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CIEVElAND 0. -nl'
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A Family Newspaper Devoted to th,e Xsdtorost of Loraia County and Vicinity.
. no. no-
i V f - ' ' ' '
i Manufacturer Of And Dealsr In
Monuments ! Tombstones
Everything pertalulhg to cemetery work
-will receive prompt attention at prices to
suit the times. , (20
Manufacturer! of and dealer In
Doors Saab. and. Blind
Cheese and Butter Boxes, all kinds of
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Battens', Mould,
lngs and Flooring. Biding made and Bur
lace Planing done to order on short no
Dr. H. E. Warren,
Office and residence in Post office build
ing. Calls answered at all hours in city
or country.
"V Office Honrs 2 to 6 p- m.
Anthracite Bituminous
. Terms Cosh. Pricea Reasonable
Office in C. Wlllard's Store. (Mtf
Anthracite, Massillon,
Jackson and Blossburg
Terms Cash and Prices Low.
Office on West Liberty 8i., Telephone 48
ArrlTr dsllr, '00 a. . P'pan, I :S0 p. av
IICSTlMiTON. ill.l.lVAN and WH.R
arrive liy, 11 -i tu in. '' -
Arrive dally, (a.m.
For Fire, Life, Accident and Tornado. The
beat eompaules In the United Sui repre
sented bv ua. umce norm siue luiic j
seooud floor WadswortU block. I3UI
Botanic -:- Doctor,
I Makes a specialty of ehronle diseases, such as
Catarrh, Liver and Kidney trouble, and all
hinds of chronic diseases, audi aa Rheuma
tism, Asthma, Throat Trouble of any kind.
Hi nrleea are Irom 13 to 110 a month. I make
...iuii nf women's and children a all
menu. 1 describe diseases without asking
,ilillitns. ttU d I make this proposition: If
In 4 weeks thejr are satisfied they are no bet
i uiu n.fm A une-half. Mf mode of treat
ment la strictly Botanic roots and, herba.
Consultation free. Will be at the American
lluuie the 3d and 4th days of each month. 147
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Oeorge Pember, deceased.
imrfAi-aifiipft hti been anoolntfd
ouallded aa administrator with the will a
liescd of the estate of Ueorge i'ember, late
ur.nin..iAi. i..rin eoiuitv. Ohio, deceased.
' Dated this 2Vtb day of rebruary. A. 1). 1M0.
4a) J.T. llisnLL.
nuri'URVTH FOR Wkci Ending Dkc. 10
!hae. DkffS.. weighing lbs
Butter. ' " "
OhloStandard t)
Family Favorite
General Produce.
Butter, dairy, per tt....t0. 6 9 9.20
Creamery batter ft. . . . 27
Chlckena.dresacd.pcrtt.. 0.00 0.fJ8
gK.PCTdot 0.25
Ham, smoked, per lb. .. 0.00 0.08
Tallow, per lb 0.08 '
Hides, per ft 0.00 0.04
Bound Bteak 10
Surloln 1
Shoulder Bteak . . 10
Potatoes, 0.75
Wiol 8
ilickoryouts 1.25
Oraln. Flour and Feed.
Buylnt. Selling.
Flour,pcrsack(49Ibs)..f0.009 1.20
Graham flour, per cwt.. 8.00 ....
Corn meil.pcrcwt.... 0.00 1.80
Chop, per cwt, 0.00; 1.40
Mlddlings.percwt 0.00 1.10
Bran, per cwt 0.00 0.85
." Oil Meal, rr cwt 0.00 1 50
Corn, sbulicd, per buBh. 0.00 0.B5
. Corn, in ear. per bush. 0.00 0 05
Wheal per bus 0.00 .03
Oati per bn. . . 0.45 .62
Trades and Occupation.
Tub Youth's Covipakioh for 1891 will
give an Inatruclive and helpful Series of
Papers, each of which describes the char
acter of some leading Trade for Boys or
Occupation lor Girls. They give inforin
tlon as to the Apprenticeship required to
learn each, the Wages to be expected, the
Qualities needed in order to enter, and
( the prospects of Success. To New Sub-
scribors wno sena fi.'io at on tno rer
will be sent free to Jan. 1, 1801, and for a
full year from that date. Address,
. . Boston, Masr
Gathered fa Osr hrialC.:r..scfi..at.,
All About tho Happenings anil Special
Events in their Immediat e Vicinity.
Dec. 8, '90.
Hunting is now the occupation of the
most of our citizens.
