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J. B. SMITH, Proprietor.
Gathered from All Quarter.
II? tho senate on tho Srt after business of a
-outlno nature several public building bills wore
rassed and a nee rot session on the KuHshin and
French extruditlon treaties was held. Whon
the doom wore reopened tho scniito adjourned.
....In tbe house several Important bill were
named under suspension of tho rules, Including
the bill to place binding twine on th" free lint.
Among tho other meusurcs pussed were.: A bill
to encouraito American ahtu building, which au
thorizes a United Staled register to such for
eign built steamships or S.tsu tons and over anil
'ng In an established line from iirti within the
United States; granting a peniilon of IS
'ier month to the survivor of the
Blaclt Hawk, Crock, Cherokee and Sem
'nole wars; to ratify and contlrra
in acreement with tho Indiana residing on the
Colvllle reservation In the state of Washington;
ipproprtatiilg I0S,(KKI to carry out the stipula
tions regarding the tiering sea treaty; to pro
vide for tho permanent preservation and cus
tody of the record of the voluntocr armies and
vuthorislng the president to appoint a proper
lerson as chief of the record and pension divis
ion with rank of colonel. The house then con
tinued the discussion of tho diplomatic and con
sular bill and wltliouluction thereon adjourned.
Tun senate on the 3d by a vote of SI to in
lasscd the amended Chinese exclusion bill, not
withstanding the protest of Mr. Sherman that
he new section requiring all Chinese In the
Jnlted States to register within a year
.ir be Imprisoned was a violation of
the trcnty obligations with China. Pre
vious to this Mr. Morgan called up tho
oresldent's bi-metnlllc conference message
n order to give Mr. Kyle, of South Dakotn. an
ipportuuity to make a free coinage silver
peech....The time of the house was occupied
n further debate on the diplomatic and cons'i
ar appropriation bill, which was finally passed,
he most Important changes in the bill were the
mi restoring the Piuii-h mission and tho re
i.tlnnof the nnproprlKiinn of t(lf,000 for the
uulnental rail way survey. There was some
lite ission on t e Item regarding the Bureau of
Vtr.erlcan Kepi b'.lcs, whl.h was tltially retained
n the bill.
The senate put In the session on the 4tb pas
'..jr routine bills on the calendar, mostly of a
jal character, and sen ling them over to tho
' ouse for action In the house the conference
'ixirt on tbe Chinese exclusion bill was p re
nted by Mr. deary, of California, and agreed
by a vote of ISA to 58. A resolution was
dupted calling on the attorney general for
formation as to whether the sugar trust
Ad violated the provisions of the antl-truh
tw, and If so whether any prosecutions had
eon directed against any Irust or corporation
or such violation. The house then took up the
!ver and harbor bllL Over one hour was occu
lted by Mr. IJlanchard, of Louisiana, chairman
. if the committee. In explaining the bill and
mding discussion the house adjourned
IH the senate on the 6th Mr. Piatt spoke for
. hroe hours In opposition to the pending Choo
aw and Chickasaw t3,U0O,0OO resolution, but
rankly expressed his opinion that he was ad
ressing an Inattentive senate to little purpose,
'o other publlo business of Interest was done.
..In the house the river and harbor approprl
- :lon bill was further discussed, the debate bo
ut entirely without incident. The only point
.'bore appropriations were Increased were at
Janltowoo, Wis., (Ml,0OU, and for Haveraackett
Iver, Maine, which was Increased from IIO.OUO
.0 f 16,UJ0. The house then adjourned.
Thi removal of the powder storage ' boats
-rom New York harbor and the Choctaw Indian
ipproprlatlon were tbe only subject dlscusjed
o the senate on the 8th. the balance of the sea-
tioa being devoted to memorial eulogies on tbe
'.ate Senator Wilson, of Maryland..... In the
louse the usual order for considering private
.rills on Friday was set aside and the house dis
cussed the river and harbor bill. The debate
was without Interest save that Mr. Reed lec
tured Mr. Holman In a mild way for alleged In
consistency In posing as s reformer and ocono
a 1st, yet supporting everything which pertained
j his own district. Pending action on the bill
;he house took a recess until evening, the night
teuton being devoted to private pension bills.
Immense floods in the Illinois, Fox
and Kankakee rivers are reported.
