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' ViKKNA, Va , Nov. 21, 1889.
Cdltor o( Thi EitiiU'um: ',
I think If some itf tb aim Id Ohio who
. Toted to turn the Mot toward a Democratic
' victory couW live under Ha regime her Id
tBoath thry would repent tbe error of
Wr Jolog: If It' tiient,'n it does here,
h death knell .to asy hope of progress
or he possibility1 pt nf nwsrd;. BMch
'for the next lour years, t least T,t De.
aiocracy in the North moan cooservstivs
law, made in the Interest and welfare of
the whole, peopleand , only entrusted to
totlier officer! to be -executed Impartially,
without tear or favor, thea It has dlflet
ent meaning or significance than here in
its application . to the common welfare.'
If It oan be ealdjthal fbe Urlf blanket or
the liquor question were potent factors n
deciding the contest for political suprem
acy la Ohio, it it sure end certain they
had not the slightest Influence here, where
the only hnues were against the Bourbon
rale W creed that had so lowg blighted
the powers awl possibilities of oar Bute
towards a new era In her history. V
Virginia to-day has more than thirteen
million acres of wild,' uncultivated lands
as slavery's heritage and war's desolation
. that scarcel' peyt a dollar's revenue; and
yet we have a bonded Indebtedness of
near 140,000.000 lor which aa English syn
dicate Is clamorinc at the door, of our
treasury. Out lands are poor and unpro
ductive; out mines and industries are Idle
Or paralysed, and our people groaning
nder a high and oppressive tsxatioo
which, high as it Is, yields no more rev
sue than to meet the running expenses,
and ' not a dollar of interest is paid ou tbe
debt represented by the bunds. Tbe in
terest on those bonds, as it would nccumn
late for a number oi years, is indexed on
the ooupons, and here comes In our Dem
ocratic finance and pure and unadultert
atad commercial honesty for on the face
at the coupons it says, ''Receivable at and
sifter maturity for all taxes, debts and de
mands due tbe State." , Now, let's see how
the Virginia Democrats redeem this prom
ise atid honor tbelr Unsocial pledge.
A tax or fine teudered In coupons Is re
fused by every Treasurer In tbe common
wealth; a citizen assessed ;wlth' 'a tine
locked up in Jail after he bad offered cou
pons (o payment of his line; and right
aere in my own county a capias pro floe
was served on the obligor ol a ball bond,
coupons were tendered and refused, and s
chancery suit wss then brought snd Is
now pending to sell bis home to settle the
Deri feoios, notwitbslsodlng coupons and
money bad been tendered in payment ol
tbe forfeited ball bond snd all court costs
la the matter. Now these cases nd thou
sands of others are matters of public
record ; and the whole record of tbe State
since tbe war has been of nakept faith
tnd lost honor In her dealings with her
creditors. In ber beggarly defense she
sets up the claim, first, that these bonds
were Heated at a loss ot sixty per cent of
tbelr face value ; and second, that as their
iwue was for Internal Improvements, West
Virginia should be msde by Congress, or
soma other power, to pay s proportionate
share tf it, lor she bd the benefit rA a
part of It snd did not inlTVr such losses by
(be war. It Is tbe Republican bellel tbat
there is s Isw lo ttie unwritten code tbst
is Just s (vrtineut and applicable to
Btates ss to individuals that honesty and
fair dealing demand the p iyment of debts
contracted In good faith, and the faithful
fulfillment of all contracts and obligations,
not ouly because it is right snd Just, but
absolutely essential to financial success
and 8 sure prosperity. It has been pub
licly charged against them that no matter
how much of a Republican majority was
polled against tbem tbey sold tbst tbe re
turns would, be Counted into a Democratic
success. Virginia for Vlrginl ins wss their
campaign cry, and their whole treatment
of all not ol tbeir political faith has been
Intolerance and proscription.' A Repre
sentative stumping the Stale for Repub
lican men and measures wss denied ac
commodations at a prominent hotel, and
here In my own precinct, so close to Wash
legion that tbe reflection on the clouds of
Its electrio lights are seen from the win
dow beside me as I write, two incidents
which came under my notice will show
how unjust was ths discrimination in re
ceiving tbe ballots. Two native born Vlr
gtntans employed In Washington, but
claiming tbis their boms, offered their bal
lots tinder precisely similar conditions,
jsnd one was accepted and voted Demo
cratic, while one was rejected without giv
ing ny reason, end all tha Judges knew
he would vote Republican. ';
