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sprin:oodsj ; : r j , ... ..spring, oobsi;
. Sjad.iec' Gonto' Foot "Wear.
Ladies' French kid, hand-turn button; Dongola button; Dongola
Oxford ties; Ooze elf ties; Pat-leather ties; Slippers; Walking shoes,
cte, etc ' -1 1 .r
Gents' Cordovian, Congress and lace; Clf button, bal and congress, all
widths; Working shoes; Stitch-downs; Plow shoes; Brogani; English
ties, etc.. etc., at j
( :
. . Bid Four exourslons. Osrfleld Monument
and Home Seekers'.
Ed Robinson, bakery end restaurant.
W. Cnshloo, bouse for rent.
M.H. Krepa, Iron ball.
J, Turley. room to rent
' F. 0. Leaob, eard.
Mayor Husted, special notice.
S. 8. Warner, executor's notice.
Chase Brothers, salesmen wanted.
Tli lawn miwAr li kentlmRV.
The gunners should read what the
aiayor says.
The bank has no trouble to find parties
io loan money to.
The Big Four route makes some gener
ous offers this week.
The fashionable world is giving the
birds a rest this year.
The troops have been mustered .out of
service in sub-district No. 8. '
The people over in New London are
among the expecting just now.
Very little plowing has been done in
this part of the State this spring.
The butter and egg producers got the
best part of the bargain last year.
Wheat has been good property to
handle within the past two weeks.
The bulletin board at the north-west
corner of the park has been removed.
Three and one-half inches of water fell
here from Friday until Saturday morning.
The people over in Huntington fail to
enthuse very much over the new railroad.
Our correspondent at PitUleld will
hear more about the commissioners later
The land appraisers have completed the
appraisal of the west half of the corpora
tion. .... v
The heavy rains nave maue vue ui.iu
roads almost impassable in a number of
: placet.
About twenty persons from here will at
tend the oratorical contest at Shelby this
, The work on the B. & 0. line from
Lodi west to Chlcsgo Junction was begun
A change in the running time of some
of the trains on the W. 4LE. took
place last Hundsy-
We are in receipt of a copy oi the Big
Four Gazette, a paper published In the in
terest of that road at Cincinnati.
Health Officer .Thomas, reports two
: cases ofllphtkerta last week. Hiss Lillian
Ylacher la reported to be out of danger.
annlil Hill. Mrll 1 tH of
Ohio hard enough to sweep away the
mortgages, It would be t welcome visitor-
A number of cases of la grippe are re
ported In town. Goes the Russian has
returned to pay us the compliments of the
spring. . .
A decline in the price on cheese wu
n.da lot week bv some of the dealers
here when there wu not a cheese In this
Secretary Benedict hat recorded an nn
usual number of entries for the races at
tke coming Agricultural (air to be held
lb August
On account of the resignation of Coun
cilman Christie. Major Hasted will be
compelled to reorganize the' standing
committees. .. ! . . ;
The charges filed In Justice Huated's
court against A. W. Denham were with,
drawn by the complaining witness. More
kicking is reported to follow.
- The members of the Iron Hall lodge
ere hlihlv elated over the results of the
" work in this place, everything Indicates
that It is a good place to invest money lor
rainy oty. ,,, , ,
There will be a change In tbe time oi
running the trains on the Big Four next
Sunday. It Is expected thai a train will
leave this place about six o'clock . p. m.
for Cleveland. ;
- Id order to comply lth an order issued
from the Post office department an ac
curate account of all tbe letters, papers,
csrds and parcels, was kept during tbe
first week In this month. , . "
Friday evening a number of brethren
from the order ol Royal Arch . Masons
went over to Norwalk to attend a ban.
quet given by the order 1 t' that place.
They were royally entertained. ' j
The. Medina .Bentlnal has omitted, to
mention the Blnck -Diamond route this
spring. ' The Sentinel thoiild change its
head to the Railway Age, as It dishes up
an unusual amount ot railroad news.
Some of the land appraisers in other
counties have filed their reports with tbe
county auditors. In one township a de
crease in valuation over 1880 is made of
one hundred and twenty thousand dollars.
Everything Indicates that the Big Four
route will soon establish ticket and fare
collectors on the trains, the conductor
will merely have the train to look after.
This will certainly be a commendable
move on the part of the company.'
