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Reason L
Because wo have the largest and
best assorted stock to select
J. H. guilt ll. Proprietor.
Laundon, Windecker & Co
Reason II.
Because we handle only first
quality boots and shoes.
Entered at the postotnce t Wellington a
teeoDl olass matter, according to statute.
One? ear 1
SlxXoaths T6
Three Months 40
Advertising flv eeonte per lino, each Insertion.
Space nd Column lUtct madeknnwo on sppll
sstiaa. We solicit your repairing.
Five reasons
You should buy
Boots and Shoes
Of the
Reason III.
Because we have no old nor any
second quality, nor any bank
rupt goods.
Reason IV.
Becsuse we can saye you money
on your purchases.
Benedict Shoe Co.
President Harrison in living life ot
the expecting Jus "t piesrnt.
Sbchetahy of SUtu Ulnine has been
quite 111 for a number I dsys.
A numurii if couuty rnuyentions have
indorsed Governor McKinlev for president
Fob some reason the redtsctricting bill
did not pas the lower house of the lcgls.
Thk agitation of the seal question has
again arisen between this country and
REPnKSEKTATivu IIapkei.l has Intro
duced a number of very important bills
this season.
Thb directors of the world' fair have
giyen permirsion for Intoxicating drinks
to be sold upon the ground.
Some of our brother editors are making
loud calls upon their mibscrlbers to pay
up. Brethren if you entrust a majority of
the people with your paper the rails will
only have to be continued.
- At a meeting of the Republicans held
Saturday, in Medina, Calvin S. Ganyard, t
welt kno-vn and prosperous farmer of
Granger township, was nominated to sue
ceed the late Henry P. Camp, deceased, In
the lower house. They also endorsed Gov
ernor McKinley for president.
Senator Hill Is making his trip
through the southern states in his Interest
in the presidential race. This will prove
mistake number sixteen he has made
within the past year. The senator should
let the people call him, then ha would be
more likely to meet with success.
A bill has been passed by the lower
house to close barber shops on Sunday.
This is one step In the right direction but
would It not be a good plan to cover every
other branch of trade that Is operated on
necensarily on Sunday. The barbers
rights should not be abridged and permit
others to have full freedom.
Mrs. J. 0. Blaine, Jr., has made a de
mand upon her father-in-law, J. O. Blaine,
to publish the letters she penned to her
late husband, James O. Blaine, Jr., previ
oas to marriage. Mr. Blaine, senior, bad
evidently better remained quiet, as the
time for the Blaine family to speak was on
th defense at the trial for bill of divorce
ment In Dakota.
It appears that the statutes make it ob
ligatory for the electors of an incorporated
village to see that the time mayor Is
elected for, which Is two years, is served
by the original one elected or his success'
ore. In 1810 E. E, liusted was elected
mayor of this town and in June he re
signed to accept the position of poet,
master. O. L. Couch was then appointed
by the council to serve until the following
annual election which was to be held In
April 1801. It was then supposed that a
mayor could be elected for the full term
ot two year. But it seems that this Is not
the esse. He could only be elected to fill
the unexpired term of E. E. Husted which
expire Way 1 1802. Now this is the
law but we are inclined to think it I not
good law for It leaves town with not suf .
flcient time to establish a line of policy to
be enforced. Since 1800 we have had
three mayors which Is not a very good
thing for a town to experience. When
Justine of the peace vacates bis office,
whether by resignation or otherwise,
before his term expires his successor Is
elected for the full term of three years
and this Is the plan that a mayor should
be elected on. He should be elected for a
full term of two years and pay no attention
to vacancies.
Still another Important decision of the
United States supreme court Is the one In
volved In the case of the United States
against the state of Texas. Can the
United States bring suit against a state?
Ia the case mentioned this question wu
the direct Issue. The decision given is
that the United Slates can sue a state.
This Is anothnr Important step toward the
actual nationalizing of tbo federal govern
ment The old idea that the general so v.
ernmcnt has do power to enforce Its de
crees against a itate, except by force of
arms, Is repudiated. The right and the
power of the national government to en
force IU supreme authority by civil process
in the courts Is distinctly affirmed. Chief
Jostle Fuller and Justice Lamar, how
ever, dissented from the opinion rendered,
maintaining that the constitution of the
United States In its grant ot original juris
diction to the United States supreme court
does not Include the right to entertain Jur
isdiction ob t suit of the United States
against state. Ia the recent decision o
th United Bute supreme court in the
case ot "Governor" Boyd against Governor
Tbsyer of Nebraska in which neither
Chief Justice Fuller nor Justice Lamar
dissented the federal court not only de
clared Mr. Boyd to bn entitled to citizen
ship, but went still further and declured
him entitled to the governorship ot the
stale, shows, equally as in the case men
tioned above, that since the war the evolu
tion ot the;nation has made great and Irre
traceable advancement. The eagle Is out
of the egg and will never be put back in
to Its shell. Advance.
