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;. The cold wafe struck ua Friday nibt.
Monday wat m busy day for our business
MS. ..!...! i !. , . . .; .
51 . - . . J -r
' Cii&Dg6 on th W. L. E. ' Ry. Sunday
'Dec Bih.' , . .,' . i.' :-.
-Tha price on wheat ha adranced to
eighty cent. . '. , ' .i " ,
.i . i ... i.' i . - '' I'-
" Oa aooouot of the President's message
chapter nineteen of oar story Is omitted
this week. , It win appear next Issue. ";
' Fresh meats can be purchased at a very
resonable figure.'." .' Vi." : '" .', i '1 . v .1
The first day of winter played a genuine
game of Ireezeoot. -,. , 1 , .
Our Washington letter oontilns a num
ber of business pointers. .
Congressional news will now be In order
tutU March the 4th at least
The geese and docks will now fall into
tine for the Christmas feasts.
The first editor of the Oberlln Record
has tendered his resignation.
The contract! for hauling milk for the
cheese factories ended Deo. 1st
The commercial rsTeler is on hand to
solicit orders lor the spring trsde.
The north aide of Mechanic street will
soon present very fine appearance.'
The work on the Bortoaand BoytA
Peters bulling I progressing nicely.
We printed a number of blanks for the
Wellington Machine Company this week.
Bop tea appears to be listed among the
more fashionable drinks in town where
loctl option prevails. ,
Our clubbing rstes are below any
quoted by our exchanges. Please call in
and interview our subscrlpton clerk.
One of the tailors in town Is making a
super-fine suit of clothes to be worn at the
inauguration ol Governor-elect Campbell.
Parties remitting will pfesse not send
larger denominations of postage
stamps than two cents ss we cannot use
The hotels had very Utile business the
latter part of Fhankeglvlng week. Their
patrons all try to seek the country air
about that time.
Monday was local collection day with
our business men. Goods are sold on
thirty days time and collections ere made
at the end of that time.
A slight chsnge in the run
ning time of two passenger trains on the
Bee Line took place on Sunday. See
corrected time table on first psge.
Our business men are gradually falling
into line on the early closing plan except
Saturday evenings. Eight o'clock finds a
majority of the window shsdes descending.
The notice of the marriage oi N. T.
and C W. florr, Jr., first snd second eons
of C. W. Horr on South Mslo street, ap
pears In another column. Tbb Eater
rnisn extends congratulstlons.
To create a revenue on home trade Just
establish a factorv for the manufacture of
cbewlna. gum. We cannot say that any
one uses It In this place, but the dealers
clulm that it is the most staple article
they have In stock.
One ot. Wellington's tourists now stop.
ing at Ontario, California wrote to a
friend under date of Xov.28aslolloi:
"I was ont in the vineyard tcdsy and
gathered a basket full of grspet and some
strawberries. We have plenty of green
corn, peas, string beans, cabbage, radishes
melons, sweet potatoes, new beets, eto.
Plttsfleld Grange will hold sn open meet
ing in their hall, In this place, Saturday
afternoon Dee. 14. The winter care ot
dalrj stock will again be considered, alto
breeds of cattle for the dairy. Open
meeting wll be held on the second Bat
nrdsy of each month during the winter.
At the January meeting the lessons to be
learned from the past season's work will be
The latest dodge out Is lor an individual
to present a packsge to sn express agent
and consign it to some one at the next
station collect on delivery. The amount to
bccollected would scarcely exceed two dol
lar, the sender would then follow the
package to t destination sud call for it
and present a twenty dollar bill In pay
ment of same, gets the change but the
ufrent subscqnently finds the bill to be
counterfeit' ;
The distinguished actress, Rose Lisle,
supported by a good company commenced
a three nights engagement at the Opera
IlmiMi on Monday Ppc. 9, . befmek full
.. .. .'-1 -. 11 .. .: i. . ;:. :
slxed audience.' The play presented by
this company, that ot the Passion's Slave, l
met with much favor, ' Tuesdsy evening
the Irish drama, That Boy 0' Pat's, was
presented to a good sized audience and
the company gave satisfaction to all pres
ent , To-night they produce Only a Farm
er' Daughter. Mis Lisle is deserving of
great mention for her grand rendition and
elegant dressing of all part assumed by
her.j Should this company visit us again
they will no doubt meet with rich success-
Mr. snd Mrs. J. B. Bradner ot Cleve
land, spent a couple of day In town last
Miss Jennie Ailyn ot Cleveland, a form
er compositor In this office, visited friends
in town over Sunday.