Our many friends will please keep an
eye on the date of the expiration of the
Ektebpribb. Untold pleasure is taken la
supplying the people with t paper, but at
the same time the wherewith to furnish
the paper is expected promptly in return.
H. U. Johnston, of Ashtabula, 0.,was in
town last week looking up a little history
connected with the Oberlln and Welling
ton rescue case with a view tf incorpor
ating It In a history of the undergound
railroad of which be is preparing. A
photograph of the American House was
taken in order to illustrate the rescue
esse that occured here.
The parents ot boys abroad on the
streets at night should know where they
are.and find what they are doing. Property
owners are greatly annoyed by their
walks being broken, and boards torn up
and thrown out. Tbe boys find a weak
place in tbe walk and Jump on It till they
break t board, then go to another, des
troying walks that would last for years if
they were not thus broken by violence.
' On or about the year 1855 a company
of laboring men commenced shoveling
dirt In New London, with a view of con
structing; a railroad. Thousands of dol
lars were expended and no road was
built In 1877 another proposed road was
commenced and after bleeding the citi
zens in the sum of $15,000 it proved a
failure. And now comes tke third Jain
boro. Men and teams arrived in town
lant week to work upon a line called the
Pittsburgh, Akron & Western. It is stated
that the road is located to the west line
of the corporation. One good point is to
be gained for the village in case this line
Is abandoned. The bed can be converted
into a streetcar line and the city cooler
erected at the terminus. In this way the
police court subjects can be carried out
cheaper than by private conveyance.
Mrs. W. W. Ross and daughter, with
Miss Lonra Kretdlerand Miss Dorr, teach
ers from Fremont, attended the contest,
guests at Dr. Houghton's.' Professors
Hyde, Wilbur and W. D. Ross, also Fre
mont teachers, were here a part ol the day
and evening.
William Wood, one of the older sons of
Abel Wood deceased, formerly of Spencer,
but for many years living In Michigan
lately visited here with his former em
ployer W.L. Hayes. From a vigorous
young man he has become a feeble in.
valid, tbe icsult of an accident followed
by long continued ill-health.
Mrs. 0. 8. Wadsworth, ot Weslfield,
Mass., is visiting old friends and relatives
In town.
Mrs. W. H. Ssge has returned from
Vf. R. Santley has returned trom a busi
ness trip to Arkansas. ,
Misses Delia Howey and Maud Mills,
seniors of Baldwin University, were tbe
guests of Eva Brown last week.
Miss Clara Clark, of Cleveland spent
Sunday with Miss Nellie Benscho'en. '
Mrs. G. M. Cad well ol Cleveland, asks
us to change tbe address of ber paper to
444 Prospect St. and also say throuxh the
paper that she will be borne to her friends
at that piece. Mr. Cud well will retain
bis buslacss at Ihe hotel, but will reside
at home. Mrs. Cad well's parents Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Lang will also live at same
'G.W. Crosier la supporting a pair of
crutches this week en account of s dis
abled foot .. '.
Mr. T. R. Herrlck returned from his
business trip to Kantas. He says that
everything looks fresh aad green on the
beautilul prairies, but the farms are bur
dened with mortgages for money borrowed
from eastern Capitalist. -; '- .' '
. Mrs.OL Otterbacher of Greenwich visited
Mends in town Sunday. ,
Mrs. I. N.' Linder spent Sunday In
. Miss Rose Bacon of Lorain is visiting Id
(own. ;: ' ' '"'" ,',.
pu u vs-jr u I waif m e
Carl Williams, of This
Place, Carried off one
of the First Prizes,
Bellevue, Shelby and Fremont
Won the Balance.
A Galm Day Generally In the Cheese City
The third annual oratorical contest
under tbe auspices of the Union Agricul
tural society was given at the opera
house Wednesday evening, May 7, and
wu participated In by eight contestants
from Wellington, Bellevue, Fremont,
Norwalk, Plymouth, and Shelby, and
drew a large and attentive audience, In
fact It has almost become a fixed matter
here and the people look forward to It as
an entertainment of high order.
