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A Family Newspaper Devoted to the Ixxtoresta of Lorain County and Vicinity.
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ssnnn e wiM 1 ... . .. . , mij gmmumm
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will show you the finest line of
consisting of
Plush caps, Fine dress shirts,
Silk umbrellas,- Night shirts,
Cuff buttons, Scarf pins,
Fancy suspenders,
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Our rubber clothing department is well
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acupJes . sftnlMat -sUa
among tk. frtsl
aewspaptrs ol thaoamtrj
ait I (knitted U ks tke
kadlna RepubUcaa leaf.
4l la OUta. The SUNDAY
liUOER, 16120 sagas.
III npist. with ckelct
mLttar of law 14
literary character.
I gnsurpaised.
Ml tht choleatt tad kest leator.
la tk. eehiaias ef th.
lla labtcriptloa pries of tbs WEEKLY
tm4 tor lampl. Cl.a.
Strictly one
to all.
We are thankful.
Extremely thankful.
store, Euclid and "Wilson-ays.
The Hews
and Herald.
Is patllshtd snry day ex-
eept Saaday, tad I. th.
ht anaraoo. dally hi th.
I tat a. n hat perlact
ta4graphl ttnteia, fall
cable rtpert., esaiplet.
marine tad tperllaf aewt
tad every Its. CMlalas
dellghrldl rtary.
el th. DAILY sad SUNOAY LEADER art contained
LEADLE Is only 05E DOLLAR a jtu.
AOdraaa. wot. raiaJTIW CO.. CltwltM. tj.
From and alter Not. is, 1891, tralus will pan
Wellington as billows-central standard time:
Ko 9-NiKhtEx t:B5p.m
No. 27 Columbus Aooom. o-.wv.m
No. 3 Cincinnati and Columbus Ex 8:30 a. m
No.23. Cleveland and Wheeling ex. 7:40a m
N o .8 1 Local Ptelaht U:30a.m
No-8-NlchtEx MSa.m
No.it6 -Cleveland Aocom 8:15 a. m
No. -Cincinnati AClevo'd Ex 6:28 p. m
No. U. Wheell nit and Cleveland ex 4 :45 p. m
No. 82-Local Freight 12:4Up.m
WNos. 8 and 8 will run dally.
Nos.23and 24 between Cleveland and
Wellington only. (
W. Ss Xj. B. and C Sa 2.
Commencing Ailuunt 21, W91, train) will pass
Wellington a follow standard timet
No. 5 ll.Oua.m
No. 7 4.16p.m
No. 9 8:03p.m.
No. 17 (Local) ; M5a.ni
No. 4 10:Sa.m
No t (I.12p.m
No. 8 8:03 p. m
No. lfl(Local) 2.2Un.m
Nos. lJiandSdally :otborsdilv ex .,nndav.
Further Information In regard to this line
win ue louna on paxe z.
Xs. do "W.
Iluntiuaton, west, 9:11; east 4:31.
B. k 0.-8ULLIVAN.
EAST.-No-14, 4:80 a. m l No. 10, mixed, 9i2 a,
m.: No. 8. 6:35 D. m.
W KriT.-No. 7, 12:10, p. m.; No. 11. mUed, 3:63,
p. m. no. is,;iu.p. m.
CbeeM 4,346 pkn. 130380 lb
Butter " lbt
OhioStandard 0
Family Favorite
Dairy, per B 06 tj) 20
Creamery f t 86
Flour, per sack (49 Bs) 1.25
Corn meal, per cwt 1.40 j
Chop, per cwt. 1.40 .
Mlddlingi.percvt.. 1.00 .
Bran, per cwt M
Oil Meal, per cwt...... 1.60 '
: Buying Sel'ng
Corn, shelled , 0.70-
Cont.inear............ 0.70
Wheat .93
OaU U ,
Chfckent,draf4t,per h i -.Q 0 08
figga,perao) - , ,.'a
Ham.tmoVjjd.per 1... O.Orj
Tallow, per B 0.03 ' ,
Hides, per lb 0.04
Potatoes 35 -
Hicknrvnult 1.00
JT. HASKELL, Attorney
, at-law and notary public.
