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CIEVt.lANi), 0, irr.
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r.lr,. T A family XTovrspaper Coveted to tho ratcrcst iOl.Xerala.: Ootuitj ' and ' Viclalty,
- I ' '' ' ' 1 - ' ' ' 1 ' ' --; -; j
7, ,11 ."77::
H -7 BTJ VL SB Sal SV m V M . y . ,
PabllihdTrf W4oMdaf.t
r- - ' n
Us Month n
ttoWotti4.,.C. jfJj, 10
Lont and ollectlont mt(3o ft' ipcnlt
Office la bank building.
r XT 0 R Y-At-t AW,r
' !a4 lolloitorot
American and Foreign
ntarv HUMIA. IT
iMurano, 4mM, or-
iurirUI,lMM,eontrou. wrUU I
. a nvU ana
I mdm . OM raa' 1
'.Wotaad ako
. f t r f o 7tw outlay n t n n
HiK.IB RSIllNSWN.tha BarbOT.kwM
koMlatowa. 'Onlr n-lM workaM
0Td. A roll HwrtMit wt halreua.f.
mmA hlr mloraUrM. Fin bath-room
i J Luii. w4tl.
I m.m nu kad all HMuilrr oofirsai
Kooma nouta uaa univ ktmi.
II Hulled atnra. ia Bank ftuHiUn.
WclUntton, Data Mltroua aifcl m ariiMO
a iot ua
laztraaUaai aaatb,
Art Oallarr.-PtoturM (a
Otrjity .. sd4 rlattb up with tba timea,
Bpaoial ati nrion paid to caUrxing In Craroa
Ink, ar W it Colurti and oupTln Irora o!4
plotnreai ' Old nvittlYeal! nraaerTnd and uir
pllcawa roa b bw) at aoitiuie. tiaigrr OTfT
Jiawiby a turn grocery
Ploturea ol all klnda. r I neat work an Uteat
itrlea. Copylnr and nUrglBi la Crayoa, Ink
aad Paatel. Bplal attention to (ha table.
CiWar'i Blook, WallUetott. O.
Baetal dlaeuai and dlaruct of the kltddermd
kidoejfi. PUM.nkxntioa of tha notia, litula
uo. Ihiih and all Dre(llLoi dlaaats of U
ctum treated b u laiprored lyatem, alUiont
ptln or detention from baalnen.
Dlnuea of tha bladder and kidneyi ttted only
arter a carer nl and nropai anaijrili oi tna nnne.
Offlc ia
Carpeotor Block - Welllnrton.O
E.G. HOLLAND,. ....
7sl;jS::jc:n:i hit
: Order receWad at Telephone Exchange
and at r. 1 Felt 'i drug itore.
Graduate Toronto Vatarl naif College, class '87.
Wm Surgeon and V:S
Orer twenty Are year of practice.
received at Adamt' and Houiditon drug
torei, Unre ttlll taken for treatment at my
table on Courtlaud Arena.. -ze
J. H. WIGHT, , Sole Agent,-
Doalor In Clock, Watches, JeweUy.Sil
Tarware, Gold Pcnii, etc. No. 8KPubllc
, Square. Wellington, Ohio. .
' Lircry and Feed Stable.
Saatk Side Mecbanio Street, first
door east of American House. '
Carrlaaea tor funeral Insld eorporatloa. 11.
knib-wi Transfer Ik
Convey Pasaengei and Baggagii to
and from train or reddence. : AUo col
lect and distribute Krw, doing
arte ral expreaalng and package bnslnoaa.
Leaf ordor or telephone American
Alouae. - H-S-Smit!, Prop.
Haaafaatarar Of Aad Daalar la
fits J Tombstones
rythlng pertaining to cemetery work
will receire prompt attention at price to
ult the time. (.. I
. D. L. tTaDSITOBTH ft CO.. i
.tUaafaetamaof aatdaalanla I
Doorai SavaOa. aa.A BUaaA
CtiMau and Batter Boxed, all klndl of
Lnmber.NLath, Bhlnglea, Batten, Mould
ing kad Flowing. Siding made and Sur
face Planing done to order on abort no.
TW. W W VT.rren I
I .... WKMI"' IIW1IWI j. t
kgiVciu uUm at ii how k m
or country. Vj I
OiBoa Haar 2 to 5 p- m.