Miss Ida An Irews, of Spencer, is visit
ing Miss Bello Mills.
Geo. Walker and J. W. Johnson are
hauling ties on the railroad near Akron.
Jos. Kessells the K. R. who stayed at
the Western Hotel the oust summer lost
all eight of his horses and mules in Akron
last Friday night. The barn which tbey
were In burned down and all of the horses
were burned op, or so'near so they had
to be killed.
II. A. Caswell has rented his farm to
Grant Hall of Penfield, and will move to
Medina where Mrs. Caswell will keep
books for A. I. Root.
A pttper is being circulated in the
south-west part of town for the purpose of
raising money to secure a flag station up
on tlx- Smith Road.
Will Lincoln ot North Eaton, spent
Saturday and Sunday visiting his parents
in town.
Our sports held their weekly shoot at
A.O. Crow s Inst Thursday.
O. Nlckerson and II. E. Jenne are ship
ping cattle to Buffalo N. Y.
Messrs N.Morehouse, A. Rlslou, Jr.,
S. A. Rhoades and F. W. Woods were lu
Akron looking up their claims upon the
F. II. Benedict visited at U. E. Jenue's
Miss Edith Beach began her second
terra ot school in the south district Tues
Died Monday Doc. 1st Mrs. U. Spitzer.
J. U. D Yeakley has moved Into II. E.
Norton's building corner of West Market
and Main Btreets.
Mr. Moller Is to move Into the bouse
formerly owned by Val Sbnn k . " '
Mrs. F. James who has been visiting in
Springfield has returned home.
Jno. Woods and wife visited J. Woods In
Lodl Friday.
E. E. Wideman has rented bis farm to
W. Sllne ot Grafton antU contemplates
removing to Creston.
R. Hyde and wife of Montvllle, Ohio,
visited at V. Shanks Friday.
C. Berkcy ol Grafton has moved into C
A. Stranahan's house on West St.
E. J. Olmy Is working in Akron, O.
It is a Mistake
To try to cure catarrh by using local appll
cations. Catarrh is noi a local but a con
stitutlooal disease. It is not a disease of
the man's nose, but of the man. There-
lore, to effect a cure, requires a constltu
iIddu! remedy like Hood's Sarsanarllla,
which acting through the blood, reaches
every part of the system, expelling the
taint which causes the disease, and Im
parting health.
Dec. 8, '00.'
Eugene McConnell who has been away
working in a cheese factory at NortbAm
berst this summer, has returned home and
will spend the wiuterbere going to school,
Carl Bullou and Uuryey Miller went to
Cleveland this week, being unuble to find
work that suited them.they returned home
on last Saturday. Tbey reported a pleas
ant time while, in the Forent City and
tli ink of going there again la the spring.
Mell Uubler, who has been quite sick,
Is able to be out again.
Cold weather has stopped all work on
the B. & O. In this vicinity, with the ex
ception of the limber men. They are
busy at work.
Wallace Drake has been agisting at R
N. Rice's.
W,ill McClellun is able to attend to his
work again.
Silas Drake was taken to Cleveland lost
week to be operated on and treated for
cancer. The opcratlou was successfully
performed, but was not a success, and no
hopes are entertained for bis recovery. A
dispatch was received Sunday night at
midnight that be was sinking fast and for
his friends to come at once if tbey would
see him olive.
Rev. Hey ward preached as usual ai the
Cong, charch last Sabbath. lie returned
toOberlloon Monday.
Mrs. Holbrsok of Ashland is visiting
friends in this vicinity.
Those interested In liter ry matters were
requested to meet at the school house dis
trict No. 3 on Wednesday evening for the
purpose of organizing a literary society.
Last Friday the Sullivan Cornet band
gave an oyiter supper and dance In town
ball. It waa not generally known ' and
only a few were present. A splendid
supper was provided at the Coats House,
Under the circumstances It was thought
Iwst by tU community to have It all
over again and so ou next Fvl 'av evening
tho J2ih, there will be a dance In the hall.
Music by the well known Kelsey band
i and tin? supper will be at the Coats House.
Every body Is cordially Invited to at
tend. nlm lineal. f 1 f n o 1 i nii.n.d.u n,A
deemed so inuispensible, have given place
to milder and more skillfully prepared
laxatives; hence the great and growing
demand for Ayer's Pills. Physicians
everywhere recommend them for cos
tlvenesa, indigestion, and liver com
Dec. 8, '00
Quarterly meeting at the M. E. church
ast Sunday. '
itev, Reader is .very sick at Litchfield,
and was unuble to occupy the pulpit Sun
day evening.
