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WttTSDAY. OCTOBER 27, 1893
i i .... - 1 " . i ttwoo ir a i o I
t Is Bald to Be Darlrad from th Oarmaa
Intarjaatlo Burr."
A writer In the London Times
claimed that the exclamation "hurra"
was of Slavonlo origin. Subseqently
pDr. 0. A. Bnshelm, of Khtf oolege,
London, alluding to the statement
wrote, saying) "I presume your cor
respondent must hare some authority
for this assertion, but I hope you will
allow me to point out that, as far aa I
know, tho word la of purely German
origin. It Is generally assumed to be
derived from the imitative Interjection
hurr, describing a rapid movement,
from which word the middle high Ger
man hurrep, to mora rapidly,' or
rather to hurry, has been formed.
'Hurra is therefore nothing else but an
enlarged .form of hurr, and, as I said,
of purely Teutonio origin. In Grimm's
Worterbuoh we find the interjection
quoted from a minnesinger. It also
occurs in Danish and Swedish, and it
would be interesting to know when it
was first introduced in this oountry in
the Angliclaed form of 'hurry.' In Ger
many it was frequently used during
jthe Napoleonic wars by the Prussian
soldiers, and it also occurs in some
political and martial songs of those
days. Since then it seems to have been
adopted also by other nations, even by
the French in the form of hourra.
That the interjection did not become
so popular in Germany as a cheer at a
convivial gathering as in this oountry
is probably owing to the circumstance
that preference was given here to the
V.eW exclamation 'UochI' forming re
spectively the end and the beginning
of the phrases 'r leoe noon ana uooo
nil r leben Of late the word hurra
seems to have become rather popular
in Germany. It is just possible that
the English relmported it there, or that
it was revived through the magnificent
poem of 'Hurra, Germanial' written by
the poet laureate ox uerman people,
Ferdinand FroUsgratn."
Pretty Dowrlptlon ft Oale on the Uif
aacbuaetta Coml
It was a superb storm. Its depreda
Hnnu ami dlkjuitrn bv land and sea are
elsewhere counted in another reckon
ing, but there was a joy in the splen
dor of the gale, seen from a high and
quiet center, beside a gay wood fire,
while the trees lashed like green waves
and the gray waves of ocean were
springing into white trees of spray
against far rocks and headlands, says
the Boston Transcript. The rain
poured, poured, poured all day long;
the surf on the shore boomed in har
monious thunder, and far at sea there
were white caps bigger than anything
Neptune could ever wear, better to be
called white gowns, tearing to tatters
high above the deep, quiet home
whence no mermaids stirred. The
sweep of the changing wind and the
breaking away of the nearer and the
farther fnirs brouirht in slffht no brave
sail. Wise mariners of pleasure had
put into safe harbors, and tho few sea
irnlnir veuela on dutv bound beat their
ft a -
way reluctantly beyond the horizon's
clese boundary. A big storm at we
aeaahnre has 4ta compensations, even
when it drives all but the most adven
turous souls into rocking-chairs beside
sea-looking windows. J here are ai
wavs the adventurous also in these
thousands of homes beside the sea,
marauders in tall rubber boots and
mackintoshes, who break into nature's
outside yet esoterio secrets of the
storm and bring them home untold,
indeed untellablc, after the wrestle
with the winds on tho cliff, while the
sweet fresh waters from the heavens
and the high dashing fringes of salt
spray beat upon adventurous peering
faces, end leave to incautiously talk
. ing months some taste of the bitter
and the sweet.
It I Cooldrrd tba Safeat for Shelter la
Thunder Ktora. .
