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'. .a.aU..'
.', CI.EvrjN0 0,
-;"?r,V ." ; . ;: ' : T"'.ft "A' Family ITowepapor Dovotod, to th.o Interest of Lorain County and Vicinity. - v.
Publl.hed every Wednesday, at
Term of Subeorlntioa:
One Yesr. ...... ......... )i
31 I Month...,........; 1
T tires MoatUs.
.... 75
: , ; attorneys-at-law. ;
Loanttnd CoUectlona made a specialty
Office In bank building. . ,, '
: land. solicitor ot
American rand Foreign
t m c.MtntVI-.. IntnnuM Av.nt and
it. Kot.ry Public. I ri .urn dos, Anwia, morV
SnireL wills, leaaoa, oontraoia, wmiM ia
oeat and leiral manner. Olio evor fcnl 1
knot ad ehoe .tore.
Tri.Kll KOHlRW'trl. the Barber, kij.pt
! on. of the iimuwt, nw.1 oonveuleat Bw
hr S.opMn wn- Only BrKoliiM wei-Kmon
ipl()T4. A full Mortraoot of hlr oll po
MdM nd h.lr re.tor.UTWL Wn; bth-rooil
UHnn n.i riin.niiMi .t ill hour, wlta
' Ltiid cold wtr od .11 n.Mry onot
mm. Hoama, bouib .kid uixrvr nmv
Offloe over
ill. Hutted, (tare.
in Bn ' Bulldlnf.
W.lllnirtxm, Ohio. Mltrou. oxide fu odmlo.
(Wred for too oxtnouoo ei teoia. . r
' Cawtelle'. Art Oatlerjr.-Ptoture. in er
kj err .lyie una nicm ui wuu hd .iuivd.
Riwu.iui .tmntinn mild to enl.rvlaK In Crayon
Ink. or Water Color, and sopylnK from old
nlnturaa. Old affinitive. .11 DreMTVed .lid OU'
pIlCHtea run be bad at any time. Uallerf over
Iiowlbj Allall 'tgrooerj. 1
Picture, of all kind.. Flneit work and lateat
.tries. Copjlnf and .nlarglni in Crajon, Ink
and Pastel. Special attention to the table.
CroiUr'a Block, WoUUstom, O.
IUct.1 dlerue. and dlMtte. of tk. .I.dder.nd
kldo.y.. file.. mconuon 01 is. raciom, num.
n wo. Iiiiiinul all Drer.111 nil dlKue. of th.
eetam trwiMd bj an Improved ajraKm, wllbout
pain ora.tuntion irom oa.ine...
UiMM. ofth. bladder and kidney, treated onlj
after a eaxernl and proper anal jtl. or tne anne.
OrBce In
Oarpontor Blook , 'vT.lllna-ton.O
Veterinir; Surgeon d Is&tist
Order received at Telephone Exchange
and at r. U. real arum lore.
Oradua to Toronto Veterlnarv College, ela.. '87.
VetDriniry Sirpouni le&tisl
Overtwenty-flve year, of practice. Order,
received at Adama' and flounhton'. drug
.tare., Hnrana atlll taken tor treatmentat my
table on Clourtlaua Avenue. -x
J. H. WIGHT, Sole A;
Dealer In Clocks, Watches, JeweUy, 811.
terware. Oold Pens. etc. No. 5, Public
Square. Wellington, Ohio. -
Livery and Feed Stable.
South Side Meohanic Street, first
. door east of Amenoan House.
Carriages tor funeral. Inalde corporation, 1,
Omnibw nl Trinsfcr lias,
r.niv Pasaengprs and BaegnKe to
and from trains or,resldences. Also col
lectf, and dlsUibutes IXPRtss, doing
ertt ral oxpresslhg and pscksge business,
r-r.u nnlers or telephone American
House. U. 8, Smith, Prop
M.ouficturir Of And DmIii In
Monuments 5 Tombstones
Evarvthlne nertalnlng to cemetery work
will receive prompt attention at price, to
salt tb times, i , , (20
Manuractarera of and dealer. In
Door Sah. and. Blla.d
rrhaa.a.nfl Ttnttpr TlnrM. nil kind. Of
Lumber, Lath, Bhingie", Battens, jnouiu.
lnga and Flooring. Siding made and Bur-
tace naning aone te oraer on snon n
tice . - WELLINGTON, O.