On next Sunday evening at 7:00 J. G
Fifleldot Wheaton, 111., will deliver a
Temperance lecture tit the Cong'l. church-
The subject of his discourse will be "The
ludicrous side of a serious question."
All come and hear a good speaker.
An oyster supper at L. Foster's on
Tuesday night. '
Married On Dec. 4th 00. Mism Lora
E. Andrews and Perry E. Davison. They
have the best wishes ol their many friends
lor their future happiness.
All we want now for sleigh rides is two
inches more snow and a good horse aud
cutter. Doci
Perry E. Davison and Miss Lora E
Andrews were united in holy matrimony
by Rev. Wm. Leete, of Well'ngton, at tbe
home of the bride's parents, December 4,
One thing was noticable at the wedding
Tbe beautiful bride wore a ring (as a
souvenir) which had been worn In tbe
family line Tot three successive genera
tions on similar occassion. The day was
pleasant, for the season, while tbe many
attendants of relatives, and neighbors with
their numerous presents and cbcerfu'
countenances, with fcweet vocal and In
slrumeutal music' made it a delectable
event to all present, As tbe happy couple
were to leave on the evening tram for tbe
the city of Cleveland to visit Ibeir fnendi
who had come to escort them thither, si
were col lot atted at a late dining hour to
tables groaning with rich and sumptuous
The pious grandparents, (on account of
extreme age, notice but little ot passim
events) being present, will not forget this
marriage until Invited to the great mur-
riage supper of tbe Lamb.
Your "Wasted cheeks may have ail the
Dlumnness and bloom of health throuitb
your use ol Ayer's Sarsaparilla. This
time-honored remedy still leads the van
It Improves digestion, purines the liKHO
and Invigorates tun system. oive, it
Dec. 8, DO.
Quartely meeting in the M. E. church
next Saturday and Sunday commencing
on Saturday at 1 p. in. Elder Hughes Is
expected to be here. Tbe innetin jS will lie
coniinued every night Ibis week.
Milo June and wife returned last Fri
dy from Cleveland where they spent
Mr. Kellogg from Cleveland, spends
this week out here hunting With the June
Geo. Robinson went to Centerton lust
Suturday after bis wife and goods as the!
house Is Dcs.lv ready so they can move
Into It.
Mrs. Amelia Nimox and Lucy and
Tracy Lawrence visited In Elyria last
Frank Richmond and wife spent lust
week la Penfield.
Miss Llllle Myers of New London
spent Sunday wlih friends In town.
Mrs. Amanda Weaver went to Elyria
this week Monday.
About two Inches of enow fell last week
Mrs. Lura Rogers bus bought the
Jluskins house, the first house - north of
the hotel.
Roll Boon Is visiting in Centerton.
On Saturday Nov. 20th, Mrs. Johnson
who is at Mrs. Alta Pratt's, lost between
Mrs. Pratt's and Asa Pratts' house In Well
ington a pair of gold bowed eye glassc
Any one finding tbe same will please leave
at Dr. Houghton's drug store.
There will be a Xmas concert at the M
E. church Deo. 21st.
Sale on Friday of this week at tbe
Myron Hawley farm.
Tbe prospects are good lor some wed-
dings about Xmas time. '
Mo MatUr Bow Hard
any druggist tries to sell you his own cough
medicine, remember be does It because he
makes mora money on It.. Insist on having
Kemp's Balsam for the throat and lungs, for
there la no ooiigb remedy so pure and none so
quick to break up a cold. For inmiema, sore
ness of the throat and tickling Irrltaltou with
constant cough Kemp's balsam Is an Immedi
ate cure. Larue bottles GUo. and II. At all
druggists'. i
Dec. 8, '00.
Only two weeks to Christmas,
The cl year le on tbe"home strelch."
The first sleighing of the teason was
last weeli
Mr. M. England, of LeRoy, spent Sun
ny wits Jim England.
Mrs. Van Bell, of Seville was in town
Mrs. T.Brown, of Toledo, Is making s
short vitht with her sister, Mrs. G. L.
Mr. Tiflimnson of tho B. & O. was in
town last week.
Mrs. R 11. Redfleld has been stopping
with Kri Alnsworih, for a few days past-
Cbarlet Harvey, of Fostoria, vas In
town last week. .
