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J.n. Smith, Proprietor.
Intend kt the Pnet-offloe at Wellington as
Second Class matter, aocordlnt to Statute.
OneYear ..$1
Six Months TO
Three Month! , , 40
AdTertlslng Are eentt per line, each lneertlon.
Space and Column Rstes made knowi on appll
satlon. Thb State of Montana Is still unrepre
rented t Wash Id g ton, 0. C
Gotbunor-kubct Campbbll says he
is not in the Senatorial race.
The silver dollar is attracting
attention of Congress Just at present.
Onb hundred million dollars will be
disbursed the coming year for pensions.
Mrs. Camtdell, wife ol the Governor
elect, was very 111 last, week hut Is now
reported belter.
Cal Bhicb has finally established his
place of residence to be at Lima, and Is
now hustling for the Senate. 1
Not oue of our southern exohanges
dressed there papers in mourning over the
death ol the ex-Confederate chief.
Ts Executive, the Judicial, and bolh
branches of Congress are ruled by Re
publicans for the first time since 1875.
Tib Committee on Prisons for the
State are still at a loss to know what to
recommend about the intermediate pen!
teotiary 'new In progress ot construction.
, A .prospectus of 4)ie Cleveland Leader
fotl88!WX) appears lu .another column.
The Leader Is one of the ablest papers
published In the Slate. It deala with
traasgreaeort of the Butue and Divine
laws without mercy, and is always lonnd
to be opon.tuc right side oi all moral and
religions questions.
Wb like to set an individual defend Us
rights, bnt Id the case of Lieutenant
GovertKW-cgect Lampson, It seems to
so almost useless expenditure of money
to make went over the seat. The Demo
crats have inojoritv in the Senate, and
without leubt the vote will be s strict
party one, and Mr. Lampson will be
denied the riht to preside. The testl
mony offered in the case will be printed
and the people will be just as able to
judge of the facts without a trial as with
Presidest Habrssox recommends an
Intermediate Appellate . Court to be
created to be tha final tribunal in certain
daises of esses In order to relieve the
Supreme Court. This la a very wise
recommendation. The present Supreme
Bench hss the same number of Judges to
transact the boslness that it had one bun
dred rears ago, and it would be bnt
natural for them to complain of overwork
toe aocnei is reported io be three years
In arrears and no likelihood of catching
up; hence the wisdom of making some
arrangement for Immediate relief Is sp
Now that the recognizee! leader of the
"Lost Cause" is dead there certainly can
be no good reason tor prolonging the
strife over such men any longer. The
principal actors in the beginning were
Toombs, Cobb, Wiglall, Davis, Stephens,
Hunter, Campbell, Ubett, Tyler, Sedden,
inda score of others who have passed
yond the river, and their official and
representative.acts should be consigned to
be tomb with them. Governor Gordon,
f Georgia, will probably be recognized as
be leader from this date. lie pretends
m love the Union, but In all Ms public
peclies and writings be never hs& even
i-itlmated that secession is wrong. '
A Course of Let-tores for 11.75. ',
A Notable Gathering of tbs world's
leaders comes before lb renders of The
Youth's Cohpabiox during the the year
1890. It Is like a great Lecture Course
f 69 weeks, with over 100 lectures, each
famous authority In some branch of Art.
Mterature, Sutecrsft, Science or Educs
'lon. And these lectures only cost t
enta each, on the beats of a year's sob.
xcriptlon, or S3 numbers for only 11.75
Is it not worth ceots to bavs Glad
atone sddreas you lor half an hoort Or
o listen for an equal time to Tyndall on
he wonders ot Nature ? And it is Just such
treat men, following each other in rapid
(accession each week, and discussing
every Instinctive and entertaining topic of
it the day, wbo speak to ton through tbs
medium of their paper and your paper
430,f03 funnies attend this great lect
ure coarse. Toucan attend it by reading,
, nrs Tooth's Cowariox each week. It
will b seht you regularly nnlll January 1
1801, at i cost of only $1,75. Send for
Illustrated Prospectus of the entire series
a The Youth's Companion, Boston. Masai
. J rtW Point with Prida" , ; ;.