The danger of taking refuge under
a tree when caught in a thunderstorm
Is one of which we arc constantly re
minded; but, when we have to choose
between cettlng wet through with its
attendnnt discomfort -and the (appar
ently! small chance of being struck by
llirh'tnintf while under the shelter of
the tree, it is only natural that we
should decide In favor of the latter,
says the i'urls Figaro.
circumstances it is of ad
vantage to know whioh Is the best tree
to choose for shelter. A eertoln Herr
U'oekert talla us that we should select
a beech tree, and gives us the follow
ing reason:
It la nKvavn advisable to select those
trees whoso leaves are hairy or ciliated
In nreferenae to trees with smooth
leaves. The danger of being struck
liirlitnlnir denends not onlv UDon
the height of the tree, but also vpon
its power of conductiblllty, determined
by the auount of sap and its electric
Most of us know the tendency of
nnlnta in attract eleetricltv. the most
notable example of the application of
this principle being the lightning con
ductor. The hair, or cilia, of leaves aot
h nart of natural llrhtninff con
doctors, and thus prevent the forma
tion of a very strong electro-motive
fnroa. ttiMvfnra It stands to reason that
there Is less danger in sheltering under
a beech tree than under an oak or trees
of a similar kind.
A Btraaaa Wed dine Cnatoaa.
During medieval times a woman who
had nothing when she wss married es
caped responsibility for her debts.
Women were then often married in a
single garment to relieve themselves
of indebtedness. A young and noble
Uerman lady of the sixteenth century,
4a tnalr aaanra.ne.fl doublv sure, had
the marriage ceremony performed
while aha waa standing in a closet, en
tlrely divested of clothing. She put
out her hand through the crack of the
door and wss thus married. As soon
as ths tersmony was performed the
rlenrvman and Witnesses left
the room, she cami out. arrayed her
self in clothes provided oy ner Hus
band and took her place at tat mar
One of the Mineral Hange Train Bobbers
TettlflM KegarUlng- tne vrune.
TTntroirrnn. Mloh.. Sent 88. The ex
amination of John King, Jaok Butler,
George La Liberty and the Hogan
brothers, charged wltn tne roDDery 01
7n nna rnm a Mineral AM train a
couple of weeks ago, took place yester-
day. Tne Dana omciais wauuuu w
packing and shipping of the money
and the express officials at Houghton
to receiving the same.
Then La Liberty was plaoed on the
.o .tM taiMflad to the manner in
whloh the robbery was committed. Ha
said that the hold-up was pianneo. oy
KnW and Klnir. and that he was in
duced to Join in the plot because he
I 1 3
was out 01 worn ana neeaeu uiuucy.
rrW was chosen as the
place for the robbery on account of its
lonely situation ana a neavy np-gru.
La Liberty drove to Boston crossing
Thursday night, September 14, and
stayed there aU night King and But
ler Joined him there shortly after 8
o'clock Friday morning, and all three
donned the masks and dusters they had
provided themselves with.
As the train reached the crossing La
Liberty stepped out and flagged it As
ths engine slowed up he boarded it and
drove the engineer and fireman back
and then ran the train along for about
600 feet while his companions broke
into the express ear. When he rejoined
King and Butler they had a bag full of
tv ihr man drove to the town and
went direot to Liberty's boarding house
and put the money in a trunk and the
latter was looked. Butler took the
key. The trunk was taken to the
South Shore depot and checked to Mar
quette. When the trunk was unlocked the
cover dropped off and he found only
11,100 of the stolen money in the trunk,
lie could not say what had become of
the other $08,000. Be felt surs that all
the money was in the trunk when it
left Houghton. lie testified that he
felt inclined to give up the money at
Houghton, but he feared violence from
Butler, whom he knew to be a desper
ate man.
After La Liberty had concluded nis
evidence, all the prisoners were bound
Over to the circuit court for trial in
bonds of 110,000 each.
It seems probable from La Liberty's
testimony that the thieves were them
selves roDDea as waa cisimeu vj v
Liberty when arrested. The majority
of people In this vicinity, however, be
lieve that the rest of the gang sus
pected La Liberty of being weak-kneed
and have sucessfully bidden the booty.