Cortland Borr of Philadelphia, Pa., is
visiting old friend here.
.' Mrs. A K. Band and Mrs. Dicey Dewy
expect to start for New Haven, Conn., to
spend the winter with relative and
friend. - ' '
Mr. Henry Tacott,food and dairy com
missioner, also treasurer of the Ohio State
Grange, was present at the Grange meet
ing Nov. t8 and was a guest of B. B. Her
rick sod family over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs.' L. Paul! visited heir
daughter, Mr. Charles Fox, oi Brighton,
over Sunday.
Mr, and Mrs. B. Beeley. who lately
moved from Brighton, are living with
their daughter Mrs. F. A. Chapman, until
their new house on Wheeling; Avenue is
ready tor occupation. '
Mrs. Jss. Ralston and daughter, Miss
Clara Knits of Plymouth, 0. were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Brink the
psst week.
Mesdames, Wilson, Caul, and Bull,
nelcee of Mrs. Hiram Couch, returned to
their homes last Friday, after spending a
couple of weeks with their aunt and other
relatives and friends in Wellington.
Miss Etta Leet has returned form
Michigan to spend the winter.
W. E. Whitney of Albion was In town
Rev. 8. D. Gammell and family will
leaye lor Talmadge, O, on Friday of this
week. ,
Mrs. Walter Sage left for Tbomasvllle
Gs, Sunday afternoon.
Edwin Bromolow formerly of this place
arrived safely at Liverpool last Saturday
00 the steamer "Umbria."
Mrs, W. B. Ordway lelt for Hoinellsvllle
N. T. this morning to be absent a number
01 weeks.
A Letter from Georgia.
Amehictjs, Ga., Nov. 20, 1889.
1IB.B.B. Hnsict,
Wellihgton, Ohio,
Dbab Bib: Will you be kind enough
to send me the names of such persons in
your vlpinlty ss would be likely to be;ln
terestM in resdlng a Georgia paper, as I
wish to send them sample copies ? It you
think a small party could be got up to
visit Georgia in December or January,
please let me know and I will come up
and make arrangements for them. lean
assure them that they will be cordially
received by our people, and we will try
snd make their visit ss pleassnt ss yon
msde ours. .
. Yours Truly,
- W. LGlessnbb,
F. and A. M,
At a regular meeting held at the hall of
the Free and Accepted Maons Tuesday
evening, the following named persons
were Installed as officers for the ensuing
year: E. R. Btanard, W. M; R.8. Bol
lenbach,8,W( O.W.Ryder, J. Wt T
Dolsnd, Treat. 1 T. Q. Tale, Secy. W. O.
Crane, 8. D; W. Holmes, J. D; J.B,
Vermllya, Tyler ; W. B. Vlscher, and
Munson Hheldoo, Stewards.
Bnalneea Notes.
D.Bokt Is assisting at &L Sage's;
Mis Agnes HsskellatJ. 8. MslloryA
Co.; Miss Lillian Vlscher at the Bazar
J. B. Dickson and G. L. Blinn went to
Polk Saturday on legal business,
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoriai
Whn Babj wss siok, ws te it CMtoria. ',1
WbasbswuaChUd,snerledforCutorll '
Wneo she bwaus Wis, 'sb olust In Caatota,
WhB she had Chlldrta, she em tarn Ciutorla,
r' ' ;: . . works. . .
