drug department
Mr 8. I Sage haa leased tbe business
rooms formerly occupied by N. P. Robin
son and will conduct a grocery and pro
vision store.
O. H. Palmer ft Co. will occupy Ihelr
new quarters this week.
Messrs West and Dibble hav purchased
tbe ice Interests of Walter Williams.
Church Notes and Announcements
There will be union Thanksgiving
service at the M. E. Church oa Thursday,
at 10:80 a. m. Bermoa by th pastor, W.
C Dawson.
There will be onion prayer and praise
seryic ia the evening at 7 o'clock. All
ar cordially Invited 10 these services.
' Thanksgiving service will ba held
Thursday evening at Salvation Army hall
t eight o'clock. AU cordially Invited.
!" "Let obsftrmtloB with axtonded view,
survey good thing from China to Pre"
and be will not find anything of sock
lonlahlng merit la killing all th pains
that fleet) I heir to, a be will konw b la
Balvation Oil, when h ha glvea It a. fair
Obituary. .
Hiram 8. Davidson, deceased, late ot Weill ni
ton, Ohio, waa born In Luzerne Co-, Pennsyl
vania', Maroh V, 1824, and died at his late real-
denoe In Wellington, Nov. 13, Uftft, after a long
and lingering lllnes at eleven months, snd
being eon flood to his bed for the last six
month His nines was attended with moeh
pain aad his death waa looked forward to by
him a a bright avenue ol eseap. His ease
was looked upon a hopeleas by the phyatelaas
who attended him, tor aono time." Mr. David
son knowing hi earthly exlatenee to be only a
question ot time, expressed his wHllngneas to
leave all the labors, tolls and anxieties of this
world behind and enter Into tbe rest which he
firmly believed waa In waiting for him, having
experienced religion when sixteen years of
age, connected himself with the people of Ood
In church fellowship, and ever maintained bis
profesalon by a constant Christian walk to the
eloae ot lite. Hla open and generous heart
won for him many friends, while in llle. and
now la death to mourn th loss of a thorough
bust ocas man, whose honesty wa never ques
H waa stxty-flve years of age, the father ot
nlae children, all of whom are living, and with
the mother, deeply mourn the loss of a hus
band and father. Funeral services from bis
realdenoe, Friday. Nov. 15, conducted by the
Rev. Qeorge MatbAr. of AJhland, who preached
S vary able sermon, taking for hla text the
twenty-third verse of the sixth chapter
of Romani, and dwelt upon It In a way
to make ua familiar with all tbe myater-
lous ways of Provldenoe. After which all that
Is mortal was Interred In the newcemetry,
where be now sleeps, no longer to endure the
pangs of pain, which, he for so many months
became an unfortunate victim.
Tbe family desire to express their heartfelt
thanks to all those who kindly remembered
them during the sickness, death, ami burial of ,
th husband and father. O A.
Miss Ellta Fisher was born In Columbiana,
Otsego county. New York, July 14, 18W, snd
waa married to Darwin Dyer Jnne 12, 1828.
Tbey moved to nanover. Shelby county, Indi
ana. In 1832, and In ISM moved to Brighton. Lo
rain county, Ohio. Her death occurred at Wel
lington. Ohio, on November. 14. IBM.
Allow us to thank all who so kindly helped
to care for our mother through her last sick,
net. We shall always remember her dearals
tor, Mrs. Joyce, who stood by her bedside day
uu nuns, no one couio nare aone more man
she and her son Jasper. Mrs. Dyer was visit
ing wbea taken sick snd could not be moved
home. Mas. Wa. V. Biii.t.
PARKER. Saturday levenlng, November 21,
188, at the residence of her daughter, Mra.
J.O.Johnson, on Courtlaod Avenue, Mra.
Ann Elita Parker, aged 88 year. Funeral
Tuesday at eleven o'clock. Rev. 8. D. Oam-
mell officiating. Her remains were taken to
Oberlln for Interment
For the next two weeka I will sell mv
large stock of felt hats at reduced rates.
Made hats S specialty. Ladle please call.
- .uiae A. u. BWANOEB.
AdvertlM Letter.
Tbe following is a Hit of anclalmed letters re-
nelalng In iho po.tofflc at Wellington, Ohio
Nov. S3, -at.