Tli formula nf Avar's Sanuiniirilla is
well known to tuu medical profession, and
universally approved. The reputation of
the Arm auaranti-es excellence and unl.
firmliy in the medicine, mid the world's
experience for nearly half s century bus
fully demonstrated Its Talue.
For Sale
The Liberty Razor, manufactured in
Germany expressly lor my trade and war
ranted first-class. Price $2.50.
aotf J . T. Robinson.
Wood For Sale
i l.r.. nnantltv of enrhteen-lnnh and
4 J .(11 J a'
two-foot wood for sale. Leave orders at
Bant'ey Lumber Co's office. (35tf
Wild Rose Curling Fluid keeps the hair
curly and nuiiy iu objs. try a. jiihb.
Fred BcTLirr. 4
For Bent
The store room iormerly occupied by
C. A. Bush; Inquire of James Sheldon.
G.W.Hines, Auctioneer, Pittafleld, Lo
rain countv. Ohio. Bales attended to
promptly; (8tf
For Bent.
Th. ai.r TUberv nn North Main street.
Enquire of Mrs. M. Knnz, Hamilton st. 44
Tjiiioitn uat the merits of Tula Water.
A free trial to anv lady who will call at
my home. Don't miss It. Mas. Fkkd
Butliff. 40
Life Insurance. , .
Insure your life and property with R
v ftnnrfiuln the old and established seen-
cy. Rates as low as experience will si
low. Genuine indemnity in esse of loss.
I have secured exclusive right to use
Dr. Btedman's method of making clamp
plates in Wellington. Ail kinds of dental
work done in a skilful and thorough nun
ner. Yours Very Truly,
SOtf . VV. L. Holbhook.
The Mace to Buy Huggles.
Tinl. or,, l.ncrlnninrr in find KllPrA t() I
buy buggies: it's at J. A. Macomber's on
KHilroad street. They get tuem were at
wholesale prices. Doesn't that bugpy of
yours look a little rusty T Better let him
brighten it up. He's the best carriage
painter In these parts. Go and talk to hint
about it.
Don't Tobacco Spit or Smoke your Lire
Ilia frntl.fi l clnrtlln" tills llf tt liltlo
book that tells all about No tobac, the
wonderful, harmless, guaranteed tobacco
t.BKi A., f a THa mat la trifling end the
uauiv luiw. . ' - " " " " n i
man who wants to quit sod cant, runs no
physical or financial risk in using "JNo-to-bsc,"
sold by all druggists,
rtrmlr at rlrmr atiina or hv mail free ad
dress the Sterling Remedy Co., Indlaua
Mineral Springs, ina. ov
As it
May seem
E. E. GOODRICH, in the face of hard times, during the months
of May June, July and August, this year,
Has sold
More Clothing
than he did in the same months of 1892. And what does this
show? Why, that his business is conducted on right principles;
that he
Deals fairly
and squarely
with his customers, who appreciate the same and, in return, favor
him with increased patronage.
Time . 'j;. 1 1 tl
Save "lvBrfL
Nin " 3
Marriage Licenses.
Adelbert Dury aud Cora P. Blair.
Wm. GreolUmu aud BaJle Miller.
W. B. VanAisdale and Jennie Folley.
E. O. Seamans and Mrs Mary F. Hutch-Irs.
v s
If 1
lira. JohM If. CooK
"Mr little girl bad sores on her fsee and
IlaaaVa araaparllla has hcalea uem. I
had a terrible 4tatraalnraamrh. I was
troubled with aaartkara, and alck headache
frequently selied me. I bare been taking
Hood's Sarcaparilla
. . .1.1. . .kr.n.A r An nnt hnre drper
J hrtbrn or sk , J
11. COOK, SiarunaTuw, nwu w
unnn'm Pillb cure Urer 11U, flok head-
ache, Jaundice, indlfaiUoa. 8S& Try a box.
and others should Insur in the GusrdUn
Aaenranea Cn . nruHtilzcd in 1821. Its as
sets arc over $23,000,000.00, and has the
lnrgcst paid up capital of any company In
the world doing a tire business, and writes
the best lorm l policy Known on iarm
property. Hutes as low ss the lowest. For
psrticulars call on the agent, Jos. Line
I Lower, Mallory block. Wellington. O.