Loans and collections made a
specialty. Office in bank
I II. dicksox;
J. at-law
and solicitor of
American and foreign pat
ents, west side public square.
N. GOODWIX, insur-
puDiic. ueeus, wins, con
1 TV 1
tracts, etc. written neatly and
Over Scrage's shoe
and feed store. Free de
livery to all parts of the cor
poration. Kail road street.
SAUNDERS tlie photogra
pher. Finest work and
latest styles. Copying and
enlarging in crayon, ink and
pastel. Crosier block.
C.Bnsh find Chas. C.Ste
vick,gcneral insurance agt's,
Benedict block. 22tf.
CE. SUTLIFF, dealer in
, coal Anthraciie,Ma8siI
lon, Jackson, etc.; prices low,
terms cash. Office on "West
Liberty st. Telephone 48.
AM. BASSETT, dealer in
, raw furs, Taylor-st, Wel
lington, O.
Maxof ACrouBa or
Xtaaatketoraranr and Oaten la
X300ZS) &uh. stud. X311a.ds
Cheese and Butter Boxes, all kinds ol
Lumber. Lath, Shingles, Battens . Mould
ing-sand Flooring. Siding made and Bar-
lace Planing done to order on short no
tice . . -' WHilLlfiUTON,0
.. . SJ-tf
Abont the Recent Ilai)i)eninc and
Special Events In Their Im-V
,; mediate Vicinity.
Nov. 27 Th ladies aid society of the
Untversnllst cburrth had an oytter supper
at O. B. Fisber'a lust eveDtne, which in
spite of heavy roads was well attended by
yooiig aud old, who were anxious for the
prosperity of the little crow road church
and desirous to make a thank offcriou
lor its benefit. As a testimony that our
sires and matrons retain tbeir social facul
ties Intact, we w.ll Hnte tliat the aver
age ace of nine persons seated at one ta
ble 11 C7 years, 9 montbt and 10 days.
This brlel notice would be invalid 11 we
failed to mention that our bachelor friend,
C. B., went alone to supper, for a gay
young sprig who has shared the festivi
ties and endured the satiety of at least
eighteen thanksgiving (tinners escorted
the one antique maiden ti Ibe dining ball
ith tut d'mnlly of a mayor.
Nov. 30 It will be remembered by
the readers ot the Enterprise that last
summer the communion service of the M.
E. church was stolen. It was taken from
tbe chuTcb on Saturday night, it having
been left there to be nsed the next day.
Last Saturday afternoon a great surprise
awaited the members of the cbsrch in the
gift ol a beautiful service the one
formerly used by the Congregational
church of this place. It was present d to
them by Deacon West As that church
had no further use (or It, Mr. West saw
til the old members that be could, and so.
with their consent In their name, he prt
anted the service to the Methodist
church. Through Mrs. Wests' care the
service has been kept looking like new.
There were union services In the M. E.
church Thanksgiving day, Elder Lilly, of
the BaplH cborcb preaching. .
;-Tte ar&ve iH IheHTGrcliurca atlll
coctinse--eiry forenoon at 10 and every
evening. Between thirty and forty have
asked for prayers. Eighteen uojted with
the M. E. church last Sunday at the close
of the morning services, on probation
The meetings continue to grow In Interest
and in numbers every day
Died, Sunday morning, from tba effects
of s ftroke ot paralysis, Judah Miner.
Funeral Wednesday at 11 a, m.
John and Adam McQuate entertained
about fifteen of tbelr friends with so ele-
sant thanksslvlng dinner. Mr. and Mrt.
Will Loveland were over from Brigbton,
the rest live in town.