Ada Vok, of Ashlund, will attend school
here the
balance of the year.
Rev. J
G. Frastr, of Cleveland, occu.
mlplt at Congl. church Inst Sun-
pied the
day- ' ,
, Win. liiwer and wife, oniurhnnK were
visiting friends In Ion n one day last week.
Mrs, C, ChttDumu was In Burimnlt last
week, lo Ed. Bailey.
Mrs. Rogers and grandson Fred are vis
iting friends in Cleveland for a week or
SO. . "
A Pound Social was held at the resi
dence ot Mr. R. Mohler lart Wednesday
evening (or the benefit ot Mrs. Win
Fleirtming and family. A pleasant time
nd a good uUenduncu Is reported.
"Clearing the Mists," will be pluyed in
Lodl by the Lodl Dramatic Club, about
Christmas or New Yera's. Will try and
give exact date next week .
Cold Waves
Are predicted with reliable accuracy, and
people liable to tbe pains aud aches of
rheumatism dread eveiy cbangetodumpor
stormy weather. Although Hood's Sar
saparilla is not claimed to Ml positive
specific for Rheumatism, the remarkable
cures It has effected show that It may be
taken for this complaint llb reasonable
certainty of benefit. Its action In neutral
izing the acidity ot the mood, wnicn is tue
cause of rheumatism, constitutes the se
cret ol success of Hood's Sarsaparilla. If
you suffer from iheumalism, give Hood's
SarsHparina a.lair tnui; it win (to you
good. ; ,
. ..yWHlTEFOX.
WlmV.-t but finally arrived aud has
clothed tbe ground in her garment of
Ice men are lirenuring for lots of Ice
this winter.
Died, little Maggie McG'laflin, : Wednes.
day evening of inflmmailou of tbe
Funeral Friday Dec. 5th.
Geo. Terwillegar was In New London
Friday Dec. 5th looking nfier the onion
trade in that town.
Mr. Thomas Watt is home visiting
friends and relatives.
Orlam! Grey who has been working for
Brad Hays wjs at church Huudy Dec. 7.
He expects to stay with Mr. Hives this
Mrs. .1. P. Hovey hna loien visiting
friends in X. Y. tlie past two ni'mths.
She returned home and riMirt a very
enjoyii'.,! time:
V. ilcUnhiti was vlblllni; old Irii tul in
C'larkstl-ld Sunday afternoon.
Aimer McCliiflln, ol Michigan Ik visit
ing at his brother's W. B. McClaflin.
Mr, Gibson wns Imdly Injured by a
kick from a colt lust week. His lace w.-is
badly hmlsd and one arm broken. Dor
Dec. 8, 'IMI
One ol lite pleasantest events ol Thanks
giving week in our town was the surprise
party given Mr. P. Holcomb and family
Wednesday 'evening, Nov. 20. During
the full .Mr. H. has been preparing lor
himself and family a large and commo
dious residence it. which he and his part
ner with his family about him could
spend their best days. His many friends
thought It a good time to make a call
Accordingly, everything was planned and
shout 7:30 o'clock, Mr. and Mrs. II. were
c6mplelcly, thoroughly and overwhelm
lngly sui prised by about 70 guests of all
ages. An enjoyable time was spent In
songs, games, social converse and la par
taking of that which pleases the inner
man. During the evening Mr. and Mrs.
II. were called upon to toe the mark,
when Supt, Ryan of Weston, O., la behalf
of the assembled friends, presented tbem
with two willow rockers and an elegant
banglog lamp. Our worthy friends made
a brief response, after which they tried
In a substantial way tbe new chairs. Thus
was paesea an evening long to be remem
bered. , Yocns Drvlt,
Faota Worth Knowing
In all diseases of the nasal mucus mem
brane the remedy used must be nun-Irri
tating. The medical profession has been
slow to learn this. Nothing satisfactory
can be accomplished with douches, snuffs,
powders or synngse because they are all
irritating, do not thoroughly reach the af
fected surfaces and should "be abandoned
as worse than failures. A multitude of
persons who bad for years borne all the
worry and pain that catarrh can inflict
testify to radical cures wrought by Ely's
lieam Uaim. .
Washington Letter.
From oar Regular Correspondent.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 5, '90.
Senator Cullom has Introduced a bill for
the reduction of letter postage to one cent,
and It has been referred to the Senate
committee on Postofllces and Post Roads.
