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J.B. SMITH, Proprietor.
Gathered from All Quarters.
In the Senate on the Wtli au hour and n htilf
ni consumed la discussion u point of order
raised by Mr. Gcrmiin. taking lmie with urn
Vice President's recent ru'liu to the efToct
that an appeal from a decision of the Chair on
a non-debatable question was Itself not debata
ble. The matter waj flnully dropped, anil
after the Introduction of a number ot bills the
elections bill was takon up and Mr. George
addressed the Bel nte In opposition 10
Ihe measure. Without concluding his remarks,
Mr. U;nw yielded to a motion for an execu
tive a -ss. on au 1 Hie Senate, noon adjourned ...
In the Hoiiki the Democrats renorod to dila
tory toctlcs over the approval of the Journal,
and most of the aehsion was consumed In this
manner. Finally lha journal wns approved
yeas 1.17, nnys 101. Ttio Senate bill for the re
lief of Sarah Pcrrlno wns pasted. The Sp nker
appointed Mr. fl"tiry. of California, member of
the Committee on To' offices and Post-roads,
mod the House udjnu neil.
tt the Senate on the th. nil morning bust
nets being dtpn.-t l of. Mr. Aldrlch asked for
the consideration of his r -solution for a change
la the rules. Mr. Harris rulseJ a point of order,
anrulnj that the notleo given for a change was
not sufficiently siie We. The question wa d e
cuised until two o'c'oek, when the Elections
bill was laid boforo the Hen ate and Mr. George,
who had the door, declined u yield to anybody
and continued his speech against the bill until
adjournment.... In the House, aflor the read
ing of the Journal the Speaker having stated
the-questlon to he on the approval of the Jour
nal and havlrg counted and stated the affirma
tive rote, Mr. Mills asked whether the proper
question wns not on approving the previous
question. This Inquiry was based on the fact
that when the clerk hud flnlidied reeding the
first part of tho Journal Mr. MeKlnley de
manded tho previous question. The Speaker
In response state I this fact, but sold that the
demend h d not been renewed after 'he
reading of the completed Journal. Mr. KcKln
ley corroborsi 'd th- statement of the Speaker,
Mr, Mil's said he desired to debate the ques
tion of approval of tho Journal but the Speaker
declined to r rn :ul.o him The storm then
burst. Mr Mil s strode, down the aisle
and shaking his Fst at the Sp-aker
rigorously denoened him. A scene of
turbulence and ehnos ensued, and a per
sonal rupture between gentlemen on tie
opposing s;di'M se r.ir.l imminent. The Per
gea:it at Arnn wns 1 : Ued upon, who Una ly In
duced Mr. Mills to lake 1i!h seat and the storm
subsld'd. The journal wf.s approved yeas tt-l,
nsys 104, The House then went Into Committee
of the Whole on 11m Dis rict of Columbia Ap
proprlatlun bill, imj la tuu debato whlcll lo
lowed the F. net o s bill wns tirousht to the
fore. No sot on was reached on tho Appropria
tion bill worn the commHtou rnno und the
House a.ljourned
In the Senate on the '.'Is' the wholo time was
given up to a ti - i n el tin1 cloture rule and
the Klcrllcns t i . V.-a;ht forth through a
motion I'.v Mr M-rrn t- amend the Journal
wherein it w is ree mleil thst a motion by Mr.
Aldrirh en Tie .-!.. y ln! the Semite resume
consilient on 0' 1 e ti;'.e to amend the rules
as to lliu latlun of I'thate waa determined In
the urtlnni'tlvo. Mr. Corman moved to
strikeout the w.'rls: "it was determined In
the nlHrinnthi'," leiMioof Its incorrctness.
The Vieo l'r si lent s iM that from his recol
lection ho had no formal y I'cclared the vote
as carrl'd, nlthou rh he had stated thnt the
ayes 1 ppeirru to have It He suld he would
again sul.mit tho it:e J Ion to the Senate, the
time in Ui.o i up in ru' 1 c Us, In obtaining the
attendance of absent Senators, and the deliv
ery of speoches until midnight, when the Sen
ate adjourned, leivlng ibe epproral ot Tues
day's Journal to come up again on tho Sid. ...In
the Ilous , alto.- th ;ourn 1 had leen read, Mr,
Mills objected to its a. provsl and atated that
he desired to dbat tho question. Mr. Mo
Klnley demnnd-d the previous quest'on
on the approval. The previous question
was ordered and Mr. Mills claimed the
floor and was rceojr'lzed by the Sneaker.
Mr. Mil s y'el led the I'oor to Mr Dlnnd, who
read his sub tl ute malting the freo oolnage sil
ver bill a continual order from and after Janu
ary TI. He said In t h should insist upon that
motion until the tli of March. After remarks
by Mct-rs. Ml Is on I I'o. crs, referring to the
Speaker's nilln-rs. the Journal was finally ap
proved sad the previous question on the Dis
trict of Columbia bill ordered at five o'oloclc.