Sever before in the history of Illinois
have the waters rises to no great a
height. Ilundreds of square miles of
farming' lands are under water. The
damage in that locality is estimated at
At Mendota, 111., on the 4th a paasen
oenifer train on the Illinois Central rail
road ran into an open switch on which
i freight train was standing" and struck
the freight head on, instantly killing
the paasonger engineer and slightly in
juring the fireman and two mail clerks.
Thk dwelling of Daniel Mercer, a
farmer living near Decatur, Ind., was
wrecked by a hurricane on the 4th while
the family were awlcep. Mercer and
.vife were fatally Injured. Several head
if cattle wore killed and other houses
n the vicinity were duraaged.
Thk largest illicit still ever captured
was brought Into Somerset, I 'a., on the
ith by olllcers. It belonged to Willium
Tltts, the notorious moonshiner nnd
nurdcrcr of old Jonathan Jlochhtvttcr,
if Laurel Mountain, and won found
arefully coucoalcd near his residence.
Titts is a fugitive from justice. Tho
.till, which hus a capacity of 109 gal
ons, bore evidence of recent use.
Thk naval affairs committee hits re
mrted the naval appropriation bill,
vhich proposes to Increase the number
f harbor defense vessels from m to
hrue, torpedo bouts from six to ten,
Jid also provides for torpedoes, bttb
narlne and otherwise, for which hitter
uirpose 11,000,000 Is appropriated,
A cvci.oNK passed through Dekalb
onnty, Mo., on the 8d, sweeping every
hing before It The home of Mr. Sharp
van tvreckel, his wife and MUs lloyd
.illcd.'and liimself severely injured.
.Tennik MiTfiiKi.t. and Sylvia Qulnn,
wo little girls aged 6 years, were run
ver nnd killed by a passenger train on
he Missouri I'uciflo road near Warrens
urg, Mo., on the 4th. The ucelilont
npponed where tho track crosses the
.lain street of tho town.
Tin: Illinois river lms oversowed its
anksand caused many wushouts along
. lie Chicago .t Alton, Kock Island and
until Ke railroads, tralllc being at a
.landstill on many branches,
Kol'R firemen were badly burned by
n explosion of oil while fighting a fire
i the Union linseed oil mills at Detroit
..n tlic .'.th.
A r Ottawa, 111., on the 6th, a cloud
'mint converted the northern portion of
t he town Into a lake from four to eight
eet deep. The factories, eloctrio street
, ailway power house and thirty blocks
if residences were Inundated to the ex
tent that tho factories are unable to
operate and people communicate by
means of boats.
The annual report of the Lake Shore
railroad shows that tho gross earnings
for 1801 were the largest since the reor
ganization of the company by consolida
tion in 1SII9, being in the aggregate 131,
48l,8H0, as compared with J0,855,700 in
Thk case of V. T. Jordan and J. O.
McLaurin, of the Harrisburg Call,
charged by Gov. I'attison with criminal
libel, was called for trial at l'hiludel
phia on tho 6th. Pleas of guilty were
entered by both defendants. Tho libel
complained of was published IntheCall
on October 35, ISiMI. The article pur
ported to state the secret history of the
passage through tho executive chamber
of the South Pennsylvania railroad
bill, and in its character was most libel
ous. Sentence was deferred.
Ohkat excitement prevails in Tennes
see, bordering on the Kentucky state
line, owing to the discovery of vivst pe
troleum lluM. Many companies are
sinking wells and present indications
are that there will bo found the largest
oil iiolcl ever found iu tho United States.
An express train on tho Atchison, To
peka & Santa Fo railroad dropped
through a bridge near Modill, Mo., on
the ." th. The entire train with t'n ex
ception of one vleep'.T wont down into a
stre.im fearfully swollen by a Klorai.
Seven people were killed uud about
thirty injured.
Thk president has signed the Chinese
exclusion act.
Thk deud body of Arthur Itrown, a
well-known cilizen of llryan, O., was
found on the fith In that city with the
pockets turned Inside out nnd every evi
dence that he had been murdered by
tramps for his money. There is noclew
U) tin; murderers.
Jok. Kiuikt. a notorious crook, well
known iu p i'.ice circles throughout tho
middle and western states, suicided by
cuttin; his throat at the police station
in Nashville, Teiin., on the "th. IK' has
served terms in state prisons In Illinois
and .Missouri, nnd has been a Known
thief from childhood.
Thk largest horse In the world, stand
ing twenty-two hands high and weigh
ing 2,800 pounds, owned by T. K. llidge
way, of Fort Worth, Tex., died on the
5th.. This horse has been on exhibition
in various stutes, uud it was contem
plated sending him to the world"s fair.