This is nobuncomb measure; the Senator
is in earnest and he proposes.if it be possi
ble to have ihe bill voted upon at the
present session, and owing to the rapidly
growing public statement in favor of one
cent letter pastage, there Is little doubt of
Its passage, If it is voted upon.
Tbe know-it-all gentlemen who havcf or
several months been telling the country
that the Federal election bill was dead
must have experienced some chagrin when
the Republican Senators voted solidly to
take up this bill and continue its consider
ation to the exclusion of all other business
(after the "morning hour") until It la dis
posed of. Senator Hoar says ho is confi
dent that the bill will finally pass before
tbe first of January, but that It will be the
cause of one of the sharpest and most de
termined struggles eyer waged In Con
gress. He hopes that the Democrats will
see tbe wisdom of acquiescing without
resorting to filibustering. But there Is
little probability that such will do the
case. The bill can never be passed by tbe
Senate until tbe rules ol that body are
changed so as to limit debate, and that
charfjje, which can only be made by tho
united a.id persl'tont efforts of the Repub
lican majority, will In opposed by all tbe
parliamentary methods known to the
Democrotic 'minority. One scheme of
tbe Democrats has already been made
public, whereby tbey hope to defeat the
election bill, li Is to offer as a substl-
tue lor all that portion of the bill alter the
enacting clause, a bill for the trie coin
age of silver.
There are several reasons, however,
wby tins scheme is almost certain to full.
the principal ot waicu Is tbe idea that
has In some way become general around
the Capital, that the President will veto s
free coinage bill if Congress passes one.
Tbls idea of a vote has not deterred
Sun a tors Plumb and Teller and a number
of Repies- ntatlves from Introducing bills
providing tor the free coinage of silver.nnd
Mr. Teller anid today that he fell perfectly
confidenl that some one of these bills will
be passed by the Senate at the present
session. Of the action of tbs Uouso he Is
not so confident. There are redica! dif
ferences in these bills. For instance, Sena
tor Plumb's bill provides for a double unit
nf valuu (a dollar of 412 & 13 grains
standard silver or 25.3 grains of gold) of
full legal tender quality, while Senator
Teller's bill fixes the weight ot Ihe silver
dollar at 400 grains ol standard silver, and
contains no further addition to existing
law for the coinage of bullion received at
tbe mints.
Senator Iogalls has Intioduced a Joint
resolution to appropriate a sum of money
to puxhase seeds to be distnbuted gratis
among the c'rtlzous of Kansas and Nebras
ka suffering from tbe effects of the re
cent drought
Senator M anderson lias prser,Ud a
pel it ion which offers the most parctlcuble
solution of the Indiana problem yet pre
sented. Ii asks that the Indians bo de
prived of U eir horses and thai the Gov
ernment issuu to thorn in lieu thereof
working oxen. Shaking of tbls matter
Senator Manderson said: "Aa Indian can
not fight veiy much It mouuted upon an
ox, but hu can plow all be wants to. We
have been giving these Indians ponies for
farm work, but thoy have never used
them except ns saddle animals. Tbe
disarmament and dismounting of the
Iructlous tribes is necessary and should be
accomplished at once. An Indian be,
lieves his highest mission to bo the kill
ing ol a fellow being; white man pre
fetred." A resolution has been adopted by
the Senate calling upon the Secretary of
War for information as to what steps have
been taken towards disarming the In
Secretary Blaine, in company with tbe
Brazilian naval officers who have, been
visiting Washington, occupied the di
plomatic galleries ol the House aud Sen
ate for an hour or t O on Tuesday.
Tbe House gut right down to work in a
business like way that pr unise well for
tbe session, although there Is not yet a
Republican quorum pn H-ut. It psssed
the Internat'oiinl C"yrialit Idll. nhhoujih
a day was waled by Its o,,i.,ni.it in fill-
bustering iigaiiM! it. 'oik on te ap
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
propriation bills is being rapidly pushed,
and one of them Pensions has already
been reported Irom committee. Tbe Cen
sus committee is working hard to perfect
the apportionment bill, which Is certain
to become s law at this session, Demo
cratic roports to the contrary notwith
13 culled tho "Kuthor of Diseases," be
cause thorn Is no medium through,
which disease an often atUx-ks the system,
aa by the absoriitlou of ixjisonnut gases In '
the retention of ducnyeu andurtetu muttor
In the stomach and bowels. It Is caused '
by a Torpid Liver, not enough bile being:
excreted from the blood to prodooe
Xuturc's own cut hurtle, and Is generally
accompanied with such results as
Loss of Appetite,
Sick Headache,
Bad Ereath, e&.
