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SntereaaUhe Pest-etaee el Welllnttrfe m
Saeond OUm nauer. aaeardlni te Btatate.
lx Moo tha.,,.
Spate Md Colon Bates auaakaow eaapp
eatioe. '1 ' i M ) . -S I H'
i n apjn-
i ;
It Is tald thai the ealooolst is only
Ouu Congressman, Hon.' C P. Wick,
him, of Korwelk, li at the Capitol ready
for bualnest.' M V ';
It appears to be a difficult matter for
Calvin Brloa to locate bU lawful place of
residence, nst at present .,"! i ,;; ,i
. Tbb adjuster! for a number of tba lead
ing Insurance companlea will be engaged
in adjusting loeaee at Lynn and Boaton,
Vast., the next thirty days.
At the opening of the 51st Congreee
the Senators from Waahlngton, North and
South Dakota appeared, but Montana baa
failed Jo settle matters la order that a
Senator could be elected yet ' , , ; ,
A iTKciiL meeting of the school board
wu called Friday evening to decide upon
the rights or certain scholars to attend the
Union school free of tuition. A number
o scholars are now In attendance enjoy-
ing the full fieedom Ju.t the same a
though their parents were actual residents
of the district The facta in each case will
be referred to the Bute School Commie.
siooer for a decision which will be look-
ed forward to with much interest . What
might appear to be Justice In manr cases
does not always conform to the laws of
the land In which we lire, ' j
KCMBsa of prospective candidates
are In the field for United Slates Senator
te lucceed Hon. H. B. -Payne, whose
time eiplies ilarcn 4th. 1801. Calvin
Brice, a moneyed klag, who claims to be
a resident of Lima, Is now In the lead.
This Is not our time to select a Senator,
consequently we can have bat little to
ley, but for the interest ol the people of
the Bute we claim the right to say a
word. Mr. Brice is a so Called shrewd
money making fellow, but aside from
that he stands as a cipher ; so tar as filling
the position at Senator he knows nothing
about Sute matters except what his
money purcalmses him and we have no
reason to belli; ve that tho more sensi
ble Democrats will entirely ignore even
the piospect of such men to reach the
place. Hon. Geo. E. Seney ot Tiffin bat
within the past few days, anuouueed bit
Intmtmn of entering the race. Re is a
member ol the Lower House and ia in
every wayjfltted for he position. We pre.
diet that lie will get there.
X .
At the recent meeting held at Batimore
by the Catholics, the Rev. Mr. Dunne of
Florida, Mild: "Cntliollct know that they
must lit their childnn for en immortal
life, and because ot thit they demand
equal rights In the applications of the
means God has furnished lor that pur
poe. A denominational system would
not work well. Why not? It works well
elsewhere; why nut beret And the
present godlesa system, does that work
well ? A syttem which In a Christian
land forbldt Christian teaching. Is
that not a disgrace, a scandal to the world,
a mockery of free Institutions, a failure of
republican government? The monarchies
of Europe show more regard lor human
rights." What monarchies In Europe, at
least where Romanism dominates? This
Is an aim at the Public school funds. It
showi that some of them sre determined
to have the amount of funds that they pay
into the Treasury returned to them lo aid
In keeping up the parochial schools.
8uch declarations only have a tendency to
add fuel to the flames, and the qnestion
will doubtless, sooner or later, bare to be
settled. If one denomination Is en
titled to a share of the school lunds!
others will claim the tame right and
where will it end?
Jcdgb Andkrsox, of Salt Lake City,
Utah, rendered a lengthy and well framed
decision Saturday against the members ol
the Uormon Church, who had taken the
endowment , bouse oaths, becoming
citizens ol the United State.
