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Gathered from "All Quarter.
THl usiloa of th senst on the 18th wa
principally devoted to discussing Vtip oont.r
oo. report on the sundry olTll appropriation
bill, the result of whloh was that the senate by
vote of 26 to It deolded to recede from the
enate amendment for site for the govern-
ment printing offloe, thus taking the whole
question out of the bill. The Chinese treaty ;
was ratified In executlre session, after wmon
the senate adjourned .... The house passed the
senate tariff bill unchanged and unamended
and It now awaits only the signature of the
president or his failure to sign it within ten
days to be enacted Into lav. It was passed ac
cording to programme arranged and ratified at
a oauous of democrats held earlier In the day.
Separate measures placing ooal, sugar, Iron ore
and barbed wire on the free list were also
passed and the house adjourned until the lftth.
In the senate on the Uth as soon, as the Jour
nal was read the chief clork of the house ap
peared and delivered a message announcing the
passage by the house of bills to place on the
free list sugar, coal, Iron oro and barbed wire.
The vice president laid before the senate the
house bill putting ooal on the free list. After
the bill had been read, Mr. Manderson objeoted
to its second reading and the bill went over
under the rule. House bills to place on the
free list barbed wire and sugar were soverally
laid before the senate; and the same proceed
ings took place, Mr. Manderson demanding the
first reading in full and then objecting to the
second reading. The house Joint resolution ex
tending to August 24 the appropriations for the
expenses of the government, was laid over.
After an attempt to transact other business,
whloh failed for lack of a quorum, the senate
adjourned.... The house was not in session.
In the senate on the Uth the house bill to
place siiRur on the free list was taken up early
In the proceedings and oocuplcd attention up
to the time of adjournment. la oonnoction with
It a communication was read to the senate from
Secretary Carlisle to Senator Harris, acting
secretary of the finance committee, giving fig
ures to show that with Bugar on the free list
there would be a treasury deficit of from $28,
000,000 to t30,000,OUO. police of an amendment
to the free Bugnr bill was given by Mr. Jones,
imposing a duty of 80 per cent, ad valorem on
all sugars. Without any action whatever on
the bill the senate adjourned.... In the house
the conference report on the sundry civil ap
propriation bill of an agreement on all its Items
was agreed to. The report on the general de
ficiency bill gave rise to a discussion of the
item appropriating $1,800,000 to pay the South
ern Paclfio Railroad Company for transporter
tion of troops, mails and merchandise under a
judgment of the supreme court, which was not
concluded when the house adjourned.
On the 16th the senate passed a bill for the
exclusion and deportation of alien anarchists,
after which it disposed of the four house bills
to place on the free list sugar, ooal, Iron ore
and barbed wire, by referring each of them to
the finance committee by a vote of nearly t to
1. And then it took up pension and other bills
on the calendar and passed some two dozen of
them.... In the house most of the day was spent
In dlsousslng the item in the general denclenoy
appropriation bill added by the senate, provid
ing for the payment of s judgment In favor of
the Southern Pacific Railroad Company for the
transportation of troops, mails and merchan
dise for the United States. By a vote of 90 to
41 the house refuted to concur In the amend'
menu The McMillan bill to amend the tariff
bill so as to take alcohol for the arts off the free
list was reported from the committee on ways
and means and after s brief debate passed 14$
to S. The house adjourned until the 20th.
Is the senate on the 17th a motion for the ap
pointment of Senator White, of California, to
fill the vacancy on the finance committee, oc
cupied most of the time of the session. ObJeo'
tion to Its consideration was made by senators
on both aides of the chamber and after an ex
citing debate the matter went over. Mr. Mur
phy, of New York, offered a resolution, which
went over under the rule, to the effect that
all further tariff legislation at this session la
Impracticable. Tue conference report on the
last of the' appropriation bills the deficiency
bill was presented and agreed to.... The house
was not In session.
The planing mills of Hammond,
Crosby & Co., near Marlonville, Pa.,
were burned on the 10th, together with
300,000 feet of lumber. Loss, $100,000.
A number of Pittsburgers of good
social standing are about to lay claim
to a large section of Indianapolis, Ind,
Their claim is that 120 acres of land on
which stands Indiana's Capitol build
ing, post office, court house, large busi
ness blocks and several fashionable
club houses, were pre-empted in 1830 by
Richard Bishop, but was allowed to
slip from him through neglect. The
land alone is worth $3,000,000, and
Bishop's heirs think they can convince
the occupants that it will be wise to
compromise rather than go to law.