At th t t m ', no quorum being present, the
House ndteurncd, the Mil going over as nntln
lsfied business.
IK the Senate on Ihe ?.M Mr. Aldrlch moved
consiileriteen of his resolut'on to smenl the
rules. A nomi n' o iler wns made by Mr. Kama
that the question lietnro the Senate was the
approval of Til's lay's lournal. After an ex
tended d h te t e point of ordr was overruled
and the cloture resolution was brought be
fore the Senate. Notice, o' amendments to the
proposed rule aer- glvon by Mr. Stewan and
Mr. Gibson. A:t-r further debate. Mr. Cocker
ell who hd the fis.r. yielded, and the Senate
took a recss until eleven a m. of the Xld. ...In
the House the Jotmi'l of last Tuesday waa
Anally approved. T.e District of Columbia Ap
proprlatiou bill was then passed without
further difficulty and tho House In Committee
of the Whole considered the Naval Appro rla
tloa bill, but without reaching action on It ad
journed. The entire session of the Senate on the 23d
was spent In ill-ous.iiug the cloture rule.
Messrs. Cockerel! and Gray made arguments In
opposl:lon to It Without action the Senate took
recess until the 4th....In the Ileu-e, on
demand of Mr. nrecklurldge. of Arkansas,
the Journal wns read In full and after some
debate was approved. There was some sharp
passages between the Speaker and Mr.
Cooikt. of Indiana, growing out of point of
order by Mr MeKlnley on a resolution offered
by Mr. Cooper directing the committee Investi
gating the I'ens'oo Bureau to report the resolu
tion to the Ho is 1. The resolution waa finally
reported and referred to the Committee on
Role. Tee Hon then went Into Committee
of the Whole on the Naval Appropriation bill,
but without action on It adjourned.
Sukkooatk Hansom, of New York,
ha decided that the marriage of Eva L.
Hamilton to Robert Ray Hamilton wan
void and that Eva la still the wife of
Joshua J. Mann.
From January 1 to the L5th, inclusive,
the Pension Oflice haa burned 10,1)77 pen
aion certificates. ThU la the largest
number ever Issued during a like period.
A pack aok of lctten belonging to the
Northwestern National Ilnnk of Chi
cago waa stolen on the Slid. The letter
contained from 1100,000 to 8150,000,
mostly In checks, draft and other non
negotiable paper.
)r the will of the luU) Dr. A. Tuleott,
of Guilford, Conn., Yolo College will
receive 8J5,000 and a valuable medical
Fukrst's military academy at College
Point, L. I., burned on the 2l!d, entailing
a losaof $ii,000. A large number o'
--boys and aevcral women were ahleep it
the bnlldlng when tho Are broke our
but all were aafcly rewtit'd.
William C. Duxcax, It city tttleKtniir.
for the dliim'md honwi of Lowaohn A
Co., New York. Im 1 il'xaypeaivd with
130,000 wortll o" '1,1.1 1 .tult nnil po;nln
On the IMh In-'. 1 t orf '.ml fur uptown
with olnit.i'. "i .1 ' it'i ;..'l', 11..:
Jiau not '..i. v.i iw-.u -..'
A mponx comes from Silverton, Col,
that Padlewakl, who assassinated Gen
oral Sellverskoff in Parts some months
ago, or a man very closely resembling
him, recently appeared there. He pur
chased a burro and disappeared In the
The funeral of Churlcs Justin Jones,
editor of the Now York Weekly Times,
took place In New York on the 22d and
the remains were taken to Cleveland,
O., for Interment .
Is the Superior Criminal Court at
Boston on the VIA Judge Sherman sen
tenced William Crotty to twenty-five
years In State prison for breaking Into
Morse's Jewelry store. Crotty was taken
to Boston from New York on a requisi
tion, was Indicted under the habitual
criminal luw und pleaded guilty.
Tub National Stonecutters' and
Quarry Men's Association at St. Joseph,
Mo., elected officers for the ensuing
year as follows: President, A. George
Dugan, Kansas City; Vice Presidents,
A. Kchull, Omaha, ond XV. Sargent, To
pe.ka; Secretary, W. Ewing. Kansas
City; Treasurer, Henry Kauer, St Paul.
Thk run on tho South Omaha branch
of tho Nebraska Savings Hank con
tinued two hours on the morning of the
22d, and as depositors were paid in full
confidence was restored and the run
DAVin Skiwinhki, a New York sales
man, was engaged to a Huntingdon, Pa.,
girl. On the 21st she wrote him break
ing the engagement, and the next day
he went to Huntingdon and hanged
Thk jnry In the case of J. O. Vcrvals,
the St Pnul (Minn.) census enumerator
who was charged with making false re
turns, on the 28d brought in a verdictof
not guilty. '
Jamks E. Owkxs and Ills wife, aged
respectively seventy-nine and seventy
four years, were run over and killed by
a Baltimore & Ohio train ut Washington
on the 23d. The couple were crossing
the track in a milk wagon and did not
hear the approaching train.