, This branch pf industry was established
We July 1st, 1889, by Messrs. O. H.
Palmer and E. a Branson, in a tram
building situated on the premises of W.
R. Sanlley A Co. In the southwest part of
town. The power for operating the worts
ws famished by Messrs. Santley A0
from their saw-mill, located within a few
rods of the works. In the beglnniog It
required not to exceed five employes to
run the entire business, but the volume ot
trads Increased annually until it required
more than thirty men to perform the work.
Their lease of the site wsa to expire July
1st, 1890, and during the winter of
it was evident that if the same amount ot
business was to be transacted, and the
nsual Increase continued, that a more com.
modlons room for operating their works
must be secured.
' Large advance were offered the firm to
locate elsewhere, but our energetic busi
ness men took the matter in hand, and for
the sumjjf 11,500 they decided to remain
here. Two and one-half acres of land
wss purchased of Mr. A. M. Fitch on the
tooth side or the W.ALX. R'y, near the
depot arrangements were made at once
for the construction ot a new building.
The contract was let to Mr. 8. Nichols to
ereot a frame building 48x99 and brick
engine room 28x30, two stories high, to
gether with an office 18x24. The work
wss begun Oct 1st, and by Deo. Snd
everything was In readiness to receive the
machinery, and by the close of this week
business is expected to be resumed as
usual, only In better quarter. A aixty
horse power engine wss furnished by the
Msnsfleld Machine Works, which has
been nearly enclosed in the fire proof
engine room. A well fits been sunk to
the. depth ot sixty-fire feet which Is fed
from a large reservoir, the latter being
connected by tile drains with a number of
marshes near by. The W. ALE. Com
pany has caused side (rack to be laid for
the benefit of the works. The office is a
nice, commodious one, belug; arranged and
finished on the more modern plsns. The
cost of the plant, as it now stands, foots
up 118,000. An average of twenty-eight
men is paid weekly, and the annual aggre
gate ol business amounts to $40,000.
Conncii Proceedings.
The council met In regular session
Moodsy evening, Dec 2.
His honor, the clerk, and all Uie coun
climen present. The minutes of last
meeting read and approved, The com
mittee on finance approved the following
bills and an ordinance passed for the pay.
ment of same:
8. A Williams, nlghtwstch and
feeding prisoners. ...f 48,10
G. W. Ryder, pumping wster from
Stationery, lor fire department. . . .
Salary, for tame
J. Wblie, lighting lamps..
Dr. J. W. Smith, for services ren
dered as health officer. .
W. H. Seragn, labor on stn els and
sidewalks. .'
Material for same
The petition of Wm. Cushion and
others, for sidewalk and lamps on Barker
street was referred to committee on walks
snd lights.
The clerk was ordered to notify the
usual number to build and repair walks.
The msyor turned 14.50 into the tress
ury. The council then adjourned.
Among the many who entertained their
friends on Thanksgiving day, wt presume
no pleasanter gathering was found than
the one at Mrs. Charles Bowk's. Beside
the many home friends that were there
ws Mrs Abble Wilson of Rocklord, IIL
Mrs. Kste Caul of Lee, Mast, prominent
society ladies, and Mrs. Hull, late of
Clevelsnd. An elegant dinner was served
and greatly enjoyed by her guests.
Miss Ellen G. Revely principal of the,
Normal Schools In Cleveland, was the
guest of her aunt Mrs. 8. Cadf Thanks
giving day.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Norton of Norwalk
were the guests of Mr. snd Mrs. Shubsel
Smith Thanksgiving day. .
Miss Ellzsbeth Mo Clory died In the
Insane asylum at Toledo Monday evening.
Her remains will be brought here for
interment .