Nathan Pklham, colored, recently
shot and killed George Phillips at Ma
rion Junction, Ala., and escaped. On
the lflth he returned and went to the
house of a negro whom he was jealou:
of, and not finding him at home, opened
fire on the family. Two negro women
and two children were his victims. One
woman and one child are dead, the
others are not expected to live. He
made his escape.
CnumrorHKR Bernhardt, one of the
oldest and most prominent citizens of
Buffalo, N. Y., was found on the 16th
lying across his wife's grave in a ceme
tery of that city. He had cut his throat
from ear to ear with a razor.
An effort is being made in Los An
geles, Cal., by a man who is said to
represent the Japanese government, to
secure the services of 1,000 men to go
to Japan and help the Japanese in their
struggle with the Chinese. The sum
of $".25 per month, besides transporta
tion to and from Japan, and necessary
rations are promised those who will
The Cunard line steamer Campania
arrived at New York on the 17th from
Liverpool arid Queenstown. Her time
of passage was ? days, 0 hours and 29
minutes, which . beats all previous
records by about, 'three hours and ten
minutes. .-, ..-.(.'. ,t.- ...
General orders -have been issued
from the war department notifying the
army that Jefferson barracks, Missou
ri; Columbus barracks, Ohio, and David
Island, New' York, will' be' garrisoned
by troops of the line, bjr O Ctober 1, or
as soon thereafter as practical. The
posts are now recruiting depots and
the orders involve a radical change in
the recruiting system of the army.
At Conncllsville, Pa., on the 17th it
was announced that the . Slav coke
workers, who have for so long a time
continued the fight in the face of cer
tain defeat, had given up the struggle
for higher wages. .-'They are now hus
tling for their old positions and many
are securing work. t
At Nashville, Tenn., on the 15th the
officials of the Tennessee Coal, Iron and
Railroad Company received information
that the Btrike which had been on in
their mines in Alabama since April
was settled. The mines affected were
Pratt, Blue Creek and Cahaba, employ
ing about 800 men.
Hirs fall throughout Ketrsk and
western Kansas on the lTth, breaking
the drought whloh has eontlnued for
Trk Commercial and Sayings bank,
of Ludlngton, Mich., suspended busi
ness on the 17th. The bank has been
in a shaky condition for : some time..
The officers say depositors will be paid
In full. .
v Tax anthracite coal sale agents at
their mid-monthly moating at New
T k v -ongia-red the situa-
a.,a.a Bt.rl. nrwratlona
during the balance of the month to 40
per cent of the capacity.
At Lancaster, Pa., bchroeder's cotton
mill, employing over 800 hands, has
given notice that it will commence run
ning full time on the 20th. For the
past several months it has been either
closed or running four days a week.
Business failures for the week ended
August 17 numbered S26 in the United
States, against 455 last year, and 45 in
Canada, against 27 last year.
Thk president left Washington the
ICth for Buzzard's Bay, for a few days'
absence under the advice of his physi
cian, in the hope of shaking off an at
tack of malaria, from whioh he had
been suffering for several days.
A congratulatory joint resolution
from the United States to the new re
public of Hawaii has been prepared by
the house committee on foreign affairs
and will be presented to the house for
adoption at the earliest opportunity.
Emma Goldman, of anarchist fame,
who has spent the past ten months at
Black well's Island, N. Y., having been
found guilty of making an inoendiary
speech to the unemployed, was re
leased on the 17th. She was sentenced
to the penitentiary for one year, but
good behavior lessened the time of in
carceration two months.
Charles Robinson, the first governor
of Kansas, died at Lawrence, Kan., on
the 17th at an advanced age.
The police of Rome raided an anar
chist haunt on the 15th and captured
seven persons engaged in the manufac
ture of infernal machines similar to
those recently exploded at the parlia
ment buildings.
The London Daily News in its finan
cial article says that the passage of the
tariff bill by the American congress has
been followed by great activity in many
markets. Metals, it says, have most
readily responded, especially copper and
tin, on the expectancy of a large Amer
ican demand for plate tin.
The Shanghai correspondents of the
London Times say that 5,000 Japanese
troops have been landed in Corea and
that more are landing almost constant
ly. The Chinese fleet is passive.
On the 16th Arthur Zimmerman won
the international five-mile bicycle race
at Leicester, England, in 11:51 3-5.