Business failures throughout tho
country during the seven days ended
January 23 number 380, as compared
with 411 the previous week. For the
corresponding week of last year ths
figures were 3:iS.
Stkpiikn F. Siif.iimas, of the late firm
of Sherman Bros. & Co., Buffalo, who
was convicted of grand lnrceny In con
nection with a grain transaction, was
on the 23d sentenced to five years in
Auburn State prison.
A fiiir ut Buffalo, N. Y., on the 2.1(1
destroyed the fivc-story brick block
known as the Clothing Exchange, cor
ner of Pearl and Terrace streets, caus
ing a loss So00,000. A falling wall killed
two firemen and Injured several othcra.
Dciiino the triul of un opium smug
gler at Scuttle, Wash., recently. Collec
tor of Customs Bradshaw, of Pugct
Sound district testified thnt during his
entire term not a single can of prepared
opium had been entered for duty at the
custom house. This statement shows
to what an ularming extent opium
fcmuggling is carried on.
Thk young stallion "Certuinty,"
owned by William Simpson, of New
Y'ork City, and valued at $20,000, Is
Gfokoe Kkndai.i.. u youug English
farm hand of Arlington, N. J., was
bitten in the Up two months ago by a
pet akye terrier belonging to his em
ployer. On the 23d Kendall died in a
New York hospital, a victim of hydro
phobia in its most horrible form.
Thk formation of a glass tablcwarf
trust, including most of tho Pittsburgh
table w.i re manufacturers, has been com
pleted and is in working order. The
combination, with one or two excep
tions. Includes the Pittsburgh, O 1I0 and
West Virginia factories.
Ox the 2:id a wreck on the Georgia
Central railroad, nenr Atlanta, seriously
Injured Engineer Walter House, Fire
man Wright and Conductor Ennis.
John M. Euan, president and general
manager of the Kunsas City road, and
C. II. Holdridge, general a?cnt, have
been Indicted by the grand Jury at Min
neapolis, Minn., for violating sections
of the Inter-State Commerce law pro
hibiting discrimination In rates.
I.f spite of the announcement that the
Chicago Gas Trust is alio t to !hj dis
solved. Mayor Crclgcr has instructed
the Corporation Counsel to push the suit
begun by the city against It lie is en
deavoring to force the companies to re
duce the price of gas. 1
Oat the 23d the burning of the fan
house of acoul mine near Evanston,
Wyo., destroyed the mean of supplying
fresh air to tho 200 men working be
neath the surface. The camp was in a
panic at once. Tho mine lamps were
extinguished and the men scrambled for
the opening. All escaped.
At Richmond, Ind., on the 33d the
jury In the case of James A. Woods, tho
attendant at the Eastern hospital for
the lnsojic, charged with kicking T. Jay
Blount, a patient, to death, returned a
verdict of guilty of voluntary man
slaughter, fixing the penalty at twenty
one years in the penitentiary.
At a ncetlng of Chicago cigar maker
on the 23d it waa decided to advance
the price of domcstio cigars ten per
cent on February 1 next They claimed
that this was necessary owing to the in
ui easeo. cost of the Im ortcd wrappers
under the McKinley law.
Bob Ford, the slayer ef Jesse James
recently got in a shooting scrape at
Walscnburg, Col., and was arrested
with his antagonist
Tub two houses of the Pennsylvania
Legislature met in Joint session on the
Slat The portions of tho journals re
ferring to the vote on Renatorshlp were
read and J. Donald Cameron formally
declared elected United States Senator,
Tb Colorado Legislature met In
lolnt session on the 21st The ballot for
United States Senator was: II. M.
Teller 47, C. Ycamans 27. Teller was
declared elected.
At the caucus of the Republicans at
Olympla, Wa., Senator Squire was
nominated for United States Senator.
Fifty-six Republican members signed
the call for the caucus and agreed to,
abide by its choice. This gives Squire
a majority of one on joint ballot
Am sontested elections In the nilnols
. . . . . j 1 1 '
Uenerai Assemoiy nave neen uecmrcu
off as the result of a com romlse. Dem
ocrats will endeavor to make Toting
constant nntll one side or the other
gives in.
Irr joint convention of the Indiana
Legislature on the 21st, the votes of the
two houses were compared and D. W.
Voorhccs declared elected United States
Senator. Voorhees received 110 votes
and Governor Hovey 40.
Both houses of the Missouri Legisla
ture met in Joint session on the 21st and
voted for United States Senator with
the following result: Vest (Dem.) 130,
Hcndlce (Rep.) 80, Leonard (Labor) 8,
Jones (Labor) 1. Senator Vest was
therefore declared rc-clccted.