Washington Letter.
Washington, Mar. 11, TO. Special.
The president seeks no war with Great
Britain or any other power, but like the pa
triotic American that he is, is determined
that American rights shall be maintained,
let the consequences be what they may.
All of the correspondence up to date to
gether with the recently signed arbitra
tion treaty, is before the senste, which,
Judging from opinions expressed by indi
viduals is of about the same mind as the
president and it is not probable that the
treaty will be ratified, unless Lord Salis
bury on behalf of bis government, shall
agree to a renewal of the modus vlvendl
In Bering sea. Should he persist in re
fusing It Is probable that the. treaty will
be rejected and sufficient nsval force
sent to Bering sea to steze all illegal seal
ers, and II need be to fight any British ves
sels that may Interfere. And that is not
all. Canada may expect to find all th
favors she now enjoys by courtesy of this
government withdrawn. Lord Salisbury
would better think twice before acting
upon the last communication lent him.
He certainly would if he knew bow very
popular war with Gieat Britain would
be in this country.
Representative Barter, of Ohio, is about
the only man in congress who expresses
any doubt of the house passing the Bland
Iree coinage bill by majority anywhere
from 30 to 73 when It I taken up under
the resolution adopted on Monday last,
Mr. Harter believes, or professes to be
lieve, that between now and the 23 tnst,
he can convince enough Democrats cf the
danger attending the passage of the free
coinage bill to defeat it
Ex-Speaker Reed was given a grand re.
ception by the Natiooal Republican Aux
iliary association, an organization com
posed of representatives Iron) the various
state associations existing here, and
more enthusiastic crowd has never assenv
bled in Wsshington. The ex-speaker re
sponded to a congratulatory addreas deliv
ered by Representative Burrows, of Mich
igan, in his best vein, not forgetting the
shortcomings of the Democratic majority
in the present bouse, Including their
economizing by cutting down the appro
priation for school books for the poor
children in the District of Columbia pub
lic schools, and closing with : "Meanwhile
the Republican parly, emerging from its
temporary disaster, turns Its shining face
to the future, now as ever, the one hope
ot progress of the people ot the United
The commicsioner of patents has issued
the following circular letter to all having
business before or with that ofllco: "The
patent office regrets that, in consequence
ot want of room for the storage and ar
rangement of printed copies of patents,
it will be Impossible tn fill your orders In
current issues until additional room is
provided by the proper authorities." This
will entail great hardship on thousands of
manufacturers, inventors and owners of
patents end create much confusion. Con
gress hss persistently neglected to appro
priate the money for the necessary room
for tb United States patent office, In face
of the fact that the patent office has $4,
000,000 of its own earnings lying Idle In
the public treasury. One-fourth of that
amount would provide ample accommoda
tions. .
They are Coming In Now.
Representative Haskell informs us that
there has not been ft single petition pre
sented this session to amend the temper
ance or local option laws. Ektkhpisk,
March 9.
House or Reprehentanivks,
Columbus, March 10, 1802. j
Editor of Enterprise : Please state in
your next week's Issue that since I made
the statement to yon In regard to petitions
to amend temperance and local option
laws, number of such petitions have
been received by the members, asking for
the passage of the Rawlin'i County Local
Option bill. Please do not neglect this
for at the present time the statement is
not true, although true at the time made.
J. T. Hashll.
Reason' V.
Because if the wear of
anything we sell you is
not right, we are always
willing to make it right.
Political Announcements.
At the request of many friends In Lo
rain and elsewhere, I lmve decided to be
a candidate for county surveyor. I can
furnish satisfactory references ns to my
ability, . L. A. Faiver.
von auditor. 1
Editor Enterprise: I hereby an
nounce to the Republican voters of Lo
rain county, that I will be a candidate for
renomlnation for the office of county
auditor at the coming convention and I
ask tbelr favorable consideration.
Oscar Heruick.
fob commissioner.
