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High Grade Footwear
5$ Man tomptinsr bargains will be found ?f5
yti in our shoe department.
rft flippy,1'1 vm.
I1 tive styles and low prices that purchas- li
ing in this department will be a pleasure. j
j To close out short lots we will offer to-
w morrow morning unprecedented bargains
in ladies and misses shoes.
Serage, te Sioe Mai,
Read our foriegn letter,
Alumni Monday evening.
Free silver is being discussed.
Klwitrie railway matters are a
quiet this week.,
The barbers should visit the
more frequently.
Work on the electric light plant build
ing is being pushed rapidly.
The remains of Mrs. S. Whitehead were
brought here for interment Saturday.
Our mail list is corrected this week.
Please see that proper credit is given.
The property of the late Jesse A. Flen
ner to advertised for sale in this issue.
, John MitcheL of Cleveland, is the mas
ter workman at the electric light plant.
Politicians have already begun to con
suit the Tribune almanac to figure on
A contractor arrived in town Monday.
to do excavating for the reservoir at the
electric light plant.
Notwithstanding the low prices paid
or wool there is a large amount being
brought .here for sale.
The nominations have now all been
anade, aud the ticket will be tand at the
head of tle editorial page.
The Inside of the opera house should
be treated to a coat of oaint when a con
venient season arrives.
Twenty plates were turned at the an
nual banquet of the class of held at
Hotel De,Foot, Saturday evcu&ng.
The case of the Homo Savings Bank vs,
The Hemenway Brick & Tile Co., which
was set for trfal last week, was put over
until next term.
It requires a great deal 'Of time to
place the finisliinfTtouches on the Con
firrecrational church. It well doubtless
be a number of weeks before it is com
pleted. The loss to the goverment by the post
office robbery in this place was $335.11
and from the following fusils: Stamps,
$136.42; general, fTU.33; oioney orders
$89. 16. 1
An adjourned meeting f the Wom
an's Afternoon Club will be held at the
home of Mrs. Isabel Chapman, on Mon
day afternoon, June 2ilth. A full atten
dance isdeeired.
. - A pamphlet containing republican cam
paign songs for the campaign was re
ceived Monday morning from S. Brain
ardSons&Co., of Chicago. This indi
icates thaj matters are on the move.
The class of '96 gave a reception to tho
-class of '97, at the home of Barley M.
Horr last night; and the former held
a picnic today in Mason's grove, and
the latter atrA. G. Smith's, nor&west of
A gentleman from New Xondon
brought his wool here Saturday to sell.
He said there was no market for it in
New London. Producers will seek pro
gressive towns and men of progressive
ideas to transact business with.
Burglars entered tho cellar of A. M.
Black, on South Main St., on Wednesday
night last and carried away a quantity
of canned fruits, sugar and provisions. A
lantern was left on the steps of tho cellar
.which may be of some benefit later on.
Whec. the whistles began to blowThure
day evening to announce the nomination
of McKinley, two teamsters took it for
granted that it was a signal for fir
and made a grand rush for the engirw
room witli teams to convey the apparatus
to the scene, but thay soon ascertained
their mistake, which created a good
deal of amusement for a timo.
Last week an officer of the army called
pon J. M. Crabtree to lease his premises
aorthoftown, which has living water
epon it, for the use of a regiment of in
fantry to stop one night, on their march
from Cleveland to Columbus, sometime
during tho month of August. Mr. Crab
tree gave him terms and the officer said
he would communic-ate with his superior
and adviso later.
The R. 0. Holland property on east
Main street was purchased by the Na
tional Building and Loan Company, of
Cleveland, Saturday for $1,550. Mrs. R.
C. Wadsworth held a claim for amount
due on a furnisher's lien for $275.78, and
the Loan company held a mortgage for
$1,569, which made the total claims
reach $1,841.78. Mrs. Wadsworth's
claim was filed after the mortgage was
recorded, but being a claim for material
vsei in improvements It Iiad priority. '
Miss Amy Sheldon has returned
South Dakota.
W. F. Morrow, of Cincinnati,
Suuday in town.
Rev. W. E. Barton and wife left
Berea, Ky., Friday eveuing.
Miss May Woodruf, of Madison, 0.,
the guest of R. II. Kinuison.
A. J. Ralston, of Auburn, Indiana,
spent Sunday at P. S. Brink's.
Miss Ethel Bowlby has. returned from
Delaware to spend her vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Clark, of Elyrla,
spent Sunday at J. T. Haskell's.