BalTaUoa OU t m
. Church Notes and Announcement
Tht nineteenth 8unday School District
of Ohio will hold Its annual cenvahtlon
st Hudson. Summit Co.. Thursdsv. Dec
12, 18B9,' morning afternoon and evening
The .district includes Cuyahoga, Lorain'
Medina and .Summit counties. ' Every
schoql Is invited to be represented j and
all friends of the bible and the young will
be Welcomed. Hudson win hospitably
entertain all who sfend. , - -.
.'' ' ' StBTHODIST. '
At the annual meeting of the M. E.
Sunday school Board, the - following
officers were elected lor the coming year.
Superintendent F. B. Phelps; First As-
sUtsotSopXH.W.HaUi Second Assist-
ant Bupt,Mrs. Sarah Yale; Recording
Secretary, Frank Tissot; Cor. toc'y and
Treat, H. M. Pelrce; Librarian, T. G.
Yale? Ais't Librarian, Frank Btannard;
Chorister, W. & Franks; Pianist, Arthur
Roser; Assistant Pianist, Ells Warren.
On Wednesday evening, Deo. 11th. the
Ladies Aid society of the M. E. church
will sens a chicken pie supper at their
dining room for which they will charge
enly IS cents. All who tppreclaU a good
supper ate invited. ,
A farewell reception will be held at the
church parkin this evening for Mr. and
Mrs. Gsnmeu.
To the Congregations! Church and Con
gregation, Wellington, Ohlot . .
Dear Friends The relation between ns
ot pastor and people came practically to
a close In midsummer by our mutual
arrangement, and we were free to make
new engagements you to find a pastor,
L myself, to go to soother people; and
there may have seemed need of no fur.
titer action on our (.art But It seems
best to present now my formal resigna
tion eayjur pastor, and to take Ibis oppor.
tunlty to tsk your prayers that the work ol
the Lord may be prospered with me If He
shall send me to a new field of labor in
our sister church at Talmadge, O. And
I assure you I shall not cease to think of
you with loving Interest tod to pray that
God will send you such a psstor ss shsll
be your best helper snd one of God's most
talthful servants. With uncounted thaakt
for your msny kindnesses to us all, and as
many regrets that my personal service hss
not been more widely snd abundantly
(altbluL I remain your true friend and
e11-w!sher, 8. D. Gaxmeu.
Wellington, O Nov. 80, 1889.
Notes from Other Towns.
Another barber shop has been estab
lished in town. .The villsge Council
snd G. D. Probert, the efficient superin
tendent of strata for the put lew yesrs,
have hud a difference of opinion and dis
solved partnership. . ,.Mlse7Ua Shine
flen, living about oue mile south oi Town
send Center, was instsntly killed last
Saturday at Collins by the fast mall train
which passes there at 8:10 without Mop
ping. She attempted to cross the track
ahead pf the train. ... By an announce
mrnt through the pulpit it wat suggested
that those wishing to make Thanksgiving
donations to the poor and avoid dupll
cates, might leaye notice with Mr. Hicks,
agent of the Associated Chsrltles. In re
poise to this many persons htve mtde
depesiit with him Two more citi
zens express tbelr views 00 the lighting
qneatlbo. One of them is a man of scien
tific attainments but finds time to consider
practical questions. Bis efficient services
as one of the water works trustees were
appreciated by the people. The other
writer is the recently elected Real Estate
Assessor. We shall be pleased It sot
other citizens can shed light upon this
lubject Newt, 1 . .
' BXYK1A. : -
The nstlonsl colors will be hoisted over
St Msry's parochlsl schools Thtokt
glvlng morning A verdict of guilty
hu been returned sgsiost Charles
Walker, colored, charged with attempted
rape 00 a nine-year-old girl at Lorain. .