Patrick O'Sii.i.ivan, one of three
men sentenced to state's prison for life
for tho murder of Dr. C'ronin. died in
the prison hospital at Jollct, 111., on the
5th. O'Sullivun maintained his inno
ccnoe to the last and tin hour before his
death ho said he was guiltless.
A hkctiox of the lower floor In the
fourteen-story Havemeyer building in
course of erection In New York City
fell on the 5th. Two workmen were
killed and two others badly injured.
Hknhy M. Mu.l.Kit, ex-treas-.u-er of
Crawford county, Pa., who is charged
with the embezzlement of 130,000 of the
county's funds, has been arrested in
Chicago. '
L. D. SLAt;onTsn and Tom llailey
were hanged on the 0th at Little Hock,
Ark. lloth executions took place at
the same time and on tho same gallows.
The men were nerroea. t
Tiic business falluresduring the week
ended May 0 number for the United
States 180, Canada 13; total 209, as com
pared with 211 the previous week and
243 for the corresponding week last year.
WliIl.K a circus parade was passing
through Mt Sterling, Ky., on the 6th,
and the cashier and tellers of fhe
Traders' Deposit bank were taking it
in, a man entered the building from the
rear, went to the safe and got (4,000.
The alarm, was given, the man captured
and the mflney recovered.
A block of buildings in New York
City occupied by Schwarachlld & Sulz
berger, extensive meat dealers, was al
most totally destroyed by fire on the
Bth. Loss 11,000,000.
Thk Frapkfort Rothschilds haao suc
ceeded in tracing their absconding
cashier, Jaeger, who robbed them of
2,000,000 marks. He took a vessel bound
for Colombo, Ceylon. Telegrams have
been sent which will doubtless result
in his arrest.
At Pratt Mines, Ala., on theflth, E.
E. Liddell and C. I Miller, white burg
lars, broke into (iifTs jewelry store.
Ten ofiicers who were hid under the
store wailing for them rushed out and.
called on the burglars to surrender.
Liddell ran and wns fired upon and
killed. He fore dying he confessed that
he was the leader of the gang of train
robbers that held up a Oeorgia PacUio
J train at Weems in March. Miller was
I lUl.sTKAl) WATBors, a iWtuway
j broker, suicided at his residence iu New
York City on the 0th by cutting his
throat with a razor.
; A New Yoiik dispatch says a shortage
. of fTO.OOO has lieen found ill the asvtx (l
the I5ank of Harlem. The discovery whs
made In the course of unexuininat' of
the bunkos part of a plan to uniu it
with the llumllton bunk. 'I'll bnr.k Is
In good condition and amply solvent.
nerved as attorneys for i!e civr Artn
stronif. the manager of affairs of the fa
mous Fide lity Xationul Hank of Cincin
nati, wrecked by E. L. Ilurpcr, ljavo
la-en awarded a verdict of f JO.DOO
itgahtst the receiver for attorney's fees,
A r the annual meeting of the Ameri
can College nnd Educational society nt
' Huston on the (1th thcreportsof the direc
tors stated that tho department of slit
' dent old enrolled during the past year 44!
: men In ten theological seniiiririe and
I thirty-two colleges. The sex'lety aided
; into tho ministry nenrfy 8.O1KI men and
i wholly supports the Slavic department
I of Olierlin college. The trea'ttirer's re
; port showed: Legacies received, l:!0,
tl34: donations and special funds, (),0'8.
I Ax emphatic protest by the Chinese
1 minister has been tiled with the state
1 department B'falnst tho Chincsa exclu
sion act which has just l"C"mo u law.
The protest deelarivllhls bill to be the
most flagrant violation of treaty stipu
, lutlous which has ever passed congress.
Hon. W11.MAM IlKSnrnsos, one of the
oldest and nnwt prondno.it lawyers of
Indiana, dropped dead at his home In
Indianapolis on tho 3d. Ho was T.'l years
old and a life-long friend of tho lute
Vice President llcudi'lciuh
Jambs Koons, tho oldest resident of
of Miami county, Ind., died on the 4th,
aged 101 years. He was born in Shanes
villo. 0., April 14, 1701, and has been a
resident of Miami county since 1S41.
William P. Shinn, whoso reputation
as a prominent railroad man was na
tional, died on the 5th at his residence
in Homewood, Pa.