It Is a rare thing that with so many se
lections ss were given, all should be so
fine end they were delivered In a manner
which reflected credit upon vhe young
persons themselves as well as their in
structors. Prof. Stubbs, or Baldwin University, of
Beret, who had been chosen as j udt;e, had
a most difficult task to perform, but his
decision wat marked by perfect fairness
and generally coincided with the opinions
of the audience. The professor took
special occasion to compliment the entire
class for their magnificent work and said
they were an honor to themselves and the
schools they represented. Hit remarks
were received with great applause.
We hope our readers will not consider
ut selfish if we tay that every person In
the audience would have been pleased
could they have seen those wonderful
steeds ol "Ben Hur" standing aide by tide
with "The Bltck Horse and Hit Rider;"
however, there were but Just so many
prizet and they were lastly bestowed.
The following was the program : '
Overture Orchestra
Music. Quartet
Messrs. Franks, Johnson, Wadsworth and
Rust ,
Declamation The Movement Cure for
Ben. B. Wickham, Norwalk.
Recitation Tommy's Prayer
Daisy Bloom, Shelby.
Declamation.. Responsibilities of Ameri
can Citizenship
8. S. Setton, Plymouth.
Recitation A Very Naughty Little
Girl't Viewtof Life
Lottie Tyler, Fremont
Declamation. .Father Pbil'e Subscription
J. S. Williams, Jr., Bellevue.
Recitation Tbe Chariot Race
Mabelle Benedict, Wellington.
Music-Solo. .The Dove
Mrs. NaieUa Miller.
Music Orchestra
Music........'. .Quartet
Freaks, Johnson, Wadsworth and Rust
Declamation. Little Crlstel
Howard Seltzer, Shelby, ...
Recitation Unawares
, , Gertrude E. Rule, Norwalk.
Declamation.. The Death Bed olBeuediet
, ' ' Arnold
. H li an Greene, Fremont
Recitation . .The Gipsy Flower Girl
Edith Shield, Plymouth. ,
Declamation.. .The Black HorteanJ Hit
, Rider
Carl Williams, Wellington.
Recitation Over the Divide
Grace Carpenter, Bellevue.
Music Solo. .The Voice of the Nightin
gale ' Mitt Nellie Couch.
This completed the program ot tht
evening and then followed the awarding
and presentation of prizet to the following
contestant by W. R. Weani
' first prize, declamation, Carl Williams,
First prize, recitatloa, Grace Carpenter,
Secind prize, declamation, Howard
Seltzer, Shelby, .
Second prize, recitation, Lottie Tyler,
The ' prizet were at follows: First
prizet, handsome pearl open glasses with
handles; second prizes, handsomely
bound Illustrated volumes. .' .
The prizet were presented to the win
ning conteattnti amid hearty demonstra
tions oi applause by their pleated tnd Ju
bilant friends. , ( , . , t ,,':
. U KOTM. - . ! ... , , v.i
Nothing was left undone to secure suc
cess. -"" a i. -.1
The stage was artistically arranger)."" '
.The muslo wat excellent ' "', ' h' ',!
Greatcredit It due to . L, Benedict "and
Col. Couch for their untirin g zeal In per
fecting the necessary arrangements for
the occasion.
The recelDts ot the evening were
$343.80. Expenses, $222.80. Balance to
credit of society $121.
Last year two of the first prizes 'were
awarded to Wellington contestants. ,
Mist Mabelle Benedict, of Wellington,
gave the recitation ol the "Chariot Race"
In a thrilling and faultless manner and
the audience were bushed Into breathless
silence by the exciting race which ended
in Ben Eur's triumph. A special prize
should Lave been awarded Miss Benedict
for she von and deserved it. Norwalk
Chunk Notes and Announcements,
The Salvation Army meeting will be
held net Sunday at their quarters on
East Mechanic street
The caise of the "'reed men' t Aid and
Southern Education society was presented
by tbe pwtor at tbe M. E. church last
Sunday nornlng and the people respond
ed with the largest contribution for this
cause thai the church has ever given.
In the evening the first anniversary oi
the Epwocth League was celsbrated. An
Interesting end instructive paper was resd
by Mies Mary Slade on the Epworth idea.
The EpwDrtu League has had a marvelous
growth. Although it is but one year old,
it has 2500 chapters with 185,000 mem-
A very fine orchestra bit been organized
In the Sunday school by the following
name! persons: W. S. Franks, Frank
Bowlby, Clint Metzger, Clair Harvey,
Munson Sheldon, Chat, Linder, Chat.