The treatment of Constipation does not
consist merely In uuloudtiig tho bowels.
The m edict no must notonly act as a purga
tive, but beo- tunicas woll, and notproduco
after Its use greater costlveness. Tosocurs
a regular halilt of body without chauglug
tho diet or disorganizing the system
r "My attention, after suffering with OmMlpa
Hon for two or three vein, was called to Simmons
Liver Regulator, sno, having tried almoit every
thing elie, concluded to try it. I firt took a
wineglass ful and afterwards reduced tho dote to a
teaipoonful, as per directions, after each meal. I
found that It had dona me so much good that I
continued it unti 1 1 look two bottles. Since then I
have not experienced any difficulty. I keep it la
my bouse and would not be without It, but have
no use for It. it having cured me. " Gao. W,
Sims, Ais't Clerk Superior Court, Bibb Co., Ga.
Take only the Genuine,
Which has on Ihe Wrapper the red 7 Trad.
snark and Signature of
A Favorite Pain-r.
Tho publishers -f Youth's Companion
have Issued a beautiful Calendar lor 1801.
unique and convenient, which contain
also the Announcements lor next year.
Among 1lio new names which will grace
this model young iolkV weekly paper are
the Lord Chler-.lktiee nl' Kngluntl Col
eridge, Hon. Stu liw. tli venerable
Hannibal Hamlin, C'ainille Flamtnarlnn. ,
Kir Norman Lockyer, (lea. O O. Howard. ,
1W. Lyman Ablxttt. Jules Verne. Max
O'Rell, Julia Wanl Howe, Walter Besaut,
Benson .1. Lotting, tho eminent historian,
and Carl Lumtiolir.. Truly a bast, oi '
names in themselves, sufficient to warrant
th success ol a paper.
Five aerial stories are promised, by
..Molly K. Seuwell.Iteliecra IJunling Davis,
Julie M. Llppman, II. II. Boyesen and
Klir.nlu-tli W. Hellimv. A popular eerier
on ihe latest discoveries In science will
treat nf the stars, the) sun, the moon, the
earth, the in so, and tbe Gulf Stream.
There w ill tie another popualar series on
music by Mine, Aliianl. Emuia Jucb,
Mme N'ipIici, Marie Van Ztndt, and
Emma Nevada, while Amelia E Barr,
Mary A. I.ivertnore, Jennv June and
Marlon Mail ed will lell what a girl of
sixteen ra'i il when thrown on her own
Full prospectus and Sp-ctmen Copies
sent Free, on application. New subscrib
ers who M-wl fl 75 now will receive the
paper to January 1, 18111, and a full yeaf
from that (I tie.
A man who has practiced medicine for
40 years, ought lo know salt from sugar;
read what lie says:
iii.i;ix. l., Jan. iu, ins?.
Messt V .1. Cheney & Co Gentle
men: I have, been in tlie general prac
tice of medicine lor most 40 yeurs, and
would say that lu all my ptuctice aud ex
perience have never seen a preparation
that I could prescribe with as much con
fidence of Hiicess aa can Hall s UatarrO
Cure, maiinluctured by you. Have pre
scribed it a urcit many times and its effect
Is wonderful, and would say in conclusion
that 1 have v-t to find a case of Cutarrb
that it would not cure, II they would take
it according to directions.
Yours Truly.
Olllce. 215 Summit St.
We will give $HKJ for any case ol
Catarrh lhat cm not be cured with Hall's
Catarrh Cm n. Taken Internally.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Props., Toledo, O.
rjTSold by Druggists, 75c.
To avoid the delay earned by ordering
frames made up I have decided to keep
mouldlnirs in stock. and bavejust received
s large shipment ol Unu gilt, silver aud
white enamel mouldings, as well as many
new novelties in this line. Can fill all
orders promptly, and shall bo glad It.
shew earn pies to all who will call at my
home. 51
Mrh C. W. Arner, Courlland Av.
- asaJBJB- o aw i
Husband and Wife)
Have more than once been saved by the timely
use ol K emp's llalsam for the throat aud lungs,
utter all other remedies have been tried In
will ii . Ihn llalsam stops decay of the lungs and
cures tnrluenta and acute aud chronic coughs
There ta no other medicine In the world that
acts so promptly, certainly none that does Its
work so thoroughly as Kemp's Balaam. All
drugglaU sell It. Large bottles oOo. and tl.
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 18S0.
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