1 Fratt1& Heirick,
Mllll-nttl tlM SIDES,
Free delivery to any part of the corpor
ation. Railroad treet. VVellington, O. i
Would raipectfully announce to the el Hiana
of Wellington that
Uie aranow on aeoa,. aoa
reDarea to uaa
order for all kind of
and aoft coal
hloh they will aell fot
cash at tha laweat living prtona.t Aaharaf
yourpatrooaialiMllelted. li
titt M. L. BUSH A CO.
or itiit saaosipnoir.
Anthrmoite, HMillon, j
'g Jaokaon and Bloeeburj
Terms Cash and Prices Lowj t
Oklce on Weal Llbertv 8t ' telephone 48
U1 -.III J L3gg3agT
WW fi your eyes with
glaaat wlivn . all otbert
falL Fin glasscl for the
lrait tnnne. LenwsmaU-
frtcturod on the premises.
137 Euclid Avenue,
Ch 'eland, 40-11 Ohio.
1 I
Fromandafur Deo. 1, 1989, trains will pass Well
ington is follows:
Nc t-Clu.ACul'iEx
No.5 South Wortorn Kx...
Ho 11-N V. bt.L. r.x...
9:81 a.m.
li fts p. m.
2:69 p. in,
S:4 p.m.
No. Ti Ciilumbus Accoin.
No. 9MlKht Kx
No. : -Local freight
Ho -Xluhl It....; mm...'.
fto.tn-Cleveliiad Aoeoni...
No. 19 Hoath WsHtora Kx...,
No. -Cluclnnstl ACIeve'd Ex..
Mo St-Local Freight
C:10s. m.
8:45 a. m.
1:119 p.m.
Cleveland tt Marietta B. B.
Kromsnd sfterJunet, I8tt9.tralnswlltpass Wall
v . tngton as lollow. :
TTo. 1 t.K'e.m.
No.5 ll.OUa.m.
No. 1 4.10p.m.
No. I... T.Wptn.
i ,; eorao west.
Ho. t;.;. '. lo.Vks.m.
No. I.... ... ...J.ISp.tB,
Ho. 8 7.4Sri.m.
Ho. 10.... w..M..la.ra.
Nos. l,8sndtdslly : otners dally ex. Bnnday.
' Fnrthe rl nfornatioa i a roird 1 0 this Una will
befonndon piret. i - 1
1 -' OUfiTI.IN. '
Amrr dairy, ..,; ' . Utpin, 1 :.f) p. at.
Ur.NT!?l'.rXiK, .fPtlJIVA ,iiH'tl.a.i
trrlv ,'..nf. II;, " T tln.':i i-f-
t KHiC W'5''.'!i )1-V1 L.".f. ":ti,i.!:" i'..
Artlv dally, a. m., IicrartWa-jn
a; r y - -I " 1 '
i ' .; . ;! ; omnAt ; ., .' ' i
For Plra, Life. Aeslderrt and Tornado. The
best eomnsules In the United BUti'S repre
sented by a. Office north side Liberty street
sennnd door ff adswortb block. 31tf
Stands at the bead. Oberlla College Writing
Dep'i, Orterlla school of Wenofraphv and
Typerriting, end Oberlla Baslnea College,
an coaaected.- Kxpenars low, lnatrudioa tbor
ongh and coursci complete. CircuUrs free.
Address McKKlt HUNUHRSON, OberUa, O-
English Spavin Liniment remr.Tea all
bard, aoft or callouawl lump and blem
iahee fwm horse. Blool spavin, curl,
pilot, aweencr, ring-bone. stifl.. prxin
all ewollen tbmati, onupba, etc. Save iM
by use of one bottle. Warranted the most
wonderful blemish cure ever known.
Sold by E. W. Adam. Druggist, W. Ulng
ton,0; . . 4J.