W. & L. E.
rw rata Hnrvest Excursions to the far
west In September and October, yla the
VV. & L. & B y.
ft F. V. Adams, aaent W. & L. E. R'y,
know when you are going to the world's
fair and he will keep you posted on rates
TV. a nM.tlma and reliable auctioneer.
Henry White, will make bis headquarters
In Wellington for lue present ana is now
fat attend kalnl for all Who D1BV tle-
sire bis services. Leave orders st Enter-
prise ofllcs.
Whit'i the una of Talklnc
I about colds and coughs In the summer
time? You may nsve a iicaungcuugu or
I - ikiU olii nr lahv mav have the crouD.
I and when it comes you ought to know that
Parks' Cough Bvrup is tne uuat cure tor iu
Hay and straw baled. Work promptly
itnna bv Warren Fisk. Pittsfleld. O. 4'J
Bg Fonr.
National encampment Union Veteran
T n nf tta 1'nited States, (.'inclnoatl.0..
October 11. '93 one lare round trip, going
f trtnhar 10 and 11. returning uciouer it,
World's fair round trio rate 111.20, good
ten days from date of sale.
Grand Commaodery Knights Templar
of Ohio, Columbus October 10-11, 93 one
fare tor round trip, going ucwuerti ami
10, and return till October 12, inclusive.
$2 & On
JZ, I -l I- II I flap
IIMTai srT. r wav
tak- fbi 4 ,i north
17 "??a Ldn the
yjfj square.
Shi: What a rare light t!il U I
Ha i Yes, let ut cmbrac th op
portunity. It is said that more people need
glasses than are now wearing them.
If imniirft one of these without know
ing it. a little optical help just at pres
ent may save you a world of eye
trouble later on. We have a very
good assortment of eye-glasses, and
will test your sight if you wish, at any
im vnn will mil on us. That will
cost you nothing and you might as
well "embrace the opportunity."
We have a stock of tasteful
jewelry beside silver and plated
ware, clocks and watches.
keep the
ed to.
F or the finest designs go to the French glass front.
U ndertaking department in connection. ,
R eliable goods are the only kind I handle.
N arrow margins and quick sales: is ray motto.
I invite you to call whether you wish to buy or not.
T he goods will bear investigation and comparison.
U nreli'able goods are not to be found in the store.
R emember, we study the wtinta of the people in our line.
E ntire new stock, nothing old-style on hand.
Quick-Winding Wsterbury.
$4 to $as.
ters. The oyster season once
more commenced.
The .
Call on D. W. Davits
for your winter
Wntrhen nice selection at Very low
prices st J. II. Wight & Bon's. (30tf
I). W.Davles has
For Bate
first-class wood fori Tor sale two base burner stoves, cheap.
In perfect repair.
Sou ) C. McDkbmott.
Oreen and dry wood for sale by D, W.
Salesmen Wanted
Wanted salesmen ; good pay for bon.
est worken. Beginners taught; 800 new
outflisjuit resdy cost 4 yesrs time and
thousands of dollars, but worth ell they
cost the finest ever used. We sell direct
through our own salesmen. No middle
v., ,r.. Hoalara Htark Bros. Nur-
IITTU. i.w .- - . .
series snd Orchards uo., Kocitpon, wn
all kiniU of sewlnc vest sod psnts
making, embroidery, bnldlng, sic. Mend-
Ini a sneclHliy. irom tue uo w
heavy overcoat. I'leese ieare orders with
M. E. Bmitu. Batlstsction gusranteeu. i
by a competent dressmskerol fifteen years
experience. Can Rive best of relerences.
43) atas. alumna,
Kelly street, Wellington, O.