"Ia his decision be . states - the
ground t hit tippotitloa to the admission
of such )Jj11omoU to be that the Mormon
church Uarul always has beea a treason
able oriuilzatlon In Ita teachings and In
Its practices hostile lo the government of
the United Stales, disobedient to Ita laws
and seeking Its overthrow, and that the
oath administered to its tnemhera In tha
endowment . Loute blodt , them , under
penalty of death to Implicit obedience In
all thirds temporal, at well as spiritual, to
the priesthood arid to avenge the death of
the prophets. Joseph and Hiram Smith,
upon the government a-id the people of
the United : HiNtes. The objections to the
tight of there applicants to be admitted to
citizenship Introduced eleven witnesses
who had been members of the- Mormon
church.-, , Several of ihef wit newt had
held Hi"' ;t't itlon uf bishop In the church
and all Ul gmie through the endowment
hotwo uud iiirUuiiuU'U lo ha ceremonies.
The 'tffthmwy of ; these wlu.csait. was to
the elt'f it thai every' mnmhef ; of ' the
, cburclu iin'ct4 to , K1) through the nv
dowment bouse and (hat nearly all do to,
that marriages are usually solemnized
there and that those who are married else
where go through the endowment house
ceremonies at at early a date thereafter as
practicable In order that marital relation
shall continue throughout eternity. It
was further shown that these ceremonies
occupy the greater pat t of a day and In
clude the taking of aa oath, obligation or
covenant by each that be or the, as the
case may be, will avenge the blood of the
prophet, Joseph and Hiram Smith, spoa
tha government of the United States and
will enjola this obligation upon bit or her
children Into the third and fourth genera,
lions i that be ot aba will obey the priest
hood ia all things and will never reveal
the secrets of the endowment house under
penalty of having their throats cut from
ear to ear, their bowels torn out and their
hearta cut out of their bodies. The right
arm Is annotated that it may be strong to
avenge the blood of tha prophets. 1
After reciting tho teachings ot tha Mor
mon church at length, the Judge said: "It
bat always been and still It the policy of
thit government to encourage aliens who
Jn good faith come to reside In tills
country to become citizens. But when a
man of foreign birth comet here and Joint
an organization although professedly re
hgioua, which require of him an alleg
iance paramount to hit allegiance to the
government, an organization that im
piously claims to be the kingdom of God,
to control ita members under hit Immedi
ate direction, and yet teaches and
practices a system of morals shocking to
Christian people everywhere, H It time lor
the courts to pause and inquire whether
such men at applicant! should be ad
mitted to citizenship. The evidence in
this case established unquestionably that
the teachings, practices and purposes ol
the Mormon Church are antagonistic to
the government of the United States, ut
terly subversive of good morals and the
well being ot society, and that its mem
bers are animated by a leellng of hostility
to the government and Ita laws, therefore
aa alien whe ia a member of said Church
it not a Bt person to be made a citizen ol
the United States." J '. ?,; ,
, Tha Judge's declilon should meet with
the hearty approval ot every true citizen
of the United Bute.' A majority of these
people may be acting ia good faith, but
as linM rolls on they should take meas
ure to seek sufficient light to enable
them to become law abiding citizens fo
the government In which they live. I
, -- "l
Thk Slat Congress convened Monday,
Dee. tod, and elected Thomas B. Reed of
Maine, at Speaker. Our owa Major Wm.
McEinley came within one of getting
there in the caucus vote token on Satur
day. The Speaker erect ia a strut r pro
tectionist, as be hails Irotn a manufactur
ing district, but ot course that can have
but little Influence with the vole upon any
queetioo ot that nature except in the com
mittee rooms. We publish a list of the
Speakers from A pril 80, 1789. down to the
present time. ' Only thirteen of the State
have had the honor of lurnUhlng the first
officer of that body.
F. A. Muhlenberg, Apr. 1, 1780 to Mch.
4, 1791 ; Dec. 2, 1703 to Mcb. 4, 1791
Galusha A. Grow. July 4, 1681 to Mch. 4,
8. J. Randall, Dec. 4, 1878 to Mch. 4, 1881.
Jonathan Trumbull, Oct 24. 1791 to Mch.