Ed. Enterprise: Please say to your
readers that my name will be presented to
the next county convention for the office
of commicsioner of Lorain county. Being
a candidate three years ago, I was induced
to wslve all claims in the interest ot an
other candidate. Believing the pledges I
then received were made in good faith, I
now ask for this nomination, promising, II
elected, to perform the duties ot this office
to tbe'best of my ability.
Volnet McRobbrts.
for treasurer.
The Republican friends of H. P. Chap
man, of Carlisle, will present bis name to
the next Republican convention as the
nominee for the above position. He wss
born lo Eaton township, enlisted In com
pany H 103d O. V. I., wu discharged in
1804 en account of wounds received st the
siege of Knoxvllle, and ever since has
been s cripple. He was a prominent can
didate for the position at the time the
present Incumbent, Mr. Willard, was nom
inated. Under his leadership as commit
leeman of Democratic Carlisle, that town,
ship In the McKinley campaign gave th
Republican ticket a plurality of seventeen 1
Mr. Chapman Is worthy of the position,
and jeveryway qualifled to discharge i's
duties. Kefublicab Friends.
' ' Stake Races.
To 1 held at Wellington, O-. ScpUmbor
so, si ana is, 1891 Entries cIom
April I, lftOS.
No. 1. One-year olds foals of 1891:
one-half mile beats, best two in three.
SubscriDtlon tlO. t3 of which must nr.
comDanv each nomination on nr W-ra
April 1, 1892; $3 payable June 1. 1893, re-
maining i oy September 17, 1893. f 25
auuea dt tne society.
No. !. Two-veir nidi foils nf moo.
mil heats, best two in three. Subscrip
tion tlO. 13 of which must acrnmnanv
each nomination on or before April 1,
1892, $3 payable June 1, 1892, rcmelnlng
f4 payable by September 17. 25 added
uy me society.
No. 8. Three-year olds-foals of 1889 :
mile beats, best two in three. Subscrip
tion $10, $3 of which must accompany
each nomination on or belore April 1,
1892. 13 Davable Jnna 1. 1802. hnlsnnn. ftl
payable by Sept. 17. $23 added by the
weyr. u. U. UAHRIS, BftC.
Probate Court Matters.
John Rose appointed goardlan of Mar
garet Ncster, alias Grady, (an imbecile,
of Camden.
Semi-annual examination of Lorain
county treasury, F 8 Reefy and C F Lee
Lewis D Boynton appointed administrft.
tor of Smith S Hoadley, deceased, late of
Will of Lois E Goodrich, deceased, lute
of Brownhelm, admitted tn probate. Wid
ow elects under will.
Mabel Fay Hopkins sdopted bvUJ'
and Lizzie B Clark, Oberlin. Name
changed to Mabel Fay Clark.
Henry Opfer, LaGrange, appointed ad
mlnlstrator oi estate of Gotlieb Ulatzer. de
ceased, late ot LaGrange township.
In compliance with the laws ot the state of
Ohio, I, Oeorge L. Couch, mayor of th village
ot Weill niton, Ohio, hereby notify th quali
fied voters of sU municipal corporation that
on Monday, the 4th day ot April, im, between
the hours of six o'clock a. m. ao alx o'clock
p. m at the town hall within said corporation,
an ttectloB will be held for theparpose of ehos
Ing he following officers for said corporation,
1 Mayor 1 1 Street CommlMinnnr
8 Councllmen 1 1 Cemetery Trustee
lUler 1 Chief Fire departm't
1 Treasurer f Ass.Ch'frir "
1 Marshall l2d" " "
Given under my hand and offlldal seal, at my
omce in said corporation, this lflth day of
March, 18M.
-sills- GEO. COUGH, Mayor, i
One door west of .hardware.
i I s.:-
r.. .v . '
Rev. William. Jlolllnshed
Ot Sparta, N. J., voluntarily saysi
"To Whom It May Concern :
" Unasked I deem It my duty to a suffering
humanity whose bodies and souls I would
hav healthy, to tell them of the value of -Hood's
Baraaparills. While living In Ohio
no of my children was greatly
Afflicted With Bolls
having SO on her Umbs, and being nnable to
walk. I had heard of Hood's Barsaparffla,
and bought a bottle, half ot which eared en
tirely. Two years after, another child wu
afflicted as badly. I used the other halt
bottl ot Hood' Barsaparllla with Like re
sult. About tour years after, the child first
afflicted was again tormented Uk Job, and I
bought a, bottle (on Sunday at that) and
ftgalaftenre. I gave some of the medicine to
poor woman and two children; they were
helped a were mine. Through teatimc
nlal sent toC L Hood ft Co., inquiries came
from all th eonntry, asking If It was a "bona
de testimonial, and of course 1 wrote all
that It was, and have th knowledge of
Scores and Scores
Ot persons helped or cured by Hood's Sana
partlls. MUd cases ot rheumatism have
yielded to It Biliousness and bad liver havo
been corrected In my own family. This Is
th only patent medicine I bare felt Uko
praising. I speak not for C. 1. Hood, but for
th Jobs who ar Impatient and are tor
mented beyond endurance. Nothing I know
of will cleanse the blood, stimulate the Uver
or clean the stomach so perfecUy as
Hood's Sarsaparllla
Any person wishing to know more, enclosing
stamp will be Informed. Tour for th
health, happiness and virtu of humanity."
