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. J B.SM11H, Proprietor, i '
I General News Summary.
Intercstlner Home and Foreign News,
' Sbhats, Deo. s. Immediately after the fowl
ing of the Journal, a message wa reoelved from
the Hoiim announcing the organization of that
body. The President's message was reoelved
and was read by Secretary ot the Sonata
McCoolc. It was listened to wltn close etten-
live minutes. On motion of Mr. Sherman, the
mesnnge was laid on the table and ordered
Iah rPVt Ninillnn niunnloil anliniiiiarrl iann.
printed and the Senate adjourned.
House At the conclusion ot the reading ol
the journal, the President's mossage was re
ceived and read by the clerk. But little atten
tion wiis paid to the reading of the message,
which consumed nearly two hours. The mes
sage was ordered printed mid referred to the
Committee of the Whole. Under authority given
by the lust Sundry , Civil Appropriation bill the
Speaker appointed Messrs. Bayne, Hltt, Carter,
Culberson, of Texas, and Cummings as a com
mittee on the oentenniul celebration. The Bouse
then adjourned until the 5th.
Bsnati, Deo. . Messrs. Pierce and Casey,
the new Senators from North Dakota, were
worn in. Mr. Hoar's resolution providing a
mode for ascertaining by lot the classes to
which the Senators from the three new States
North Dakota, South Dakota and Washington
shall be assigned (as to their respective terms
of service) was agreed to and the drawing by
lot was proceeded with, resulting as follows!
Mr, Squire, from the State of Washington, was
assigned to the class ot Senators whose term
expires March S, imi, and Mr. Allen to the class
expiring March S, 1RU3; South Dakota Senator
Moody, March S, 1HD1, and Mr. Pettlgrew, March
8, lMtt; North Dakota Senator Pierce, March
S, and Mr. Casey, March , I HO. Most
of the day's session was devoted to the
Introduction of bills, the number presented
being fieri, many ot them measures which had
failed to become laws during the last Congress
Among the number were the following: Declar
ing trusts and combinations In restraint of trade
and production unlawful; to make and alter
regulations as to the times, places and manner
of holding elections for Representatives la Con.
grass; for the free oolnageof silver; reducing
letter postage to one cent per ounoe; to refund
tht direct taxes under the act of 1801; to per
petuate the National banking system; to In
crease the efficiency of the army; to prohibit
objectionable foreign emigration; to relieve the
railway mall servloe from the operation of the
Civil Service law. After a brief executive ses
sion the Senate adjourned.
Hoimi.-The House was not la session.
Sesatb, Dec 5. After the introduction and
reference of a number of bills, Mr. Reagan ad
dressed the Senate la advocacy of his bill tor
the repeal of so much of the third section of the
act of I87& as provides for the sale ot bonds so
as to produce a reserve for the redemptloa ot
legal tender Botes. Mr. In galls was elected
president pro tern, of the Senate during the
absence of the Vice President, and the Senate
then adjourned nnlU the Mb.
Hoosa. The Speaker laid before the house a
communication from J. P. Leedom, late Ser-grant-el-Arms
ot the House, stating that C E.
Bllrott, cashier In his office, had absconded,
leaving his accounts 175,000 short. A resolution,
was adopted snthorlxlng the Speaker to appoint
a select committee ot seven members to Investi
gate the amounts of the office and report to the
House. The following were named the commit
tee: Adams, Stewart of Vermont, Payne, Reed
of Iowa, Holman, Blount and Hemphill. The
Speaker then appointed the following commit-
mot: un nuiee me speaaer, siciuniey, una-
boo, Carlisle and Randall; oa Aecounu-
Bpooner, Booth man, Kelly of Kansas, McCord,
Hanshrongh, Hayes, Crimes, Lee and Kerr; oa
Enrolled Hills Kennedy of Pennsylvania,
Moore of New Hampshire, KlhrrrS ul Will.
va House thea adjourned untu ue vta.
. W .... Washington'.
' A
.1.. "
The Iran-American Congress on the
4th finished consideration of the rules
for governing the proceedings. ' The
rules as adopted exclude representatives
of the press and are intended to make
the proceedings secret. I
The aggregate total collections of in
ternal revenue for the first four months
of the current fiscal year amounts to
$16,783,350, as against $43,78,m for the
corresponding month last year. I
At a meeting on the 6th of prominent
Mlsslsslppians In Washington to take
appropriate action on the death of Jef
ferson Davis, Justloe L. Q. C Lamar
presided and the entire Mississippi dele
gation in Congress was present Resolu
tions of sympathy and affection were
adopted and telegraphed to Mrs. Davis
at New Orleans.
It is reported that the President ex
pects to be able to make a practical re
organization of the Supreme Court
within eighteen months. Justice Miller,
Field and Bradley have signified their
intention to retire within that time.