io i Jim -looa name 'at aae,". wen ay
Hood's-Sarsaparilla. ' la Lowell, Mass,
vbere ft is prepared, there is more of
food's bflrsaparUl sold than of all other
leditiues, and is has given- the' beat of
Mtlafnctloo since lis Introduction ten
-Mhno. This could bot be It the medi
ioe did not, possess merit. II you suffer
I iom Impure blood, try Hood's Sarsnpa
i .lla and reulize Its peculiar cnrstlre power
News from the County Seat.
Common pleas, civil, and criminal busl-'
nees Sled since last report is ss follows:
Tbeo F Daniels vs Augustus Baldwin
et si, foreclosure of mortgage and re
lief. Catherine Morlnger ys Peter Moringer,
Minnie Maltbv ex parte, to change
David Burke vs Judson E Wlllard,
Treasurer of Lorain county, injunction
and equitable relief.
Stilwell and Bierce manufacturing
Co vs B Weigant et al, money only.
, Eber H Saunders vs G' W Morris,
money only.
Leland J Harris et al, ys Angeline
Harris, to set aside a will. .
Ohio ex rel, Catherine Morlnger vs
Peter Moringer, peace proceeding. Re
cognizance filed.
Caroline M Thurston Bennett vs Thos
Hensoo, to recover possession of real
Same vs Reuben Chester, same,
Bame vs II M Norton et al, same,
Wm Hamner vs Louise Hamner et al,
Daniel 'Reeves vs Jennie Reeves, dl
vorce. '
Jay P Dawley administrator of estate of
John Watson vs John M Robinson et al,
money, foreclosure and relief.
W R Austin vs Wm McReynolds et al,
The common pleas court is still
session with Judge Lewis on tbe bench
The following business has been disposed
ot since last report from the civil
James Nlchol vs Geo L Seeley, money
only, Settled and costs paid.
' Same vs E C Foster assignee, money
and allowance of claim. Settled and
Cleveland Stone Co ve the L B & M 8
Ry Co Injunction and relief. Con
tinued. V '
Langvan A Heffman vs John C Lewis
et al, foreclosure of Mechanic lien and
equitable relief.
. Mary E Hull et al vs Geo Boon et at,
partition and equitable relief. Con
David Johnson vs Jerome Pratt, money
only. Verdict for plaintiff. Judg.
Jeruaba J Joy vs Benjamin - O Pope
et al partition ot real estate and account
ing. Report cou firmed and deed ordered
Appeal by defendant. Bond $S00.
Ira Whitney administrator vs E W
Pitt administrator, money and equita
ble relief. Continued.
Battle Vroman ys Densne Vroman,
divorce. Case dismissed and pleadings
John Williams vs Sally E WiHUms
executrix s money only; continued.
Jacob Millie vs Melissa Millie, divorce:
divorce granted on payment of costs.
Nelson Wheeler vs Jackson Wheeler
et al, injunction and equitable relief;
continued. ,
.Village of North Amherst vs L 8 4 M
S Ry Co, iujonctlon and equitable relief:
Nellie i Jordan vs Henry Jordon, dl
vorce: continued, f
George Prosser vsMsry Aun Pi osier,
divorce; continued.
Harry Ilayes vs Geo, H. Prosser, money
only; continued.
unio ex re i uarriei a uuasoo vs
Fredrick Hudson, peace proceedings:
AltaCoatesvs H. B. Coatee, divorce;
.T C Hill vs J W Lynn, money only,
default, decree see journal.
On the criminal docket in the common
Ohio vs David Kelly, selling and fur-
nlahlng intoxicating liquor to a minor;
Ohlovs Henry Foreman selling sud fur
nishing intoxicating liquor to a minor:
plea guilty, sentence f 25 and costs and
committed to Jail of county until fine
and costs are paid.