Banker was second and Edwards third,
The Berlin Post says that a syndicate
of Berlin bankers has received a cable
message from Shanghai accepting the
syndicate's terms for a 8 1,000, 000 war
loan. .'..
Neab Oaxlca, Mex, at the Anita
mine, in the Florenoia district, a fight
occurred recently between Jokn Mer-
rltt, the Amerloan superintendent, his
assistants and about fifty . Mexican
miners. Merritt and three of the Mex
icans were killed. The trouble grew
out of the discharge of several miners
by Merritt
An anarchist plot to assassinate M.
Dupuy, the French premier, has been
discovered by detectives. The con
spiracy is said to have been hatAed in
Barcelona, Spain.
Late it.
Neab nemmingford, Neb., on tha
18th during a heavy thunderstorm, a
Bohemian named Josef Janda and his
daughter were killed by lightning.
They had sought shelter under a tree.
By order of the president a medal of
honor authorized by congress has been
presented to Charles L. Thomas, late a
sergeant in Company E, Eleventh Ohio
cavalry volunteers, for distinguished
gallantry in action ag-ainst hostile In
dians on the Powder river expedition
in the summer of 1805.
At Pueblo, Col., on the 20th the Colo
rado Fuel and Iron Company started
work in the rail department. The mill
will run full capacity and will give
employment to over 000 men. The
works were shut down on account of a
strike and inability to get coal.
ThE treasury department on the 18th
began mailing printed copies of the
new tariff bill to customs officers to
guide them in putting the new law into
effect. Each copy is exactly like the
enrolled bill, errors of punctuation in
cluded. The full official returns from the Ala
bama state election show that Oates re
ceived l(Ki,l0 and Kolb 83,394. Oates'
majority is 25,700.
Near Youngstown, O., on the 18th a
6-year-old son of John Rosenquext wa
attacked by an enraged sow. The ani
mal knocked the boy down, and strip-
ping the flesh from his arms and legs,
14 t.t.. n-i. i . .,,,.,,1
ate it (rreedilv. The boy wns rescued
with great diBiulty by his companions.
His injuries, if he survives, will render
him a cripple for life.
The official report on the seizure of
the Amerloan fishing schooner Louise,
of Sandusky, by Sub-Collector McCor
mick, of Pelee Island, has been re
ceived at the customs department at
Ottawa and as a result McCormick has
been suspended from duty and pay.
The report says the seizure was unwar
ranted. This senate decided on the lath that there
shall be no further legislation over which there
is a contest at this session of congress, by
adopting Mr. Murphy's resolution to that ef- re Deiween r armer uirey Harris ana
feet by a vote of 27 to 16. The resolution ap-! the Ohio Oil Company, in llammonds
polhtlng Mr. White, of Californlo. a member of 1 vaie, is still on and likely to. develop
ZPZS2. jffSKs j & rious rrriT at
resolution Instructing the committee on nnonoe i ny tlme- ne forces of the oil com
to report the free sugar bill Immediately with j pany are divided into night and day
on amenameni putting a amy upon sugar
went over without at n owing to the lock of a
quorum. Another resolution was ottered by
Mr. Lindsay, declaring that It was the sense of
the sonate that congress should not adjourn
without striking out of the tariff blH the bene
fits it glvos the sugar trust, was amendod
by Including the "whisky trust," and as
amended It wont over under objection.. ..The
house was not In session.
Toploa of Interest to Buckeyea at
Home and Abroad.
By a Joint Convention of the People's Party
and Delegates from Labor Organisations
Great Enthusiasm Manifested.
Columbus, Aug. 17. The state con
vention of the people's party met at 10
a. in. yesterday in a large' tent at Nel
son's grove, east of Columbus. Cox
ey's entrance was the signal for pro
longed applause from the 1,000 people
assembled in the tent, ; "
