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J. B. SMITH, Prop.
"Wellington, Ohio.
Entered at tue poatofflee at Wellington a
eoond-class matter.
UDier j
glz Moutb'
Advertising live cents per line, each lnser
jn . 6pace and Column Kates made known
on application.
WELLINGTON, 0., JUNE 24, 18.
For President,
' o Oliio.
For Vice President,
of New Jersey.
For Secretary of State,
For Judge of Supreme Court,
For Dairy and Food Conimissior,
Member Board of Public Works,
For Congress,
For Circuit Court Judge,
For Common Pleas Judge,
For County Treasurer,
For Probate Judge,
For County Clerk,
For Prosecuting Attorney,
For Sheriff,
For Commissioner,
For Infirmary Director,
For Coroner,
Ohio In the War.
The 23rd 0. V. I. is likely to be repre
sented twice in the white house. R. B.
Hayes was the first colonel and Wm. Mc
Kinley its major. James A. Garfield was
colonel of the 42nd 0. V. I. Hayes and Gar
field became generals and McKinley
served on the staffs of Garfield, Hayes,
Crook, Hancock and Carroll.
Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Chief Jus
tice Chase and Edwin M. Stanton, secre
tary of war, were also from Ohio. So it
will be seen that the Buckeye State has
been wonderfully favored by having her
sons occupy prominent positions at the
head of government and if nothing pre
vents she will have her full quoto until
1001 at least. Other states have had men
of recognized ability, but for some reason
they have failed to get there.
A strike amontr the employes of the
street car lines in Milwaukee, Wis., was
declared May fourth. Many citizens
joined in with the strikers to assist them
in gaining their point. A fund was
raised and a free ride in an omnibus
could be had at all hours to any part of
the city. Any member of a firm or em
ployes were forbidden to ride on the
street cars, under penalty of being boy
cotted. The progressive business men
and striker aiders soon ascertained that
it would not work. They wanted per
mission to ride on the street cars but the
strikers said, "no." Then the battle
was on between the sympathizers and
strikers. It almost paralized all branch
es of trade for several days. The street
ear company procured new men and
finally the strike was declared off, and
4(X conductors applied individually for
their old positions, but were informed
that their names would be placed
on file and in case of any vacancies they
would be advised. The sympathizing
business men are not likely to get mixed
up with the strikers again right away at
The nomination of Wm. McKinley has
been almost a foregone conclusion for
many months. On account of his recog
nized abilities as an orator, his work
as a legislator has not been confined
by state lines, but lie has become a man
of national reputation. Messers. Reed
and Allison are both competent men for
the position, but the McKinley wave was
too much for them and they fell by tho
wayside. McKinley is now in his prime
and his long experience in public affairs
will doubtless fit him to perform the"
duties as executive of a country like this
with ease. The money plank in tho
platform will be no surprise to the party as
It appeared to be the only feasible plan
to insure safety. McKinley will ' doubt
less receive three-fourths of the votes
in the electoral college.
Tinrintr th last year the state of Colo-
Wronaml Its OUtDUt Of gold $0,200,
KX) and decreased its yield of silver 2,
... t U Amar1fnn
500,000. "This ' ooserves mo
Gold Mining Record, of Oripple Creek,
"looks surprisingly like new ratio .m
gold-bug activity of the most effective
kind." What is more, the income in
gold yield is not confined in Colorado.
This Is the golden age of mining in the
fourA's, America, Australia, Northern
Asia and South Africa.
If the opinion of the secretary of the
state board of health is good for any
thing, the soldiers should not be permit
ted to use the water in Crabtreo's spring.
The secretary forbid the council estab
lishing a pumping station there for the
town, as he claimed that the sewage
flowed that way and the water was im
pure. The officers of the army should be
advised of this decision before they lose
half their men by using the water.
Senator Teller is likely to be nomi
nated for president by the silverites and
populists. Now if this is done will not
the democrats fall into line and endorse
tho nomination. In 1872 when political
matters were at fever heat the demo
crats endorsed Greely and Brown, who
hnri imnn nominated on the liberal re
publican tickel
The railways in the northwest are
running excursion trains with all of the
eauinnients and conveniences that the
firt,pl!)ss steamers are provided with,
The trains are equipped with dining,
sleeping, parlor, observatory and amuse'
rnont cars, so that nassengers need not
necessarily leave the train until it ar
rives at its destination.