Frank Dlrlam and wife spent thanks
giving In company wiih other Dlrlam
friends with his mother at Theodore
The Sulliiao fire last Friday night made
our streets light, although itwas raining
bard at the time. Elder Lilly's brother
spent a few days with him, being here
over Sunday.
Rev. W. E. Barton accompanied Deacon
West Saturday and both gentlemen made
addresses which were responded to by
Rev. A. E, Winter In behalf of the church.
Last Saturday night was the coldest of
the season so tar, the mercury standing
only eight degrees above zero,
Dec. 1. The fire fleod seems to be let
loose at 8ulllvao and yiclnity. Heretofore
only barns and out buildings . have been
destroyed, bat this time the principal
business block of the town Is a complete
wreck. The property destroyed was
located on the west side of Main street
and includes the Coatef hotel and con
tents, tbt property otMrs. Coatee, which
was a total loss. Next cornea the cigar
and tobacco store of Coates & Harria,
which was In the north room of the
Coats house. Then the building and
storeroom belonging to Vt. rersont,or
Burr MlllC O. There was no Insurance on
this bmlding and the rooms were un
occupied. Next comes the dry goods and
hardware store of Hubler& Garyer, and
last the rooms occupied by Mr. MrDer-
mott and family. TbeBlnebower Insur-
ance agency laastrktly In It' and are in
terested to the extent of $3,400. Several
other Insurance companies have small
amounts. Rubier ft Uarver carried 11,000
on thetr stock of roods and were able to
save a part of them. The Coals house
wss Insured for $600,
Since the change In time on the B. &
trains will rnn as lollows-. No. 4, ssl
bound at 9 ;47 a. m. j Nov8, west bound, at
4 06 p. m.j No. 13, Chicago express, wett
bound, at 9 50 p. m. ' Na I and 4 carry
i -
The ladiea of i the Congrcgatlonul
church gave an oyater supper in the loan
ball Thursday evening, the S6th.
Mrs. Orelsslnger and Mrs. Emma Coon
art visiting triends at Tiffin and Bel lev n
The unfair tieatmeot accorded to ex-
Governor Foraker by the Sherman con
tingent, and leading Republican daily in
this section of the slate furnishes suffic
ient excuse for our position and ought to
be resented by all loyal republicans. Con
trast the attitude ol Gov. Foraker and his
supporters with that of tho Sherman fol
lowing, for whom Tbos. McDougall speaks
when be says: "Rather than see Sherman
retired from tbe Lntted States senate to
be succeeded by ex-Governor Foraker,
they would prefer the return of a Demo
crat, ana I charge tbe defeat ot 1889 to
ex-Governor Foraker." General Hicken.
looper, a friend and advocate of ex-Gov
ernor Foraker, writes as follows:
"As to the campaign ol 1889, I wss not
among tbe urdent supporters of ex-Gov.
ernorFoiuker at that time. I wag, un.
fortunately, among those who gave heed
to jum sucu nonsensical atutements as
those recently made by Mr. McDougall,
and which precipitated the political dis
asters which followed, and which brought
the blush of shame to tbe face of every
well-meaning citizen who thus unwitting
ly aided in imposing upon oar city tbe
disgrace of the recent Democratic admin-
-Air. jncuougars assertion that our
deleat was due to Ex-Governor Foraker's
leadership is a most unjust accusation
it was, upon the contrary, due to the very
men ho he now asserts would prefer a
Democratic senator to a Republican not
of their selection."
Ex-Governor Foraker's past services
and present standing warrant the assertion
that be baa legitimate, won and still re
tains the fall confidence and respect of the
bnsioess men of Ohio. Wh lie they do not
lack appreciation for Senator Sherman,
and would In no way disparate his past
services, they look upon ex-Gown or
Foraker as t man In every way admirably
qualified to take his place and maintain in
that great legislative body the high rank
Senator Sherman has held.
"Governor Foraker's administrations
were among tit beet If not the very
best tht state of Ohio- ha ' ever . had
They were pure and creditable la every
particular, but they were especially so
liom a buslntss point of ot vtew.