John Anderson, tramp florist, eastward
bound, celebrated hit arrival in Elyria,
last Thursday, by a big drunk. He wis
picked up by city msrshal, F. Burgert
and brought before Mayor P. B. Boyton
who fined the festive florist Ave dollsrs
and cetls. Anderson, being In an Impe
cunious condition, was sent to jail. . vThe
ponce are aotermined in the future to bp
rest all boys snd young men whom they
find loafing on the sidewalks, especially
In front of chnrcbos and saloons t .The
public have been longsnffciing ,ln the
matter until the nuisance has become in.
tolorable. The police now propose to try
an enectuai remedy, and parents can
blame tbolr own boys if the defiance ot
law and order should prove somewhat ex
pensive. . . . . , W. V. Curtis, assistant sec
retary ot the Y. M. C. A, of Cleveland,
addressed a good sized audience of young
men at the Bsptlst church, on Friday
evening, In the Interest ol the project of
organizing a Y. M. C A. la Elyria. Re.
publican, " "., " ' ;.,
!' I.I '. V) NoUctV '.i i t .. V: "
There will be a special meeting of the
Plttsfleld Grange held Saturday evening,
Dec, 1th,. All corns out a important
business Is to be transacted. . . ".
v v By order Johm Bsuutrr.W. X. f
-M ,. , , ' .
...1 .,, ,Litermry Notes.
Senium' Maoazisi for December It
a Holiday number of striking beauty and
attractiveness In Its illustrations, ud tht
text of the article will appeal to the fancy
and sympathy of readers, rather than to
their desire for Instruction in practical at
fairs. With the exception of the fourth
Instalment ol Harold Frederic's serial
each article Is complete In this Issue.
The contents include a sympathetic study.of
lift in the poorest quarterea of New York
tenements; a vigorous end paper, sure to
provoke discussion, by Edward J. Phelps,
Esq,. ex-minister to England ; a genial
and discriminating review of the, whole
field of American humorous drawings, by
J. A, Mitchell, the founder and editor of
Life; another story by B. C. Bunner, ed
Itor of Puck, whose "Zadoe Pine,'' and
"Squire Five-Fathom,'' In previous Christ.
mas Issues, will be recalled ; a vivid and
picturesque account of tome characteristic
Breton festivals; and , a tunny picture of
life and eccentric character on tome oi
the least frequented ot the Bahama
Islands. i .
Our Little Ones snd The Nursery enters
upon a new volume with the November
number. The Nursery It the veteran of
Msgszlnes for youngest readers, snd
those who read its earlier issues In child
hood are now active members of society,
speaking In the warmest terms of their
former favorite, and taking It for their
own children. Our Little Ones it ten
yesrs old, and Its million reader aie still
its strongest friends. The united Mata
xines have won a success never before
achieved by sny similar publication, and
to-day Our Little Ones snd The Nursery
stand alone, not omy in this country, but
In the world, ss a marvel of fitness for
little readers. ' Its llleatratlonesre always
new sod Iresh, Jrawn by the best artists,
and engraved for each number, under the
supervision of Mr. George T. Andrews,
tht sponsor lor so many artistic works
the counters ot the booksellers. It is very
csrefully edited by a well-known author.
It is largely used in schools and kinder
gartens, and Is an educator of the highest
cbsrscter In both family and school, not
only of the mind, but also of the taste
of its little readers. Published monthly
by the Russell PtmusHDra Co., Boston,
at 11.50 a year, a trial subscripton of three
months for 29 cots.
Good News. We went everv mother to
Know Inst croup can be prevented. True
croup never appears without wsrntng
The first symptoms Is hoarseness, then
the child appears to have tnken a cold or
a cold may nave accompanied the hoarse.
ness from the start Aftertbsta pecul
isrrougn cougn is aeveiopeu, which It
followed by the croup. The time to act i
when the child first becomes hoarse; 1
few doses of Chamberlain's Cough Rem.
edy would prevent the attack. Even after
the rough cough hu appeared, the disease
msy be prevented by using this remedy
as directed. The oaly sate way Is to keep
a 60 rent bottle of the Remedy In the
bouwi for use whenever tun symptoms of
the diaeaae appear. or sale by if red Ir
Felt Druggist
HORB-l'MBSTAETTBR.-At the reslaenee of
ths bride's mother, Cleveland. Ohio, en the
fftb. ot November, Martha Vmbitaetter to
Norton T. Horr, ef Cleveland.