....I ; :. .;. . , , SV1V
Dr. H. E. Warren, r.
Office and residence In Poet office build-
log. Calls answered at all boors in city
or country. 5 ' : .' - . . .
V Offloo Hoar. 2 to 0 p m.
:', Pratt L Herrick, ;
E:niL -n:3 aks . flour , sides,
Free delivery to any part of the corpor
atton. Railroad street, Wellington, O.
f V .'' ? M. L. BUSH St CO ,
would rrXDeftiullvac
aonnunee to the elttie n.
Of Welllnitton that they
T are now on deck, sod
renared to take order, tor all kind. 0!
ard and .oft coal which tbey will .ell for
caab at the lowest living pricea. A (bare of
your patronage 1
gels solicited. .
; 1 . OF rVkBT DKoCBmiOK.
DzsAZiini in coal
Anthracite, Masslllon,
Jackson and Blossburg
Terms Cash and Prices Low.
Office on West Liberty St., Telephone 48
Will fit your eyes with
glaaars wbea all others
falL Fine glasses for ths
least money. Lenses mail
factored on the premises.
137 Euclid Avenue, .
Ciereland, 46-1 Ohio,
Arrlvdalrf,)a.i. Depart, 1 :0 f. m.
Irrlv. fUlly, 11 :W a. m. . D.ran. t :
Arrive dallT.8a.ra. Depa.
For Fire, Life. Accident and Tornado. The
best eompanle. In the United Rules repre-
.ecnnd lloor Wadawortb block. I3UI
HUM Mi "Hi Hi Hi W ( till)
From and after Dee, 1 , 1888, train, will pus Well
ingtonasroiiow.: ;
-c- coma west.
wc. t-Cln.ACor.lt l:ne.,
Mo.SSouih We.t:rn Kt lp. m
No H-X.V. bt.L.Ki
4:41 p.m
No. 77 oluniDiis accoui.....
Ho. S Nlifht Ki ,
Ko.M -Local Fmgkt
" '' O0IM0 ST.
Wo. -Wlght It...'
o.M -Ckivnland Aceom. ....... ...
o. IS tooth Wwtern Ex..,-...
l:5l. B
1 :M p. m
Ho. ;ineinn.u avianv .....
Ho i Local Prdgbt
Cleveland tt Marietta R.R.
From sad after Drc. T, 1W. train, wlllpa.f Wall
, . tngtona. lonuw.t
- I , i. 00 AtT
Standard Tin.
Ho. 1
S. 12a.m.
4 u.&a.m.
' s.lAp.m.
s 01 pm.
,. 8.p.tU,
ho. 1
No. U (Local).
Ko.10.. .3a.m.
So. 4 . 'J-SJi'S'
no.s !!?';'
ij'(Loci)V.V.!"y.V.!,.;""!,.'.'.'.2iso P.m.
No.. l,SandSd.llyi staara dally ex. Bnndai
Pnrtherlnform.tlonlnreyardto tbl. Ilae w,
bafoundonparal. .1 '
St. .da at the head. Oberlln College Wilting
lN-p't, Olwrlln Hi'hool of Menotrr.phy and
Type writing, and Oberlln Bii.inrw Collrirt,
all connected. H.penM. km, Instructlo t hor
oti(rh and cowt.cs complete. Circular. Tree.
AdclrcwMcK.lii'.&Uli.NUKRSON, Obtrlls,0
1 1
The weatliei' is too
warm and w have
to many
and we : will now
sell them at: sum
. mor prices.
Next door to Ottcrtachers, Well- '
ington, and next door to Savings
Bank, Elyia, O. 5 ;
m mi
ki GitkcUr 0.SsetiilCorre.:i&staii.
All About the Happenings and Special
Events in their Immediate Vicinity..
Dec. 33, '89.
Mr PsppMibsgen preached from the
text found In Luke 2, 1103 on Sabbath
morning, a very interesting Christmas
sermon, Tbe 8. 8. concert In the evening
was very good. Tbe placet were well
committed and wih-e all appropriate for
Xmaa concert with perhaps cne exception
tnd that was thoroughly learned tnd well
spoken. Tbe tinging was unusually good,
owing probably, to the new books and
practice, Tbe house was full tnd It teem,
ed ttrtnge bow to many people could
come tt tbe roads are in such a condition.
I have kept no record ot tbe weather, but
I ahouU tay it bad rained every day tnd
night for more than forty days and nights.