Nearly $55,000 have been spent in
Ohio improving the pure food law in the
past year. This would go to prove that
pure (?) food as dispensed in this state is
a ery expensive luxury, mere is en
tirniv too much money expended by the
nnr fond commission for tho amount of
benefits derived.
Virginia has the honor of being the
mother of seven presidents and it ftic
Kinleyis elected, Ohio will have the
distinguished honor of furnishing four.
U. S. Grant was born at Point Pleasant,
R. R. Haves at Delaware, J. A. Garfield,
Orange, and Wm. McKinley atNiles,
W. II. Harrison was elected president
from Ohio, but was born in Virginia,
The great men of tho nation attended
the national convention held in Chicago
in 1880 and made speeches. Conklin
and Garfield carried off the laurels. Tho
speeches made at conventions before and
since have been tame affairs compared
with them.
The tariff issue has now been lost
sight of in the political field and
money question has taken its place,
Neither question should be used as
nolitieal hobbv. but it is necessary to
r '
have something.
In order to be in touch with his party
Editor Reefy, of the Elyria Democrat,
will now have to advocate free silver
The editor has been inclined to be a gold
bug, but he cannot be now very well.
President Cleveland says his highest
ambition is to be a private citizen again
The nresident has our permission to do
The stockholders of railway lines havi
found it to be a wonderful saving in the
w.ar and tear on rolling stock to hav
the road beds well ballasted.
M. A. Hanna, of Cleveland, has proven
himself to be quite a political organizer
Canton is now the center of attraction
in the United States.
In tho national conventions held in
185(1 and 18t.O the non-extension of
slavery was the important plank in our
platforms. In 18M for a vigorous prose
cution of the war. In 1808 and 1872 for
reconstruction and pacification. In
iRlfi civil service reform. In 1880, 1884
and 1888 the tariff and in 18t2 At ap
reared to be anything to down Harrison.
A Weekly Hudget of Interesting News
from the Capital.
Washington. June 111. For the elev
enth time the representatives of the
publican party have assembled in nat
ional convention, formulated a platform
of principles and nominated a presiden
tial ticket. Both gentlemen Have rec
ords of which the party has a right to be
proud, and of which it will be prouder
after they have served out their terms as
president and vice president.
There was only one regretable feature
about the St. Louis convention. That
was the bolting of some of the silver repub
licans, becauso tho financial plank ef the
platform did not meet their views.
A counterpart of Comptroller Bowler,
in the person of Sixth Auditor Howard,
has been making so much trouble by
holding up postotliee accounts that it is
said Postmaster General Wilson has mi'
tifled Mr. Cleveland that it Howard isn't
fired he will himself resign. The clerks
in the sixth auditor's office, commonly
called "Botany Bay," are much interest
ed in the outcomoof this squabble.
Mr. Cleveland's announcement that
his only desire hereafter is to be a pri
viteln the deaiocatic party is regarded as
a sort of last ditch expedient to prevent
the adoption of a free coinage plank
by the Chicago convention.
Naples, Italy, Juno 10, 18!W.-The
Augean stables were doubtless Daa
enough, but what would a nice New Eng
land or a Dutch housekeeper say of Na
ples? This city stands pre-eminent lnbac
tana and microbe manufacturing indus
tries. This is not meanttobederogatory to
Naples at all.for the interest of the place
is largely referable to the picturesque
dirt. The true Neapolitan face is not
charactarized so much by black eyes and
rosy lips as by dirt, and one always
thinks when looking at the children of
Charles Lamb's remark, "If dirt were
trumps what hands they would hold."
In rainy weather the streets are covered
with a thin, black batter of mud, and
the carefully dressed American, and the
daily "tubbed" Englishman rind them
selves after a few hours' sight Beeing re
duced to the real Neapolitan state.
The streets here are painfully narrow,
in fact, just wide enough to allow car
riages to pass. On the numerous holidays
two long processions of carriages block
the business streets from end to end, and
the man who has not yet been so influ
enced by the climate as not to care
whether he reaches the bank today or
next week, fiuds this slow moving pro
cession a sore trial to his patience. The
eide-walks are even worse. On the prin
cipal shopping street they are about two
feet wide. At one point in this street we
saw a man tho other day, who nonchal
ently lead a goat out of a gate opening
on the pavement, and quietly sat down
to milk her. The pedestrians respected
his energy and tho entire mass moved
off the sidewalk so as not to disturb him.
The Italians are a good natured people.