,7. :
f f.
ll fi i
fit ! ,!'
r'TTBii-) rr vn .i(lx"n A ) t- ..r'.w
fl I Jt .-ij 1 mUi VJi tO Jh'.VI!'') oil '! In -I
yf ,r,"n m f.v.vt "(
,fnj;. I '. r v-lf ;i( If.'i
And-How'to OdtaIn it.-
9 ,M
-1 hil1 t' 1.1 It. V ''I . 1 :t"i 3 H
t,,.iS "H ruiu jtlAiuJ ,ta.. .j ii i;( I 'h n:".ili
jiiravci cKina vsMicca e.m'tx
', n.-,A'
,he Patent' Ovcrcoa;,
.! Ill !! x!( I'
with Rubber. Clotli'Abc
I. l,
. t 1.'. nl:
tween the woolen. ;Qtit$ide; "
,i( Tt. h,l
i i.. '..( V
; : doth and the lmmg;lx3ps k
out wmd and ram as jtfell ;
as a brick;vall. .rThiis:,:,,
h it ,-.t .hu
t'. l!l"i,ll
T( V i:i' I I
the second yea: -Those
I al ,,l 'l
)wore them last wm- j !'
c pronoiince themv the
r fno pliijfiillrfcoT' 'comfort--0
. fvi .-. . 1 .,! ,v ; 4. o 1 j. 1 4. ;-.-n
af e tSKe obtained in . Lo
t : rain-,; county
At hia store on Liberty ef '.ret, Wellington,
Q., and at hb store.
bant, Elyria; O. -
4.1 Ei'..!:e3 It (hr Sec:&1 Carrsssssds&tSa
All About the Happeainjrs'and Special
Erents In their Immediate Vicinity. :
. ' . ;.' OURTINOTON. '
i ' .Oecm
. There was quite a good attendance a
the churches last Babbaththe condition of
Ihe road being taken Into account. '
' The pastor of Ihe 11. E. Church held
union service in the Baptist church on
Thankae.lving day, preaching; from this
text : "0 give thank unto tb Lord, for he
is good: for bl mercy endureth forever."
There were good ksny present rather
more than the usual number, for it 1
always a time of fearful road. ,
The largest family gathering Ibat I Lave
heard of was at Walter Dlrlam't, between
tweuty-flve and thirty being present, tome
from Wellington and .some from New
Carl Roger and wife spent Thaoksgiv.
lug In Penfield; Dent Brad ncr and wife
and Baynom Roice and wife, at George
BradnoT'f In Wellington ; Ed Kelsey and
wife, J. L. Chapman and family, in Hunt-
ington. ' ,
Children in eouth and northwest part
of town are having vthooping cough quite
bard., There were, three deatha .during
the past week from this cause. 1 Mr, Alta
Mann' four week old baby was buried
cn Tuesday. .Mr.. .Geo. McQuate's (even
month old . little girl died on tha 24th,
and his little girl nearly seven year old
who wss cripple died on the 28th, and
both were burled in one grtve on Friday.
Funeral In the Baptist church, the pastor
offlelatlng.1 It 1 an unusual thing lo see
two little coffin in church at the tame
time. The were two very pretty looking
little glr!. ' ; ,
' Hr. and Mrs. Arthur Breyley, who
(pent some time at Elder Wynanl . lost
year, have Just lost their little girl. She
waa buried Sunday, D-c 1st, Mr. and Mr.
Breyley going out to the funeral, ' f
" Mr. and Mrs. OrerholU ipat Thtnks
givlng with her parent. ' ' ' ,
Frank Irlfb of LnOrange (pent Bundty
two weeV ego with his cousin, Joe Ilaiol
tcn. "
David lull seems t be having s pretty
bard time of it. TVsiilr hi bruised face
be has (large carbuncle on the back of
his twit.
.( i l. ."1 IjtltA! -ri ) i.tS' iM
.it F'V.r: a tie mH' il-W wl''
fail W ' Ji ert?" .hweufih M""
1"! Wl 1 TLw.-y-. "ir," 7.
' LasJ i!a wm ifrviv,?-.? -t-t
.y.5 ,- ff ,1 ..! ,Cf4 tliU 'I
1 a-wf-i o-j:-; 7 '
TTTlTm .aVidtii iiaii-iirt-
V'H, - illMll Sua? dl;l vl ',1
; v t ru i(.'Jjr f r.a j:vntfi"') ti
. - i ... I. rj A rvA
. ,- - J tl-H
. mj ,vi: I
of ; . . v
I' .