Attorney General Miller, in bis an
nual report of the Department of Jus
tice during the last fiscal year, says
that 300 suits, involving 82,000,000, have
been brought under the ordinary Juris
diction ot tho Court of Claims during
the year,
It was reported on the 6th that Oliver
L. Barbour, author of "Harbour's Re
ports" and numerous other law works,
wss at the point of death In Saratoga,
N. Y. lie la seventy-eight years of age.
Robert and George Lilly, aged respect
ively six and four years, were suffocated
by smoko during a $50 fire on the 6th in
the basement of a New York flat house.
The mother had locked them up in the
room while she went marketing.
In the postponed election in Provi
dence, R. I., on the 6th Henry R. Barker
(Rep.) waa re-elected mayor over Hiram
Howard (Dem.) by a majority of 763.
General W. F. Palfrey, a war veteran
and historian of note, whose home was
in Boston, Mass,, died recently at Cannes,
Franoc. ,
The Quald woolen mills at Quasic
Creek, N. Y., turned on the 6th, entail
ing a loss of $80,000.
At Buffalo, N. Y., on the 6th Carl Pe
terson wss killed and Edward Kimball
fatally injured by the falling of a chim
ney during a fire In Carter's machine
shop,' where the men were employed.
? .ioWM ?"n'8,fed ex-,
tent oi $25,000. ,
A paint mill at Newton, L. I., was
burned rowntly and soon afterward, In
the ground beneath the ruins, a "moon-,
shiners" nest was discovered. In the
vats were 3,000 gallons of mash. It Is
aid the concern bad been running ten
of them beluga justioeof the peace.
' Business failures occurring through'
out the country during the seven days
ended December 6 number 816, as com
pared with 240 the previous weok. Fur
the corresponding weok last year .the
figures were 80S. ,
The Now York firm of Rumple, Smith
A Co. have been awarded by the Ha
vana (Cuba) authorities, a contract to
erect a system oX waterworks for that
city at a cost of $2,000,000. The firm
was successful against a number of
European bidders. ; .
Levi E. Fuller, a prominent business
man of Napoll, N. Y., bus flod to Canada.
An examination ot bis books and papers
shows that he has kept up a systematic
banking; business on forged notes for
thirteen yeaijs, floating as high as sev
enty notes a year, aggregating 86,000.
While engaged In thawing out frozen
dynamite cartridges In a railroad shanty
at Howard Junction, Pa., on the 6th, G.
Mahrotta and D. Lutte were Instantly
killed by an explosion, which shattered
the shanty to splinters. 6. Marganita,
a Hungarian, was blown Into the air and
badly cut and bruised, but will recover.
Regarding the statement recently pub
lished that a great Roman Catholic bank
with a capital of $100,000,000 was about
to be started in New York City, Arch
bishop Corrlgan says the whole thing is
a gigantic scheme of swindling, to which
he has never in any shape or form given
sanction or countenance.
Four longshoremen wore burned to
death and seven others Injured in a fire
whloh partially destroyed the National
steamship pier on North river. New
York, on the 7th. The lire originated
in a number ot bales of cotton at the
river end of the plor.
The authorities ot New Haven, Conn.,
have decided to provldq children of the
city with free school books and have ap
propriated 830,000 for the purpose.
The weekly statement of the New
York associated banks.lssued on the 7th,
shows the following changes: Reserve
decrease, 81,188,000; loans decrease,
81,771,000; apeoie decrease, $783,800;
legal tondors docreaBe, 3809,800; depos
its decrease, $1,073,300; circulation da
crease, 821,800. The banks hold 8083.
150 in excess of the twenty-five per cent,
Charles Waloott, night watchman of
the Farmers' and Mechanics' bank of
Fort Worth, Tex., and Lee Rotlly have
been arrested for robbing the bank of
I 6,000 silver dollars.
The bookkeeper
' failod to turn the knob ot the oomblna-
, tlon lock on the vault a few nights ago.
and Walcott sent for Reilly, who came
with a sack and the two carried the
sliver out of the vault Part of the
plunder was recovered.
Of the five Indians sontenced to be
banged at Florence, Arizona, on the 6th,
! three committed suicide In their colls
' the night previous by tying a strip of.
cloth around their necks. Two were
the murderers of Jones at Dudleyvllle,
September 15, 1888, and one the mur
derer of Diehlon the San Pedro reserva
tion, June 8, 1887.