Ohio vs 8 E Mclntyre, selling and fur.
nbblng Intoxicating drinki to a minor;
Ohio vs Allen Curtis, keeping a gam
blihg room: changed his pies to guilty;
sentence to a fine of $100 and costs snd
committed to the workhouse SO days,
stand committed until fine and costs are
paid, ,
Ohio vi Fred Downey, burglary and
larceny t plea guilty to petit larceoy;
Sentence $5 and costs, stsnd committed
until fine snd costs are paid. '
Ohio vs.. Geo Volkv. burglary; plea
guilty, sentence one year in penitentiary.
Ohlovs W W Ackley, keeping place
open and selling liquor on Sunday : plea
guilty, sentence $30 and costs'snd lo be
confined iu workhouse until fine and costs
are paid; on payment of tine and costs,
sentence to workhouse susoended until
funhur order of this court
Ohio vs Joseph Burkard, selling and
furnishing liquor to a minor; changed
bis plea Unguilty sentence fine $100 and
committed to workhouse 80 days.
Ohio vs Joseph Berber, selling and fur
nishing intoxicating liquor to a minor;
sentence, fine $100 snd DO days In work
house and stand committed until floe and
costs are paid. ' . . .
j Ohio vs Wm Cross, soiling liquor to s
person In the habit of gottlog intoxicated;
fattened. .,' , ,y , ,.
11.1a . If . I . . I .
i ivuiu wm .vim - siariiu, mmmu cuargest
continued. " - k
Vs Jotepu Lsux,"eeillng and fui-
aisulng liquor to a minor . plea guilty;
sentence to psy fine of $100 snd commR-
ted to workbouse 80 diys. .
Ohio vs Joseph Laux, permitting' minor
under 18 years of age to play pool; change
ed plea to guilty, sentence to a fine of $20
and costs.
Ohio rs Corwln Font, sssault and bat
tery; continued; bond $300. '
Ohlovs August Murchall, selling and
furnishing Intoxicating liquor to a person
in tbe habit' of getting intoxicated ; con
tinued. ;
After dlptherla, scarlet fever, or pneu
monia, Hood's Sarsaparllla will give
strength to tbe system, and expel all
poison from the blood.
Wheeling Holidays Excursions.
For Christmas and New Year's doll
day Excursions the Wheeling 4 Lake
Erie Railway will aell Excursion Tickets,
December 24th, 20 and 81st, 1889, and
January 1st,' 1890, from all stations to all
stations, with limit for return passage up
to and including January 8d, 1890. Chil
dren between the ages of 5 and 12 years
Half Fare, under 5 years free. Excur
sion Tickets and other Information desir
ed will be furnished by any agent of tbe
Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway.
Taw Chief eel for tbe great sac
eees of Hood's SaisaparUla is found la lbs
article Itself. It la merit that wins, and tbe
tact that Hood's larssparilla actually as
eompllahes what Is claimed tor it. Is wbat
has given to this Medicine a popularity aad
sale greater than that of any other samps.
Merit Wlra Bar before tbe nubile.
Hood's Sarsaparula cures Bcrofulaj Bait
Rheum and all Huston, Dyspepsia, Sick
Headache, Blllousneaa, overcomes Tbat
Tired Fueling, creates an Appetite, strenftb
sua Uie Serves, builds ap the Whole Bystess.
Uwh ttamsMirilla) Is sold by all dreg
(leu. Slsslxforas, f replied by C. I. Heed
Coh Apothecaries, LeswU, Hass.