J 14
The cheese tactorie all closed here and
on Dee. 1st Cyrua Bury commenced to ran
a milk wagon to to the Bprtgue factory in
Wellington. " 7 .
Frank West has opened hi shoe (hop
lor repairing of all kinds, both rubber
and leather, Juat eaat of the center where
it wa last winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Wai, Gulled are (ponding
the winter at the Baptist parsonage. The
pastor Is ber brother. t 1
Mr. Eugene Griggs from Pennsylvania
Is visiting friend here.
Dec. 289.
News not very plenty this week.
Thanksgiving is over and everyone is
hsppy, waiting patiently for Christmas.
John Yeakley and wife of Lorain spent
Thanksgiving In lown.
Rosa Rising entertained a lew of her
friends Thursday evening.
W. Brlnsmade and J. S. Mallory of
Wellington were In town one day last
Well Sear spent Thanksgiving at
borne. ...
The funeral services of Avery M. Starr
were held Tuesday In the Baptist church i
Elder Hall delivered a very appropriate
address. Mr. Btarr wa one of the old
settlers, and wa highly esteemed by all
who knew htm, and In him the town loses
one of its beet and most highly read men.
Be wee born in Newfleld. N. Y, July 4th,
1814. lie came to Litchfield in 1887 where
be baa since made bis home, lied he lived
until! January lsl, they would have cele
brated their 50th anniversary, tie leaves s
widow, one ion and six daughter to
mourn hi loss, four of whom were pres.
ent. lie wa a man who was affection
ately devoted to his family, lie died of
hemorrhage of the stomach. Yoo Know
. . ,i JLA 6KANOK.
. - .. Nov. 30. W..
Cold weather. , :
J. M. Bigesber will apend Ihe winter a
a traveling dentist lu Wisconsin and Iowa.
Redmond Monroe met with a serious
accident lb other day, falling upon the
sidewalk and ' putting bis shoulder out of
Joint Dr. Snyder, lded by Dr. Lawrence,
reset the ilioulder. ... ...
We are glad to hear that our boy arc
doing well. Flarvey Ryan went'to Cali
fornia, April '88, since which time be bas
been successful in business. lie Is now en
gaged m business la Seattle. Washington.
i uueraon noble lias been elected a
county superintendent of schools la Ne-
Mrs. Jerome Manville "died this mor-
Ing.'aged 81) yeat. ' Mr. Manville has
been ill . with; pneumonia about -: two
week, during which, time he waited
with ao. abiding - fails the eloae of this
We sad the opening of better; lite bryosd
the grave. , :;ri:- '
f The'' faQ ' term, of school closed thl
week with exercises, la the ball, Tues
day and Wednesday evenings. The ex-
erclae were aa successful a oonkl be ek
pected, considering discouragetaetits, bald
road, sod. sad. -weather. Net receipts,
U18,"5i!iw"l .nla-jia i iy
' Mia EdhaTompkln Is visiting friends
fn' Medina eoojity."''', '
. Mr. Ira Peaao of Banllugton, ylsltad
tiuT mother, Mr, C 8. Ryan, tbl w,ek.
Small, boys and big boy,youf soy
nd old boy have bees bunting mure or
leealh part two day. !.-U j
iSweral of our young people bate Joined
bmd4 W life.'. Siihday,' Norl 84, ;Mr.
Geo 'Brougbion to Mb ' Little Ophlr;
WedneRday.-Nov,' 27, at the borne ot the
parent of .each bride, by Rev, W. H
PaintercMrf Charle , Ransom, to. Mis
Grace Hofcomb) Mr. Bert Wilkin to
Miss Lucy Richmond. Your correspond
ent, who ha had more or less to do with
nearly all of these young people la years
past, wlahe them la .parting a long and
asppy lKe,. . , . : Yotjas. Dbtlx-
aoiiv Jflkb'.., . ... w ' ftfl
The all sbtorhlog topic of conversation
sad'.: excltament lor' the past two week
baa beeo the "rat hanf a it la sailed.
Willard Hart and rW. J. Krebi a car.
taint and nearly ajl the male (and part of
the female) , Inhabitant participating.
Tha outcome of the hunt Is to bo aa oys
ter sapper to be paid for by the party that
brought lo -the least somber of count.