4,1793. ,'
Jonathan Dayton, Deo. 7, 1793 to Mcb. 8,
William Pennington, Feb. 1, 1800 to
Mch. 4, 1861.
Theodore Sedgwick, Deo. 2, 1799 to Mch.
J. B. Vsrnum, Oct 28, 1807 to Mch. 4, 1811.
Robt C. Wlnthrop, Dec. 6, 1847 to Mch. 4,
N. P. Banks, Feb. 2, 1856 lo Mch. 4, 1857.
Henry Clay, Nov. 4, 1811 to Jan. 19, 1814;
Dec 4, 1815 to May 15, 1820; Dec. 1,
1823 to Men. 4, 1825.
John White, May 81, 1841 to Mcb. 4, 1843.
Linn Boyd, Deo. 1, 1851 to Mch. 4, 1853.
J. G. Carlisle, Dec. 8, 1883 to Mch. 4, 1889.
Langdon Cbevea, Jan. 19, 1814 to Mch. 4,
J. 1 Orr. Dec. 7, 1857 to Mch. 4, 1859.
J. W. Taylor, Nov. 15, 1820 lo Mch. 4,
1821 ; Dec 5, 1823 to March 4, 1827.
P. P. Barbour, Dec. 4, 1821 to Mch. 4, 1828.
Andrew Stevenson, Dec. 8, 1827 to June
R M. T. Hunter, Deo. 16, 1839 to Mch. 4,
J. W. Jones, Dec. 4, 1848 to Mch. 4, 1845.
John Bell, June 2. 1884 to Mch. 4, 1835.
James K. Polk, Deo. 7, 1835 to Mch. 4,
J. W. Davis, Dec. 4,1845 to Mch. 4, 1847.
Scbuykr Colfax, Dec 7, 1803 to Mch. 4,
' 1869. .'-.,'.
M. C. Kerr, Dec. 6,1875 to Aug. 20. 1878.
Jtmet G. Blaine, Mcb. 4, 1809 to Mch. 4,
r 1875. ...i ... ,. .i . -. -...
T, B. Read, Dec. 2, 1889. ' ' '
i ; ' ' OHIO. .' ,' ' "
J. W. Kelfer, Doe. 5, 1881 to Mch. 4, 1883.
1 r, .,wmot..-' i -.(V-mui
Howell Cobb, Dee, 23, 1849 to Mch. 4, 1851.
!l suflered wits' pain in my tide iud back
for four weeks, the fialn being so severe
tt to keep nn in ld, tionhl uAmovei I
tried Salvation Oil'-end'-It completely
cured tne and t air now well and fro
frhm all Dale. :H. HUBERT MibMHII.
149 'V;..v.'52PttTt Alloyi BiUta. Md.
i -. . ,. . . . . ,
Newt from tho County Seat.
The court of common pleas l skill ' la
session. Civil and criminal buslnoai dis
posed of at followti - ,y
.8 J Butman a Henrf Norton et el
money, only ; Continued. ' j, '5,
Ana Ward vs Wn Ward, divorce: coin
ttwed.1 If fj i I z j s v
(Wm .ft Bryant va Atlantic Stone Co
money and attachment; continued. '.
B S Wright vs Wm-H 8spetal,
money only t continued. '
.Jamei 'Davis A Co v E J Goodrich" at
al, money only j continued. '
Harriet M 8utton vtE J Goodrich et al,
money only; continued.
A' Scbiappacaasa vs Wm - Brokaw,
money only; continued. ' ' V .
A K Allya n Clttneni Mutual Belief
Association, money only ; continued: 'Ji
Eliza E Warren vt 8 B Dudley, money
hly ; continued, "i ,J j' "? , . J
Victoria Whitney va Hugh P Whitney,
to recover pceaeanea of real estate, etc :
Judgment tor plaintiff, V :; , ,
! Ezeklel Arnold at al azecutort rt John
Bremen et al, money foreclosure and
equitable relief continued.