In tha Arkansas House of Representa
tives on the 22d a joint resolution was
adopted to postpone action on the bill
appropriating $100,000 for the Arkansas
exhibit at the world'B fair until after
learning the action of Congress on the
Elections bill.
In tho joint Democratic legislative
caucus at Madison, Wis., on the 22d,
William F. Vilas, Postmaster General
and Secretary of the Interior under
Cleveland, was nominated for United
States Senator.
Tux Secretary of the Interior has ap
pointed the following as tho Mission
Indians Commission rece try provided
for by act of Congress: A. K. Smiley,
of Rhode Island;. James it? Moor, of
Lapeer, Mich., and Chariest. Painter,
of Washington, D. C.
Thk President has nominated Marcus
W. Acheson, of Pennsylvania, to be
United States Circuit Judge for the
Third judicial clrcn.lt, and Colonel
Daniel W. Flagler, to be Chief of Ord
nance, with the rank of Brigadier Gen
eral. In the North Dakota Legislature on
the 23d ex-Congressman II. 0. Hans
borough was elected United States Sen
atoron the seventeenth ballot
Tint Missouri Legislature has joined
hands with three other Southern States
in refusing an appropriation for the
World's Fuir if the Elections bill is
An ofliciul report shows that 000 01
the Irish tenants who allowed them
selves to be evicted from their farms
under the League plan of campuign
have paid their rents and resumed occu-.
pation since the Parncll division of the
Irish partj.
News reached London on the 21st f
a terrible explosion of fire-damp in a
colliery at Jasinowata, near the city of
Charkoy, in European Rus la, which
caus d the death f 100 miners.
It is estimated that 50,000 persons la
P ris have been thrown out of employ
ment by the sever weather, and that
tho total loss to France in wages, the
Stoppage of trade, and the blighting
crops will probably reach 50,000.000
francs. All the hospitals and infirm
aries are crowded.
The firm of McLachlan Bros. & Co.,
of Montreal, has made an assignment
and filed a list of its creditors in court,
from which it appears thoifirm's liabili
ties are ovirSTOH.OOO.- .t
It is now reported in circles usually '
well Informed that Sir John Macdouald
bas definitely decided to dissolve the
Canadian Parliament and appeal to the
country the last week In February.
Tub German Relchstug has voted
down a motion to repeal the prohibition
of the importation of Asnerican pork
Into Germany. , '
The English government has sent 20
tons of potatoes and monl to lie dis
tributed among the suffering poor of
Kildysart, Ireland.
TIoK. Bainariikik Wadi.kioh, a well
known Boston lawyer and ex-Senator
from New Hampshire, died on tho 24th.
The case against R. O. Wood, charged
with forgery in tho celebrated ballot
box scandal which was made the basis
of a Congressional Investigation, was
dismissed by the probate court at Cin
cinnati on the 24th at the suggestion of
the prosecuting attorney.
Forty men were killed and thirty
were severely Injured by an explosion
I whlcll occurred in one 01 tne pus 01 me
lliucrnia coll cry at uelscnuircnen, ter
many, on the 24th. 1
Tub mystery sun minding the suicide
on December 4 of Henry L. Branham,
president of the bank of Stevens &, Co.
of Litchfield, Minn., Is solved. The
bank was insolvent and the president
took his own life rather than meet his
creditors. The liabilities of the institu
tion are about 81M.OO0, and there is not
fl 0,000 to pay the depositors.
Thk Kaukauna paper mill at Apple
ton, Wis.,' burned on the 24th. Loss,
175,000; Insurance, 870,000.
Harvky B. Dodworth, the well
known bandmaster, died at Hoboken,
N. Y., on the 2 Jth. During the war he
furnished the Government fifty band
masters and MM) musicians. He was the
first to Introduce reed tnstmroents with
military bands.
LrcY Dkckkh Yocso, citfhth wife of
Brlgham Young, Is dead. There are
now only seven widows of Brlgham
left. Including Amelia Folsom the fa
vorite. Lkamxo New York physicians will at
once establish a sanitarium for the
treatment of tuliercular cases with
Prof. Koch's lymph.
Th s Benate met at slevnn a. m. on the Dtth Id
continuance of Thursday's session. There wa
no prayer, no Journal, and no morning hoar,
but there was a eall of the roll which showed
exactly s quorum In attendance. Mr Stewart
took the floor end addressed the Senate at
some lens-lb against the elotnra resolution and
atmlast the HI ctlons bill. Tho debate was
further continued by Mr. Bander la advocaej
of. and Mr. Morgan la opposition to th pro
posed rule. Before th oonolus on of Mr. Mor
gsn's speech the Senate, on motion of Mr Ald
rlch. took s recess nntll the With. ...In the
House, before the reading of the Journal, th
point of no quorum wa raised, and s eall of the
House was ordered. One hundred and ninety
nva members responded, mor than s quo
ram, and the clerk iroeeeded to read th
Journal. Mr. Hreckoniidge dvmended it
reading ' in lull which wa dsn.
