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The weather on Memorial dy was fault
less and tlie any was well observed by the
people of WelllDKtcn. A goodly number
" of G. A. R. were in the ranks. The ap
pearaoce of the 8. of V. would be an lion-
" or to any pUce, while the W. R. C. was
not in the least outdone. The oldest
' miMlM In Ohio. Mr. 6. Reed, father
'of Mrs.' W. R. Wean, was present.
The officer in charge was Commander J .
T. Haskell. A little ucfore 2 o'clock the
Mine formed in froD of the opera hons
It was as follows: S. of V., O. A. 11
'clergymen In a carriage drawn by l'ur
' white hoise?, citizens, the line was lead
by the Junior hand playing a dirge writ.
ten lor the occasion. Both cemeteries
were visited and the line returned to the
, opera house, where the address of the day
was delivered.
The following M the programme: 1st,
decorating graves at the west cemetery.
2nd, prayer by Rev. W. Leet. 3rd, deco
rating graves at the south cemetery. 4tb,
prayer by Rev. 8. S. McGill. 5th, at the
opera house, song, by scholars trom C
Grammar. Cth, prayer by Rev. A. G
Wall. 7tb, song by the Arion male quar
tette. 8th, address by Rev. W. E. Barton.
Oth, song, America. lOih, benediction by
Rev. W. E. Barton.
A good repre'enttiin were present at
the addiess and to say that Mr. Burton
delivered it, U equivalent to saying that
it was well done. We regret thtt w
have room for only a few of the thought.
The whole address desi-rves pnblimtloti.
To the number of our national holidays
we bare added one of late years si run .rely
different from all the rest. It is a Uy of
sad memories iuterwoven with fubdued
Joy and sacred pride and lovm recollec
tion. It in a dy that revives within the
muiinra nf ai.mu M iiii. the sense of great
loss, rendered less keen by the lapse of
time, and yet ever present with us. It is
a dny'thit brits to unud great national
gain purchased at countless cost lu treas
ure tod in blood. When tho iilnwivxiite
of this day begun our grief was too rerent
to admit of any.oiher thought than that of
mourning. But this could not, and ought
not to remain forever thus. It Is well
that now we onsider other matters than
our sorrows alone: that we consider
thoughts o' our unlcn'a present glory, and
present needs, and the Inculcation of pat
riotism and loyally to duty. Still, as we
remember the work that has been d'-ne to
make our nation what i. is. mrrow n't
continue to nuncio in our thoughts.
We remember today the greatm-n of
men whom UihI raised up to save a
nation and to overthrow oppression. It
took the war to secure the atiolitlon of
that which had ,lenconidered Irom the
lieginning of our history a curse. When
' God saw this purpose accomplished blood
ceased to (low, and the wur cloud lilted,
nd the echoes of the guns died away.
The w ar paid Wcause It established l
fore the world that the nation would Itn
. peril its very exUteur.e to be Iree and to
have all men free. The sacrifice the war
involved was not too much to give if its
result be apparent in the freedom and
purity and righteousness of our nation.
The war was a necessary chastisement for
, the North, only less than the South, for
decades our nation, North and South, had
temporized and neglected fluty, till war
was God's last effort to right gigantic
wrong. In 17UU, every state bad slaves
but Massachusetts, and tome Northern
states had more than tome Southern ones,
Nw-)'ork bad more than either Ken
tucky or Tennessee. It ii not pleasant
to conjecture bow far conditions would
have been reversed had cotton been profit
able North and Lot South. Nor was all
the Northern" oppoeitlo'iT" to" abolition
ancient history. Fewer years before than
this is after the outbreak oi the war,
New Hayen refused to allow the estab
lishment of a colored school ; and Pru
dence Crandall was imprisoned for teach
ing colored girls in auother Connecticut
- town. Within the same period theJTap
pans were assailed in New York, and
Garrison"was mobbed in Boston, and
Lovejoy was killed in Illinois. When we
remember how much the North was to
blame, we shall be charitable towatd the
South. The Missouri Compromise made
many uncompromising enemies of the ex
tension of slavery; the Mexican war an
nexed more free sentiment on the North
than slave territory on the South ; the
Fugitive Slave Law made whole states
anti-slavery; the John Brown raid showed
' us the anomily of a free democracy dom
inated by a slave oligarchy; but it took
the war'to make the North-demand
and the South permit, the abolition of
slavery. :.ZtlSD ' !
It should be a perpetual warnlngjto tbt
nation to shirk no moral 'Issue, but settle
all questions promptly and permanently
by the ballot while opportunity remains.
