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The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; No Alum.
"Tsed in Millions of Homes 40 Venr the Stati,'
Grand Jury.
The grand jury reported forty Indict
ments on Monday. About twelve of them
are against saloon keepers in Elyrla and
Grafton. One is against Milton Peabody,
of Elyria, who Is already under ball for
' the offense. Among the indicted are the
follow intr, who are under ball or In jail:
Burt Simpson, of Elyrla, for stealing
lead pipes.
John McNuly, of Elyrls, for assault and
battery on his wife and John Copas.
Butler Durham, of Obetlin, for throw.
ing a stone at a railway train on the C, I
& W. railroad.
Furgeson was indicted for burglary, in
breaking into a car Jand stealing a pair
of 1 ools.
Elmer Carlej.ot Elyria, for burglary, in
breaking into the hen-house of Wm. Mix,
Just north of town.
Miller and wife, of Lorain, (colored)
were Indicted lor assault and buttery on
Mary Webster, of Lorain.
Chas. Cotton, north of town, for assault
and battery, on a man who entered his
yard lo have controversy over the stealing
of a tin cup.
James Boweu, August Baldwin and
Chas, Potter, of Lotain, for larceny, in
taking six turkeys from the wagon of Jo-
seph Kolbgery, on the streets of Lorain.
Indictments for selling liquor in Elyria:
Christina Pkcuumn, A. J. Endle, A. W.
Ewinwon, Orunt Grundy, John Stark,
Michael Frederick, Milton Pealiody, U. L.
Conch, Grafton, Nick Burrell, John Brand.
lUnry Schmidt and a fellow by the
name of Koch, for malicious destruction
of property and assault and battery. They
reside at North Amherst, and about two
o'clock at night, a week ago, went ovci to
South Amherst, under the Influence of
liquor, and proceeded to tear up the town.
They tore down yard fences and gates of
about a dozen citizens, and 'at one place
threw a stone at seme parties tbey met
coming from night work in the quarries,
und then departed.
Tbe jury baa been discharged nntll May
30. Judge Vorlt received the report of
the grand Jury here, and attended to cases
in which Judge Nye was inteiested, Judge
Nye discharging the same duties for Judge
Yoris In Akroo. Elyria Bepublican.
Com moo Pleas Court.
The following new cases have been filed :
John W, Moore rs Laura A. Moore, dl
vorce. State of Ohio, Cassie Pier va Joseph
Snyder, bastardy.
Helen M. Tyson vs W. P. Fey, money
only 1 E. U. Johnson, attorney.
O. E. Seneff vs Geo. B. McConnelly,
money ouly ; F. F. Tuomas, attorney.
Malora Banholumew vs Chas. Glenn,
money only; E. G. Johnson, attorney.
Geo. L. Brackett vs the L. 8. & M. B.
B'y company, money only; Q. A.Gilmoie,
Ed. L. Brown vs W. B. Worden, adm'r,
money only; I. A. Webster, attorney.
Geo. L. Nichols, adm'r, va Emily A.
Harris, et al, to construe a will; Geo. L.
Nichols and W. B. Bedortba, attorneys.
John Jacob Ha;g vs tbe State bank of
Ohio, to suit title, cauo-l mortgage, and
equitable relief; Johnston & Leonard, ht
torueys. The folio win-: caws bive breu dirponrd
of since our last lepoit:
Ella Church vs Merlin Church, divorce;
divorce granted.
Nancy J. Older v Walter Older, dl
vorce; divorce granted.
Prolate Court.
The will of Jobs Hind, late of Elyria,
admitted to probitte.
Will of Jubal Whitney, late of Oberlin,
admitted to probate.
Clara L. Clisl ft, of Oberlin, declared
Insane ; ordered to Toledo asylum.
H. B. Hall appointed administrator of
state of Emily Stow, late of Oberlin.
What Will Became of Chippewa?