Furze, and Arthur Roser, pianist Master
Clair Harvey is but 8 years old, but he
gets there correctly with hit part on the
The theme of the sermon next Sunday
morning will be "The Ascension of
Business Note. . .
- The store roems of E. W. Adams and
F. D. Felt are undergoing repairs.
Dr. Holloway Is having commodious
quarters fitted up over Bowlby & Hall's
store for bis dental parlors.
The VanCleef building on Liberty
street is being remodeled for a drug store.
The A. M. Fitch building will be oc
cupied June 1st.
J. W. WUbur and E. P. Collins have
termed a partnership. See advertlament
next week.
Census: Enumerators for Lorain County.
Ambeist, Orlando E. Foster; North
Amherst, Newton L. Cotton; Avon Her-
man B. Martlndale; Black River, Henry
Root and J. W. Palmer; Brighton, Daniel
M. Hall; Brownbelm, Chauncy W. Mead;
Camden, Joseph B. Fllcklnger; Carlisle,
Harlan P. Chapman; Columbia, B. B.
Adams; Eaton, Truman L. Cooly; Elyrla.
township, John Langtoo; Elyrla, first
ward, Myrton E. Gage; second ward,
Charles Chandler; third ward rienry M.
Bllllnt; fourth ward, John Blauchard;
Grafton, Frank R, Sbowalter; Henrietta,
David C. Leonard; Huntington, Milo R.
Smith; LaGrange, Cheater C. Manville;
Pen field, Andrew W. Denham; Pltufield,
Henry McRoberta;'Rldgevt!le, Porter E.
Sexton; Rochester, Reuben D. Elpllnget;
Russia, George N. Caxruthert; Oberlln.
flist district George C. Prince; Otwrllu
second district, William B. Parsons ; Shef
field, Edward Root; Wellington township,
Henry R. Sprague;' ' Wellington tillage,
E.M.Llndef," , .
; " "
," , A Grand Entertainment.
Prof. H.U. Johnston will present brill,
lant stereo pt Icon views of tbe Johnstown
flood, Tosemite valley, ud other scenes of
Interest at Grand Army ' Hall Tuesday
evening May 20th, under the auspices ol
the W. R. C. Admission 15c; children 10c.
Come and enjoy t pleasant tnd profitable
(Ml for y.mr Hall.
D.W Miller, . , Mrs. Catherine Buchanan.
Geo. CDush P.M.
That Boy of Mine," and what to do
with him tnd "My Cowboy Brother" and
what he led as into, are the namee of two
Interesting stories In pamphlet form, relat
ing to Education tnd the Choice of Pur
suits which will be sent rail by F. Wklu
Co, 775 Broadway, New York. fc 20
! , ' A Card..,: ; .... I .. .,
I wish to tay a few words In favor of
Iron Hall, an order organized In Welling
ton a , few months tgo. I am one of the
charter members, and since I have been
tick I made application for my tick bene
fit, and In Just twenty-eight days I received
the amount due me. Al'Jiough the order
la In Its Infancy In tbjs town, and I know
Is meeting with a good deal ot opposition,
still I do think It is a benefit to all work
ing men. . M. U. Kbits.
An Entertainment.
An hour's recital by one of the finest
male quartets of the Oberlln Conservatory
will be given in the parlors ot the Congre
gational church Friday evening, May 16,
for the benefit of the Y. P. 8. of C. E
The program will consist of solos, duett
and a selection by Rev. W. E. Barton
from bis "Lite in the Hills of Kentucky"
and will be followed by a chocolate
lunch served in apple blossoms. Admis
sion, 15 cents for adults and 10 cents for
children. Hour, 7 ;80 p. m.
The following oenons were registered .tths
American House May 12 and 18:
0. A. French, A. P. Lai re, New Torkj P. Bai
ley, F. 0. Stevens, Detroit, Mich.) B. O. Bditer
ton, 0. H. Purrenage. Philadelphia;.!. B. Lewis
Buffalo, N. Y.i Geo. Dickson. Mansfield,
O-i O. E, Parker. Toledo, O i M. W. Gamble,
Warsaw, Ind.s J. W. Nye, Terre Haute, Ind.
r. s. nuson.uiaae niii, ra. J. a. i;arroiion,
Mallet Creek. Oj P. W. Koapp, Chas. Larter,
G. K. Gee, J. D. Tarbell, 8. W. Burk., 0, A.
Beelman, Cleveland, O.i M. F. Watson, Graf
ton. 0.1 J.B. Lewis, Rochester. N. Y.