Further attempts warn mad by Mr. Breekea
ridge to eaus delay, but on motloa of Mr,
McKinley th previous question was ordered on
th approval of th Journal, and it wa ap
proved yes l;U. says Sfl The House the wat
Into Committee of th Whol on lb Naval Ap
propriation bill, bnt without making ranch
presrese s4Jweed,
A Card.
, Anyone wishing chairs te-caned or
Inuiiiips, easy chairs &c, re-upholstered
ihe very lowest price, call at the resiur
siit 1st, dour north of Doud's saloon
Work guarrentced both as to price and
quality. 6.).
WANTED. The people to know thnt 1
take suhscrlDlliiDS lor nil papers and per
iodicals and Iskt all kinds of binding st
all seasons of the year. G. G. Peihck.
. 2tf
Blankets and Holies.
A few h'irs lilsnkets nnd lp robes left
at J. M. Otterhscher s, which will
closed out at gnatlv reduced prices. (3
NOTICE The regular iinnim meeMnp
of the Union Asrlrnltursl ciety will l.
held al voting room. Town Hall, on Tues
day, at 10 a. in . Janu-iry lil Evertom
Int-p-sted In the st.ecess nf the Fair in
vited. E. L. Benedict, Sec'y.
NOTICE To those havincr. Ac
counts on our bo9- Wftwish nil
accounts settled hpforo takiupr. onr
annua! inventory, Fph'y, 1st, 1891.
Laundon, Windeckeu & Co.
LAND FOII SALE. I wo hundieil
arn-B of (food hum luin1, well lingered
with living wMtur, wi ll loomed, with a lit-'
tie Improvement; situated in Osuculu
coimiy, Michlgnn. nenr milnrnd station
unj mills. For lurtlu r particulars enouira
lOiO , Welliniiton, O.
' FOIt SALE Farm and village proj
eriy. Inquire of J. T. Haskell, Atl'y-M-Law,
Wellington, Ohio.
- NOTICE. If you want a fine finish
und nice cl?an laundry work done, send
hy F D.Uibson, agent lor tlix Troy stesui
hinndrv, of Elyrla, Ohio. OIHcc ai PoBtm
Telrgmph Cable Co. AH work warranted
in give siitisfm tion. Goods sent ever)
Thursday morning at 8.10. Hemmed and
ready for delivery Sniurdny evi-uinu.
Your patronage rt'Spectlully solicited. Call
and be convinced. Yours respectfully,
F. D. Giiihon, Aenl
FOK KENT A good farm. F.niilve
til C. XV. H-menwuy. (5t)if
FARM FOR SALE. A choice furnt
containing 7. seres, siliialed l,'niilseagt
ol center of Penflfld. Good house, barn
and outbuildings, nil In excellent repair;
50 acres river bottom; heiitliln rhood un
excelled; title perfect. Enquire of Lyman
Scoville, on township line rmul between
Pentlcld itnd Wclllnzton, or L. Stillman,
Penfleld center. " (IH'tf
Agents Wanted.
For our new und Iut-.cllin hooks,
"Path ol Glory" mnl "Golden Treasury ol
History," heautiftillv iliiixtiatei'. E.ncIii
slve territory. H'ghesi ronimlion paid
youna, enpritctio men mid women. Write
quick, niitiiliiif your choir e of terriuuy, lo
4 O.C. Kimoi.k ct Co. Vlt'velund.b.
Whul Is moreucreptntile for a Chilstnms
gift for s ifentletmin limn n p:ilr of cotn
CoriHlile sli)er? And N. O. Siotie k
Co , 48 Euclid Av Cleveland, Ohio U ti e
place to buy them.
J. M. Crahtree Mil psy the hhbes
market prices tor live and dressed btf
veal calves, dry and creen hides and pi-lif.
NOTICE. Having purchased Ihe Wnil
& Sutliti Hack Line, I will continue to
transfer possengeis, call for npsennen
Mid bSL'lisge around town, convey pirns
uru p-irtles to points desired and alien..
rufifrtirS. 15c. to any part ol the city. Or
drs h It at Auierlcun Ili.tifo
38lf) , J. Wi.ncheu
A CARD. I hnveopened dental rooml
over Ilowlhy & H ill's, where I will I
pleased to see parties wishing KlR.ST-a.AK)
nVutsI work of any kind done I feel con
fliltnt that I can please you.
E. E. Hoi.loway, D. D. S. .
AUCTIONEER Snl- s mirtlonei red ul
reasonable rites In town or rummy
I) ilea rnn he nrninued nr nt Tun Kntkii
'RISK oftlce, Wellington.