Miss Mame Myers, of Ashland, is spend
ing the week with Miss Nell Horr
Win. Yischf r is in Cleveland this week
attending the meeting of Mystic Shrine.
Mrs. Charles Howk, of East Main
street, lies in quite a critical condition.
Twonty-lx I!rlKlit Hoy and GlrlH Coin,
plete Tho Corn-He In the High School.
Comnlfeccmont exercises opened
Thursday evening and on account of the
number in tho class it became necessary
to occupy two eveniugs for tho proper
rendition. Wellington citizens and
patrons always look forward to these
and other occasions in which the schcols
are concerned with pride, consequently
they overtop everything else by being
the special events of the year.
The opera house was beautifully, aud
tastefully decorated by the juniors,
in order that tho surroundings
for tho seniors might be all in
art and nature to make it rnemor
able and impressive as they bade fare
Wf 11 to the high school of Wellington.
Evidently great pains had been taken
hy the class to prepare their papers and
their efforts were crowned with success
Vr vrj fiilihn tf Alleehanev. Ph.. to themselves and satisfaction to their
arrived in town last evening for a visit. IjEriomla. The young ladies appeared
R. B.Eglin, of Little Rock, Arkansas, lw? ia their gowns of organdy
D il fins! 4 I . Tniinn KlAn nrtnln ntijx.i.l
n,,,1 J.rnthnra KViilnn 1 uuuk uiru WVIT Mtnwv BlUICU
visited his parents
of last week.
Howard Holles-rtmch returned tvm
GamWer, 0., Monday evening, where he
had graduated with honors.
Mrs. John Brd and granddaughter,
Miss Doemus, of Newark, N. J., are tiie
gueste of Mr. and Mrs. 0. P. Chapman.
Rev. J. Ilclsell and wife, of Iowa, are
vi-iting Mrs. HelseU's brother, 5r.
Smith, and in attendance at Oberliu
College icomnHncement, this being the
fiftieth anniversary of Rev. Helfiell's
graduations that institution.
The following is a partial list of the
vlstors that 'have been here during tho
past week to attend the commoucoasent
or alumni: .A. R. and N. T. Horr, Mr. and
Mrs. B. H. Lang, Eva Laug Cartweii,
Miss Louise Rust, Roy Buswcll anfi Roy
Witoeck, of Cleveland; Rev. W. E. Bar
ton and vvifi, Hiram Nickerson and wife,
Boston; Mrs. Viola Osborn, Mt ffilead;
Stela Hemenway, Tarrytowu, X. Y.;
Mollie Woleott, Akron, 0.; Willis Bon
schoten, Oberliu, 0.; Miss Mabel llol
brook, Fredricktown, 0.; Mr. and Mis. L.
D. Vorce, Chicago, 111.; II. L. McOWElan,
Chester, Penn.; Miss Tillio LaFw.toine,
CIw.laBd: Mrs. 0. B. Searles, of Nor-
walk, and 1ier daughter, Mrs. A. Cllen,
of ttanid (By, South Dakota; Mr., and
Mrs. Arlo Firestone, of Marysville, 0.;
Howard HflHenbach, Gambier, 0.; Miss
Flora Penfield, of Elyria; Lafayett Foot
and Miss Setira Foot, of Medina; Mr- and
Mrs. Howard Morgan, of Elyria; Mre. F.
L. 0. Wadsworth, of Chicago.
At highfioon on Wednesday, June 17,
1896,at tho residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
Laundon-, about thirty of their relatives
met to witness' the marriage of their
daughter Alice Mav Laundon to Benu"
M. Leece, of Cleveland, Ohio. The mar
riage ceremony was performed by the
Rev. A. G. Wall, which was very impres
sive aud all passed off grandly. After the
cereinouey they M partook of tho viands
of a wedding breakfast and in a short
time they left the parental roof mid
showers of rice aiii the well wishes of all
the guests, to their own furnished home
in Cleveland, where they will be at home
to their friends after July 5, 1890.
Frraav and wimbv
iiiuuj uuu kfULumui
Jiiiie 19 and
The medal awarded the Wengcr Ani
inal Dipping Machine Co., by the world's
fair at Chicago, can now bo seen at
the office of tho secretary, E. W. Adams.
This company was organized in this
place several yearsago, and has been doing
quito a prosperous business. The follow
ing named persons hold the stock: J. E.