; Edwin Bernent vs Hiram Bement et al,
partition f premises r-' appraised fl Edwin
Bernent electa to take premises at'tie
appraised talne ' t j '
: Laura "A Champney vs "Albert I
Champney at al, money and -foreclosure
of mortgage; default, decree tee Journal.
Ruth Whitney -vt Hiram K House,
money only, malicious prosecution; ver
dict for plaintiff; $500. wpr. . 5
Susannah Sprtgga va the village of
Oberlln, money only; continued.
Maria Evana vt Matthew Evans, di
vorce) divorce granted on payment of
cosU.'t :i .: -:': v-'.'.;.' "
Henry Wagner ta John Franka, money
only; settled and costs paid, I
M B Starr va Arthur Starr, divorce; di
vorce granted and chance of name, . -
CO Hampton vs Jamea Nichols, for re
covery of persoaal property; continued.
L B Smith va C A Cox et al, money,
foreclosure of mortgage and equitable re
lief; continued. ' -
Wealthy BilUngef Tt Joseph B Clarke
at al, executor, to contest a will j con
tinued. Giaftoa Stone Co vs the Tlppectaoe
Stone Co, money and attachment i Judg
ment for plaintiff $86485. ' "
BophU L Bank vt Jam J Harrlt, di
vorce; dismissed at plaintiff's costa . .
Caroline A Rhodes vt Solon A Rhodes
et al, to cancel deed and Injunction, etc;
Oa thT-rlminal 'docket the following
business hu been disposed of : "
Ohio vs Fred Downey aad George Stein,
grand larceny. George 1 Stein plead
guilty of petit, larceny. v , ., ,'.
Ohio Vt Spencer Cone burglary; plead
guilty sentence one year In penitentiary.
Dhlo vt Frank' Donnelly, msllclout de
struction ol property; plead guilty; sen
tence, fine $20 and costs and committed
until paid. :' .
Ohio vs John Howard, obtaining prop
erty by false pretences; plea changed to
jullt7, sentence, flue $10 and costs and
stand committed until fine and costs are
paid. -
Ohio vs Albert Hall, entering dwelling
bouse In day time with Intent to steal,
plea guilty; sentence, fine $50 end costs
end stand committed until fine and costs
are paid. Committed to workhouse 1 dsy.
Ohio vs Maggie Zimmerman, selling
liquor en Sunday to a minor and to a
person in the habit of getting Intoxicated;
changed her plea to guilty; sentence, $50
fine and 15 days In workhouse. Sentence
to workhouse suspended until further
order of this court.
Ohio vs Joseph Burkart, selling liquor
to a minor; changed his plea to guilty;
sentence, $100 and costs, stand committed
until fine and costs are paid.
Ohio vs Peter Morlcger, assault and
battery; plea guilty, sentence, fine $25,
committed until fine and costs are paid.
Ohio vt Frederick Hudson, burglary;
plea guilty; sentence one year la peni
WANTED A situation In private fam
lly by a middle aged lady who understands
til kinds f housework. Na 1 euhu
and ironer, and can come well recom
menced. Address editor of Tmb Ester.
rnisa, or box 751. Wellington, O.
"Water! "Watorl
If to, call od or iddrwi
W ,-i JU V. IE! Si ji
. WELLINGTON.' i7C ' '
i t m t
, I am tlnklnS()xleliK);Aijl,f rriullii
water or no pa, for SLJf pas' foot In deith.
Walled with best hand brick. Price rrdarcd
ken HQiwanetlf water;--'- -
Yon Need aM
,( V iv.i.''
I ) t V"
r- f -; ". 'f,':'
'i t- $ K - M f
t M ft 6 i V h
" t'l ,';.'.A.,fi ,i-ftti-? tni nt.-oi. l.'iVV
:nti 1 ,t lUi'J .e'dVV
-, 'V
n mi w m m
-it-' i t
. . . ti r: -n v 'i . t-:. - u i.