J. Coulter, of Seville, waa in Lorain
Monday. He seems to think the Chippe
wa resort will be practically abandoned to
far as any notice of the new Cleveland,
Lorain & Wheeling officials will take or It
goee. When the Townsendt held the
reins tbey tried to make Chippewa Lake
popular on account of the farm land they
two lo that vicinity, and spent a good
deal of good Cleveland, Lorain & Wheel
ing money In the effort to establish an In.
land Newport oo a small Kale. Now It
it different. Tbe Woodfords et al. are
running a railroad, not a picnic resort
The picnic is over in more lenses than
one. If Chippewa Lake does any good lo
the future it will be upon Its merits, The
Chippewa Lakegronnds are rather pretty,
but to the sightseers they do not amount
to anything. Herald.
Bua-aiae at WholsMl PHom.
J. A. Macomber, the buggy and furni
ture painter In tbe Turley building on
Ballroad street, has put la a stock of the
famous Howard buggies, and offers them
t wholesale prices. His money Is made
by repainting and Le keeps the buggies
to satisfy the demands of his patrons for a
guaranteed vehicle at a reasonable price
Rubber Trees In Niearajrnn.
A forbt of rubber trees may bo detected
without the eye of an expert, for they ure
scarred and dying from the wounds of the
machete. Tbe rubber hunter reminds me
of the woman who "killed the goose that
laid the golden egg." Each tree will
yield only a certain amount of the pre
cious Juice per year and retain its vitality.
When one of these Improvident fellows
makes a discovery, however, only a few
months suffice to place bis bonanza in tbe
ranks of tbe many that dave gone before,
In consequence you may traverse these
forests from end to end without seeing a
virgin tree. The ordinary specimen of
Nicaragua Is from fifty to one hundred
feet high and about two feet in diameter,
The bark is white, end tbe leaves oval
with a slight Inclination dowards. The
cuts are made about two feet apart, and
generally extend from the ground to the
first branch, channels being scored In the
Bides to lead tbe Juice Into a bag. The
average yield of a tree is from five to
seyen gallons of a milky fluid. This is
mixed with the juice of the "wisth,"
which hastens congelation. After this op
erution the crude rubber is baled up and
shipped north to be refined and further
prepared for commerce. Another tree
very similar to the rubber, and often mis
tuken for it, is tbe cow tree. This yields
a liquid very much like milk in taste and
appearance, and more than once was drunk
in coffee by the engineers. Lieut, W. N.
King, Jr., in Harper's Weekly.
Perilous Descent and IIow It la Aeewss
'Our exploration of the salt mine
was not one of unalloyed pleasure and
we do not know that we should care to
repeat it No matter, we had enlisted
for the campaign, therefore we pushed
on and soon reached a point where our
leather aprons were brought into use,"
says an exchange. "First however, we
think we came to the lake, which, sur
rounded by a row of dull lamps, ap
peared to be an acre or so in extent
and entering a boat we were rowed
across it It looked black and tasted
very salty. Everything here looked
black except the dim lamplight which
served only to make darkness risible.
We will not aay that we thought we
were in the Infernal region, but we
will admit that a sort of shudder came
over us, lest aa out of a deep aleep we
might be in some such plaoel ' From
this landing we now prepared to de
scend Into a vaat pit seventy feet deep
from the top of our heads the distance
from where we stood to the bottom be
ing forty or fifty feet A largo, smooth
piece of timber, with a rope for a guard,
extended at about the inclination of an
ordinary staircase if anything a little
steeper to the bottom, and this was to
serve as our carriageway.
"Each gentleman now being fur
nished with a thick leather hand shoe
to protect his right hand in grasping
the rope, our guide sea. tea himself
astride this beam and slid down a few
feet bracing himself to allow us to fol
low ault This, with lampa in our left
hands, we did at once, the ladles being
sandwiched between and holding
to the shoulder of the gentle
man who clasped the rope. Tbe
word was given and off we shot Into the
darkness below. Our guide managed
in some way to check our fall so that
no bones were fractured, but although
this may be a very good woy to prove
the utility of leather aprons, especially
when worn behind, we are not prepared
to recommend the performance, either
for healthy exercise or amusement Ex
tending from the bottom of this pit
there is a shaft in which the miners de
scend five hundred feet farther Into the
bowels of the earth, but baring no de
sire to explore regions so far inland we
did not ask to enter. After collecting
some specimens of rock salt which lay
here in heaps, ascending by a steep
flight of stairs, we all mounted astride
a wooden horse, sandwiched, as before,
and by our own momentum were car
ried swiftly down the rail into day
light perfectly content with onr first
experience of salt mines and Inclined
Bncklen's Arnica Salve
The best salve in tbe world for cuts,
braises, tores, ulcers, salt rhenm, fever
tores, tetter, chapped baosds, chllblsins
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively caret piles or no pay required. It
It gnsranteed to ;lye perfeet satisfaction
or money refunded. Price 85 cants per
box.- For sale by W. F. Near A Co.