There wat no meeting in the Baptist
church on Sunday evening.
Tbey art quite ,afflicted wilh tlckness
at tbe Baptist psrsonsge.ths pastor's sister
and ber husband both being sick., ,
David Hull Is suffering very nioch with
bis broken pose, it ' does not teen to
be healing at all. , . i '' :j
.. Walter Brerley was borne .bout two
weeks ago wltb bis arm In a sling, result
Ins from an accident. V' , ",'
i Will Smith has sold, bis interest in the
taw mill to bit partner, J, B. Kooinson,
and hat bought a saw mill in Centurion,
nuroo Co , about 83 mile, from here,
where he moves the last of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Russell are spend
ing a week in Norwalk.
ChftoA Chapman,' from Cleveland, and
bla bister Anna, from Ada, Are coming
borne Tuesdsy of this week for the boll
days. . . '
The center school closed for two weeks
last 8aturday.
Mr. and Mrs, Flecber Wsrd tpend
Christmas it Darius Wells'.
, Mrs. John Snow is tick.
. Notwithstanding the mud and rain the
Literary Society en last Tuesday tvenlng
wat-well attended, tnd their exercises
were good. Tbe prospect for a good toe!
ety next Friday evening It good. A young
lawyer irom Cleveland it to be with them
The question for debate la, "Resolved that
capital punishment ought pot to be abol
labed." "
i V
Dec. S3, U9.
Born, Dec. 17, a daughter to Rev. and
Mrs. Alberson.
Mr. and Mrs. Riley Hastings, Mr. and
Mrs. Alonzo ScovlIIe hsve moved to Lo
Mr. Hugh Chambers and family have
moved into their new house.
MistLoraE. Andrews returned a few
daya ago from t several weeks visit wltb
friends in Cleveland, Newburg, and Bed
Mis. O. E. Starr spent several days last
week with friends in Wellington.
Mr. Hugh Chambers, Nelson Wilson,
and J. II. Gardner were In Elyrla one day
last week on business.
Mr. : W. B. Andrews Intends to go to
Osco, Illinois, In a few davt. to visit bis
Mr. Lymsn Foster cut his hand badly a
few aays ago while butchering.
Mr. S. M. McLean and Mr. S. J. Ailcs-
house who tre teaching in the north part
ot the county are having a vacation and
are home for tbe holidays, also Mist
Rosetta Alleshouse who Is teaching In
Eaton is spending ber vacation at borne.
Mr. John Bartholomew is spending the
boldsys with his father at Chautauqua,
New York.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Starr and Mr. and
Irvln Starr, with their families are visit
ing with friends in McComb, Ohio.
Tbe weather hss been so warm for tbe
past two weeks thst betvy thunder
.bowers with sharp lightning have . been
a common occurence. Dandelloos are in
the bloom by hundreds and mud, well
there la but one mudbole, but it is a good
one. '
There Is to be a Christmas tree enter
tainment at tbe M. E. churub, but the
condition of the roads Is such at not to
warrant a very large altendsnce. Jakb.
A food holiday trade.
Produce prices during the last week
lisve only nveraged from one to three
oeols higher, for but'er snd eggs, than In
Wellington and New London,
Some of our youth who stray Into the
limits of classic tod sesthetlc New Lon
don, retnrn Irom that great Prohibition
center with a wibbly-wobbly gait, and a
breath highly perlomed with Inoffensive
hop tea.
M, Gom & Co. have purchased tbe old
mill pond with a view of extending their
mill trade. .
lun organiBts ot both churches were
nicely remembered Chrlstmst
Chicago, are visiting Dr. P. 8. Field.
Clayton Dim mock met with quite t
serious accident while chopping a log"
His ax glanced from Its course and strik
ing bis foot, cut a gash between two tod
three Inches In length. He Is under med
ical treatment. ;
Rochester markets: Butter. 18;.Kggs,83.
' Hail Columbia.
LA OKAXe. : ' ;1 '
Dec S3,
"Meny Chtletmas." 1
Cbrlstmas exercises at all the churches.
Literary aud musical entertainment at
town ball Saturday evening for benefit of
IM. E. Choir. Everyone invited, Ad-
I mission ten oents.
We hear the entertainment given at the
ball Friday eveolog by the Wellington
tronp, well spoken ot. Attendance only
lprge enough to pay expenses. '
James Sheldon snd wife have returned
from Michigan. '.