The beggars are innumerable. They
conduct business everywhere and there
seems to be between them and the gen
darms, who are almost as numerous, a
kind of understanding that one will not
disturb the other. There is a magnifi
cent arcade in the city called the Gal-
leria Vittorio Emmanuelo, but the pleas
ure to walk through it is spoiled by the
little beggars who turn handsprings and
somersaults in front of you through the
entire place in hope of a penny. A lit
tle girl conducts business of this kind in
the Galleria and reaps large rewards, a
shop keeper told me, for doing it so
"modestly." A man, smokinglis follow
ed any distance, until he drops the stub
of his cigar, when a struggle for its pos
session ensues. In the streets that lead
up to the hill the poorer classes reside,
and the sights these streets afford are
worth crossing the ocean and all its at
tendant sea-sickness to see. Many of
them are only long flights of stairs and
others are so steep that land slides in the
city are of common occurrence. Of
course horses cannot go on these inclines
so the whole domestic economy of the
families is exhibited on the street. They
live almost altogether out of doors and it
is no uncommon thing to see children
washed and dressed and other domestic
scences of a more or less delicate charac
ter enacted in the open air. But all of
these things do not interfcro with the
charm of these picturesque, tortuous
streets and alleys. In fact they constitute
its charm, and the scene that in America
would make you hasten for policeman,
forms here the subject of your snap-shot,
It is something in the setting of the
picture the tall pink and yellow houses
with their dirty windows and broken
walls, the blue, blue sky overhead, the
black streets below; in the distance across
the brilliant bay, Vesuvius smoking his
daily pipe all these are the cause, and
though you talk loudly about the advan
tage of American thrift and progressive
uess, you long to linger hero where
"mere passive existence is itself a
The schools, so far as I can learn, are
very good. Attendance is compulsory
and the normal instruction for the teach
ers very careful. In all the grades Eng
lish, German and French are taught.
The fact that the people have enjoyed
freedom and good schools for less than
one generation is apparent in the su
perior intelligence of the younger mem
bers of the households. The older per
sons speak a soft, abbreviated Italian
and one always tninKs or them as a peo
ple whose energy has been expend 1 for
euphony, but the children show a quick
ness of perception and an intelligence
that is surprising. Many of tho people
are complaining that the public schools
are undermining not only parental, but
church authority, which is probably true,
and will be the cause in a few genera
tions of better days for Italy. And
speaking of the churches, Phave seen
nothing that so well characterized the
ultramontane view as a performance at
a cafe chantanf a few nights since, when
a Franciscan monk was caricatured in
the drollest and most irreverent manner,
while the audience applauded and encor
ed again and again.
5 Si"S
In combination, proportion and
process Hood's Sarsaparilla is peculiar
to itself, and unequalled in true merit.
No other medicine ever possessed so
much curative power, or reached such
enormous sales, or made such won
derful cures, as Hood's Sarsaparilla.
It is undoubtedly the best medicine
ever made to purify, vitalize and en
rich the blood. ,
That is the secret of its success.
Head this statement:
" When my son was 7 years of ge, he
had rheumatic fever and acute rheuma
tism, which settled in his left hip. He
was so sick that no one thought there was
any help for him. Five sores broke out
on his thigh, which the doctor said were
sores. We bad three different doctors.
Pieces of bone came out of the sores. JThe
last doctor said the leg would have to be
cut open and the bone scraped, before he
could get well. Howard becamo so low
that he would eat nothing, and one doc
tor Baid there was no chance for him.
" One day, a newspaper recommending
Hood's Sarsaparilla was left at our door.
We decided to try this medicine. Howard
commenced taking it the last of February,
after having been sick for a year and a
half. He hadn't taken it a week before I
saw that bis appetite began to improve,
and then he gained rapidly. ,1 gave him
five bottles, when the sores were all healed
and they never broke out again. The
crutches he had used for four years were
laid aside, as he had no further use for
them. 1 give all the credit to Hood's Sar
saparilla. " Mrs. Ada L. Moody, Fay
Street, Lynn, Mass.
This and many similar cures prove that
Is the One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. $1,
Prepared only by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.
gm r,.,, cure Liver Ills; easy to
llOOd S HlIlS taka. easy to operate. 25c.
Esta'e of Jesse A. Flenner.
TnXECl'TOirS sale of real estate.