May lotb, to Mr, and Mrs. W. A. Lamphler, a
NOTICE. The Ordinance prohibiting
the discbarge ot firearms within the cor
poration without a permit from the mayor
being first obtained, will hearafter be
strictly enforced. Indiscriminate shooting
by boys must cease. . . II I bi t D,
X) .mayor.
FOR RENT The Searles house on
Barker street. Enquire of
mi) w. ujsniou, jb.
FOR RENT A good room over my
store room. (20tf) J. Tum.it.
A CARD. I wish to announce to my
friends that I am once more located at W.
W. Harvey't clothing store, where I will
be pleased to see you. (20
Yourt Resp'y, F. C. Lbacu.
WANTED Ten Bushels Rice Popcorn
at once. J. B. Vbumilya.
If you have a minute to spare Just step
Into Otterbacher't and see his new patent
whip rack. It Is a novelty, and will hold
80 whips.
A CARD. I have opened dental rooms
over Bowlby 3s Hall's, where I will be
pleased to tee parties wishing; first-clam
dental work ol any kind done. I feel con
fident that I can please you.
E. E. Holloway, D. D. S.
You will have to go to Otterbacher for
the Best Assortment of Trunks and
Traveling Bags; also Lowest Pricks on
the same.
LAND FOR SALE. Two hundred
acres ot good iarm land, well timbered,
with living water, well located, with a lit
tle improvement; situated in Osceola
county, Michigan, near railroad station
tnd mills. For lurtaer particular! enquire
of W. II. U. Sotltff,
lOtf) Wellington, 0.
No one denies that Otterbacher is leader
In tbe harness business in Wellington. A
look through his store will convince tny
one that he hat the largest and most com
plete stock in his line to be found in
Northern Ohio.
I guarantee Black's Ak-Ro-Ni-An Rem
edies to be as represented, or money re
funded. 81 J. W. liouOHTOH, Druggist,
Otterbacher is able to sell cheaper than
almost anybody else on account of his large
and extensive business. He ships goods
to an parts ol the otale in Doth a whole
sale and retail way, and within a month
baa shipped fine harness asisreastas
flew York btate, and at tar west as Wash
In gton Territory.
SPRING ARRIVALS. A full assort
ment of New Styles always on band, and
all kinds of Straw Work neatly done at
the Millinery rooms of Mrs. S. Cady,
South Main street, Wellington, 0. (27
FOR SALE. A note or $54 and Inter
est ftom Oct. 1, 1B80, signed by a resident
of Brighton Lorain county, O. Write to
the undersigned for particulars. Chief,
tain bay-rake compauy, Canton, O., manu
facturers ot sulky rakes, hay tedders,
post hole diggers, potato diggers, etc. Il
lustrated catalogue mailed free. (it
TO RENT The Scranton House on
Uaggyar St. Apply at oltlce of
Jd-U Wklunotow Machihi Co.
Electro-plating Good and Cheap.
Parties having spoons, knives, forks,
castors, etc, from which the plating has
worn off can have tbem re-plated and
made as good as new, in either Nickel or
Pure Sliver. Common knives and lorks
can be plated with Nickel and thuttave
the labor of scouring, as they sever turn
black aor give a bad taste to the food as
steel doee. A good heavy and durable
coat given to all goods at a very reasona
ble price. If you have goods to be plated
you can drop me a card staling residence
(if in town) and I will call for tbem or
they nay be lett at E. W. Adams' Drag
Store. , W. J. Clifford, .
, 29) , Electro-plater, Wellington.
POTATOES. Early Beauty of Hebron,
Early Ohio, Early Vermont, Early Rote
and other early potatoes, for teed, at '
. Bowlby A Hall's.
lag bath tub and heater combined, at
' W. E. Paiaca'a.'
Just received Garden Seeda in bulk.