Mr. Hart cornea out ahead bis ounte
were 126)1, Krebs 10243. There were 623
English sparrowi killed. All th other
count wera rat and mice.'. Wedoeaday
evening of ihU week is set for the tlma
of having the supper, which will be at the
town hall.' Beside a (real amount of fua
and enjoyment, the hunt will result in
much good la the dlstroctloa of so many
ol these peats. -.,
Mr. Lyman Webber of Van Wert, to
vlaltlng his brother and other friend in
tow, J.-:' . -
Mr. sud Mrs, H. D. Taylor spent Thanks
giving with hi mother near Elyria.
Mis Lottie Gardner bu beeo spending
a lew day with her folk but return to
Lot'l today. . : , -
For the past few day it has been quite
cold and winter-like with some snow.
Jake. :
Dec. 9, "89
Quarterly meeting will be held at the
F. W. B. church Saturday and 8ui.day.
H. B. Aldrlcb has returned from hi
hunting trip.
J. Burt and wife from Wellington, B.
Waters and wife from Medina, were the
guests ol A. Burt' Wednesday and Thuia.
dny ol this week.
Mrs. L, Sooey from Michigan Is visit
ing friends and relative here.
Mr. Munson and nelce, Mr. Thompson,
from Michigan spent Sunday at J. T.
Mrs. P. O. Lee from Lorain is vlaltlng
at her father's, Mr. D, Daugherty.
Miss Jennie Fuller I spending a few
days with friends In Cleveland. -
John Winters Jook la Cleveland Bator.
Grandma Gnsslnger has returned
from ber visit in Lorain. Gladys.
- , Dec. 2, 1889.
A young gentleman at Mr. Willi Pitts,'
and a young lady at Mr. red Biggs,
On the 23rd. ult. a tparrow hunt was or
ganized to report at the town hall on lbs
4th. Inst., the losing party to furnish the
oysters. 1 '
Thanksgiving service were held In the
Congregational church, Rev. Old officiat
ing. A rather ilim attendance to hear a
very pertinent 'address. ' "
Rev. U. Richards' ha been suffering
from an attack of rheumatism, but ia now
somewhat better.
An Iron fence in front of the cemetery
eaat of the center I a great Improvement.
Dec. 2 "89
Last week a man wst f.it nd In the barn
of A. Gill, cold and lick, lie vltlmed to be
a soldier of the 08th O. V. L He waa taken
to the residence of J. B II. Herbert, a
doctor called, and I now Improving ;
Mist Efllu Onl i staying with ber
grand-parent. ' '
Mr. .and Mrs. J. C. Whipple spent
Thanksgiving with their son In Toledo.
Rev. Mr. Ruiledge It holding meeting
loEaStClarksfleld.', .
Mr. D. M- Hall la so (ar improved a to
be able to r get . around without hi
crutches. '.
A brother of Mrs. U. M. Peaaly from
Mansfield tpent Thanksgiving with her.
' Win. Johnson and wile tpent Thank.
giving In Cleveland. News,
vVyllll0' "Letter. : ' i .
M,it ' fTiest ear tegular CormpoayfomV r
I'n -jq o . Waibixotoh, Not, 29, 188)9.
The President and Mr. Oarrtaen perj
t very cole Thansglrlng dav at tb'
White ilooas.. They eateftained at din
per Major Ernst, who was reeently ap
pointed superintend rat of pnblis irroand -aadhaildiagsla
this city. The Thank
glvlaip turkey - at the Wtlte House cam
rrora Rhode laland. '
Ootnmlsslooer Raurn -'ba Issued a cir
cular requesting that all applieaata jo
peosion (lgn their full same, to the p
plloation; instead ot the Initial only.-,
fimI . a .!.,.- rx..... . " .
v.l aawywaja)!. . 1eilMMlui ' uevNII
Clarksoa Is leorgaoJxbg hia office h
order tnkeef pi with tba rapldty la-
creaeinp btjaloea which comes before r
r Th IsxriMtrlal. Congress of the Unltot
8late,ihJch"wha 'in teuton here Lai
Week; passed sjenolutlop In favor of hold-
log tha Col unjbua Exposition of , 1803, si
Waahlngton.; ,,,.: v.M -i.,T .
j The, Attorney General has given hw
opinio that,' toea avko were eallsted in
what wss knows at the "quartermaater
brigade", or I'qnartermajters; volunteers" ,
during the late war sre to be considered s
being in .the ' "Military servlco of the
United .States," and honorably diacharged.