' "Hit manatp:ment of tbe financial
affairs of the state was successful in the
highest degree, comparing most favorably
with anything In this line ever accom
pllshed by Senator Sherman."
Read what Secretary Foster said of
Foraker: -'He hu become a national
figure in four years, a thin- never before
beard of in this country." In five years
after entering tbe political arena his nsme
was net onfrequently mentioned in con
nection with the presidency In 1888. Gen
W. T. Sherman In his speech be lore the
Loyal Legion said that into the bands of
such men ss Forakef should the future
destiny ot this country be commstted, and
he hoped lo live to see him occupy tbe
highest position In the gift of the Aicerl
csn people. Who of the 400,000 Republl
cans in ohlo did Major McKioley ask to
present bis name to tbe last state convention
but this same Foraker, and In the ensuing
campaign as a speaker was In great de
mand and made more speeches than any
other, tare McElnley alone. This is the
man who Ui4 editor of Tub EsTERrRist
thinks has been lost slflht of and needs
litUe advertisement.
Here are some tbe Republican
papers of Ohio who have declared ex
Governor Foraker their choice for United
States senator: Cincinnati Commercial
Gazette. Toledo Blade. Cleveland World.
Vernon Republican, Mansfield News,
Athens Messenger, Bellefootaine Republl
can, Lima Gazette, Flndlay Republican,
Zaneaville News, Wilmington Journal,
Piqua Call, Xenla Gazette, Portsmouth
Press, Ptuldlng Republican, CaUon
Republican, Sidney Journal, South
Charleston Sentinel, Hillsboro News
Herald, Cincinnati Free Presa, Canton
Register, Jackson Sun, Jackson Newt
Herald, Putnam County Vidette, Colum
bus Dispatch, Miami Union, Defiance
Republican Express. Gslllpolts Tribune,
Flndlay Jeffi-rsonisn. Shawnee Valley
Journal, New Philadelphia Advocate.
Fostoria )i-panl, Cl'lllleo'l.e Gazette,
Manchester Journal, Wrat L'ol' U Sclen,
Springfield Gazelle, Ohio Soontagagast,
Wellston Arg't;.' Welmton republican,
Marlon Slarfiit Clinton Republican,
De Graff Buckeye, Keutn Republican,
Tiffin News) I ronton IUnl.ter, Iron too
Republican, Cincinnati Pot, Drlplios
Couraot, Jackson Standard Journal, Mau
mee New Era, Newark Tribune. Zanea
ville Courier, Toledo News, Wauseon
Tribune, New Concord EuterprUe. '
' ' The Barnesvtlte Republican has tbls to
ssyTcy Foraker in a leader endorsing birr.
, forlhesenstorthip:
"Foraker Is an Intense American, and
be is able and eloquent as he is magnetic,
loyal and true. He who, In bis youth,
was one of the country's best and bravest
soldiers hv earned the prnle of every
patriot Later oc, as udgo, he brought V
to him, because of bis Intellectual merit
words of commendation that honor; and '
ss governor of th. great state ot Ohio if
so recorded ss one of the very best, from '
any point or test, in all her history. ,
Reaching out and taking In all issues, he '
it the best and most aggressive fighter in
America the briabt Dartlcuiar tT
traitors hate like fury and Democrats fear.
Foraker is ss clean, as pure and as true a
he is loyal and able and strong. No
American need hesitate to applaud him
and trust him, and none do who know
him. HeisaflghteremtKxlylng tbe best
that won for Ben Wade, Ziek Cli mJlcr
and Roscoe Conkllne
Such a man is Forakor. Those who
knife him serve tbls country poorly.