FOR RENT cheep, one good busli. ,
room and a number of very desirable r :
Idencee. - D. L. Wadsworth
EOtt SALE Farm and village prop
erty. Inquire of J. T. Haskell, Atl'y-at-Law,
Wellington, Ohio. . . kr
FORSALE. A desirable oue and
lot on Barker street ; also one ou Da Wolf
street. Above property It offered very
cheap. Enquire of li. N. Good win oi
CBAt. WrXLARD. ' 1 . U '
! House and Lot for Rale. ' '
My bouse sea lot cau oe bought on very
reasonable terras or cheap for each. For
particulars Inquire ol C. Uoge or J. W
Wilbur Wellington, O.' '
. I,. .. i. , Notice.' thi
J. M. Crtbtree will pay the highest
market prices lor live and dressed hogs
vetl oalyet, dry and greea bidet and pelts
" ' ' Hero Yon Have It. I u.
E. TPellfi A Son, are JJ ways) to
the front with goods for tbe sea
son., AtfuLMiow of Truoka, Va
lises, Hand-bags, Shawl-straps, all
ot the latest designs. Fly Nets,
heavy and fancy hand-made Haf
tiesa. . Bepairing a Specialty. "'In
order ' tp convince ' the people 'of
the above facta just call in and see
for yourselves. , (17tf '
Absolutely Pure.
Thlipowaernever vanes. A marvel of paiii
strength and wholesom.net.. Mora economic
than th. ordinary kinds, and cannot b. told In
competition with the mnltitndeoflow test, short
weight, .lam or phosphate powders . Sold only In
em i. kojral Baking Powder Co., lot Wall St.
N. Y.
Immense Stock
Just Received
In great variety of Novelties,
Styles and Colorings.
Fashionable Colors of the Season
Old Rose,
Helotrope '
and EnglishrGrey,
Very Handsome, and
Oh, How Cheap!
With a smile and square deal for
all at the store ot
Wm. Rininger.
Fancy prices all knocked off, and
sold at honest values. Now is ths
time to decorate your homes; and
if you are a money saver buy them
at the store of
Wm. Kiningee.
Very handsome and Cheap at the
square dealing store of
Wm. Riningee.
FOR 8A.LE. The 6wlft pvopeitv, west
tide South Main St., can now be bought
cheap. (IStf) R. N. Uoodwix, Ant.
FOR 8 AXE Cheap, Six Done Power
Engine, large Boiler ia good condition.
For further particulars, call at the Enter,
prlne Office. (lif
All kinds of Garden Seeds tt Ed. ltols
Insou't. (lM
TO FARMERS. We beve Juetreceiv. t
a tupply of Everereen Heed Corn lor fod
der purposes). Wtrraoted to grow
tt) . Lauhdoh, WntDsctro Co.
All klndt of Garden Seeds at Ed. Hob
Inteo'a. - (15i(
Housekeepers Take Notice.
Tke New Process Vtpor Stove ll hi
tpontaneonslv like natural gat call d
see it at W. E. I'elrce't
FOR SALEv Houee and lot for k .Ipi,
next to Hrt. Emerson, in Brown ttreet.
Call on E. Bbkicdict. i
R. N. Goodwin offers for tale bona
tnd lots very cheap; all la good locili'ifs.
See him beiore purchasing. . ,
FOR SALE. CAEAP Home and lot,
acre of land, good fruit, bara and b r
out-door buildings. Convenient for k. i
log chickens, cow, etc Inquire of W.F.
Starr at J. W. Wilbur1!. ; , . (13tf
At the season for wind storms la nenrly
here call on R. N. Goodwin and get or
property insured against tuoh rturu.i
Kates are cheap. ;.v -.
' I keep a supply of choice dsiry bu.tri
In quantities to tuit purchasers eo hand at
all times, C. Willabj).
itch, Mange, and Scratches on bnnmn
or animals cured In 80 minutes by Wo-l-lord's
Ssnltary Lotion. This never nil
Sold by E.W. Adams, Dropglst, Welling
you want a fine finish
and nice clean laundry work done, send
by F. D. Gibson, sgent lor the Troy ateum
laundry, of Elyrla, Ohio, t Office at Postal
Telegraph Cable CO. Alt work wamtnied
to give satisfaction. Goods-eent every
Thursday mornreg at8:10J Returned and
reaidy- lor delivery, i Saturday . evening.
Your patronage respect! uHyaoJklted. Call
and be convinced. Yours respectfully,
F.D.Gibson, Agent
Well Paper
n- . -

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