Tommy Moran and bis mother have
returned lrom W. Va. Tommy bis re
covered from bis dangerous illness.
A large number ot new music readers
bat been purchased for the school. ' Miss
Herrick will continue in charge of the
advanced and Defining classes In the
High and Grammar schools. Bertie Mor
Ctn and Fannie Elliott will have charge
of the intermediate schools, ficbool clos
ed Friday for a vacation of two weeks.
Dec. S3, 1889.
The snnual meeting of the Ilttsfleld
Mutual Fire Insurance Association was
held in the fmn ball on the 19 Inst. Most
of the officers were re-elected. The re
ports of the Secretary and Treasurer wern
very sstlsfsctory, showing t very suoces-
ful year tome losses - by lighting but a
good bslsuce In the treasury.
: The "Deestrlct . 8chule" entertainment
given under the ausplcles of the W. C. T.
U. on the 30th was a financial suocess,not
rithstandlng the mud and darkness. The
ball was filled and the audience cave un
mistakable signs of being pleased. There
is some talk of a repetition, but it may
not be.
Mr. Wilfred (Jlllelt and bis bride sr.
rived from tVr'uJa Uin mu " aud left lot
Lorain on the 30th expecting to make
that place their borne.
Dee. 23, -89,
Married, on Dec. SI, at Ithaca, Mich.,
by Rev. Norrls, Rev. J. W. Heyward and
Miss Mary A Ingraham. Tbey ate spend,
ing this week visiting ber mother and
friends here; 111 return Saturday to
Itbaca, where Mr. Heyward is engaged
preaching for the Congregational church.
Mrs. Heyward was to teach in tbe High
School there until tbe close of school
year, June next, but naa not uociuea
whether to remain or not May onr best
wishes attend them.
The Bazar which wna bld last Frldsy
by the Congregational Society, although t
very stormy time, proved a decided suc
cess, realizing $41 net proceeds, tnd all
went home feeling they had a vety
pleasant time. The entertainment
promised will be given later in tbe winter
when better roads appear.
Married, on Dec. 10, Mr. Lewis Wsrd
snd Miss Minnie Giar, both of Sullivan.
Elmer and Will Doulap with their
families are visiting relutlvet and friends
in town.
Misses Cells Pritcbard and Birdie
Campbell are home again for a few days,
also Clayton Mann.
At tbe doctor mjgbt sty it Is distress
ingly, besltby about us a) present. We
only hear of oos now being under the
doctors care, Mrs. Dunlap, who It quite
feeble.' .
It is expected that meetings will begin
In Conregatiotal church Thursday even
Ing, ou Friday it Fi'llow.bip mreiing be
ginning st 10:80 a. ui. nl which tiui It. v.
Merrill, of Ashland, Rev. Bowers, ol Itiix
gles snd other niloisiert are expected to
participate. '
Will L. Clark is smong the bappy
young men ol eur town, ms wire Having
presented him with a line Christmas
present weighing tt out nine ponn it. The
name of tbit gift It Harry Wi Ham.
An honest Swnie tll Lis story in
plain but unmistakable language for the
benefit of tbe public. One ol my child
ren toox a severe cold and pot the croup
1 gave ber a teaspoonful ot Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, and In five minutes later
1 gave ber one more. By this time she
had to rough up the gatherings In her
throat. Then she went lo sleep and slept
good for fifteen minutes. Then she got
up tnd vomited ; then the went back lo
tted and tlcpi (,ood for the lemalnder of
tbe night, She got the croup the second
mirht and 1 gave l he sams remedy wltb
the ssnis good ntulls. I write this be
entise I thought there might be In tbe
same need and not know the true merits
of tills wonderlui medicine Coabi.ks A
Tiiomfskb, Des Moines, Iowa. 50 cent
J bottles (or sale by FrcJ D, Felt, Druggist.