Those who praise him pri.ie tlieir coun
try s friend. We say ihene thinr nl FWn.
ker because we love him, uud because wt
know Americans trust him. Thre I
abundant proof of this, as there la that
Ohio Republicans will m ver llud a more
earnest fighter, loyal and constant sup. '
porter than he. . They never have. He b.
too generous to forget, too chivitrnus to
be drafted. He enlists. The Democrat
who wish to continue the luxurv of n
Democratic United States senator from
Republican Ohio evidently know this
He will serve you well, Ohio Republicans.
and it will not be long until be will have
m that great body a congenial co worker
from this Republicsn state." '
In reference to tbe Question of aire.
which seems to have entered to soma ex
tent Into tbe senatorial campaign., tht
liima Kepubltcan Gazette remarks:
The Sherman papers say Foraker it a
young man and can wait. Foraker
U forty-eix years old. When Sherman
was first elected he was but thirty-elf ht
years old. There were a number of older
and as able men who sought the nomina-
tion at that time, bat they were tbe ones
who wart told to 'wait then. And the
have been waiting ever alnce, or until the
day of tbelr death. Such men as Robert C.
Scbenck, Columbus Delano tad Governor '
Dennlsoo were thrust asida then lor Sena
tor Sherman, who was the" youngest of
them all. The cry has alwava hmn
wait' wait ualil Sherman hu had bis -
OIL Ha has demanded that Blaine wajv
that Foster wait, that McKinley wal that ,7
Foraker' wait' Blaine .would ". have '
accepted the nomination at Cbtcaro In
1888 If Mr. Sherman bad not asked him to ,,
wait; Foster would have gone to the
senate in 1880 If Mr. Sherman hail nni
asked him to wait; Major McKinley was
also asked to wait when the Chicago con
vention showed their preference for him
in 1888. And so It has gone on for the
past twenty.flve years, and now Foraker Is
asked to wait. And probably when the
grim messenger calls on Mr. Sherman to
resign his place in this world the senator
will request him to 'wait' until he has
had one more term, -for don't you know
there is no one else who can take my
place when I am gone.' "
Nov. 30. Otis Phillips has returned
home from New Washington.
Wilson Haynss, of Akron, is visiting his
grandfather, Jiles Scott
Chas. Loveland is vbitlng his lather, L.
C. Loveland.
Several of our boys attended the thanks
giving ball at Wellington, November 25.
Mlas L ttie Beech, ol Cleveland, is visit
ing friends in town.
Epwortb league. Bunday evening, No
vember 29.
Married, November 20, 1801, at the res
idence of tbe bride's parents, Newland
Lee and Rose M. Twaddle, Rev. Rutledge
officiating. They have the well wishes of
all tbelr friends. Roxr.
Rollin Psrk, whose home was formerly
near Lodl, was released from the peniten
tiary last week after serving out s term.
He was sent trom Wayne county several
years ago Tbe largest beekeeper In
tbe world la Mr. Harbison' of California.
who has 6,000 hives' roducin'000,000
pounds of honey ; In Greece there are 80,
000 hives producing 3,000,000 of" honey;
In Denmark 80,000 producing' 2,300,000
pounds; In Russia 110,000 tbe same; In
Belgium 200,000 producing 5000,000
pound; la Holland 340,000 producing
8,000.000 pounds; In France 9.V,000 pro
ducing 23,000,000 pounds; Ip Germany
1.450,000 and In Aurtria 1, 555,000 each,
producing 40,000,000 pounds of honey-
But In tbe United States there are 3,800,
000 hives belonging to 70,000 beekeeper.
and producing 62,000,000 . pounds of
boney annually. .R, S. Kerr, cooper. man of
Creston, who' has shops in Lodi, West
Salem, Orrville and Creston, has contracts
to make 4,000 barrel it Orirlll.,' lfl.OuO
In Lodl and 10.000 In Creston. The above
number ol barrels, 31,000, will be oted for
the shipment of onions, the product ot
growers in th. above places. The barrels
mode in West Salem are - principally for -flour.
Gazette. " - ' '
Elegant line of silverware, and no extra
charge for engraving, at PUber't, Elyria.
i.uil Lwsin, 0.. --
I ,
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