Itbln the. Intent of Rule 1 ot tha Civil
Service regulation, f Thl ts fcood news to
msny.T Uiti tt ,rijjii .!t..v-
Commlselooer Raum has) issued an
order to the official la the Pension office
cautioning' tbera to use the greatest care
In the rejection . of application for pin
lon' and. . Sfeqtilrlng all letter 'rejecting
claim ;,to , bo brought to the desk of Ihe
CommlMipner (or ignarar. trtt -,f'-.-l
' Secretary Blaine gave a dinner- to the
members of (be Interna tlonal Maritime
coriference Tuesday evening. ' Among the
Invite "giieu ' we're "the Vice Preaideni
Secretaries Noble aad Rusk, snd the ' Ger
man and .British' minister. . The enter
tainment was marked, by aa innovatloo.
There wars bo alter dinner (peaches. r-
The : argumeuu on ' the Antl-Mormaa
test-oath which Idaho has sdopted; will
begin la the United Bute Supreme Court
on December V. Delegate Dubois of Idaho
say If th decision Is in favor of tba Mor
mons that Idaho will make no farther el
fort to be admitted a s Bute, a It has nt
desire to become a Bute without th
power lo eontrol the Motman and tt
keep them out of it pdlitics, - - a '
Officials at the navy department deny
the rumor that Admiral Walker, com
manding "The squadron of evolution,"
now at Boston, is in this city for the pur.
poee of conferring with the department s
to the sdvlaabllity of sending the squad
ron to Brazil. They say that Ihe Admiral
is in Washington on his own private busi
ness, and that the programme arranged
for the squadron 1 will not be deviated
Irom. ,
Secretary Tracy ba perfected arrange-
menu to have the present contractors for
gun powder furnish the new smoke,
less powder lor the small arms of the navj
and the brownf grismatic powder fsr the
larger guns.
Senator Farwell smile , in a peculiar
way when asked If the rumor which aayt-
be will not be a candidate for re-election
Is true. While the Senator doea not say
In (O many word that be ia not s candidate
for re-election he says enough to mske
the Inference plain that be is. '
Nothing has been done In the case of
the Ave re-rated odlclala oi the Pension
office who were last week asked to resign,
and refused to do so. There is a rumor
that these men will not be dismissed,
though that was Secretary Noble' first
Secretary Proctor' annnal report I a
very interesting document He makes a
number of excellent recommendation.
He belelve the proper way to prevent the
large number of doscrtlon in , the Army
Is to lessen the distance between the Com
missioned officers and th . privatea, and
be ahowslhow rtcan be done. ' '
The Holidays -. - t
And tbs colder winter weuher are bow
rapidly approaching. The Joyful season
1 eagerly anticipated by the young folks
In thousand ot horn; but In nearly all
there are one or more older onea to whom
the cold wave and the storm meane re
newed suffering from rheumatic back or
limb. It is not claimed that Hood's Bar
s)rilla l a positive speciflo for rheu
matism w doubt If there U or can be
such a remedy. - But the remarkable suc-
. . . . . i i i a . .
cess iiooa s oaraapanua iu una id curv
ing; tbis affection is sufficient reason for
those whe are aufTerlng to try this pecu
liar medicine,. . t
An honest Swede tells his story In
plain but unmistakable language for the
benefit of the public. One ot my child
ren tooa a severe cold And gnt the croup
1 gave ber a teavspootiful of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, and in five mlnnles later
I cave ber one more. By thl time she
had to cough up the gathering In ber
throat .Then she went lo ilemp and slept
good for flfteea minutes. Then she got
up and 'vomited; then sbs went back to
lied and slept fcood for tba remainder of
the sight She got tha ereup the second
night and 1 gave the same remedy with
the same rood rexulta I write this be
cause I thought there) might be In the
same need and not know the true merit
of this wonderlul medicine Chart. Ka A
TliOMTWKli, Dee Moines, Iowa. 60 cei
buttles for sale by Fred D, Felt, Druggie.

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