Mr. Eddie R. Phelps. Mra. Barah Prosser.
Persons calling forth above letters pleas
- flao. C. Bcaa, P. M.
For cheap hit go to Mir A. O. Swin
Shit at est ron Wees Eitdiks Nov. 28.
859 pkg., weighing 25005 lb
iOH if 019V1
OhloStandard 8
Young America. 8
Family Favorite 10
General Produce.
Butter, dairy, per l... .$0.10 Q 0.18
Creamery bjtter lb.... iu
CbiLkens,dresed,per8. .07 (3 009
Turkey s.drraaed 'per B. 0.00 0.11
Eggs, per doa . . 0.28
Hsm.smoked, per B... 0.08 0.10
Tallow, per ft........ 0.03U
Hides, per ft 0.00 0.08
. tumoa Dies j-J
Surloln 14
Shoulder Steak 10
Potatoes, per ba 40
Apples.drled, In quart
era and cored, per ft 0.03
Apples, si iced 02 0.00
Clover Seed 175 100
- Grain, Flour aad Feed.
Flour, per sack (49 ft).. $1,20 0 1.20
uranam nour.percwt.. a. 00
Corn meal, per cwt
Uhop. perewt,....
Middling, per cwt
0 00
Bran, per owl.
Oil Meal, pet cwt
Corn, (belled, per bush.
Corn, in ear, per bush.
New Wheat
Oats per bn
0 22
Common Sense
Should be used In attempting to cure that
very aiaagreeaule uiaeasf, catann. A ca
tarrh originates In inipuritii' In the blood
local applications can uo no permanent
good. The common sens metluKi ot
treatment is to purity the blood, and Tor
this purpose there I no preparation su
perwr ui iiixxi OHrariiia. mai mil
peculiar medicine dues cue cnterrli ia
shown by tbe many trstinionlnls fn'ti
penplaj who hnve found Mint rpn using
11 wnen an otners tua ihikm. a nook
containing statement of ciues actit on
receipt 01 two-cent stamp, py u. I. IIOUl
a, w., iweu, Mas.
uodi isii to send iweniy ceui in boys
and emu, Springfield, Ohio, for the
Grand Christine and New Year nura
ben of tbat beautiful IlluairateU
bom magazine. Each number con.
tain tale of adveotun-. vclentitlt
and historical articles, pussies, . fui
games and other Interesting matter. A
year'a subscription would make a splen
did Uhnstmss present for a young Irlend
regular prii-v tu uwmr. iisw suntj'n
Ders, until Decern ner zutb, only nrrv
oam. This will lnclad Christmas snd
new xeanaumoers. uo aot oeisy; send
immsdlstely. . . .
Beginning wtt January let nert,th
Kev, T. im win 1
Talmag. D. D.. will ba.
nnn Jnarn1. r PhilaMMlnhi. . .
famooj preacher will hav a regular do-
panmem acn momn,
nonth, written by himself,
wiu in tiue-unaei
HI Irtt contrlbutloa
Jantiarw inmlaf t IK. Jnnm.l rw
Talmsre's (alary I said to be on of the
largest svtr psld for editorial work.
Absolutely Pure
ThlapowderneTer varies. A Barrel of purity,
alrengtli and wbolesomeneaa . llora economic
thn tb ordinary kinds, end cannot b cold In
oompuuuoD who lue muniinue uiiow uh, soon
welght.alum orphophto powder. Bold only In
nun ttorai uaaing rowaer io., ius wan si.
n.y. . ." - .
Th effect of using Hibbard'i Rheu
matic Syrup Is unlike all medicines con
taining opiates or poisons, It being entirely
free fiora them. It cures rheumatism by
purifying the blood. .
NOTIcE On aucouut ol leaving town.
I will loave all uncollected accounts with
M. H. Whitney, in Abbot s meat market.
tor collection. Please pav up promptly
and oblige. W. E. Wbitnet.
100 acres of land in Lake Co.. Mich., for
real estate or personal property in this
vicinity. A bargain i ven if sold soon.
tr A. IS. llsYKS, i KNK1ELD, O.