William HoixixaacD, pastor of Fre by
te rtan ehnrcb. Sparta, N. J.
Hood's PIUs ear hsbttnsl constipation.
Loral d County, Ohio.
Sir: By aafflorlty derived from you offic
ially bearing date the 7th day of March, im.
and after being duly sworn according to law,
we, F. S. Reefy and C. F, Lee, a examiners,
without previous notice er Intimation to the
county treasurer.or any other person, ot such
Intention, forthwith entered Into the county
treasury, presented our authority aforesaid
to the County Treasurer, demanded the keys
to lbs vaults and safes, and proceeded Iraae
dlately to ceuut tb money's therein, and In
spect and examine the books, records and
vouchers thereof, together with all other
property which should be In the custody of
the Treasurer. W then proceeded forthwith
to the office of the county auditor, and ascer
tained how much money the county treasurer,
stood charged with on the auditor's books,
also tb exact amount of money, property,
bonds, securities, asset and effects, that
itaeuld be in the treasury, and the amount
belonging to each particular fund. In com
pliance with the law requiring certificate ot
such examination, we hereby certify that
thirty-three thousand, four hundred ahd
twenty five and four ene-bundredths dollars
was the exact amount of money so found snd
counted In the county treasury, and that the
statement annexed, which agrees with the
books of th auditor, presents the exact bal
ances and over-paymenta In each fund, and
the amount of property then In th custody
of th treasurer,
i Respectfully submitted,
F. B. REEFY, l .(.
C11AKLK8 F. LEE, (Examiner.
Elyria, Ohio, March 7.I0&
ruins. amt. ni l rsoK rams.
County IS.S7SS4
Infirmary. ...-.- S m iff
bridge S'MMOO
DullUlug .... S.M)4ti
Mloh o 3.7M 01
Dog Tax 1.7a 111
Teachers' Institute mm
bun Us Mi W
Indignant Soldiers 3.7M 12
Vermillion Township 19. fill
Plttsfield 8. 8. l. No. 2 210 US
Collections on duplicate sloe Janu
ary a), mi 477 73
Total I 83.iaot
A Crd.
We hereby desire to publicly thank our
neighbors and frieuds for the many ex
pression ot kindness they have shown us
during the slcknes and death of our
father, John M. Tultle.
Each season has its own peculiar mal
adv: but with tb blood maintained Id
state of uniform vigor and purity by the
nse ot Ayer's Sarsaparllla little danger
need be feared from meteorloglcai influ
ences. No other blood medicine Is so safe
snd effective.
We are Now Receiving
AVc arc now prepared to
show the most elegant line
of wall paper
to tlila market,
that cannot fail
The prices
against comnctition from
abroad. , .
Latjndon, Windeckcr & Co.
Our spring stock of em
broideries just received, of
elegavit patterns. Now is
the time to buy and make up
for spring wear.
Laundon, Windecker &, Co.
Laundon, Windecker& Co
AGreat Success
The Slaughter Sale of Boots and
Shoes at the old Bee
Hive Store
1 am selling more boots and shoes than any otht r
boot and shoe store in "Wellington
Because ordinary prices are cut in two in the middle.
I wish it distinctly undirstood that I did not Steal
this stock of goods, but it came into my possession fairly
and honestly at just about half price," and I am bound to
dispose of it within the next
Ask anyone who has bought of me in the past two
weeks and see what they say about my
Better come soon, before the stock "is broken in sizes,
and come ho as to avoid
the rush.
Do you need any rubber goods of any kind ?' If 1
should advertise my prices, you would ' hardly believe me.
Come and see!
About April 1 1 shall have something new to . an
nounce to the public.
ever brought
and at prices
to suit.
we guarantee

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