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Warlike Reports From the Tur
bulont Indian. .
Additional Troops and Ammunition
Sent to tlie Scene of IMs-
Kedsklna at Pina Rids; Agency Ur.nh
Camp Tit Situation Kecomas Mora Ba
rton Every Hour.
Ohaita, Neb., Nor. 24 Latest reports
from Pine Ridge are not reassuring. II
is admitted by the authorities at the
agency that a numerous band from Rose
bud It en route to . Pine Bldgo, though
the purpose of the visit is not vouch
safed. Short Bull and Jaok Bed Cloud,
who have been leaders of the ghost
dancing at Rosebud, deny any hostile
intention and say that the dancing has
been stopped. The dancers are coming
into the agenoy in squads, preparing to
draw their rations. Much loud talk is
heard, but the Indians dlsolalm any
hostile intentions. This attitude, how
ever, does not satisfy either General
Brooke or Agent Royer. The fear Is
now that many of the dancers will de
cline to oome to the agency for rations
to-day, but will prefer to organize In
cursions into the country bordering on
the reservation. In order that this
phase of the question may bo properly
met, General Brooke has ordered a large
body of troops to Rushvllle.
Yesterday companies E, F, U and II,
of the Second Infantry, loft Fort Omaha
on two special trains and will reach
Rushvllle to-day. Companies A, C, E
and G, of the Twenty-first Infantry,
from Fort Sidney, are now en route by
special train from Columbus, Neb., to
Rushvllle. Colonel Henry, with one
troop of the Ninth Cavalry, from Fort
MoEinney, is also on his way there.
The other troops in this department of
the 8tate are under marching orders
and oan soon be centered at the scene
of the trouble. This move is intended
first to out off raiding parties it any
leave the reservation and second to sup
port Major Butler's command at Pine
Ridge should he need reinforcement
General Brooke's headquarters will con
tinue at Pine Rldga
8t. Louis, Nov. 81 General Wesloy
Morrltt, commander of the Department
of the Missouri, yostorday morning re
ceived instructions from the War De
partment to send troops at once to Pine
Ridge Agency, the scene of the Indian
trouble. Genoral Morrltt accordingly
ordered a regiment of the Sovonth Cav
alry, consisting of eight companies of
about 000 men, undor command of
Colonel Forsytbe, and a company of ar
tillery with a battery of four guns,
commanded by Captain Campron, from
Fort Riley to the scene of the trouble.
The troops left by speolal train.
Pins Ridob Aokncv, 8. D., Nov. 24.
The situation is certainly grave. The
.trouble is slowly reaching a crisis. The
danger of the Indians camping in a clr-
le about the agenoy became so apparent
Saturday night that ordors were issued
yesterday for them to move to a barren
sandy plain at the foot of the buttes to
the north and along Wolf creek. In
these places tbey will all be in a bunch,
and their great village will be within
range of the Catling and Hotchklss
guns. About noon the chiefs of the
dlfforent bands called out to the Indians
to strlko their tents and round up their
horses and move to the new camping
ground. The chango was made within
an hour and a half. Then it was dis
covered that nearly every tepee shel
tered a oarblne or a Winchester, but no
effort was made to confiscate these arms.
. Agent Royer has also received author
ity from Washington to hire 100 scouts.
The camp for miles around is now pa
trolled night and day by Hlouz police
men who are armed with Winchesters
and who are watching tho movements of
the hostile
Over 24,003 rounds of ammunition
have oome for the troopers of tho Ninth
Cavalry and 00,000 for the Catling and
Hotchklss guns. Ex-Indian Agont Mo
Gllllcuddy came hore yesterday in re
sponse to an urgont request of Genoral
Brooke. McGUllcuddy has the record
of being one of the most fearless agents
ever in the employ of the Government
The two men have beon in conference
all day. McGUllcuddy is in favor of
crushing the Indians without any un
necessary dol ay.
Bluxt, 8. D., Nov. 24. Ben and Lar
nard Bowers, who have been with the
Midland railroad surveying outfit, re
turned to Blunt yesterday ' afternoon.
They report that at oleven o'olock Fri
day night while camped about olghty
miles west of Pierre, the camp was sur
rounded by about fifty Indians painted
and fully equipped for war, and with
hideous yells and flourishing their guns,
war clubs, eta, cut their way through
the tents and bounoed in and out firing
their guns, flourishing clubs, eta, with
out doing any bodily barm. They final
ly left when the gang of surveyors
broke camp Saturday morning and
started for Fort Pierre, where they ar
rived aooui mianigni on oaiuraay, Hav
ing traveled all day without anything
to eat
Wichita, Kan., Nov. 24. A hunting
party consisting of Hamp Stone, IL C.
Hougbland, Thomas Boynton and Alox.
Askew, citizens of Ashland, went down
Into the strip a few days ago on a hunt
ing expedition. Tbey had permits from
the deputy marshal. They went into
camp Saturday night thirty miles south
west of CaldwelL Seven Indian scouts
soon appeared and onlored them out of
thestrlp. They prod uoed their porm Its,
but the Indians refused to recognize
them. The party wore disarmed, ropes
tied around tholr neoks and attached to
the saddles of the scouts, who started
north. The hunters were oompellod to
maroh at a lively speed until within
five miles of the State line, where thoy
were released. Tbelr horses, camp
equipments and arms were confiscated.
Too lolautlflo fur n illar.