E. P. French & Co- 88 Prostect 8t.
Cleveland, are overloaded with hamlaome,
medium and low priced furniture. Latest
designs snd lowest prices. . ,.1
Uf itls . ,
At Welllastoa. la the State of Okie, a the eloee
of belM, Dee, II. iws. I
. BCSOrjBCBS. ' ' ', x
Loeae aad Dleeooat.. SM4,me
OrerdraftAeeearadaad aiuecarad 4.SM 11
O. S. Boade to SMare elrealeUoe 3S,SjS0S
Dm Tret approved reserve asenu line II
Baklas-hoBn,faniltara,aa4sxtaras... I1.OU0 0S
Camat eipauee sad tuee paid MM
Bills or other baaks . HI 00
rracUoaal raper Camacy, alakeli, aad
onta lot,
pede ,. isile)
Lecal teeder Botes S.T1S
Hedetaptloa raad eiib U. S. Traenrer, '
Spar seat of elnmlauoi) J- I, in 00
Total. t,M!7
OaplulttockpeldlB SWOOOOO
surpmeraaa ... aousu
UsdlvMed preSta, ST) II
Batloaal Beak Rotes oauttadlas ' B, Sue 00
DIvldeBdeaopeld sum
IadrrMoal Scpotlu nbjeetloelMek..... SLn SI
Demand eerUSoetee of deposit. 1 28, ISO It
Dae toother Buloul Banks t0US.M
ToUl amswtt
State of Ohio, Coaatref Lorala.Ni
L R. A. Horr, Cubler of the chore aamed buk,
do MltmQlf irar thet tbe ebove lUteiBeet le true lo
the keetof my kaovled ud belief.
. . . .b. a- hokh. cuhier.
Dee, urn. . j. T. HASKKLL Mourr 1-ibAo.
1 K.lArifnoN,
a. a waiinkk,
a W. UOBB.
la accordance with an old and well fslab-
I llshed custonf, tbe ' "
Big Fqur;7Rouie
33svtsj of Sal:
Tuesday, 8 1th, Dec at, , ;
., Wednewlny.pec. 5f5th,
Tncwlay, Dee 81st, .' ' i , , ,
, , , i Wednesday, Jan. 1st.
All tickets good to return up to and In
cluding Friday, Jan n try 8u, giving ",
every .one an.' opportuol'y
" , '. o "Joy I
Kerry .Cbisthai and A E:;;j Ij la,
For. full lolorraiitloo .xesrilliiff rates
time, etc'c'nl! ad JV.-' U; FinrtKft,' 'goo
C. (i U. 4 M.L. ii'y Wellington ji, .
v r ties 1 faeseu gee Agent,.
" ' ' ' ' ClftCIS.tATl, OrflOf
, . . i.
Christmas Presents !
Holiday Goods!
Below we enumerate a few that we
; want to sell.
Albania from t0o. to 8.75.
Ladles' Dressing Cases, 1.25 to 8 60.
Ladles' Hanpkerchief and Olore liexes,
1.00 to 3.10.
Gents' Collars and Cuff, elegant, 1.00
per set.
Guilts' Combination Collar and Cuffs,
1.60 to 2.60.
Gents' Shaving 8ets, 1.60 to 8.00.
Lad lea' Plusli Work Boxes. 80e. to IM
Ladles' Plash 11 W Boxes. 16 to X.00.
Manicure Sets, from 83o to 1.00.
Gents' Ilegafit Smoking Sets, 80uto S.00.
aieeant riusu Oard Cases.
Boss of Nut Pick snd Crackers In
Plush Boxes, from 1.00 lo 1.60
Sets Silver Not Picks, from 40a to 1.00.
Klecant 8ilver Smoklnsj Sets. 1.35.
Elegant Plush and Brass Stands, Irom
a. jo too. uu.
Hand Mirrors, from 30 to 75 cents.
Trlpple Mirrors, elegant, from 1.46 to
Bonbon Boxes, from 16a to 1.3,5.
Elegant Bronte Vases.
Cribbage Boards.
Brass Coal Hods.
Elegant Wrltlnc Pads. 18o to 1.40.
Plusn Scrap Books.
Paper Cntters of all kinds.
Silver Peppers sn d Salu.