We must not forever fight oyer the battles
of the past. Other weighty questions re
main to be settled. The most important
ones ere not commercial but moral ques
tions the restrictive and ultimate sup
pression of the liquor traffic, the relation
of our public schools to matters of nation
alaad religious interest; the protection
of our institutions from the aggressions of
foreign powers ane influences; the re
moval of the great incubus of illiteracy
whtch corrupts the ballot.
Mr. Sf totf tbe'n spoke at same length
regarding feteat events at New Orleans.
' Thetnosrier)oas'"factbrotfght out was
. not the possibility of war with Italy, but
Ihoflttitede of Italians in' this wtmatr,
many of teem tiatarallMd citlMtas; 'men
who ave nrfrn to support oargmertfmerjt,-
and whs t heart are traitors to It 'The
danger which confronts us is not ifrom
foreiga nations across the ocean, but trom
foreign institutions within our borders.
Trore should be no publication of
political papers in this country in any
language but the English, nor should any
language now spoken be taught in oor
nuhlin schools but the English, and no
man from this time on ought to be admit
ted to citizenship who can not read his
ticket and tbe constitution of the U. S. in
the language of our nation. The results
of the war established the principle that
this nation Is to be ruled by free men
slaves neither to other men nor to foreign
governments and influences.
We owe It to the memory ol brave men
dead aud gone, to preserve in Its unity
and uurltv that nation which their valor
bought for us. Let us make our country
so pure that the blue upon our flag shall
be the reflection of heaven and so free
from all dominion of evil that the noble
and true of tbe whole world shall flock to
the shelter ol its folds.
Tramps Again.
Since Marshall Brenner's death 1 have
nearly always held to my resolution, then
formed, to feed no more tramps. I haye
sometimes questioned them, and although
they always claim to be anxious for work,
by testing them I do not find that they are
willing to work at all at anything I have
which a needy person would bo supposed
to be willing to do. Piling wood, split
ting kindlings, digging thistles or plan
tain out of the lawn Is not congenial em
ployment for these leisurely travelers.
This morning I suggested that the last
mentioned work would be a good ex
change for a lunch, aud carried a plate ol
nice food and a glass of water asking him
to sit on the porch to eat. I haye not suf
ficient sentiment about me to take so dirty
a person Into my house and watch the
portable valuables while he takes my time
as well as my food.
I said : "I hope you have not spent your
earnings lu drink and tobacco that you
have come to want." "That is list what I
Lev done ma'am or I wouldn't be here,"
he replied. My work was such that 1
could not give him a warm breakfast, and
this epicure who insisted tbat he had not
tasted food for 24 hours, put all I gave
him into tbe blackest tag I ever saw do
duty for a handkerchief, and went on to
Impose on my neighbors in turn, ss one
bud done last Sunday morning, each sup
posing herself the only one that bad fed
the man. It had not taken five minutes for
him to forget 'hat he was to work to pay
f.-r bis lunch. I have always noticed the
alacrity with which a tramp will get out
of sight when work Is suggested. It
Is the exception when work is really the
object of tramping.
It it a dreadful thing for even a cat or
dog to bo hungry, but they never tell us
falsehoods or come to our doors with the
taint of liquor and tobacco on their
breath. If a clean, honest man should
ask lor food ur work it would be a thous
and pities to refuse either, but when the
alphabet of a vicious life Is written all
over a man, what good is It to help him
to be content to travel ? Moat of us arc
too poor to take a vacation, nd cannot
get money enough to go far or often
from borne.
The strikers are bringing about their
own destitution. They throw up a job for
shorter hours and larger pay, while the
averago of people, of whom they may be
forced to beg, work from 14 to 10 hours a
day, and for enough to meet expenses
if they are prudent and prospered.
There are a great many false ideas
about labor and its equivalent in wages.
Many nf the people who are expected to
help the improvident and unfortunate
could never do so st all if they bad been
given to such habits of self-indulgence
and thrlfUessness as prevails with the
majority who come to want If in this
thickly settled country a lazy man could
not get a free dinner at every second or
third house, perhaps he would conclude
that it was beat to stay in one place long
enough to earn bis bread. This tramp
told me he had not a cent, yet he started
off with uat as confident an air to get a
warm breakfast as though he could order
It at the hotel, ue knew that there were
timid or soft-hearted women enough to
f ive him just tbe kind of meal he asked
oi. lie Insisted that he should eat this
also, but it mar haye gone where my
neighbor's last meal to I tramp did, into
tbe street, when be thought himself out ef
"Just fits the hand."