Wenger, R. H. Kennedy, F. . Bennett,
T. F. Rodhouse, E. W. Adams, D. J.
Peters, 8. Windecker, Mrs. A. B. Lambert,
Mrs. R. C. Wadsworth, and S. D. Bacon.
Superintendent Kinnlson imparted
some good, wholesome advice to the
eraduates on Friday evening. He said
in substance that an education was one of
the essential things to be possessed to bet
ter fit us for the duties of life. But an
education would accomplish nothing un
less our energies were joined with it and
in the right direction. Many persons,
he said, that had reached even higher
grades were nothing but ciphers in this
world. On entering into business ho
charged them to look over the situation
carefully, and not to harm others, as
there wag a broad field before us Uiat
makes room for all.
in special cuts with their toilets careful
ly arranged.
Tho productions wer well rendered
and conveyed valuable suggestions, and
many were the presents which attested
tho love and esteem tke recipients were
held by tho donors.
After twelve years f study and close
application, it is but proper that they
should now onjoy the laurels they have
won and their many friends can but
wish them a pleasant pathway through
Notwithstanding the temptations are
many, u is to oe nopeu tnat eacli mem
ber will be able to -stand up for that
which is right, in order that their in
fluence may be felt, so tliiit in after
years they can look back with nothing to
The Most SucceHHftil In The History of
the AsHoclatlim.
The twentieth annual banquet of the
Wellington mgn benool Alumni was
held at the opera house Monday evening.
An excellent musical program had been
prepared by tho committee and after its
completion all adjourned to the dining
room, where an elegant supper awaited
them. One hundred and fifty sat down
to the. tables. Tho following toasts
were responded to:
Toastmastor A. R. Horr
I must Iibvh liberty
Withal, hs laru'e u charter as the wlnil,
lo mow on utiom 1 please. I
Welcome to ''.Hi Prof. R. H. Kinnison
Response Gerald Williams
Wellington's Coming Boom . E. A. YauCleef
That happy time
When every lot brown srone front slwill bear,
And imported dollars banish furruwt-d care.
Our Departing Sisters Dr. Carl Rust
The pastor's solemn words a fateful benedic
tion seem;
Through lofty windows c'.aiidni; sunbeams
play upon
A pictured hiikcI, o'er the alter and, as 'twere
u dream,
I hear whisper softly murmer, "goitiK.
Koini!, none."
The Old Red School House
K itherine Benedict
There whs once a country sthnol ma'am,
Who tauuht by the strength tit her arm.
Higher Algebra W. Bentley Vischer
Elusle, erratic, mysterious three
Those treacherous quantities, X, V, .
Faces Wo Miss Norton T. Horr
Men drop so IvM ere life's mid sta:ie we tread,
1'ew know so many lrietids alive as dead.
The Miller's Wheel Burton II. Lang
How busy the jolly miller is;
liow merrily his wheel cloth un.
The Sidewalks of New York. .Louise Rust
East side, west side, all about the town.
The Old Nine Uiram C. Nickerson
When pitchers could pitch and batsmen could
And errors were never made.
On these days anyone buying two pair of our FAST
BLACK HOSE will receive
Free, A Beautiful Souvenir
prepared especially for wearers of the ''Ilcrmsdorf Fast
Black Hosiery." Our reputation for first-class hosiery
lor ladies', gents', misses' and boys' is so thoroughly es
tablished that it is unnecessary to rpiotc prices. Thej
coma in cotton, lisle and fcilk. Every pair guaranteed.
Rev. A. F. SkeeJe will return this week
and the usual services will be held in
the opera house next Sunday, June 28.
The day will be observed as childrens'
Sunday with social sermon to the
children in the morning and Sunday
school concert at seven in the evening.
Rev. George Mather, of Wooster, will
deliver a lecture iu ,the M. E. church on
Tuesday evening, June 30. Subject,
"Faction in the Fight." The lecture
will be under tho a,uspices of the June
circle of tho ladies of the church.
Rev. C. M. Rice, of Rockport, will fill
the pulpit Sunday morning and evening.
ISaptlst Sunday-School Convention.
The forty-seventh annual session of the
Lorain countyBaptistfiunday-school, held
at Lorain on Friday of last week, was
one of unusual profit and interest.
It was a noticable fact that all whose
uamesappeared on the program, were pres
ent eithor in nerson.or in a pre-arranged
substitute. One enjoyable feature of the
morning session, was an open parlia
ment, conducted hy the president, on the
subject, "Tho Ecst Sunday-School Teach
er I ever had, and Why?"