Hkniiy WtilTK,
41tfJ Sfncer. Medina Co.. O.
arrive dilrf, 1:00 a. m. Depart, I :S0 p. aa
srrive itslly, II :W t rtrpsrt.
Arrive diillv.Aa.m. Tlepa
C. S-A-CKE! 3C CO.,
For Fire, Life, Accident and Tornado. The
best companies In the United (States repre
sented bj us. Oftlc north aids Liberty street
second floor Wadawortb block. I31tf
atto arf e y a- AT-LA w.
Loaasand Collections madu a apttcialt)
Office In bank building.
and solicitor of
American and Foreign
Not Art Y PDULIC!.
I R. r.MttWIW, InaiintrMK) Ak rt '
i Notary Publlu. InauraiMM. 4e.ni. i-irt
ses, wills, luiises, oontraeta, ota., wiitien In
a neat and lexal oisnoer. Olio ovr Scrav'
boot and (boa a tor.
I.. HOLHROOK. Dentist. Office over
Ilusted s shoe store, wclllnittou, uuio.
, Dr. H. E. Warren,
Ufllcs and residence In Post oftlc build
ing. Calls answered at all boors in city
or country.
OIHm Hoar Sis ft f a.
I coiiMlUur my cure l.y S. 8. 8. oni
most wonderful oi. record. I had
worst type, of Scrofula from my lnfsi
..ml 1 was 22 years of age.. My wh
oiing life was embittered and nuuln n
rsble bytho loaihsome ilisease I , t
nly suffered from the Scrofula, but '
msrked Hint I wag' aMiumed to as
tiaieith, uud wns avoided by,
iluymates and fellow workmen. I tr i
Very known patent medicine, nnd
list and lsst ai tended hy more tlinn .
lozen reputable physicl stis, but In i-
if all, the ilixeiiFO continued to gr
vorce. About four years agoa friend Ir
'iitainirg ndvlsed mo takeS. 8, 8, wh.
1 did, and after taking seven bottle 1
vns cured sound and well. The old i '
leelod oil and wus replaeed by a i.
kin, as smooth and free from blemish
ny pcivoii. I Imve hnl no return
ympiom of ihe disease.
IIknkv V. Smitu, Belmont, W. Va.
Tieiiiif ou hi. Kid and skin dlses
nailed tree
bwiKT Si'Ecific ( o., Atl'ints, On
Simply purifying and cleansing t
lood is not Millli-ietit II Weils enrh
og also, the nervous system needs ton I
up, nil of which U accomplished by I
tenner's II! od and Liver Remedy s
N rve Tome Cue his Cough Honey
i co itths hi Uolden Relief In all pal
I ntoinui'l. nnil howel disorders; I
iilne .mil Hin k iche Cure In lame b
oiy and ill k idncy disorders; his 0
in ni K Suive in sore eyes, cracked
HinI pile;liis ( aoitol Bitters for tippet
ind tr'UKth. For sale by F. I). F
Vcllinnton, A, J. ISurrellllunttngtoii,
tick lv cured hv rthllnn's Cure. V
I'lni'-iei. it. F'.r sale by F. I). Fell.
WILLY -U 8UFFEU ttit Dvspep
d l,n er Co ni'l uiit? rShiloh's Vtlallz
: 1 1 r .iti'i-1 to cure you. For salt' I
. I). Felt. .
e.lit ii, it terrilile c uuli. rhlloli's On
tin' lemeiiy lory mi. Kor eale by F. I
('ATAK'Itlf Cl.'ltEI), heiilth sndsw.
i-.t n ctf rt. I Sliii"li'-f'a'arrh llein
! .- 5n i. . -n N i ' t -tor fi.
Femala Weakness Sores, TJlcers, Tomor,
Abaoessc, Itluoil I'otaonlna;, Halt Kheotn,
Catarrh, Erysipelas, Itheumatl.m and ali
Itloouaoa HKin Disease, fsics i. per kisi
Bool, or 8 lloitlet for5. tlbcsn Solid Esrrset
PETROIT. MICH. BO'O or snorutgisw.
..I..rt. "
U'e il-eli'i lo rav to our citizens, that
I' , e have, been eelllng Or.
v"if' Xew I'Ueovery for consumption
r. Knm's Nf" L'le I'llls. HuiklcnV
rue 'v.- mil Kini'tilo Killers, anil
nave never h indled remedhs that Sell
is wt il. or rlitit have iflven mull unlver-
al nti-f:UMlon. We do not hesitate to j
iM -riiilc neiii eeiy llinc, nn-l we
stand ready i lefund ti.e itirchie prlii- .