Lenox Soap lathers
freely in hard water.
Five cents a cake, (ia ounces.)
S3 M k Trtatmtr.i i'oi .i.s.
I Lai Law alldleeasceofthtitaitHni
rf'iwwpwpq and Anna, without tht
JiT I i4 oi hdalura. Rare: inttrftilnr
.wIlM The patlenrS ordinary duties ant
practically palnleae. I A. M. to i.iO P. .
i . m iox, .ti. d
A Great Financial Institution tor
Savers and Investors Something:
About Its System.
From The Minneapolis Journal, Fab. It, 189.
Tuerk has been organized in this city
by a number oi our , ablest financiers a
company for the saving, accumulation
and loaning of money, which in its opera
tions is an entirely new and distinct de
parture, combining the best features of
savings banks, tbe investment featurea of
old line lite insurance companies, ana
the salient points of building and loan
societies. The Mutual Investment com
pany is a close corporation, with a paid
up capital of $250,000.00, having Its prin
cipal office at Minneapolis
The business of this company is the
loaning of money on securities, either for
itself or as agents for others, and to ac
cumulate money in its. business, and In
order to furnish a safe, reliable and profit
able method by which tbe small investor
can accumulate and Invest his savings
and earn and receive good interest ana
profits thereon, the company baa estab
lished a savings department, purely mut
ual in its operations, wherein It issues a
savings bond, which is paid for in month
ly installments. The profits out of which
these bonds are matured are deilved from
six distinct sources, viz: First, all Interest
earned, compounded monthly; second,
from tines or delinquent payments; third,
fiom forleitures; tourth, from transfer
fees; fifth, from withdrawals; sixth, Irom
net profits on rediscounts.
The company is destined to exert a
wide spreau influence in the finances of
this country, as they have already estab
lished agencies in nearly all the states
and in the Canadian provinces, and its
business is growing at a rate wlilcb shows
conclusively that people who investigate
realize tlie advantages oi its meiuous, ana
are not slow In availing themselves of the
C. C. Stevick, Agent,
Office In Benedict Block.
Makes the lives of many people miserable,
and often leads to self-destruction. Distress
after eating, sour stomach, sick headache,
heartburn, loss of appetite, a faint, " all gone "
feeling, bad taste, coated tongue, and Irregu-
larlty of the bowels, are
Distress some of the more common
After symptoms. Dyspepsia does
not get well of Itself. It
baling requires careful, persistent
attention, and a remedy like Hood's Barsa
parllla, which acts gently, yet surely and
efficiently. It tones the stomach and other
organs, regulates tbe digestion, creates a
good appetite, and by thus ft I c lc
overcoming the local symp- u .
toms removes the sympa-"eaaacno
thetle effects of the disease, banishes the
headache, and refreshes the tired mind.
" I have been troubled with dyspepsia. I
bad but little appetite, and what I did eat
u rf distressed me, or did me
"earT little good. In aa hour
bum after eating I would expe
rience a falntness, or tired, all-gone feeling,
as tbongh I had not eaten anything. My trou
ble, I think, was aggravated by my business,
which Is that of a painter, and from being
more or lets shut np In a Sour
room with fresh paint Last .
spring I took Hood's flarsa- OlOmaCn
rUla-took three bottles. It did ase an
Immense amount of good. It gave me an
appetite, and my food relished and satisfied
the craving I had previously experienced."
Gzoboi A. Fiob, Watertown, Mass.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
BoMby an drugglaU. glial lor . Prepared only
kyC.L HOOD CO., Apothaeaitaa, UnraU, BUaa.
IOO Doses One Dollar
Win. E. Durgiu, ol the lloston Loan con:
punv.iTT.I Wwlilngiiio street Maya: I ree
ouinifci.it Sulphur Bitters as the very beet
medicine I hive ever uaod. Tlierv i noth
ing like them t gite an appxtite, tone up
the system and du away with that languid
fellng which Is so frequent among those
connnea tnaoors.
(fna U Vetrlitm, H., Itrltw.)
Durlni the nast tear tbe drug business of the
United States has fallen off IMd.Oou, or about 25
per cent., lamely due, as believed, to the quite
Seneral adoption of the method of treating
laeased conditions without medicine, first
discovered and published by the dlallnnulahrd
scientist, Wlltort Hall, who, on request by
postal card to 23 Park Row, New York, will
send free Inlormatlouconcernlng ibis remedy
Notice to Contractors.