At 10:45 a. m. T. J. Creager, of Spring
field, chairman of the state central
committee, called the convention to or
der and announced Hugh Cavanangh,
of Cincinnati, as chairman and Charles
R. Martin, of Tiffin, as secretary. Mr.
Martin was also secretary of the labor
convention. Dr. L. S. Copper was
chosen as member of the state central
committee from the 20th district and
Hugo Preyer from the 21st C. A. Peter
son was selected a member of the com
mittee on resolutions from the 20th and
Dr. L. B. Tuckerman from the 21st dis
trict The fusion between the populists and
the labor leaders appears to be com
plete, both Cavanaugh and Martin be
ing in sympathy with McBride s move-,
ment. 1
A platform was adopted Wednesday
night which declares "this republic can
only endure as a free government when
built upon the love of the whole people
for each other and for the nation; that
it cannot be pinned together with bay
onets while injustice rules the land;
that we must be in fact, as we arc in
name, one united brotherhood, uree
and unlimited coinage of silver is de
manded, and the issue of bonds In time
of peace condemned; woman suffrage
advocated; condemns the present sys
tem of protection "which opens our
ports to the pauper labor and criminal
classes of the world," and demands fur
ther restriction of undesirable immi
gration; favors compulsory education,
free school books, the initiative and
referendum in legislation,' an eight-
hour day, abolition of contract labor
on public works, prohibition of child
labor in mines and factories, abolition
of the sweating system, nationaliza
tion of railroads, telegiaphs and mines
and abrogation of alien ownership of
land. v
Columbus, Aug. 18. The joint con
vention of the populist and labor par
ties here yesterday nominated the fol-
lowing stats ticket: For secretary of
state, Charles R. Martin, - of Seneca
county (labor); for supreme judge, E.
D. Stark, of Cuvahoea (populist); for
school commissioner, M, D. Flannery,
of Greene (populist); for member of
state board of public works, Joel S,
Stewart, of Preble (populist).
The occupations of the candidates
are as follows: Martin, is one of the
proprietors of The Toiler, the labor
union organ of Tiffin; Stark, attorney;
Flannery, superintendent of schoolsM
Jamestown, Greene county; Stewart,
farmer and proprietor of a sawmul.
'The plow and hammer was adopted
as the emblem of the new party and,
after taking up a collection, the con
vention adjourned.
A Sensational Salt.
Youngstown, Aug. 20. A sensational
suit in which Gov. McKinley is a party,
was begun in the common pleas court
Saturday. This suit grows out of the
failure of the stamping works in whioh
Robert L. Walker was heavily inter
ested, and which made him insolvent
Thomas Guy is the only plaintiff In the
case, and the defendants beside Robert
L. Walker, are Almiria P. Walker, Wil-
liam McKinley, jr., H. K. Taylor; the
Farmers' Deposit and Savings bank, of
Poland; the Fifth Avenue bank, of
Pittsburg, Pa.; the Farmers' National
bank, of Canfleld; the First National
bank, of Leetonia; the Mahoning Na
tional bank, of this city, and Phelps,
Dodge & Co., of Cleveland.
Fatally Injured in a Runaway.
Alliance, O., Aug. 20. Saturday
evening John Hague, his wife and
year-old child Btarted to drive to Min
erva. The horses ran away. Hague
was thrown under the horses' feet. His
injuries will prove fatal. Mrs. Hague
and baby were also thrown to the
ground The child was killed instantly
and Mrs. Hague was badly hurt De
spite this, she walked half a mile to
the nearest house and reported the ac
cident. She then fainted and has re
tion is critical.
Soldiers' Rennlon Closed
I Caldwell, 0., Aur. 20. Rain marred
I the closing day of the 6oldiers' reunion
I ounaay ana tue iorenoon exercises
were held Indoors. Dr.' Anslic, of Bal-
i titnore, delivered an address in the
I Presbyterian church, and Dr. Blcksley,'
of Wheeling, preached to a large nudi
; ence in the city hall. Tiie afternoon
exercises were held in the reunion
I -rounds. Dr. Smith, of Columbus, and
.... ...... .
Dr. Zollars
both delivered powerful
. Attacked by an Kiiraged Bow.
Yotjnostown, O., Aug. 20. A 6-year-old
son of John Rosuuqucst was at
tacked by an enrapred sow Saturday.
The animal knocked the boy down, and
stripping the flesh from his arms and
legs, ate it 'greedily. The boy was
rescued with great difficulty by his
companions. His injuries, if ho sur
vives, will render him a cripple for life.
Oil Warfare Still n.
Toledo, Aug. 18. J-The exciting war-
i 6hmg to Hold possession of the farm of
' Harris. All the employes of the com
pany in that section are being gathered
at the farm ready to prevent a surprise
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lutely harmless.
Price, prepnld. $1 ppr hix, fi for5.
Pamphlet. "HOW TO GET FAT." free.
The THl.NAClUlA CO.. 919 Broadway. N. Y.
ClemiMi ind btmntifiel lh bslt,
ir.VML'i'-V v&i-'J Prnmnte ft lniuriant Krovth.
feSv-fS5 fi 1 Mev Fails to BMtor. Qrsy
FJVl. 1 Hair to It. Ton tbfu 1 Color. I
'i5. ." $11 Curw Klp iinutt ft. hlr fftUioj.,
l)e Parker'. Winger Tonlo. Ji curei me wor.i -uut,i.