Gov. FiFK.uwas renominated for gov
ernor by tho Illinois republican con
vention which met at Springfield on the
5th. Senator Cullom heads tho delega
tion to the national convention at Min
neapolis. OwiNtt to grave and seemingly ir
reconcilable differences of opinion in
regard to matters of administrative Im
portance, President Adams, of Oira.'U
university, has sent his resignation to
the board of trustees.
IIlTGO MtlSSTK.ItlU'HO, M. D., Ph. I).,
of Freiburg, (lermany, has been elected
to a professorship In philosophy at
Harvard college. He will huvc chnrjo
of tho experiments in psychological re
search for advanced students. The ap
pointment is regarded as one of U10
best nnd most important made at Har
vard for some years.
O. (J. Wauhkv. senior member of the
firm of James 1). Warren's Sons, pro
prietors of the ItulT.ilo (N. Y.) ('. mni"r
ciul, died at his home on the (Ith, of
Thk republicans of the Eighteenth
Ohio Congressional district (McKlnluy's)
met on the nth and nominated T. K,
Morgan, of Alliance, for congress,
PnoF. Arotsri's Hoffman', the not"d
German chemist, Is dead at lterlin. He
was born In 1H1S. an 1 was the founder
of the German society of chemistry.
AnviCK.s from South Africa show that
locusts urc ravaging tho country, A
swnrm six miles wide recently pass l
over the country, nenr Graham's Tow n,
( r ,ie Colony. The meul crop in tin
Orange Free State haa been destroyed
by the locusts.
DrniNO a terrible storm on the 4th at
S:ideroc, one of the Faroe Islands i;i tho
North Atlantic, three French schooners
were driven itshore at u dangerous port
of the coast and all the crews were lost
At London on the 4th the suspe:;si in
was announced of Dominque & Mnrel,
grain merchants of Dunkirk, nnd of
SehiiTman & Meyer, of Hamburg and
Iilo Janeiro. The liabilities of eeca
llrm amount to jej.Mi.000.
Mowiilt.VY. the tailor, and Nie.hol!. tha
journalist. Indicted for Inciting to mur
der Home Secretary Matthews mid Jus
tice Hawkins, were tried ut London in
the (1th. Ni-holl was convicted and
sentenced tooi'hteen months' ImpHs la
ment at hur.l labor. Mowbray was
A Gkiiman soldier on putrol duty at
Thorn, on the Russian frontier, recently
captured a Russian spy in the vicinity
of one of the forts.' Tho man was dis
guised as a Prussian military surgeon.
A KKNSATloX was created In lterlin on
the 0th by the discovery that Herr Hum
mersteln, chief of the well known Jisnk
lng hour of HaminerHtcln k Frlel!(n
dcr, had suicided. t The bank' was threat
ened with disaster owing to fraudulent
transactions, and Hamincrstciu evident
ly chose death to exposure.
Makohs m Rt ni.M. the Italian prime
minister, on the 0th tendered to King
Humbert the resignations of all the
meinliers of the cabinet, due to the re
fusal of the chamber of deputies to
adopt a vote of confidence In the gov
ernment's financial policy, which In
cluded a heavy reduction In the credit
to be devoted to military and naval ex
penditures. LATER
II. H. Babr, agent of the Philadel
phia &, Reading Railroad Company at
Chester, Pa., has been arrested at the
Instance of his sureties. Officials of the
railroad company claim that he Is HO,-
000 short In his accounts. Ilurr claims
that an examination of his books will
show his ucconnts to be correct Barr
was sent to jail.
Tub Illinois river at Havana, IU., Is
four miles wide, the highest water
known since 1849. Ten miles of the
track of tho narrow gauge railroad be
tween Havana and Galesburg are two
feet under wnter, with many washouts.
No trains can lie run for a month on
that rond. Tlwmsand of ocresof grow
ing wheat will bo totally destroyed by
the flood.
Gi'rtavk T. MrsoANO, a ticket scalp
er, was arrested at Minneapolis, Minn.,
on the 8th on the charge of lieing impli
cated in the stealing of H4.000 worth of
mileage tickets and blank passes from
the Northern Pacific station at Crooks
ton, Minn.
AnvicKs from Cairo have been re
ceived to the effect that Jneger. the ab
sconding cashier of the l'othse.hllds'
Frankfort house, arrived there a week
ago t:nder an assumed name. He left
two days later for the continent He Is
believed to be In Greece and detectives
have been sent to Athens.