Pi In pursuance of an order of the probate
court of Lorain County, Ohio. I will offer tor
sale at public auction on Wednesday, the 22nd
dav of Ju v. A. !.. WM, at e even o'c cick a. m
upon tlie premises, the followliiK described
real estate, to-wit: Situate in the township
of Wellington, County of Lorain and State of
Ohio, and known as belnu all of lot No. four
(li in 8. S. Warner s suh-divlsion of the north
east corner of lot No. twenty-six () of said
Welllimton township. Appraised at Sl.WO
Cannot be sold for less than two-thirds of
said annraisal. Terms of sale, one-third in
baud, one-third in one year and one-third in
two vears from das of Bale, with interest, the
payments to be secured by mortuce upon the
premises soia.
J. T. HASKELL, Executor.
Of the estate of Jesse A. Kleunrr, deceased
Wellington. 0., June 22, Mi. (2'J)
Cheese Ohio Standard ", cts.jFam
ily Favorite, 7 cts.
Butter Dairy, per lb., 10 cts.
Flour and Feed Flour, per sack, (49
lbs.) $1.00cts.;CornMeal, per cwt., $.80 ;
Chop, per cwt., f.'JO; Middlings, per
cwt.. $.70cts.; Bran, percwt.,05 cts. ; Oil
Meal, per cwt., (S1.20.
Grain Corn shelled), 30 cts.; Wheat,
62 cts.: Oats, 18 cts.
General Produce Eggs, per dozen, 10
cts. ; Tallow, per lb., 3 cts. ; Hides, per lb.
4 CIS:
Itlg Four.
Photographers' association, of Amer
ica, Celeon, N. Y., June 20 -30. One
fare, going June 21 and 23, returning
2ii and 30 inclusive.
Young People's Society of Christian
Endeavor of Ohio, Canton, June 30, July
' Onn faro round t.rin. fininc .Time 211
and 80. Return July 3. .
J. was subject to frequent spells Tf diar
rhea,. I took a few doses of Lightning
Hot Drops, and I have not been troubled
since. Rev. H. K. Friend, Hannahsville,
W. Va. For sale by J. W. Houghtou.
Dealer in
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicles,
Fine Toilet Soaps, Brushes,
Combs, etc., etc.
Perfumery and Fancy Toilet Articles
in great variety. Also a full line of
hard and softrubber goods. Druggist's
Physicians Prescriptions
Carefully Compounded,
Pure Food.
Believing that all
fresh 2T0-
housekeepers want only
ceries of the best quality, I have in stock a fine assortment
of the following articles:
Japans, Gunpowder, Young Hyson, English Breakfast, Oolong, English Blends,.
India, Ceylon. ,
Chase & Sanborn's Seal Brand, Mochas, Javas, Maracaibo, Breakfast Blend,.
Chodolates and Cocoa.
Chocolate, Bendorps Royal Dutch Cocoa,.
Baker's Chocolate, German Sweet
Epp's Cocoa, Wilbur's Cocoa Theta.
Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Allspice, Nutmegs, Mace, Pepper, Mustard.
Lemon, Vanilla, Almond, etc.
Sugars Crush Loaf, powdered, granulated, XC. Maccaroni, Corn Starch,
Gelatine, baking powder, raisins, English currants, prunes, salmon, sardines,,
clams, codfish, Bweet corn, tomatoes, pumpkin, peas, beans, etc., olives, flour, ice,
taniocoa. rolled oats, oatmeal. Colonial Health Food, cocoanut. soda, cream tartar,
a choice assortment of crackers, toilet soap, laundry ,soap, dlueing, lye, Sopolio
gold dust' !) o'clock washing tea, brooms, full cream cheese.
Goods delivered to all parts of the town. Mall and telephone orders promptly
attended to.
Prospect-st. Telephone No. 414. Manufacturer of Pure Baking Powder.
A perfect support to those
who are ruptured.
Drs. Smiths'
Honest John
i irate
Mr. J. II. Reinheimer, a prominent
tailor, of Springfield, 0., says: " I was in
bed weak ami helpless from au attack of
cholera morbus coupled with chronic in
digestion. No words can accurately de
scribe my misery. Nothing seemed to
do tho slightest good. Lightning Hot
Drops gavo the first prompt and perma
nent relief. One-half bottle got me out
of bed and I went to work next morning.
With the daily use of Lightning Hot
Drops my chronic indigestion is fast dis
appearing." For sale by J. W. Hough
Look at its merits! It is a scientific in
strument and holds securely with less
than one half of the pressure of any other
truss. The reason for this is obvious it
holds in the right direction, in the right
place, and there is no pressure wasted.