Virginia has a warm, temperate climate,
and her hidden wealth and undeveloped
resources are nnequaled ' by any of the
sisterhood of Elates; and when her laws
are made In keeping with the needs snd
requirements el a present day Hod ' hbur,
executed In the Interest and welfare "of all
alike, without class or creed, throwing
wide the doors In the invitation to' capi
talists and lftbor, using all means to secure
the occupation of ber desolate lands snd
development of her mines, then she ' will
be what tbe new States hsve become since
war destroyed her hillsides and valleys,
rich, prosperous and happy. (
W. Bchdhtb Liwis.
The vast amount of labor performed by
the heart la keeping all portions of the
body supplied with blood Is not generally
known. It beats 100.000 times and forces
' the blood at the rate of 108 miles a day,
which li 3,000,000,000 times and 8,150880
miles in a Ille time. No wonder there
are so many Heart Fail area. The first
symptoms are shortness of breath wben
eiercising, pain la the side or stomach,
fluttrlnn, choking in throat, oppression,
Oien follows west hungry or smothering
spalls, swollen ankles, elo. Dr. Franklin
Id iles' Nbw lixutf Cum is tbe only reli
able remody, Bold by B. W. Adams.
J.T7. DonfjMon
PuMio Aware, Wellington, i
- ' - ! '
Has just received a choice assort
ment oi UookB, Albums, ana goous
for the Holiday Trade. .Please
inspect i -nliJjfil '! ;
Artists' Materials,
Faints, Colors for Oil, Pastel and
. ... Crayon work. ,
Choice Stationery, in bulk and in
'.v.'vBoxea, " Vm.- - .
Legal Blanks, . Beoeipts, :Note
; Poms, Diaries, Pocket-books,
y I Calendars, etc., etc.' jj f j
Houghton's Cough Rem-
'xnjis ledy;- ;
la composed of the most valuable
balsams and extracts, and stands
nnequaled for all diseases of tbe
throat and lungs. ; ' j :
Houghton's Liver. PiJIs,
The beBt family remedy for bilious.
,- , ness, sick headache, etc, .'
Houghton's ( Glycerine
A superior article for e happ e
hands and face also an excel-
lent application for the -i
; r - taoe after sharing. '.
A safe and sure remedy for ab
scesses,' running sores, fresh
wounds, bruises, sprainB, local in.
flamm&tion. lameness, rheumatism
etc. Its healing power is truly won.
derfuL Valuable lor man ana beast.
Fine Perfumes, Extracts, Colognes
and Sachet Powder.
Chest and Lung Protectors, Trus-
, , , sea Dyringea, eic.
Large Assortment ot Patent Medi
cines. . . .
' ; . A Specialty,
and carefully prepared from select
ed drugs, herbs, chemicals 4 c.
Spectacles and Eye Glasses to fit
all cases ol detective vision.
Facilities have to he in
creased to accommo
date the volume
of business.
; ;''., .!, t
Desires to extend a cordial invi
tation to the people of Wellington
and vicinity to visit his new quar
ters, in the Emerson block,' next
to J. 8. Mallory k Co's Btore on
the north side ot
Since his 'opening on' the 'north
side of Liberty : street, ' one year
ago,' he has been ' greeted" with
hundreds' of people 1 who - come
daily ' to trade, and as the Jesuit
of the increased multitudes, he
has been forced to secure a more
commodious place. .
An attempt to enumerate the
ai tides he has in stock would be
folly, hence" a few. of . the - more
staple articles will be named: A
complete stock of Groceries 'and
Provisions constantly on hand',' he
selects his own' Coffee and roasts
it; Fresh and Canned' Fruits; Im
ported and Domestic' Cigars; an
excellent line of the best brands
of Tobaccos. His stock of
is complete and will be sold at
exceedingly low prices.
will be under the (immediate su
pervision offWesley Brinsmade,
who is ever ready to give attention
to customers. The fixtures are
all new and the finest in the city.