Thk Hutler Peters Salt and Lumber
Company's mill and store and three
dwellings nt Ludington, Mich., were
destroyed by fire on tho 8th. Tho com
pany's plant was one of the largest In
thesUite. Loss. 1150,000. Three hun
dred men are thrown out of employ
ment Thk Northern Car Company's factory
nt Hobhinsdale, a suburb of Minneapo
lis. Minn., burned on tlu 7th. The loss
is 100,000; Insurance $80,000.
Thk sixty-eighth anniversary of the
American Sunday-school Union wns held
In Washington on tho 8th. During the
past sixty-eight years this society has
organized bt',400 Sunday-schools and
gathered in 4,215,500 scholars and teach
ers. It has also circulated t,300,000
worth of religions literature.
The agreement in relution to Herbig
sea has been ratified by Lord Salisbury
and Minister Lincoln on behalf of the
British and American governments.
The house on tbe 7th oomiileten consideration
of the river and h irbor bill but did not pass It
The only amendments of Importance were aa lu
crease from 70,000 to f tou.oiw for Improving tba
MUsourl river at Oreat Falls, lo Montana, and
Hlou Cltv, and providing that In casus where
the secretary of war was not satisfied with the
bids, or ahera contractors failed to flnlnh tbetr
crx In tin- sp 'liO' ,1 time, be coulu complete It
oth.rab. 'wun ! jf ..ntract.
A Million Friends.
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ust passed, Clara? Why, that Is Airs.
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couldn't ie thonghl of It the medicine
wasn't superior to all mners. ror am.
liv F. D. Felt. Wellington. A J. Rurrell.
Muntlngton, O.
NO BOGUS testimonials, no bo
gus Doctors' letter! used to tell
HOOD'S Sarsaparllla., Every one of
its ai'.':rt!::eaU li U:.
Special Announcement.
We have made arrangements with Dr.
H. J. Kendall Co.. cubllshures of "A
Treatise on the Horse and his Diseases,"
which will enable all our subscribers to
obtain s copy of tb at valuable work free
by sending their addresB (enclosing a two-
cent stamp for mailing same) to Dr. B. J,
Kendall L'o., Enosburgh Falls, Vt, This
book is now rtcognized ss (standard eu
thority upon all diseases of the horse, as
phenominul sales attest, over 4,000,000 cop
ies having been sold In the past ten years,
a sale never belore reached by any publica
tion In tbe same period of time. We feel
confident that our patrons will appreciate
the work and be glad to avail themselves
ot this opportunity of obtaining avuluablo
book, it is necessary that you mention
Ibis paper in sending for the treatise.
This oiler will remain open for only a
short time. 28
1'wka ir.visim.ii; tubular eai
CIISHIOKJ. Whlatiora hoard. Coin.
hrUbl.. SD,,M.ailliri.llU.illUI. S.M;r. HISCIII,
M Kr'SHi, lark. WrIU Ur haak at fraafclasa.
To sell NUK8EHY STOCK. Wo Brow all
tho leading varieties, both old snd now. We
replace, all nock that dies, and uuarantee satis
faction. Highest salary or commission from the
Hurt. Wrllo for terms. II. E. HooKXit Co., Nur
serymen, Kochegter, N. Y.
The year round to represent us In the sale of
Nursery Stock. Local or trovellinr. flood
waves and expenses, or commission. 0. I.
UltEKNK. Syracuse, N.Y.
Men to represent
inc. Will pay sala
ry or commission
weekly. Stock and
square deiillnc irtinranteed. Write me iulck
and secure clmlee of territnry and terms, li.
0. tilt A II AM, XursHryinuii, Rochester. I. X.
AGENTS to sell our choice Nursery
Stock. Many fine specialties to of
fur; write quick and secure choice of
tern lory.
(UMitstef's ZatlUa IHasasaS Hml.
1 b-Jl' ' oU.' .WBi.f.rv
V mm Tiw7 ru.vbi. ioi, k s
K!?Vt?2ii-.lad wllhWaa rtbbaa. Tak. W
3 t",inallier. vwa4af ila- V
- VV nj aiU lariMlwu. At Dranliu.ar aaS
f 'U I. .atnr.a Inr DsartlMlM. WMll
V.ft'L IO.OOO TriUsMiltli, ifw iNtsr,
IhlfliOiKT Ckcadoal VidUoii wm
... f. "lltU. JWUslllsl
ClesnaM sad brautiHaa tha htuv
Prnnwaaa a luxuriant trgwUL
Merar Taj la to Beitor Oraj
H air to its Youtnrci voior.