The pad is unlike all others is of ex
actly the proper size and shape to close
the upper internal, as well as the ex
ternal ring or opening of the henna
(rupture), thereby completely retaining
the rupture, a thing that no other truss
The instrnment is so constructed as to
allow perfect freedom of the limbs, and
at the same time gives pressure horizon
ral at the back with the pad in front. All
other trusses allow tho band to go around
the body higher up behind tnan me pan
is in front. The result with them is that
when the gut decends from the body, it
glances under tlie pad, tor me spring
being higher behind, there is a tendency
for the front pad to raise upon the slight
est provocation.
A pnrA is uraeticai Willi many cusea,
and the condition of all cases can be im
proved by wearing this appliance.
For sale by
Dr. J. W. Houghton.
If the hair is falling out, or turning
gray, requiring a stimulant with nour
ishing and coloring food, Hall's Vege
table Sicilian Hair Keuewer is just the
C'niiim.n I'leiiH Court.
Eric Ericson vs Line Ericson. Divorce
Minnie Sackctt vs Will Sackett. Di
vorce granted.
Louie Schneurer vs John Mentel. Mon
ey only. Judgment for plaintiff $(.l!57.4
J. L. Inman vs Wm. Brown et al. Mon
ey. foreclosure oi wecnauics nen.
C. N. Snyder as city solicitor of Lorain
vs G. Adolp Resek, city clerk, and F. W.
Fancher, city treasurer. -Injunction and
equitable relief.
In re-exceptions of Laundon, Winded.
er & Co. to first partial account of T. D
Phelon, trustee. Appeal from probate
when you order groceries from
Tie Brink &rocery.
"We keep on hand a full line
Staple and
Th; Best Brands of Flour and
How's This?
We offer one hundred dollars reward
for anv ease of catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY x uo., rrops., loieuo, w.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
Cheney for the last fifteen years, and
believe him perfectly honerablo in all
business transactions, and financially
able to cary out any obligation made by
their firm.
West & Traux, n holesale Druggists, 10-
Waldinir. Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, loieuorU.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
acting directly upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system. Price 75c. a
bottle. Sold by an urnggisis. testi
monials free. Hall's family pills aie the
A Natural Iteautlfler.
Karl's Clover Root Tea purifies the
blood and gives a clear and beautiful
complexion. For sale by E. VT. Adams.1
Cutm-rli Currd,
health and pwet breath secured, by
Shilnh'sCiiturrh remedy. Piice 50 cents.
Nasal injector frto. Fur sule by E. W.
Adams. 1
TIih 111- i.f '... en.
Constipation, ww iiiiic than half
the ills of women. Ktni'H Clover Root
Tea is a nleant cure for constipation,
i For s.ile by E. W. Adams. 1
For a fine flavored tea I can give you
a better article for the money than any
other house in tho town aud I know
whereof I speak.
vou like a sweet uncolored Japan tea
can give you one that will please you
Rrosikfast is spoiled with a poor cup of
f-nffon. Yon will not be troubled in that
if vmi bnv vour coffee at T. S
- - -
Tucker s.
Tf vnnr are narticular and like bread
that is sweet and will stay moist do not
take any but the crystal wour.
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
nnnrfrnff is an exudation from the
nf rim skin that spreads and dries.
forming scurf and? causing the hair to
fail nut. tin I 8 nair xveuewei uuico i
roe Hue Do
Special attention given to
Best Canned G-oods
Evaporated Fruits.
We buy only the best of
goods. "We carry the best
Teas and Coffees the market
affords. Careful attention
given to all orders. Goods
promptly delivered.
your mum SOLICITED.
The Modern Deauty
Thrives on good food and sunshine, with
plenty of exercise in the open air. Her
form glows with health and her face
blooms with Its beauty. If her system
needs the cleansing action of a laxative
remedy, she uses tho gentle and P easent
Syrup of Figs. Made by the California
Fig Syrup Company.
Fire crackers at Robinson's.
The Brink Grocery.
P. S. Brink, Manager.
Telephone 521.
New I.nunilry. ,
Th 'i"" lanndrv is now open and
rc'idy f-r l.uslitHsrt. New machinery, new
pr,.,.i.. Remember we collect and de
liver vmr laundry. Dmi't fail to give
us a call. Yours for business.
Stab Latjndby.
C. A. Bush, Prop.

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