Weak kurm, Drbility, IndlgeiHon,Pftln,Tk.llillm.SO;U.
HINDERCORNS. The onlr lore core for Comt.
Buy fresh-roasted
of Bowlby & Hall and enjoy
that fragrant aroma that you
get only when fresh.
Our pickles, relishes, ol
ives, soups and canned goods
are from the best factories
on earth and have just tha
proper smacky taste and fla
vor to satisfy an appetite
that can not tell what it
from the best groves of Flor
ida. Eich, juwy lemons
from Messina. The best
evaporated fruit that Cali
fornia produces and every
thing in fancy eatables that
make your table look attract,
ive of
Built! & Hall.
E. 0. BUSH,
Fresh Meat,
Corned Beef,
Salt Meat,
Cash Paid for Hides .
At the
Beehive Store
you can find
the finest line o
teas and coffees
in this market
Give them a trial
A fine line o
can goods and
6taple groceries,
Fancy dairj butter.
Flour 05 to 75 c, per sack,
Goods delivered inside
' the corporation,
Tucker &Hoyt.
Installment plan.
Pianos sold
on the
installment plan
$6, $8, and $1$
payments by
Wm. Vischer & Son.
Excursion via. the Big Four
route. . ;
TUESDAY, August 14.
Only $4.00 round trip. Chautau
qua and return, $3.50. Toron
to und return, $5. Thorjis-.
and Islands and re
turn for $9.00.
This will be" the grandest excursion of
the season, running through to Niagara!
Falls via. Lake Shore & Michigan South
ern railway and New York Central rail
road with solid trains of elegant coaches,
reclining chair cars and Wagner sleep
ing cars. No-fliango of cars at any
point and no delays enroute. croincr or
I coming. Big Four excursionists will
j not be compelled to lay over at junction
points ior connections. xicKets good re
turning on all regular trains within five
days from date of sale. Thousand Island
tickets good ten days from date of sale.
Don't Miss It.
and see the new
styles of
at Saunder's stu
dio. Paris Panels
are all the
. and only $5 a doz.
Mantello Petite
' and all the old
6tyles, ' large and
,'' small. ':'X'
i Only one grade
of work made,
The best.
Why not have
some silk handker
chiefs with your pho
to on for Christmas
' presents.
If you have a fa
vorite picture made
by Sawtelle or Pyka
we can make, dupli.
cates for you.
Over Bowlby & Hall's,
Free! Free!
Star Bread' Box. This-
beautiful and very useful
bread box can be seen at our
store and will be given to our
customers when they have
purchased a certain amount.
I would, also, say to the pub
lic that I sell more bread for
the money than any other
place in town. Give us a call
when in need of fresh bread, y
cakes, rolls, etc. r
Ed. F. Robinson
Visit nicturesaue JInckuiac Island. : It
will only cost you about $12.50 from De
troit ; Ijjia trora Toicao; ijsie irom ucvciana,
for Uio round trip, including meals and
bcrUis. Avoid the heat nnd dust by travel
ing on tho P. & C. floating pulnces. The-
attractions oi n trip to uic Mackinac region
nro unsurpassed, inc lsinnu ltseir is n
(jranu romantic spot, 113 enmate mostan- -vlgorating.
Two now steel passenger
Rtcnmcrs have just been built for tho
upper lako route, costing $300,000 each.
Tuey aro equipped with every modern
convenience, aimunciutore, buth - rooms.
etc., illuminated throughout by electricity,
nnd are guaranteed to bo the grandest, -birgcst
and safest steamers on fresh water.
These steamers favorably compare with
the great ocean liners in construction and
speed. Four trips per week between
Toledo, Detroit, Alpena, Macklnnc, St.
lgnaco, Petoskcy, Chicago, "800," Mar
quette and Duluth. Dally between Cleve
land and Detroit. Daily between Cleve
land and Put-in-Bay. The cabins, pnrlors
and staterooms of these- steamers nro de
signed for tho complete entertainment of
humanity under homo conditions; the pal
atiui equipment, the luxury of the ap
pointments, makes traveling on theso
steamers thoroughly enjoyable. Send for
illustrated descriptive pamphlet. Address
A. A. ScrrAim, G. P, & T, A. D. & C.
Detroit, Jlich.
1 um.mX
I l

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