For Sate
A 7-room dwelling bouse. For particu
lars enquire of n. Wadtworth & Sod, Wel
lington. 12tf
Carter's Eldoey and Backache Tea will
cure sick hesdsche, constipation, dlzzWst
pain Id the bsck. 18tf
Writing or any kind of office work to do
at borne. Address, box 132 or enquire at
residence of George Rolce, south Main-st.
Julia Dickson.
I hive reopened my shop In the Doland
building, west side North Main street. I
am prepared to manufacture hoots and
shoes to order. I slso kep s sfrek of
res'ly-ms'le on band'. ' Please favnr me
with your patronage. '; iso. Myers. '
In effect Hov.sfl. lS'ja. Standard time.
V U:40 p.m
27 6:lS) "
nnum utwr
No. 8 fiiMa-m
" 26... 8:52 "
" 3 8:3',! p. ID
" 24 4:M "
" lttlocn.2:i6 " ,
ft 8:30 am
' 23
..... 7:40
1 2f.
' 81 locft. 10:40 S.m
Nos. 23, 24 and 25 between Cleveland
and Wellington! No. 25 Sunday only; Sand
W. & L. E.
In effect Oct. 23.18H2. Standard time.
No .ft lO.SM.mlNo. 2 :fl a.m
No. 7 .16p.nNo .4 10:6!t.ui
No. 9 8:55 p.m No .t S.lfip.m
No. 17 Local 8,45,m!No.l8(Locm.2Qp.n)
No. 2 and 9 run dally.
All persons wishing to get plants, vases
Ollea, basnets oi nowers, or nower won
of any kind, will please order before Fri
day noon if possible, to avoid risk and
disappointment. For your garden, fine
tomato plants now ready. -
Forest Avence Greenhouse
Sale of Household Goods
Mrs. Bantley Is disposing of her house
bold coods at tier residence on Magyar ol
and would be pleased to have any call who
are In want of anytblng ot the kind.
Wanted '
Wanted writing or any kind of office
work to do at borne. Also pupils In com
ninn or hialier Auglisn or J) renc.b. Ad
dress, Box 1X3, or enquire at residence of
George Koyce, Soutu Main street '
21 Jcua Dickson
For Sale
For Sale my Iioupj and lot on Pleasant
street. izui i u. oicuekmott.
For Sale
We have grading and top-dressing dirt
tor sale. izun
Hemenwat Biuck and Tile Co.
Have you seen the New Process Vapor
stover it not, can at w. reirce's uuu
be convinced of its superiority.
W. E. Peirce has sold sixtyfive Red
U'oss itanges, ana tun iney go.
Ice will be delivered Mondays, Wednes
days, Fridays and Suturdays, until further
notice, urders can do icit at tne ram
house. 21 . L. H. Dibble.
AUCTIONEER. J. II. Arndt will sue
floneer sales of all kinds of property
Satisfaction guaranteed. P.O.: bullivan
Ohio (14tf
Life Insurance,
Insure your life and property with R
N. Goodwin, the old and established agen
cy. Hates as low as experience will al
low. Genuine indemnity in case of loss.
Mosaic Floors.
Anyone desiring floors laid In end wood
and mosaic desigus should call on me.' I
am agent for lioughton's munaic floors, of
Chicago, III. Prices nw-sy Mow anything
tht has yet been nllVtred in this place.
All material guarauteed to be first-clasa.
8U, . 8. F. Black.
I am now receiving a fiesh lot of Teas,
uollees, Urocerles, Provisions, tanned
Goods &c, and will sell tbe same at low
est prices. Freen Kosslad Coffee a
specialty at the West End grocery.
lUtt j W. ARNOLD.