In the afternoon, considerable time
was given to the presentation of topics,
and the discussion of the same, ladon
with practical suggestions, in regard to
"Our Works." In turn, "Some Essentials
for It;". "Results to be Aimed at;"
"Mary and Martha Sides of It;" "Some
Don'ts that Apply to It; "Timothy as an
Example;" and some defects, cause and
During the question-box hour, many
knotty questions that had been puzzling
workers wore satisfactorily answered.
Worthy of special mention were tho pa
pers of the evening, on "My Duty to the
Work," as pupil, parent, teacher, super
intendent and pastor, given by repre
sentatives of each, who had had exper
ience, and knew wheroof they spoke.
The officers who have served the past
few years, were again chosen, continuing
for president, C. A. Metcalf, of Eyria;
secretary, Miss Etta Knapp, Wellington;
treasurer, A. Z. Tillotson, of Oberlin.
Advert!nd Letters.
The following letters remain uncalled
for during the week ending June 22:
Mr?. Eva Barr and Abner Kauffman.
- C. W. Arneb, P. M.
Tbe Chin of 0(1 Give a deception to tlx
Present Senior Clam.
The class of ".Hi tendered a reception to
the class of 'HI, Tuesday evening, at the
home of Harley M. Horr.
The evening was spent on the lawn in
a large tent. After refresluueuts, toasts
were in order, with Harley Horr, as
toastuiaster. The program was as fol
lows: Toastmaster II. M. Horr
Address Clarence L. Warren
"This iiljjht.at least.with nie forget your care.
Chestnuts and curd and cream shall be your
Response (iu rhyme) Earl Johnsou
"I'll versify in spite, and do my best
To make ait mucli waste paper as the
The Pedagogue Prof. R. II. Kinuison
"Take him and develop him, If you ean
And hew the block oil and yet out the
man." ,
The New Woman Franz Skogland
"Oh Tiscr's heart wrapped In a woman's
The Old Woman Gertrude Holt
"Look may she wave,
O'er the land of the iree,
And the home of the brave."
In the Editor's Chair Jennie Ecklcs
"I was never so liethumped with words,
Since llrst 1 called my brother's "father,
Leap Year Paulino Hayes
" Xo man, so potent, breathes upon the
lint I will beard him."
Clubs Viuna Peters
"Eayles (lie alonei they are but sheep, which
Always herd toKether."
The Girls of '97 Giles E. Gardner
"Scarcely she knew that 9he was (,'reat or
Or wise beyond what other women are,
Ortwliieli Is better)Knev, but never durst com
The Injunction Case.
Mrs. Esther A. Horr began an action
in common pleas court Tuesday against
tho Warwick Electric Manufacturing
Co., of Wellington, enjoining them from
making any excavations upon the lino of
the water course above the premises de
scribed in her petition, for tho purpose
of retaining or hindering the natural
flow, until June 27, 181)0, at o o'clock p.
m. The defendants are summoned to ap
pear June 25. The papers were served
upon the representatives of tho company
at half past three o'clock yesterday after
noon. N. T. Horr is the plaintiff's attorney.
Roedel Adams. Wednesday evening
June 17, 189rt, at the residence of the
bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. R. C.
Adam?, Chas. Roedel and Miss Grace
Adams, Rev. E. T. linger man officiating.
Eckles. To Mr. and Mrs.
a eon, June 23.
Frank Eckles,
Hosiery or Gloves bearing above
trademark are absolutely fast
black, clean, stainless, pure,bright
and durable. Ask for Herrasdorf
dyed Hosiery at hosiery counter.
For Sale by
to 1
)d served thinner the summer months hv
- a
pt iunnuuDr
lv 3? A 1ST "2"
nfiiiu I
Cork Screws
is is the way we
put you in the swim.
e more ami taking
'ft . .
fa Jty Slvinf? you a littl
jjjl a little less thnn anyone else.
Kj e oive our customers the benefit
M owest P'''('es possible every time.
B It pays you to trade here because
get wnat you like and what you :ieed.
You certainly will be out of the swim
if you do not get one of the bargains of
fered by us in our new line of
Come in, we want to get your good
Avill for life. We give you honest merit
aud your money's worth in every purchase.
If you want to get in the swim and keep ia
the swim do your trading with
H. C. Harris,
The only exclusive boot and tboe man in "Ve!!in"to-

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