Chris Kroeger, a conductor on the
Missouri Paoifio railroad, was fatally
stabbed by a drunken miner near Joplln,
Mo., wbllo attempting to eject him for
.,,. i ki, ..,
tetMlng to pay bis faro,
' ' T'il, fVw MVt(ln Mtutiittnf tpHwfe Ml
the 5th for murdering his mistress at
Marianna, Ark., wa shot dead bj.-t6,
BharlfT.. i 2 . v
.' AtOakland. Cal. recently Judire Alex
ndrr .I.aidluw oalised a scandal by ap-
. . i w i
pcurtug til jjuuiju m au iuwxicah-'u wit-
ditlon. On the 6th he apologized from
the bench, condemning himself severe
ly, and imposed upon himself a fine of
$50 which be paid over to the bailiff.
A syndicate of English capitalists has
just purchased for $2,000,000 all the coal
mines, nino in number, on the line of
the Hannibal & 8t Josoph railroad in
Macon County, Mo. Possession will be
given to the purchasers on January 1.
In a runaway accident at Portland,
Ore., on thd 6th Mrs. James Roach was
Instantly killed, and the wife of Judgo
Seneca Smith fatally injured.
Commodore J. R. Mltcholl, who died
at Richmond, Va., on the 6th, was a
coinmodoro in the Confederate navy.
He was captured by his relative, Ad
I mlral Farragot, at the battle of New
' Orleans, and after bis release com
manded iron-clada in the James river.
Ho died without taking the oath of
allegiance to the United States.
Governor Taylor, of Tennessee, has
sent letters to the Governors of all
States asking their co-operation in tho
purpose ot the Non-partisan National
Jackson Club to honor that patriot's
memory. The first annual meeting is
to be bold In Memphis, January 8.
The election at St Louis on the 6th
of officers of the Farmers' and Laborers'
Union resulted in the choice of L. L.
Polk, ot North Carolina, president; D.
II. Clover, Kansas, vice president; J. H.
Turner, Georgia, secretary; J. W. nick
man, Missouri, treasurer; UonjsminTcr
rlll, Texas, lecturer.
In the Beacon mines at Oskaloosa, la.,
on the 6th, while several miners were at
work blasting, a large mass of slate was
loosened and fell, crushing: out the life
' of Henry Lawrence, a miner, and injur
ing several others.
Casper Clispy entered the house of
John Anson at St Louis on the 7th
while tho family were at breakfast He
bad previously been payfng court at
Mary, one of Anson's daughters, but bad
been forbidden the house by Anson. As
Clispy entered be drew a revolver and
opened fire oa the family, fatally
wounding Anson, his daughter Mary,
and a younger sister, aged seventeen.
He then drew anothor revolver and
sent two bullets lntbis own brain, kill
ing hlmsolf instantly. Clispy was a
confirmed opium eater and undoubtedly
A nnmW rt Chftkrrft Tntva .oTti.lr. In
. .,,. .,
a quantity of liquor from a aaloon and
drank M frf?0,y o ,t that onfl( John
Mahoney, dlod from tho effoots a few
houri ialor. several others may not
rO0ovcr. '
Tiw, ' Tjr.wll, rw, V. ,.. .v.
, Tth passed aontenoe on tho convicted
I penitentiary for life; Syphrogen Mocha
jd LmUs Smith, twelve yiarsln the
penitentiary; Gerome Meche, two years
in the penitentiary. The cases of all
will be carried to the Supreme Court (
The United States steamship Thetis
arrived at Han Francisco on the 7th,
having completed an eight months'
cruise," The Thetis baa traveled along
the entire coast line of Alaska and made
a longer cruise than has ever bonn at
tempted by any other vossol in one sea
son. . '
A body of masked men entered Chrls
tiansburg, Va., on. the night oi. the 6th
tolynoh two men named Cooper, bold
there for murder. The authorities were
warned' in advance,, posse, was sum
moned, and the prisoners were carried
away and concealed. '. . .. .
A Yankton (8. D.) dispatch says there
are 3,500 people in; Minor County, that
State, who are depending upon aid re
ceived from outside to enable them to
survive the winter. . Throe carloads of
provisions have been sent thorn from
Yankton. Reports from Bottineau Coun
ty are to the effeot that the sottlers there
are subsisting upon bran and shorts.
Upward of 300 are utterly dostitute. :
Harry Franklin, a western desperado,
who recently assaulted and attempted
to rob Mayor Wilton, of Litchfield, 111.,
was on the 7th sentenced to twenty-four
years in the penitentiary.
Zeb Konnard, convicted of horse steal
ing, was on the 7th 'sentenced at Sulli
van, 111., to sixty-four years in the peni
tentiary. At Russellville, Ky on the 8th John
Cole, a negro dosperado, was shot and
killed by A. M. Crewdson, a traveling
salesman. Cole was oaught .robbing a
store whloh be had broken open, and at
tempted to escape. .,..,.