If Slltlst'irloi y reellllsdo not lolllUV llil'ir
o-e, Th--i- teineilies Imve won their'
li'eal iiiiiliil'iiy pnt'i'ly on tm-lr nieil s. ;
dold bj K. NV, A-ihtu-, druggist, (
S)t!n:.' is t!ie plea.-illltht season nl the ;
year, mnl the plo:mintet-t sswill s the I
most etlii i-iii u-meily iu Ihe uinrket 1st
Dr. Fi iitiet's Coiiali Honey. For sale bv 1
F. I). Felt. Wellington, A- J. llurrell,
Huiitmutoii, U. S4
Allow llo to i mid my tribute to the
llh-iicy of LlyV Creiim Hiilm. I was
iil)'ei-ing ironi it severe iiliuek oflnllilcns
ni' I I'ltianh ttnil was Imlticcil to try your
remedy. 'I lie result was iiuirri'loiis. I
' t'oiilil hardly artli'til-.te. 'and in livs
-hail UM'iil y-lour hours I he cutarrhal
lyuipl' invalid my liuiirspiiess dlipii'ar--d
i lid I was able to slug s henvy role In
Uriinil ).(-ni w llh voice unimpaired. I
'pillgly recnmiiiPlid It to all singers.
W:tt II' Haii'llton, Lending Basso of the
', I). Hess Grand Opera Co.
SICK headache
Looso'a Red Cloror Fills Cur.'
Sick Head'iche, Iryste-psla. Inifii'cstln'n
constipation: 2oc er box; S hone i.
for sale by Fred Fell.
Mv fsc lor Ihe list few yeurs ;icnv.
ert-d wllh pimples a" laid, that I used lo
Imj aslianied to ifo any where. 1 CHik two
iNittle ol Sulphur Bitters nnd the pimple
dlssppeared. I use tbem every .ilni!.
I! K. Dow, FhII Hive,'.
Th ana lU"f ywH alwsrs Had la enry erne,
boy's mint when h (n on ihs sprint round-up
is a " FUb Brand " Poaimsl Slickw. 1 hy rnaka
th only parftct saddl coat, and com sither blsck
or yellow. They prataot Um whol front of In
ridsr's body, bttnf msds to at round tlx autiids od
lbs saddl as tiro. Wbta assd as a walking cost,
lb mention piwe aaally onr'sp tarh other,
anakinf a regular overcoat with a double .tonne
proof front. Whra riduig, Ihs saddl h d-y a. a
bone, from nominal to caatlt, and Ihs rider Mta
ttr.ly protected ia erery part oi his body. Taeea
"Slick.," being of eitra width, auk fin
, blsnktts for camp. Beware of worth lee. imitsiions,
arsry garment etasaped with " risk Urand " Trad
Mark. Doa't accent any inferinr coat srhen yo
an hae th " fii Brand Slicker" oeltrered wilh.
out eitra eaes. PanagalanaadUaatiaiedeaialoga
A. J. TOWER. Booton, Mas.
Is LUo Worth Living t '
i If you u tlnouuh the world a dyspep
Dr. Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets are a
uive cure lor the worst form of Dyg
fa. Inoigesiin, Flatulency and iUia
ition. Guiiiwiieid and sold by E. vV.
irmitee D-. Acker's Blood Elixir, for
a been fully demonstrated to the p to
it this cnuiitry that il Is superior to all
I preparations or Mood diseases. It
iHiNit ve cure lnr yihlllllc )isoning,.
rs. Eruptions Slid Pimples. It purl-
tlie whole system and thoroughly
Ms lip the constitution. For sale by
V. Adams. . 1
ne complaint of thousands suffering
iu Asihm i, Consumption, Coughs, etc.
i you ever try Dr. Acker's English
m-iiyf It Is ihe best preparation
mn lor all- Lung Troubles. Sold on a
live irioiruutee al 25c. and 50c. hy E.
Adams. 8
A Duty to Yourself.
' is surprising that people will use a
lUion, ordinary pill when they coin ss
' a valuable English one for the siitoe
ney. Dr. Acker's Eng'ish pills area
itive cure lor sick-headache and all
tioiilil-s. They are small, sweet,
ili taken, nnd do not gripe. Sold by
W. Adams
A Child Killed,
mother child killed by the use of
at sgivui In the form of Soothing
up. Why mothers give their children
h deai.ly Hiisou Is surpriain-t when
can relieve the fbild of its peculiar
ui-les by uxlng Dr. Acker's Iliiby nntb
Ii coi-tains no opium or morphine,
d liy E. ' Adams
wPARKCR'S OMOIR TONIO without drl.,,
rare meillrlual eotiiKiuiid that cure when all elMislfs.
snoured ttM wont oajwsvf Cough, Weak Luna. AnUuns
UUmitliili, Inward i'slnn. KiluumUon. lnviQusbls tot
n.uinalliim, f'rnuda WmknM, and all pals, and dls
iilur. of Uw SLotnAcb aiul fiowsls, boo. at VruiwiMU.