Thanking - the people for their
very liberal patronage, yon are
invited to visit the new store.
His Drng Departmen
Harper's "Weekly.
HAiria's 'Wsid.t has a vU-eatat)Ushs4
plsee ss tbs leading Illustrated aewapapwla
America. Ths fairness ot its editorial eoas
DMnts oa tomat polities has earned tor It
the respeet sod eonSdenes ot all Impartial
readers, and the variety ana eioelleao ol Its
Utatarv contents, which laoludes serial and
short stories hi the best and siost pepalar
writers, fit II for the perusal ot people ef She
widest rang t taste and pursuits.', Ths
Wbsslv supplements an. st remarkable
variety, Interest, and value. Mo expess Is
spared te bring the highest order ot artlstle
ability te bear upon the Illustration ot the
changeful phased ot Borne and foreign hlitory.
A Mexleaa romance, from the pea ot Taenia
A.Jiruia, win appear la ths Wsulv la 1S
'; .7 . ,. , Far Tsari
4 o
Pf frm ss alt mhMUn U A tjnifi
ttatm, CosaoVa, or Afartoo, r; , (j. t v
. ,'':( -i. - i p' .'f.:.' ,T vi1
Ths Volumes ef the Wssnv begia with ths
Snt aamber for Janaary at eaeh year. Whes
ae Mmeis epeeiaed. sabserlptlsas wilt bofls
with tbe Hnmbsr enrrent at time ot reoelpl ot
order. , . -. -. -v. ; t, s;r i-;
Boand Volumes ot Hasms'S Wssaxr tor
throe years back, la aeat sloth blading, will
be sent by null, postage paid, or by express,
tree ot expense (provided ths freUht does aot
f xoeed ens dollar per volume), tor $7 00 per
volume.. .,,j ,,,, -., ...... .
. Cloth Cases tor eaeh volume, suitable for
binding, will be seat by mall, post-paid, oa
reeelpt ol 1 0Q aaek. ;t ,s; ; . ,(; . .
Remittances should be suds by Post-efflos
atoaey order er Draft, to avoid ebaaee ot loss.
Aompepsp Ml Is n Ait aihwtipwimt
Moat nW oavrat Snkr Hiarsa t Bxorasss.
Address! DARPKIt ft BBOTKtRS, New Tort-
r .Vf t.: . '. J " '". .. t .
lii.'i - 'it.'! '
Tlie 'Olinstmas
Toy3, Novelties arid
Dpll3. : Baskets a Specialty. . '
east end
. .: t .. . i
$1 A YE AR.
ff eeHy Plain 'Dealer
An) 8 raga.S Coloma, . .
Stress ' AggrcTi JDcaowatic , hrit,
Ths Plain Dealer will devote ((self earnestly
to the restoration ot Pemooratlo supremaey
In the councils of ths nUon. ' .' ' t
The Plain Dealor bellens In sqaal rights and
an honest votei that unnecessarr taxation Is
nnjuit Uxatlom that "monopolies" and
"trusts" are a monaoe to our free Institntlona.
The Plain Dealer print a eomplete epitome
ot tut news, in erery issuo. , , (, ,. ( f,k ..,
.' SnbrtripMa Mm Only It a Year.'
Aeeuratsand reliable IfARKKT REPORTS
-complete snd exact. The Plain Dealer perer
sareany fsrmer many dollars. ' . t
specially valuable and opea to all subscribers
iree oi cnarcs. ,.., -,.
Kdltorial Sketches, Illustrated Artlolea.
Famllr Council, and many other attractive
leaiurea, maaing ii i
' Vrce Sample to Anyone. , .,,
287 Bank 8t aeveland, O. '
Cash commissions paid to Postmasters or
Dorx-Wobave made arrangements with ths
publlabers ol the Weekly Plain Dealer, which
enable us to club that paper with TliBiEN,
TUKPHloB lor ixuoa year, i -. .