HORR HEBABD. At the realdenes ef the
bride's parents. Sandy Creek, N. Y., oa the
nth. of November, by the Rev, f. Hebsrd
Mabel H., daughter ot the officiating elercy-
msn, to Chaa. W. Horr, Jr., Wellinctoa, 0
BAILOR-BERRY. At the M. X. panionase
Wellington, 0., en Thursday evening, Nov
VthH by Rev. W. 0. Dawson, Mr. Martin
Bailor and Miss Laura Berry, ef Speneer.
LOCKE. la Oakland. Cat, November loth
Edwta C. Loeke, aged SS years, t months, 13
dsys. Only son of ths late B. t. Loeke, and
present Mrs. M. C. Lamb,
: Cheese.
SiirrKXXTt rot Wbxx Endimo Nov. SO
Cheese, pkgs., weighing )s
Butter, " "
OhloStandard..... tt
Young America
Family Favorite .10
Oenernl Produce.
Butter, dairy, per M1....40.IO O 0.18
Creamery batter V .... is
Chickens.dressed.perft. S.07 009
VUH.SkUie.uiuawu, svs nv .
Turkeys,dressed'per b, 0.00
Bggt,peraos... ....... ..
Bam, smoked, per It... 0.08
Tallow, per tb 0.03
Bides, per tb 0.00
Round btesk ,1
Shoulder 8teak
Potatoes, per bu
Apples, dried, In quart.
era and cored, per S 0.08 .
Applet, sliced. 1 .03
. 13)
. 14
. 10
. 40
Clover Seed 8.75 Ot 8.00
Grain, Plonr and Feed.
Flour, per sack (48 ks). . 1 1 . 20 1 . 20
Grahsm flour, perewt.. 8.00
Corn meal, per cwt,.. 0.00 , , 1.00
Chop.percwt. ......... 1.00 1.00
Middlings, perewt..'.;. 0.0O " 0.70
Bran, perewt...;..1.... 0.00 , 0.70
Oil Meal, perewt...... 0.00. -1.60
Corn, shelled, per bosh. 0.00 ' 0.48
Corn, in ear, por bush. 0.00 0.43
Wheat ,...'... 0.00 0.80
Oats per bus... 0.20 0 22
i ,
..!. .1
1 H 1
. MUk
v '!;. Afccluts!y puree I
Thlspewesrawrar fanes." A ami ef rttf ,
Irragth sat wSloai inw. Mots tcoaoaitca)
Ua ik ardlnarr kli4, an4 Cannot tolt la
oaipctltloa witk th maltilwl of low tctt, to
Wvixbt, ilen orphoaphMpowdra. Sold on It id
Ci. Korel tKUng PowSot Va,, IUS Wall St
eV. Te ' '''', ' "
The effect of nslnc Hibbard s Rheov
matie Syrnp Is unlike sll medicines con
taining opiates or poisons, It being entirely
freefiom tbem. It cures rheumatism by
purifying the blond.' '
, ' WINTEB ..;
Is coming on, and with h Coughs, Cold,
Catarrh, Asthma, Bronchitis and Coo
sumption, . . .......
Drs. Oatchell of 174 Eurlld Avenue,
Cleveland, publish s little book on the
prevention and cure of such troubles by
home treatment; this they will msil for
one two-cent stamp. 48
Go to N. P. Robinson's for your holiday
160 acres of land in Lake Co. Mich. fb
real estate or personal property In this
vicinity. A bargain given II sold soon. .
n a. a. Bates, iixmiid, U,
The largest stock of Dolls In town st,N.