The board of education of Brighton town
ship. Lorain county, 0., will let tbe contract
tor Building a school house In sub-dlatrlct No.
8, said townahlp. known as the Stocking dis
trict. Said school house to be finished by the
nrstdayol December. IBM. flans ana speci
fications are on file with the townshlD clerk.
All bids duly sealed must be Died with the
townshl p clerk by 12 o'clock June 30, lstll. The
Doara reservea me ngni to reject any ana an
bids. By order of the board of education.
M. K. Riiliv, President,
25 Uso. if. PstsLir. T p Clerk
Gao. C. Bcsb. Chas. C.Stivick.
Firelnsurance Age nts
Benedict - Block
22tf Wellington, O.
Pratt & Herrick,
mm: m: miwi mil
Free doilvery to any part n the rorMr
atlon . Kal iroadst ree t . vv e 1 1 1 o ','ton , .
Livery und Feed Stable.
South Side Mechanic Street, firs'
door east of American House.
To ths) Kditov- Please Inform your read
ers that I have a positive remedy for the abov
named disease. Ily Its timely um thousands
liopelaat eases have been pertnaaently cured
I shall be glad to send two bottles of my reme
dy m a to any of your reader! who have ana.
'sumption I ( they will send me their express
uu pom omce aaaresi. Kespectiuiiy,
t. A. SUKJUM.M. 0,1811 v ..MwYork,
... - w r
From asdafter Jan. 11, 1891, trains wIDpasa We
No. 9-NlgbtBz :40p. m
No.27-olumbusAcom....... Mp.m
Ho 7-Spl.N.Y. A at.L.Ex 8:67 p. m
No.ft South Western Kx Jlr45a. m
No.S Clev'dand Columbus Ex.... 8:17 a. m
No.81-Loesl Freight 11:45a. m
No.S-NlghtEx , 5:.Va. m
ho.26-Cfcveland Aeeom 7:37 a. m
No. lO-Sonth Weatere Ex WM a. m
No. S-CinclnnaU atCleye'd Ix ftRp.m
No.82-LoealFrelgbt 2:00p.m
M-Nos. B, 7, . Mand 10 will ran dally.
No.7, St.'LoulsEx., will atop on signal (or
passengers for Indianapolis and beyond.
No. 10, N. Y. Ex.. will stop on signal tor pas
sengers east of Cleveland.
Cleveland St Marietta E.E.
Framand sfterMay 18,1801. tralnswlll pass Wei
iDgtonae follows :
No. 1 4.82a.m.
No. 5 11.00a.m.
No. 7 4.16p.m.
No. . ar. 8.10 p.m. denurt 8:28.
No. If (Local) MSa.m,
No. 10 ..4:80a.ra.
No. 4 lu. 05a.ro.
No.S , S.18p.m,
No. B 8:p.m -
No. 16 (Local) 2.20p.m.
Noa. 1,8 and (daily ; others dally ex. Sunday.
Furtherinformatlonlareeardto this Una will
P., A. & W.
Huntington, west. 8:11; east 4:31.
These and the New Woodwork make the "DO
MESTIC" tbe acknowledged standard
of excellence.
on band and
M-0fnceln N. Uoyt's furniture store-ce
UY pure rock, lump salt for
your block. The moBt eco
nomical form of salt for feeding
stock is furnished by nature in the
rock or mineral form, and the best
possible method of supplying it to
stock is to place lumps of it in the
mangers and other places where it
can be easily reached wheq re
quired by them. We can furnish
it in lumps of any size, from five
pounds upward.
We are also prepared at all
times to supply all with the best
brands of lime, cement, calcined
plasters, plastering hair, etc.
We need not remind readers of
the above of our complete stock ot
the fanciest of fancy groceries,
provisions, fruits vegetables, flour,
eto. Berries received fresh every
day. , Coffee and peanuts roasted
fresh twice a week. Oranges, ba
nanas, lemons and pine apples un
equalled any place outside the
large cities.
New cucumbers, lettuce, radish
es and onions from best Cincinnati
gardens. Asparagus and pie plant
from Wellington gardens and
multitudes of other desirable
goods, which can always be found
Bowlby & Hall's
J.H.WIGHT, Sole Agent,
Dealer In Clocks, Watches, Jewell j, 611-
terware.Gold Pens, etc. No. B.Puslls
The Last Car of Hem
lock Shingles
J nut received bv H. Wadsworth
t Son are extra fine. Try them.
(23 .
- Notice of Appointment.