A larce quantity of 18 inch and 8-loot
wood for ssle, either green or ury, cm irom
sound, live Hmber. Leave orders at the
oftlice of ths Buotley Lumber Co., or at
my residence on Magyar street.
40tf) D. W. Daviks.
Rolld Sllvar Soooni.
' Solid Silver Bpoons never so r hesp as
now at J-H. Wight Bon's. . (iiOtl
, f''-- ."
Word comes Irom all quarters that ths
n-atent and ino eaiisiaciwv ujro
orinir the Iwsrd brown ot blark Is Buck.
Ingham's Dye for the Whtakers.
The New York Weekly Tribune
a 24-page journal, is the leading republican family paper of the
United StateH. It is filled with interesting reading maiier ior every
member of a country family. It is a National Family Paper, and
fti'naa all fVin rranArnl HAVR Mm Tnited States and the world. It
gives the events of foreign lauds in a nut shell. I to agricultural de
partment has no superior in tne country, its marnei reporuj oro w
ognized authority in all parts of the land. It has separate depart-
ments for "the family circle" and "our young ioiks. us uomv wiu
society," columns command the admiration of wives and daughters.
Its general political news, editorials and discussions are comprehen
sive, brilliant and exhaustive. A special contract enables us to offer
this splendid journal and the Enterprise for
One Year for only S1.50.
Cash is advance. (The regular subscription price ot the two
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orders to the Lnterpnse.
nr.li. .ma anil aititrnaa nn a nnatal pant tend It til OeO. W. BeaLlOOm 9.
If IIXV I"" l muA suu.bv , I t
Tribune Building, New York City, and a sample copy of the New York Tribune will
bs mailed to you.
rv ... r.tl f fall at tha waaf-an(i ffro.
uv u mi v-.. -. -
... vnn nai.H anv ffrnearlaa Of tiro
? vtuou J " n "
Vlalons. we maae a specially ui uud
i .uh unffapt anil ran aell at
auu una ,w w ----
the lowest prices. Also a nice quality of
butter constantly nn oauu.
West end grocery.
LAND FOR BALK. Two hundred acres
.t f..m t.nit wnlt tlmhnred. with Hv.
Ul Knm lain. - . . .
ing wster, well located, with a little Im
provement, sltusted In Osceols county,
Michigan, near rallrotf station ana muis,
Iso 167 acres ol land with railroad across
..m at. iinn aaw.mlll. house and barn
blacksmith shop ana otner improvemema.
Tor sale at $9.00 per acre. For further in-
f . I n. iMtnlr nf ntf -
lUTUiafcluu luilH.i. - .
Wm. H. U. butliff, Yeuingwin,v
for sale!
I will sell at rensonablo cash prices or
on time wnn security
' 8 heavy work horses,
O Un-ht " .
',. 1 large brown family carriage
. ! ' Vitraa. a i a
a Vi I1WU UIIUUD. ,,
" ' 1 pair 3-yr-old colts (coachers)
, Call on or address , j ,
H. B. Stevick,
WeUington, Ohio.
or -
Go to E. Benedict's for your
Cross-cut saws,
Axes and helves,
Fence wire,
Revolvers, , V
' i .. i . .
Loaded shells, . t
Bo fos tMm. to atiter a 1)tiilnai Colt f V rna
vlll ataa a S caal Mam, and a4drma( at
,oli i i -r.iMiR vaiiwiiiia w -" .7 - :Li.
irttl mall fraa. a C.mipalBi FaaaiaMHr.
L T. Henderson, Prls., Box 333, Oberlln, a
" IT IS NOT what we say but wnat'
" Hotfd'sSarsaparilla does that tells the
story of iu merit. When in need of med
icine remember HOOD'S CURES
And ammunition of all kinds.
.1 V ' J
I'.:' : 1 .1 1
y.:ho or.
.',-c.t ....
f ft.--. - f t ! '
E. Benedict.
' ' i"
J .
rige feast
.4a .

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