Ohio State Journal. Dec. 12; Warden
Coffin will take tbe Qarrett baby to lU
father In Medina county today. Tbe
Warden states if Garrett refuses to take
tbe child be will place it in charge of
tbe officers of tbe Medina county infirm
ary... ....A recent decision In the courts
maintains that If a man wants to go fos
ter than another one ahead of him on tbe
road be is going, be baa the right to past,
and if he is prevented by tbe ether
and an accident should happen tbere-by,
tbe man thus obstructing the road it re
sponsible fat the damage done. No an an
has a right to infringe upon the rights ot
others, however, In trying to pass. . . .One
nlht last week sneak tbelves entered tbe
, foundry ' office, ransacked everything,
opened tbe safe which was unlocked, but
all tbey could find was SO cents in stomps
which tbey took. . . . . .The county barn In '
rear of the Jail, which the Commissioners
ordered built last fall, is completed. It was -built
by Levet and Waters, tbe contract
price being something over $900. A
Joint session of the County Commission
ers of Medina and Lorain conntlee was
held at tbe court bouae In Medina last
Wednesday Miss Maude Shane, of
this village, died suddenly Tuesday
morning, preaetnably of heart disease.
Miss Shane was about 21 years of age,
and hat lived with her mother and to
older titter i Medina. She worked in
A. L Root's factory for a long time, but
lately she has been engsged teaching
school. She was teaching In the school
bouse west ot the Burnhara place on the
York road, and caaae home at night Mon- .
day morning she, opened her school, but
felt tick all lite toeraoon and was . so
much worse b tbe afternoon that she dis
missed her sclniol , before the hour for
closing, and wentt tbe residence of
Elmer Clsrk, a little farther west where
she stayed all nlhl. She passed a restless-
night and in tbe morning persuaded Mr
Clark to bring her home. lie started wltb
ber in bis catslage, and on tbe way she
bad a fainting spell but recovered from it
When tbey bad nearly reached the State
road she tainted again wltb her head back
on a pillow and struggled somewhat,, and.
remained unconscious and .lifeless unti'
tbey reached Mr. Hoot's tactory, where
she wm taken out, ber mother being,
there. Ussette.
Tbe taxable property in the village ol ,
Oberlln, real and personal, as it apr-e an
on the tax duplicate, it valued at $1,284.
955. . . . . .The new system of ticket sell
ing does not appear to please the public
any better than the old. The fact it a.
large audience loom, in which people can
be sure of a seat, Is very much needed ....
.The Cantata of "Esther, .the Beaut!- .
fultlueen," will be given at Pettis Hall,
on Wednesday and Thursday evening. .
A petition will probably be ready In t
few days for tbe construction of the stone .
road between Oberlln and Wellington.
At the roads are now It It impossible for
farmers to drive to town with any kind of
a load and scarcely with an empty wagon.
With a paved road, wood and produce
could be brought in at timet when, the
majority of farmers are mud-bound
Examinations am In progress in the Ober
lio publio schools this weak. la the
Hgh school, those pupils whose average
mark in any study It nine or above, are
excused from an examination in that
study and passed on the term's work.
The fall term will close to-morrow fee the
holiday vacation. The next term will
begin Jannary Oth The Erie-Loratn
county bridge over tbe Vermilli'in liver
near Birmingham, fell Into the river Sat
urday alterooon. The structure was in ''
process of constructUn by the Masslllon '
Bridge Compsny, ttt cost or $4,02. The
iron work Is badly damaged and no cause
Is assigned for iU giving away. The lots
vlll Inl! on tbe company. Mews.
' The Holidays ' '
And the colder winter weuher are now
rapidly approaching. The Joyful season
Is eagerly anticipated by the young folks
in thousands ot hum.; but in nearly all
there are one or more older ones to whom
the cold waves and the storms mesns re
newed suffering front rheumatic back or
limbs. It is not claimed that Hood's Bar
sapsrilla is t positive speciflo for rheu- '
mstisra we doaht if there is or csn be
such a remedy. But the remsrkable. sue
cess Hood's Sarssparilia has had in cure
Ing thla affection Is sufficient reason for
those whe are suffering to try thla pecu
liar medicine. . : i.
Rheumatic Syrup Co., Jackson. -Mich.
Gents: 1 hsve naea your Throat ana
Lung Balsam tn niy Family during tbe
Pit winter and find it the best remedy
that we bave ever used. It gives Instsnt
relief. George Uonner, 211 Soatb ii
Street. Oskslooaa, lewa.
John F. Cochran, of 8lK0nrny, Iowa,
.ays his wile used Ulbhnrd's Itbeumttii
aud Liver Pill, for alck headache, ami
they entirety cured ber.
Hibbard's Rheumatics Syrup and Live
Pills are remedies of g'reat merit. We
take plenanrs In recommending them.
John W.Ellis, Druggist, 8ig"urney, Iowa .

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