Barbed wire, plain wire, poultry netting,
and door and window screen wire, tor sale
by J. W. Wilbur.
for Rent.
Tbe Stsr Bakery on North Main street.
Enquire of Mrs. M. Kunz, Hamilton tt. 44
I have secured exclusive right to nse
Dr. btedman's method of mskini clamp
plates in Wellington. All kinds or dental
work done In a skilful and thorough man
ner. Yours Very Truly.
50tf W. L. Hot.iiRooK.
Is a symptom of disease of the kidneys.
It will certainly be relieved, by Park's
ur (Jure, i hat neariache, backache and
tired feeling come from the same cause.
Ask fot Park's sure cure for the liver and
kidneys. Price $1. 18tf
TION. The Republicans ot Lorain eounty will meet
at their usual places ol holding elections In
eacn township and ward In said county on
Wednesday, May SI, ISPS,
at T:30 o'clock, and then and there proceed to
elect dulcuates to a convention to be new In
Kirns,, on Saturday, June S, 1NM3, at 10: ail
o'clock a. mof said day. The purpose of this
convention Is to select eleven delegates to
represent ioraia eounty in tne HepubllMa
State Convention which is to meet In Colum
bus, on the 7th and 8th days ol June, A- D.
law, to appoint a County Eiecutlve and Cen
tral Committee, to out In nomination eandl.
dates for the following offices la Lorain eoun.
iy, to'wu:
Probate Judge, . .
Couuty Clerk.
Prosecuting Attorney,
Infirmary Director,
and to transact such other and further busi
ness as may come before the convention. The
basis of representation la said convention for
the sereral voting preelnela In Lorain eounty
will be'ene delegate for every twenty-lve (25)
vote (or fraction of th not less than i) east
last fall for Beaamla Harrison. for president.
Kcn township, ward and other voting pre
cinct will be entitled under this eall to tbe
following renresenUtlon, towit:
Aniherst.lst preo'ct 6 Klyrla.4th ward. ...12
. " 2nd I Ornftoa township... 4
Avon 7 Uraftoa village.. . . I
illack Biter 1 Henrietta 4
Lorain. 1st ward.
Huntington .
" 2nd ward..,
" 3rd ward..
" 4th ward..,
Klyrta township...
" 1st ward
' 2nd ward
Pendeld. ,
Rochester 4
Russia, lstnreclnctll
. " 2nd "
township.. .13
Pheffleld 4
Welllugloo.let p'et. t
2nd " U
srd ward
Committee recommend thatoaucnsesbehsld
open one hour.
K. H. Hikmax, Gsntos A. Ci.ag,
i ; f!a.A.MirroLr,
W. A.Ua.aAN. II. J.Wasg,, , ,
J. P. Pa vihHoK, A. B- Lntn,
. D. i). Annua,
County Eiecutlve Committee. '
' C;,atto CHAraAS.Seuretary.
Cima. Ohio. May l.lim.
' The eaueus will be held In the town haft (or
p reel not No. I, and In the mayor's court room
jor precinct No. 2. f ,, .. ... , ,
ryggg..LL -".iiei Ml
t Uisisvvmn inn III ll, ) 1
Solid Ouk, Antique FSiitisli. Folding Table.
These elegant pieces of furniture are for presents to my cus
tomers. ' They cost you nothing. I would not Bell them at any price.
They are the best of their kind. I bought them to give to my cus
tomers and givb them I will. Gome and see how I do it.
I have issued a $25.00 card for the UBe of yourself and family
at my store. I invite you to bring it with you whenever you contem
plate making future cash purchases and carefully examine my stock
and prices. I will punch the amount purchased and when the entire
Solid Oak, Antlqne Finkli, Foldlna;
Book Hack.
"We believe that this
our trade, so that we arc able
Paper Hangings
The most complete line ev
er shown in Wellington.
Don't' bay a roll ot wall
faper until you see onr line.
. We take back and refund
the money for rolls not
used and save the exprea
saga. Prices 5 c, 6c, 8 c,
9o.. 10 c, 120. per roll at
the cheap store of
Wm. Rininger.
Garnets at
Are so cheap and handsome.