Cuna aclp ditnaaa bair talimf.
ay. and 1 1 Wat Dmirntrti
W. l.ura, lWillity. InliNlloa, laui,Tak la lias. Jtlcta.
MINnFDCORNS. Tba aor rara tot Cocrii.
1 I.
tuvi all jii. Uo. at Xltuaiata, r iilUCOX CO a. I.
11,-Ma nnaltln aaail for tk SboTC dlSSMS : bt IU
am thousands of oum of th wont kind and ol loaf
SMtidint ha bam eurad. Indeod Matrons is nrfalth
la its alBcarr, that I will atmd rwo BOTTLxa rsli.vlUi
a VAI.UABI.K TRRATISB 00 thladlaaaaa toanyaof
fer r wbo will aand m t'iir Emreas and P.O.addi a.
V. A. bloenm, AI.C, 1SI i'carl t., n. X.
1 Good all the time. It removes
1 the languor of morning, sus
l tains the energies of noon, lulls
1 the weariness of night.
1 111 Hppr
1 delicious, sparkling, appetizing. (
Don't ba deceived if a dealer, for tha salts
of lanzer nrufit. Ulla vmi aoiue other kind
Is Miutt at koikI " 'tia falae. No lstiutioB
Is sagoodas ths genuiD lliau. ja
Cow Regained!
Or BI-xr-rRKHKKVATION. A new and only
Oold Medal PU1ZH KHHA V 00 NKItVOUSI and
MATH It B HM MNK, and sil 1'lhEAFIM
andWKAKNKHHtaotMA!'. M0parr,clii(h,
ilt: Vit Inralnable prescriptions. Only fl.w
f mail, double seated. DeacrlpuV frospoct.
ne with endorsements rnpri SFKfl
of the Press and Moluntarr Mla ! I ?.Vy
tostimonlsls of the cured I lle.UI IHUWa
Consulutlmi In ti.Taon or hr iiall. ipert treat,
menu INVIOLAIILK HI Clii;fY and Clilt-
TAIV CI'KKr AA I". W. II IVrker. or
he f'esbody ModlcaJ lutltuie, No. 4 Bullioub M.,
lloaton, Unas. , , ,
The reabodr Uedlcnl Tnatltate Las many lint.
Utora, bnt no eqnal. IttruU.
Tha Belsnea of I.lfo, or Belf rrtserrntlan, la a
Irasaure mors Talnsiile than r"ld. K.s. It diiw
erenr WKAK and NKRVOI.H iuiui.u'hI h-uni 1
be 8TKONO. Jfeiiicul lt'rir,r. (i:ii rlgrnd.'
"AAS'm"(rlv Insrano
.Il..r .ml la an Inr-llil.ln
Cars for I'lles. i'riooll. Ily
imitnroiaorninii. nttuii'ii-j
rrea. Alilrow"A 'A K tslK."
UOXUIS,Auw Vuik Uty.
How Lost !
mi i"sf
111! LL V
- ... .-Ol
I -WpsSriis""
CLrVgtr yP OHlOy
Kecta)llsase and diseases of theblsilder sno
kidoeys . files .nlceratioa of the rectum, flstnla
Inann.SaanresandallDrevatllDodlseases Of the
rectum treated by an Improved system, without
pain oraeiention irom oasiness .
Carpenternlock - Wellington tO
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin
A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eye?,
Tetter, Salt Rhoum, Scald Head, Old
Chronio Soros, Fever Sores, Eczema,
Itch, Prairio Scratches, Sore Nipples
aud Piles. It is cooling and soothing.
Hundreds of cases have boon cured by
it after all othor treatment had failed.
It is put up la 25 and GO cent boxes.
For Sale by P. D. Felt.
To th Editor Please Inform your read
ers that I have a positive remedy for tbe aboW
named disease. Ily Its timely use thousands t
hopelesc cases have been permanently cured
I shall be (rlad to send two bottles of my reme
dy pbkb to any of your readers who have eoa
s'umptlon If they will send me their express
snd post office address. Respectfully,
t. A. SLOCUM. M. 0.. 181 u ' St., Nw York.