New Okt.kan, Nov. 24. Tommy
Warren, of Han Franolsoo, knocked out
Tony Miller, of Indianapolis, in three
rounds Saturday evening before the
Audubon Atnletlo Club. Miller had no
Dhanoe from the start, Ihn CnUfyraUn
proving very sclvntlflo. (ia .
Humors as to the Action of Con
jrress on Important Measures.
Sllrer Men Determined to Force the
Enactment of a Free Coin
age BUI.
Apportionment and Federal Elaotlon
Bills May Alto ba l'asaed Change for
an Extra Heolon Anti-Mormon Legisla
tion. Washington, Nov. 24. Nearly every
train arriving from the west brings to
the capital one or more members of the
Fifty-first Congress, the last session of
which will convene on Monday next By
the middle of this week the Capital City
will have settled Itself for the usual
gaieties and hustling whloh aocompany
the short sessions. Work sufficient to
keep the respective houses busily en
gaged seven hours eaoh day until spring
time has been mapped out by different
statesmen who have been Interviewed
upon their arrival here. At the present
writing no definite idea can be given as
to what will engage the time of the ses
sion, beyond consideration of several
regular appropriation bills. The indi
cations warrant the assertion that the
Pension Appropriation bill will be the
most earnestly debated measure, owing
to the enormous proportions It is reach
ing. There are apparently many Domocrats
In the Bouse of Representatives who
desire an extra session of the Fifty-second
Congress and believe that it is their
polloy to work to that end, Leading
Republicans stand ready to enoourage
such a move on the part of their oppo
nents, believing that its effoct will re
sult in great benefit to the Republican
party at the next elootlon. Speculation
runs very high on either side of the
question and almost any opinion sought
may be obtained, with plenty of states
men ready to father it
The silver men are determined if pos
sible to force through a free coinage
bill. They are strongly Impressed with
their ability to accomplish tho work In
the Senate, where they have the assist
ance of the new Senators from Idaho,
Montana and Wyoming. There will not
be sufficient strength, however, to carry
such a bill over a Presidential veto,
which is almost certain to follow Its
passage; although some of the strongest
adherents of freo coinage oxpross tho
belief that tho President will npt an
tagonize such a measure after giving It
mature consideration. The rocent
Democratic successes, it is claimed, will
figure greatly to their advantage.
Representative Lodge, of. Massachu
setts, Is of the opinion that the IIouso
will certainly pass an apportionment
bill and that the Senate will complete
the work of the majority by passing
the Federal Elections bill Mr. Lodge
also ventures the opinion that "if the
Democrats got an extra session next
spring it will be the beginning of the
end for them." He thinks Mr. Mills
will win the Speakership contest Many
Republicans entertain this opinion.
The announcement that a strong lobby
Is on its way to Washington with a view
to seoure the enactment of legislation
which will lead to the disfranchisement
of the Mormons basoreatod quite a com
motion in political circles. There are
two bills now ponding in tho respective
houses which propose to take tho privi
leges of the franchise from any porson
aiding, abetting or countenancing po
lygamy, or who may be attached to any
institution that does, Frionds of tho
Mormons hold that to pass elthor of
these measures would bo vory unjust, as
the Mormon ohurch has slncoroly ac
knowledged allegiance to tho laws of
the United States. It does not appear,
however, that there will be any time
for the consideration of such hills dur
ing this session.
FlUmaker's flreat Jump.
Chicago, Nov. 24. Saturday after
noon Fllemaker jumped 7 foot Vi
inches at the Exposition building,
breaking bis recosd of 7 feet IK inches.
TJ. II. Harris, his owner, is desirous that
Moorehouse and Pepper match tbelr
mare Maud against Fllemaker. Harris
says he will match the old horse against
tbelr entire stable, Inoludlng Roseberry,
for 81,000 a side and two-thirds of the
net gate receipts.
Englnears and' Fireman Won't Btrlka.
Indian atoms, Nov. 21 The com
mittee of Lake Erie fc Western em
ployes are still holding private meet
ings and decline to give any Informa
tion to the press. A well founded re
port Is that members of tbo committee
are urging a strike, bat that the engi
neers and firemen are opposing it and
that if a strike does come the latter
will remain loyal to the oompany.
National Bank Suspends Payment,
Alma. Kan., Nov. 24, The First Na
tional Bank of this oity closed Its doors
Saturday and will go into liquidation.
The failure was caused by depreciation
of mortgages on which' the bank bad
loaned money. The liabilities are about
$25,000 and the assets small. The de
positors are mostly small farmers, who
oan ill afford to lose the money.
A llanater Jollinnatlnn.
Frkubrick. ML, Nov. 24. The Dem
eratlo jollification here Saturday la
honor of the election of General Will
iam McKalg to Congress was the great
est affair seen hore since the old Whig
days. At the lunoheon sorved at the
market house after the parade theorowd
consumed three barrels of coffee and
4,000 sandwiches.
Seal d tn Death,
Peoria, I1L, Nov. 4. Frank 8herrer,
a watchman omploved by the Peoria
Distilling Company, while making his
rounds Saturday slipped and fell into a
tank of scalding slop. It was some time
beforo he was rescued, and his flesh fell
from the bonos whoit he was lifted out
lie died in a few hours. .
Kplilmnle In Inwa.
Mason City, la., Nov. 24. Scarlet
fovor Is raging at Algona and the schools
have been oloand. Diphtheria, whloh
ia quite goneral throughout Iowa, now
Srevalls to such an alarming extent al
reaoo that active quarantine measures
have boen resorted to.
nun jrm . ;
jjmo poucii
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