Stiver Toothpick Holders.
Elegant Line of Ferfumery, 4 bottles
sor aw cents.
Oxidised Silver 8moking Sets
renen riate Mirrors.
Brasa Tea-kettles.
Pocket- books. 15c to 1 .75.
Calling Card Cases.
Brsss Plaques.
Elegant Ink Wells.
Saebet powder. -Shoe
Blacking Set.
Ue .tlemen'a Traveling Case.
uiina buk.
Throws and Plush Ornaments.
Scrap Albums.
WriUng Desks.
Seeley's Tooth Puts.
Banner Kods.
Bracelets. '
Hllk Handkerchiefs.
Linen Handkerchief
Embroidered Handkerchiefs.
Ladies and Gents' Neck Scarfs. .
Ladies' Mufb and Boas.
Children's Muffs and Boas.
Towel Racks,
Brasa Whlek Broom Holders.
Booklets and Christmas Cards.
Scenes on tbe Hudson Klver.
Views from Lake George.
Selections Irom Gray's Elegy.
Woodlands and Pastures liam.
Golden Buttercups.
Songs of Birds.
Rhyming Calendars,
Landscape Studies.
In tha Harbour.
Youns Poets.
Calendar for 1800, with artistic selections
lor each month in the year.
Crockery Dep'tm't
Chocolate Pots,
Kose Jars,
Pot-pourri, ' ... ,
: . Cracker Jara,
; , - Piano Lamps,
' Banquet Lamps,
Stand Lamps, , v '
Library Lamps,
- Hall Lamps, '1 ' .Jt.V"
Student Lamps' '
4, ; , Tea Sets,'
r V 1'. ' . Dinner Sets, v
Children s bets,
China Plates,
Lamp Shades,
, 4 , , . After-dinner Coffees
.Vases.'.'. -"': : "
Oyster Plates, ;-:
Fruit Plates, , . .
.'. Berry Sets,
- ' Ice-cream SctsK
Celery Dishes,
..!., Olive Dishes,
Pickle Dishes, '; ' ; 1 "
'MJread and Milk Sets, w " '
.Oatmeal Sets,; ;
Cups and Saucers, - .
i Fruit Dishes, i1,,
x.k finger Bowls,
,.'','-, .-v,;,;,)yater ..Bottles.
' . v .' , ti.l '(.V ). . v .; '
I i, ir- . . . .. .11 hi 1 t
' a ? J 3 -- .1 m L v 1,1 1 1.
.; : :.;; n 1 1 - tf t
( ,s-.v n- '-, i ,'j' ., b't.
:Ve are preparing for:
Our stock of Mufflers, Neckwear,
and all kinds of Gents Furnishing
Goods is iijimense, and in regard
to prices, we are the only Cloth
iers in Wellington .who will per
mit a customer to take any article
from stock and compare quality
and price with those of our com
petitors before purchasing.
E. E. GOODRICH. Olothior.
Do You
Coat, Pair Pants, Test?
Will sell you 25 per cent less than regu
lar prices.
Ladies' Cloaks
At cut prices. Don't wait until after the hol
idays. Now is the time to buy them.
Are awful cheap. Call and be convinced,
a the store of
Wm. Bininger.
Eloliii inounGenicnf!
NOW OPEN, the largest, most unique and complete
assortment of
At popular prices. The assortment embraces a wide
range of articles both useful and ornamental. Special
displays are made on lower basement floor, "We have
prepared a NOVEL EXHIBIT, which we know will prove
worth jour ' time' to examine.' We 'advise an ."early'
Visit, because fit the low prices they will bb rapidly
sold. . All this in addition to our well-known fullest
FANCY- GOODS, at prices less for equal valuelhAn
can be named by boasting competition. " '.. "' . v
.,By'GiABER;;&' CO. ' :
Norwcafcs Ohio; Dep. 2d, 1889. - -,
Want a
and Newmarkets,
' .

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