Estate of O; A . VanCleef , deceased.
Tlie undersigned baa been duly appointed
and quallBed a executor ot me estate oi u. A.
VanCleef. late of Wellington, Lorain oounty,
nsin .'deceaaed. All persons havlns claims
against aald estate should present the same
to tna unqnraiauou. -
SJay tv, 191. HA A. f UVIiUr,
Are you going to buv a new Buggy, Road Wagon or Cart this
season? If so, don't fail to call on 0. B. LINDSLEY. where you
will find the largest stock in town to pick from, with prices to suit
the times. . Old Tripp Bhop, Mechanic St., Wellington, O.
"We have a few Millinery Goods on hand which
avc will sell regardless of cost. Come in and ex
amine them.
Also a lot of Children's Hats to close out.
Worth all the way from 35c to $1.00, of which
you can buy your choice for 25c.
Come early to avoid the rush.
Remember, we sell regardless of cost.
Emerson Block.
Oraat aorantmi In rwlon of OTariaa, Bladnar dlfocultr. ft'raqnant art nation, LaaoorrhoM.
kfMli, and wtth all lhm BptoBia a tarrtbla nanrtrai
oranflMi in rwion or OTanaa, tu6anr direcuur. raanani arinauona. LMoorrhrM. (ntintlnn nf
41 M
jiLiimiia ar. a mr.n i raniOTM an nmm oj a
rsmr ramoT faraala waakaani. Xhara moat ba raiMdlaa appllad right to tha parts, ud than than it pat
a. B. PUo Remedy. I
IS. Oatorrh Cure. I
I m fhp aaa aajasaf
J. A. McCILL, M.D., & CO.. , ?fMmiu puts. Chicago, ill
yon, balb ey K. D. FELT, Druggist. Ask for dewipiivo circulars.
uTlTwadswobth co.,
Manufacturers of aad dealers la
Doors Savalx avn.d. Blind
Cheese and Butter Boxes, all kind of
Lumber, Lath, Bhlngles. Battens, Mould
ings and Flooring. Biding made and Bur
lace rianing done to order on short no
tlce. WELLINGTON, 0.
Rcclal dlscsaes and dlseaaes of thekladderand
kldoejra. I'llea. ulceration of the rectnm, latula
o ano,tstnresandallpr.Talllngdliieaaes of the
ctorn treated by an improired satem, without
pain ordetentlon from bnalneaa.
Ulaeaaea nf the bladder and kldneyrtrcatidonlj
after a carefuland proper aoaljfila of theorlne.
Office In
Oarp.nterlllock W.lllnton,0
Dr. H. E. Warren,
Office and residence In Post office build
ing. Calls answered at all hours in city
or country. , '
Office Hour t to 5 au
Mr. Benachnten havlnn decided to remain In
I'eillaictmi, we have formed a partnership for
teenactluf the undertaking business.
Ukt N.. IIoyt,
J. M. IlsssnioTsx,
Geo, Cv Bush,
Anthracite Bituminous
VetmaCuh. Price Raoaonable.
ODaslnC. Wlllard'sBtore. (34tf
Eissures of all kinds. Finest wors and latest
Itf.le. Copying and enlarging In Crayon, Ink
and Pastel. Special attention to the babies.
aVeeler'a Block. WelUaKtoa, O.
A tfrd. laMifTjld fmltn. low iplritM tad dMpontant, with no appuwat
cana. llaauttKb. Mini in tha back. DaUna mnrtwm Lb Iraafiart nt hnsMla.
fsallng aSMparlaooad bj tha ptLlant. T11H OKANOR
iDoroonn prooaaa or anaorpuon. internal ra madias will
li'aa lautniakl I (1 fu rfnman . Mta
PMPAIKD BY O. B. Kidney Oones.
Loans and Collections made a specialty
Office In bank building.
and solicitor of
American and Foreign
C. S-AJ3-IE: 3C CO.,
For Fin, Life, Accident and Tornado. The
best companies In the United States repre
sented by us. Office north side Liberty street
second Door Wadsworth block. laitf
Veterinary Snrgeon and Dentist.
Orders recelred at Adams', lIouhton's and
F. I). Felt's drug stores. Horses still taken
for treatment at my stable on Courtland
Orders received at Telephone Excban
and at F. D. Felt's drun store. -GraduateTorontoVeterlnarrOoltege.elass'lT
Manufacturer Of And Dealer fa
Monuments 5 Tombstones:
Everything pertaining to cemetery work
will receive prompt attention at prices to
suit ths times. (30

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