Prof. Hoisette's
In snlt. of sdnltorated hniiMions which misi the
thaorr and praelioal riilta of lite Drums!, In lhJ
tha rnaaoai niiairaiiltioiia li nmus wij de
cnmpclitora, sndinapitour "hawulUinililato Mli 1 hiss
o(thefniltolhialb.ini,(all ol which d.iii"njlrate ths
undoubted superiority and iKiiralanlr ol uataclim.
Prol. Lo;aette'sArt oY Nnnir Fi.ra -lllns la rrmnwl
t.a In both Hannaplmma aa niarkms n bicnm
Mnm'7 Culture. Hi" Pnponi(i'iilpo8tlijwgirs
orKnionaol imoiileln all parts nf iliBliitiwlvihaeart.
nnllj atudied UhiS,3lnl l.jr eiirmawmiionca, ahowina
that hla Rratera ia iianl tm'u vhut txina itiuttid. noc
aflrrwnnU: thataii" foifcrniiwlMwniniri(i;
rfiiditi(;,mmduonrfrii;Trfil,oVa. rorrroapseuis,
Tarma snd Teatunimiala sddreaa w
Prof. A, LOiai rTK. H Fifth Arcane, W.T
Caveats, and Trade-Marks ohtslnod. and all lat
ent business conducted for Motor te Feel.
Out Offlce li Opposite U. S. Patenf Otlice.
and we can eemre patent In less time than those
remote from Wsehlnptun. '
bend model, drawing or photo., with descrip
tion. We advise. If pstenrshle or n it, free of
chorre. Out fee not dne till intent Is secured.
A Psmnhlet. "How to Obtsln Patents," with
Barnes of actual clients lnyourotsle, county, or
Iowa, scot free. Address,
f noe-ltr- PMn !!,'. "'si'ia 0. C
Sotentiflo Amerlcaa
Agenoy for
For Information snd free Handbook write to
WUNN A CO- Sril Bboauwat, Mw Yostar.
Oldest bamui for secniins pstenU In America.
Krary patent token out by ua Is brourbt befor
lbs public by a notice given tree of chare In Uas
Lamst drmilstlon of any selenUSe paper ' a the
world. Snlendldlr Illustrated. No Intelllirsnc
man should be without II. Week if, S3. 00 a,
revt S1J0 six months. Address MUNM A C0u
FDBUamsa,ISl Broadway. New Vort
If 70a knew, what I know, yon will thrive,
to either hold the i'low or drive, tot partic
ulars address:
Th Oilt dgd Farmtr.
iocs'. ox imt. PIQUA.OHIO.
nuiuionicuuimn, CHICAGO.
4 ulnatM from Oonrt HonsOa
Uoth I'lans.
Weakly S3.00. Transients, 8O0 ns
todies and Genu' Turkish Baths so eta.
Cut this ont for fotnre refersnoe.
ow Mammoth ratalosma A BOO
page Book,
intalnlng Illustrations, and giving lowest man.
ilnclurer'a prices on si 1 kinds of goods and eap
lies: Groceries, Iloasebold Goods. Furntlnre,
Oioihing. ladles' sad Uents Clothing and Knr
.111 limit Goods, Dreas Uoods, White oods, Dry
joods, Hals and Caps, lloou and Shoes, Gloves,
Sotluna, Glassware, Buiioncrv, Watches, Jew
jtry. Clocks, (Silverware, Buggies, Whips, Agri
cultural ImplemenU, etc
Calalogne sent on receipt of 0e. for postage.
Good Axenta wanted In every county and city
to Introdjro our goods. live men can make aa
much as IfiQ per week.
S3 River Street, CHICAGO, ILL.
$1200 PER YEAR.
We pay the above salary lo any live agent OB
wloaman selling our general line of Merchan
dise and Supplies. Particulars aud Catalogue'
on receipt of 3 cents (or postage.
A. KABFEV CO., U Elver 81, Chicago, lit.
Sw-Hemovcd to llg (Julnry-st , Chicago, 11U
There Is no remedv nnet tnthesHentlfieTirln.
Clples of Dr. Ilart'a cure for tbe abovoailmeuts.
The best medical profession utu llaud endorse It,
t contains no opiates and leaves 110 bod alter.
enVta. It Is a saleand iecilycnre fnrallagea.
Ooid hv dninrlnis. 25 OtS. boitlo.
Paxraaxo ar
Wn .;1B. ..-Hr---a&..TlSaCTIMIfc JgYa.aJBHal
a a a
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