Henry Frieae, LL. D., ' professor of
Latin and literature, soionce and art at
the University ot Michigan, died at Ann
Arbor on the 7th. . ,
About 8100,000 will be raised for Jef
ferson Davis' family by the sale of part
of valuable land of his estate in Arkan
sas. Lindsay & Robson's extensive flour
mills at Humboldt Kan., were destroyed
by fire on the 7th. Loss, $100,000; half
A case without parallel in American
politics Is on trial in the District Court
at Llnooln, Neb. A Republican who was
unseated as a delegate in a county con
vention sues the party by whose evi
dence before the committee on creden
tials he was unseated for $2,000 damages,
including expenses and the harrowing
condition usually accompanying an un
successful candidate.
The American artists, John Sargent
Alexander Harrison and Bidgeway
Knight have been appointed Chevaliers
of the Legion of Honor in recognition
of the merit ot their works shown at the
Paris exposition. The order of the Ag
ricultural Merit was conferred upon
David Ring, F. C. Blckford, James
Cheescman and Riohard Dodge.
The German steamer Duburg, which
left Singapore October 25 for Hong
Kong, had not been heard from and it Is
feared she was lost in the recent ty
phoon. She had four hundred passen
gers on board.
The bark British Monarch, Captain
Morrow, which sailed from Hamburg
October 1 for Sydney, has been burned
at sea. Sixteen of the crew were, saved.
A boat containing six otbetf '"yWliuilna;.
AlZanitlbar dlspatoh'alL7Jt7r
advlfos confirm the report of the mas
sacre: of Dr. Peters' party.' , The camp
was .encircled by 1,300 Somalia at mid
night and not a single member of the
expedition escaped.
At the coming session of the British
Parliament the Government will ask
that the London police be increased by
one thousand men.
Searle, the champion oarsman of the
world, is reported to be dying of typhoid
fover at Adelaide, Snath Australia.
Several National banks now holding
government deposits have informed the
Comptroller of the Currenoy that they
are contemplating an lnorease of their
note issues, by utilising the bonds now
held to secure deposits as a basis for
At Holyoke, Col., on the night of the
8th a masked mob of White Capa took
J. S. Bennett and W. D. Kelsey, two
prominent attorneys, from their beds,
snd not allowing them to dress, drove
them two miles in the country where
they administered the most brutal horse
whipping and warned them to leave the
country. The victims afterward reached
borne in a critical condition. The
trouble baa grown out of the county
Boat war.
A dispatch received at Washington
on the 9th says that Sllobtt the default
ing cashier of the Sorgeant-at-Arms' of
fice, haa been captured at Hamilton,
Ont, and will be held for extradition.
Justus A. Ratiibonb, founder of the
Knights of Pythias, died at Lima, O.,
on the 9th. He was born at Deerfleld,
N. Y., in 1839. i
The application of Rev. Sam Small for
ordination in the Protestant Episcopal
church is being considered by a commit
tee or ministers at Atlanta, Ga. Mr.
Small haa been a minister of the Metho
dist church, but bis family are Episco
palians. ,
A Mono the numerous bills introduced and
referred In the Senate on the tth were the fol
lowing: Tor the admission ot the Btetes ot
Idaho and Wyoming Into the Union ; to equalize
the bounties of soldiers and sailors ot the late
war; to provide for the temporary government
of the territory of Oklahoma. A resolution
was agreed to Instructing the Committee on
Agriculture to report on the subject of the pro
duction of beet sugar abroad and In the United
States, and what legislation, If any, Is necessary
to promote and accelerate the beet sum In
dustry. After s short exeoutlve session the
Senate adjourned..,., In the House, after a
number of resolutions providing for the
appointment of various committees had
been referred, the Speaker announoed the
appointment ot the following oommlttees:
Ways and Means-McKlnley (chairman); Bur
rows, Bayne, Dlngley, MoKenna, Payne, La
Follette, Gear, Carlisle, Mills, McMillan, Breok
endrldge of Arkansas, and Flower. On Appro
priationsCannon (chairman;) Butterworth,
MeCotnas, Henderson of Iowa; Peters,
Cogswell, Morrow, Belden, Brewer of
Michigan; Randall, Forney. Savers. Brock-
enrldge of Kentucky, snd . Dockery. . On
Manufactures-Kelly (chairman); Burrows,
E. B. Taylor of Ohio, Arnold. Moore. San.
ford, Wilson of West Virginia. Bynum.
Williams of Illinois; Grimes and Fowler. On
Elections Kowoll (chairman!; Houk.
Hangen, Lacy, Dalrell, Bergen. Orotrihulph.
Oomstook. Crisp, O Ferrall. Outhwalte, Walsh,
Moore and Wise, On Mllom.-o-I.lnd (dialr.
man); Townneikl of Pennsylvania: Vu'.lnro of
Massachusetts, Olunlo and Punnlngiuu. Tb
House then adjourned until Uui 11th.
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