FOR SALE. A dealrablo bouse and
lot on Buiktr streel ; also one on Du Wolf
street. Above ptoperty Ih offered very
cheap. Enquire of R. N. Goodwin or
The Lano Brow.
Are producing portraits that astonish tbe
people who have been looking lor high
claaa portraits at low prices We can sell
ss cheap as anyone and produce bettor .
work. ' We can show testimonials from
piouiinent people In th ainte as well as
New York,Connectlcut and Massachusetts
where we were very successful.
American Ucuae Lane Bros.
Laundon. Wlndecker & Co. have al
kinds of potted meat. I
State Buckwheat Flour can be found .at
n. r. KoBiKsan's.
E. Benedict bas iust received soml fine
single and double barrel shot-guns at low
prices tie is beadauartcr for amuntloa
of all kinds. 45-50
House and Lot for Sal.
My bouse and lot can be bought on very
reasonable terms or cheap for cash. For
particular inquire t C. Sage ar J. W.
Wilbur Wellington, O.
FOR SALE. An Argund Base Burnet
In use one season. Enquire ol H. Wad
worth & Son.
Dunbar' Shrimp at Laundon, Win-
decker & Co'.
An exorea wagon with one ft. of bak
ing powder at Laundon, Wlndecker A Co
For H horte blankets, go to J. M. Otter.
Laundon, Wiodecker & Co. have re
ceived a frrsli stock of mixed snd Brazil
I teen h supply of choice dsiry butter
in qusntitles to suit purchasers on hand at
all limes. C. Wiixabd.
Farm For Sale or Rent
A choice farm containing 75 acres, sllu-
sted llf miles eaai of Center of Penfleld.
Good house, barn and out buildings, all in
excellent repair; 60 acres river Bottom ;
neighborhood unexcelled; title perfect;
terms easy. For further information in
quire of W. J. Krebbs, Penfleld, or Lyman
bcoville, on township line road between
fenneld and Wellington. iwitrj
For new style of elegant trunk right
from the factory go to Otterbacher'a
Thanksgiving flgs. raisins and Malaga
grape at Lauodon, Wlndecker A Co'.
Otterbacher keeps a full line ol shswl
straps, valise and telescopes.
Red sugar sand st Laundon. Wlndecker
4 Co .
A full lice of wolt snd laD robes st
Itch, Mange, and Scratches on human
or animals cured in 80 minute by W00U
loro s Ennaiy Lotion. Ibl never la'l
Sold by E. W. Adsms. Druggist. Welling.
ton.Cti-i. 4f
J. M. Crablree will pay tbe hlgbet
mtrket price lor live and drusaed nga
veal calye, dry and green hide and pelts
to Otterbacher' for a horse blankets
For $1 sixteen pound of white sngar
can be purcbastd at toy store. Tbe bottom
has tell out of tbe trust. J. Tcklet.
Lauodon, Wlndecker & Co. have con
densed mincemeat for Thanksgiving pie.
If you have neural ula. cold, sore thioat,
-tc, use Pralt' Family Liniment Bold
by drugglat
A Card.
Free Hand Crayon Portrait woik a
specialty, by
Mb. M. L Marhbmx,
- Wellington, Ohio
Residence on N. Main St
Try Pratt's Horse Liniment Sure cuie
for all bleuilkbes. Sold by drngglst.
Otterbacber's sVck of hainea 1 com
plete. ' A CARD.
A number ot our friends have askee v)
wby we. do not sdvertiae. Others bave 1
told ua they have called on our neighbor
ho bas a sensation for ns about ery j
rww motm because they did not know 1
ther waa any other dentist la Wellington. -W
am not surprised ; but w ar here,
and bop to ty. . Ar doing romt nrk-
aod a satisfactory buaineM. ihmb -
Dr.' Holbrook was on of th Uolbrook :
Bro who first cam to Welllnirtr 19
1 years ago. sis as nan 10 years experience '
I W do all sorts of piste work known, gold
crown wots, srttiitie gold guiog r
DKH. UOLBTUiOE Jk tiivie
I ' Bucoeaaora la Dr. U J un
I . v ' rsuinrj snrmltsrel
'2 7 one. la peed of first-class
farnitue of any deeffA vill nliasMt
I Present itock.
--'-1 wu av tuuofj uus our

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