J. M. Loose Bid Clover Co. Oeotsi
Please find enclosed tl for one bottle
Loose's Bed Clover Extrsct I used It
last fell for dlrihettts and am entirely
cured. My daughter wants lo take It as a
spring, medicine, i mini n is s wooner
lul meaicme. 1 - 1 "
YonrsTrol, JOBNKNAGQ8.
, - v.l.i ' . ' ... " '
forget ; . , .
Notions. A full" line of
1 ;
oiEVFJjAJsrp, dmo, ;
We wish to extend a oocdial lnvitsition to the PEOPLE OP NORTHERN OHIO when In Cleve
land tovlalt OUR NBW BTORE, NOS. 22 AND 24 EUCLID AVENUE. Blnoeour opening lat April we
have had thousands of visitors, and we hope to welcome many more daring the HOLIDAY BE A. SON. We
wm attempt no description of the Btore m this article, but will quote the closing sentence of an editorial
that recently appeared In the New York Son: For the most beautiful example of a Grocers Palace In
this country, all eyes must now be turned to Cleveland. ' New York certainly has nothing like It"
Fine Groceries, Fresh Fruits,
Impo and Domestic Cigars, ;
- "I ; Fine Confectionery.
Those who wish to lay In a Winter supply of CANNED GOODS can save money
the Case or Dozea ..r. .-r
All Orders received by Mail ,or In person from out of town patrons receive prompt attention and are
sent to the baggage rooms or shipped, as may be directed, and all orders amounting to $20 or over shipped
Freight Prepaid.! We therefore offer Goods at Cleveland prioos at your own homes. Monthly Accounts
kept with parties who establish their credit with as.
HaVUS Purchased the entira
send, I am now prepared to furnish
living prioesr ft v "' ,"1
mmnoii biiidubs Aim mximz
Sterling and Tiffin Hay I Tedders Tiger one and twoiorse Sulky
r. Kakes, Buckeye and Maltia Sulky Cultivators, Little Giant
j : Dieei J!Tame feiiovel Uultivator, with Hilling At- ky T. -.
P 1 tachments, 95. Steel and Wood Reversible- '
;;'.,' niV':;-; d PuUeys, Milburn t.. :;:-:7FA
. r. . ... '...I. (i " ... ". .-
Manila and Hemp Twine, Binder
i " r n Uliver Chilled, Gale
Bepalra for Champion
r 'i ",.r-.r
, I- ' "to . '.',! . ) ' 1
.Wellington, Ohio."-' !
ij.'i. i? J if ni.'i .!.-'-' i
.NOW. OPEN? the largest, most unique and complete
assortment of ' ''.'..V.,". -,J Z-' i KY'KrC?7l'; ''uV''ll'.
At popular, prices. ' The j assortment embraces ; a Vfie
range of articles', both useful and ornamental.'-' Special
displays are made on lower basement floor ; Ve hae
prepared a NO VEt'lUXIlIBIT which wp know ,wiil prove
worth your time to' examine. ' "We advise anEAELY
visit, because at the low prices thet will tbe rapidly
sold. All this", in addition, to our well-known fullest
FAN6Y GOODS, at prices less for , equal ..ralue-than
can be named by boasting competition.' U-tn,;?.?' '"-!.i
ITorwallr, Ohio, Doo,
1104, 1100 AND 1103 EUCLID AVENUE.
ntnek anrl VinainnRa nf O. E. Town.
any of the following articles ttt
:, ,;v
i t: t. :(! !
and Stack Covers,' Feed Cutters,
and Imperial lTottw i -"V . -'.V
: Binders and Mowers.
.1. 4
jh w "u " -t -:-"- f'"T 1 t t '';'
.'T .( -tj V r.r i'
.t. m li, t; - . , : r
2d, 1S89.
r s-'.i. v '' i ' ' '
" ir.-'-n t- v, -i r
.if i .'f
. v. 1 li .
by buying them by
;f , -v .-i
y r . t i a-h i -

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