Be wise and save your 5 to 15 els.
per yard by buying at home. All
cut carpets sold from samples cost
10 per cent more. Why not save
this and see just what you are
getting and have your carpets at
once? No waiting. Good carp
ets 25 to CO. cts. per yard.
The Markets.
Hat 24, 1890.
OhloStsndsrd 10
FsmllyFsToriU 10tf
Dslry.per - Q 16
Orasmery V ft 29
Flour ,peTSSck(4fl Iks) 00
Corn mesl.percwt 1.18
Chop.percwt 1.2S
Mlddllngs.perowt SS
Bran, per owt .00
Oil Mesl.percwt 1.60
Buying Sel'rjf
Corn, shelled 66
Wheat 64
Oats 87
Chlckeni,dresscd,per& Q 0 08
Eg;gs,perdoi .15
Hm,smoked,perlfc... 0.19
Tallow, per lb 0.08
Hldet.per S 0.08
Potatoes 88
Sanfobd & Benschotem
TJkdebtamrs. Mr. Beoscbotoa will
attend to all calls either day or night
promptly. Residence, Taylor street
t 'Welllnirton.Obln.
BnntT Vmmo .
For tbe best BfrsT Pomps, go W ),f,
WUfcur. . ,,! ,v. .,
The Choice
May be yours
ticket is used and when $25 worth
is bought and paid for, 1 will take
pleasure in presenting you with
your choice of one of my hand
some, solid oak, antique finish
Folding Tables,
Folding Music Racks,
Folding Book Racks?
or a
Beautiful AlarmlOlockJ
" "'" '
method of advertising increases
to undersell all competitois.
On Saturday evening, May 27, from 7 o'clock
ioj.u, aume nnesf cnocKoiate cream canay,
French bon-bons, etc., sold at
One-half Price.
50 c. per lb. candies at 25 c. per lb., etc.
Come and have a glass of soda water during
these hours free of charge.
W. F. WEAR & CO.
. Successors to F. D. Felt, Druggist.
Buy the pure lump rock
salt for your stock.
It Is Aist cnnvfnlrnt tn feed, your slock
will le healthier. It is solkl economy
and certain profit t use it.
Bowlby & Hall, ng'ts.
For the best lime, cement,
phiiter of I'srlx, plHStcrlnK hair and the
U'lrhuw-J AiliuiiMiit whI ilastf n lo
Uowlby & llallV.
Our fruit counter is nlwnys
filled wild the hent upplcy, oraut;e, Ihii
ons anil iiiiuiiii.w; and in evaporated
fruits of all kinds, our stock is unequnJled
oulsldu tbe Isrge cities.
If it is green vegetables
or dalntif s to tempt the sppetlte that you
want, yon. will always flod them at
Bowlby & Hall's.
Everybody knows that our
fresh roasted coffee is clear
above everything else In quality, flavor
and valua. We roast It ourselves ; It to al
wayi fresh and never falls to satisfy.
Our teas are right in the
front rank and anybody that chooses to
buy in larger than ordinary quantities win
And It to their an vantage to call as.
All onr goods in the line
of groceries, crockery, glass
ware, etc., are such as recommend them
selves ; and the prloei lor the same tpiallly
of goods will at as low poht ss any at
Children Cry for Pitcher1. Castoria.
Wbaa baby was sick, w tars hr Csatorta. , ,
Wbaa she wse a ebiU, sba srtod for Castoria,
Wlxs) she beeane Xlas, she slant Oastorta,
these Articles
without money and without
Solid Oak, Antlqne. Finish, Folding Mu
sic or Newspaper Knelt. s
We aecurud au excellent
tive of the
when it was in Veliington, and
will famish photogrnpln i! same
Cabinet size 25 eta
8x10 (for framing) 50cts.
Postpnitl. Send in your orders
We are headquarters for photo
work in all sized and styles on
paper or silk in
First-class Work Only
Duplicates from Sawtolle, Pyka
or Spiagne negatives.
We-have one of the- best Ko
dak's lor rent.
Hare just received a new view
ing otatfit with all the latest im
provements. Remember, we are over Bowlby
& Ilall's store, Wellington O.
The Best
m town
! , ,.t.'.rf :,,'-- !.
J J,-.
't .

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