,1 - i 1 ( it ! J . (
Our M of Gloats
The Largest
: , -it: cv . .r
Wn ever Lad, oonsiflting of all '
; 1 kind and ihapM in ' ' 1 ' -
' ..,'' :n . j. ,! i ... . ... c
aawak aVB ' aVa'aTJt' jVa sVHBa SJBSKV 0M
Cloth and other varieties. Also
Latest Style
We have made Prices on them
so low that
7e Defy CoBipetiuon!
CLOAKS t ' '
'. ''
r.r Utit'J Vi;.l tOiJ OU.
S' v,i.fii.uvj.niTai
VI '-el"J rtlLAJ fl
'. ' - v.;i.-. i. I-. :"
i, e. f-- .V Siv3t i !?,,--! - vi '
, , . - .,. -. '; ' !iu . s
': ,. . i ..K :.,n -.,, i , .
..' t'-i.. ' . ' t . -k 1 'i'.'..::. it i:
- ' l ,!: .-. 1.. ,
... I I'l-l . ". ' MIS 1'H,..i i
-iii- -is -".f.'i I'i'l i I '.;!'.
(. J .l, .U:li'.i.-.1 1.1-
Ve .arD . preparing (on
i.,,i-:.ti.iu i i at
i.,iia: ti i tea t.;i n 'i vnl'-i
,.t i'-.u!i.- ;.i..' .'t .-! ' i f y
1 .( .l 11. Km
,.i it r ,-!-i'--)'.i ; ii!
Our etock of;Miifflers; leckwear
and all kinds of Gents Furnishing
Goods is immense, and in regard
to prices, we are the only Cloth
iers in Wellington who will per
mit a customer to take any article
from stock and ; compare quality
and price with
petitors before
E. E. GOODRICH, Olothior. -
. i .
"Do You
Coat, Pair
Will sell you 25 per cent less than regu
lar prices.
Ladies' Cloaks
At cut prices. Don't wait until after the hol
idays. Now is the time to buy them.
Are awful cheap. Call and be convinced,
at the store of
Wm. Rininger.
One of the best testimonials to the value of the Estey
Organs is the fact that, notwithstanding the very many
Organ enterprises that have been started by ambitious em
pi oyes of the Estey s, the business of this original maker
continues to grow. It is the largest reed Organ Factory
in the world and turns out a completed organ every eight
minutes each day, . " ' , '
j .1 ktii frepared id dd Blatlrigiof the best graces of Slate
I if ati ftrtri Siilinry' nut vrria
VJ IK'I o t III! IK' It'll US IIIO JjIliC'rprinC -OllK'O. --
ioji...i; nl . vv.ir fw. t (' ''I -. ( ,'"'?'.,'i. .'
I ' " ' J . ... . . I .
"'..' ', ".5 ,;' i
- ' . ' '
;'' ; '
;.' ,
' .
' i 1 '''
. . I. I
L .in i j .vvi'"ii ; ...n"' Uf I-,.
.'til V , i!" "!,)" .1, ...i
.1 ,l"l IV l!
ti-t1'"' ''' "''.'' 1
!! " U '' '
I HI r.
i-r ' t , i. i' i
'.; ol !''i'ij l i i- j - ii '
-'. I win, :l c hi: i-il ii- i" M
I . .. In.-, i i : ?.,i L .v. i- iii;i' ; ' . i
..:m. .j,.,.,,- ,i, , . .j.w i-i i- r.
those of our com-
. ' i. i i
i ; 1
, .- - )-
. I i
Want a
Pants, Vest?
and Newmarkets.
and Siding.
., , i r- I '- r I 'f. :
rnnmrnl All rtr worfnntnil
I ll' li'f 1 I I 1-1 I' nil i ' MIa
'i V Ast I at V vfi ' f)..4 it

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