St rafen. suren and bsst car rorOoms, Bunions, Ay
-.alliitln. Kn.iunieomfurttolnerert. Kur Ur
u'. ll.eeni.al I'rusiPM. IU'auxAlM.,M. Y.
Backle b'i irnics Salve.
The best salvs lo the world for cans,
bru'scs, sores, nicer, sslt rhaam, fcvsi
ores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, .
corns and all skin eruption, and positive,
ly cures piles, or no psy required It Is
guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
mona refunded. Prlca 2R rents nar KM
Tot Bale bv Woostai A Adams. I6vl
An liiiportant discovery. They uci or
the liver, stomach and bowels through the
nerves. A new principle. They s pi i dily
cure hiliousii'-fs, bud tnste. tupid liver
piles and constipation. Splendid for
men, women snd children. Smallest,
milnest, siirist. 80 dofcs for 2.1 cents.
Samples free at E. W. Adums. 40l49
Prof. Loisette's Memory System is
CrentiHi; gruatt-f Interest than ever in all
parts or the country, and persons wishir
lo improve tueir memory sliouiu
his prospectus tree as advertised I
other column ,
Prof. Loisette's
In tpfi 4 AnirUA imUnn whtfte A fehnX
Ihaurys ud prsw-tlr&J nwiulu of the (h-urinal, lo it
ih grntMMMt mifprHsniittitii hf tnTiutit wi-wM-b
ntnp tttiiim, and inpttirf "twiuii-nipts)trb" btm '
edhftfrriitof hi Utfm.(all t1 mhu-U ilxm nttnt ilk
ondKihtMS wnpmrUitj nnd tmtHlwntjr of btiUsmciiinc).
Tnt LlMtt't Art of Nmir l'rr-t linir l noifniu4
tn-dif in bth llmifiphrM nmrhinir in Rpwhtst
Mumotr Oulluni. tim IVtvtu(ntpuiiifrB)Bin
emnruDinf pfwnUtn all pariini'thilohhohsvvr$-
ally itadifMl lniH3iin by rriiKrndoc, famine -that
hist Nvsiam ii hmaiI nnltt trh il hemn mtitAird. tuit
mftrrvarti: thAtony book can be learned in ainoi6
rfiiin0,rtnd tran1rriti(rriirrdtJ;t. X ur ProtpMtaA,
T"rtTiind'rHiiim'mieili ti1dra
Prof A LOlsiL'iTLt Wl Fifth Areaae tL
German Remedy.
fr,r tliuiM) ileiiltily
SI.UUU will lie pui'l
fur a case w here h r L
una mvrms wn
it will eiire von
uitas.lst or cure. It
shMTer fulls.
Clennw'llMi TllmU!l
ilood when yon ei
t Impurities burst
us through the sklb
a rlmilc,lllitehM.
fuellnsl If so uw
siii.emia IliTTBU;
t will eiire yon. -
etoscly eonflncd In
ind Hores. Itelv or.
the mills and work
sulphiik Dtrraa
.lions: clerks.whoiie
mil iKWlta Will toi
not procure sufOrtentl
nxerelse, and all who
ar con 0 neu I n doors
Hiii.pium lurrKRs
will eurs LlrerCom
should us SitLPHiiii
Uirraas. Thevwll
.Islrn. IKm't te ills
not then b weak aw
-nuraged; U will cure
if ,u .Lni.twi.iil :''-,.',!,,,"?;
to anffer from Hhenm " T
aUsm, DM a boule oT'"':y" ""
I. ,n-, er iniii, mriur
TtrmnnnrIlirlll make vour blood
siu.ein:u Jll-riKue
bottle. Try It! otil'u,rlehaBdtronr,
Will nor regret it. f "
health, who ar all
run down, should use
tkk to-night, sad
you will simp wen
siti.ritfa utTTFHs
ml reel heifer Tor It
lkiTou wsnt UielMMtalullcHl Work pulillslieil?
Send S reent Msmp to A. 1. Ohiiwat A C'u,
t.Mi.e- 1 -"eelrs a mpr, free-
To cars Blllonsne, Sick Headache, Constl
pntloa, Malaria, Liver Complaints, taki
tho safa snd certain remedy,
Haw the HJf ALI Rls (40 little Beans to the
battle). Tiisr abb ths itosT-ooMVKNiawr.
Samtlea lor esll Aaa,
Prlejeflt her alao.Jrie. per Hot lie.
. w- www an, huh ler . eu. fe.1
I. (e.ir. er .t.ni..l.
l''ITN&Cl.akaer.e("ILKakAJlS,'T,l(Ult MO.
Drs. (Jitttiiull will visit soon to ace jm
tienU stifforlng from Cstarrh, Tkroat sr
Lang Diseases. The date wiH b a
nounced In this paper.
send far
In A

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