FOR SALE. A desirable house and)
lot on Barker street ; also one on De Wolf
street Above, property is offered very
cheap; Enquire of R. N. Gooowni 01
Great bartaint in holiday iroods at N.
P. Robinsou!
Tho Lane Bros.
Are produciesr iportralts that astonish thel
people who have been looking lor high)
class portraits at low price a We can sell
ss caeap as anyone ana proa ace belles
work. We can show testimonials fromf
nromineni people in tna, state ss wen as
New York.Oonnectlcot and Massschnsetw
where we were very successful. '
American Mouse Lanb Bsoa. '.
Drugs and Medicines' ot sll kinds and
of the very best qusllty at N. P. Robin
son's. . , 1
State Buckwheat Flour ean be found at .
N. P. ltoBiirsoB's.
E. Benedict hss lust received some fins
tingle and double barrel shot-guns at low
prices. He It beadootrters for tmnntion.
of ill kinds. 1 . 45-M
House and Lot for Rale.
My house and lot can be bought on very
rtatonnble Inns or lieii for esfh. For
panlcuUra Inquire C. bace or J. W.
Wilbur Wellington, O.
FOR SALE. An Argnnd Base Burnei
in use one sessoo. Enquire ol B. Wsdt
worth A Son.
For H horse blankets, go to J. M. Otter-
I keep a supply of choice dslry butter
in qnsnlltlet to suit purchasers on hand tt
til times. C. Willabo.
Farm For Sale or Rent
A choice farm containing 75 seres, situ-
sled IH miles east of Center of Penfleld.
Good house, barn and out buildings, all in
excellent repair; 50 acres river bottom;
belghborbood unexcelled; title perfect;
terms easy. For further lntormation in
quire of V. J. Krebbs, Penfleld, or Lyman
Hcoville, on township line road between
Penfleld and Wellington. 36tf
For new styles of elegsnt trunks right
from the factory go to Otterbacher'a.
Otterbucher keeps a full line ol shswl
straps, valises and telescopes.
A full line of woll and lap robes at
Itcb, Mange, and Scratches on bnman
or nnimals cured in 80 minutes by Woe!-.
lord's rjcnusry Lotiui. in) never tall.
Sold bv E. W. Adams. Drugstist. Welling.
ton, Ci.lt. 4y '
J. M. Crabtree will pay the highest
market prices lor live and dressed bugk
veal calyes, dry ami grt-i Miles and pelts
Goto OtterbaclH-r's foi hotte blankets
If you have neuralgia, old, sore thit,
tUv use Pratt's Faniily Liniment Sold,
by druggirt.
A Card.
Free Hand Crayon Portrait wotk a
speciality, bv '
Mks. M L Mabsuall,
Wellington, O 6
Residence on N. Msln St
Try Prati'a Horsu Liulment 6ur cui
for ail blemishes, bold by druggists.
Ultertwcher's stn k ut harness is com-
A number ot our friends hsve asked ua '
why we do pot advertise.. Others bsve ,
tola us they htve called on our neighbor
who bat a sensation for us about every '
new moon because they did not know
1 hero waa any other dentist In Wellington. '
We are not surprised; bat we are hen, I
nd hope to stay. Are doing good work
ind a satisfactory busineas, thank you. .
Dr. Holbruok waa one of the Hoibrook '
Itro'a who first came to Wellington 13 '
years sgn. He bssbsd 15 yesrs experience. -VVe
do all SorU of plale work known, gold
oiown work, MlKtin gold filling. 1 ',
Successors to Dr. H. J. Hoibrook.
'-'Notice .:,"::::y ;;vJ
lo those hsving book accounts with tis.V
We wlnh all accounts settled by January '
1B1, tun, 1 1
(52) . ' Lachdoh Wimdkcxbr ds Co,
.' Furniture I .FurnJtsrel - Mr"!
Any one in. need of firut-olaBV;
furniture of any design will please -call
onus. We will maLa it an,
object, as we want tb closo ont onr, '
nresent utatb.

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